Episode 30 - Chat log

Start date: Wed Sep 07, 2011. All times are UTC.

[22:15:46] <Phi> So now we're back home...;

[22:16:49] <Mitsuki> -sigh-... I'm starting to miss my clone, why'd Ekoro have to kill her?

[22:17:07] <Chao> (I thought Marcus killed her?)

[22:17:37] <Keiji> actually

[22:18:06] <Keiji> Marcus only "killed" Theta, and he didn't even know it'd be so easy

[22:18:12] <Keiji> but mm

[22:18:28] <Keiji> I suppose the characters wouldn't know

[22:18:37] <Keiji> shall we just say Witch is jumping to conclusions?

[22:18:46] <Chao> sure

[22:20:12] <Keiji> care to post something?

[22:20:28] <Phi> ...He killed your clone, too?...

[22:20:56] <Mitsuki> Yeah... Sho said he'd work on restoring her... but...

[22:21:32] <Phi> I'm sure Sho could fix her up! C:

[22:21:55] <Mitsuki> -raises fist- Aargh, I just wanna...

[22:22:16] <Phi> ....? :o

[22:22:31] <Mitsuki> Take him out and never have to worry about him again!

[22:22:41] <Mitsuki> The orb just wasn't enough...

[22:23:02] <Phi> Are you sure you can take him on by yourself though?

[22:23:49] <Harpy> Hoi, hoi~ She's not alone~

[22:24:11] <Phi> Yeah...I guess she's got me and you, too. :)

[22:24:30] <Harpy> [the party get to the base/school and see Jupiter trying to get in.]

[22:25:33] <Phi> Who is that?...-points at Jupiter- She looks troubled...

[22:25:56] <Jupiter> ...I can't find the door again!

[22:26:47] <Mitsuki> "again"...?

[22:27:06] <Jupiter> ...hi, Witch!

[22:27:35] <Phi> Hi! We're trying to get in too. Maybe we could look for the door together? :)

[22:27:57] <Jupiter> Ekoro says it's in the front, but I'm too stupid to find it.

[22:28:16] <Phi> . . .

[22:28:18] <Mitsuki> Why would he tell us how to get in?

[22:28:33] <Jupiter> No, no, he told me how to get in.

[22:28:33] <Mitsuki> He was probably making that up to deceive us...

[22:29:05] <Jupiter> ...he's my friend, remember?

[22:29:27] <Phi> -Leans up against what he thinks is a wall, but actually pushes the door open and falls through- Wa-waa!

[22:30:00] <Mitsuki> Oh yeah... then doesn't that actually make us-- [Phi falls through and startles Witch]]

[22:30:15] <Mitsuki> uwah~! ...Hey, you found it!

[22:30:46] <Phi> Huh?...I guess I did...^^; (That was easy...!)

[22:31:00] <Jupiter> How come I've never been able to find the door?

[22:31:11] <Mitsuki> Lucky, aren't you... -follows him in-

[22:32:00] <Phi> Heheh...;;

[22:32:26] <MagicalKecleon> 2

[22:33:14] <Chao> [Inside the Magic School's walls and crown moldings are all leaking black goop every where, the air is distorted like in Ekoro's old base and the carpet slowly keeps shifting between red and purple]

[22:33:35] <Keiji> o_o...

[22:33:39] <MagicalKecleon> 1

[22:33:48] <Jupiter> 3

[22:34:08] <Jupiter> And it still freaks me the hell out...ouo

[22:34:38] <Mitsuki> Not that you've ever been here before...

[22:34:45] <Phi> What's that icky stuff on the walls? ;m;

[22:35:28] <Jupiter> Uh, no clue, but it's a good idea that you don't touch it.

[22:36:50] <MagicalKecleon> I'm just imagining it's like Black Blood. But of course, it's not Black Blood. *kiku*

[22:37:34] <Phi> ...You know Ekoro right? You could take us to him, right?

[22:38:16] <Jupiter> ...sure, I guess...

[22:38:58] <Mitsuki> (I wonder why she'd help us, being Ekoro's friend and all...)

