Episode 36 - Chat log

Start date: Tue Oct 25, 2011. All times are UTC.

[10:46:25] <Juichi> *Wakes up REAAAAAALLY late and checks the time...*

[10:46:45] <Juichi> OH CRAP I SLEPT IN

[10:47:22] <Amitie> Oh, Hi Juichi! What are you doing here?

[10:47:25] <Juichi> .......

[10:47:31] <Keiji> damnit lol

[10:47:40] <Chao> derp sorry

[10:47:45] <Juichi> *gets himself together and runs off to find Amitie*

[10:48:01] <Juichi> *finally arrives at the desert where everyone was, panting*

[10:48:23] <Chao> [insert Amitie's first line here]

[10:48:31] <Amitie> Oh, Hi Juichi! What are you doing here?

[10:48:46] <Juichi> ...Huh? We were gonna go out today, weren't we?

[10:49:00] <Juichi> I apologise for being stupidly late!

[10:49:06] <Amitie> G-Go out? We're dating??

[10:49:08] <Juichi> ...

[10:49:12] <Juichi> -sweatdrop-

[10:49:13] <Juichi> No!

[10:49:17] <Juichi> With the others...

[10:49:24] <Juichi> That are all here, I guess.

[10:49:25] <Juichi> /waves

[10:49:31] <Amitie> Oh...Yeah, these guys.

[10:49:35] <Amitie> We're about to become

[10:49:46] <Amitie> WONDERFUL MAGIC USERS~♥♥♥

[10:49:59] <Strigina> Well, you were almost forgotten there

[10:50:00] <Strigina> .

[10:50:07] <Juichi> (did she really think that?! Who wants someone with such a crazy fashion sense anyway.)

[10:50:30] <Juichi> Indeed, we should all train really hard!

[10:50:39] <Juichi> So that we can partake in not this tournament, but the next one!

[10:50:44] <Juichi> (Well, if there is one, anyway.)

[10:50:50] <Sig> Hi Juichi. I'm gonna work hard too...tournament?

[10:50:59] <Amitie> There's a tournament?

[10:51:07] <Juichi> Yeah... as in the one we're not in.

[10:51:38] <Amitie> I didn't know there was a tournament!

[10:51:43] <Strigina> Even if there isn't, at least the chances of you all getting through a disaster without much hassle would rise.

[10:51:52] <Mikki> Wait huh tournament?

[10:51:52] <Amitie> Maybe that's why Klug got all bent out of shape...

[10:52:04] <Juichi> Amitie, you airhead, you were there when the others were forming their teams!

[10:52:48] <Sig> ...Amitie is forgetful. She didn't even remember her spelling quiz after I helped her.

[10:52:59] <Sig> Anyway.

[10:53:25] <Mikki> -cough-

[10:53:45] <Amitie> So...how come we can't still be in this one?

[10:54:07] <Juichi> It started already, I guess.

[10:54:16] <Juichi> I don't really get what's going on myself.

[10:54:21] <Amitie> Well fiddlesticks. :c

[10:54:37] <Amitie> I wanted to help everyone beat Ekoro!

[10:54:39] <Akkie> -read read-

[10:54:59] <Juichi> OOC: LET THE SPEED MEND IT

[10:55:08] <Juichi> OOC: We're in a desert after all.

[10:56:34] <Juichi> ...

[10:56:50] <Sig> Ekoro has Rider and Ms. Accord..

[10:56:57] <Sig> Can't we save them?

[10:57:51] <Juichi> Save them... with whose power?

[10:58:13] <Juichi> I'm alright at melee, but practically nothing else.

[10:59:08] <Strigina> Even with me, it'll take quite a while 'til we do save them. But we won't be too late~

[10:59:35] <Juichi> ...I don't think we've met.

[10:59:56] <Strigina> Oh, how rude of me!

[10:59:56] <Sig> That's Stringy Rice Strigina.

[11:00:06] <Strigina> Strigina Reuiss, to be exact.

[11:01:00] <Lam> Ma here's... really fond of playing around with her toys.

