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The Amalgamation is a segment of Compile Worlds, taking place right after the Meteor Arc. This segment covers episodes 25 to 34, during which the plot gradually built up towards the beginning of the next arc, SHAME.

Character Roster

While the character roster was originally similar to that of the Meteor Arc's, many new characters have joined in. Several old ones were also shuffled under various villain's alliances, thus, splitting the cast into several groups. This listing shows the main groups throughout the majority of this segment. Refer to the next segment's article for the teams of the tournament.

Protagonist's(?) Party

Ekoro's Party

Angol Mois' Party

Satan's Party


As of the end of the Meteor Arc, the Compile Worlds universe is divided up into eight disjoint segments (plus a rocket) of varying importance.


Characters residing in Primp at the moment:

Arle's world

The remaining Madou characters, who didn't already move to Primp, are stuck here for the time being.


All the PP7 characters, other than Ringo herself, are currently living here, with no working connection to Primp or the other worlds.

Puyo Wars World

Daichi, Puyorin, Marin, Sho and Angol Mois all originate here. Any Wars characters who weren't abducted by Ekoro or otherwise sent away are still stuck here for now, with the only way to contact Primp being through Ekoro.

The Abyss

Satan, Draco, Rider and Eltia originate here, along with Marcus, Steve, Gypsum, and the Librarian. The world was accessible from a portal in the middle of Puyopolis during most of the Meteor Arc, however the portal is now defunct since Satan has left the world. Phi, Rider, Witch, Schezo Wegey, and Angol Mois were stuck here for a time moment, but they have since gone to Primp. In Episode 30, the Abyss disappeared from existence due to all life in the world abandoning it to live elsewhere.

Ekoro's Base

Ekoro's Base has somehow existed inside a black hole inside an orb since near the end of the Ekoro Arc. Now, Draco, Ringo, Eltia and Harpy have travelled here through Eltia's portal, and met Arle later on. Ekoro was the only person residing here before that time. As of Episode 30, Satan, Eltia, Marcus, Ringo, and Steve have decided to make the base their own, since Ekoro is not currently using it.

Satan's Palace

After Satan and Doppelganger Arle's marriage, Satan created this Palace out of apparently nothing to seal himself away with his loved one. As such, nobody else resides here, though Satan will probably take it upon himself to populate this new Garden of Eden...

Above the Abyss

The area above the ceiling of the Abyss. During the Meteor Arc, this was accessible from the Abyss itself via a huge gaping hole, however, Satan closed this up to stop Doppelganger Schezo from following him. The others who were trapped took the last surviving portal to Ekoro's Base, so only Doppelganger Schezo remains here now. Poor guy - there's nothing around but him, and light everywhere.

Satan's Rocket

Satan built a rocket just before the Meteor Arc began. Its current whereabouts are unknown. However, it's known that a Fake Arle is still on-board the rocket, wherever it is.


Once upon a time, in some other world

Episode 25 picks up right after where Episode 24 leaves off, with the main party (minus Witch) trapped in Ekoro's Base. While at first Draco yells at Eltia for being a n00b for dumping them off in some strange place they don't know, soon they realize it is indeed Ekoro's Base, with some minor renovations. Soon, the evil blob of nothing himself pops up. Ekoro then begins to ramble in riddles again, claiming that once he escapes the orb, he will cause chaos with Draco and Ringo in Primp again, and that "it shall be glorious!" After being dismissed as silly, Ekoro tries to show he is still sinister by revealing the real Arle Nadja is lost somewhere in his maze-like base. However, Eltia simply opens the path directly to Arle, ruining Ekoro's "fun". The rest of the episode is spent with the cast milling around ignoring Ekoro.

