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Draco's hut is a inconspicuous hut located on Primp Beach in Compile Worlds. It is Draco Centauros' place of residence in Primp, since she lacks a home outside of her native Madou World. Apparently, it is furnished with amenities such as toasters and, according to Sig, posters of various girls participating in Primpian Beauty Contests.

Up until Episode 10, it also served as the Anti Dark Magic Alliance's base. However, their member base rapidly expanded and outgrew the tiny little shack, so they moved to a gigantic headquarters provided for them by Nanako. Draco's hut was also accidentally blown up once (and was magically rebuilt by Mikki), demonstrating the need to move to a larger, more protective environment. After all, a hut on the beach is no good place to be living when evil entities are stalking your daily lives!

In Episode 17, Sig made temporary residence in Draco's hut after being expelled from the ADMA HQ by the large meteor that destroyed it. He helped himself to Draco's toaster, bed, and her outdated groceries while he waited for others to show up. Eventually, in Episode 18, Draco returned home here and made it a temporary housing situation for her friends as they plotted counterattacks against Lord Marcus XXXIX and Strange Klug.