Episode 44 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Feb 17, 2012. All times are UTC.

[22:43:22] <Chao> [It is a month after the events of SHAME. Everyone has gone their own ways. Arle and Lagnus have decided to stay in the Magic School dormitories, where there is enough room for them. It is early morning, and Arle is awake, but Lagnus is still asleep. He is thrashing about on his bed, as if he's having a nightmare.]

[22:43:34] <Lagnus> 3

[22:43:40] <MagicalKecleon> You won't see why until LATAR.

[22:43:52] <Arle Nadja> 3

[22:44:35] <Arle Nadja> *rubs her eyes hearing thrashing coming from the room next door*

[22:44:40] <Lagnus> *in his sleep* Tell me...Tell me Eldora! Tell me how to stop him!! Eldora?! Eldora!!!

[22:45:23] <Arle Nadja> Ngh... what's all this noise about?

[22:46:04] <Lagnus> *He continuously shouts Eldora's name, and finally wakes up after tumbling off his bed.

[22:46:15] <Arle Nadja> *walks next door sleepily in her pajamas*

[22:46:20] <Arle Nadja> BECAUSE ARLE HAS PAJAMAS.

[22:46:29] <Keiji> er, well, she didn't say that.

[22:46:31] <Keiji> XD

[22:46:48] <Lagnus> A-Arle!! I...;;

[22:47:03] <Arle Nadja> Who's Eldora? Your new girlfriend?

[22:47:45] <Lagnus> *shakes his head* Eldora is a goddess! My people prayed to her every day!

[22:47:49] <MagicalKecleon> oh Lagnus, if only you knew.

[22:48:22] <Lagnus> I had a nightmare. I've been having this same nightmare for two weeks.

[22:48:27] <Arle Nadja> A goddess, huh? Well, I can see why you'd have trouble if your girlfriend was a goddess...

[22:49:18] <Keiji> Sure is windows XP in here

[22:50:14] <MagicalKecleon> I would say

[22:50:22] <Lagnus> This nightmare

[22:50:24] <MagicalKecleon> "Sure is Tiger Squash in here."

[22:50:41] <Keiji> If it wasn't for this nightmare, I'd be _________

[22:51:12] <Lagnus> This man appears...he starts this great catastrophe. He stabs someone...it's...I don't know who he is...and I can hear Eldora telling me to stop him...

[22:51:53] <Arle Nadja> So she's calling for you?

[22:52:09] <Arle Nadja> *puts a finger to her lip in thought* If she's a goddess, can't she just stop him herself?

[22:52:42] <Lagnus> Well....I would think she could...but the Youggs destroyed my world without hesitation...

[22:52:56] <Keiji> Oh god I just saw the Chrome error page

[22:53:04] <Keiji> "Oops! This link appears to be broken."

[22:53:13] <Keiji> and I just heard that in the Infomaniac's voice.

[22:53:16] <Lagnus> If she cannot stop them, there must be some limitations on her powers.

[22:53:26] <Chao> oh gawd

[22:53:47] <Chao> He accidentally the link god help m

[22:53:50] <Chao> *shot*

[22:54:08] <Keiji> what does uzumaki have to do with this

[22:54:21] <Keiji> ...NO

[22:54:24] <Keiji> THERE'S A SPIRAL IN CHROME?

[22:54:28] <Keiji> brb switching browsers

[22:54:35] <Lagnus> Arle, I feel sick. Something isn't right.

[22:55:38] <Arle Nadja> *walks over and gives Lagnus a friendly hug* Well, we've been free from trouble for a few weeks now. That's odd already. We're like, trouble magnets.

[22:56:03] <Keiji> TROUBLE MAGNETS oh god I can just see that being the title of a j-pop song

[22:56:20] <Lagnus> That's exactly the thing.

[22:56:33] <Lagnus> I think Eldora is using the dream to warn me about impending doom.

[22:56:35] <Arle Nadja> So... how about we go find this guy?

[22:57:26] <Lagnus> I...don't know. But he's in the magic school. Arle, I'm going to go check on the class. Can you bring Draco here? If we find him, we're going to need some back up dealing with him.

[22:58:07] <Arle Nadja> Well, let me at least get dressed first...

[22:58:14] <Arle Nadja> ...or it might give Draco the wrong impression.

[22:58:20] <Lagnus> Right. I should don my armor as well.

[22:58:41] <Arle Nadja> *goes to put on her Anti-Draco suit*

[22:58:51] <Arle Nadja> *I mean standard Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary outfit*

[22:59:17] <MagicalKecleon> lol

[22:59:18] <Lagnus> *puts on his own armor and takes his sword off the wall.*

[22:59:33] <Lagnus> Let's go!

[22:59:39] <MagicalKecleon> hey

[22:59:42] <MagicalKecleon> hey Keiji

[22:59:47] <Keiji> yes?

[22:59:47] <MagicalKecleon> I have something to show you

[22:59:52] <MagicalKecleon> http://images.subeta.net/skitters.gif

[23:00:05] <Keiji> what the fuck is that

[23:00:14] <MagicalKecleon> Inception Skitters! CB

[23:00:24] <Keiji> ok

[23:00:25] <Ms. Accord> 3

[23:00:38] <Arle Nadja> *eventually comes back with Draco*

[23:00:42] <Draco> 3

[23:01:16] <Ms. Accord> Hello Lagnus, Arle, Draco. Are you hear to listen to my lecture on Stairs transitions too?

[23:01:27] <Sig> 3

[23:01:28] <Draco> Stairs transitions? God, we learnt that years ago

[23:01:31] <MagicalKecleon> it keeps happening

[23:01:32] <Sig> Stairs are hard.

[23:01:34] <Sig> :c

[23:01:39] <Keiji> OH GOD STAIRS

[23:01:44] <Keiji> WAS THAT DELIBERATE

[23:01:47] <MagicalKecleon> i warned you about stairs, bro.


[23:02:06] <Lagnus> No. I have a hunch...a bad hunch.

[23:02:22] <Lagnus> Something terrible is going to happen here.

[23:02:38] <Draco> More terrible than all of Nanako's crap?

[23:02:44] <Draco> And stealing forty cakes?

[23:02:51] <Lagnus> More terrible than all of that!

[23:02:52] <MagicalKecleon> oh come on i was gonna say that

[23:03:02] <Keiji> Sonic: You're too slow

[23:03:09] <Amitie> 3

[23:03:19] <MagicalKecleon> you didn't even notice the stairs joke. =P

[23:03:19] <Amitie> 6 c-'2'+'11'

[23:03:19] <Amitie> 6 s-'Red Amitie'+''

[23:03:33] <Amitie> I'll just use my one powers to make it stop, right?

[23:04:00] <Draco> I certainly hope not

[23:04:16] <Draco> You might be freaking powerful but if you do that you'll just blow the school up

[23:04:32] <Arle Nadja> ...and it'll be a thousand times worse than the average Sig explosion.

[23:04:46] <Chao> [Outside, the sun seems to be setting...but it's only 9 AM]

[23:04:56] <Keiji> What, I thought it was 5AM

[23:04:59] <Keiji> you said early morning

[23:05:20] <Ms. Accord> Oh, is it that late already?