Episode 26 shows what is happening with the characters still stuck in the Abyss meanwhile. Lamenting about their predicament, they suddenly hear distracting music coming from out of nowhere. Soon, the music gets closer and closer... and suddenly Chitose appears, saying hi to the gang. Upon mentioning blue and orange portals, Steve shows up, claiming to have finished a handheld portal gun, demonstrating it on Schezo. After that silliness, a quick exchange of stories reveals Chitose is also from yet another world (though nobody realises that other world might be Suzuri), having tripped into a portal somehow leading to the Abyss within there. Unfortunately, she can't seem to recall where she came in, and Steve tells the gang he cant shoot portals to other worlds. Phi tries to make the situation less bleak by suggesting Chitose try to retrace her steps. Just as they reach an area Chitose finds familiar, however, Balrog(HUZZAH!) appears! However, it is a fake Balrog suit that was actually housing Satan and Doppelganger Arle. After flaunting their marriage off, they leave. Steve reveals that Satan had closed off all the portals to the Abyss after he was satisfied with Doppel.

The great king Angol Mois

All hope for the gang's escape seems lost, until a mysterious girl appears. Steve somehow identifies her as Rana, but she quickly denies this, insisting she be called Gypsum. She was snooping around, overhearing their conversation of portals. Much to their convenience, she announces her employer has been developing a magic-machine hybrid that could generate portals on demand. She beckons them to her employer, and, given what little choice they have, the party follows her. However, about halfway there, Marcus finally climbs out of the pit he was in, warning them not to develop and use the machine. After mentioning Eltia, Marcus faints from exhaustion, and Gypsum dismisses him, politely demanding the party to follow them regardless of his warning. Reluctantly, they do so, leaving Witch with a sour taste in her mouth. They finally reach a house belonging to Gypsum and her employer.

The secretary-like girl then disappears into the house to let the party contemplate while she fetches her employer. Witch immediately hypothesizes they could be in a trap, making Schezo nervous to sit on the comfortable leather couches strung about. After another chorale for Marcus, Gypsum steps out from behind the door again, introducing her master as none other than Angol Mois. Angol then politely introduces himself, discussing the plan for his machine, stirring even more doubt into Witch and Chitose's minds. Angol then explains the machine has yet to be created as he needed an Abysian crafter to create Angolium for him. A vote was then held to see if Steve would help Angol finish the machine. Only 3 of the six raised their hands in support. Witch and Chitose firmly expressed their opposition. Angol however, kept the vote in favor of support by taking advantage of Phi's good-hearted nature. Steve and Angol eagerly went into the back of the house to work on the machine in the back, leaving Witch and Gypsum to have a verbal bitch-fight in their wake.

Portals of DOOM

Before the tension could mount to anything serious, Angol returns, announcing he has finished the machine. He soon leads the others down into his workstation, where the portal generating machine lie in all it's glory. Angol declared another vote to set the first destination of his portal device. Witch suggested that they should use it to track down Ekoro and take care of unfinished business. Angol agrees, and sets the destination of the portal to Ekoro's Base. They hop in, appearing in the weird Ekoro Dimension on the other side. Being that Ekoro's lair was the only thing that existed here, the world was pretty barren. As soon as they walked in, however, trouble had already set in: Eltia was weakened, laying on the ground similarly to Marcus. As the heroes rushed to her aid, she could only utter to Angol "Look what you've done." Eltia then suddenly went into an never-before-seen feral mode and attacked Phi, draining him of nearly all his energy, essentially switching status with him. Eltia portaled away, leaving Angol in shocked fascination, and the rest of the party in confusion.

Continuing forth, they reunited with Ringo, Harpy, Draco and the others, who were overwhelmed at how so many people suddenly appeared in Ekoro's Orb. However, it wasn't long before Harpy noticed Phi's peril. Whilst recovering him, Angol explained Phi was attacked by Eltia. Ringo was in denial at first, but then she was confused, wondering why Eltia would randomly attack her friend. Witch then pointed fingers at Angol and Gypsum, claiming their portal machine had drained Eltia's power to summon the portal. Angol claimed he had no knowledge that this would happen, but Ringo kept contempt for him anyway. Ekoro once again appeared on the scene, noting that with this many people coming into his orb, there must be a way out. Angol was delighted to show the fat mass of dark matter that he indeed brought a way out. Before another portal could be summoned however, Eltia appeared out of nowhere and destroyed the remote control. She then had an emotional breakdown, opening a portal to Primp, claiming that she didn't care if Ekoro destroyed it. Nearly everyone hopped into the portal, except Ringo, who Eltia wanted to stay with, revealing she and Marcus were related by blood. Ringo, Eltia, and Steve stayed inside Ekoro's Base while the others fled to Primp.