[22:39:51] <Jupiter> ...I could try, at least. I don't know where he is, all the time.

[22:40:19] <Phi> Well, he has to be somewhere around here, right?

[22:40:54] <Jupiter> That much I know.

Start date: Thu Sep 08, 2011. All times are UTC.

[15:51:59] <Phi> -treading carefully through the goop-infested hallways following Jupiter- So...how long have you known Ekoro?

[15:52:15] <Jupiter> Not long, actually.

[15:53:44] <Phi> ...oh,

[15:55:19] <Jupiter> *jumps up some stairs*

[15:55:39] <Mitsuki> -mumbling to herself- ...how could /anyone/ want to be friends with Ekoro??

[15:56:00] <MagicalKecleon> meanwhile is listening to the SWEET RAVE PARTY music

[15:56:08] <Lagnus> 3

[15:56:08] <Lagnus> -only for her to be knocked down by Lagnus, who's dashing down the stairs for some reason-

[15:56:25] <Jupiter> *flies into Witch* Ito!

[15:56:34] <Phi> :o!

[15:56:59] <Harpy> -is hovering above everyone so doesn't get hit- Oh, Lagnus-kun~! Fancy seeing you here~!

[15:57:46] <Keiji> Also lol at how I'm still not used to my own character select screen, I keep trying to pick them on the normal menu instead of just clicking it for the big one (clicking anywhere on the menu on tablet gives you the tablet character select)

[15:58:00] <Lagnus> Accursed Ekoro!! Eh? -looks up to Harpy- Hello, Harpy! Funny meeting you here as well. Were you trapped inside by Ekoro too?....

[15:58:17] <Jupiter> Actually, we're looking for him~♪

[15:58:48] <Mitsuki> For quite different purposes, mind..

[15:59:16] <Lagnus> Oh, hello Witch. Aaaaaand, who is this child that has a remarkable resemblance to myself?...

[15:59:39] <Phi> I'm Phi-kun~ c:

[15:59:40] <MagicalKecleon> sure is brown in here

[16:00:05] <Chao> It will only get more-so when Ekoro shows up

[16:00:06] <Chao> lol

[16:00:09] <Keiji> I can't change Witch's color, since she's not my character >_>

[16:00:17] <MagicalKecleon> bwahahaha

[16:00:26] <MagicalKecleon> don't remind me, Chao.

[16:00:30] <Keiji> How about lagnus

[16:00:37] <Keiji> that's better

[16:00:44] <Lagnus> (Orange....which has no rhyme...sob)

[16:01:11] <Jupiter> OOC: Ekoro can't make fun of your color if he tried.

[16:01:36] <Harpy> Oh, it's the original, of course~!

[16:01:54] <Lagnus> Original?...

[16:02:12] <Phi> I guess that makes me your clone, Lagnus. C:

[16:04:05] <Phi> Anyway, Lead us on Jupiter!

[16:04:17] <Jupiter> Alrighty! *runs off*

[16:04:33] <MagicalKecleon> She's definitely from England.

[16:04:36] <Mitsuki> Before that... are you alright, Lagnus? (OOC: You're not looking so good!)

[16:04:49] <Jupiter> OOC: Fieeend!

[16:05:14] <Lagnus> I-I could be better, but I'm well enough. Thank you.

[16:05:14] <Mitsuki> I hope Ekoro didn't do anything too terrible to you!

[16:05:39] <Lagnus> Ekoro's done nothing to me yet. I did hear some feminine screaming earlier.

[16:05:40] <Jupiter> OOC: *hands on cheeks* Because he's a fiiiiieeeeeend!

[16:06:01] <Jupiter> Oh, that's that lady he captured.

[16:06:15] <Phi> He's captured a lady? :c

[16:06:28] <Jupiter> Yeah, I think the others called her Accord.

[16:06:51] <Mitsuki> Oh, that bitch.

[16:06:53] <Lagnus> So he's holding the teacher hostage...;

[16:07:12] <Lagnus> -turns to Witch- Bitch?

