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This the page for the major reoccurring Puyo series and Compile Worlds antagonist, and Unusual Ecolo redirects here. For the benevolent entity called "Ekoro", see Ekoro

Ecolo, also known in his "human" form as Unusual Ecolo, is the main antagonist of Puyo Puyo 7 and Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, and appears as a primary antagonist in Compile Worlds. In Compile Worlds, he is an insane Technomage with a penchant for rhyming and riddles who has been bent on World destruction and the recreation of the universe in his image since Episode 8. Though his antics have been shown to be seriously devastating, he mainly gets big laughs by mind screwing with the protagonists and generally just pissing them off.


According to Omega in Episode 49, Ecolo had taken over the mind of Ekoro 600 years prior to the RP. Using Ekoro's more powerful physical form and his own power to gain near immortality, he caused trouble throughout the universe, causing devastation to all the galaxies he's visited. It seems the solar system and dimensions featured as the primary setting of Compile Worlds are only his most recent target. Prior to Compile Worlds, he has anmesia and loses control over Ekoro temporally. He befriends Chitose during this time, whom he plans to abuse as a lackey later after he remembers who he is and continues his schemes in other worlds. Sometime after settling in Primp, he came into contact with the mysterious Fake Arle, whom was already setting her own twisted plans into motion. Ecolo stuck a deal with her, with the two eventually becoming partners. He was finally separated from Ekoro in Episode 39 by Black Sig's powerful magic, but has maintained a steady appearance rate ever since, though since the end of The Gathering, he has not been active since, causing most to believe he is dead.

For an antagonist, Ecolo usually speaks in a classy, yet condescending manner. He often makes up bizarre rhymes, riddles and metaphors to convey his thoughts, bringing confusion and frustration to his arch-nemesis-es. Ecolo also has a habit of cackling "EYAH HEE HEE HEE!" when he is excited or amused, which is often. Much like a mad scientist, Ecolo is constantly conducting tests and experiments, and then destroys these tests with child-like glee. Often, he is scrupulous when destroying or hiding evidence, making tracing all the elements of his plots difficult. Ecolo also likes to have the element of surprise, as evidenced when he hyped up Zeta. When Ecolo is angry however, he shows he can be rather blunt, unlike when he is calm. He is also a master of deception, tricking Feli into thinking Lemres was with her and faking his own death and faking his innocence. However, he is unstable, and his plans frequently change to meet situations or his own whims.

Ecolo, when combined with Ekoro, was one of the most powerful characters in the entire RP. In addition to being able to alter his form or voice to mimic another, he can copy entire fighting techniques. Before his imprisonment inside an orb, he was also able to summon portals to various other worlds at whim. Ecolo was also capable of brainwashing people into thinking things that aren't reality, no matter how ridiculous they seem. However, Ecolo's power has limits, even in Ekoro-combined form. For example, he could not escape from his imprisonment within his orb. A general weakness of Ecolo is that he cannot handle taking on multiple foes at once, which is demonstrated time and time again by large parties making a joke out of him in various epic battles. Ecolo's tendency to ramble may also contribute as a weakness, since his rambling almost distracts him. Despite being immortal, Ecolo's power seems to diminish each time he dies. While it was believed he was the main star of The Gathering, it's been quickly revealed that he's merely just Fake Arle's whipping boy in her much more grandeur scheme.

In the Games

In the Puyo series Ecolo's true form appears to be the blob form, the opposite of what it is in Compile Worlds. Overall, he is much more tame, and becomes increasingly less destructive with each appearance. He first appears in Puyo Puyo 7, where he conducts his comical, yet highly destructive plot on Suzuri and Primp before being defeated by Amitie, Arle and Ringo. Later, in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, he appears and manipluates Satan into being his partner for an elaborate prank that results in the final boss battle, having had amnesia of what happened in Puyo Puyo 7. Once he remembers, he restores everything to the way it was before and leaves. In Puyo Puyo Tetris, he is once again causing mischief, but this time on a much smaller scale. In the end, he actually helps X and Satan repair the Tetris Portal with his powers over space and time as a gift to Ringo.

He appears in Unusual Ecolo form in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary as a "guest" character to win as a raffle prize from Shopoi. The form doesn't appear in Story mode. Although his behavior and motions have become erratic and odd, other than his appearance, it's not exactly certain what's so "unusual" about him. In his counter animation, the original, blob-Ekoro can be seen as an ghostly apparition behind him, further making the "human" aspect of the form uncertain.


Ecolo's name is likely a portmanteau of "e. coli", "Corocoro", and "Kokoro". E. coli is a parasitic disease, referring to Ecolo's mischief causing nature and penchant for possessing other characters, namely Arle and Satan. "CoroCoro" roughly translates to "Bouncy and round object", of which Ecolo fits the description of. "Kokoro" is usually used to mean "heart", but it can also mean "mind", "spirit", "core", etc., which may refer to not only Ecolo's possession ability, but also the strange galaxy swirl that seems to be his "core" or "heart".

Ecolo is the official romanization of the name, which was confirmed by SEGA during the release of 20th Anniversary. However, fans called him "Ekoro" prior to the release of 20th, and some continue to do so. In the case of Compile Worlds, this, along with Unusual Ecolo, lead to the creation of two different characters to explain the bizzare discrepency.


Ecola: The new mascot of Coca Cola?

He shall now be the rival of fellow mascot Omega, who goes with Pepsi.


  • Ecolo was the only character whose text color was black. It was brown, because TIMP did not support a better color for him to use when the chat logs were ported over. Since becoming his true form, it reverted to cyan.
    • While TIMP now supports black text on it's light versions, Ecolo has been inactive for well over a year in the RP, and may not return for a long time, if ever.
    • Ecolo shares brown with Lord Marcus XXXIX and Popoi, coincidentally, both are also antagonists.
  • Ecolo's "Perfect recreation of life" is of Arle, a refernece to Dark Arle in Puyo Puyo 7.
  • Originally, Ecolo was meant to be good, and Ekoro evil. This was eventually reversed, with Ekoro being good and Ecolo being evil. Straaaaaange, isn't it?
  • Ecolo apparently has a masturbatoreum somewhere in his base, but nobody has yet to (accidentally) find it.
    • This could also be untrue, given Ecolo only brought it up as the result of his own vague innuendo.
  • When Ecolo had materialized in the Amalgamation, he was revealed to have switched to his 20th design. He is the only Puyo Puyo 7 character to have indicated doing so.

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