Ekoros and Angols and Ducks, oh my...?

Episode 27 begins with the huge cast migrating to Primp from the portal in Ekoro's Base. Everyone is dumped off at the Random Field, where Chitose gets her face stuck in the dirt. Witch digs her up, and Ekoro and Angol lament on how "delightfully boring" the place is. Angol then draws more suspicion to himself by demanding he be taken to the old ADMA headquarters (and hatin' on Ringo and her UTAU Hair). Angol mentions some "unfinished business" he has with Sho, and Schezo finally departs the group, but not before claiming he'll have Witch yet. Ekoro decides it's much to boring to linger around the field any longer, so he drags Chitose off to Primp Magic School to cause mayhem. Draco causally ignores this detail though and volunteers to escort Rider back to the magic school. Unfortunately, Draco's goldfish-like attention span bests her again, as Ekoro is already there waiting for her. He instantly begins to erect a new base around the structure of the magic school, kicking Sig out in the process. However, Ekoro keeps the still weakened Lagnus and Ms. Accord trapped inside to torture them as hostages. Draco's grudge for Accord allows her to walk away nonchalantly and let Ekoro have his fun, despite Sig's pleas and Accord's terrified screaming.

Without anything better to do, the gang heads back to the field, where the crowd has vastly died down. Angol and Gypsum are having a mysterious conversation about who knows what, which conveniently ends right as Arle notices them. Draco suddenly has the idea to take only Gypsum to the headquarters. Angol abides by Draco's terms, and, after Gypsum is told to meet Angol again by 4 AM, they set off for Puyopolis. The gang arrives on time for Sho's newest creation, the Sasserblaster. As punishment for making such a lame weapon though, a bunch of deranged Ducks are unleashed into the base, and they easily destroy the Sasserblaster. The gang has a good laugh over Sho's despair...until Angol Mois is mentioned that is. Sho completely flips out of his vector when he hears Ekoro has returned as well. Becoming hasty and crazy, Sho demands a healthy supply of Puyo to make a Protector army with and save himself from being Ekoro's bitch again. Luckily, Gypsum's cover isn't blown, and Sho still agrees to (unknowingly) meet Angol at her specified time.

Ringo in my TSU? It's more likely than you think...

Suddenly, the gang catches eye of an advert on a computer screen in the room: a new arcade has mysteriously opened in Primp. The gang decides to take a break from all this "Ekoro and Angol nonsense" by visiting the grand opening of the arcade, much to Gypsum's chagrin. As they make their way to it's supposed location Draco can't help but feel the road they're traveling on is familiar, but she can't quite put her finger on it. Sig and Rider, being as ignorant as they are, dismiss this, and they continue to trot along their merry way. When they arrive, the arcade doesn't seem all that exciting at first... until Draco spots a Puyo Puyo TSU machine with Ringo! Next, a Sonic R machine with Blaze the Cat, Donkey Kong with Daisy.

Suddenly, a familiar voice bursts over the loud speaker system boasting the arcade specializes in "obtaining your favorite games the way you want them". The voice also declares that it will reveal itself if the visitors play and win on any three different machines in a row. After the evil(?) Ducks are thwarted a second time, they begin. Draco plays TSU expertly, Sig kicks ass on Sonic R (who knew he was such a gamer?!), and Gypsum somehow discovers a Wii Sports Clipboard Toss minigame, which seems to have been made just for her, at which she of course excels. When the voice declares the winners, a bunch of chairs gather around the curtains where it is mysteriously residing. Once taking a seat, the voice finally prepares to open the curtains. A puff of smoke, a dash of confetti, and one curtain opening later, the voice is none other than Nanako, juggling her trademark crystals. Nanako announces that she built the entire arcade to congratulate Draco for (sort of) overcoming her blatant hatred of Dark mage back in Episode 24. Rider, Sig and Gypsum are clueless to this, but regardless they celebrate anyway, all of them showering Draco with lots of love and unnecessary affection. (Yay!)

