Episode 29 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Sep 02, 2011. All times are UTC.

[14:15:48] <Juichi> *runs onto the stage where Nanako is* Nanako-sama, we found another portal!

[14:16:01] <Gypsum> :O!

[14:16:02] <Akkie> Mr. 11~<3

[14:16:12] <Gypsum> -head instantly turns up from clipboard-

[14:16:34] <Arle Nadja> Portal? (And long time no see how've you been)

[14:16:37] <Sig> Another portal? Were there portals before?

[14:16:41] <Nanako> -turns to face Juichi- You... could have waited til I came back.

[14:16:53] <Nanako> This is an arcade, there are people here!

[14:17:07] <Juichi> Oh... gomen, Nanako-sama.

[14:17:20] <Rider> D-did you hear that, Sister?

[14:17:37] <Nanako> Don't worry about it, we're lucky, they're our friends. Well, as far as I know anyway. -looks thoughtfully at Gypsum-

[14:17:49] <Draco> Hear what? About another portal?

[14:18:17] <Gypsum> -looks at Nanako, writes something on her clipboard without looking, promptly stashing it back into her hammerspace-

[14:18:31] <Rider> Yes?

[14:19:23] <Gypsum> But, where would it lead?

[14:19:34] <Juichi> ...It closed already, it was only open for a short while.

[14:19:43] <Juichi> But two more people entered this world through it.

[14:19:48] <Gypsum> ...Oh.

[14:19:52] <Arle Nadja> Well, phooey.

[14:20:08] <Juichi> ...Well... one person and one I dunno, but it registers as a life form anyway.

[14:20:25] <Sig> Yay, lifeforms

[14:20:26] <Arle Nadja> So, Ringo and Eltia are back?

[14:20:36] <Juichi> No, no, new people.

[14:20:48] <Keiji> come on it should be plainly obvious what he's referring to.

[14:21:06] <Akkie> Where does portal lead?

[14:21:06] <Gypsum> New people, hm?...(This will be /very/ interesting news to my master)

[14:21:14] <Draco> ...Well, It sounds interesting anyway. Can you take us there?

[14:21:35] <Nanako> Sure, why not?

[14:21:59] <Puyorin> 3

[14:22:05] <Keiji> get outta here

[14:22:08] <Keiji> you're too early

[14:22:10] <Keiji> :P

[14:22:11] <Chao> XD

[14:22:11] <Puyorin> 4

[14:22:20] <Akkie> :I

[14:22:30] <Nanako> [Nanako and Juichi go back through where Juichi came in from.]

[14:22:44] <Draco> -follows Nanako and Juichi- Come on, let's go~

[14:22:55] <Gypsum> -Follows Draco closely-

[14:22:59] <Arle Nadja> -follows~-

[14:23:12] <Sig> -he and Rider also follow, like they have a choice-

[14:24:01] <Chao> [This eventually takes the gang to "Homu-Mikki", right? :P]

[14:24:53] <Mikki> 3

[14:24:53] <Nanako> [They go out the back to a big open space. Sitting in the middle is a helicopter, marked on the side with "FGF RESEARCH CO." It's a bit bigger than the old ADMA helicopter that got blown up way back when.]

[14:24:59] <Mikki> 4

[14:25:01] <Keiji> YOU'RE TOO EARLY

[14:25:02] <Keiji> >_<

[14:25:03] <Keiji> lol

[14:25:26] <Arle Nadja> What's with all the FGF...

[14:25:30] <Rider> OoO;;

[14:25:37] <Rider> It's s-s-so big!

[14:25:38] <Nanako> Oh, don't worry about that~ Come on, get in, get in!

[14:26:03] <Nanako> -leads the way onto the plane helicopter with Juichi-

[14:26:04] <Sig> Come on, Rider. Let's ride on the big helicopter like we used too~

[14:26:15] <Sig> -drags Rider on with him-

[14:26:19] <Draco> -follows, interested and nostalgic-

[14:26:28] <Arle Nadja> -gets inside helicopter- It's been so long~

[14:26:34] <Draco> It has, hasn't it?

