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This is benevolent entity known as "Ekoro". If you were looking for the malevolent version that appears in the Puyo series and Compile Worlds, see Ecolo.

Ekoro, also incorrectly known as Ekoro's Possessor, is a dark, blob like entity in Compile Worlds. Originally, it was purported that Ekoro was possessing Ecolo the evil Technomage. However, it turns out the exact opposite was true. Despite this, Ekoro is a parasitic being, unable to take a stable physical form without a host body. Currently, it is inhabiting Omega's body, after being expelled from Ecolo's in Episode 39 by Black Sig. He is also one of the four co conspirators of SHAME, though it was not revealed until the final episode.


According to Omega in Episode 49, Ecolo had taken over the mind of Ekoro 600 years prior to the RP, and become the strange, nearly invincible blob-like identity you see in the infobox. Ecolo used his power to spread great terror throughout the cosmos, and Ekoro could only suffer and watch as his power was being used to commit evil deeds. Ecolo, however, temporarily had anmesia and lost control over Ekoro prior to Compile Worlds, as told in MPFW. However, he reclaimed Ekoro's power and continued his madness in the modern era.

Ekoro seemed to be able to break Ecolo's grip on him somewhat though after six centuries, as he was able to conspire with Nanako, Auriol, and Strange Klug in SHAME to conduct the Tournament. Ekoro was finally freed from Ecolo's weakening grip over him when Black Sig used his full power on him during The Tournament. He possessed the body of Omega almost immediately afterwords in order to continue having a physical presence and see the results of SHAME come to fruition.

During the course of the RP, it is revealed Ekoro may have been trying to sabotage Ecolo and Fake Arle's plans by implementing strange routines to run in Alpha and Zeta and creating the blueprints for the clone Phi (whose "Perfect Light" would've been an appropriate counterattack for Ecolo's darkness). However, Ekoro didn't seem to know or care much about the situation after it became dire in the present time of The Gathering. He even deemed it hopeless beyond help and said it was useless to stop Fake Arle and Ecolo. He was soundly proven wrong by the end of the arc.

Unlike the sinister prankster that possessed him, Ekoro is a much calmer figure. He is also quite melancholy at times, talking in an outright depressed tone. He is not on very good terms with Fake Arle, given she is involved in a lot of evil shenanigans conspiring against him. Ekoro's body is an unstable mass of black particles bound to a strange energy core, and so long as another life form contains it, he can use it to manipulate them or even consume them; he controlled the behaviour of Ekoro's clones in this manner, for example. He is also capable of possessing host bodies, though in the case of Ecolo, he cannot always control them.


Ekoro is named after the direct romanization of Ecolo's name. While Ecolo used this as a misnomer for himself in the fused form, it actually stems from Ekoro being the English version of his name prior to 20th, where it was confirmed once and for all (like, finally) that his name was indeed romanized as "Ecolo".


  • Ekoro has never spoken in his original form; only through Omega or Ecolo's bodies.
    • Similarly, the true form of Ekoro is only seen once; the precise moment when Sig releases him.

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