[23:05:30] <Arle Nadja> Uh... why's the sun setting? Is Satan up to one of his tricks again?

[23:05:49] <MagicalKecleon> The sun and moon are fighting! Kirby, go save the world!

[23:06:09] <Chao> [Within minutes, the sky is dark, but there's no moon light. Only stars. The stars are soon covered up by thunderous clouds.]

[23:06:18] <Arle Nadja> Uhhh...#

[23:07:02] <Lagnus> Shit! It's...It's starting! We have to get to the top of the building!

[23:07:03] <Arle Nadja> This looks... bad.

[23:07:24] <Ms. Accord> Oh my....;

[23:08:00] <Lagnus> *He runs for the nearest way up to the roof of the building*

[23:08:16] <Draco> ...If my clone was here, she might be able to teach Amitie some useful techniques to get out of this...

[23:08:30] <Amitie> *follows Lagnus*

[23:09:48] <Chao> [As panic erupts, the ground begins shaking. Huge fissures appear in the ground around the school. The scenery suddenly begins to turn black...]

[23:10:04] <Draco> ...well, so much for the school being not-destroyed.#

[23:10:14] <Rider> 3

[23:10:17] <Rider> Kya!

[23:10:21] <Rider> *tumbles out of nowhere*

[23:10:27] <Sig> Rider!!

[23:10:44] <Rider> What's happening? u_u

[23:10:59] <Sig> I...I don't know. But whatever it is, I'll protect you;

[23:11:22] <Rider> ^///^ Sig~ *hug*

[23:11:58] <Lagnus> *On the roof he sees him. He's shocked when he sees who it is...* Y-You!!

[23:12:46] <Draco> ?

[23:12:46] <Ecolo> 3

[23:12:48] <Ecolo> Sooo, you've come too late. It is time now for me to seal your fate. Exactly on this date, I, Ecolo shall become great.

[23:13:01] <Ecolo> Isn't that right, Jupity??

[23:13:02] <Draco> What the...

[23:13:12] <Jupiter> 3

[23:13:24] <Jupiter> I'M IN THE RP AGAIN!!!

[23:13:30] <Draco> I thought we got done with this madman?!

[23:13:34] <Jupiter> THAT ROCKS

[23:13:44] <Jupiter> No not yet. :3c

[23:14:08] <Ecolo> Eyahahahahaha!! When you're as unusual as me, you're NEVER DONE!

[23:14:28] <Ecolo> Now, it's just about time for the grand finale!

[23:15:10] <Jupiter> Should I go get him, luv? 83c

[23:15:25] <Ecolo> Yes Yes Do it Jupity! Do it before they attack me!

[23:15:47] <Lagnus> Too late! *charges toward Ecolo*

[23:15:50] <Arle Nadja> W-w-what's happening?

[23:15:58] <Jupiter> *she rips off the tapedeck she somehow now has, and throws it at Lagnus* NOW!

[23:16:05] <Idea> 3

[23:16:06] <Ecolo> *stabs Lagnus with a syringe* Nope.

[23:16:23] <Idea> Awww, man, I'm useless.

[23:16:24] <Arle Nadja> Lagnus!!

[23:16:33] <Lagnus> Augh!! Wh-...What?!

[23:16:44] <Arle Nadja> -grabs him and looks at the syringe mark-

[23:16:56] <Arle Nadja> -wonders what he was drugged with-

[23:17:33] <Ecolo> Oops. I've infected you with a virus. Soon enough, you'll be brought before Papyrus. But before then, your heart's light will drain, and when it does you'll feel all the pain pain PAIN!

[23:17:38] <Ecolo> Eyaaaaaaahahahahahaaha!

[23:17:57] <Keiji> Don't you mean "Whoops!"

[23:18:05] <Jupiter> Yay for Papyrus!

[23:18:18] <Arle Nadja> Hey!

[23:18:29] <Arle Nadja> You can't do that to Lagnus!

[23:18:38] <Rider> How awful... u_u

[23:18:40] <Idea> And soon he shall... *transforms into a Grim Reaper* ...see the reaper.

[23:18:53] <Jupiter> Yay for double references!

[23:18:56] <Ecolo> *Turns towards the fissures in the ground and looks inside them, there's a huge, pumping, organic mass inside* Aaaaah Speaking of Hearts...The Heart of the Planet is here! The end is near!

[23:19:10] <Draco> That's... disgusting.

[23:19:14] <MagicalKecleon> ewwwww

[23:19:19] <Draco> ninja'd

[23:19:26] <MagicalKecleon> what the hell lol

[23:19:34] <MagicalKecleon> also nickfail

[23:19:35] <Keiji> A character ninja'd a player.

[23:19:37] <Ecolo> Say good bye, to Primp, my lovelies!

[23:19:50] <Rider> Buh-but Primp!

[23:20:05] <Rider> How could you destroy such a beautiful world?

[23:20:08] <Rider> You meanie!

[23:20:10] <Jupiter> Nope, you're screwed. 8| Live with it.

[23:20:55] <Chao> [A large lightning bolt strikes from the sky at the organ. The organ fails, and instantly everything starts to break apart. The world explodes violently.]

[23:21:09] <Arle Nadja> :I


[23:21:22] <Jupiter> HAPPY END!

[23:21:32] <Draco> What the hell is happy end?

[23:21:49] <Idea> Maybe they'll explain it at the end of the movie!

[23:21:49] <Ecolo> Shut up dear you're in space.


[23:22:33] <Arle Nadja> *conks Draco on the head* We don't need that at a time like this, Draco.

[23:22:34] <Jupiter> Hey, luv, I see Wheatley. Right...there. See him?

[23:22:49] <Rider> Who's Wheatley?

[23:23:07] <Idea> No, that's me. Because you thought it would be fitting.

[23:23:26] <Chao> [Aside from Ecolo and his minions, everyone is surrounded by a blue light, and they are whisked away to another planet. Ecolo just stares off into space as they fly away]

[23:23:41] <Jupiter> They're gonna die, aren't they?

[23:24:50] <Ecolo> They should've died in that explosion. But it doesn't matter. I'll blow up all the planets.

[23:24:52] <Ecolo> All of them.

[23:24:58] <Ecolo> *Evil drool grin*

[23:25:01] <Ecolo> 4

[23:25:14] <Jupiter> Oh come on, I didn't get a chance to react to that!

[23:25:19] <Jupiter> 4

[23:25:20] <Idea> 4

[23:26:16] <Chao> [Meanwhile, everyone who was on Primp, and I mean everyone, has been taken to the Madou World]

[23:26:49] <Keiji> what about Nanako

[23:27:05] <Chao> Nanako too?

[23:27:18] <Keiji> But how can she exist without the computer (to put the CD in)

[23:27:27] <Chao> :o

[23:27:38] <Keiji> Just kidding. That's what those massive ears are for. They ARE the computer.

[23:27:44] <Keiji> They don't have a CD drive, though.

