Episode 7 - Chat log

Start date: Wed Apr 08, 2009. All times are UTC.

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[3:58:00] <Keiji> Hi

[3:59:20] <Akkie> Hiya!

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[3:59:33] <Keiji> Oh! Yellow Puyo is Chao's bro

[3:59:42] <Black_Amendment> hi

[3:59:44] <Keiji> Hi

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[4:00:06] <Chao> Here.

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[4:00:59] <Akkie> I kinda remember last time that Mikki was a Whte Mage.

[4:01:08] <Keiji> lovely.

[4:01:11] <Keiji> =p

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[4:01:18] <Akkie> What?

[4:01:24] <Keiji> nvm

[4:01:54] <Chao> Bro, I dun see any of your characters.

[4:01:55] <Akkie> Please specify.

[4:02:03] <Black_Amendment> oh right

[4:02:04] <Black_Amendment> lol

[4:02:27] <Akkie> Popoi, right?

[4:02:33] <Chao> Just make a new tab and paste this into it: http://www.puyonexus.net/rp/

[4:02:42] <Chao> Yeah, he's also going to do a couple more, right?

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[4:03:02] <Chao> We need a Raffine.

[4:03:14] <Akkie> I can't do Raffine.

[4:03:15] <Black_Amendment> yeah, I can do TaruTaru

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[4:03:25] <Akkie> Amitie?

[4:03:40] <Chao> Lol I almost forgot about her :p

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[4:04:04] <Keiji> oh jesus

[4:04:10] <Keiji> lol

[4:05:01] <Chao> We have a lot of charas now, don't we?

[4:05:16] <Keiji> yep

[4:05:31] <Chao> Now, we should be ready to continue.

[4:05:37] <Mikki> Yups!

[4:06:10] <Chao> And Popoi isn't actually here until he says so, kay.

[4:06:30] <Chao> So let's continue.

[4:06:37] <Keiji> what about taru

[4:07:04] <Chao> I'm guessing bro will make him show up whenever.

[4:07:17] <Keiji> lul

[4:07:24] <Popoi> Popoi will show up when Ms. Accord does

[4:07:39] <Black_Amendment> oops!

[4:07:42] <Keiji> lol

[4:07:47] <Black_Amendment> wrong tab :P

[4:08:03] <Mikki> Eh?

[4:08:10] <Rider> I'm back from my walk.

[4:08:11] <Akkie> Tab is on purpose.

[4:08:21] <Rider> Oh goody! You're back!

[4:08:25] <Keiji> ...

[4:08:26] <Keiji> nickfail

[4:08:27] <Keiji> XD

[4:08:33] <Amitie> Hey...Rider....Ouch!

[4:08:52] <Mikki> *goes back to Amitie's without anyone knowing.*

[4:08:55] <Seriri> Be careful Amitie, you musten't stress your back.

[4:09:17] <Keiji> what happened to amitie again?

[4:09:35] <Chao> The AAA rescued her from Accord.

[4:09:39] <Akkie> She was fatally injured by Ms. Accord and sent home to rest.

[4:09:43] <Keiji> yeah but what did accord do to her

[4:09:45] <Chao> After some torture,

[4:10:01] <Chao> Torture her of course :p

[4:10:06] <Chao> And Beat her.

[4:10:06] <Keiji> uhm ok

[4:10:11] <Akkie> And Mikki is using Curaga so she can go with them and... er... you decide.

[4:10:21] <Akkie> If... it's OK.

[4:10:32] <Keiji> what?

[4:11:01] <Akkie> I just wanna let Amitie join the party. XD

[4:11:02] <Chao> Curaga is a healing spell in FF/KH. It's powerful.

[4:11:07] <Chao> She can.

[4:11:22] <Akkie> And Mikki's a White Mage for now.

[4:11:24] <Chao> She'll just be injured, that's all :p

[4:11:32] <Chao> She'll be one with the AAA

[4:11:48] <Keiji> well spamming cure spells is game breaking

[4:11:50] <Chao> Or at least Seriri.

[4:11:58] <Keiji> but Amitie didn't die or anything afaik =\

[4:12:11] <Akkie> Just fatally injured, right?

[4:12:14] <Chao> No, she didn't die, and she isn't

[4:12:24] <Chao> Not fatally, she will recover

[4:12:34] <Chao> But it's still decent damage.

[4:12:39] <Chao> Anyway.

[4:12:48] <Keiji> this is the only line that actually says anything about her injuries

[4:12:49] <Keiji> Seriri examines her body and finds bruises, cuts, and other signs of torture

[4:13:11] <Akkie> Yeah...

[4:13:23] <Keiji> so she doesnt really need a cure spell. Just plenty of rest.

[4:13:45] <Rider> Goodness, Amitie! Are you alright?!

[4:14:18] <Amitie> I dunno...I don't even remember what happened, except that the School got remodeled...

[4:14:37] <Draco> Remodeled?

[4:14:38] <Sig> Did they remodel my room?

[4:14:47] <Chao> color fail?

[4:14:49] <Keiji> colorfail >_+>

[4:14:50] <Keiji> lol

[4:14:54] <Keiji> also emotefail xD

[4:15:09] <Amitie> I don't know Sif.

[4:15:15] <Keiji> spellingfail

[4:15:16] <Keiji> :D

[4:15:19] <Amitie> Didn't get a chance to see it.

[4:15:43] <Seriri> Goodness, it sounds like Accord is doing more than we thought.

[4:15:44] <Mikki> 6 s-'WhiteMage'+''

[4:16:34] <Rider> I wonder how the others are doing...

[4:16:48] <Rider> Klug....TaruTaru....Raffine....

[4:17:00] <Rider> I h-h-hope they're okay...

[4:17:17] <TaruTaru> I'm fine, Rider.