[11:01:09] <Juichi> ....toys? o_O

[11:01:15] <Akkie> For toys...

[11:01:25] <Amitie> ...o_o

[11:01:44] <Mikki> Helps her see whatever's happening.

[11:02:20] <Juichi> O...kay.

[11:02:40] <Sig> Uh...huh...I don't get it.

[11:02:53] <Sig> Must not be very important then.

[11:02:57] <Strigina> Hey, enough about me. Let's talk about the situation at hand.

[11:03:42] <Juichi> -shrugs- Well, we are spectators after all. We could just let the teams fight it out.

[11:03:44] <Akkie> Trollian/Whatever Jade/Rose were using (crystal ball?) on a rice bowl.

[11:03:58] <Juichi> I'm sure Arle and co will win!

[11:04:10] <Sig> Yay, Arle!

[11:04:39] <Amitie> You betcha! There's no way Arle can lose!

[11:05:05] <Juichi> Well, now that that's settled, let's grab some popcorn.

[11:05:19] <Juichi> ...Oh wait, we were supposed to be training...

[11:05:24] <Juichi> -sweatdrop

[11:05:25] <Juichi> -

[11:05:29] <Strigina> Yes, definitely the best time for popcorn... -sarcasm-

[11:05:33] <Amitie> Right..

[11:05:47] <Keiji> Where's Rider?

[11:05:58] <Chao> Kidnapped by Ekoro, you dope

[11:06:00] <Akkie> Taken by the Ekoro, silly.

[11:06:01] <Keiji> ...oh

[11:06:04] <Keiji> derp

[11:06:17] <Chao> inb4 "You forgot Rider"

[11:06:38] <Juichi> ..Yeah, I totally forgot Rider! We were supposed to be saving her!

[11:06:50] <Sig> Yeah!

[11:06:58] <Amitie> Yup!

[11:07:06] <Amitie> So...what are we waiting for?

[11:07:09] <Mikki> I thought you just said "Not with that power".

[11:07:13] <Juichi> ...power?

[11:07:22] <Mikki> -cough-

[11:07:36] <Sig> Which comes first?...

[11:07:52] <Juichi> Well, surely, if we're going to beat Ekoro and save Rider, we'd need to become powerful.

[11:08:39] <Strigina> If we're talking about training and becoming more powerful to be able to handle conflicts with less problems...

[11:08:50] <Strigina> Then why are we doing it in the middle of a desert?

[11:09:01] <Amitie> Good question.

[11:09:14] <Juichi> Oh, yeah, and I've been meaning to ask.

[11:09:18] <Juichi> What's with that giant crater?

[11:09:23] <Lam> Oh, this?

[11:09:27] <Sig> ...sorry.

[11:09:37] <Lam> This was when Ekoro took Rider.

[11:09:47] <Lam> Specifically, me stabbing the blobs out of Ekoro...

[11:09:55] <Lam> And Sig took them in...

[11:10:00] <Juichi> Oh dear.

[11:10:25] <Lam> And he went berserk (It's the second time, right?)...

[11:10:51] <Sig> I felt totally weird...like a completely different person...but the power....

[11:11:19] <Juichi> ...No, let's not rely on any strange transformations.

[11:11:48] <Strigina> ... Vervoer.

[11:11:51] <Juichi> ?

[11:12:07] <Amitie> Alrighty then. We'll become wonderful all by ourselves!...Huh?

[11:12:18] <Akkie> [Here's Rice-Strings transporting them to that place she has on mind.]

[11:12:45] <Chao> (....which is? :P)

[11:13:01] <Akkie> Enter a command, Keiji.

[11:13:13] <Chao> ...

[11:13:42] <Keiji> ...uh

[11:13:55] <Keiji> well I was waiting to see where everyone was being taken.

[11:14:12] <Chao> ^

[11:14:56] <Akkie> -cough, cough, prepares to explain-

[11:15:53] <Akkie> What I had on mind was some kind of plot for the spectators that would actually be partially-important to the plot that Keiji alone knows.

