Episode 18 - Chat log

Start date: Sun Apr 17, 2011. All times are UTC.

[13:35:21] <Arle Nadja> Ringo's already said exactly what I wanted to say.

[13:36:07] <Ringo> So...if you want to find the real "racist jerls" around here, you should look for Draco.

[13:36:42] <Marcus> That would be far too much effort.

[13:36:57] <Arle Nadja> -stares at Ringo for a bit-

[13:37:08] <Marcus> -pulls out what looks like a tranquiliser gun-

[13:37:24] <Ringo> Holy integers!

[13:37:56] <Marcus> -fires it at Ringo and hits her- It's a curse. Now you will find this Draco for me!

[13:38:08] <Arle Nadja> Ringo!

[13:38:18] <Ringo> Ow! ...Son of a digit!

[13:38:26] <Ringo> What kind of curse?!

[13:38:38] <Marcus> I just told you, didn't I?

[13:39:16] <Ringo> ...Oh...right. I guess now we're your tracking devices. I guess we better find Draco then. (The things I do for this world)

[13:39:45] <Marcus> Oh, you don't need to try. The curse will draw you to her anyway.

[13:40:16] <Marcus> OOC: -Dons sunglasses- So zetta slow!

[13:40:23] <Keiji> (I had to LOL)

[13:40:35] <Ringo> ._.;; Someone came a little prepared -begins walking against her will to Draco-

[13:40:54] <Ringo> OOC: That's MY LINE...although I kinda stole it from someone else :/

[13:40:55] <Keiji> (It's not *completely* against her will)

[13:41:30] <Keiji> (Ringo will just want to cling to her later, though... ^o~)

[13:41:43] <Chao> (Oh god)

[13:41:58] <Keiji> (What's that for? :P)

[13:42:00] <Arle Nadja> We better think of something once we find Draco...

[13:42:24] <Ringo> Like what? I dont even know where I'm going. Except Draco's there.

[13:42:28] <Marcus> Ha ha ha, off you go, sheep.

[13:42:35] <Akkie> -doesn't feel the need to have to type that she's following Ringo, obviously-

[13:42:38] <Marcus> -jumps back into the portal-

[13:43:05] <Arle Nadja> ... didn't I just say "something"?

[13:43:34] <Ringo> Obviously this guy knows his stuff...it can't just be ANYTHING.

[13:44:13] <Ringo> It's Ekoro all over again...except he's less like a creepy stalker god.

[13:44:55] <Arle Nadja> That reminds me...

[13:45:09] <Keiji> [After a while you notice you just walked in a circle around the cordoned off area.]

[13:46:00] <Ringo> ....eeeeh....;; I think I just lead us in a circle around the ADMA crater

[13:46:33] <Keiji> (So: where might Draco be..?)

[13:46:37] <Arle Nadja> I think that means Draco's somewhere here...

[13:47:45] <Ringo> Maybe she's nearby...or IN the crater...

[13:48:32] <Arle Nadja> Being the dragon-human she is... she's better be OK.

[13:49:03] <Ringo> I...I think I'll check out the this cordoned off area...-goes to examine it further-

[13:49:56] <Keiji> (Hopping under cordons is fun, eh?)

[13:50:14] <Chao> (lol)

[13:50:33] <Keiji> [Inside, it's actually not the deepest crater you've ever seen. In the middle of empty ground is a pretty obvious staircase.]

[13:51:35] <Keiji> (Yeah, I know Ekoro loves his stairs, but this one wasn't built by him, thankfully...)

[13:51:36] <Ringo> Aha...so maybe some part of the building actaully survived...-heads down the stairs, curious-

[13:51:46] <Chao> (LOL)

[13:52:08] <Arle Nadja> With the ensuing explosion, though... one would still wonder.

[13:52:19] <Keiji> [The area you go into becomes surprisingly recognisable. You've been here before.]

[13:53:15] <Ringo> Oh! I think I know where we are now! This part of the building stayed intact because it was under the ground. Pretty inconspicuous with all the cordons out there.

[13:53:39] <Ringo> Draco must have been down here when the Meteor crashed.

[13:55:40] <Arle Nadja> Why, though...

[13:56:49] <Ringo> ...good question. (I can't imagine she'd be down here to say 'hi' to Ekoro's orb or anything like that....but that's all that's really down here?)

[13:58:06] <Keiji> [Well, you arrive at a door and can't go any further, but you're sure Draco's inside.]

