Episode 34 - Chat log

Start date: Mon Oct 24, 2011. All times are UTC.

[19:59:51] <Feli> [Feli is wandering around Highway Rakuti, using her dowsing rods to guide her. This eventually brings her to the "Marin Team", who also happens to have been wandering this way after the events of the last episode]

[20:00:04] <Keiji> hi rider

[20:00:05] <Keiji> XD

[20:00:07] <Keiji> sorry I had to

[20:00:11] <Chao> LOL

[20:00:14] <Keiji> who am I playing them

[20:00:16] <Keiji> then*

[20:00:24] <Feli> Marin, Sho and Rin?

[20:00:30] <Chao> ...Derp

[20:00:39] <Keiji> mkay

[20:00:46] <Marin> 3

[20:00:49] <Sho> 3

[20:00:52] <Rin> 3

[20:00:53] <Lagnus> 3

[20:00:59] <Arle Nadja> 3

[20:01:06] <Keiji> > Listening to Vocaloid music

[20:01:10] <Keiji> > This is not appropriate for this RP

[20:01:16] <Keiji> Hmm.

[20:01:23] <Keiji> I don't know what to /cue.

[20:01:25] <Feli> The strange premonition I sensed...was you five? No....it can't be!

[20:01:41] <Marin> Eh? Who's there~?

[20:01:56] <Keiji> /cue something, Chao D:

[20:02:00] <Arle Nadja> Mmm? Oh, I think that's "Feli"

[20:02:30] <Chao> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zSOSAEtctE dero

[20:02:35] <Sho> OOC: As in "Felicopter"? I'm sure that's a protector...

[20:02:35] <Chao> *derp

[20:02:41] <Chao> LOL

[20:02:50] <Keiji> also failcue

[20:03:02] <Keiji> going to hit r til i get something good

[20:03:09] <Keiji> > Get subterra

[20:03:16] <Keiji> Wow I actually wasn't expecting that at all

[20:03:53] <Marin> **I move away from the mess of street signs to catch a glimpse of Feli

[20:04:06] <Feli> Although there is an usual air about you, you aren't exactly what I have sensed....irritating...

[20:04:16] <Keiji> Oohyay, Knuckleduster. That's appropriate :D

[20:04:31] <Lagnus> Unusual? Irritating? Not us!

[20:05:38] <Rin> So, how did you get in here anyway? We've been wondering around for way too long.

[20:06:51] <Feli> My dowsing rods have led me through here. They are pointing in the direction of my target. Three of you....died before. Such was your fate...

[20:07:25] <Sho> *clenches a fist* Y'know, you don't have to go out of your way to bring that up...

[20:07:26] <Feli> And, as far as I can see....such still remains to be your fate!

[20:07:34] <Sho> ...

[20:07:39] <Sho> *punch*

[20:08:04] <Feli> Ei!! -hops back a little-

[20:08:12] <Sho> What a rude girl. Now why don't we try to find a better way out of here.

[20:08:31] <Lagnus> I couldn't agree more...

[20:08:42] <Sho> (Just for a unique color)

[20:09:15] <Feli> You shall see it yet! A great catastrophe will happen! And in the midst of it you will fall! Such is fate!

[20:09:41] <Sho> Uh yeah, whatever you say missy.

[20:10:15] <Marin> Sho...

[20:10:20] <Marin> -sigh-

[20:10:47] <Arle Nadja> Um, in case you haven't noticed, we're already in a "great catastrophe," and if you're not gonna help us than you should go find someone else to antagonize.

[20:13:00] <Keiji> (...?)

[20:13:18] <Keiji> (Waiting for Feli.)

[20:14:02] <Feli> Hmph! Denying fate as always Arle. You wont be able to escape it forever...it will eventually catch up to you.

[20:14:23] <Feli> I am searching for the one who will prevail above the catastrophe

[20:14:31] <Feli> and they are not here.

[20:14:41] <Sho> Then go look somewhere else?

[20:16:03] <Feli> I shall, knowing exactly where they are. -she begins to follow her rods again, they point her through various paths through the maze-

[20:16:52] <Marin> Well, let's move on, I guess...

[20:17:35] <Arle Nadja> Lets...

[20:18:40] <Rin> Why did we come in here anyway?