[11:17:49] <Keiji> ...the spectators don't have any plot.

[11:18:45] <Chao> lol

[11:20:02] <Keiji> were you expecting a plot? XD

[11:20:35] <Chao> The spectators are the spectators because they don't have an important role in this arc. If I'm interpreting this correctly, Akkie wants them to have a role, but awkwardly asking for your permission AND for you to plot it for them isn't going to get the desired results.

[11:20:38] <Akkie> Not so much expect plot...

[11:22:18] <Akkie> If nothing surprisingly interesting is going to happen in that session...

[11:22:21] <Keiji> Point is, the spectators are mainly just here for randomness~

[11:22:46] <Keiji> I was considering doing something relatively interesting, but then Rice-Strings decided to teleport, so I thought you'd do something.

[11:22:47] <Chao> ^

[11:24:29] <Akkie> What did Keiji have in mind?

[11:24:44] <Keiji> well, I won't spoil it for you :P

[11:25:10] <Akkie> (Why is it my ideas of epic keep leaving me when I start banging away on the keyboard?)

[11:26:13] <Keiji> *image of Karkat, Karkat and Jade here*

[11:26:38] <Chao> Back to RP then going with Keiji's route?

[11:26:53] <Keiji> Okay then.

[11:26:57] <Keiji> Ignore the teleport.

[11:27:20] <Akkie> -cough, failed to explain in time-

[11:27:50] <Arle Nadja> 3

[11:27:56] <Akkie> Whatever Keiji had in mind... did it involve going to another place, I wonder.

[11:28:00] <Chao> :

[11:28:05] <Chao> *:OOOO

[11:28:13] <Arle Nadja> Hi guys~

[11:28:24] <Keiji> also how is Tomoko ABOVE Arle in Akkie's character list

[11:28:29] <Amitie> Arle!

[11:28:41] <Sig> Hi, Arle~

[11:28:47] <Arle Nadja> That's a giant crater.

[11:28:54] <Lam> AR~LE~

[11:28:55] <Sig> ....sorry.

[11:29:02] <Keiji> ...In before Arle Proximity to Crater

[11:29:15] <Chao> YOU'RE A CRATER

[11:29:23] <Mikki> It happened again. Just with Ekoro instead of Popoi.

[11:29:24] <Arle Nadja> So, what's everyone standing around moping for?

[11:29:57] <Amitie> Ekoro's kidnapped Rider and Ms. Accord! We're just...wondering what to do about it...

[11:30:18] <Amitie> (That's totally embarrassing to say in front of such a wonderful magic user like Arle)

[11:30:49] <Arle Nadja> Hmm, Ekoro's pretty powerful, isn't he...

[11:31:26] <Strigina> And he has some allies at his side...

[11:31:52] <Sig> Mm...

[11:31:53] <Strigina> And playthings to make use of.

[11:32:58] <Akkie> (Is now all like "Screw the early Dutch spell transportation thing. ARLE HAS COME.)

[11:33:07] <Arle Nadja> *looks around at everyone* So, essentially, you're not confident you can beat him.

[11:33:22] <Amitie> ...Nope.

[11:33:31] <Sig> But...we gotta!

[11:33:49] <Arle Nadja> You gotta?

[11:34:13] <Strigina> ... some things are definitely bound to happen when fighting someone like that.

[11:34:14] <Arle Nadja> I wouldn't be so worried~

[11:34:28] <Strigina> Even if there's a chance, those things will definitely happen.

[11:34:33] <Arle Nadja> After all...

[11:34:42] <Arle Nadja> Rider'll be fine when the tourny's over.

[11:34:52] <Sig> She will?

[11:35:52] <Lam> Such a tournament... (Asking Mama Rice-Strings will be useless.)

[11:36:04] <Arle Nadja> Sure.

[11:36:10] <Juichi> So, as I thought...

[11:36:23] <Juichi> Even if we do nothing, Rider will be fine?

[11:36:32] <Juichi> It sounds pretty lazy, though.