A Boy and his Blob

During Episode 28 meanwhile, in another world Daichi and Puyorin lament about how Sho has been conspicuously missing for ages now. They decide to investigate the matter, and thus head out to town. They stop a pedestrian from his usual walk to interrogate him. He reveals Sho was abducted months ago by a mysterious shadowy blob into a dead end alleyway. Daichi and Puyorin confirm that neither of them know the kidnapper, but are now aware that he can transcend brick and mortar walls. As they continue to discuss the fate of their friend, suddenly the sky begins to rapidly become dark and stormy. The eye of this seemingly random storm is right above Daichi's favorite napping spot. This, of course, catches the attention of the spiky-haired protagonist and his jelly bean friend, so they ascend the hill. As they do, they discover the storm is raining Puyo, also irregular for the world despite it being crazy as all hell. When they reach the top, they discover a portal in the clouds, which Ekoro emerges from cackling. He reveals he kidnapped Sho, but insists on befriending Daichi to pop Puyo with him, commenting on how they're all "blobby". Daichi, being the block-headed hero he is, stubbornly refuses to be nice to the wicked compilation of black dots. Ekoro then begins to make his portal suck on the boy and his Puyo (sound familiar?). Daichi at first hangs on for dear life, but Puyorin suggests the portal could lead to Sho's prison. The two willingly allow the portal to absorb them after reasoning this. Ekoro, satisfied with his mischief, floats back into the portal himself as randomly as he came. Meanwhile, back in Primp, Amitie and Mikki are hanging around in Homu-Mikki until Daichi and Puyorin crash through the roof, landing on top of poor Amitie. After a moment of silliness, a mysterious Hood Girl comes out of Mikki's bed to repair the roof. Mikki then reveals to the pair that Sho is at the ADMA rubble. Daichi, enthusiastic, sets out into the unknown to find his comrade.

Show me a good Sho!

In Episode 29 we go back to the group at the arcade, who is still mindlessly celebrating when Juichi randomly pops in to exclaim about another portal emerging in the area. Nanako harks on him for not keeping the matter private, but decides it's totally okay anyway, since everyone there is a friend...except Gypsum? Regardless, Gypsum is present and interested in the matter. Juichi informs the gang that two people have emerged from the portal (more specifically, one person and one..."life form"). Arle speculated they might have been Ringo and Eltia, who have been stuck inside Ekoro's Orb the whole arc, but it was actually revealed these people were entirely new. Gypsum's curiosity was sparked, although she was reluctant to go investigate with the others. Eventually, she is swayed to join, and they board the FGF Helicopter, which is basically a second ADMA helicopter, much to the nostalgia of Draco, Sig and Rider. They flew around Primp, to the forest where Homu-Mikki resided. Noticeable from the helicopter was the huge hole Daichi had put in Mikki's roof, along with the Hood Girl fixing it. The helicopter descended, somehow failing to gather the attention of the Hood Girl, and everyone disembarked. The Helicopter DID get the attention of Daichi, and he came running out to marvel it's majesty(?), along with Mikki and Puyorin. After the usual "LOL HI WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE" chit chat, Juichi decides to go back into the helicopter for some lunch, and Gypsum mysteriously excuses herself to make a phone call (to Angol presumably). Meanwhile Daichi gets caught up in Draco and Mikki's conversation about random things, such as ADMA. Eventually the subject lands on how the spiky-haired boy ended up in Primp, so he explains that it was Ekoro's doing. This prompts Gypsum to return from her phone call, for which she is teased by Draco. Meanwhile, Hood Girl decides that rebuilding roofs is too much work, so she comes down and reveals she is Delta, who'd rather be called Lam the Stelly. Gypsum makes a harsh judgement of clones, and the entire group lashes at her in return for making such disrespectful remarks. She feigns to innocent ignorance, which frees her from Draco's grip. Finally, Daichi gets to the point and asks to be taken to Sho, and the gang agrees to take him. But just as they're about to get on the helicopter again, both it and Juichi are sucked into a mysterious portal, which vanishes as instantly as it appears. Frustrated, the gang has to resort to walking to Puyopolis...