[16:07:27] <MagicalKecleon> witch bitch

[16:07:33] <Chao> (Sure is bitchy witchy in here :P)

[16:07:34] <Harpy> Hey, mind your language~ You don't want to turn into another Draco, do you~?

[16:08:03] <Lagnus> Indeed. >.>;;

[16:08:36] <Jupiter> Am I to assume Accord is a bad person?

[16:08:42] <Mitsuki> YES

[16:08:51] <Mitsuki> She's always playing tricks on us!

[16:09:16] <MagicalKecleon> Keiji's characters just really hate Ms. Accord.

[16:09:22] <Chao> [Eventually, a door appears on the side of the staircase. Accord can be heard mumbling in terror on the other side, along with Ekoro's sinister cackling and other various, disturbing noises]

[16:09:25] <Keiji> more like I just hate Accord.

[16:09:28] <Keiji> :P

[16:09:37] <MagicalKecleon> I was avoiding saying that. xD

[16:09:41] <Keiji> lol

[16:10:03] <Jupiter> o3o...OK, I think we found Ekoro. Proceed.

[16:10:14] <Phi> She sounds like she's being hurt...;

[16:10:47] <Jupiter> OK, come on, before he rapes her.

[16:10:52] <Harpy> Shouldn't we save her..?

[16:11:14] <Lagnus> -draws his big-ass sword- Be cautious, everyone. -turns to Harpy- That would be the right thing to do, Harpy.

[16:12:09] <Jupiter> Alright, let's go! *runs up the stairs on all fours*

[16:13:25] <Chao> [on the other side of the door, Accord is trapped in a cage on the far wall, being whipped by numerous black-goop tentacles. She's covered in bruises and scars. Ekoro is watching her from a chair, laughing his ass off]

[16:13:42] <Ecolo> 3


[16:13:55] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE~☆

[16:14:15] <MagicalKecleon> I couldn't resist.

[16:14:19] <Ecolo> Oh, hello Jupity~

[16:14:27] <Jupiter> You're grounded, mister.

[16:14:38] <Ecolo> Who are all these lovely friends you've brought for me? :3

[16:15:01] <Ms. Accord> 3

[16:15:53] <Jupiter> *taking it literally just to piss him off* OK, well we have Witch, and Phi...and...

[16:16:30] <Ecolo> Witch, Phi, Lagnus, Harpy...and this silly teacher, and my lovely Jupity~

[16:16:49] <Ecolo> We'll have such a party!!!

[16:17:01] <Jupiter> *blushing at being called lovely* *hides her face behind her sleeve*

[16:17:04] <Keiji> ok, sorry about that

[16:17:07] <Keiji> my mom got home

[16:17:14] <MagicalKecleon> HI MOM

[16:19:18] <Mitsuki> :o Ekoro! What are you doing to h-- wait, never mind, it's only Accord.

[16:19:30] <Ms. Accord> ...;;

[16:19:53] <Harpy> What do you mean, it's only Accord? We should be saving her!

[16:20:02] <Jupiter> I'm grounding him for using TENTACLES, I mean seriously. - -;;

[16:20:18] <Ecolo> You're so much more fun now, Witch! Just like Draco!

[16:20:40] <Ecolo> I can have as much fun with Accord as I want WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PARTY POOPERS~

[16:21:09] <Jupiter> I'm grounding you for a week.

[16:21:28] <Lagnus> Enough nonsense Ekoro! Release her now, and we (...err...I?) wont have to smite you.

[16:22:03] <Ecolo> G-Grounded? But, that's not fun, Jupity! ;n;

[16:22:07] <Mitsuki> Shut up, just let him do what he wants, it's only Accord <_<

[16:22:16] <Mitsuki> BUT!

[16:22:22] <Mitsuki> YOU'D BETTER GIVE BACK MY SISTER D:

[16:22:37] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE!! What sister?

[16:23:05] <Lagnus> -looks at Witch- Eh?...

[16:23:21] <Mitsuki> My clone, then, if you wanna call her that!

[16:24:22] <Ecolo> Oh, her. Isn't she off frolicking in the flowers thinking she could have possibly disposed of me like some sort of filthy trash bag?