[23:28:23] <Rider> *rubbing her eyes* Where... are we...

[23:28:45] <Ms. Accord> Oh...my....I. I don't even know...is everyone alright?

[23:29:06] <Arle Nadja> I seem to be unhurt...

[23:29:21] <Draco> *brushes herself off.* Good as new~

[23:29:26] <Sig> I...I'm okay. Rider? *he walks over to her and picks her up*

[23:29:43] <Rider> Hi Sig~

[23:30:31] <Lagnus> *gets up* Urgh...dammit!! I...I let him get away with this! I'm sorry Eldora...

[23:31:00] <Amitie> What happened to Primp, though?

[23:31:07] <Arle Nadja> It's not your fault, Lagnus.

[23:31:15] <Arle Nadja> You didn't know any better.

[23:31:25] <Draco> Looks like it died...

[23:31:48] <Sig> *frowns, looks at Rider* Primp...dead?

[23:32:20] <Keiji> > watching Touhou videos

[23:32:27] <Keiji> > suddenly, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh-6kUHjrr8 0:40

[23:32:42] <Lagnus> I'm absolutely positive Primp is now nothing but debris in the universe. Ecolo said something about the "heart of the planet"...he probably destroyed the heart.

[23:33:02] <Keiji> > my face

[23:33:03] <Lagnus> *looks at the injection site of the virus* just as he presumes to do to mine.

[23:33:30] <Arle Nadja> W-w-wait... Does that mean Ecolo's using you to destroy this world as well?!

[23:33:44] <Draco> Why's he so bent on destruction anyway?!

[23:34:01] <Lagnus> No. He's going to destroy ME Arle.

[23:34:45] <Amitie> I dunno, but it's no wonder Omega said Ecolo made her bad.

[23:35:06] <Amitie> That was just downright evil!

[23:36:14] <Arle Nadja> Well, for now... where are we?

[23:37:00] <Keiji> > 2:05 in that video

[23:37:02] <Keiji> > Faily Wars

[23:37:07] <Keiji> YES, I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE

[23:37:28] <Lagnus> I...it looks familiar somehow.

[23:38:32] <Ms. Accord> Perhaps you know, Ms. Draco?

[23:38:39] <Ms. Accord> Because I certainly don't.

[23:38:58] <Keiji> Well, I don't know much about the Madou world and I'm not about to make shit up, so.

[23:39:50] <Chao> [They seem to be in a cliff-like area]

[23:40:22] <Lagnus> Arle! This is where we dueled Puyo during Satan's plan to inflate the Sun.

[23:40:40] <Arle Nadja> :o!

[23:40:47] <Arle Nadja> You're right! I knew I recognised it!

[23:41:30] <Amitie> :o!

[23:41:40] <Ms. Accord> A historical landmark~♪

[23:41:46] <Draco> So we're back in our world?

[23:41:58] <Lagnus> It would seem so...

[23:42:22] <Rider> M-maybe we should try and find a s-safe place first...

[23:42:54] <Sig> Yeah. This place doesn't seem very safe. Like it's being haunted by muffins and ducks

[23:44:02] <Ducks> 3

[23:44:12] <Ducks> *storms through the area*

[23:44:16] <Ducks> How many times do we have to tell you

[23:44:18] <Ducks> We don't haunt

[23:44:20] <Ducks> We blast our sass

[23:44:31] <Ducks> *leaves as quickly as they entered*

[23:44:33] <Ducks> 4

[23:44:33] <Amitie> You bet your sweet aspercreme!

[23:44:48] <Sig> ...what?

[23:45:11] <Lagnus> ...let's just go find a place to settle ourselves...and maybe find any others you care about.

[23:45:54] <Keiji> *doesn't really remember what good places there were around...*

[23:46:05] <Keiji> ..,maybe Rulue's condo?*shot*

[23:46:30] <Lagnus> Arle, don't you have a house?...If not, we might have to bunk with Satan or that fighting queen...

[23:47:30] <Arle Nadja> Well, it's kinda far from here...

[23:48:00] <Nohoho> 3

[23:48:04] <Nohoho> I build you guys mansion

[23:48:09] <Nohoho> real cheap real good

[23:48:13] <Nohoho> right here right now

[23:48:16] <Nohoho> look I even got workman

[23:48:19] <Contractor> 3

[23:48:21] <Contractor> HOWDY

[23:48:49] <MagicalKecleon> omg rofl

[23:48:53] <Nohoho> and other workman

[23:48:56] <Nondescript Minion> 3

[23:49:14] <Nondescript Minion> Hey, you finally stopped ignoring me!

[23:49:22] <Draco> Ew, it's that perv.

[23:49:24] <Lagnus> O_O

[23:49:33] <Draco> No thanks, we don't want a perv house

[23:49:46] <Nohoho> ok fien -kicks out NDM-

[23:49:47] <Nondescript Minion> 4

[23:49:51] <Amitie> Hey it's that frog who sold me the WONDERFUL MAGIC CLASS!

[23:49:59] <Nohoho> then how about a Library themed home

[23:50:02] <Librarian> 3

[23:50:05] <Ms. Accord> You bought a class from Nohoho?

[23:50:05] <Librarian> Yus

[23:50:11] <Nohoho> Or maybe an office

[23:50:13] <Lagnus> O___O

[23:50:14] <Liechi> 3

[23:50:16] <Liechi> :3

[23:50:26] <Gypsum> 3

[23:50:33] <Gypsum> SECRETARY BUDDIES :3

[23:50:40] <Chao> ahgjsdhgkjahgkfsohmygod

[23:51:07] <Amitie> You're gonna build us a mansion?!

[23:51:15] <Sig> Yay, mansion!

[23:51:22] <Nohoho> if that's not good enough would you like an Aperture Science Testing Facility

[23:51:26] <Chell> 3

[23:51:31] <Chell> Please no more of that...

[23:51:34] <Lagnus> W-W-Wait a second...we can't afford that! Can we?!

[23:51:57] <Benedict> 3

[23:52:09] <Benedict> *suddenly appears and kills all these random extra characters*

[23:52:12] <Nohoho> 4

[23:52:13] <Liechi> 4

[23:52:14] <Librarian> 4

[23:52:15] <Contractor> 4

[23:52:17] <Chell> 4

[23:52:28] <Gypsum> 3

[23:52:30] <Benedict> I have just murdered 5 people and want to confess!

[23:52:32] <Gypsum> :o

[23:52:38] <MagicalKecleon> Chell can't talk

[23:52:48] <Benedict> *tumbleweed*

[23:52:54] <Benedict> HELLO?

[23:53:00] <Sig> It's you.

[23:53:04] <Arle Nadja> Hey, don't shout at us like that.

[23:53:06] <Only God> 3

[23:53:17] <Only God> *comes in and eats Benedict*

[23:53:20] <Benedict> 4

[23:53:20] <Only God> *hops away*

[23:53:24] <Only God> 4

[23:53:34] <Gypsum> ...

[23:53:37] <Arle Nadja> Well, that was interesting,..

[23:53:46] <Gypsum> Indeed.