Bitchy Witchy and Mr. Blobby

Elsewhere, in Episode 30 Witch laments about Beta's death. She jumps to the conclusion that Ekoro has killed her for reasons concerning her loyalty to him, and she gathers Phi and Harpy to go into Ekoro's Castle and set his record straight. When they arrive, however, Chitose is outside, unable to find the door (again) for some reason. They agree to help let Chitose in, knowing they'd have to find the door themselves anyway. Phi accidentally finds said door while this very conversation is happening, leaning against what he thought was the wall. They stumble in and find Ekoro's been hard at work converting the former magic school into his new base: Ekoro-goop covers the walls and ceilings, the carpets change color, and even the air is unsettling! Nevertheless, asking Chitose to lead the way, they press onward, only to be ambushed by Lagnus the Brave, who had been trapped inside earlier due to ignorance. Lagnus and Phi greet for the first time, and Lagnus joins the party as they make their way through the possessed hallways.

Eventually, Accord's screaming leads them straight to Ekoro, who is whipping her with tentacles while laughing maniacally. Chitose acknowledges he's gone too far, but doesn't want to start a fight with her only friend. Lagnus demands Ekoro to stop the torture, but Witch intervenes, allowing Ekoro to continue, much like Draco before her. Witch then distracts everyone from Accord's torture and Chitose's troubles, not taking them seriously at all, to interrogate Ekoro about the death of her sister, but he continues cackling and insists he wasn't the one responsible. Witch decides then that she would rather join Ekoro and torture Accord than help rescue her. This completely astonishes Lagnus, and saddens Phi and Harpy, while Ekoro becomes giddy and Chitose just becomes even more nervous, but hopes she might make another friend somehow. Lagnus, however, refuses to back down, so Ekoro sends Witch and Chitose to do battle with him outside...

There's no place like Ekoro's Base~

Back in Ekoro's Orb, Ringo and Eltia finally decide to do something about their sorry state. Eltia decides Ekoro's Base, though dark and rather Ekoronian, would be a much better place to make residence than the Abyss. Ringo contemplates this for a moment, but then she too agrees. They decide that Marcus and Steve (who is standing right next to them) should also live with them in this case. The trio then portals back into the Abyss one last time, discovering Marcus in his completely weakened and pathetic state. Given there is no way of healing him in the Abyss, Ringo and Eltia realize that Omega's incubation chamber could supply Marcus with the Dark energy he needs to recover. So the three of them drag Marcus back to the base and place him inside, allowing him to absorb the dark energy. Steve comments that they should also let the machine regenerate his clothing as well. Not wanting to see Marcus get naked meanwhile, the girls step outside for a moment. While they wait, Eltia apologizes for letting Ekoro and Angol escape into Primp. Ringo assures Eltia that while both villains are dangerous, that she will do what she can to prevent them from turning the world into hell. Marcus awakens shortly thereafter, and both he and Eltia realize now that, with no life to occupy the world, it will "die off" and disappear into nothing. Ringo is shocked by this revelation, but nobody will miss the world it seems, so they watch it vanish faster than a coat of paint can dry. Ringo expresses concern for her friends back in Primp, so Eltia creates another portal to Primp while Steve and Marcus team up to do some interior decorating...

...what did Angol do?

Episode 31 finally gets back to the group wandering alone in the forest. Draco reminisces about the days of the old Anti Accord Association, and Daichi similarly does so about his own old adventures. The gang finally clears the forest and gets back into the city, where a Contractor is finally having their bulldozers clean up the mess from the Meteor Arc that's probably been there for freaking ever. The Contractor tries to impede their progress, but no such luck, as Nanako is able to step them aside. In the hallway lies another obstruction in the form of Zeta. She has interrupted them to inform them Eta has been missing for a lengthily period of time when he otherwise shouldn't have been. Zeta realizes that with Ekoro running around, Eta is in danger. Finally, Ringo and Eltia arrive and are greeted by the huge crowd in the corridor. Eltia apologizes for letting Ekoro out, blaming it on Angol, much to Daichi's horror. Finally, in front of Daichi no less, Gypsum is revealed to have been working for Angol, and she attempts to escape in shame, only to be stopped by her lover Draco. Gypsum is then escorted out by Draco, who is the only one kind enough(?) to do so after the revelation. After some more chatter, the gang finally gets to check on Sho, who is frantically building in fear. Daichi has a warm reuniting with him, only to give him a heart attack with news of Angol's return...literally? Sho collapses to unconsciousness, complaining about some heart problem. Zeta hypothesizes only Ekoro could have done this, but Nanako and Ringo also suspect Angol. Zeta agrees to stay behind and see what caused Sho's problem while the others tracked down Eta to the Crystal Cave...