[14:26:39] <Gypsum> -follows cautiously- (I should be getting back soon...;;;)

[14:27:03] <Draco> Hey, don't worry, you should hang with us for a while.

[14:27:41] <Gypsum> ...;;

[14:28:04] <Draco> Well?

[14:28:08] <Arle Nadja> ... really. There's no need to be too anxious~

[14:28:28] <Draco> And you too, Rider. Don't worry so much, this helicopter's awesome~

[14:28:33] <Gypsum> ...fine. But only to meet the new people. They may be of interest to my master in the future.

[14:28:44] <Rider> I wasn't nervous?

[14:28:51] <Draco> (Heh, she's so in denial)

[14:29:13] <Draco> It counts as nervous if Sig has to drag you on~

[14:29:20] <Rider> Eyah?

[14:29:38] <Sig> -chuckles- It's okay Rider. I'll protect you from the big helicopter~!

[14:29:49] <Rider> N-now you're just teasing me!

[14:29:50] <Akkie> Has...

[14:30:07] <Akkie> 'kay, never mind.

[14:30:11] <Juichi> -in the cockpit, fires up the engine and closes the electronic doors-

[14:30:29] <Arle Nadja> Okay, here we go~

[14:30:51] <Juichi> [The helicopter begins ascending]

[14:31:31] <Draco> Hey... I know why I recognised that road and that arcade!!

[14:31:46] <Rider> O-oh?

[14:31:47] <Nanako> -grins- Oh, you finally figured it out, huh?

[14:32:00] <Draco> Y-yeah!! It's your lab!

[14:32:13] <Sig> Nanako has a lab?

[14:32:31] <Nanako> Sure do, though Draco decided to go on a rampage and smash up my windows. You still owe me for that, you know~

[14:32:35] <Gypsum> (How interesting....)

[14:32:39] <Draco> E-eehh.... -sweatdrop-

[14:32:46] <Arle Nadja> ... you guys are amazing! (Unsurprisingly.)

[14:32:58] <Keiji> how can it be amazing if it's not surprising

[14:33:30] <Akkie> These guys have done so many awesome things, so yeah.

[14:33:41] <Akkie> Moar awesome is to be expected.

[14:34:29] <Sig> Doesn't Lagnus owe you a carpet, too?

[14:34:30] <Juichi> [The helicopter begins to fly off in the direction of Homu-Mikki]

[14:34:49] <Nanako> Heh... well, the whole place went up in smoke anyway, didn't it?

[14:35:22] <Sig> Oh...

[14:35:33] <Rider> At least it wasn't you, Sig.

[14:35:41] <Akkie> LOL What,

[14:35:43] <Nanako> If Lagnus owes me a carpet, whoever launched that meteor owes me a freakin mansion.

[14:36:07] <Draco> Uh-oh. Sounds like Marcus' gonna be in deep...

[14:36:16] <Nanako> "Marcus"?

[14:36:20] <Arle Nadja> A building sounds better...

[14:36:35] <Arle Nadja> Marcus was the one who caused that meteor strike.

[14:36:41] <Arle Nadja> ...

[14:36:51] <Gypsum> (Such a vast, beautiful world...)

[14:37:06] <Arle Nadja> Actually, a certain horned green-head is the one you'd be wanting, if only.

[14:37:12] <Steve> 3

[14:37:12] <Steve> OOC: It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it.

[14:37:14] <Steve> 4

[14:37:29] <Angol Mois> 3

[14:37:32] <Angol Mois> OOC: IKR?!

[14:37:34] <Angol Mois> 4

[14:37:36] <Keiji> protip

[14:37:45] <Keiji> type your message, THEN claim the character, THEN hit enter

[14:37:54] <Arle Nadja> Actually, a certain horned green-head is the one you'd be wanting, if only.

[14:37:54] <Akkie> RAWR D:<

[14:37:56] <Chao> kay

[14:38:14] <Nanako> Oh? You're suggesting this is Satan's doing?

