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Satan is a horned demon who is the primary antagonist in Puyo Puyo, and one of the primary antagonists in Compile Worlds. Though he began in Episode 1 as more of a comical villain with a low threat level, he was revealed to be a serious evil entity in The Meteor Arc. He swoons over Arle Nadja, constantly antagonizing her friends, whom he sees as only distracting her from his love. He currently resides in a palace he spawned from nowhere, and is living happily with his wife... until she got arrested for stealing muffins, that is. Now he's back at his old antics as usual, hoping to have the center of attention as the main villain again.


For an unknown, but rather lengthy time, Satan has been the King of The Abyss, a dark world where many dark mages of various breeds live. His horns have been carried down through various bloodlines, including those of Rider and Draco Centauros' ancestors, though their horns are less developed than his. He also has one or more lords who serve under him in the Abyss to do his dirty work, namely Lord Marcus XXXIX. He also apparently has allowed these lords each their own underlings as well. Despite the prosperity and huge resources his kingdom had, Satan found them to be too dull to his liking. Hence he connected the Abyss to other worlds, allowing himself and others to migrate to the Madou World and Primp. It is here that Satan had a fateful encounter with Arle, and lost his pet, Carbuncle to her. He stayed in the Madou World until Arle was teleported to Primp, where he followed in hot pursuit.

Most of the time, Satan is calm. However, Satan has a short temper, and is especially angered by any disrespect towards himself or Arle. Despite this, he has shown he can be infinitely patient with Arle, even when she is "being stubborn". As a facade, or perhaps just to fit in, he has a silly side to his personality. While exhibiting this side of himself, he often makes ridiculous proposals to Arle and takes things to extremes, such as buying Arle DIAMONDS, wearing Carbuncle cosplays, and even running over Rulue with a bus. On the flip side of his personality, Satan is conniving and calculating, formulating a careful plan to rid of all of Arle's friends, but not Arle herself. In addition to all of Arle's friends, he may also have a strong disdain for Rulue, who's own interest in him interferes with his plans to wed Arle. Satan is utterly determined no matter what, and will do whatever it takes to reach his goal. It seems, though, that his interest in Arle is more than just a crush, since she looks exactly like a powerful goddess-like mage who existed long ago.

Satan, being a primary antagonist, is extremely powerful. He has been shown to generate spears and spikes to impale his victims with. Additionally, the former can absorb the power of his enemy's attacks, causing them even more pain when he strikes. He is also able to summon meteorites out of nowhere and travel between other worlds freely. Satan is also extremely resourceful; buying, manipulating or creating what he doesn't have. Likely, he founded the creation of the Shadow Cannon™, and the Abyss is a plentiful resource for various materials and smiths to craft other weaponry. He can apparently also grant his lords enough power to make them first class Dark mages in their own rights, but he can also take this power away. He's also really good at Tetris somehow.


Satan is of course, named after the devil himself.


Music Associated with Satan


  • Brave of Puyo Puyo
  • The Storm - Theme of Satan (Puyo Puyo)
  • Boss Dialogue ~Last Stage EX~ (Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary)
  • Dubious Evil (Compile Worlds)


  • An epic, unnamed battle theme from the Game Gear version of Madou Monogatari II
  • Final of Puyo Puyo
    • And subsequently it's remix in Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary
  • LAST of Puyo Puyo TSU
    • And subsequently it's remixes in Minna de Puyo Puyo and 15th-20th.
  • LASTBOSSM (Puyo Puyo SUN)
  • Satan BGM (Puyo Puyo~n)
  • Creator Of The Puyo Puyo Hell - Satan's Theme (Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary)
  • Final Pair Deathmatch!! (Last Battle) (Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary)


  • Satan has met all four Arles in the RP.
  • Satan is one of the few characters to have the same text color throughout the entire series.
    • He currently shares this color exclusively with Rider.
    • He has only had color conflicts with Rider and Eltia. Both of these color conflicts were allowed in the Meteor Arc.
    • Coincidently, all three of them also are tied to The Abyss.
  • Satan was initially unaware he was married to Doppelganger Arle, nor was she aware she was Doppel herself. This was soon rectified in the arc following when they flaunted themselves to everyone in the Abyss.
  • Satan currently owns five different properties scattered across several different worlds: a tower in Primp, a castle in the Madou World, his throne room Above the Abyss, a palace in it's own dimension, and a rocket, currently lost in space with only Fake Arle on board.
    • He also owns a Honey Moon estate, but he technically bought this for Arle.
  • Satan has appeared at least once in every arc, and has been the central antagonist of two of them.
  • In the early episodes, it was a running gag for Satan to get his head caught on fire.
  • Satan has an interesting habit of getting paired up with other antagonists throughout the games:
    • In the original Puyo Puyo, he brainwashes Rulue into being his loyal sidekick.
      • In TSU and Minna, Rulue willingly allows Satan to tool her.
    • In YON, Satan himself is brainwashed by Doppelganger Arle and used to accomplish her own evil ends.
    • In 20th, he joins forces with, or is brainwashed by, Ecolo for the final Pair Mode death match.
    • In Puyo Puyo Tetris, Satan ones again joins forces with Ecolo, but this time it's to help the heroes. This team up is purely in the story, and doesn't affect any matches.

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