[4:17:24] <Draco> Wasn't Klug taken as Accord's minion?

[4:17:26] <Draco> And where'd you come from?

[4:17:30] <Seriri> EEk!

[4:17:35] <Seriri> a fat guy!

[4:17:38] <Draco> Don't just burst into our home like that T_T

[4:17:48] <Sig> Hi, TaruTaru!

[4:17:49] <Mikki> Hiya! Who are you?

[4:17:53] <Draco> In fact, doesn't that mean we've been found? >.<

[4:18:00] <TaruTaru> Sorry...wheres your fridge?

[4:18:05] <Seriri> It could...

[4:18:16] <Draco> Hey! You can't just walk in and eat our food!

[4:18:19] <Rider> ...Do we have a fridge?

[4:18:25] <Arle Nadja> Err.... Tarutaru? Have you seen Ms. Accord?

[4:18:30] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[4:18:34] <Draco> *stubbornly pulls her arms out to her sides and blocks the way*

[4:18:42] <TaruTaru> Uh...I don't remember...

[4:19:09] <Draco> And yes, Rider, I do have a fridge. Where did you think I kept Sig's milk?

[4:19:18] <Sig> Yay, Milk.

[4:19:22] <TaruTaru> Rider, will you marry me?

[4:19:28] <Arle Nadja> If she told you about getting us, we'll be done for...

[4:19:33] <Seriri> O_O

[4:19:53] <Mikki> Err.... Rider? Do you know this guy so well? Or you're just friends?

[4:19:57] <Rider> O_O; Well....uh....I......er........

[4:20:34] <Draco> *continues blocking Taru's path and clenches fists*

[4:20:35] <Rider> (Draco, help me!!!)

[4:20:36] <Mikki> (Maybe they're just friends. =) )

[4:20:48] <Draco> You're really getting on my nerves...

[4:20:52] <TaruTaru> I want to be more than just friends, Rider.

[4:21:01] <Draco> WELL, YOU CAN'T!

[4:21:04] <Rider> Tarutaru, are you affiliated with M-Ms Accord, or n-n-not?

[4:21:04] <TaruTaru> I want to be with you until the end...of time.

[4:21:11] <Draco> Rider is already taken.

[4:21:23] <TaruTaru> By?

[4:21:25] <Rider> . . .

[4:21:28] <Draco> Sig.

[4:21:32] <Mikki> Oh... right... by Sig?

[4:21:42] <Sig> I took Rider? Where did I take her?

[4:21:45] <TaruTaru> Oh, nuts...

[4:21:49] <Arle Nadja> Err... are you and Tarutaru supposed to be great friends?

[4:21:54] <Seriri> *slaps her face with her fin*

[4:22:02] <TaruTaru> Well, I bet Ms. Accord will like to hear that..

[4:22:05] <Draco> If that's all you have to say, get out before I punch that big belly of yours.

[4:22:22] <Rider> DONT TELL MS ACCORD ANYTHING!!!!

[4:22:28] <Seriri> O_O

[4:22:30] <Amitie> O_O

[4:22:42] <Sig> ...

[4:22:43] <TaruTaru> You yelled at me...

[4:23:01] <Keiji> also let's suppose Taru just followed everyone else when they were on the way back from the school.

[4:23:03] <Rider> .....I-i-i-i....

[4:23:05] <Keiji> and nobody noticed

[4:23:18] <Mikki> *went OOC.*

[4:23:27] <Keiji> ...>_>

[4:23:44] <TaruTaru> NEVER YELL AT ME AGAIN!!

[4:23:58] <Draco> *raises an eyebrow*

[4:24:05] <Akkie> Did Ms. Accord got a deal with Tarutaru about that "Defeat Arle and Pals, get an A"?

[4:24:05] <Draco> Oh? And why shouldn't someone yell at you?

[4:24:06] <Seriri> Okay...we won't...

[4:24:06] <TaruTaru> Or I'll...I'll....

[4:24:17] <Draco> You'll what?

[4:24:24] <Rider> Don't tell Ms. Accord!

[4:24:27] <Rider> Please!

[4:24:30] <TaruTaru> I...uh...

[4:24:39] <TaruTaru> I don't know what I'd do.

[4:24:46] <Draco> ...

[4:24:58] <TaruTaru> Now, about that fridge...

[4:25:06] <Sig> I think he's hungry...

[4:25:22] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... what about some curry?

[4:25:28] <TaruTaru> mmm...

[4:25:29] <Carbuncle> Guh guh!

[4:25:33] <Seriri> Maybe we can feed him some curry and let him join the AAA...

[4:25:34] <Draco> *grows an anime vein on her forehead and kicks Taru hard*

[4:25:42] <TaruTaru> OHH!

[4:25:57] <Rider> Please don't hurt him.....hard....

[4:26:04] <TaruTaru> Somebody is in a foul mood today!

[4:26:07] <Draco> I'm not letting this guy near me. Or my fridge.

[4:26:08] <TaruTaru> You need a hug!

[4:26:25] <Rider> Oh...noo....

[4:26:32] <Draco> You come any closer and I'll roast you!

[4:26:38] <Seriri> This can /not/ end well....

[4:26:42] <TaruTaru> Huggy...

[4:26:48] <Amitie> I think /I/ need a hug.

[4:26:56] <TaruTaru> Hm?

[4:26:59] <Arle Nadja> Err... please excuse Draco. She's a fiery tempered person.

[4:27:16] <TaruTaru> I need food...

[4:27:22] <Keiji> ...No, she isn't :p

[4:27:37] <Keiji> at least afaik

[4:27:38] <Seriri> Draco's temper is fine

[4:27:57] <Keiji> she's just being protective right now

[4:27:58] <Seriri> It's /Mikki/'s temper that's a bit tipsy.