[14:38:50] <Arle Nadja> ... from what I heard from the others, anyway.

[14:38:59] <Sig> Uncle Stan blew up our base?....Well, I guess that makes sense...;;

[14:39:45] <Nanako> Hmm, well, that's interesting~ Ol' Satan is certainly one to go missing a lot.

[14:39:54] <Nanako> We hardly ever know where he is.

[14:40:02] <Arle Nadja> And they were all talking about me (Well, a Doppel, anyway) having married him.

[14:40:29] <Nanako> Sounds like he just ran off with his apparent new wife, then.

[14:40:58] <Gypsum> Good riddens, I suppose.

[14:41:54] <Mikki> 3

[14:41:57] <Mikki> 4

[14:42:19] <Chao> (Is the helicopter there yet? LOL)

[14:42:23] <Akkie> Huh, no game.

[14:42:45] <Akkie> What about typing message -> claim -> Enter?

[14:42:57] <Akkie> Was going to do that, then...

[14:42:58] <Akkie> Yeah.

[14:43:55] <Juichi> [Below, a house with a blaring hole in the roof can be seen... by anyone looking out the windows, anyway.]

[14:44:11] <Juichi> ...*gaping hole.

[14:44:25] <Lam> 3

[14:44:26] <Rider> O_O

[14:44:36] <Lam> -fix fix fix-

[14:44:51] <Gypsum> It must not rain much here...

[14:44:55] <Juichi> [And we can see a young hooded girl fixing the hole as we speak.]

[14:44:59] <Gypsum> given the hole in the roof-

[14:45:02] <Arle Nadja> -happened to look out, too-

[14:45:15] <Juichi> [The helicopter gradually descends to some convenient nearby open ground.]

[14:45:20] <Arle Nadja> But there's somebody fixing it, see?

[14:45:22] <Juichi> [and lands.]

[14:46:14] <Rider> I w-wonder who lives here...

[14:46:37] <Lam> -fixes without looking at them-

[14:47:20] <Gypsum> Shall we disembark?

[14:47:30] <Juichi> -opens the doors and shuts off the engine-

[14:47:43] <Nanako> -steps out and waves at the Hood Girl- Ya~ho~

[14:48:07] <Lam> -stops fixing for a while, looks at Nanako-

[14:48:15] <Sig> -steps out with Rider- ...Hi hood girl.

[14:48:23] <Lam> Oh, hi~

[14:48:35] <Nanako> Well, it's good to know you can talk~

[14:48:39] <Arle Nadja> -steps out- Howdy-do~

[14:48:50] <Keiji> Also feel free to claim Mikki, Daichi and Puyorin now.

[14:48:57] <Lam> But it's rude to disturb someone doing stuff here.

[14:49:01] <Mikki> 3

[14:49:20] <Daichi> 3

[14:49:20] <Daichi> Did you see that helicopter Puyorin?! Haha! It was HUGE! -running outside to meet the Helicopter-

[14:49:23] <Mikki> -bursts out to see a helicopter- Hey, guys!

[14:49:27] <Puyorin> 3

[14:49:41] <Draco> Hey, long time no see! And who's the new kid?

[14:49:53] <Daichi> Huh?...Woah...lots of people!

[14:50:14] <Akkie> Wait.

[14:50:19] <Akkie> Clarify.

[14:50:25] <Akkie> Arle and Daichi have met, right?

[14:50:49] <Gypsum> !!! (...is THIS the boy my master said threatened him?...His description matches...but..)

[14:51:08] <Chao> Uuuuuh, idk. It doesn't seem to be the case

[14:51:54] <Rider> Oh, he has a P-Puyo~

[14:51:55] <Arle Nadja> -sees Daichi + Puyorin- Oh, howdy-do!

[14:52:55] <Daichi> Uuuuh, do you guys own that helicopter?

[14:53:13] <Lam> -back to work-

[14:53:19] <Arle Nadja> Definitely~

[14:53:39] <Nanako> Yup, it's our helicopter~

[14:53:46] <Mikki> These guys were talking about Sho.