[16:25:01] <Jupiter> She says she's dead.

[16:25:39] <Ecolo> Serves her right, for putting up a fight, but I pity her plight, because she did not die by my might~

[16:25:57] <Jupiter> What? The plot thickens!

[16:26:04] <Phi> You...didn't kill Beta?

[16:26:18] <Mitsuki> ...What? Pssh, you're lying.

[16:26:27] <Ecolo> I wish I had. It seems that killing my clones is such a fad!

[16:27:02] <Mitsuki> We all know how much you want rid of your own creations, after they decided you're a stupid master to have.

[16:27:17] <Jupiter> He didn't kill your clone, Witch!

[16:27:36] <MagicalKecleon> sure is Creme Bruele in here

[16:27:54] <Ecolo> Relax Witch. We can talk this over a Blueberry muffin, can't we?

[16:28:11] <Mitsuki> ...A... -blushes- How did you know about that?!!

[16:28:38] <Ecolo> I have my ways~☆

[16:29:23] <Jupiter> *sighs and smiles* As long as we're getting along?

[16:30:04] <Lagnus> Erm, not to burst your bubble, but I hardly think Ekoro and most of us will be getting along any time soon...

[16:30:28] <Jupiter> Don't interrupt my fantasy please...

[16:31:02] <Mitsuki> -looks at Jupiter-...

[16:31:08] <Mitsuki> -looks at Ms. Accord-..

[16:31:18] <Mitsuki> -sighs-

[16:31:49] <Ms. Accord> -looks at Witch and the party with a "please save my fucking ass already" kind of look, whimpering and moaning from her torture-

[16:32:25] <Jupiter> *gives Accord a "I'd save you, but I can't do that, Starfox" look*

[16:33:16] <Ms. Accord> OOC: Sure you can! Just press R + Z!

[16:33:25] <Mitsuki> -mumbles again- ...If it wasn't for that...

[16:34:08] <Ecolo> You really shouldn't mumble. It makes you harder to hear~

[16:34:23] <Ecolo> UNLIKE SOMEONE'S phone call I intercepted earlier today~

[16:34:34] <Jupiter> *cracks the factor up*

[16:35:28] <Mitsuki> ...Oh screw it, I might as well just join you two. <_<;;

[16:35:45] <Lagnus> Huh?...What are you saying?

[16:36:01] <Jupiter> P-p-partners?

[16:36:03] <Ms. Accord> OOC: WELL FUCK

[16:36:26] <Phi> ...-looks at Harpy, concerned-

[16:37:12] <Mitsuki> I'm saying, I'm... moving to the dark side!!!

[16:37:28] <Jupiter> Good! We have blueberry muffins!

[16:37:43] <Ecolo> Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~

[16:37:54] <Ecolo> I knew you'd see my way, Witchy~ ;w;

[16:37:55] <MagicalKecleon> inb4sig

[16:38:14] <Mitsuki> No... it's just...

[16:38:48] <Mitsuki> Firstly, I only just made friends with Jupiter.

[16:38:59] <Mitsuki> Secondly, I FREAKIN HATE THAT MADWOMAN OF A TEACHER.

[16:39:03] <Ecolo> OuO

[16:39:31] <Lagnus> ....-astonished, he looks at Harpy and Phi, confused-

[16:39:31] <Jupiter> *giggles awkwardly*

[16:39:55] <Ecolo> -giggles in an extremely giddy manner-

[16:39:59] <Harpy> -looks back at Phi and Lagnus, with a sad expression-

[16:40:46] <MagicalKecleon> And today was the day Keiji rejoiced, as he could finally torture Accord.

[16:41:30] <Keiji> LOL

[16:41:36] <Keiji> oh hell yes

[16:41:45] <Lagnus> Witch....I-I can't believe you would do such a thing....but...I respect your decision...;; (even if poorly made)

[16:42:07] <Harpy> Yes.. we should let her do her own thing~

[16:42:10] <Ecolo> As a bonus, if you throw in your dna, I can rebuild an even BETTER Beta~

[16:42:25] <Ecolo> Even better than Theta, Omega and Zeta~

[16:42:32] <Jupiter> *still confused about the clone thing* ouo

[16:42:44] <Mitsuki> ...It's fine. I should just become your Beta...