[13:58:56] <Akkie> Meaning it's locked?

[13:59:14] <Keiji> Well, yes

[13:59:17] <Ringo> Son of a digit. I know she's in behind the door. Somehow I'm positive... (Gee whiz, this guy's curse has made me into a total Draco Magnet)

[13:59:39] <Keiji> (Yup, Seriri's gonna be jealous...)

[13:59:44] <Ringo> ...You wouldn't know the password, would you? Otherwise we'll have to break an entry.

[13:59:53] <Chao> (Hence "Oh god" XD)

[13:59:54] <Keiji> (It's a strong door...)

[14:00:13] <Arle Nadja> Yup, break an entry.

[14:00:28] <Arle Nadja> ,,, if possible.

[14:00:49] <Ringo> ....Really? -examines the door-....well, I can already tell this thing is made of a substance only Ekoro could dream of breaking...ironically enough.

[14:00:53] <Keiji> [But, while you're considering trying to break the door down, it opens...]

[14:00:57] <Draco> -steps out from the door-

[14:01:11] <Ringo> Draco! -...cling-

[14:01:18] <Draco> ....Um.

[14:01:21] <Arle Nadja> What were you doing in there, Draco?

[14:01:31] <Draco> Checking on a certain black hole.

[14:01:38] <Draco> Nothing happened, though.

[14:02:10] <Arle Nadja> What a relief...

[14:02:12] <Ringo> ....-notices she's clinging to Draco-.....ehehehehe.... -nervously lets go-. Sorry. Had to do that. (What the factor...?) Anyway. Glad your safe.

[14:02:22] <Draco> -looks at Ringo- Come on, you don't have to hug me forever. What got into you anyway?

[14:02:38] <Ringo> Some guy shot me with a cruse gun.

[14:02:40] <Keiji> (Erm, pretend that was before your line)

[14:02:41] <Arle Nadja> Some guy cursed her into finding you.

[14:02:48] <Draco> A curse gun, eh?

[14:03:01] <Draco> So he cursed you to hug me? o.O

[14:03:13] <Ringo> Yeah, I'm totally attracted to you....IN THE SENSE OF A MAGNET, SO TO SPEAK

[14:03:29] <Arle Nadja> Seriri's gonna be jealous...

[14:03:30] <Draco> Huh, shame he couldn't have shot it at Arle...

[14:03:45] <Keiji> (Not if she never sees or hears about what's happening. XD)

[14:03:56] <Arle Nadja> Eh?

[14:04:14] <Keiji> (Draco <3 Arle, remember)

[14:04:18] <Ringo> Do you know where the others are, by any chance? The Headquaters kind of went kablooie and sent everyone flying

[14:04:25] <Draco> The what now?

[14:04:46] <Draco> Well, let me just lock this door and... Hey, stop pulling me!

[14:05:14] <Akkie> (Arle thought's she's already moved on with Seriri, though.)

[14:05:32] <Ringo> Huh? I was-oh...again, It's just impulse from this curse. (So not zetta cool >_>)

[14:05:48] <Keiji> (Only cause Arle refused her time and time again >.>)

[14:05:48] <Arle Nadja> We're gonna need to find something to get rid of that curse...

[14:06:10] <Draco> -as Ringo is trying to tug Draco up the stairs, Draco kicks her off her and locks the door-

[14:06:25] <Draco> Right, NOW we can go upstairs.

[14:06:28] <Akkie> There's a tiny snake here.

[14:06:42] <Keiji> (No, there is no snake, don't godmode my curses)

[14:06:46] <Ringo> Aaaah. Ow....son of a digit....

[14:06:56] <Chao> She means in her own house

[14:06:58] <Akkie> No, really. Here.

[14:07:03] <Keiji> Oh right lol

[14:07:12] <Keiji> I thought you were gonna be let's take this snake off her and curse is gone

[14:07:13] <Keiji> XD

[14:07:23] <Akkie> The snake's so tiny, though.

[14:07:42] <Draco> What, you're not gonna drag me again? -walks up the stairs-

[14:08:17] <Ringo> I'm gonna try not to, with the key word being "try". My subconcious is driving me crazy.

[14:08:33] <Arle Nadja> That's one good curse.

[14:08:48] <Draco> I'd say it's an /effective/ curse.

[14:08:57] <Ringo> You'd see it differently if YOU were it's victim, Arle.