[20:18:54] <Rin> [Everyone walks in a circle and bumps into Feli again.]

[20:19:11] <Sho> ...! Not you again...

[20:19:13] <Feli> Hmph! You again?!

[20:19:40] <Feli> I see that obstacles have been placed in my way!

[20:20:03] <Arle Nadja> And now we're obstacles?

[20:20:14] <Marin> ...We just want to get out of here, Miss Feli.

[20:21:18] <Feli> Then listen well! These roads are a maze! -a cloud of black smoke appears, and in it a vision of Rider when she was stuck here in the Meteor Arc-

[20:21:45] <Feli> If you do not know your final destination, you will never hope to find your way out.

[20:22:23] <Marin> Don't know our final destination...

[20:22:49] <Marin> Hey, that's right! We just came here looking for somewhere to stay, didn't we? Rather than anything specific.

[20:23:04] <Marin> But... it doesn't help that we don't know this world at all... -_-;

[20:23:29] <Feli> This maze has four exits, or entrances. It seems you came from the west entrance in Puyopolis. The east exit is connected to the Woods of Nahe, the south to the desert...

[20:23:41] <Feli> But no one knows what lies north of here...

[20:23:47] <Feli> But I shall soon find out.

[20:24:37] <Feli> If you want to continue to escape your fate, it is likely in your best interest to avoid the northern exit, less you want to meet an early demise.

[20:25:21] <Rin> Well, a desert seems like a pretty pointless destination, so shall we head east?

[20:25:39] <Arle Nadja> Let's head east then!

[20:26:06] <Lagnus> Woods. Perhaps the Woods Theta and I fell in? They seem to be pretty safe and secluded.

[20:27:42] <Feli> Then this is where we truly part ways. It is my fate to travel north. We shall meet again...

[20:28:24] <Keiji> /cue Edge of Disgrace

[20:28:52] <Sho> Alright, let's just forget about her and concentrate on finding our way east.

[20:29:31] <Feli> -Feli continues north to Nulle Part Lane, while the others head east-

[20:30:14] <Keiji> (Who are we following now?)

[20:30:52] <Chao> (Well, Nulle Part leads to Satan's Old Tower...)

[20:31:24] <Chao> (I guess it depends on weather you'd rather save Feli's encounter with Angol for later or for now)

[20:32:40] <Keiji> (Up to you, it looks like we ought to do both at some point though)

[20:33:09] <Chao> (Let's do Feli and Angol at the end then, That leaves us at a good start for SHAME)

[20:33:34] <Keiji> (ok)

[20:33:37] <Feli> 4

[20:34:53] <Chao> [the others eventually make their way out of the maze, ending up at the entrance of the Woods]

[20:37:12] <Lagnus> Yes! These are the exact woods Theta and I were teleported to.

[20:37:28] <Lagnus> Er..."chronoported"? I don't know.

[20:37:32] <Rin> You know your way around, then, Yuusha-sama?

[20:37:55] <Lagnus> I should, I had to navigate out of them to get back to the city.

[20:38:05] <Arle Nadja> How convinient!

[20:38:27] <Marin> Do you think it's likely we can set up camp here?

[20:39:01] <Arle Nadja> Well, I would think so yeah, I mean, it's kind of a hassle to even find this place on foot.

[20:39:12] <Arle Nadja> So we'd be safe hiding out here if we needed to

[20:40:58] <Chao> (brb)

[20:41:04] <Marin> Hmm... perhaps we should start thinking about our objectives.

[20:42:11] <Rin> Well, we need to defeat Angol... again. I get the feeling something a bit deeper than just that is going on, though.

[20:44:30] <Arle Nadja> You're not the only one

[20:44:51] <Lagnus> There are other evil entities besides Angol present here.

[20:45:10] <Lagnus> There is also Ekoro.

[20:46:27] <Sho> "Ekoro"? Didn't someone mention something about him and a clone of me?

[20:47:27] <Arle Nadja> Yeah. Long story short, Ekoro's sort of a "repeat villain" too, and the first evil plan involved him making a bunch of clones. One of them I guess is a clone of you that tried to pretend he was the real deal.