[4:28:23] <Mikki> Huh? You don't know that my moods are very random?

[4:28:37] <TaruTaru> *tries to hug Draco*

[4:28:42] <Akkie> Why does she remind me of Soph from PPFR...? XD

[4:28:44] <Seriri> Well, apparently that baby caught you in your bad mood, then.

[4:29:17] <Draco> *wears a sweatdrop*

[4:29:20] <Draco> Gau!!!

[4:29:23] <Rider> Please excuse Draco, mr. TaruTaru...

[4:29:25] <Draco> *blows fire in Taru's fac*

[4:29:25] <Draco> e

[4:29:36] <Rider> ....Oh dear....

[4:29:36] <TaruTaru> owww!

[4:29:44] <Mikki> No. The roulette said "Hot Temper".

[4:29:48] <TaruTaru> Why you little!

[4:29:53] <Draco> Get out get out get out get out get out~!!

[4:29:54] <Rider> No!

[4:30:00] <TaruTaru> *punches Draco*

[4:30:06] <Seriri> OH SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

[4:30:12] <Seriri> Both of you!

[4:30:17] <Draco> *falls over backwards and hurts her wings*

[4:30:18] <Mikki> Right... can we settle this with Puyo POP?

[4:30:21] <Draco> (slightly)

[4:30:29] <Arle Nadja> Err...

[4:30:34] <Arle Nadja> O_O;

[4:30:39] <Seriri> Let's settle this like civilized people. Without violence or Puyo Puyo.

[4:30:40] <Carbuncle> Guh...

[4:30:44] <TaruTaru> Oh dear...

[4:30:59] <Sig> The Mermaid said the F-word

[4:31:00] <TaruTaru> I'm sorry...I, uh, lost control...

[4:31:18] <Draco> *stands up again*

[4:31:23] <Draco> Look big guy

[4:31:30] <Seriri> ...

[4:31:37] <Draco> This is MY house so I say what goes on in here!

[4:31:52] <Draco> You can't just barge in like this!

[4:32:06] <TaruTaru> Let's try this again then.

[4:32:32] <TaruTaru> *walks out, then knocks on the door*

[4:32:42] <Chao> Lol that seriri line was so out of character XD

[4:32:52] <Draco> -.-;;;;

[4:33:05] <Rider> Please open the door.\

[4:33:13] <Draco> *walks away and lets someone else do it*

[4:33:19] <Mikki> What's with that? =|

[4:33:22] <Seriri> Fine.

[4:33:30] <Seriri> I'll open the damn door.

[4:33:39] <Seriri> *opens the door/*

[4:33:48] <TaruTaru> Why hello there!

[4:33:55] <Seriri> *then walks away to go and talk to Draco*

[4:33:56] <TaruTaru> Let me in.

[4:34:04] <Rider> ...Okay...

[4:34:06] <Mikki> (That mermaid's RP player's got quite the language... o_O)

[4:34:36] <Chao> She's probably as frustrated as Draco is.

[4:35:33] <Rider> Are you with Ms. Accord TaruTaru?

[4:35:52] <TaruTaru> Nope!

[4:36:04] <Seriri> See, he isn't with Ms. Accod.

[4:36:09] <Seriri> Now.

[4:36:16] <Seriri> Let's try to all get along.

[4:36:24] <Seriri> Please?

[4:36:29] <TaruTaru> I'm just REALLY hungry. Can I please have something to eat now?

[4:36:41] <Draco> I don't like him.

[4:36:43] <Arle Nadja> Phew! Good thing Ms. Accord didn't meet up with Tarutaru...

[4:37:00] <Arle Nadja> BTW, who's hungry? I'll make some curry.

[4:37:08] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[4:37:13] <Seriri> Well, I don't feel comfortable with him either, but he's not with Accord, so let's try not to turn him to her.

[4:37:44] <TaruTaru> Why so afraid of Ms. Accord? Teachers help us learn

[4:37:56] <Rider> Well....

[4:37:57] <TaruTaru> right?

[4:38:11] <Rider> Ms. Accord did some really bad things to us...

[4:38:33] <Rider> She's n-n-not as nice as you think...

[4:38:36] <TaruTaru> Ohh...she was naughty..

[4:38:45] <Amitie> (Is that what happened?)

[4:38:56] <Amitie> (I don't remember that...)

[4:38:59] <Mikki> *sensed what Amitie thought.*

[4:39:40] <Seriri> *Whispering to Draco*Maybe the fat guy could be a good shield...whadda say?

[4:40:29] <Chao> A knock comes at the door.

[4:40:43] <TaruTaru> Who could that be?

[4:40:57] <Draco> *twitch*

[4:41:12] <Draco> I'm not gonna call him a friend ya know

[4:41:23] <Ms. Accord> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[4:41:31] <Mikki> Oh, boy...

[4:41:32] <Ms. Accord> Little Pigs, let me in!

[4:41:50] <Draco> AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

[4:41:53] <Ms. Accord> Or we'll huff and puff...

[4:41:54] <Arle Nadja> (M-Ms. Accord!)

[4:42:03] <Carbuncle> *hid somewhere.*

[4:42:03] <Ms. Accord> And blooooooooooooooooooow your house down ^_^

[4:42:04] <Draco> *delivers a swift kick to Accord*

[4:42:16] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan!

[4:42:16] <Draco> Where the hell did you find out where this place was?

[4:42:24] <TaruTaru> Uh-oh,,,

[4:42:28] <Ms. Accord> Ah! There you are bitch!

[4:42:39] <Ms. Accord> I've been meaning to show you someone very special.

[4:42:57] <Ms. Accord> Say hello to my little friend, kiddies....

[4:43:10] <Mikki> Orage!

[4:43:15] <Popoi> Boo!