When our heroes arrive at the cave, they are momentarily side tracked by the beauty (and power) of the cave and it's crystals. No sooner than this, however, do they trip on Eta's body, badly wounded to a severe degree. Angol looms over them, explaining it was he who attacked Eta, merely because Angol wanted the Puyo for himself. Angol observes Daichi is with them, and asks them if they know what Daichi really is. All but Nanako respond in a confused manner. Angol is immediately ambushed at this point, but not before he instigates a gruesome transformation of Daichi into a monster. The sadistic bastard smiles as he watches the poor kid hero transform. Unfortunately, Daichi is too stupid in this form to realize that in the world of Compile Worlds, cliche is forbidden, and receives punishment from Nanako as such. Angol, ignoring(?) Lam's Scimitar, scolds the creature for not taming his power. Thus, he allows him to transform back, and nonchalantly walks out of the Cave, noting they should consider Daichi before confronting him again. Ringo and Nanako evaluate the situation, which isn't looking too good, and head back to the city...

Epic battle with Ekoro!

... Unfortunately, the gang doesn't get to far with that before Witch appears to impede their progress. She then beats around the bush, asking questions about Accord and the Primp Magic School. The gang becomes concerned as Witch finally stops screwing around and reveals Accord, who is tied up and gagged. After snapping her fingers as a signal, Ekoro and Chitose also appear and announce Witch's previous treachery, much to the chagrin of Ringo and her rather large party. Witch shows she means serious business as she casts Thunder on the crippled Eta and dizzy Daichi, bringing the later back to a conscious state in the process.

Soon a battle breaks out between the two groups, beginning with Nanako and Ringo ripping Witch's clothes to shreds. She runs off humiliated, before returning with armor and accusing everyone else of being perverts, then steals Mikki's sword, which turns back into a useless staff as soon as she charges at Nanako. However, Witch is nimble and steals Nanako's sword as retaliation instead. Ekoro finally joins in, and the battle becomes intense as the two large groups lob powerful blows back and forth at each other. Witch then charges at Arle, who responds by casting Fire, though Nanako barges into Witch in agression and ends up getting hit by the spell instead, having to take a dunk in the lake to put herself out before running off for new clothes just like Witch did just moments ago. Meanwhile, Daichi destroys Chitose's tape deck, infuriating her. She nearly chokes him to death in vengeance until Ekoro intervenes due to interest in his Puyo-origins. Arle makes a second attempt to cast a Fire spell on Witch, but even though it hits this time, Witch's armor deflects it away, straight into Nanako who is set alight for a second time.

Arle decides she's been taking it easy for long enough and kicks her magic up a notch, Bayoening the hell out of Ekoro and his minions. Ekoro, infuriated by the sudden turn of events, gets back to doing what he came here for and absorbs Eta for the second time. Before the blob can get too serious though, Satan appears. Satan announces that everyone should be "split into evenly sized groups for maximum conflict", to which Ringo agrees... at least until Satan tells her that she'll be playing for his team. This is also much to Ekoro's dismay, as his group is both small and because Satan has joined in the war for Primp(?). Satan quietly takes Ringo back to the base, leaving most of the others to fend for themselves. Ekoro and Chitose attempt to sway Daichi and Mikki to their side before finally leaving them be...