[11:36:50] <Amitie> Yeah.

[11:37:20] <Arle Nadja> Yet you're not doing anything.

[11:37:30] <Strigina> Rider's not the only conflict around here, yes?

[11:37:52] <Arle Nadja> Because you're too weak.

[11:37:54] <Arle Nadja> -grin-

[11:38:14] <Amitie> Hey! That was kind of mean!

[11:38:24] <Arle Nadja> [Suddenly, a flash of red.]

[11:38:27] <Arle Nadja> 4

[11:38:31] <Auriol> 3

[11:38:38] <Chao> I knew it lmao

[11:38:50] <Sig> Arle...?

[11:39:09] <Strigina> Arley, there's a reason for this presence. -unfazed by the EPIC REVEAL-

[11:39:10] <Auriol> You /really/ wonder why you can't have a place in the tournament?

[11:39:18] <Auriol> /really/?

[11:39:26] <Auriol> It's pretty obvious, I'd say.

[11:39:29] <Lam> It's not really much to wonder about.

[11:39:53] <Sig> Is it because we're too weak and lazy?

[11:40:01] <Auriol> Clearly.

[11:40:08] <Auriol> Look, you're all just standing there.

[11:40:11] <Auriol> In a desert.

[11:40:14] <Auriol> Next to a giant crater.

[11:40:17] <Sig> ....

[11:40:26] <Auriol> How pathetic.

[11:40:40] <Sig> ......

[11:40:45] <Juichi> ...um.

[11:40:55] <Juichi> Well, even if we can't do anything about Rider or the tournament...

[11:41:01] <Juichi> ...do you have any idea what's up with Nanako?

[11:41:10] <Auriol> "Nanako"?

[11:41:19] <Lam> Right, Nanako!

[11:41:24] <Auriol> She's a jerk.

[11:41:43] <Amitie> Huh?!

[11:41:56] <Auriol> Goodness knows what she's doing.

[11:42:10] <Auriol> But it's safe to say she doesn't really care about any of you guys.

[11:42:16] <Juichi> ..."!

[11:42:23] <Juichi> ;_;

[11:42:23] <Amitie> Get real!

[11:42:30] <Auriol> Oh, I'm very real.

[11:42:32] <Sig> ??

[11:42:58] <Mikki> What do you suggest we do about that, now you're talking about it.

[11:43:14] <Auriol> Nothing, just like your silly Rider problem.

[11:43:21] <Sig> ......

[11:43:26] <Auriol> Bahahaha! It's not like there's anything you CAN do!

[11:43:57] <Sig> ....I...I'm sick of doing nothing....

[11:44:06] <Auriol> Oh, I know your pain alright.

[11:44:16] <Strigina> Arley...

[11:44:31] <Strigina> As we all know, "prepare" =/= "nothing".

[11:45:25] <Satan> 3

[11:45:31] <Satan> Arley

[11:45:36] <Keiji> ...damn enter

[11:45:42] <Amitie> S-Stan!!

[11:46:00] <Satan> Arle~y~ What're you hanging around for? The Bus of Love is here!

[11:46:58] <Strigina> Well, your sweetheart's here to pick you up. How sad the conversation had to be cut~

[11:47:24] <Nanako> 3

[11:47:30] <Nanako> -gets out the bus with a spinning head-

[11:47:36] <Sig> !!!

[11:47:37] <Nanako> -regains her balance-

[11:47:39] <Nanako> Satan!

[11:47:59] <Nanako> What the hell do you think you're doing, dragging me around like that?

[11:48:30] <Juichi> Nanako-sama!

[11:48:34] <Amitie> Nanako!

[11:48:39] <Lam> Nanako!

[11:48:46] <Juichi> -runs over to her-

[11:49:11] <Lam> Somebody was talking about whatever the hell you people are supposed to call what I call "agenda".

[11:49:57] <Nanako> I don't need a weakling like you. -kick-

[11:50:04] <Juichi> -falls over- Uwah...

[11:50:06] <Sig> !!