[14:54:12] <Nanako> Our second, to be more precise... After the first one was rudely destroyed by Marcus, or Satan, or whoever...

[14:54:22] <Daichi> Wow! Pretty nice!....Wait...you guys know Sho too?? -looks at Mikki, then back at the group-

[14:54:29] <Puyorin> So you know these guys, puyo? -at Mikki-

[14:54:57] <Akkie> Daichi's sick.

[14:55:00] <Gypsum> ........;;

[14:55:04] <Akkie> Look at that rainbow he's puking.

[14:55:28] <Daichi> OOC: It's that mushroom soup Mikki made, I swear!

[14:55:42] <Daichi> 4

[14:55:51] <Daichi> 3

[14:56:00] <Arle Nadja> So, you're one of Sho's friends then?

[14:56:05] <Chao> holy crap the hell is up with him lol

[14:56:20] <Chao> I didn't break him, I swear :C

[14:56:27] <Mikki> OOC: I will not be held responsible. -shifty eyes-

[14:56:41] <Daichi> Me? Yeah, I know Sho! You know Sho?

[14:57:16] <Daichi> More importantly, do you know where he is? Is he okay? That crazy black thing didn't try anything funny on him, right?!

[14:57:37] <Akkie> Wait.

[14:58:08] <Keiji> ...Sho's in the Magic School, yeah?

[14:58:20] <Chao> No, Sho's at the ADMA rubble

[14:58:32] <Arle Nadja> Yes, Sho's a friend of ours, too.

[14:59:47] <Arle Nadja> Poor guy was kidnapped for said crazy-blob-thing's purposes (Who is usually referred to as "Ekoro"), but he's OK now.

[15:00:22] <Daichi> That's relieving...I'm Daichi, by the way! Who are you guys?

[15:01:16] <Arle Nadja> The name's Arle Nadja! And this here's Carbuncle~

[15:01:41] <Puyorin> And I'm Puyorin, and I'm... a Puyo, as you can see, puyo.

[15:01:45] <Gypsum> (!!! I-impossible....it's him!...the one my master told me about....) I-I'm Gypsum. Please excuse me. I must make a private phone call. -whips out a cellphone from her pantsuhammer space-

[15:02:15] <Akkie> Nice hammer space.

[15:02:42] <Lam> Arle Nadja...

[15:03:00] <Lam> -gets up from her unfinished work-

[15:03:01] <Rider> I'm Rider....and this is...

[15:03:08] <Nanako> Palette cycle~

[15:03:08] <Sig> I'm Sig.

[15:03:16] <Mikki> OOC: Freaking spores.

[15:03:35] <Lam> -gets down from roof-

[15:04:05] <Gypsum> -quietly steps away to make her phone call-

[15:04:22] <Lam> You guys are that former ADMA group Thil here's from right?

[15:04:31] <Keiji> thil?

[15:05:04] <Mikki> Note that Thil is what she calls me, which you shouldn't mind so much~

[15:05:32] <Draco> Yeah, well we stopped being ADMA a little while ago due to... certain events...


[15:05:45] <Daichi> -looks at Draco- And who are you?

[15:05:56] <Draco> I'm Draco~

[15:05:59] <Draco> OOC: THAT TOO

[15:06:03] <Draco> OOC: THAT THREE

[15:06:13] <Daichi> Nice to meet you guys!

[15:06:26] <Daichi> So, uh...what's ADMA?

[15:06:56] <Keiji> and now that my palette cycle is actually cycling the right freaking colors

[15:07:33] <Nanako> My name's Nanako, I'm.... just tagging along, I guess~

[15:07:35] <Lam> You guys can just refer to me as Lam de Stelly, or just Lam, preferably~

[15:07:47] <Lam> Now, if you excuse me... -goes back to roof-

[15:08:09] <Daichi> Eheheheheh....guess who made that hole in the roof...-sweatdrop-

[15:08:31] <Puyorin> ... puyo... -sweatdrops, too-

[15:08:47] <Daichi> :o

[15:08:53] <Daichi> erm

[15:08:59] <Arle Nadja> ... by the way, about ADMA...