[14:08:57] <Draco> A good curse would be a blessing, right?

[14:09:40] <Draco> Well, I don't particularly mind you hugging me, it's the dragging part I don't like.

[14:09:59] <Draco> I was tempted to pat you on the head.

[14:10:03] <Ringo> I think so...So anyway. There was this weird guy who apparently has one of Ekoro's clones under his wing.

[14:10:34] <Draco> -finishes exiting the staircase and sees a massive... empty... nothing where the building should be- What the hell happened here?

[14:10:45] <Arle Nadja> A meteorite happened.

[14:11:05] <Ringo> Uuuuh yeah....everything went kablooie. Everyone was scattered....except you.

[14:11:16] <Ringo> -huggu-

[14:11:20] <Draco> So... where'd you come from then?

[14:11:41] <Ringo> The desert.

[14:11:41] <Arle Nadja> We ended up to a desert...

[14:11:57] <Chao> (lol simultanious reply)

[14:12:11] <Draco> You're trying to say the explosion blew you all the way over there, yet there's not a scratch on your body?

[14:12:48] <Ringo> It's true! Even the crazy curse guy didn't know why we were unharmed!

[14:12:55] <Draco> Uh... huh.

[14:13:23] <Draco> So, is he not the one that blew up this building then?

[14:13:44] <Ringo> I couldn't fess that out of him or the clone.

[14:14:11] <Draco> Clone? There's two of him?

[14:14:23] <Arle Nadja> No, another of Ekoro's clones.

[14:14:43] <Ringo> "Epsilon" I think. The weird frog dude.

[14:15:26] <Draco> Ahaha, sure, how fitting.

[14:15:58] <Ringo> You really don't think any of this transpired....?

[14:16:30] <Draco> Well for now, let's just find that "crazy curse guy". Not like we have much of a choice unless I want to incapacitate you...

[14:17:15] <Ringo> ....right. He had a portal in the alley way....but I didn't look back to see if he was still there...-sort of half dragging Draco-

[14:17:30] <Arle Nadja> Who knows where that portal leads to, though...

[14:18:43] <Draco> Well... is this it?

[14:19:14] <Ringo> Uh-huh.

[14:20:18] <Draco> Think we should jump in?

[14:20:31] <Keiji>

[14:20:46] <Ringo> Well, I don't want to be incapacitated by you.

[14:20:53] <Arle Nadja> If you're that eager to find him...

[14:21:10] <Ringo> In otherwords, yeah, get the hell in.

[14:21:25] <Arle Nadja> He actually cursed Ringo to have a word with you.

[14:22:35] <Draco> Well, let's go then!

[14:23:02] <Keiji> [And the three jump in.]

[14:23:38] <Keiji> The portal leads to a place looking like this: http://kumizone.org/dl/4P430DTJFD6KM0QYQ7D7W8R62D.png Just not as blocky.

[14:24:10] <Ringo> O_O....what the factor?

[14:24:20] <Arle Nadja> ... what a world.

[14:24:58] <Draco> Wow, this sure looks epic, huh?

[14:25:19] <Draco> ......so, are you still clinging to me from the curse, or just because you're scared now? >:3

[14:26:00] <Ringo> >:U I'm not scared! The place is just a bit...dark. Y'know?

[14:26:49] <Nondescript Minion> Wahaha!

[14:26:52] <Arle Nadja> I've known people who are scared of the dark...

[14:27:12] <Draco> ...Hey, don't steal other people's laughs.

[14:27:25] <Ringo> OOC: Ekoro already did that. :/

[14:27:48] <Nondescript Minion> What, they say imitation is the finest form of flattery.

[14:28:18] <Ringo> And why would you be concerned with flattering a dragon lady?...other than sex appeal.

[14:28:29] <Keiji> ( http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=%E8%92%B2%E5%8E%9F%E6%99%BA%E7%BE%8E&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39tcgd-pYGo if you're wondering.)

[14:28:41] <Arle Nadja> That aside, what do you want?

[14:28:43] <Keiji> (He's not flattering Draco.)

[14:29:38] <Ringo> ...What, is this "pick on Ringo" day?


[14:30:16] <Nondescript Minion> In any case, you two sure look cute like that! -takes a photo with the camera you didn't notice he was holding-

[14:30:32] <Nondescript Minion> ...-continues taking photos from all sorts of angles-

[14:30:35] <Arle Nadja> Another pervert on the lose!?


