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Compile Worlds episodes are divided into five segments. The first segment, Subete PuyoPuyo, was subdivided further into four arcs, as it was quite convoluted and mainly involved with setting up various backstory details for the main events from the Meteor Arc onwards.

Episodes 17-52 are the first season, with Subete being retroactively made into the first 16 episodes. Episodes 53-58 are a transitionary period, and episodes 59 and beyond are part of the second season.

Please note that in episode 1, 3, 8 and 15, timestamp records were lost, so we have approximated them in the log.

Subete PuyoPuyo

Satan Arc

The Satan arc began with undocumented episodes between Akkie and Chao, though we do have logs for the last two episodes.

Episode 1: Arle begins her journey to stop Satan's plans from even beginning, and runs into Rulue's Vacation Condo along the way...
Episode 2: Satan's not-plans have been thwarted, but suddenly Ms. Accord arises as a new threat...!

Accord Arc

The Accord arc started somewhere in the middle of episode 2.

Episode 3: Seriri, Mikki, and Amitie are chased through the plains by the deranged Ms. Accord...wait what's Sonic the Hedgehog doing there?!
Episode 4: All of the heroes gather at Draco's Hut and form the Anti-Accord Association!
Episode 5: The AAA tries to figure out what to do in light of Feli's international studies...
Episode 6: Amitie has been kidnapped! The AAA sets out to rescue her when the mysterious Nanako arrives on the scene.
Episode 7: Tarutaru leads Accord and Popoi straight to the hideout of the AAA...until Sig blows it to smithereens!?
Episode 8: While Draco is trying to find the AAA a new headquarters, Ekoro and Ringo suddenly appear....
Episode 9: Accord is finally incinerated...at her own request? Before any mourning or celebrating can begin though, Ekoro appears again!

Ekoro Arc

Similar to the Accord arc, this arc starts part-way through episode 9.

Episode 10: Ekoro sends the renamed ADMA on a dangerous timed mission in the Madou World!
Episode 11: An epic battle with Ekoro ensues on the Floating Island, and the ADMA meets their new HQ.
Episode 12: Accord mysteriously arises from the dead before the attack of Ekoro's Dark Witch!
Episode 13: While trying to track down Ekoro's base, the ADMA runs into Dark Sig.
Episode 14: The final showdown with Ekoro and his Perfect Clone at the top of his base!

Plot lull

Episode 15: The ADMA celebrates their victory over the evil Ekoro!
Episode 16: The strangest dinner party ever occurs at the ADMA HQ.

The Meteor Arc

Episode 17: The ADMA Headquaters is blown to bits by a Meteor, leaving Arle and Ringo stranded in the desert...!
Episode 18: After confronting ???, the girls reunite with Draco.
Episode 19: The search is on to find the scattered ADMA members while avoiding the likes of ??? and Strange Klug. Theta and Lagnus make their way back to Draco's Hut meanwhile...
Episode 20: Draco and company dive into the Abyss and accidentally cause trouble with a Librarian. Frustrated, Draco leaves the gang stranded in the middle of nowhere...!
Episode 21: Ringo confronts Lord Marcus XXXIX personally, only to have her ass handed to her...
Episode 22: Ekoro's Secret Project, Phi, is uncovered, along with what seems like Sho. Zeta begins carrying out a revenge program inside of her meanwhile...
Episode 23: Witch, Draco, Harpy, Arle and Rider have a beauty contest~!!
Episode 24: Draco, Ringo and Arle finally confront the King of the Abyss himself...and his own little surprise!

The Amalgamation

Episode 25: A short transitionary episode where Ringo, Arle, Draco, Harpy, and Eltia realize they are trapped in Ekoro's Base, and that Ekoro is still alive.
Episode 26: The party trapped inside the Abyss is soon beckoned by Gypsum to an offer they can't refuse... at a terrible price!
Episode 27: After the gang arrives back in Primp, Draco takes Gypsum on a grand tour of the ADMA Rubble...and a mysterious new Arcade in town...
Episode 28: Meanwhile, in the Puyo Wars World, Daichi and Puyorin investigate Sho's mysterious disappearance from the world...
Episode 29: Juichi alerts the gang to Daichi's sudden presence in Primp, and they set out for Homu-Mikki to investigate.
Episode 30: Ringo and Eltia decide to move into Ekoro's Base, while Witch makes a stunning decision during a confrontation with Ekoro himself...
Episode 31: Angol and Ekoro show that they mean serious business, and now everyone's taking sides!
Episode 32: Nanako and Strange Klug explore and prod at the nature of the recent events, causing more questions to be asked than answered...
Episode 33: The teams are finally assembled as Angol possesses Daichi, and Marin and the real Sho arrive from the Wars world...
Episode 34: Feli mysteriously reappears in Primp and plots with Angol Mois as a new arc is set to begin...