[23:54:03] <Arle Nadja> I hope you wrote all that down on your clipboard, because it'd be difficult to remember otherwise.

[23:54:16] <Lagnus> So I guess we're back to square one in finding a home.

[23:54:41] <Gypsum> Oh yes, I have claimed a new clipboard. *scribbles this in*

[23:54:56] <Rodney> 3

[23:55:07] <Arle Nadja> So, any places to take cover, Gypsum-chan?

[23:55:09] <Rodney> *comes in and squirts water at her clipboard*

[23:55:18] <Arle Nadja> ...

[23:55:19] <Arle Nadja> ;_;

[23:55:27] <Gypsum> *throws clipboard at*

[23:55:27] <Papyrus> 3

[23:55:33] <Arle Nadja> *bayoens the fuck out of that Rodney fellow*

[23:55:42] <Papyrus> Your clipboard is dead. I am here to claim it.

[23:55:48] <Rodney> 4

[23:56:01] <MagicalKecleon> Oh, dear. It seems that Master Rodney is also dead.

[23:56:05] <MagicalKecleon> oh

[23:56:14] <Papyrus> Oh, dear. It seems that Master Rodney is also dead.

[23:56:22] <Lagnus> Can we just find a place to live already before this RP goes to cracky lolz hell??

[23:56:23] <Papyrus> I will claim their souls, then.

[23:56:37] <Keiji> /cue Hyper Princess Pitch level 1 music

[23:56:48] <Papyrus> OK FIEN. *takes Rodney and Gypsum's clipboard*

[23:57:04] <Papyrus> *and then he Egyptian-style dance walks away*

[23:57:06] <Papyrus> 4

[23:57:08] <Arle Nadja> ...*sigh*

[23:57:16] <Gypsum> On my way here, there was a mansion I passed.

[23:57:20] <Arle Nadja> Oh?

[23:57:28] <Draco> Yay, mansions!

[23:57:32] <Draco> Oh wait, that's Sig's line.

[23:57:37] <Gypsum> Shall I lead you there?

[23:57:47] <Lagnus> It's the only lead we've got.

[23:58:15] <Draco> Please do, cutie~

[23:58:37] <Arle Nadja> Draco, stop hitting on girls while we're in a crisis.

[23:59:02] <Chao> [Gypsum leads them to a giant mansion that's not too far away, hidden on the other side of a forest. It's quite large and elegant looking.]

[23:59:09] <Draco> What? Gypsum already knows she's my bitch, so you can't call it hitting on~

[23:59:29] <Sig> :o

[23:59:50] <Ms. Accord> Now now, let's not get into this in front of the kiddies.

[23:59:53] <Rider> P-please don't use bad words like that...

[23:59:55] <Rider> ninja'd

[0:00:19] <Lagnus> *Knocks on the door*

[0:00:27] <Keiji> YAY FINALLY

[0:00:36] <Rulue> 3


[0:00:38] <Keiji> :D

[0:00:51] <Keiji> Right when they find the mansion too.

[0:00:55] <Keiji> Nice timing.

[0:01:06] <Rulue> Satan we'-- Oh...It's just Arle.

[0:01:11] <Rulue> What do you want?!

[0:01:18] <Draco> "Just Arle"?

[0:01:26] <Draco> Hello? There's a bunch of people here other than her.

[0:01:29] <Rulue> ...and her peanut gallery.

[0:01:39] <Draco> P-p-p-fuuu!

[0:01:49] <Draco> *picks up Rulue and chucks her at the moon*

[0:02:10] <Draco> *brushes her hands together* Now then, why don't we just hang out in this conveniently empty mansion?

[0:02:11] <Draco> :D

[0:02:16] <Rulue> *just falls to the ground a few feet from the mansion though*

[0:02:30] <Rulue> Kyuuuuuu!! You can't just barge into my house!

[0:02:40] <Draco> I think we can. *barges into her house*

[0:02:53] <Arle Nadja> Draco--... :u

[0:03:12] <Keiji> /cue HPP level 4 music

[0:03:52] <Lagnus> Rulue...We need to use your mansion temporarily.

[0:04:09] <Lagnus> It seems as though Ecolo destroyed our old lodgings permanently

[0:04:27] <Rulue> Argh! Fine! I'll let you in! But only because people wont stop asking!

[0:04:33] <Rulue> *storms back into her house*

[0:04:52] <Arle Nadja> *goes inside to look for Draco*

[0:05:01] <Arle Nadja> *incidentally finds a Box*

[0:05:06] <Arle Nadja> *opens it*

[0:05:09] <Gypsum> Wont stop asking, you say?

[0:05:12] <Arle Nadja> *Nothing after Nothing falls out of the box.*

[0:06:11] <Rulue> Some punk in goggles yelled at me earlier and I gave him a hanganshou to the face.

[0:06:25] <Gypsum> ..........................;

[0:06:47] <Arle Nadja> Punk in goggles, eh?

[0:06:50] <Arle Nadja> You mean Daichi-kun?

[0:06:51] <Lagnus> *looks at Arle tinkering with the box*

[0:07:15] <Rulue> It could've been. He was stupid enough not to tell me anything about himself.

[0:07:31] <Rulue> He also didn't tell me anything about the whereabouts of my darling Satan. ;_;

[0:08:23] <Arle Nadja> Your darling Satan is currently living in a palace

[0:08:25] <Arle Nadja> in another world

[0:08:40] <Arle Nadja> married to one of my many clones

[0:09:01] <Arle Nadja> At least he's not coming after me as usual.

[0:09:22] <Rulue> *sigh* At least...

[0:09:36] <Rulue> But the nerve!

[0:09:41] <Rulue> When I find him again

[0:09:55] <Rulue> I will make him pay for marrying not even you, but a cheap knock off of you!

[0:10:18] <Draco> Wait, Arle, that's a little outdated info, isn't it?

[0:10:26] <Draco> D. Arle got absorbed, after all.

[0:10:50] <Draco> And then Satan once again refused the love of your other clone that isn't Zeta, and went back to searching for the real one.

[0:11:04] <Ms. Accord> Oh, that Fake Arle.

[0:11:09] <Ms. Accord> I wonder where she is now...

[0:11:15] <Draco> How do you know about her?

[0:11:28] <Ms. Accord> I was at the dinner when she blasted off in the cake.

[0:11:30] <Ms. Accord> Remember?

[0:11:42] <Draco> Oh, right.

[0:13:08] <Gypsum> Ugh, if only a fake Arle is good enough for him though.

[0:13:14] <Gypsum> ...oops

[0:13:20] <Gypsum> nickfail

[0:13:38] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtrWh-1kU5E&feature=related

[0:13:45] <Keiji> I realized this was 3:4 and then I cried tears of joy.

[0:14:23] <Keiji> In before Chao tells me it's not 3:4 and I am a derp

[0:14:44] <Keiji> Also, who was that nickfail of?

[0:14:54] <Rulue> Ugh, if only a fake Arle is good enough for him though.

[0:15:17] <Keiji> ...Why would she say that, she wants Satan for herself.

[0:15:41] <Rulue> Does that mean I'm not as good as a clone?