[4:43:18] <Mikki> *started up a storm.*

[4:43:29] <Rider> P-p-popoi....

[4:43:38] <Draco> NOT AT THE HOUSE, DAMNIT!

[4:43:41] <Seriri> A cat?

[4:43:48] <Sig> Uh-oh!

[4:44:00] <Draco> I don't wanna see my lovely beach hut destroyed >.<

[4:44:06] <Amitie> We're in biig trouble now.

[4:44:20] <Mikki> Summon! Apportez-moi un seau d'eau!

[4:44:22] <Draco> Answer me Accord! How did you find us?

[4:44:29] <Mikki> *summoned up a bucket of water.*

[4:44:45] <Popoi> Be patient, bitch! She'll answer alll your questions soon enough.

[4:44:46] <Mikki> You're a cat, right? =3

[4:44:47] <Ms. Accord> Popoi found you for me.

[4:45:01] <Arle Nadja> What!? How did Popoi...

[4:45:05] <Popoi> I was outside peering through the window.

[4:45:18] <Draco> . . .

[4:45:19] <Popoi> And, no! I'm a pool filter, Mikki.

[4:45:32] <Mikki> You hate rain, right?

[4:45:42] <Draco> But you must have known where to go before you looked through the window. >.<

[4:45:58] <Popoi> I LOVE rain.

[4:46:07] <Keiji> I like rain...

[4:46:25] <Mikki> You like Puyo?

[4:46:27] <Popoi> Why don't you ask TaruTaru? Afterall, he did lead me here!

[4:46:34] <Seriri> !!!

[4:46:37] <Arle Nadja> Great... does that mean Puyo POP?

[4:46:37] <Draco> I knew it...

[4:46:44] <Rider> TaruTaru...How could you?

[4:46:48] <Popoi> I'm the Puyo-fuckin'-master!

[4:46:58] <Draco> Now you see why I didn't want him in here!

[4:46:59] <Mikki> I have another question.

[4:47:06] <TaruTaru> Hehehe...

[4:47:24] <Popoi> What now?

[4:47:37] <Mikki> Since my roulette said "Be annoying", will you get annoyed if I ask you gajillions of questions?

[4:48:04] <Popoi> Geez, I don't know. Why don't you make that one of your annoying questions?

[4:48:23] <Popoi> I don't have time for these pointless games!

[4:48:37] <Popoi> (Do something, Accord!)

[4:48:40] <Mikki> Summon! Apportez-moi Ghost!

[4:48:43] <Ms. Accord> You know Mikki, your being a real pain in our arses right now, so why don't you take a hike in the Himalayas?!

[4:48:50] <Ms. Accord> *summons a whirlwind*

[4:49:05] <Ms. Accord> *'s whirlwind blows Mikki to the Himalayas*

[4:49:20] <Mikki> Transport!

[4:49:24] <Mikki> *goes back to the hut.*

[4:49:24] <Ms. Accord> Now...Where were we, Popoi.

[4:49:39] <Ms. Accord> Son of a bitch, you're so anonying!

[4:49:48] <Popoi> This calls for a game of Jump to Conclusions!

[4:49:50] <Mikki> *summoned up Ghost from Monster Rancher.*

[4:50:14] <Ms. Accord> *kills it with ESPEON LOL!111*

[4:50:14] <Ghost> 3 (775e0d16@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[4:50:25] <Ghost> *dodges.*

[4:50:42] <Akkie> Excuse me if Ghost's font is white.

[4:51:10] <Keiji> oy espeon's mine bitch

[4:51:22] <Chao> Excuse me if I can't make this interesting because Mikki is all that and a potatoe chip

[4:51:45] <Ms. Accord> Time to set up that Game Popoi,

[4:52:02] <Ms. Accord> They'll have to play by OUR rules then.

[4:52:04] <Mikki> But you will still lose it.

[4:52:07] <Ghost> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[4:52:34] <Mikki> Think about the game, you lose. I kept doing it so I lose but since I announced it, we all lose.

[4:52:41] <Arle Nadja> Umm... uh...

[4:52:43] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[4:52:45] <Ms. Accord> And before I forget...

[4:52:56] <Ms. Accord> *gives ESPEON LOL!111 back to Keiji*

[4:52:59] <Mikki> You're still playing it. Tricky, no?

[4:53:06] <Mikki> 4 has kicked Mikki from #rp (that's just fucking annoying)

[4:53:17] <Popoi> Why don't we go to my cave in the mountains?

[4:53:17] <Popoi> There are plenty of doors for the game there!

[4:53:17] <Popoi> Go over the rules, Accord.

[4:53:17] <Popoi> I'm going to go get set up.

[4:53:17] <Popoi> *begins setting up Jump to Conclusions game*

[4:53:33] <Ms. Accord> Alright Kiddies heres the deal.

[4:53:34] <Mikki> 3 (775e0d16@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[4:53:47] <Popoi> There are 7 doors

[4:53:49] <Ms. Accord> You each take turns in the hot seat.

[4:54:06] <Ms. Accord> While in the hot seat, Popoi asks you questions.

[4:54:10] <Draco> And why /do/ we have to play this silly game of yours?

[4:54:20] <Popoi> QUIET YOU!

[4:54:27] <Mikki> So we'll suffer the same fate as Amitie and Seriri?

[4:54:38] <Popoi> EEK! You're back!

[4:54:41] <Ms. Accord> The more you answer, the longer you have to choose a door....

[4:54:43] <Arle Nadja> Wgy'd you know that?

[4:54:52] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[4:54:55] <Ms. Accord> Because once you get one question wrong....

[4:55:06] <Ms. Accord> You have to...well...Jump to Conclusions!

[4:55:07] <Draco> Instead of wasting time playing silly games you already rigged, what's stopping us just kicking your asses?