The conspiracy of the "Ones"

Finally, the gang shuffles back over to the FGF Research Co., where they discover Nanako has been working on yet another secret experiment...the revival of Theta! However, much like Nanako, Theta has become a physical manifestation of data, resulting in her having persocom ears just like Nanako. She then reveals she was never dead in the first place, only stuck in Whitespace. As Daichi tries to wrap his head around this while simultaneously trying to piece together past events not explained to him, Theta reveals that somehow, Nanako had already informed her of all the recent events, causing the gang even more confusion. As they evaluate the situation, Strange Klug appears for the first time since near the end of the Meteor Arc! However, instead of chastising the ignorance of the Protagonists as usual, he engages in a mysterious conversation with Nanako. Leaving the others completely in the dark, the two begin a lengthy debate about the "mishmashed" group of characters Nanako has gathered to be in her(?) group. The book demon chuckles at the diverse, yet ignorant forces of "zeroes". Strange Klug then warns Nanako not to underestimate Daichi and Theta before vanishing in his signature smoke. Nanako then pretends she wasn't totally in cahoots with the demonic bookworm and distracts the gang by promising to pay a visit to Sho.

Ekoro's OTHER little secret

The gang arrives, and Zeta is already waiting to greet them. Zeta is overjoyed by Theta's return, and is even fond of her new ears (which actually probably look kinda weird on a Ringo look-alike). Daichi interrupts their reunion, wanting to know how his friend is doing. Theta also asks for Beta's hand. Zeta relinquishes the hand, and then goes on to explain Sho's condition from the previous episode. Sho has been contaminated with some part of Ekoro's life force, which has latched onto Sho's own life force and causes strain on Sho's body when it reacts to Ekoronian stimuli. Unfortunately, Zeta also reveals because it's so close to Sho's life, trying to extract it without Ekoro's aid would only kill him. Theta intervenes with a theory of her own, however. She claims that Ekoro has been infected by a parasite, which has then passed itself onto Sho through Ekoro. Theta also begins to ramble about "ones", but interrupts herself to allow for Beta to communicate with the gang. Beta, Theta, and Zeta have a debate about what kind of ears the clone of Witch will receive once she's materialized: Zeta claims she'd have cat ears, though Beta and Theta brush that off as a stupid idea and assert that physical manifestations of AI forms must have persocom ears. Soon however, an alarm triggers Zeta explains this is monitoring "Ekoro's" reactions within Sho. Ekoro himself suddenly materializes, arriving to claim Sho. Before long, however, Theta tests her theory, and it proves to be at least partially correct, as Ekoro suddenly reverts to a Human form for a brief period of time. This causes Ekoro to panic and rush out of the old building with Sho, much to Daichi's chagrin. Theta then comments that they simply cannot defeat Ekoro now, beginning to wonder about the nature of the groups. She notes each one has a "one"...except for seemingly Angol's. Nanako then makes a slightly condescending remark about how she "watched the groups form so neatly". She then goes on to explain "zero" and "one" are metalevels. Meta level "zero" represents ordinary people, and "one" represents people who have the ability to draw upon demigod-like power at convenient times. According to Nanako, herself, Strange Klug, Eltia and Ekoro's Possessor are definitely ones, and that Theta could possibly be a one herself. The gang then debates shortly who Angol's "one" could be, but Nanako mysteriously leaves to conduct research, replacing herself with Beta and giving Juichi the cold shoulder. Beta, however, has become a neko, just to piss Theta off, gaining a cat tail as well as the ears. The gang contemplates what Nanako's up to as the episode ends...

Those Angolian scums!!

Episode 33 picks up right where the last episode left off, with the gang deciding that they should be wary of Nanako, regardless of what good she decides to do. They attempt to exit the building, but Angol Mois is there waiting for them; specifically Daichi. Angol then goes on a rant about how Daichi's humanity has possessed him and prevented him from truly acknowledging his origins and power. He then states that Daichi is the only synthetic lifeform he will let get away with this: he declares all who side with humans are "rebels" that must be destroyed along with them. No sooner does Theta criticize him for doing a Strange Klug that he possesses Daichi. The man then orders Daichi to "rip them apart", which the newly possessed Daichi has no problems doing. Though their power seems to be evened out due to being outnumbered, Daichi attacks Juichi, injuring him. The party realizes that Daichi and Angol are too strong regardless and they flee. Angol allows this, claiming they will meet their end regardless. Daichi reluctantly goes along with this while the gang escapes to the surface.