[0:15:50] <Rulue> How dare he!

[0:16:04] <Lagnus> There are more pressing issues that Satan at hand.

[0:16:17] <Arle Nadja> Yeah!

[0:16:20] <Arle Nadja> Like, for instance...

[0:16:30] <Arle Nadja> don't you realize you were just teleported back here minutes ago?

[0:17:07] <Rulue> Of course I know that! This is MY mansion! I've been longing to return to it for a very long time!

[0:17:44] <Gypsum> So, this Ecolo fellow has destroyed our old world, and we all magically migrated here?

[0:17:52] <Gypsum> Including Daichi...

[0:18:09] <Draco> Sure seems that way.

[0:19:23] <Lagnus> Daichi...

[0:19:56] <Lagnus> Arle, do you remember Marin? I just recalled she prayed to Eldora...

[0:21:10] <Arle Nadja> Yeah? What about her?

[0:21:38] <Lagnus> She too knows of Eldora...do you think perhaps she could have had the same nightmare?

[0:22:37] <Gypsum> M-Master Angol also would occasionally mention the name "Eldora"

[0:22:56] <Amitie> Uh...who's Eldora?

[0:24:01] <Arle Nadja> ...Maybe. Although, I haven't seen this nightmare, so I don't know.

[0:25:32] <Lagnus> Angol knows Eldora as well?...Could they all have been from my world as well?

[0:25:59] <Lagnus> This is so confusing. How could people of two different worlds know the goddess of one.

[0:26:10] <Arle Nadja> What makes you think they were from the same world?

[0:26:45] <Arle Nadja> ...ninja'd.

[0:28:12] <Arle Nadja> I really don't know any more than you on this one, Lagnus.

[0:28:32] <Gypsum> They are most certainly not. Angol did not even hail from the world he had come from before being banished to the Abyss.

[0:31:38] <Lagnus> So three worlds then...

[0:32:08] <Lagnus> There's something really odd about this....I just...I just can't figure out what.

[0:32:19] <Arle Nadja> ...Well...

[0:32:25] <Arle Nadja> For now, shall we just have some delicious curry?

[0:32:34] <Arle Nadja> Lighten the mood, y'know.

[0:32:37] <Sig> Okay.

[0:32:45] <MagicalKecleon> no Sig

[0:32:47] <Draco> Any day~

[0:32:49] <MagicalKecleon> you eat toast

[0:32:52] <Sig> Can I have mine on toast

[0:33:00] <MagicalKecleon> there we go!

[0:33:22] <Ms. Accord> Do please! I didn't have a filling breakfast.

[0:34:54] <Arle Nadja> Then, let's just find the kitchen in this plac...

[0:34:57] <Arle Nadja> place*

[0:35:19] <Rulue> You'll know you're there when you see Mino.

[0:36:24] <Arle Nadja> Right...

[0:36:35] <Arle Nadja> *goes off to make curry.*

[0:36:40] <Amitie> This reminds me of old times. Ecolo's the bad guy and we're hiding out and eating curry.

[0:36:55] <Rider> *giggles*

[0:37:04] <Rider> Curry! :3

[0:37:11] <Sig> Yeah.

[0:38:30] <Keiji> moving right along...

[0:39:17] <Chao> moving right along

[0:39:58] <Chao> does that mean the curry is made or that they're no longer eating curry

[0:39:59] <Chao> derp

[0:40:05] <Keiji> idk

[0:40:10] <Keiji> just something interesting

[0:40:12] <Keiji> xD

[0:40:24] <Chao> Let's switch to a different group for a moment then

[0:40:40] <Ms. Accord> 4

[0:40:42] <Lagnus> 4

[0:40:42] <Rider> 4

[0:40:44] <Arle Nadja> 4

[0:40:44] <Sig> 4

[0:40:45] <Draco> 4

[0:40:46] <Rulue> 4

[0:40:47] <Amitie> 4

[0:40:48] <Gypsum> 4

[0:41:02] <Ringo> 3

[0:41:14] <Satan> 3

[0:41:32] <Feli> 3

[0:41:42] <Keiji> Who'm I claiming?

[0:41:51] <Chao> Schezo, Witch maybe?

[0:41:57] <Keiji> wat

[0:42:09] <Chao> Clones? idk who all do you ahve XD

[0:42:22] <Keiji> Well, who's this group with?

[0:42:35] <Keiji> Marcus

[0:42:42] <Chao> lol

[0:43:16] <Mitsuki> 3

[0:43:17] <Chao> Let's say Witch, Theta, Steve?

[0:43:26] <Chao> or Schezo can replace one of them

[0:43:28] <Schezo> 3

[0:43:39] <Keiji> Theta, huh?

[0:43:53] <Keiji> Not Omega?

[0:44:04] <Chao> You can claim Omega instead?

[0:44:19] <Keiji> *shrug*

[0:44:21] <Keiji> The sisters are cute.

[0:44:26] <Theta> 3

[0:44:44] <Keiji> You forgot Ringo.

[0:44:52] <Keiji> "SHE'S ALREADY HERE YOU DOPE"

[0:45:03] <Keiji> > go to cw.nanako.cc

[0:45:08] <Keiji> > New frontpage jumps in my face

[0:45:10] <Keiji> god I love it

[0:45:50] <Ringo> Urgh,.....what the factor?

[0:45:59] <Ringo> What was that about??...


[0:46:19] <Keiji> Can you make Ringo red or something?

[0:46:26] <Ringo> 6 c-'3'+'2'

[0:46:34] <Chao> weneedmorecolorslawl

[0:46:36] <Chao> *shot*

[0:46:41] <Keiji> No

[0:46:45] <Keiji> We need automatic color changing

[0:47:06] <Keiji> Say what colors are acceptable for each character and TIMP finds the best combination it can automatically

[0:47:21] <Keiji> ...by using the powers of CC1000 and the Infomaniac.

[0:47:43] <Keiji> Now then.

[0:48:28] <Theta> Hm, we seem to be somewhat displaced.

[0:48:37] <Theta> But hey, at least we're still together, Ringo-nee~

[0:48:40] <Feli> *gets up, brushes her giant loli dress(TM) off* So it would seem.

[0:48:51] <Ringo> Aw, Sis~

[0:49:15] <Satan> E-Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh?! What?? Where is this?? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHERE'S MY OLD TOWER ;_;

[0:49:40] <Theta> Woah, calm your radians.

[0:50:14] <Ringo> Rule number one Satan, never plug irrational numbers into a long equation with lots of variables.

[0:50:44] <Schezo> Yes, because HE understands math...

[0:51:06] <Feli> *she points her dowsing rods in the air and starts hymning*

[0:51:21] <Keiji> Hymning?

[0:51:27] <Keiji> Like, singing religious songs? o_O

[0:52:17] <Feli> I cannot divine the location of Primp...

[0:52:24] <Feli> How is this? :O

[0:52:50] <Satan> Hm...

[0:52:53] <Theta> Well, we DID just witness it exploding, before we ended up here.