[20:47:55] <Keiji> > Sho makes another clone

[20:47:56] <Keiji> sorry I had to

[20:48:03] <Chao> XD

[20:48:55] <Marin> Well, I think the two of you may well have to guide us for that... we don't know this world, after all.

[20:49:45] <Marin> But first... we need to go about a camp, don't we?

[20:49:46] <Lagnus> Nor do we know what kind of threat Angol poses, so you would have to aid us against him, likewise. Fair enough if I do say so myself.

[20:49:55] <Arle Nadja> Yeah.

[20:50:15] <Arle Nadja> Any good ideas, Lagnus?

[20:51:55] <Lagnus> Well, there IS a clearing in the woods! There's a small pond and and all.

[20:52:24] <Marin> Ooh, water's always good♪

[20:52:51] <Arle Nadja> Yup! ~♪

[20:53:38] <Sho> We brought tents, at least.

[20:54:39] <Lagnus> That's always good. -begins leading them to the clearing-

[20:56:37] <Marin> -sees the pond come into view-

[20:57:41] <Arle Nadja> Ah, it's so serene here!

[20:58:06] <Lagnus> Isn't it? I considered my self lucky Theta and I landed here, and not somewhere else.

[20:59:27] <Marin> It sure is.

[20:59:34] <Marin> OOC: Wouldn't be surprised to see Seriri pop out of the pond.

[20:59:49] <Sho> *busy pitching tents while everyone else is mumbling about the scenery*

[21:00:37] <Arle Nadja> You need any help with that Sho?

[21:01:34] <Sho> That would be much appreciated...

[21:02:12] <Arle Nadja> Okay! -helps Sho pitch the tents-

[21:02:30] <Lagnus> What was your world like?

[21:02:55] <Marin> ...Not much different to where we are now, to be honest...

[21:03:15] <Lagnus> Hm...I see.

[21:03:23] <Marin> There was certainly no city or ridiculous labyrinth, but this forest is much more homely~

[21:03:52] <Lagnus> I see! Very interesting...

[21:05:46] <Keiji> ......and I'm out of stuff to do XD

[21:06:04] <Arle Nadja> I don't know about you guys but I'm starving! How about we eat some curry after I finish these tents?

[21:06:21] <Chao> (and after the gang responds we'll switch to Feli)

[21:06:24] <Keiji> how did I know you'd do that

[21:06:44] <Marin> Ooh, curry would be lovely~♪

[21:06:48] <Chao> Because Arle's curry is a gag? XD

[21:09:04] <Keiji> ...let's just do feli lolz

[21:09:20] <Chao> [Meanwhile, Feli is entering Satan's Old Tower...which doesn't look so old anymore for some reason. Inside, Gypsum and Draco are milling about, waiting for Angol to return from last episode's shenanigans]

[21:09:24] <Lagnus> 4

[21:09:26] <Arle Nadja> 4

[21:09:32] <Feli> 3

[21:09:32] <Marin> 4

[21:09:33] <Sho> 4

[21:09:34] <Rin> 4

[21:09:39] <Gypsum> 3

[21:09:39] <Draco> 3

[21:09:49] <Keiji> nice rainbow

[21:09:55] <Keiji> almost-rainbow

[21:10:10] <Chao> Double rainbow across the neptune

[21:10:17] <Chao> What does this mean

[21:10:29] <Keiji> lol

[21:10:55] <Feli> My divination has lead me here...

[21:11:48] <Gypsum> -doing paperwork, she lifts her head from this to greet Feli- Hmm? Draco, do you know this girl?

[21:11:59] <Gypsum> OOC: Oh great, another bitchy witchy :T

[21:12:26] <Draco> *practicing her firebreathing abilities, but stops and looks up* Hm... rings a bell, but I'm not sure...

[21:12:46] <Draco> Eh, she looks cute enough to say hi to~

[21:13:21] <Feli> I am Feli. I have come here for very important reasons.

[21:13:53] <Feli> Is the owner of the tower here to speak with?

[21:14:02] <Draco> He's out at the moment...

[21:14:19] <Draco> But he should be back soon, so why don't you join us while waiting?

[21:14:29] <Feli> I shall...

[21:14:41] <Gypsum> I am Gypsum. This is Miss Draco.

[21:15:49] <Draco> Make yourself at home~

[21:16:26] <Feli> -makes a seat next to Draco- So, you are the famous Draco...I learned of your exploits as I was studying Dark Magic abroad.

