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Lord Marcus XXXIX is a character from Compile Worlds, who debuted in Episode 17, though his name was not revealed until Episode 20 (no thanks to Draco having the attention span of a goldfish). He was first sighted emerging from a portal with Epsilon, and has since been revealed to have been one of Satan's most loyal minions, leading him to near victory in the Meteor Arc and SHAME. In the Gathering, it was revealed he was a vessel for Fake Arle's Neo Angol Project, and was successfully infused, gaining a synthetic biology form known as Angolian Leviathan.

Character Concept

Keiji introduced Marcus as three question marks at the beginning of the Meteor Arc, as a possible primary antagonist for the arc. Chao designed his concept art soon afterwords, but has yet to produce a full body, full color drawing. and he like, finally did a full body and color render in his awesome style. Though at first he looked like a Tall Man, that was actually just a bug in his portal, which he promptly corrected. Thus he actually looks similar to Schezo Wegey, just with a less ridiculous outfit (to be more specific, just look at the concept art to the side).

Later, when he was infused with Neo Angol infusions by Fake Arle, he gained a new form based on the Leviathan, a satanic and sometimes draconian monster, perfectly suited with his origins in the Abyss.


Marcus' life prior to the Meteor Arc is widely unknown. He is Eltia's uncle, and the two of them both took part in Satan's plans during the Meteor Arc. They did this by spreading rumor through the Abyss that the ADMA was oppressing dark mages everywhere and causing the pivotal Meteor strike on the ADMA that began the entire arc.

Soon, he appeared from a portal in the alley ways of Puyopolis, revealing Epsilon's true nature. After a short exchange with Ringo and Arle, he places a curse upon Ringo, which caused her to immediately home in on the location of Draco Centauros for him. It also "inconvenienced" her by making her subconsciously unable to let go of Draco, Just to piss them off. Needless to say, it worked pretty well, and they got pretty pissed about it. When the trio arrived in Marcus's world, it was revealed he was indeed from an alternate dimension, and has two minions; a Nondescript Minion who likes to take photographs of lesbian couples, and a Sympathetic Minion, who apologized for her master's curse and used a doll to make it's effect less inconvenient. Apparently, the ADMA, thanks to defeating Ekoro, had made it's presence known throughout the Abyss. Marcus was infuriated that Draco assumed that all dark mages were evil, and he was simply punishing those who "oppressed them". A heated argument ensued. In the end, Marcus outright declared war on the ADMA, and then left to attend some "business matters".

In all, Marcus is an arrogant character with a penchant for acting. That being said, he doesn't have the charm of other cunning villains like his master Satan, so often his actions are more scrutinized. While he is proud of himself, he doesn't seem to mind being nothing more than a huge tool in Satan's plans, even using himself to blackmail the more ethical characters into doing his bidding.

It is still (*ahem*... STILL) unknown if he has any connection to the Meteorite strike from the beginning of the aptly named arc. While it was not Marcus who wanted to kill the ADMA, he arranged for the meteor to strike the building, under Satan's orders.


XXXIX is 39 in Roman numerals. Reading the digits independently in Japanese yields san kyu. Appending Mark (a diminuitive of Marcus) to this gets san kyu mark. If we now treat only the san as a number, and the kyu as a Latin letter, we get 3 Q-mark, short for three question marks. Mind you, there must have been an awful lot of Marcuses before him to get to the thirty-ninth generation!


  • Epsilon, why the hell are you still standing there? Go do something useful. -- Episode 17
  • Yes, to business. I see you already committed arson and murder. Care to return the 'Cannon? -- Episode 21
  • Fine, fine, I won't sit on anything. Ruin my fun then. -- Episode 21
  • Disturbing? Why would you even want a world like the Abyss to exist? It's pretty much hell. -- Episode 30


  • Prior to his proper name introduction, Marcus was known erroneously as three question marks, to the point that the aforementioned page was more about him than the actual subject matter.
    • Humorously, on the Episode list he still goes by this moniker to avoid spoilers (although in the logs that's impossible anyway)
  • Interestingly, despite Satan's prominent appearance, Marcus has not appeared yet in Compile Worlds 2.
    • However, Marcus is mentioned in Satan's Diary, although he was described as undergoing a process to have the Neo Angolian infusions removed from his body.
  • The fourty ninth Lord Marcus would be four question marks, in order to preserve the clever name pun. This is true for all 9th descendants and ancestors as well. (i.e. 59, 69, 29, etc.)
    • No, Strange Klug is not a time traveling descendant of Marcus, as the link above may imply.
  • In Episode 20 Marcus is described as having white hair, but when Keiji vector traced Chao's original sketch, he colored the hair brown. Derp.