[0:53:40] <Ringo> So that's what that was. Then that mean's we're stuck someplace else.

[0:54:53] <Akkie> 1

[0:54:59] <Akkie> OH YEAAAH

[0:55:05] <MagicalKecleon> Heeeey!

[0:55:13] <Akkie> KEKKO

[0:55:16] <Akkie> KEKKO-NEE

[0:55:18] <Akkie> HIIIIIII

[0:55:20] <Akkie>

[0:55:28] <Akkie> Yeah, hi guys.

[0:56:06] <Keiji> AKKIE YEAAAAH

[0:56:09] <Chao> Hi Akkie!!!

[0:56:14] <Akkie> is Angol getting a comeback?

[0:56:22] <Akkie> I see Eldora and Angol.

[0:56:31] <Keiji> You saw the new frontpage :33333

[0:56:52] <Chao> I think he pretty much is coming back at this point XD

[0:56:58] <Akkie> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvA21JrQ8jQ&feature=related

[0:57:08] <Akkie> So...

[0:57:16] <Akkie> Who should I get at this point?

[0:57:16] <Keiji> Have a glance at http://cw.nanako.cc/wiki/Log:Puyo_Wars_Translation .

[0:57:31] <Keiji> You'll notice that the newest stuff blew gaping holes in our plot.

[0:58:15] <Keiji> So a few things have been retconned, and not only is Angol coming back for more but we're gonna need to play a bunch of flashbacks with those two.

[0:58:42] <Akkie> As for Rin?

[0:58:57] <Keiji> He won't change.

[1:00:30] <Chao> So, I guess claim any of your characters and join in; everyone is in the Madou World because Ecolo blowed it up

[1:00:36] <Chao> No wait

[1:00:45] <Chao> Ecolo Accidentally the whole Primp

[1:00:57] <Mikki> 3

[1:01:01] <Keiji> his computer couldn't handle directx 6

[1:01:04] <Mikki> COTTAGE.

[1:01:04] <Keiji> ...5, even.

[1:01:07] <Mikki> ;_;

[1:01:19] <Ringo> ...Mikki? Uh hi.

[1:01:28] <Mikki> Ringo!

[1:01:30] <Ringo> Your cottage is factored now. Strange, isn't it?

[1:01:39] <Mikki> STRANGE?

[1:01:43] <Mitsuki> Although we could do with your cottage-summoning skills.

[1:01:55] <Mikki> Worse than the theft of failhundred cakes!

[1:02:00] <Mikki> That cottage had MEMORIES...

[1:02:02] <Satan> Like I'd want to live in a cottage. I already have a castle here!

[1:02:29] <Mikki> Look at the flicks I don't give.

[1:02:45] <Mikki> Though...

[1:02:51] <Mikki> What lot would you like to put it in?

[1:02:57] <Mikki> ... on?

[1:03:21] <Mitsuki> Somewhere...

[1:03:21] <Feli> Here is good. We are in the clearing of a forest.

[1:03:23] <Mitsuki> with a tree

[1:03:29] <Mitsuki> that I can fall asleep under

[1:03:42] <Mikki> There are lots of trees here.

[1:03:51] <Mikki> Take a nap as I...

[1:03:58] <Mikki> -cottage summon magic-

[1:04:01] <Mitsuki> and wake up to my lovvvvvve

[1:04:18] <Ringo> :0

[1:04:19] <Lam> 3

[1:04:38] <Akkie> Does Lam carry Klug bridal-style?

[1:04:39] <Akkie> Y/N

[1:04:46] <Keiji> y

[1:04:48] <Keiji> yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

[1:04:54] <Klug> 3

[1:04:59] <Klug> 6 s-'Unconscious '+''

[1:05:16] <Klug> BITCH PUT ME DOWN!

[1:05:17] <Lam> -teleports out of nowhere, carrying an unconscious Klug bridal-style-

[1:05:32] <Keiji> Nice post order.

[1:05:43] <Lam> Is that the thanks you give us?

[1:05:47] <Lam> You thankless swine.

[1:06:15] <Klug> I missed a month of class and my book has lost the bulk of it's significance!


[1:06:41] <Klug> YOU SICK SICK BTICHES

[1:06:41] <Schezo> Hey.

[1:06:51] <Schezo> You just got carried here by a hot girl.

[1:06:55] <Schezo> What more could you ask for?

[1:06:57] <Mikki> You don't even remember all the sweet deserts!

[1:07:17] <Lam> The whole school, more like.

[1:07:30] <Ringo> *looks at Schezo* ಠ_ಠ

[1:07:38] <Lam> -drops Klug ungracefully-

[1:07:40] <Ringo> Lam? Hot? Okay then.

[1:07:45] <Klug> Oof!

[1:07:55] <Mikki> ...

[1:08:09] <Mikki> I think the cottage's gonna need a room with a shipping wall, then.

[1:08:29] <Schezo> What? Yeesh.

[1:08:46] <Satan> There are more attractive ladies than her.

[1:08:46] <Schezo> That's what you get for a compliment... *walks off in a huff*

[1:08:47] <Satan> Like

[1:08:48] <Jupiter> 3

[1:08:57] <Satan> ~☆ARLE☆~


[1:08:59] <Lam> Well, ya'll gotta stand back for a bit...

[1:09:04] <Jupiter> 4

[1:09:06] <Keiji> we already did this actually

[1:09:10] <Keiji> Arle x Lagnus

[1:09:12] <Keiji> Sig x Rider

[1:09:14] <Keiji> Schezo x Witch


[1:09:19] <Keiji> Lam x Klug

[1:09:27] <Keiji> Marin x Sho or Daichi

[1:09:33] <Akkie> But then, where would the shipping wall be?

[1:09:37] <Akkie> In CW canon?

[1:09:38] <Keiji> Ringo x Maguro

[1:09:45] <Keiji> In the cottage.

[1:09:59] <Ringo> *facepalm*

[1:10:11] <Ringo> I guess having a cottage will be a nice deal.

[1:10:21] <Ringo> But who the factor blew up Primp, and why?

[1:10:23] <Keiji> Feli x Lemres

[1:10:44] <Mikki> -summon magic on cottage-

[1:11:24] <Theta> That, I'd like to know.

[1:11:52] <Mitsuki> *makes a Treehouse with Schezo*

[1:12:03] <MagicalKecleon> Ecolo x Jupiter

[1:12:06] <MagicalKecleon> :|

[1:12:11] <Mikki> -said cottage seems to be larger than that Mikki summoned a while ago-

[1:12:15] <Satan> We're in MY world!...well, my world that's not the abyss.

[1:12:37] <Lam> Isn't it sad?

[1:12:45] <Lam> That that other world's all gone?

[1:13:09] <Lam> With all the memories and all?

[1:13:17] <Mikki> So, what happened to the others?

[1:13:21] <Keiji> /cue Memories of PuyoPuyo

[1:13:27] <Klug> ...eh...it was a sucky world anyways.

[1:13:38] <Feli> We have been separated, it seems.

[1:13:39] <Theta> I guess they got sent to other places.

[1:14:08] <Mikki> ... this cottage should be roomy enough for them all... I guess?