[11:50:10] <Sig> ...it

[11:50:16] <Sig> ...it's true?....

[11:50:36] <Strigina> Nanako~

[11:50:45] <Auriol> See, I told you Nanako is a jerk.

[11:51:07] <Amitie> You're all jerks if you ask me!

[11:51:10] <Amitie> >:T

[11:51:16] <Nanako> (At D. Arle) What'd you say?

[11:51:29] <Auriol> Oh, I'm sooo scared~ Whatever will you do to me!

[11:52:08] <Nanako> *glares and fires a thunder rod at D. Arle*

[11:52:17] <Auriol> *easily blocks the thunder* That all you got?

[11:52:27] <Satan> Now now, ladies, this is no time to be fighting.

[11:52:36] <Satan> After all, we have a desert with a giant crater here.

[11:52:36] <Sig> ........;;

[11:52:43] <Satan> And what do we do with that?

[11:53:08] <Mikki> Hey hey hey, what brings all the ladies here?

[11:53:21] <Satan> -conjures loads of water to fill up the crater, turning it into a huge lake, and the desert surrounding it becomes a beach-

[11:53:37] <Sig> !!

[11:53:45] <Amitie> Woah!

[11:54:05] <Akkie> Akkie wonders how many monsters Ekoro left roaming around the school.

[11:54:13] <Satan> -Also conjures some deckchairs, takes a seat and dons some Cool Shades(TM)... And while he's at it, conjures away Nanako and D. Arle's clothes leaving them in swimsuits-

[11:54:25] <Auriol> ....................Satan-sama!♥

[11:54:35] <Amitie> I want a swim suit too, Stan!

[11:55:20] <Satan> Oh, so glad you decided to join in! -Conjures Amitie's clothes into a swimsuit too-

[11:55:41] <Amitie> Goodie Goodie~♥

[11:55:59] <Nanako> ...-grumbles-

[11:56:02] <Strigina> ... this is right about good, too. -now playing around with some black tendril thing-

[11:56:12] <Juichi> -gets up behind Nanako and pushes her into the water-

[11:56:14] <Strange Klug> 3

[11:56:15] <Strange Klug> Oh, look, a party.

[11:56:33] <Strange Klug> It seems I'm rather late, though.

[11:56:35] <Mikki> IT'S A RANT!!!

[11:56:35] <Juichi> -turns round to see S. Klug appear out of nowhere while Nanako makes a big SPLASH behind him-

[11:56:51] <Keiji> Mikki proximity to Rant S. Klug

[11:57:15] <Nanako> -appears out of the water-

[11:57:17] <Nanako> Juichi!

[11:57:24] <Nanako> ...Well, I guess it won't hurt to have some fun.

[11:57:25] <Akkie> I don't get the proximity joke fully. I WANT ENLIGHTMENT.

[11:57:37] <Nanako> http://cw.nanako.cc/wiki/Fifths

[11:57:40] <Keiji> nickfail

[11:57:47] <Keiji> See the image and the link below the image.

[11:58:03] <Nanako> -lies on her back on the water surface-

[11:58:11] <Akkie> Neheheheh~♥

[11:58:26] <Strange Klug> Fuahahahaha. So, a little home made beach eh? What a charming use for a crater.

[11:58:51] <Nanako> Want to join in~?

[11:59:06] <Nanako> Apparently, Satan can magically transform people's clothes now.

[11:59:18] <Strigina> -is already conjuring some black doll things meanwhile- One of the better uses.

[11:59:46] <Strange Klug> Meh, beaches aren't particularly my fancy. This body's eyeglasses have terrible glare in the sunlight, anyhow.

[12:00:53] <Strange Klug> My enjoyment for the events ahead has yet to begin.

[12:01:18] <Strigina> There's quite a lot in store, I must say.


[12:02:18] <Strigina> OOC: Screw talking. I have Shade Dolls.

[12:02:30] <Akkie> No way related to the echidna of the same name.

[12:02:31] <Auriol> -joins Nanako in the lake-

[12:03:26] <Strange Klug> That aside...

