Golden Apple (ConceptTopic, 29)

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Golden Apples are exactly what it says on the tin; apples enchanted with a coating of (edible?) gold! In addition to being an item of a certain scientific mythological glory, they are also an extremely advanced healing item; able to restore strength to those who are weakened or ailing, and even able to cure Zombies of their zombie-ness! In the world of Minecraft, the also regenerate health over time after you heal, and they can be enchanted like many other items in the game.

Not all Golden Apples are good though, and not everything about the good kind is good either. In Minecraft, the apples are outclassed by Golden Carrots and Splash Potions, which are more useful when time to eat the apple and let it heal you is not of the essence. The Golden Apple is a prop of Eris, the goddess of chaos, in popular mythology. And finally, the creation of a single Golden Apple in CW2 Segment 1 by the mysterious, yet malicious Angol Mois resulted in the defiling of the three holy shrines, and he lead his Angolian Air Fleet against the Suzuri Shrine to mass produce divine Golden Apples for his no good intentions.

For some reason, there's a shit ton of fanart of Lagnus eating Golden Apples. Silly Pixiv.