[1:14:35] <Keiji> If this cottage didn't get in my way...

[1:14:59] <Lam> -enters the cottage, making rounds-

[1:15:05] <Theta> Sure! It looks plenty big enough. And it seems Witch and Schezo won't need it, since they made their treehouse up there somehow.

[1:15:24] <Satan> And I don't need it either. I have a castle to attend to

[1:15:43] <Lam> Attend to your sweet sweet home, then.

[1:16:01] <Satan> Hmph! Fine! I will!

[1:16:03] <Mitsuki> Later, then, Satan~

[1:16:03] <Lam> Perhaps the lady dragons flew there, awaiting...

[1:16:09] <Satan> *poofs off*

[1:16:11] <Satan> 4

[1:16:40] <Akkie> Puyo Nexus: She runs the Satan fan-club in Satan's mansion along with several other Draco's in Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Dai Youchienji.

[1:16:44] <Akkie> I wonder...

[1:16:57] <Ringo> So now that we have a home here.

[1:17:06] <Ringo> Let's use some deductive skills

[1:17:57] <Theta> Go on~

[1:18:03] <Mikki> We enter, then?

[1:18:13] <Ringo> Who do we know on Primp that could've blown the whole freaking planet up?

[1:18:31] <Theta> HMM I WONDER

[1:18:47] <Lam> The mascot of Coca Cola must've done something like that...

[1:19:05] <Ringo> ...what

[1:19:12] <Theta> Ecolo.

[1:19:21] <Ringo> ...right.

[1:19:33] <Ringo> It just figures he still wasn't all right up in the head.

[1:19:36] <Theta> He got away.

[1:19:48] <Theta> Obviously tricked us into thinking he was a harmless idiot.

[1:19:54] <Mikki> Where is he, I wonder...

[1:20:00] <Theta> But now with the good half of him expelled

[1:20:06] <Theta> He's probably just twice as evil.

[1:20:30] <Mikki> Hey, his possessor went mad just possessing him.

[1:20:40] <Ringo> Yeah.

[1:20:43] <Ringo> With all that evil.

[1:20:55] <Feli> I see it now

[1:21:04] <Feli> The tournament was not the great catastrophe

[1:21:06] <Feli> this was.

[1:21:20] <Theta> How many times are we going to have to go after Ekoro?

[1:21:28] <Theta> Answers on an Ackerman scale, if you will.

[1:21:59] <Klug> At this rate, he'll probably never die.

[1:22:15] <Mitsuki> Well, we can't let that happen!

[1:22:27] <Lam> Sentence him the equalizer.

[1:22:41] <Lam> The root of judgement and redemption.

[1:22:53] <Ringo> Even if we can't kill Ecolo, we can't leave Primp all blown up. People need to live there and stuff!

[1:23:10] <Ringo> And what about the other worlds? What if he gets the idea to blow them up too>

[1:23:13] <Ringo> *?

[1:23:15] <Schezo> You may say that, but what if it's irreversibly gone?

[1:24:06] <Klug> The pervert makes a point. What's blown up is blown up. It's not coming back any time soon. Especially not if you cry for it

[1:24:23] <Mikki> Which direction, then?

[1:25:02] <Mikki> Every time we go forward, there're forks.

[1:25:28] <Ringo> Hmmm....

[1:25:42] <Lam> Schezo...

[1:25:42] <Ringo> I guess we have to stop him...for like what, the third time?

[1:25:46] <Lam> How many cities are there here?

[1:26:09] <Akkie> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irhtVgcbn7Y

[1:28:24] <Feli> ....Someone is approaching...

[1:28:45] <Lam> Like who...?

[1:29:00] <Tech> 5 n+'????' c+'12' s+''

[1:29:11] <Tech> 3

[1:29:36] <Keiji> well hey it's four question marks.

[1:29:39] <Tech> [A boy in a pink shirt and Puyo cap similar to Amitie's 20th one is walking towards them]

[1:30:01] <Theta> Oh? What's this, an Amitie clone?

[1:30:10] <Mikki> Who's this douchebag?

[1:30:17] <Ringo> Nope, but he's got a nice hat.

[1:30:37] <Feli> ...It's a student from Lemres-Senpai's class.

[1:30:51] <Tech> That'd be Tech to you, Feli.

[1:30:56] <Tech> 6 n-'????'+'Tech'

[1:31:05] <Lam> Hi, Tech?

[1:31:11] <Klug> *snrking at his pink shirt*

[1:31:14] <Lam> Hee...

[1:31:17] <Lam> Hi, Tech!

[1:31:51] <Tech> Anyway. What the hell happened? I was studying for a class and then everything broke apart. And then I woke up here...wherever here is.

[1:32:08] <Keiji> tech rocks just for his name

[1:32:13] <Feli> Ecolo destroyed Primp. Our school is destroyed.

[1:32:17] <Akkie> Hi-Tech.

[1:32:21] <Keiji> LOL

[1:32:25] <Chao> XD

[1:32:35] <Keiji> Or as some might say

[1:32:37] <Keiji> 'Lo, Tech.#

[1:32:48] <Akkie> fffffffft

[1:33:21] <Chao> http://cw.nanako.cc/dl/A3QP23AYZXW1W99Q0K5WT6F35K.png Tech pic revealed

[1:33:24] <Chao> anyway

[1:33:45] <Keiji> That dude is awesome.

[1:33:52] <Chao> :'D

[1:33:55] <Akkie> Badass.

[1:33:59] <Akkie> ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

[1:34:09] <Keiji> It's the official Akkie rating

[1:34:13] <Keiji> 8 points on the heart-o-meter

[1:34:24] <Akkie> Though I wonder if he's related...

[1:34:29] <Akkie> -WMG on blargh-

[1:34:32] <Keiji> MOVING ON.

[1:34:32] <Akkie> You know what? Fine.

[1:34:38] <Akkie> Use your own something-o-meters.

[1:34:41] <Tech> ...Bummer. I was hoping to learn some cool stuff today and derp off in computer class.

[1:34:43] <Akkie> Mine goes up to Vriska level.

[1:34:46] <Tech> Oh well.

[1:34:49] <Theta> That's alright.

[1:34:59] <Lam> We have cooler stuff in this cottage.

[1:35:12] <Lam> Like a wall with couples.

[1:35:12] <Theta> You seem like a cool guy. If Nanako ended up anywhere nearby, I imagine you two could get on pretty well.

[1:35:17] <Lam> Including other-worldy people.

[1:35:32] <Mikki> Yeah, must be a pretty cool guy.

[1:35:42] <Tech> Of course I'm cool~

[1:35:47] <Keiji> I'm listening to rare music to stay awake.

[1:35:48] <Feli> >_>

[1:35:52] <Mikki> Woh can PC it easy without being all out of MAGIC, not afraiding of anything.

[1:35:56] <Klug> <_<

[1:36:09] <Mitsuki> What's wrong, you purple people?

[1:36:17] <Ringo> They're just jealous.

[1:36:29] <Mitsuki> Of da treehouse?

