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Marin is a secondary protagonist in Puyo Wars and Compile Worlds. She helps Daichi and Puyorin defeat the evil Angol Mois, and is the only playable female party member in the game. She is a reincarnated pink Puyo, which are incredibly rare, even within the worlds they exist in 2/2Puyo Wars WorldPrimp. Making her debut in Episode 33, she appeared in Compile Worlds just in time to rescue Primp from a nasty fate in SHAME.


Marin's first life was that of a pink puyo, where she had a brother (who some fans may have misinterpreted as a boyfriend... incest anyone?), a red puyo named Fray. According to MadouCyc, she was supposedly killed while protecting Arle, although going by the original game, Marin survived thanks to Arle protecting her. Either way, she ended up being reincarnated as a human in the Puyo Wars World due to Eldora, where she met Sho and constructed her own Protector, based on a shark-submarine. Meanwhile, Fray, another Puyo presumably summoned by Eldora, had a fateful encounter with Angol Mois and was deformed into the Red Fifth.

She later meets Daichi, having a brief confrontation with him. After Daichi has lost control of his alter-ego, she appears again and helps Sho calm him down. The two then befriend Daichi and help him put an end to the evil Angol's scheme, resulting in Angol's "banishment" to the Abyss. She and Sho also presumably head home, much to Daichi's dismay.

Marin is a kind a gentle girl. She tends to become attached to people, as shown throughout both Puyo Wars and Compile Worlds. She can get quite emotional, as seen when she cries over both reuniting with Arle and Fray's death. In times of despair, Marin often turns to Eldora, praying to her or seeking her out. Unlike some of the gentle female roles, however, Marin is perfectly capable of standing up for herself and acting on her own, going so far once as to look for Eldora herself when Daichi and Sho alone could not console her. She also likes to tease Sho for being a gay tsundere. She is blissfully unaware of any sort of attraction that Sho or Daichi might have to her.

In combat, Marin is a force to be reckoned with. Besides being an excellent Protector pilot sent by the gods, she is capable of manipulating water, as shown in the fierce battle with Team Satan. She can create currents and tidal waves out of nowhere and direct them where she pleases. She is also capable of causing acid rain to happen. Outside of her attacking, she is nimble and graceful, demonstrated by her meteor dodging dance in the aforementioned battle.


Marin's name is a corrupted form of "Marine", which obviously relates to aquatics. This puns with Sho and Daichi's names, who relate to the sky and land respectively. (Sure is Kingdom Hearts in here)


  • Thank you, Arle-sama... Uhm, it's alright to call you that, right?Episode 33
  • OOC: Wouldn't be surprised to see Seriri pop out of the pond.Episode 34
  • I don't know anything about you, Satan... other than that you're a pretty LAME boss and should give up on Arle already!Episode 40


  • While Marin herself didn't appear in any future games, Ringo Andou's silhouette in early trailers for Puyo Puyo 7 bears strong resemblance to her.
    • MadouCyc also claims there are bonus cards for Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 depicting a pink Puyo persona suspiciously similar to Marin.
    • However, that could be a huge coincidence, since Marin may have been designed by SEGA, according to the Puyo Wars credits.
  • Despite being a secondary character, she has more fan art on Pixiv than Daichi or Sho.
  • Marin's dialogue in the game caused Keiji to create create words in order to describe her character to Chao.
  • The M in SHAME stands for Marin. Coincidentally, it happens to be next to the A, which represents Angol.
    • Her original LOPAC role in the team probably wasn't as the leader though.
  • Despite plans for the later half of Compile Worlds to be more heavily Puyo Wars-centric, neither Marin or Sho had made a single appearance. They still haven't appeared since Compile Worlds 2 began, not that that's very long yet.
    • However, Fake Arle made a single mention of her in Episode 50, saying that she'd "make a good Fifth", possibly being a reference to Fray's fate in Puyo Wars.

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