[4:55:39] <Popoi> Because, that would be a stupid move on your part.

[4:55:55] <Mikki> And I just finished climbing Chomolangma.

[4:55:55] <Draco> Oh really?

[4:56:10] <Akkie> Chomolangma = Mt. Everest

[4:56:13] <Popoi> Ja!

[4:56:38] <Draco> *looks around: Come on guys, back me up on this >_>*

[4:56:50] <Rider> Popoi is tough....

[4:56:51] <TaruTaru> *tries to escape*

[4:57:05] <Ms. Accord> *trips him*

[4:57:14] <TaruTaru> Ah!

[4:57:26] <Ms. Accord> *traps him inside of a cage.*

[4:57:27] <TaruTaru> *lands face first on the floor*

[4:57:29] <Draco> Oh, picking on your own minions now I see?@

[4:57:39] <Popoi> It's so fun!

[4:57:46] <Draco> That's low.

[4:57:51] <Ms. Accord> You should try it, Draco.

[4:57:58] <Ms. Accord> You'd be really good at it.

[4:58:07] <Popoi> Oh boo hoo! Like you even cared about him!

[4:58:10] <Draco> Do I look like I take minions?

[4:58:24] <Popoi> Oh, all of these people are your friends?

[4:58:28] <Popoi> My bad.

[4:58:36] <Draco> Yes, what do you think they are?

[4:58:40] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee!

[4:58:59] <Popoi> You must have the attention span of a goldfish...

[4:59:02] <Mikki> We're not minions. And you're not going to take concequences?

[4:59:03] <Ms. Accord> We thought you were Mormons!

[4:59:16] <Ms. Accord> Tee hee hee!

[4:59:54] <Seriri> Wow, Popoi is much more intimidating than you, Ms. Accord :p

[5:00:09] <Amitie> You betcha!

[5:00:12] <Amitie> Er...

[5:00:24] <Mikki> *starts humming Electro World's tone.*

[5:00:24] <Mitsuki> *gets up after an hour of meditation*

[5:00:24] <Popoi> That I am!

[5:00:44] <Ms. Accord> *places a blueberry muffin secretly in Mikki's hands*

[5:00:51] <Mitsuki> *casts a fucking big ass bolt of lightning across the room at Accord and Popoi sending them flying out the door*

[5:01:03] <Ms. Accord> Iyaan~!

[5:01:12] <Mikki> *throws the blueberry muffin at Ms. Accord.*

[5:01:13] <Mitsuki> Patience is a virtue, ne ne.

[5:01:15] <Popoi> ah

[5:01:34] <Mikki> Strike!

[5:01:37] <Mitsuki> *watches Accord and Popoi's bodies smoking*

[5:01:53] <TaruTaru> You stupid witch! Now we'll never kill off you damn brats!!

[5:01:54] <Mitsuki> as they frolic around on the ground like fish out of the water

[5:02:22] <Rider> TaruTaru....

[5:02:23] <Popoi> Why don't you just pick on Ocean Prince if you wanted something to flop around?

[5:02:31] <Arle Nadja> You guys have to stop!

[5:02:34] <Popoi> It would have been a lot more humerous.

[5:02:36] <Rider> I'm.........mad.....at you....!

[5:02:43] <Mitsuki> Maybe so, but you deserved it.

[5:02:47] <Popoi> humor*

[5:02:49] <Mikki> Are you mean or now?

[5:02:57] <Mikki> *not

[5:03:00] <Keiji> I FIND THIS HUMERUS

[5:03:10] <Black_Amendment> :P

[5:03:27] <Keiji> oh sorry

[5:03:28] <Keiji> *FOUND


[5:03:42] <Rider> *zaps TaruTaru with a bolt of lightning*

[5:03:51] <TaruTaru> ARGH!

[5:04:02] <Rider> I didn't want to...

[5:04:07] <Draco> :O

[5:04:08] <Amitie> Rider! Gee whiz!

[5:04:12] <Draco> Good on you Rider!

[5:04:14] <Seriri> O_O

[5:04:15] <Draco> *bows*

[5:04:25] <Sig> You hurted TaruTaru

[5:04:31] <Popoi> Ouch.

[5:04:34] <Sig> He's our friend...

[5:04:40] <Rider> Not anymore, Sig...

[5:04:51] <Rider> We're picking sides, now.

[5:04:52] <Mikki> Should it be Ms. Accord?

[5:04:56] <TaruTaru> I will have my revenge!

[5:05:04] <Rider> And TaruTaru is on the wrong side...

[5:05:05] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[5:05:15] <Sig> Wrong...side...?

[5:05:25] <Ms. Accord> DONT LISTEN TO THAT BITCH, SIG!

[5:05:31] <Ms. Accord> THERE IS NO WRONG SIDE!

[5:05:34] <Popoi> Come with us!

[5:05:36] <Draco> Who the hell are you to talk!

[5:05:42] <Popoi> We are the light!!

[5:05:54] <Popoi> (Now I sound like a cult)

[5:05:55] <Draco> Yeah right. You talk in dark blue and purple.

[5:05:57] <Mikki> Arashii Hoshii!

[5:06:00] <Sig> Mmm Okay.

[5:06:03] <Draco> You call yourself the light?

[5:06:08] <Draco> pfff!

[5:06:09] <Rider> Sig! No!

[5:06:13] <Mikki> *starts a strong storm with stars.*

[5:06:22] <Sig> But Ms. Accord...

[5:06:25] <Popoi> Maybe a cult would be a good idea, Ms. Accord.

[5:06:28] <Draco> Fuck Ms. Accord!

[5:06:36] <Draco> Accord's a fucking lunatic!

[5:06:47] <Popoi> Watch your mouth you bitch!