[15:09:09] <Rider> *:o

[15:09:17] <Draco> ...Lamb? That's a funny name...

[15:09:45] <Lam> Just Lam! Without the B! -continue-

[15:09:50] <Draco> But yes, what about ADMA?

[15:10:06] <Arle Nadja> Do we tell him?

[15:10:14] <Draco> Tell who what?

[15:10:20] <Rider> You guys keep talking about it...so...wait, why am I going on about that.

[15:10:26] <Daichi> *

[15:10:34] <Arle Nadja> These two, of course~

[15:10:52] <Arle Nadja> OOC: Never mind that. The three of you are sick. Look at the rainbow puddle!

[15:10:56] <Daichi> Unless it has to do with where Sho is...you don't have to tell me a thing

[15:11:37] <Nanako> Actually, we were wondering where you two came from.

[15:11:37] <Puyorin> Yeah, we're just here looking for Sho, puyo.

[15:11:45] <Nanako> Since we've been monitoring portals and all~

[15:11:59] <Daichi> Wait huh?...oh boy.

[15:12:07] <Daichi> You'll never believe this

[15:12:09] <Daichi> but

[15:12:16] <Nanako> Wait, should I have said that? Oh well.

[15:12:52] <Daichi> This crazy black blob sucked us into a portal in the sky, and then we fell on that house over there...-points at Homu-Mikki-

[15:13:01] <Nanako> Oh, Ekoro's doing?

[15:13:07] <Puyorin> We were sucked in by a portal by a black some-person, puyo!

[15:13:11] <Nanako> Well, that's not the most unexpected thing ever...

[15:13:23] <Nanako> More like... how'd he get free, anyway?

[15:13:25] <Daichi> Ekoro did that to me too.

[15:13:33] <Sig> *

[15:13:42] <Chao> Daichi, I know you want to be RPed

[15:13:46] <Chao> but stop sticking

[15:13:48] <Chao> lol

[15:13:49] <Keiji> okay bored of that

[15:13:49] <Keiji> lol

[15:14:01] <Mikki> Hey, guys.

[15:14:08] <Gypsum> -returns from her mysterious call-

[15:14:29] <Akkie> Not that I'm gonna play her, but...

[15:14:32] <Akkie> Where's Amitie?

[15:14:44] <Keiji> In the Magic Schoooooooooooooooool

[15:14:47] <Chao> Keiji hates Amitie too much to allow me to claim her

[15:15:02] <Chao> but she's milling around in Mikki's house for no reason I guess

[15:15:07] <Keiji> ...she is?

[15:15:18] <Keiji> I thought she was in the Magic Sch000000000000000000000000000000l

[15:15:19] <Chao> The last time I read Ep. 28 she was

[15:15:26] <Keiji> Oh, okay.

[15:15:31] <Gypsum> I apologize for that.

[15:15:40] <Keiji> Well, you can claim Amitie

[15:15:43] <Gypsum> So, you were saying about Ekoro?

[15:15:46] <Arle Nadja> Is something the matter, Gypsum?

[15:15:59] <Keiji> I just thought she was in the Magic Sch@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@l

[15:16:09] <Keiji> spiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiralspiral

[15:16:10] <Akkie> Let it be...

[15:16:53] <Akkie> Let it be a meme that we refer to the Magic Sc******************l in the same way we refer to CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.

[15:16:58] <Gypsum> Hm? No Arle. Nothing is wrong now.

[15:17:14] <Keiji> YOU FORGOT "H"

[15:17:52] <Draco> Oh, away from your Master too long, eh? -nudge nudge-

[15:18:18] <Juichi> -gets back on the helicopter to eat lunch, bored with all these shenanigans-

[15:18:21] <Gypsum> It was an important business call!