Topside, the gang makes a quick analysis of this turn of fate and they run into Lagnus, Phi and Harpy, who have been wandering around since Ekoro kicked them out of his castle. The clones recognize they need a new base of operations, though Lagnus tells them Ekoro has already stolen one of the few havens in Primp for himself already. As they're arguing, Marin, Sho and a green-haired boy appear. Marin and Arle have a heartwarming reunion full of hugs while Phi tries to talk to Sho. Unfortunately for Phi, Harpy and Sho reveal that the "Sho" that created him was actually Alpha, one of Ekoro's clones that had amnesia, bringing sadness to the perfect light. After these exchanges, Marin and Sho reveal that they have teleported from the Puyo Wars World due to being informed that Angol has returned and is using Daichi to carry out his plans once more. The green-haired boy suggests that they form a team, and states the last two members of it are there: Arle and Lagnus. The fivesome form a pact, and then they trot off, leaving the clones. Meanwhile, the clones decide to form their own team with Harpy, based in Fos Canyon. Juichi and Amitie decide to go off on their own, Amitie stating she must become stronger before she can help out. With that, the two new teams and the leftovers have parted ways, marking the last time they would ever see or fight alongside each other for a long time...

A friend in need

After that, a flash back to the Puyo Wars World is shown. Marin and Sho appear to be just fine. They are completely unaware Daichi has been transported to Primp, and are enjoying a more quiet life in their new home, when the green haired boy approaches them. Not recognizing him, the pair questions who he is. He slowly reveals that he is the human incarnation of Puyorin, now known as just Rin. Marin and Sho both know this means he died though, so they ask how this happened. What they aren't expecting is for Rin to say that Daichi himself slayed him. After their initial shock, Rin also states that Daichi only did this under Angol's influence, and urges Marin and Sho to help him and "two other heroes" stop Angol and save Daichi. Marin and Sho agree. Rin uses his supernatural power to create a one-way portal to Primp, and they hop in, not knowing when or if they would ever see these old lands again.

After teaming up with Arle and Lagnus, in Episode 34 the newly-formed Marin team wanders around Highway Rakuti looking for a place to base themselves. They bump into Feli, who is returning from her dark magic abroad study (like, finally). She goes on and on about fate and other mumbo jumbo, doing a Strange Klug just like Angol was in the previous episode, prompting Sho to give her a punch in the face. They move on, but bump into her again, where she reveals that you won't escape from the labyrinth without a set destination. Considering that they entered from the west, with a desert to the south and some dismal mystery to the north, they decide to head east, and indeed manage to make their way to the Woods of Nahe, where Seriri pops out of the pond they set up their tents and prepare to eat some of Arle's trademark delicious curry. It may be worth pointing out that Sho doesn't make another clone. It so happens that this is the woods that Lagnus remembers from the beginning of the Meteor arc, when he and Theta fell out of the sky there.

The End of the Beginning

After a brief pause of typing during the epically saturated part of Edge of Disgrace and flipping the disk, Feli arrives at Satan's Old Tower, which has been recently converted into Angol's base (because fuck having Angol's team grumbling about where to live, he's Angol, he will have a base without any problems, just like Eggman). Feli confesses her love for praises Draco for her hard work in ridding Primp of Ekoro (at least until he came back and made Accord into his plaything, anyway), and Angol returns from his excursion with a possessed Daichi in tow.

The group have a long discussion about the tournament, period 5 and their plans for winning. Draco's main motivations are unclear, but her goals don't disagree with the others'. After debating who the most powerful teams are, Draco suggests they just go after the ones that they know most about first, leaving the ninjas to inevitably show themselves later on... which just so happens to be Arle's team. And so, they plot to kidnap Arle, use her as bait to lure the others (who shall be vanquished), and keep her in a dungeon cell for Draco's... purposes.

  • This marks the end of the Amalgamation. At this point, none of the zeroes - not even Angol's team - know about the LOPAC roles or the true purpose of this "tournament". The realization, by each and every one of the zeroes - and indeed some of the ones, to some extent - of these facts will truly be a sight to behold. Stay tuned... for SHAME.