[12:04:13] <Strange Klug> Satan apparently has time to slack off. He rightfully deserves it too, for assembling his team the fastest.

[12:05:48] <Satan> Slack off you say?

[12:05:53] <Satan> Hush!

[12:06:17] <Strange Klug> What, this beach is part of your winning strategy?

[12:06:22] <Strigina> -quite a lot of Shade Dolls she's putting here-

[12:06:46] <Satan> My plans are simply too genius for someone like you to understand as anything more than child's play

[12:06:47] <Satan> !

[12:07:00] <Satan> Ohoho.

[12:07:14] <Strange Klug> Hahaha. Okay then, Satan.

[12:07:25] <Satan> Hm? Did you just give up a rant?

[12:07:33] <Satan> Who are you and what did you do with Strange Klug?!

[12:07:56] <Auriol> ...You can stop acting all cool any time now, Satan.

[12:08:06] <Satan> But I'm on a roll! Cool is my middle name!

[12:08:13] <Strange Klug> Fuahahahaha!

[12:08:23] <Nanako> -giggle-

[12:08:57] <Strange Klug> You idiot. Your child's play is your cool streak.

[12:08:57] <Lam> I really do wonder if something will forward as we beach along...

[12:09:23] <Strange Klug> Pretending to be the "cool" guy doesn't make you him.

[12:09:27] <Nanako> -gets out of the lake/pool/whatever- Come on, Kluggy. There is much plotting to do! -drags him off to the Bus of Love-

[12:09:53] <Strange Klug> B-but I must vanish in a puff off smoke!! -is dragged along by Nanako-

[12:10:01] <Nanako> Not this time!

[12:10:06] <Strange Klug> Curses! Two arcs of tradition are ruined!!

[12:10:07] <Nanako> -drives away in the bus-

[12:10:14] <Satan> My-my bus!

[12:10:20] <Satan> You hijacked my bus!

[12:10:21] <Strange Klug> 4

[12:10:23] <Nanako> 4

[12:10:37] <Mikki> I now declare them Data and Demon, then.

[12:10:51] <Strigina> Oh, too bad.

[12:11:00] <Juichi> Data and Demon? -sniggers-

[12:11:18] <Auriol> Oh well. There are more traditional means of transport, Satan-sama.

[12:11:28] <Auriol> [The two vanish in a puff of smoke]

[12:11:30] <Auriol> 4

[12:11:31] <Satan> 4

[12:11:34] <Strigina> The Bewegen Shaduw has been missed by them. -insert moving Shade Dolls here-

[12:11:39] <Chao> LOL

[12:11:57] <Amitie> Aw, the beach party's over?

[12:11:58] <Amitie> D:

[12:12:00] <Juichi> Well, that was weird.

[12:12:13] <Juichi> Ah, crap, Amitie never got her clothes back!

[12:12:40] <Amitie> ...Oh fiddlesticks.

[12:13:08] <Mikki> -ignoring everyone as she uses her sword (WAND is getting old) on some approaching Shade Dolls, bored-

[12:13:31] <Sig> .....

[12:13:52] <Sig> Everything that other Arle said...it's all true...isn't it?

[12:14:24] <Juichi> What? Oh, I forgot about that with all the commotion.

[12:14:25] <Lam> Sig...

[12:14:54] <Juichi> But yeah, what the hell... what's Nanako up to?!

[12:15:32] <Sig> ....maybe, I don't know...

[12:15:53] <Strigina> Here, here...

[12:15:53] <Juichi> ...Maybe we can rescue Rider without fighting Ekoro.

[12:16:10] <Sig> How do we do that though?

[12:16:47] <Strigina> Whatever it is you need to do to evade the fight as you save the hostages...

[12:17:30] <Strigina> It'll be less troublesome if there're buffed up ones around...

[12:17:55] <Juichi> I guess we could just sneak in there and grab her.

[12:18:25] <Strigina> Why not worry about these first?

[12:18:32] <Sig> ...are you sure?