Episode 35: SHAME begins as the spectators lament on their pathetic position and are ambushed by Ekoro.
Episode 36: Nanako and Doppel rile up the spectators by putting doubt in their minds...!!
Episode 37: Satan does some recon for his team, while Angol commences with "kidnapping" Arle...
Episode 38: Team Satan decides they've had enough of Angol, so they venture out to kill him!
Episode 39: Ekoro battles with his clones in his lair... and Sig comes out on top!
Episode 40: Team Satan and Team Marin duke it out in a newly built arena. The winner could shock you!
Episode 41: Panotty's Wee finally comes to a halt, Nohoho makes his first sale, and Omega returns - only to slice Seriri into pieces!
Episode 42: Omega absorbs a whole bunch of clones, and Nanako finds out the truth of the last few events!
Episode 43: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny! But... who's that strange guy who just deflected all of the attacks, all of them?

The Gathering

Episode 44: Ecolo accidentally the entire Primp and sends everyone to the Madou World to panic!
Episode 45: While searching for answers pertaining to Eldora's mysterious disappearance, the new gang encounters Kanon and talks with her about the missing goddess.
Episode 46: In a flash back, Angol Mois is saved by Eldora from certain doom under one condition...
Episode 47: In both the present and the past, we see that Fake Arle isn't exactly what she says on the tin...!
Episode 48: Nanako finds The Book of DINNER and many more events are finally explained by Arle's evil twin.
Episode 49: The main party ventures to the Floating Island, and Feli absorbs the text of The Book of DINNER to become White Feli!
Episode 50: Mandated to be freaking epic from even before it began and became the second longest episode (after Episode 2). The Puyo Spirits are rescued while Fake Arle continues her plotting!
Episode 51: In Whitespace, our main heroes defeat Ecolo once and for all! But can they take the stand against Fake Arle and her Neo Angols?
Episode 52: The Puyo Spirits are reunited, and seemingly crisis is averted as Fake Arle learns of her real identity...

The Transition

Episode 53: Mario... I mean, Arle is missing, and apparently she's become a muffin thief too, and that's NO good!!!
Episode 54: Lagnus, Mikki, and Seriri team up to bust Arle out of trouble, only to wind up in Magic Jail themselves.
Episode 55: Feli once again ascends into her divine form with Nanako as witness, and rescues Arle from Satan's clutches.
Episode 56: Angol Mois is up to no good again; this time he's making Golden Apples just to piss the shrine maidens off, but what are his real ambitions...?
Episode 57: Gypsum and Doppelganger Arle, now named Auriol, have a nice chat while escaping the captivity of the Suzuri Shrine.
Episode 58: Nanako holds Gypsum for 10 hours while we play appropriate music. Also Angol goes to jail and everyone has AURIOL GOOD TIME!!!

The Lastation Arc

Episode 59: The Dinner Shrine gang crash lands on the Planeptune, and even Gamindustri can't catch a break after a world shattering calamity...!
Episode 60: A mysterious conspiracy involving Lastation and Mois Praline emerges after the heroes realize Angol's on the loose again. Also Sigma and Compa bake cakes.
Episode 61: The mysteries of the Mois Praline conspiracy are unraveled even more by the heroes as they encounter a new deadly member of the Neapolitan Trio!
Episode 62: Singe has a rally bad day, and the Neapolitan Trio makes their next violent move! Praline appears in person and Chian is handy with a rifle!
Episode 63: The heroes finally find a way to break through Angol's defenses and plan their counterattack against the Neapolitan Trio. Also Angol gets jailed again and it's not Auriol good time.
Episode 64: Fresa is anticlimatically beaten by a clipboard and Vanille is arrested, leaving only one of the Neapolians left. Raffine, however, is just having a rally bad day.
Episode 65: Noire, Compa, and Uni travel to Leanbox and the curtain closes on Mois Praline's evil shenanigans for the time being. However, a new set of mysteries begins to rear their heads...

The Lowee Arc

Episode 66: Lowee is finally open to the public, so a party of seven heroes travels to the Suzuri Shrine to find out that they may be getting more than they bargained for...