[14:31:49] <Nondescript Minion> You say that, but you continue...

[14:32:05] <Draco> -can only blush at the proceedings... secretly, she's enjoying being photographed.-

[14:32:58] <Arle Nadja> It makes sense in context. I promise!

[14:33:12] <Ringo> -is completely fed up with ??? and his minions sick games, but is obviously powerless to do anything but cling to Draco- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

[14:33:53] <Keiji> Also, 0:28 - 0:31 in that video I posted. Is she trying to mimic Schezo? :3

[14:34:36] <Arle Nadja> She said "kimiga".

[14:34:52] <Keiji> Watashi wa kimi ga hoshi

[14:34:55] <Akkie> (Hooray for nickfail.)

[14:35:06] <Akkie> (Schezo says "Omaega", doesn't he?)

[14:35:07] <Keiji> Only differs by the pronoun

[14:35:09] <Keiji> Yes he does

[14:35:22] <Chao> lol silly Saki

[14:35:25] <Keiji> anyway

[14:35:48] <Akkie> Because of you...

[14:35:58] <Marcus> -suddenly appears out of nowhere and whacks the minion around the head- Alright, enough of you.

[14:36:11] <Ringo> Finally, you show up. >:T

[14:36:21] <Marcus> I should be saying that to you!

[14:36:44] <Arle Nadja> Can you take that curse off now?

[14:38:09] <Ringo> ....You've had your fun, and now you have Draco and my misery. The least you can do is excuse me for being so zetta slow.

[14:38:10] <Marcus> Oh, whatever. -waves his hand and Ringo can let go... but now has the urge to grab Arle instead-

[14:38:37] <Ringo> ....-Arle cling- ....eyaaaaaaaah!!!! >:C

[14:38:59] <Nondescript Minion> Ooh, another lovely couple~ -click click click-

[14:39:24] <Arle Nadja> Wh-whaa~ -tries pushing Ringo off-

[14:39:47] <Ringo> It's useless...I'll just cling back onto you like a leech out of water.

[14:40:04] <Draco> So, what the hell did you want, and who are you anyway?

[14:40:06] <Arle Nadja> ... this guy are sick...

[14:40:17] <Keiji> brilliant engrish there

[14:40:27] <Chao> LOL

[14:40:41] <Akkie> http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Memes/FinalFantasy You'll get it.

[14:40:44] <Ringo> ...What Draco said.

[14:42:01] <Marcus> So, I take it you're the one who brainwashed these sheep into all this "anti dark magic" nonsense?

[14:42:49] <Arle Nadja> Brainwash?

[14:43:53] <Ringo> I told you once, you son of a digit we're not brainwashed or racist!

[14:44:18] <Draco> Hmm, and I suppose you think evil is perfectly acceptable?

[14:45:34] <Marcus> Oh, no. But you seem to think that dark and evil are the same thing.

[14:45:41] <Arle Nadja> Certain events have made it quite clear that dark magicians are always chaotic evil, in case you're curious.

[14:46:00] <Ringo> ...-elbows Arle, but then hugs her tightly-

[14:46:29] <Marcus> I suppose you're scared of the dark, then? Can't sleep without a nightlight?

[14:46:36] <Arle Nadja> -tries to push Ringo away again-

[14:46:44] <Akkie> As in...

[14:47:56] <Ringo> To set your record straight, no. No /I/ don't think that Dark and Evil are the same, and I don't need a nightlight. And yet, I'M SUFFERING FOR IT.

[14:48:05] <Draco> Pff, dark magic and a dark environment are two completely things.

[14:49:46] <Arle Nadja> One is... just what... the other can... do... -obviously suffering from the constant hug-

[14:50:21] <Draco> However!

[14:51:04] <Draco> If you're trying to claim you're "not" evil... isn't what you've already done and said just backfiring?

[14:51:48] <Draco> Dark magic is evil, and we exist to get rid of it!

[14:52:12] <Ringo> And the equation is balanced out! I'd /REALLY/ like to stop clinging to other girls now.

[14:52:54] <Marcus> Fine, if it'll make you shut up. -Waves his hand again, and now Ringo clings to the... male... nondescript minion that's been taking all the photos.-

[14:53:29] <Arle Nadja> ... you really refuse to end our suffering, don't you?