[21:16:44] <Draco> Oh? Do tell.

[21:17:18] <Feli> You are famous for ridding Primp of Ekoro, yes? You also freed Ms. Accord from being Popoi's puppet.

[21:17:57] <Feli> Your presence here can only confirm my divination further. I am indeed fated to be here.

[21:18:11] <Draco> Indeed we did... Though Ekoro is back, and Accord is.... pretty much his plaything, now...

[21:18:49] <Chao> [At this moment, Angol and Daichi walk in.]

[21:18:55] <Angol Mois> 3

[21:18:59] <Angol Mois> I have returned.

[21:19:08] <Draco> Oh, welcome back, Sir Mois!♪

[21:19:09] <Daichi> 3

[21:19:15] <Daichi> -Following Angol-

[21:19:16] <Keiji> Lol 3 red

[21:19:22] <Keiji> let's sort that out hmm

[21:19:32] <Keiji> I know Angol has been blue before

[21:20:04] <Keiji> ...brown? why lol

[21:20:10] <Keiji> Do blue

[21:20:29] <Keiji> That's better.

[21:20:38] <Keiji> For the remaining conflict... not sure.

[21:20:45] <Keiji> Draco could go green.

[21:20:49] <Feli> ...So, my divination has not failed me.

[21:21:15] <Keiji> yeah, let's do that.

[21:22:10] <Draco> Just one question, Feli-kun~ What exactly do you mean by divination, anyway?

[21:23:17] <Feli> Before I arrived here, I peered into the future. A great catastrophe is going to happen. The world will be plunged into chaos and turmoil. I sought out the person who would triumph over this world calamity.

[21:23:20] <Feli> And that person...

[21:23:36] <Feli> Is him!!! -her rods point directly at Daichi-

[21:23:52] <Angol Mois> Oh...?

[21:23:54] <Draco> -tilts her head- Daichi?

[21:24:29] <Draco> I think you might be hyperboling a little...

[21:24:45] <Feli> There is a strange quality about him...I can sense it will lead him, and those allied with him through the disaster and into great prosperity...

[21:24:57] <Angol Mois> Or perhaps your rods are pointing to me.

[21:25:05] <Angol Mois> After all, he's standing right in front of me

[21:25:47] <Angol Mois> But I don't deny that Daichi has a certain power. And as of today, he no longer denies that to himself. Isn't that right, Daichi?

[21:26:08] <Daichi> That's right.

[21:27:02] <Daichi> Either way, I guess this girl wants to join us...should we let her?

[21:28:00] <Draco> Why not? The world needs moar occult lolis!

[21:28:32] <Draco> By the way, Gypsum, is there anything in that paperwork of yours that mentions this "tournament" we're supposed to be participating in?

[21:28:34] <Angol Mois> And besides, I would be foolish to say that her abilities to see messages hidden in the stars and spirits are useless.

[21:28:46] <Gypsum> Tournament?

[21:29:03] <Draco> Yeah, something about Period 5. You know, like how we're now a team of 5.

[21:29:22] <Gypsum> -she quickly scans through the paperwork, but doesn't seem to find Tournament and Period 5 anywhere-

[21:29:36] <Draco> Hm, well that's a shame.

[21:29:45] <Draco> I'm sure we'll find out soon enough...

[21:30:08] <Feli> Perhaps it is destiny. I will keep the significance of the number 5 in my mind.

[21:30:20] <Draco> In any case, there are opponents, which means fighting! Yay! -fistbumps herself-


[21:30:47] <Daichi> I'm with you on that Draco!

[21:31:19] <Draco> Ooh, ooh, and maybe I'll finally get a chance at Arle this way~ Nyaha!

[21:31:49] <Feli> The tournament is likely to reveal the true nature of these mysterious events as well...

[21:32:31] <Angol Mois> And most importantly, our victory shall ensure that we shall accomplish our goal. We must not lose.

[21:32:56] <Angol Mois> Daichi has much training to undergo, in order to control his power...

[21:33:26] <Draco> Ne, ne, you won't get jealous will you Gypsum? -glomps her-

[21:34:13] <Gypsum> Jealous? Wh-Why would I be jealous? I'm more than happy I will be able to crush that Wench!

