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Eldora is a goddess who appears in various lore behind the various Compile worlds (hurr, hurr). At first, not much was really known about her, but then Keiji got off his lazy ass and translated a certain information goldmine.


Originally, Eldora was a member of the Planetary Gods of Gaias, and led a role no more important than any other member's, as the Goddess of Life. She was simultaneously the Goddess of Faith of Lagnus' home world, and declared Lagnus a hero when he was fifteen years old. Two years later, the Youggs destroyed that world, however Eldora managed to save him by transporting him to the Madou World.

Since Eldora's creation, the world of Gaias had (we think) been destroyed and recreated many times by the gods, and by about five or six thousand years in, Eldora starts to rebel against this practice, arguing that the gods should not have power over the life and death of humans. Two other gods, Omega (not to be confused with the coincidentally-named Ekoro clone) and Weather, agreed with her (probably because they were apparently in love with her), and because there are only five gods in the group (not counting their leader Kanon), the majority vote of 3 to 2 caused the practice to be abandoned.

Omega and Weather were punished for their misdeeds (by whom is not certain; possibly by Kanon, or possibly by some other entity altogether), however Eldora was for some reason not subject to the same punishment. Instead, Eldora lived on and inherited the powers of Omega and Weather, who presumably would have become mere mortals (or something like that) as they do come back at the end of Puyo Wars. Those powers were to control time and space (and of course, she also retained her original power over life).

Now, due to some unspecified evil power, an unspecified world ended up on the verge of destruction (sure is vague in here). Eldora, trying to save the world, either created Angol Mois or otherwise summoned him from wherever he may have existed before, and sent him to the Puyo Wars World. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and he turned into a madman himself. Thus, Eldora began to hate him, but could not send him back to whence he came since she'd already used over half of her power creating/summoning him in the first place. So instead, she reincarnates several puyo - Marin, Sho, and probably a handful more that never showed up in-game - as humans, and has them aid Daichi on his quest to stop Angol fix the mess she made.

Kanon was apparently aware of the entire situation, but decided to be a jerk by not doing anything at all about it. MadouCyc says she "didn't have permission" to replenish the energy that Eldora wasted used creating/summoning Angol, which implies that Kanon was able to, but simply wasn't allowed to. Come on, Kanon is supposed to be the leader of the gods, who needs to give her permission to save the world? (Maybe it means she wasn't allowed to do so by Compile, because then Puyo Wars as a game wouldn't exist in the first place. And that would be as terrible as stealing forty cakes.)

Role in Compile Worlds

Though she didn't make a physical appearance in the RP until season 2, she is still a very important part of the plot. It has been speculated that she has been MIA since the Ekoro Arc, and that's NO good! It was revealed in Episode 46 that she was kidnapped from the Angel Academy by a mysterious two, and just before Kanon was about to grant her ownership of Gaias (and maybe the Madou World and Primp as well). Her powers are limited in her imprisonment, but she is not entirely incapable of continuing to influence events with her power. She accidentally created portal magic, which has become a signature trait of "ones". Eldora's absence allowed Ekoro to freely roam between worlds, gathering DNA from Sho and later portal Daichi from the Puyo Wars World. Later however, she is able to reincarnate Puyorin as a human in order to create Team Marin as opposition to Angol's team in the tournament. Most recently, she altered what would have been Angol's fate by teleporting him back to the Madou World just as he was about to be killed. He then (reluctantly) agreed to aid her in rescuing the worlds in exchange for this life saving intervention. It was revealed that Fake Arle had imprisoned her within an alternate dimension right in front of the Academy itself. The Puyo Spirits later freed her from this imprisonment. The six are now tasked with restoring the planets that Ecolo destroyed.


Eldora's name has an unknown origin, but Google Translate insists it must be translated to Eldorado, which is the name of a "Lost City of Gold". Very clever, Compile. :P


  • Eldora is one of two characters in the entire game who use the "yellow" palette, the other being Yellow Mois.
  • Though she is arguably the most important character in the game (apart from Daichi and Angol), she is not mentioned until more than half the game is done, and she is not met in person by Daichi until the final chapters of the game.
  • Despite being a goddess, Eldora is still a zero. This essentially makes her more perceptive and powerful than her peers, Kanon included, but less powerful than her kidnapper. Strange, isn't it?