[14:53:34] <Ringo> Ringo: ..I wont even bother screaming this time @m@.... -just quietly hugs the minion-

[14:53:45] <Nondescript Minion> Oh, heaven~

[14:54:29] <Ringo> Yeah Yeah......at least he's not Risukuma 8D

[14:54:35] <Draco> See, how can you possibly claim to not be evil when you do things like this?!

[14:55:44] <Akkie> What does the guy look like, anyway?

[14:56:22] <Marcus> ...I'm just inconveniencing you because you oppress us. Someone who was really evil would do that to any random person off the street, wouldn't they?

[14:56:54] <Keiji> ??? apparently looks similar to Schezo, just with a less ridiculous outfit. idk what the minion looks like.

[14:57:03] <Keiji> I never bothered with character designs, lol.

[14:57:22] <Akkie> -was obviously talking about the minion- Never mind lol.

[14:58:00] <Ringo> (I hope the others aren't going through this kind of misery....unless they're all dead.)

[14:58:00] <Keiji> LOL

[14:58:09] <Keiji> I was just reading the screen

[14:58:15] <Keiji> > ...nondescript minion that's been taking all the photos.-

[14:58:23] <Keiji> I read "taking off his clothes"

[14:58:23] <Keiji> XD

[14:58:27] <Keiji> oh man

[14:58:29] <Chao> LOL

[14:58:42] <Akkie> DAMMIT.

[14:58:50] <Keiji> yeah, I have such a dirty mind LOL

[14:58:52] <Akkie> I just envisioned "Ooh Mr. Darcy". Thanks.

[14:59:28] <Draco> Inconveniencing? You're outright /violating/ us -- er, Ringo!

[15:00:11] <Arle Nadja> Draco, this guy probably sees "violating" as a why of "inconveniencing"...

[15:01:06] <Ringo> Way to go Arle. What a way to plug in the missing variables. -_-

[15:02:11] <Akkie> why = way

[15:02:13] <Akkie> Sorry.

[15:02:37] <Marcus> Anyway, I have business to attend to. Just remember, we are officially at war! -Disappears-

[15:02:49] <Chao> (I wonder when we'll learn about the other's situation....apparently soon lol)

[15:03:17] <Draco> Gosh, he never did tell us his name, either...

[15:03:34] <Ringo> Oh it's not enough that he ruins my sexual and intellectual reputation, but now he just declares out right war on us.

[15:04:30] <Eltia> ...Um, I'm sorry about the curse.

[15:04:58] <Ringo> ....really? ;a;

[15:06:05] <Arle Nadja> If you really are, and you know how, mind helping her?

[15:06:20] <Eltia> It won't wear off, but... -gives Ringo a doll of herself and waves her hand so Ringo clings the doll instead- That's as much as I can do... (And by "herself", I mean the doll is of Ms. Sympathetic Minion, not Ringo)

[15:07:09] <Nondescript Minion> -falls in a hole placed conveniently for stage exit 'A'-

[15:07:10] <Ringo> Oh joyous rapture! I'll find a zetta way to repay you later!...We should get going Draco.

[15:07:52] <Draco> Yeah. I dunno what that was all about, but at least the portal's still here. -Jumps in it-

[15:08:40] <Ringo> -jumps in after her-

[15:08:57] <Arle Nadja> -jumps along-

[15:09:47] <Ringo> SO....now what?

[15:10:25] <Draco> I guess we look for the others..?

[15:10:50] <Arle Nadja> You know, I think we should have asked her who he is, first.

[15:10:58] <Ringo> ...right. I wonder where they are or how they're doing...?

[15:11:10] <Draco> Oh, dangit! We should!

[15:11:25] <Draco> Oh well, I don't wanna go back through there again.

[15:12:46] <Chao> [Off near the Cordoned Crater, there's a person in a red cape standing there, just seemingly staring into it]

[15:13:40] <Keiji> (I won't stop you, but I hope you weren't planning to make him one of ???'s minions...)

[15:13:52] <Chao> (Ohnonono XDD

[15:13:57] <Keiji> (Good)

[15:14:41] <Strange Klug> And once here stood a headquaters fit for the legendary heroes who slain Ekoro..now it is a pile of rubble.

[15:15:15] <Keiji> FOUR question marks? Must be a time traveller!

[15:15:28] <Keiji> (For the explanation of that one, just wait until I reveal something much later.)

[15:15:41] <Chao> (Oh goodness lmao)

[15:16:03] <Draco> Hey... who's that over there?