[16:43:00] <Ecolo> Oh...? Well, if you insist OuO

[16:43:39] <Jupiter> My god, Ekoro, your face. ouo

[16:43:56] <Ecolo> OOC: Your mom ;w;

[16:44:10] <Keiji> I love how Lagnus, Phi and Harpy are just standing there and not saving Accord.

[16:44:11] <Jupiter> OOC: Your mom's face. ♥


[16:47:01] <MagicalKecleon> any minute now

[16:47:13] <Lagnus> . . .;; I'm sorry Witch, "Jupiter,"....but my plans to rescue that woman, no matter how mad she is, haven't changed! Have yours, Harpy, Phi?

[16:47:13] <Keiji> ...well, it's not like Harpy's going to suggest anything

[16:47:46] <Phi> I-If you're going to....maybe I should too...;;

[16:48:09] <Jupiter> Well someone has to rescue her, of course. By the way Ekoro, you're still grounded for using tentacles.

[16:49:33] <Ecolo> Ah, of course Lagnus. You want to be the hero. You're always the hero. But, at the price of rescuing this bitch, you really want to be a zero?

[16:49:52] <Mitsuki> Well then, -turns to the "good guys" and folds her arms- maybe Witch should be a Witch for once1

[16:49:54] <Mitsuki> !*

[16:50:16] <Lagnus> !! -battle ready stance-

[16:50:35] <Ecolo> Show them what you've got, my new Beta~''heart

[16:50:44] <Mitsuki> ...if we're going to fight, could we do it somewhere other than this cramped room??

[16:50:56] <Ecolo> Indeedy~

[16:51:07] <Jupiter> Come on, I want in too! ;A;

[16:51:50] <Ecolo> You can be in too, Jupity~

[16:52:03] <Keiji> What's Witch's spells again?

[16:52:22] <Ecolo> -A staircase extends down from the window to the ground outside-

[16:52:49] <MagicalKecleon> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXPFtkMnvH0

[16:52:57] <Chao> Meteor, Tachyon, Black Hole, Quessar, Big Bang, Don'en(??), Thunder, and Icefreeze (exclusive to that Anime short I think)

[16:52:59] <MagicalKecleon> which is the song I'm gonna be playing

[16:53:07] <MagicalKecleon> *Quazar

[16:53:20] <Chao> whatever lol

[16:54:20] <MagicalKecleon> I have like no moves for Jupiter OTL

[16:54:35] <Jupiter> *jumps out the window like a spazz*

[16:54:41] <Keiji> Mabye you should make some, then?

[16:54:58] <MagicalKecleon> it's hard without thinking of freaking Pokémon

[16:54:59] <Lagnus> -descends the staircase properly lol-

[16:55:05] <Mitsuki> -flies out the window on her broom,being the second to not use the stairs-

[16:55:28] <Mitsuki> -casts Thunder on Lagnus, breaking the stairs-

[16:55:31] <Chao> Alo, Kekko it's okay lol I have to fudge alot of Lagnus' stuff because he talks too fucking fast in SUN-

[16:55:50] <Jupiter> *she does a barrel roll to prevent taking fall damage*

[16:56:03] <MagicalKecleon> lol I bet

[16:56:05] <Lagnus> Kyugh! What a cheap shot! -topples to the ground, but quickly gets back up-

[16:56:13] <Chao> /cue Space Boss???

[16:56:30] <MagicalKecleon> in my case /cue Pumpkin Cravings

[16:56:42] <Ecolo> -watching- :3

Start date: Thu Sep 08, 2011. All times are UTC.

[17:37:22] <Ringo> -still hugging Eltia- I'm so sorry...

[17:36:57] <MagicalKecleon> 2

[17:37:39] <Eltia> ...Ne, Ringo... what do we do now?

