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This page is about the Compile Worlds character. Perhaps you were looking for the Greek letters.

Theta, also known as Dark Ringo or Perfect Ringo, is one of Ekoro's clones in Compile Worlds, being the clone of Andou Ringo. She, like her other brethren, was originally conceived to eliminate the ADMA and repopulate Ekoro's new world, but actually defected to the enemy's side thanks to the stupidly simple neutralization process. Her magical power is amplified from the original Ringo's, though she still wields various mathematics terms as spells. While Theta doesn't use the same Math analogies or Sho Minamimoto quotes her original counterpart does, she does call Ringo "sis". Other than this, they have similar personalities when compared to each other.

Recently, Theta has been rescued from Whitespace by Nanako, although she has persocom ears as a side effect of the methods used. Mysteriously, she had also been informed of the events transpiring before her "revival", and was let on to a well-kept secret that Ekoro was possessed. She is speculated to be a "one" by Nanako and Strange Klug, and both of them seem to have intimate knowledge of these "one"s...

Appearance in Compile Worlds

Theta made her first appearance at the end of Episode 14, being the last of Ekoro's clones to be revealed. She landed the final blow on the evil insubstantial menace, causing the resulting power overflow to create a black hole that destroyed his Mountain Base. Apologizing for her miscalculation, she escaped with the others, joining them in their ceremonial dinner party.

Later on, Theta was revealed to have survived the explosion of the ADMA HQ in Episode 19, where she and Lagnus the Brave had landed safely in a clearing in the Woods of Nahe. Exchanging stories, the unlikely pair set out for the HQ... only to find it had been reduced to a cordoned off crater. Strange Klug emerged from the wreckage to inform the duo he was in possession of Ekoro's prison, and then ran off(Or rather, vaporized). The two then stopped by Rulue's Vacation Condo to bribe Rulue into revealing the location of Draco's Hut. Theta then encountered Draco for the first time in two episodes, albeit having a hissy fit about Ringo's new dark mage buddy Eltia (But still Draco nonetheless). Yet another session of 30 minute chit-chat reveals Theta and possibly Lagnus were possibly chronoported as they simultaneously were blasted off. Theta then took a concerned Sig to find his kin at the Magic School (aw, how sweet).

Episode 21 focused on Theta, Ringo, Mikki and Lagnus' efforts to track Lord Marcus in the Abyss and confront him about his war, which they eventually did. Theta and Ringo learned how insane Marcus was when he nearly and nonchalantly OHKO'd Lagnus right before their very eyes. Theta seemed to have some sort of ability to damage Marcus in the resulting battle, but Marcus' Newton's Nemesis spell penetrated Mikki's (useless?) barrier, and absorbed Ringo and Theta into some strange space. Theta, due to being a clone of Ekoro, had an odd reaction to the space, and meet her doom as she randomly exploded, leaving nothing behind but tiny critters that wanted to hurt Ringo.


Theta is the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, though if one considers Alpha was presumed to be destroyed, and subtracts one, they are left with seven. In Greek numerals, it is the Ninth letter. Dark Ringo is obviously a throwback to the evil red clones of the Madou Puyo series, who often had dark or doppelganger affixed to the original's name.


  • I heard someone forgot their calculus.Episode 14
  • Well, more like, we accidentally made a black hole which sucked him in and sealed THAT inside the orb, but...Episode 19
  • Can we get some resurfacing on this unbelievably p(l)otholed road here?Episode 32