[5:06:56] <Ms. Accord> It's all lies! LIES LIES LIES!

[5:06:59] <Mikki> You too, Popoi.

[5:07:01] <TaruTaru> Get me out of this cage!

[5:07:06] <Sig> ARRGH! I'M CONFUSED!!!

[5:07:07] <Draco> Yes, everything you say is Lies! I agree completely!

[5:07:21] <Sig> *'s red eye glows.*

[5:07:25] <Popoi> Can you shut up for 5 seconds?

[5:07:40] <Popoi> Nobody asked your opinion, Draco!

[5:07:48] <Sig> *'s entire body glows red*

[5:07:53] <Draco> Nobody but you seems to mind it, though!

[5:07:57] <TaruTaru> Uh-oh

[5:07:58] <Mikki> Can I fry, you, Popoi?

[5:07:58] <Rider> Mr. S-s-s-Sig...

[5:08:08] <Draco> *turns round: Sig?!!?*

[5:08:08] <Popoi> Hmm... NOO!

[5:08:12] <Sig> ARRRRGHH!!!

[5:08:13] <Arle Nadja> W-What's happening, Sig!?

[5:08:19] <Keiji> HE'S GOING SUPER SAIYAN

[5:08:24] <Mikki> This isn't good...


[5:08:33] <TaruTaru> *cowers*

[5:08:47] <Akkie> Gimme Klug's book!

[5:09:08] <Popoi> (Ms. Accord, time to split!)

[5:09:13] <Sig> *blows up in a big ass explosion. THe entire beach is destroyed in it. Sig is still standing when the smoke clears.*

[5:09:22] <Draco> ;____;

[5:09:25] <Draco> My house!!!

[5:09:25] <Ms. Accord> (Good Idea-) Iyaan!

[5:09:28] <Draco> My precious house...!!!

[5:09:32] <Popoi> Bye!

[5:09:33] <Draco> NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

[5:09:38] <Draco> WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

[5:09:52] <TaruTaru> I'm free!

[5:09:58] <TaruTaru> *runs away*

[5:09:59] <Ms. Accord> 4 has kicked Ms_Accord from #rp (Iyaan)

[5:10:06] <Draco> *faints*

[5:10:16] <Sig> *pant*

[5:10:18] <Sig> *pant*

[5:10:22] <Draco> 6 s-''+'Fainted'

[5:10:28] <Mikki> What/

[5:10:31] <Rider> S-s-sig....you hurt....me....

[5:10:41] <Arle Nadja> Y-you didn't notice? o_O?

[5:10:57] <Amitie> ...Ow T_T

[5:11:07] <Mikki> This 12 midnight roulette got me ignorant.

[5:11:16] <Seriri> 6 s-''+'Unconscious'

[5:11:21] <Carbuncle> Guh...

[5:11:39] <Rider> S-s-sig....why...why did you hurt me...?

[5:11:43] <Arle Nadja> 6 s-''+'Hurt'

[5:12:11] <Sig> . . .huh? I......did?

[5:12:12] <Arle Nadja> Bu-bu-Are you really THAT random!?

[5:12:18] <Mikki> Yup!

[5:12:27] <Arle Nadja> *gets a sweatdrop.*

[5:12:39] <Sig> *tries to comfort rider*

[5:12:55] <Rider> No-! Y-y-you stay away from me! You Monster!

[5:13:08] <Rider> *runs away sobbing*

[5:13:09] <Mitsuki> 6 s-''+'Meditating'

[5:13:24] <Sig> M-m-monster.......wh-wh-where?

[5:13:27] <Yu> 3 (775e0d16@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[5:13:30] <Sig> ....

[5:13:39] <Sig> Rider....come back....

[5:13:45] <Yu> Jaja!

[5:14:39] <Arle Nadja> Whoa! You two again!

[5:14:49] <Yu> It's quiz time!

[5:15:09] <Akkie> Please note that these riddles are from PP15th.

[5:15:11] <Popoi> 4 has kicked Popoi from #rp (he's not here)

[5:15:28] <Sig> ....Qu....quiiz...?

[5:15:36] <TaruTaru> 4 has kicked TaruTaru from #rp (he's not here either)

[5:15:38] <Rider> 6 s-''+'Away crying'

[5:15:57] <Akkie> Where's the script?

[5:16:08] <Keiji> ..fail :p

[5:16:26] <Sig> Guys...?

[5:16:36] <Black_Amendment> 6 s-''+'Afk'

[5:16:40] <Sig> *rubs Draco's should*

[5:16:41] <Sig> er

[5:16:44] <Akkie> Don't blame. My DS is low bat.

[5:16:46] <Sig> Draco...?

[5:16:55] <Keiji> *removes channel operator status from Yellow_Puyo|Afk*

[5:16:56] <Akkie> *ArleKaakun|Eating*

[5:16:59] <Keiji> *gives voice to Yellow_Puyo|Afk*

[5:17:06] <Akkie> 6 s-''+'Eating'

[5:17:06] <Sig> Wake up...!

[5:17:22] <Draco> ...n..nnuh?

[5:17:29] <Draco> 6 s-'Fainted'+'Sleepy'

[5:17:31] <Sig> Wake up!

[5:17:37] <Sig> Rider's gone!

[5:17:40] <Draco> whossar?

[5:17:44] <Sig> Rider's gone!

[5:17:46] <Draco> w_w

[5:17:50] <Sig> She ran away!

[5:17:58] <Sig> . . .

[5:18:05] <Draco> *opens eyes*

[5:18:11] <Draco> Where... am i...

[5:18:19] <Sig> Rider's gone!

[5:18:28] <Sig> Wake up!

[5:18:35] <Sig> . . .

[5:18:43] <Draco> Rider's...gone?!