[21:34:32] <Gypsum> Provided she is our opponent as well

[21:35:10] <Draco> Oh, I'm just saying... if I ever see Arle in a predicament, I don't think I'll be able to hold back~

[21:36:38] <Angol Mois> We will see if Arle lands in a convenient enough predicament, then.

[21:38:15] <Daichi> I'll train really hard Angol! I wont let you down! Any of you...

[21:38:44] <Draco> Yay! Thanks guys~

[21:39:05] <Draco> Don't worry Feli-kun, I won't let you out of the fun either~ -glomps her too-

[21:40:45] <Feli> I will see to it we have much fun eliminating our opponents. -purple Feli.png-

[21:41:05] <Draco> So, what's the plan?

[21:42:19] <Angol Mois> Our plan is to strike down our most formidable adversaries first, or else make temporary alliances with them, then we go after the stragglers.

[21:43:38] <Draco> "Most formidable", hmm... and who would they be?

[21:44:35] <Angol Mois> Initially, I thought Ekoro would be the most troublesome nuisance, and I wouldn't carelessly ignore him just yet.

[21:45:12] <Angol Mois> But those clones also have remarkable persistence, as well as power in their own right.

[21:46:32] <Draco> Perhaps the most sensible first thing to do would be to find out how everyone's teamed up.

[21:46:59] <Angol Mois> I do agree.

[21:47:20] <Angol Mois> Do we have any information on that already?

[21:47:36] <Angol Mois> Or must we hunt for /all/ of it?

[21:49:07] <Draco> Well, I wouldn't know, I've pretty much been sitting here since before the team building thing even began!

[21:49:42] <Gypsum> Indeed. I believe only Daichi or Feli could have any insight on that.

[21:49:48] <Gypsum> And even then, very little.

[21:51:10] <Daichi> Well, Ekoro has uh...5 people I think. I remember there were two others with him at that fight...and then he had other guy and that teacher woman...

[21:51:15] <Daichi> but that's it.

[21:52:29] <Angol Mois> So it is possible Ekoro also has a team of 5. How interesting. Regardless, that dictates that we must learn about the others first; if necessary, we can work with what we have on Ekoro.

[21:53:14] <Draco> Yeah, Ekoro's pretty much keeping Accord hostage, that much I know.

[21:54:08] <Draco> That crazy ice ghost and silly old Witchy bitchy ran off with him, too.

[21:54:39] <Angol Mois> So we can confirm at least 4 of them. That is useful to know.

[21:54:41] <Draco> Honestly, what do they see in him?

[21:55:23] <Daichi> -shrug- I dunno. The guy's a nutso as far as I know.

[21:55:47] <Feli> Perhaps then it is worth mentioning I saw Arle traveling with a small party of others.

[21:56:28] <Feli> A warrior and three others....

[21:57:32] <Draco> A warrior? That's probably Lagnus.

[21:57:59] <Draco> Arle and Lagnus do hang out a lot, after all.

[21:58:03] <Gypsum> -is rapidly taking notes on all of this, placing the names in a little chart she's drawn up-

[21:58:57] <Angol Mois> And the other three?

[21:59:25] <Feli> One was predominately pink, another blue, one green...all of them reincarnated from past lives.

[21:59:38] <Angol Mois> !

[21:59:45] <Angol Mois> Hm...

[22:00:47] <Daichi> Pink, Blue, and Green....

[22:01:00] <Draco> ...reincarnated? o_O


[22:01:11] <Keiji> LOL

[22:01:46] <Feli> Reincarnated. As in, a second life after death.

[22:02:18] <Feli> Their pasts were as cloudy and mysterious as the future, however

[22:02:19] <Draco> Well, I knew what it meant... I've just never heard of anyone being reincarnated so far.

[22:04:05] <Angol Mois> Either way, interesting Arle has formed her own team of 5...although rather irritating it be with my old enemies.

[22:04:33] <Draco> Your old enemies?

[22:05:22] <Gypsum> Master's old enemies. Daichi was once an enemy of him too, but no more.

[22:06:58] <Angol Mois> Their identities are not relevant at the moment.

[22:07:18] <Draco> Oh, that's okay. I was just wondering if there was another cute girl to glomp.