[15:16:31] <Ringo> I dunno...maybe we should find out...

[15:16:57] <Arle Nadja> ... hello?

[15:17:12] <Akkie> To ????.

[15:17:20] <Draco> OOC: Hi, Arle! Did you come to ... oh, dangit.

[15:18:28] <Arle Nadja> OOC: I've been here all the time.

[15:18:29] <Strange Klug> -He turns around, and greets the "legendary heroes"- Speak of the devil. Welcome back. It appears someone doesn't like you very much. With a moniker like "Anti-Dark Magic Association", you could get a lot of nasty hate mail.

[15:19:29] <Draco> Well, I guess there isn't really an ADMA any more.

[15:19:49] <Draco> OOC: Aww, really? But you kept saying no... :'(

[15:20:58] <Strange Klug> Oh, really? You disbanded due to the collapse of your headquaters? A shame. I found it rather amusing you lot managed to silence the almight idiot Ekoro, so to speak.

[15:21:31] <Arle Nadja> Well, how do you know about Ekoro in the first place?

[15:21:35] <Ringo> (He knows Ekoro?...)

[15:21:59] <Draco> Well, we didn't disband as such. I just find it hard to really call ourselves ADMA with the HQ blown up.

[15:22:35] <Draco> So - let me not forget to ask this time - what is your name?!

[15:23:23] <Strange Klug> My name? I have many names...but for the sake of your convinience, you may use the name of my host....which I believe is "Klug", is it not?

[15:23:43] <Draco> . . . . .

[15:24:01] <Ringo> ...I knew something seemed familiar about him.

[15:24:01] <Draco> Somehow, I had a funny feeling it was you.

[15:24:24] <Draco> So, what did you want? Here to cause trouble?

[15:24:24] <Arle Nadja> ... you know of a girl named Amitie?

[15:25:10] <Strange Klug> How could you not recognize my "face"? But fear not, I have no intention of harming you yet. I just wanted to say "hi" to my old friend....or rather laugh at his imprisonment with a black hole. Ahahaha!

[15:25:52] <Arle Nadja> (Yet?)

[15:26:36] <Ringo> (Man...I take back what I said. I HATE Dark mages. They're ALL just crazy!)

[15:27:00] <Draco> (Way to generalize from a single case, there...)

[15:27:58] <Draco> You'd better not be thinking of going anywhere near that object.

[15:29:47] <Strange Klug> Are you really going to make it not worth the trouble? It's not like I want to release Ekoro or his black hole anyway, there's no gain or incentive for anyone in that. I would much rather hold it in my hand and pretend that I own him like a rare collector's item.

[15:31:40] <Draco> Pff, that lie is easy to see through.

[15:33:01] <Strange Klug> Ha. How so? What possible incentive do I have to unleash that incompetent blob of black matter unto the world? He'd only make things more difficult for not only myself, but the rest of you by trying to play God again.

[15:34:35] <Draco> You must be up to something. You shouldn't even /know/ about this whole situation in the first place.

[15:36:08] <Strange Klug> I just have my resources. I'm not stupid, you know. I just investigated further when rumor spread through the city scape that some helicopter flew towards the mountains and removed the world of it's evil presence.

[15:37:53] <Strange Klug> It came back to you and Ekoro. I deduced and interrogated for the rest of it.

[15:37:54] <Draco> Yeah, sure. Anyway, I'm not giving you the orb, so off with you.

[15:39:01] <Strange Klug> Off with me indeed. I have no business here if I have to deal with you. When and IF the /proper/ time comes, though, I shall forewarn you; I will not underestimate you like those before me.

[15:39:19] <Strange Klug> -dissipates in a puff of red smoke- Fufufufu~

[15:39:58] <Draco> Well, that's that idiot out the way.

[15:40:04] <Draco> Now, weren't we trying to look for the others?

[15:40:16] <Arle Nadja> Once we're done with that...

[15:40:38] <Ringo> Right...We haven't even started, but we should before another psycho interrupts us.

[15:40:53] <Arle Nadja> ... it sounded like he has plans, doesn't he?

[15:42:43] <Draco> Yeah, and we didn't even get done with Mr. I'm-such-an-idiot-I-never-asked-his-name, either.

[15:43:26] <Ringo> Let's forget about both of them and figure out where we're going to look first, shall we?

[15:45:10] <Ringo> ...at least you two...I don't know my way around this world.