[5:18:45] <Draco> 6 s-'Sleepy'+''

[5:18:47] <Draco> *stands up*

[5:18:48] <Draco> What?

[5:18:54] <Sig> She ran away!

[5:18:58] <Draco> Where to?

[5:19:17] <Sig> I dunno. She wen't that way *Points to the west*

[5:19:37] <Keiji> That way goes into the sea.

[5:19:38] <Keiji> :p

[5:19:41] <Keiji> http://kawachan.org/wiki/Primp lol

[5:19:46] <Sig> er...

[5:19:55] <Sig> *points east*

[5:19:57] <Keiji> good job i made that map her

[5:19:59] <Keiji> *huh lol

[5:20:14] <Chao> Yeah =P

[5:21:12] <Draco> Well, I'll find her...

[5:21:19] <Sig> Rider....she was crying....

[5:21:26] <Sig> =(

[5:21:30] <Draco> *takes to the air and flies off to the east in search of Rider*

[5:21:57] <Rider> 6 s-'Away crying'+'Crying'

[5:22:05] <Rider> . . .

[5:23:15] <Rider> D-d-draco....*sniff*

[5:23:36] <Draco> *spots Rider near the mountains and lands*

[5:23:47] <Draco> What happened, Rider?

[5:23:48] <Rider> ..How did you find me.....?*sob*

[5:24:00] <Mikki> 6 s-''+'RiddleStalked'

[5:24:10] <Rider> He hurt me, Draco....*sniff*...

[5:24:15] <Yu> 6 s-''+'RiddleTime'

[5:24:17] <Rider> Sig hurt me*sob*

[5:24:29] <Yu> 4 has kicked YuRei|RiddleTime from #rp (not now >.>)

[5:24:41] <Mikki> 6 s-'RiddleStalked'+''

[5:24:45] <Draco> I'm sorry, Rider...

[5:24:50] <Draco> What did he do to you?

[5:25:03] <Rider> ....You didn't see that explosion?

[5:25:05] <Rider> *sob*

[5:25:13] <Arle Nadja> 6 s-'Hurt'+''

[5:25:14] <Draco> Explosion? o_o;;

[5:25:19] <Draco> *feels her memories return*

[5:25:23] <Draco> Oh...

[5:25:30] <Rider> *sniff*

[5:25:39] <Draco> So Sig blew up my house...

[5:26:05] <Draco> *feels a tear form in her eye*

[5:26:15] <Rider> Why...?

[5:26:46] <Rider> Why did he hurt us? *sniff* WHY DID HE AGREE WITH MS ACCORD?!?!

[5:26:58] <Rider> *sob*

[5:27:15] <Arle Nadja> I'd assume that he was simply too spaced out to disagree.

[5:27:17] <Draco> I guess you can never really tell what's going inside his head...

[5:27:22] <Carbuncle> Guh.

[5:27:25] <Draco> *puts an arm round Rider*

[5:27:40] <Akkie> 6 s-'Eating'+''

[5:27:48] <Rider> *hugs Draco*

[5:28:00] <Rider> I-I just don't know any more *sob*

[5:28:33] <Rider> Who my friends are, and who my enemies are...*sniff* *sob*

[5:28:56] <Mikki> This is definitely getting confusing, right?

[5:29:19] <Mikki> 4 has kicked Mikki from #rp (stop interrupting these heartfelt moments -.-;;)

[5:30:00] <Draco> Well... You've got me, and Arle, and Seriri...

[5:30:14] <Draco> For sure, right?

[5:30:33] <Rider> *sniff* Wel...yeah*sniff*

[5:30:45] <Mikki> 3 (775e0d16@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[5:30:54] <Draco> I dunno about witch... she's kinda weird... or mikki...

[5:30:55] <Rider> But..but-Sig *sniff*

[5:31:18] <Draco> I km

[5:31:25] <Draco> I know it must be hard on you...

[5:31:51] <Rider> *sniff*.....

[5:32:13] <Draco> *hugs Rider tightly and cries together*

[5:32:17] <Arle Nadja> I hope this doesn't happen again...

[5:32:28] <Rider> And then he acted like he didn't know what just happened *sobs hard*

[5:32:46] <Rider> *hugs Draco back, crying louder than before.*

[5:32:47] <Arle Nadja> 4 has kicked ArleNadja from #rp (You. Guys. Are. Not. Here. It's Draco and Rider on the freaking mountain)

[5:32:56] <Carbuncle> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[5:33:43] <Mikki> *goes mountain climbing as the background.*

[5:34:02] <Draco> Come to think of it...

[5:34:10] <Draco> Sig sounded pretty scared.

[5:34:25] <Draco> He woke me up yelling at me that you were gone.

[5:34:33] <Rider> *sniff* He did?

[5:34:56] <Draco> If it weren't for that I wouldn't be here right now.

[5:35:02] <Rider> And Draco....*sniff*...thank you...

[5:35:32] <Rider> For...coming here and *sniff* being such a good friend...

[5:35:51] <Draco> It's okay, Rider. I'll always be here for you.

[5:36:04] <Rider> My head hurts...*sniff*

[5:36:26] <Draco> *holds Rider gently*

[5:37:39] <Rider> . . .Do you think we s-s-should g-go back............now *sniff* ?

[5:37:50] <Mikki> *goes for a rest stop at where Draco and Rider are.*

[5:37:52] <Draco> That's up to you.

[5:38:19] <Rider> I want to see if Seriri is o-o-okay... *sniff*

[5:38:46] <Mikki> The last time I saw her, she's unconcious.

[5:39:16] <Draco> Maybe we should all try and find each other again.

[5:39:35] <Rider> 6 s-'Crying'+''

[5:39:41] <Draco> And... And find a new... home...