[1:36:41] <Ringo> And of Tech's manly pink shirt.

[1:36:47] <Mitsuki> Awesome.

[1:37:03] <Mikki> Witch!

[1:37:08] <Mitsuki> Yeah?

[1:37:14] <Tech> Anyway, mind if I crash out here?

[1:37:26] <Ringo> Be our guest.

[1:37:32] <Mikki> If there's going to be a "Wear Dude's Clothing" day, are you going to take Schezo's? Just randomly curious!

[1:37:36] <Tech> Sweet.

[1:37:43] <Lam> Yup, g'head.

[1:38:18] <Mitsuki> Maybe.

[1:38:32] <Mitsuki> I never really thought about that, but it sounds pretty fun♥

[1:38:41] <Theta> Uh...

[1:38:51] <Theta> Ecolo destroyed a world and you guys are yattering on about clothing.

[1:38:56] <Ringo> Yeah.

[1:39:00] <Ringo> Focus people!

[1:39:28] <Ringo> We need to figure out how to kill almighty Ecolo...in a world we don't know...with people we don't know...before he attempts that stunt again.

[1:39:28] <Lam> Finally, someone to get back in topic.

[1:39:55] <Theta> Right.

[1:40:10] <Lam> That guy must've flooded and destroyed worlds.

[1:40:42] <Theta> Maybe if Nanako upgraded his computer to DirectX 5 he wouldn't have accidentally the entire Primp

[1:41:27] <Lam> Perhaps inventing something even better.

[1:41:32] <Lam> That would stop him from accidentally words.

[1:41:36] <Tech> ..Seriously? I've heard of people who never upgrade their plugins, but jesus.

[1:41:37] <Lam> And worlds.

[1:42:05] <Tech> Direct X5 would probably kill my Ubuntu machine.

[1:42:13] <Theta> > using DirectX on Linux

[1:42:29] <Ringo> ANYWAY

[1:42:36] <Theta> Also

[1:42:40] <Theta> Direct X5?

[1:42:43] <Theta> It's DirectX 5.

[1:42:52] <Theta> http://www.xkcd.com/1015/

[1:42:55] <Ringo> ...I give up.

[1:43:02] <Theta> What, that was relevant.

[1:43:05] <Theta> /shot

[1:43:27] <Theta> Sorry sis, I just felt like going on a bit of a tangent.

[1:43:36] <Mikki> ... what does Ekoro need fixing, you wonder?

[1:43:55] <Theta> *hug Ringo for forgiveness*

[1:44:00] <Ringo> Aaaaw

[1:44:02] <Ringo> *hug*

[1:44:18] <Tech> ...Okay who's Ecolo.

[1:44:28] <Theta> A madman

[1:44:29] <Lam> The mascot of Coca Cola.

[1:44:46] <Theta> who created me and then destroyed the world he created me in.

[1:44:51] <Lam> Who got possessed by someone, making that someone a madman.

[1:44:58] <Tech> ...woah.

[1:45:10] <Theta> Not to mention a buncha other clones.

[1:45:16] <Lam> Like me here.

[1:45:37] <Tech> Kinda crazy.

[1:46:12] <Tech> It's kind of a pretty world. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it.

[1:46:26] <Tech> So we must stop Ecolo from accidentallying what ever this place is.

[1:46:31] <Mikki> Tick, tick, boom, boom.

[1:46:40] <Tech> Or putting lava where it doesn't need to be.

[1:46:54] <Mikki> Better we do it during the ticks than the booms, but they're probably unavoidable. :/

[1:47:29] <Ringo> Why so glum, Mikki?

[1:48:31] <Theta> It's certainly a predicament.

[1:48:44] <Theta> For all we know, Ecolo could destroy ALL the worlds right this minute.

[1:48:48] <Mikki> Hey, things are more fun with booms, though much more dangerous.

[1:48:55] <Theta> It almost seems pointless trying to stop him...

[1:49:10] <Ringo> I know...

[1:49:25] <Ringo> But do you really want to let him get away with this either?

[1:49:35] <Theta> Of course not!

[1:49:38] <Lam> Who else do we know that knows plenty about him?

[1:49:39] <Theta> But we have no leads, do we?

[1:49:45] <Mikki> Omega?

[1:50:01] <Theta> Yeah, I wonder where Omega is right now...

[1:50:14] <Mikki> Yeah, we could find the others, first...

[1:50:36] <Keiji> big parties make it a chore

[1:50:46] <Keiji> So for RP purposes, not a good idea.

[1:51:27] <Feli> *Thinks deeply....* I sided with Angol for a reason. I saw him as leading us through the great catastrophe. If Angol is dead, and the catastrophe has happened anyway, then who can we rely on?...

[1:51:28] <Lam> ... but then, we don't want overpopulated cottages, now, do we?

[1:51:50] <Ringo> ...Angol is dead for a reason too.

[1:52:10] <Ringo> That bastard tried to oppress us all!

[1:54:25] <Mikki> How sad I wasn't around the time.

[1:55:11] <Tech> * mischievous grin* Why not "Lemres senpai"? *mocking Feli, playful nudge*

[1:55:51] <Feli> Lemres is powerful...and I would like to think he could stop Ecolo...

[1:55:55] <Lam> Last time I saw him, he was trying to look for humans.

[1:56:01] <Mikki> Feli?

[1:56:23] <Feli> but is Lemres alone enough?

[1:58:31] <Ringo> We should find Omega.

[1:58:39] <Ringo> She'd know better than anyone.

[1:58:57] <Lam> So...

[1:59:05] <Lam> Where do you think would someone like her be?

[1:59:31] <Ringo> ...

[1:59:53] <Feli> Must I divine her location for us?

[2:00:07] <Mikki> Go, go, go!

[2:01:00] <Feli> ...very well.

[2:02:01] <Feli> Perhaps though, we should rest. If we find Ecolo before Omega, we will no doubt want to be at full strength and have this shock stop distracting us.

[2:04:17] <Lam> Yeah, some rest would be nice...

[2:06:42] <Mikki> Welp, if that's the case... -goes to the room with the shipping wall-

[2:08:10] <Chao> *prods at Keiji*

[2:10:39] <Tech> Yeaaaah. I'm just gonna go pick a room out now. Gotta get my lappy set up. *walks off to a different room in the cottage*

[2:11:29] <Lam> ... what food can Ringo make?

[2:11:45] <Lam> Apparently, Arle had Delicious Curry.

[2:11:45] <Ringo> Uuuuuuuh, fruit salad?

[2:11:51] <Lam> Amitie also showed her Delicious Ramen.

[2:11:58] <Lam> ... Delicious Fruit Salads? C:

[2:12:14] <Ringo> Uh, yeah. I guess you could call it that...;


[2:14:50] <Chao> methinks Keiji fell asleep at the keyboard

[2:14:51] <Chao> lol

[2:14:54] <Mikki> The fridge is mostly fruits and salads.

[2:15:17] <Mikki> -briefly back from room-

[2:17:14] <Lam> Bluh.

[2:17:27] <Lam> -starts nibbling the edible mushrooms she has-


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