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Eta, also known as Dark Sig, is a character in Compile Worlds. He is a clone of Sig, though he has an independant personality of his original counterpart. He was created between Episode 11 and Episode 13, debuting in the latter as an antagonist. However, he was quickly neutralized into a protagonist character. Eta is the sixth of Ekoro's clones, and was the last to be born in the UT Base. He was permanently absorbed by Sig in Episode 35.

Character Concept

Eta was created by Chao in the middle of Episode 12 on a whim, as one of Ekoro's clones. Sig was chosen at random, but likely due to his absence in the RP at that point. Eta, his code name, was bestowed upon him by Keiji, who had given code names to most of the clones before documenting them on the site.

Eta's design is based on the concept of Strange Sig, the result of what Sig would possibly look like if the Book Demon had possessed him and took his true form. Since Ekoro's clones often have amplified power, this causes the Book Demon's remains to emerge as more physical traits on Eta (messy hair, red tint, etc).


Though the exact time Eta was put into development is unknown, it is certain he went into development and was born immediately after the battle with Ekoro on the Floating Island in Episode 11, since Beta claims to have witnessed his birth. As a design, Ekoro probably could have chosen Sig as the model for Eta as early as his first encounter with Sig in Episode 8. Eta's ultimate purpose was to test parts that were going to be used on Zeta, the "perfect clone". Though it was never specified which part of Eta's body was the test part, it can be assumed it was the arms, since the original Sig carries a lot of strength in them. Eta was born pre-programmed under Ekoro's servitude, testing a new method to ensure clone loyalty.

As a character, Eta is a sentimental and emotional individual, unlike the original Sig. Eta is also naive and semi-childish. Eta cares for the other clones, and he views them as his big brothers and sisters, save possibly Phi. Eta has fierce loyalty, never one to usually say no to others, even almost going as far as joining Zeta in extracting Ekoro's revenge program. Eta's greatest fears are abandonment and being alone, as evidenced by his emotional explosions in the UT Base. Fueling this fear is Ekoro's own abandonment of Eta during his first few hours of life. This also caused Eta to have an extremely huge grudge for Ekoro, feeling betrayed by his own creator. While Eta is aware he is a clone, he also seems to hold memories that overlap with those of his original self and sometimes subconsciously mimics him.

Eta is actually the weakest of the clones. This makes sense, since only his arms were built to be tough and durable, and also his emotionally unstable nature. His weakness was most exemplified when Ekoro nearly instantaneously kills him. Zeta also makes example of Eta's weakness by going out of her way to protect him. Despite this, Eta is still able to cast more powerful versions of the original Sig's spells and give the protagonists a run for their money. He is also able to even use Sig's explosions on demand, to much humor.


Eta is named after the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet. It has a value of 8 in Greek numerals. Dark Sig is both a reference to Dark Arle and the Strange Sig concept he was based on.



  • When the UT Base was first seen, it was in a destroyed state, to which Eta humorously replied "I was told to blow it up."
  • Eta has used two text colors: Red in his first appearance, and then Magenta in his future appearances.
  • Eta makes an appearance in both Compile Worlds prose written by Chao.
  • Eta shares the original Sig's obliviousness to Arle's delicious curry, though probably only because he is a clone of Sig.
  • Eta seems to follow Beta and Zeta the closest of his fellowship; he's lived with both of them at least twice, and constantly hangs out with one or the other.
  • Strange Klug regards Eta as inferior, possibly due to being only a half-attempt at recreating Strange Sig.