[22:07:30] <Angol Mois> Does anyone else see a repeating pattern?

[22:07:42] <Draco> A repeating pattern..?

[22:07:49] <Draco> Of what?

[22:08:02] <Angol Mois> There are three "teams" we know of...ours, Arle's and Ekoro's. All of them have 5 people.

[22:08:30] <Angol Mois> Their composition is also carefully crafted.

[22:08:50] <Keiji> hold on a sec.

[22:08:55] <Keiji> How does Angol know this?

[22:09:13] <Chao> He's just making inferences from the intell they've discussed

[22:09:21] <Keiji> "Their composition is also carefully crafted."

[22:09:28] <Keiji> I feel like you're going to start talking about the LOPAC roles.

[22:09:40] <Chao> He isn't?

[22:09:45] <Keiji> Oh, that's okay then

[22:10:13] <Keiji> Yeah, I just wanted to point out that at this point no character should really know that - they might know a few things, but not the whole puzzle

[22:10:23] <Keiji> But go on if it's something else.

[22:10:52] <Angol Mois> Perhaps Draco and Feli are right in predicting 5 will have important significance.

[22:11:04] <Draco> Hmm...

[22:11:12] <Draco> Maybe there are 5 teams in all, too?

[22:11:27] <Angol Mois> Exactly.

[22:11:30] <Draco> After all, we haven't yet accounted for the clones... and that damn puppet.

[22:11:44] <Angol Mois> Puppet?

[22:12:54] <Draco> Yeah, crazy mystery girl about so tall (she indicates about 2 feet with her hands positioned like she's carrying an invisible doll), except for when she randomly decides to grow to the same height as the rest of us...

[22:13:14] <Draco> And there's no telling where her power stops.

[22:13:22] <Angol Mois> Oh. The one that I violently provoked entering this world.

[22:13:30] <Draco> ...Yeah, her!

[22:13:40] <Angol Mois> Indeed, we must be wary of her, too.

[22:13:48] <Draco> Bahaha, I'd forgotten about that. I bet it was fun tormenting her, huh?

[22:14:03] <Draco> I ought to add her to my to-rape list.

[22:14:06] <Angol Mois> Decidedly so.

[22:15:09] <Draco> Still, I wonder what she's up to.

[22:15:58] <Gypsum> We haven't even encountered her since that incident.

[22:16:19] <Gypsum> It seems like she didn't follow us into her own portal

[22:16:52] <Draco> Yeah, she was pretty damn emo at the time.

[22:17:15] <Draco> "You guys want out of her so badly? Then just go!" ... was it?

[22:17:19] <Draco> Something like that, anyway.

[22:17:30] <Draco> *out of here LOL

[22:17:53] <Angol Mois> Yes...

[22:18:12] <Angol Mois> Perhaps even locating her, much less collecting intell, will be a chore.

[22:18:50] <Draco> Then, maybe we should eliminate those we know most about first?

[22:18:59] <Draco> Instead of trying to decide who's the biggest threat.

[22:19:12] <Draco> If we do that, the ninjas are bound to show themselves at some point.

[22:19:35] <Angol Mois> Perhaps so...especially if it is in their best interest to keep others like Ekoro and Arle in the picture.

[22:20:04] <Angol Mois> And then we strike them once they are exposed and vulnerable

[22:20:12] <Draco> Mm, I'm gonna keep Arle in a cell in my dungeon~ Wait. Do we have a dungeon?

[22:20:27] <Angol Mois> We indeed have a dungeon.

[22:22:15] <Draco> So... right now, it sounds like Arle's team is the one we know most about.

[22:22:55] <Feli> I predicted they would be the first to fall...I was not wrong.

[22:23:23] <Daichi> So, we're gonna kidnap Arle?...

[22:23:34] <Draco> Hells yeah!

[22:24:06] <Angol Mois> Using her as bait, we'll lure the others here as well, and they will be vanquished, leaving Arle with us.

[22:26:14] <Angol Mois> And with that, let the games begin.


Character text lines: 234
User text lines: 66
Action lines: 16

By character

Draco: 56
Feli: 44
Marin: 20
Lagnus: 15
Sho: 14
Gypsum: 13
Daichi: 11
Rin: 6