[5:39:43] <Rider> ...Okay...*sniff*

[5:41:43] <Chao> [back on the beach]

[5:41:51] <Seriri> ...

[5:42:13] <Seriri> Puku puu~.....

[5:42:29] <Seriri> 6 s-'Unconscious'+''

[5:42:33] <Draco> Ahh! Seriri!

[5:42:40] <Seriri> ....

[5:42:50] <Draco> Are you ok?

[5:42:53] <Seriri> Where...where did your house go?

[5:43:08] <Draco> It... vanished in that giant explosion...

[5:43:24] <Seriri> Oh,

[5:43:32] <Mikki> Are you OK, Seriri?

[5:43:37] <Seriri> Did Accord and her cat get away again?

[5:44:05] <Draco> I guess...

[5:44:10] <Draco> But for now, it's a good thing...

[5:44:19] <Seriri> ....

[5:44:33] <Seriri> I'm fine....besides being dry and a bit beat up.

[5:44:55] <Sig> *is dragging Amitie to the shore line*

[5:45:01] <Amitie> @_@

[5:45:28] <Sig> *starts scooping up water from the ocean and splashing onto Amitie.*

[5:46:05] <Rider> !!!

[5:46:08] <Draco> *takes Seriri over to the water so she can rehydrate*

[5:46:27] <Seriri> WATER!!!! =D

[5:46:56] <Seriri> While we're here I oughta fix my bra...

[5:47:07] <Seriri> *goes diving to find some shells to fix her bra.*

[5:47:19] <Amitie> *comes to.*

[5:47:32] <Sig> Wake up Amitie!

[5:47:41] <Sig> Are you okay?!

[5:47:56] <Draco> *looks over at Amitie*

[5:48:04] <Draco> Hey, she's all see-through...

[5:48:05] <Amitie> ...Gee whiz Sig....control your emotions a bit....

[5:48:13] <Amitie> Huh?!

[5:48:24] <Amitie> See-through?!

[5:48:42] <Draco> Sig got your clothes so wet i can see right through them.

[5:48:43] <Mikki> What's happening with Amitie?

[5:48:53] <Amitie> O_O

[5:48:59] <Amitie> *blushes.*

[5:49:10] <Sig> ...Oopps....

[5:49:26] <Draco> Rider's gonna be so mad when she sees this...

[5:49:43] <Mikki> I hope she doesn't.

[5:49:44] <Rider> >=O!!!

[5:49:52] <Sig> Rider!!

[5:50:03] <Rider> You....

[5:50:09] <Sig> She was hurt!

[5:50:15] <Mikki> She did.

[5:50:21] <Sig> She....was....

[5:50:43] <Sig> Whats that word....Un-con-she-us

[5:50:45] <Akkie> 2 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[5:50:56] <Rider> Was she?

[5:50:59] <Draco> Hey, where did Arle get to?

[5:51:08] <Rider> She looks fine now...T_T

[5:51:39] <Arle Nadja> 3 (775e0d16@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[5:51:41] <Sig> I just....woke her up....

[5:51:45] <Carbuncle> 3 (775e0d16@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[5:52:02] <Sig> I didn't look at her clothes!

[5:52:17] <Rider> I don't care if you see her c-c-clothes.

[5:52:28] <Rider> I just care if you see what's UNDER them.

[5:52:47] <Seriri> Oh my....

[5:52:52] <Arle Nadja> That's pretty unexpected. O_O

[5:52:58] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[5:52:58] <Seriri> Amitie....you are gorgeous....

[5:52:59] <Draco> Ah! Arle!

[5:53:07] <Draco> Are you okay?

[5:53:11] <Arle Nadja> BTW, anyone hungry?

[5:53:11] <Amitie> O_O Huh?!

[5:53:14] <Draco> Where have you been?

[5:53:27] <Arle Nadja> W-Whoa!

[5:53:28] <Sig> *runs over to Rider.*

[5:53:31] <Draco> o.o

[5:53:36] <Akkie> 1 (775e0d16@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[5:53:42] <Sig> If I hurt you....I'm sorry...

[5:53:46] <Draco> You're not making any sense, Arle...

[5:53:49] <Sig> *hugs Rider*

[5:53:49] <[ChanServ]> *gives channel operator status to ArleKaakun*

[5:54:08] <Mikki> Must be because of her RPer?

[5:54:13] <Rider> S-s-sig....

[5:54:56] <Sig> . . .

[5:55:04] <Sig> Do you forgive me Rider?

[5:55:42] <Arle Nadja> Anyway, good thing everyone's alright.

[5:56:07] <Rider> *looks at Draco*

[5:56:40] <Rider> (Should I....?)

[5:57:26] <Sig> It's okay if you don't....I guess....

[5:57:38] <Rider> !!

[5:57:53] <Rider> I forgive you Sig!

[5:58:24] <Rider> As long as you're sincere and honest, I-i-i will always forgive you!

[5:59:26] <Rider> . . .SIg. . . you seem. . . different...

[5:59:33] <Sig> I do?

[5:59:50] <Sig> (....I must have hurt myself too....)

[6:01:47] <Akkie> Should I leave for now or no?

[6:02:11] <Chao> Dunno.

[6:02:52] <Akkie> I just felt like playing MR4 for now.

[6:03:20] <Chao> :p, well if you want to leave, you can.

[6:03:35] <Akkie> OK. Later, guys. Even if it's 1:03 here.

[6:03:48] <Akkie> 1:03PM

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[6:03:52] <Mikki> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)


Character text lines: 572
User text lines: 123
Action lines: 55

By character

Draco: 126
Rider: 82
Sig: 64
Mikki: 57
TaruTaru: 51
Seriri: 45
Popoi: 44
Amitie: 20
Carbuncle: 11
Mitsuki: 6
Yu: 2
Ghost: 1