[17:38:32] <Ringo> I...well...I was going to ask you the same thing. I don't think Ekoro's old rotting base is exactly the best place to be...;;

[17:39:22] <Eltia> It's not rotting, it's just dark.

[17:39:30] <Eltia> And it's not even that old...

[17:39:57] <Ringo> Knowing Ekoro though, he's probably going to build a new one into the equation.

[17:41:48] <Ringo> But still.

[17:41:57] <Eltia> Nobody else is here, right?

[17:42:05] <Eltia> Why don't we take it as our own..?

[17:42:38] <Ringo> Eh?...Well, I guess that works too...but we should do some serious redecoration.

[17:43:16] <Eltia> -gets up, recovering herself- If you think about it, it's a far better place than the Abyss.

[17:43:42] <Eltia> We should find Steve and Marcus and set ourself up here.

[17:44:03] <Steve> 3

[17:44:16] <Ringo> Marcus...right. Gee I hope he's alright....last time I saw him, he was in a pit.

[17:44:25] <Steve> -is standing right next to them- Or just Marcus...

[17:44:34] <Steve> (:P)

[17:44:46] <Chao> (I was gonna say lol)

[17:45:35] <Eltia> Yeah, I hope we can find him.

[17:46:36] <Ringo> So...I guess we should look for him then?

[17:48:14] <Ringo> I think he's still in the Abyss

[17:48:23] <Ringo> provided nothing bad's happened to him

[17:49:54] <Eltia> It's not like anyone else is here, so we'll probably find him exactly where he was...

[17:50:17] <Eltia> We should hurry, though, he was in a pretty bad state.

[17:50:35] <Ringo> Yes, he was! Let's hurry

[17:50:47] <Eltia> -goes to the portal-

[17:51:09] <Ringo> -follows quickly-

[17:52:53] <Chao> [the Abyss]

[17:53:17] <Eltia> Come on, he should be right about... here...

[17:53:33] <Ringo> Mmkay...huh?

[17:54:23] <Liechi> 3

[17:54:38] <Liechi> (...who the heck is this character?)

[17:54:45] <Liechi> (I don't remember, did I ever use her?)

[17:54:51] <Liechi> 4

[17:55:03] <Chao> (It was Episode 19? or 20)

[17:55:13] <Keiji> what was her role?

[17:55:26] <Chao> Just to give Draco the GPS to find Nanako

[17:55:31] <Chao> and the car

[17:55:49] <Keiji> oh so in primp then?

[17:55:55] <Chao> Yeah

[17:56:03] <Keiji> kay

[17:56:08] <Chao> It's not like Angol has an army of secretaries

[17:56:13] <Keiji> lol

[17:56:33] <Marcus> 3

[17:56:41] <Marcus> -is lying on the floor, still-

[17:56:49] <Eltia> !

[17:56:52] <Eltia> There he is!

[17:57:09] <Ringo> Marcus!! OOC: Are you Okay? You don't look so good

[17:58:08] <Ringo> He looks pretty worn out. Hey Marcus, can you hear me?

[17:58:20] <Marcus> Urgh...

[17:59:02] <Ringo> ...;; Geez, Satan factored you pretty good, didn't he...;

[17:59:03] <Eltia> There's no way of healing here...

[17:59:26] <Steve> OOC: Sure there is! -chucks lots of cooked pork chops at Marcus-

[18:00:10] <Ringo> Right. But...are you sure we can heal him at Ekoro's Base?

[18:00:33] <Eltia> Hmm... maybe we can...

[18:00:44] <Eltia> ...yes, I know of a way to do that.

[18:01:20] <Ringo> Alright, let's get back there then. -Levitates Marcus, given he's probably too weak to follow on his own-

[18:01:20] <Eltia> -attempts to pick Marcus up-... He's... too heavy, though.

[18:01:43] <Steve> No worries, I can handle this one -lifts Marcus onto his back-

[18:01:50] <Ringo> Oh, Okay.

[18:02:02] <Steve> ...and yeah, you need not waste your energy, Ringo!

[18:02:31] <Ringo> Right..Let's go then! To the Portal!