[12:18:54] <Chao> -shot-

[12:20:07] <Sig> Last time I went in Ekoro's Base...I remember that he was already waiting for us or something.

[12:20:40] <Akkie> Them voodoo dolls are very slowly coming their way with some murderous attempt.

[12:22:50] <Keiji> ...

[12:22:51] <Keiji> :|

[12:23:10] <Chao> lol

[12:23:32] <Keiji> idk what to do now. XD

[12:23:48] <Lam> I don't think he'll want his playthings taken away from him, though.

[12:24:08] <Sig> I'm...I'm just sick of being uninvolved with anything....I used to be fine with it....but suddenly I

[12:24:14] <Sig> I'm not anymore!

[12:25:29] <Sig> -clenches his fist- Everything bad that's happened...I could've stopped it all...if I had just put a little more effort...

[12:25:58] <Strigina> Here, here... take the frustration out on these first~

[12:27:14] <Strigina> I understand it evaporating overtime, but there was quite a lot of talk about becoming "wonderful magic users" first time I came here...

[12:28:01] <Sig> -Sig's clenched fist begins to glow, black blobs form around his feet and slowly ascend his body-

[12:28:13] <Sig> 4

[12:28:17] <Black Sig> 3

[12:29:06] <Black Sig> I don't care any more if you guys wanna be lazy! I'm gonna go do something!

[12:29:14] <Black Sig> I'm going to get stronger!

[12:29:26] <Black Sig> I'm going to save Rider!

[12:30:00] <Black Sig> And...-his blue eye turns red- I'll teach Ekoro a lesson... -the eye turns back to blue-

[12:30:32] <Black Sig> -He dashes off to go train on his lonesome, leaving all else behind-

[12:30:36] <Black Sig> 4

[12:30:56] <Amitie> ...

[12:31:10] <Strigina> That leaves you all with these dolls~

[12:31:22] <Amitie> ...what dolls? 8D

[12:31:37] <Nohoho> 3

[12:31:43] <Strigina> Look your way. They're all coming at you.

[12:31:44] <Juichi> 4

[12:31:44] <Nohoho> I SELL YOU FINE DOLLS, YES

[12:31:49] <Keiji> You guys just continue, I guess XD

[12:32:33] <Keiji> http://ompldr.org/vYXoweg/meanwhile_this_is_hilarious.png

[12:32:39] <Nohoho> Fine quality! Paint never chip! -flicks a doll in his hand, chipping off one of it's eyes- Almost chip!

[12:33:43] <Strigina> Shaduw Aanvallen.

[12:33:52] <Nohoho> Can it get any better? Nohoho it can't! $5 plus pain chipping fee! You break you buy, Nohoho?

[12:34:07] <Strigina> [It sicks a doll at a target, currently Nohoho]

[12:34:14] <Strigina> We need none of the sort, thank you.

[12:34:36] <Nohoho> Nohoho I am selling YOU doll, not other way round!

[12:34:54] <Lam> Eheheh... -currently cuddling a motionless doll stabbed earlier-

[12:35:07] <Strigina> Yes, that's nice...

[12:35:19] <Strigina> -Doll Sic #2-

[12:35:50] <Nohoho> Nohoho!! I don't want your dolls! They cause pain yes!

[12:36:16] <Nohoho> I cannot resell these! Faulty merchandiseZ

[12:36:42] <Strigina> I don't see much use of you...

[12:37:32] <Nohoho> N-Nohoho is desperate yes. Kill self to sell? Nohoho way! -runs away, trying to get the leeching dolls of off him-

[12:37:59] <Nohoho> 4

[12:38:07] <Lam> Now I wonder what happened to Epsilon...

[12:38:25] <Strigina> I guess you three are going to be the only ones left, after all.

[12:40:17] <Amitie> O-okay...


Character text lines: 318
User text lines: 63
Action lines: 16

By character

Juichi: 63
Strigina: 43
Sig: 42
Amitie: 40
Auriol: 24
Nanako: 19
Satan: 18
Lam: 17
Mikki: 11
Nohoho: 7