[15:45:36] <Arle Nadja> Well, you know you can ask the leader here.

[15:46:06] <Draco> Hey, I'm as idea-lacking as you.

[15:46:58] <Ringo> ....The only places I know are the Desert, the mountains, and the beach where Draco's hut is...was...will be.

[15:47:36] <Arle Nadja> Well, they could be ANYWHERE...

[15:47:43] <Draco> "Will be"? Is that a prediction that it'll magically come back?

[15:48:29] <Arle Nadja> The last time it did, we didn't use it long enough.

[15:48:37] <Ringo> Well, as far as I knew, it blew up and got ressurect by Mikki

[15:49:32] <Keiji> ...Wait, is it still there?

[15:49:38] <Keiji> I honestly don't remember.

[15:49:48] <Chao> Yeah, it's still there

[15:49:55] <Keiji> Okay, scratch my last line then

[15:50:03] <Akkie> They abandoned it for a fancy building, though.

[15:50:04] <Draco> Huh, it's been ages since I went to that hut.

[15:50:17] <Draco> Come on, it's as good a place to start as any!

[15:51:16] <Ringo> Lead the way, Leader!

[15:52:14] <Draco> -walks over the nostalgic path to her hut-

[15:53:24] <Ringo> -follows along, humming Puyo no Uta and clinging the doll-

[15:54:16] <Draco> -gets there-

[15:54:26] <Draco> Well, look who it is.

[15:54:49] <Ringo> !!


[15:55:07] <Arle Nadja> Hey!

[15:56:21] <Sig> -sitting at the front of the hut, eating some toast-

[15:57:24] <Draco> You know what?

[15:57:34] <Draco> I think it's time for... Arle's Delicious Curry 2.0!

[15:58:10] <Sig> -looks up from his toast- Hi Draco! Hi Arle! Hi Ringo!

[15:58:51] <Arle Nadja> Hey, Sig!

[15:59:26] <Ringo> Hi Sig...man I could eat /anything/ right now, but the curry sounds delicious.

[15:59:57] <Draco> So, what are you doing out here, Sig?

[16:00:52] <Sig> Well...I dunno. There was an explosion, and I woke up around here, so I went in your house and took a nap. Then I woke up again and made some toast. I made too much for myself.

[16:01:19] <Draco> ...Oh, I see.

[16:01:25] <Draco> Fitting.

[16:01:41] <Sig> It's no fun being alone. It's kinda scary and rather boring.

[16:02:13] <Sig> But maybe there was someone in the house...I didn't see them if there were.

[16:02:21] <Arle Nadja> We're here, at least. We'll have to stay here again, though.

[16:03:39] <Draco> There was someone in my house? -opens the door in a hurry-

[16:04:00] <Ringo> ...way to give Draco a heart attack Sig..

[16:05:11] <Chao> (Weather or not anyone is actually there is up to one of you two, hence Sig's weird wording)

[16:07:01] <Sig> Sig: -watches Draco go inside, then continues to nibble on his toast, nodding to Arle's comments-

[16:07:20] <Draco> Oh, huh, nobody's here. :|

[16:07:37] <Sig> No wonder I didn't see them.

[16:07:46] <Draco> Still, I'm glad I still have a place to sleep.

[16:08:03] <Sig> Me too. Sleeping is good. Yay, sleeping!

[16:08:51] <Ringo> Since we're a small divided group again, it's fitting and nostalgic enough we should stay here.

[16:09:07] <Ringo> So...when you gonna make curry Arle? :3

[16:11:02] <Akkie> (Forgot what's used to make curry. *searches*

[16:12:04] <Arle Nadja> How does "right away" sound? I'm starving, too!

[16:12:21] <Ringo> I think that sounds excellent!

[16:13:14] <Sig> I guess that's what they call "Curry in a hurry"....-oblivious to his pun and finishes his toast-

[16:13:37] <Sig> OOC: Maybe I should mail my leftovers as Toastcards. Rider would like that.

[16:14:31] <Arle Nadja> -starts cooking curry inside-

[16:14:48] <Keiji> lol toastcards

[16:16:16] <Sig> I wonder where the others are...I'm kinda worried about them. -frowns, Rider obviously on his mind-

[16:18:27] <Keiji> Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find her soon enough~

[16:18:31] <Draco> nickfail

[16:19:30] <Sig> Yeah...you're right. You're always right, Draco.


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