[15:18:21] <Juichi> 4

[15:18:24] <Gypsum> -blush-

[15:18:26] <Arle Nadja> (No point asking, then...) Anyway, Ekoro's wandering around town now, and seeing what happened to you guys...

[15:19:03] <Daichi> Hm?

[15:19:15] <Lam> -GRAGH roof carpentry takes a lot out... ragequit, go down-

[15:19:40] <Nanako> Oh, going to talk to us now?

[15:19:56] <Sig> Yay, talking

[15:20:07] <Lam> ... if you insist~

[15:21:17] <Lam> -takes her hood off, see the resemblance with the original- Since it's a friend of somebody who helped me stop caring about that dude...

[15:21:37] <Daichi> Wah? Twins?

[15:21:46] <Draco> So... who are you, anyway? --.... Wait, you're Mikki's clone?

[15:22:02] <Rider> Oh my...;;;

[15:22:35] <Mikki> Isn't it amazing how this hood can hide it~?

[15:22:36] <Rider> Haven't we seen them a-a-all yet?

[15:22:55] <Rider> OOC: How do I manage to stutter "a"?

[15:22:56] <Lam> All? So... who have you all seen so far?

[15:23:27] <Sig> Uuh, well, there's Red me...

[15:23:37] <Rider> And Beta....and Theta...

[15:23:37] <Lam> I be the fourth Greek letter of the alphabet, but, meh to that.

[15:23:42] <Draco> And Omega, and Zeta.

[15:23:59] <Draco> Oh, and Nohoclone.

[15:24:11] <Daichi> -so out of the loop lol-

[15:24:55] <Draco> I dunno if you wanna count Phi or not.

[15:25:14] <Lam> ... Phi or not, I don't remember that few.

[15:25:52] <Draco> Beta and Theta met a pretty horrible fate.

[15:26:08] <Rider> Wha...?....oh no...

[15:26:23] <Daichi> That doesn't sound good... :c

[15:26:25] <Lam> Gamma's still out there...

[15:26:32] <Draco> You hope...

[15:26:47] <Lam> Wha... Beta... Theta... horrible fate... that doesn't quite...

[15:26:48] <Draco> Ekoro might've found and destroyed him already...

[15:27:21] <Daichi> Huh, destroyed him? Why?...

[15:27:45] <Draco> He doesn't like his clones running around with free will.

[15:28:05] <Mikki> Y'see, these clones are clones (They're still people at the same time, though) who are made by a psycho we just fought...

[15:28:32] <Mikki> Who apparently got back to being somehow when I was absent from all this...

[15:28:36] <Gypsum> Besides, clones have an insignificant purpose on this planet, given they are useless copies of another individual.

[15:28:45] <Draco> Gypsum!

[15:28:49] <Draco> How could you say such a thing?!

[15:29:06] <Gypsum> But, what purpose then do they have?

[15:29:17] <Lam> Hey... don't just call us useless copies!

[15:29:20] <Daichi> They have plenty of purpose!

[15:29:30] <Draco> If clones don't have a purpose, then what purpose do WE have, as "originals"?!

[15:29:41] <Daichi> Who needs a purpose to have the right to exist?

[15:29:48] <Daichi> I don't!

[15:30:06] <Puyorin> Daichi, what are you talking about, puyo...

[15:30:44] <Daichi> Discrimination, I think. Apparently Gypsum doesn't like clones...;;

[15:31:08] <Draco> -grabs Gypsum by the shoulders and shakes her in anger- Well, Gypsum?!

[15:31:15] <Draco> What's your problem..?

[15:31:26] <Gypsum> Eh?! Unhand me at once!

[15:31:41] <Lam> Clones may be clones, but they're also beings!

[15:31:55] <Draco> -stops shaking and looks into her eyes-...

[15:32:00] <Mikki> And all beings have a right to exist!

[15:32:42] <Gypsum> We all have purpose....but we don't know what that purpose is....;; But how would duplicate beings factor into that?...