[18:02:53] <Steve> -marches off to the portal-

[18:03:07] <Ringo> -does so as well-

[18:03:23] <Eltia> Ringo, weren't there incubation chambers in the base?

[18:03:46] <Ringo> Yeah! I'm sure Ekoro probably even had a few spares he didn't use.

[18:04:39] <Eltia> Well, it'd probably be easier to get an already-used one fired up again.

[18:04:50] <Ringo> Right.

[18:05:15] <Ringo> Theta and Omega had to have some. I'd say Zeta's, but Draco and Witch kinda broke it...

[18:05:27] <Eltia> There must be a backlog of dark energy in the system, since most of his creations were light.

[18:06:16] <Eltia> Let's go for Omega's chamber.

[18:06:31] <Ringo> So if we hook Marcus up to a chamber, he can absorb that energy and heal! Ok then, to Omega's chamber!

[18:07:01] <Eltia> Well, rather than hook up, we'd have to put him into it...

[18:07:14] <Ringo> That's....what I meant.

[18:07:41] <Eltia> [...they go to Omega's chamber?]

[18:07:59] <Chao> [Back in Ekoro's Base. The gang luckily manages to find Omega's Chamber in the lower levels that they didn't explore the first time]

[18:08:37] <Eltia> ...Wow, it looks almost as good as new, if a little dusty...

[18:09:01] <Steve> -hauls Marcus into the room-

[18:09:06] <Ringo> Yeah. That's especially surprising since Draco was the one that released her.

[18:09:24] <Ringo> At least after seeing the way she released Zeta

[18:09:46] <Keiji> (remind me what that was?)

[18:10:17] <Chao> (Draco kicked the glass and broke it, leaving Zeta to fall out of it)

[18:10:38] <Chao> (After Witch/Beta fried the terminal with a thunder spell)

[18:10:42] <Keiji> (oh, well, that was in Ekoro's presence. She wouldn't have done that to Omega's)

[18:10:58] <Chao> (I figured as much lol)

[18:11:02] <Chao> (ANYWAY)

[18:11:16] <Steve> Well, you girls should probably take your leave for a bit.

[18:11:44] <Ringo> Okay...;

[18:12:06] <Keiji> (surprised she didn't ask why lol)

[18:12:15] <Ringo> ...but why?

[18:12:31] <Ringo> He's just going to be in the chamber right?

[18:12:58] <Steve> He's in rags, we might as well let the machine give him some new clothes.

[18:13:18] <Steve> And you don't wanna see any of that, do you? :P

[18:13:32] <Ringo> . . . Right. . . T_T;;

[18:13:47] <Eltia> ...Then yeah, let's just leave him to it.

[18:13:50] <Ringo> Perhaps we /should/ leave then

[18:14:12] <Steve> Don't worry, I'll take good care of our bro.

[18:14:21] <Steve> BRO~

[18:14:29] <Steve> (lol)

[18:14:51] <Ringo> Okkie Dokkie then.

[18:15:04] <Keiji> *okey dokey

[18:15:06] <Keiji> :P

[18:15:31] <Ringo> -leaves the room-

[18:15:59] <Eltia> -follows her out- ...I'm sorry, Ringo.

[18:16:11] <Ringo> Sorry? For what?

[18:16:28] <Eltia> What I said, and did, earlier...

[18:16:49] <Ringo> Oh...; Well, I guess it's alright.

[18:17:10] <Eltia> ...I don't really know too much about Ekoro, but I can tell he caused you a lot of grief...

[18:17:21] <Eltia> ...and it looks like he's just gonna start again, thanks to me.

[18:17:55] <Ringo> Well, as long as I have a way back to Primp, I wont let him cause TOO much trouble.

[18:18:24] <Ringo> Although, that Angol guy that seemed kinda fishy is there now too...

[18:19:01] <Eltia> ...it sounded like it'd be quite the effort to stop him again, though..

[18:19:32] <Eltia> and, Angol? Oh, never mind fishy, he's downright dangerous!

[18:19:50] <Eltia> I mean, look what he did to us!