[15:33:32] <Gypsum> How should I be expected to have such intimate knowledge of the rights of clones when I've never met one until just minutes ago?...;;

[15:33:56] <Draco> .......Well, don't be so quick to judge, at least.

[15:34:14] <Nanako> Heh, you sure changed quick.

[15:34:22] <Draco> -glares at Nanako- ...S-shut up!!

[15:34:49] <Rider> Eheh....;;

[15:35:19] <Rider> Anyway, don't be so harsh, Ms. G-Gypsum. They're very nice clones, once they've been neutralized.

[15:35:21] <Arle Nadja> To think you had about the same reaction to some things some time ago...

[15:35:37] <Draco> ...Gau!

[15:35:38] <Draco> ><;;

[15:35:53] <Daichi> Hey, you guys, that's enough alright?

[15:36:37] <Daichi> ...so, does no one know where Sho is?

[15:37:07] <Gypsum> -shoots Daichi a glare before pulling out her clipboard and making some notes-

[15:37:31] <Keiji> Does Draco know where he is?

[15:37:33] <Keiji> I don't remember.

[15:37:43] <Lam> -glares at Gypsum-

[15:37:45] <Chao> She should, they paid him a visit in Ep. 27

[15:37:48] <Chao> :P

[15:37:59] <Keiji> also

[15:37:59] <Keiji> [11:50:08] Last time I saw him was in that lab, fixing poor Beta.'

[15:38:21] <Chao> But Daichi doesn't know where this "lab" is

[15:38:38] <Keiji> Well the others do

[15:38:40] <Chao> It's not like Map:Primp.png is at his fingertips

[15:38:44] <Keiji> lol

[15:39:09] <Keiji> well then.

[15:39:10] <Akkie> She's not the most specific person, actually.

[15:39:33] <Draco> Hm, last we saw him, he was at the lab. Should we go look for him?

[15:40:00] <Daichi> O-Of course!

[15:40:16] <Nanako> -turns round to see the helicopter with Juichi inside fall into a portal which immediately closes up-

[15:40:28] <Nanako> Oh God damn it, now we lose our helicopter AND its pilot?!

[15:40:38] <Daichi> What?!

[15:40:43] <Rider> Oh no!

[15:40:48] <Sig> Lame.

[15:40:49] <Nanako> ...Guess we're walking, then.

[15:40:49] <Mikki> ... Theta's probably fine somewhere...

[15:41:18] <Rider> It's not that far to P-Puyopolis, is it?

[15:41:18] <Arle Nadja> These things always have to keep happening, huh?

[15:42:00] <Nanako> OOC: I bet we're just being punished for travelling in such unmanageably large groups all the time.

[15:42:26] <Gypsum> OOC: Actually I called Angol to summon that portal. Eltia should be killing Daichi any minute now :3

[15:42:47] <Chao> -shot-

[15:42:47] <Nanako> OOC: what that doesn't make any sense

[15:42:49] <Lam> OOC: Darn you frog I hate you

[15:43:37] <Nanako> OOC: no really, why would Eltia take orders from Angol, and how does that relate to the helicopter being stolen

[15:43:48] <Sig> -grabs Rider's hand, and they start walking along-

[15:44:06] <Draco> -grabs Gypsum's hand and starts walking along-

[15:44:15] <Gypsum> :o!

[15:44:52] <Daichi> -grabs Puyorin's hand and starts walking-

[15:45:01] <Daichi> OOC: Y U HAVE NO HAND PUYO

[15:45:01] <Mikki> -walks with a not-so-bright-mood Lam's hand-

[15:45:23] <Nanako> I guess that just leaves me and you, Arle...

[15:45:29] <Keiji> #splittingeveryoneupintopairs

[15:45:32] <Puyorin> OOC: LOOK MAH! NO LIMBS


Character text lines: 288
User text lines: 76
Action lines: 17

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Draco: 44
Nanako: 38
Daichi: 36
Gypsum: 34
Lam: 25
Rider: 24
Sig: 17
Juichi: 16
Mikki: 12
Puyorin: 7
Steve: 1