[18:20:29] <Ringo> Yeah....it can't be good to have both of them in the same world...let's just hope they aren't teaming up or something.

[18:20:56] <Ringo> It was hard enough to take down Ekoro when he had this huge base and all these clones.

[18:21:21] <Ringo> OOC: He was chillin' with all these villains~

[18:22:04] <Steve> -comes out the door- Alright, you can come back in now.

[18:22:45] <Ringo> -goes back in-

[18:23:16] <Steve> [Marcus is floating in the now-filled-with-liquid incubation tube with a brand new copy of his outfit]

[18:23:27] <Steve> It shouldn't be too much longer.

[18:23:41] <Ringo> That's good.

[18:25:11] <Steve> [...skip?]

[18:25:21] <Chao> [sure]

[18:26:58] <Steve> [The liquid drains, and Marcus lands on his feet. Finally the glass opens to let him out]

[18:27:00] <Steve> ...

[18:27:08] <Marcus> (nickfail)

[18:27:23] <Chao> lol

[18:27:30] <Ringo> Marcus....;

[18:28:56] <Ringo> Sorry about getting you demoted and stuff...;;

[18:29:23] <Marcus> -walks out of the tube- Don't worry about it, I never liked my job anyway. Who does?

[18:29:44] <Ringo> Eheheheh, you're right.

[18:30:37] <Eltia> ...Marcus, do you want to live here with us?

[18:30:54] <Eltia> There's nobody left in the Abyss now, is there?

[18:31:24] <Eltia> Well, other than that pervert minion of yours...

[18:31:47] <Ringo> Well, if there is, I doubt you know or ca- I completely forgot about that perv! Don't bring him here!

[18:31:53] <Marcus> ...He already died in the fire, so no, there's noone left.#

[18:32:07] <Marcus> I didn't like him either.

[18:32:24] <Ringo> I see...;

[18:32:48] <Marcus> With no life left, the Abyss will disappear soon.

[18:33:20] <Ringo> Wait...so the Abyss is just gonna vanish completely?

[18:33:32] <Marcus> Yeah.

[18:33:43] <Marcus> There's no point in a world without life, is there??

[18:33:45] <Marcus> -?

[18:33:51] <Marcus> So, it disintegrates into nothing.

[18:34:10] <Marcus> Everyone left already.

[18:34:12] <Ringo> That...kinda sucks...I mean, nobody's living there...but the thought of an entire world disappearing because it has no life is a bit disturbing.

[18:34:36] <Marcus> Who knows why, but the members of our race just spread out all over the place

[18:34:53] <Eltia> Like Satan, Draco, Rider, and now me...

[18:35:24] <Ringo> I guess they didn't like the Abyss that much...;

[18:35:50] <Marcus> Disturbing? Why would you even want a world like the Abyss to exist? It's pretty much hell.

[18:36:09] <Ringo> Funny you say that, since Satan was the king...

[18:36:26] <Marcus> Hah, well.

[18:36:38] <Marcus> Come on, let's go look at the portal.

[18:36:50] <Ringo> Sure...

[18:36:55] <Steve> [Everyone goes to the portal]

[18:37:00] <Steve> ...It's turned red...

[18:37:14] <Ringo> Woah...

[18:37:17] <Eltia> ...That shows the world on the other side is about to die out.

[18:37:44] <Eltia> Soon, it'll completely disappear.

[18:38:31] <Ringo> Yup, just like that, it'll be missing from the equation, like a variable that equals zero.

[18:38:59] <Steve> [And so, as they continue to stare at the portal for the next ten minutes, it gradually fades away, until there is nothing left to see.]

[18:39:41] <Ringo> ...well, there it goes. I guess now I can say I watched a world die.

[18:40:40] <Eltia> ...So... Ringo... should we go back to Primp?

[18:41:24] <Ringo> It...might be a good idea. I want to check and make sure a couple of people are safe before we settle down.

[18:41:46] <Eltia> Thought as much...

[18:42:34] <Eltia> [Eltia creates a new portal back to Primp, and she and Ringo go through. Marcus and Steve stay in the base, presumably to clean it up while they're gone.]


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