Episode 40 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Jan 06, 2012. All times are UTC.

[20:21:03] <Ringo> [Is standing outside the base waiting for Draco, presuming she wouldn't have been long]

[20:21:57] <Draco> [arrives through the portal~]

[20:22:13] <Draco> Hey, you waited for me~♥

[20:22:40] <Ringo> Of course I did! Now, let's go inside! I can't wait to tell them Ekoro's been simplified~

[20:22:56] <Ringo> (Me helping Satan...who'd thunk it)

[20:23:14] <Draco> *giggles at "simplified" as she walks into the base* Indeed. Satan-sama~

[20:23:49] <Satan> Ah, Draco~♥ Ringo~♥ What did that old bitchy witchy want with you?

[20:24:11] <Gypsum> *nearly breaks her pencil hearing "bitchy witchy"*

[20:24:31] <Draco> You know, after all that, I'm not really sure myself!

[20:24:43] <Draco> But what's important is...

[20:25:09] <Ringo> Ekoro's team is out!

[20:25:21] <Feli> Such was his fate.

[20:25:47] <Satan> Oh goodie! One less annoyance to deal with in going to the top, yessss?

[20:25:53] <Marcus> Oh? Excellent news. It's always good to be progressing in the ranks.

[20:26:07] <Ringo> Except, there are still 4 teams in play.

[20:26:55] <Draco> Yeah. Somehow, a new team was made and allowed to join.

[20:27:34] <Satan> Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?! Bah!! No! And I thought we were only a battle or two from victory! ;_;

[20:28:17] <Auriol> 3

[20:28:24] <Auriol> Well, in that case...

[20:28:27] <Auriol> 6 c-'2'+'12'

[20:28:30] <Satan> Honey~♥

[20:28:35] <Auriol> Why don't we speed things along a little?

[20:28:59] <Gypsum> Hm? What do you mean by that?

[20:29:32] <Auriol> I prepared a nice little present for you, Satan-sama.

[20:29:54] <Satan> OOC: DIAMONDS?! OH, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE ♥♥♥

[20:30:00] <Auriol> No, not diamonds.

[20:30:47] <Satan> Well, out with it then! Don't keep your hubby waiting~♥

[20:31:00] <Steve> Well, let me lead the way. I was asked to assist a little.

[20:31:10] <Steve> *opens a door*

[20:31:12] <Ringo> :o

[20:31:24] <Steve> [There is a Minecart track and several Minecarts]

[20:31:41] <Steve> Just get in and push the button.

[20:31:45] <Gypsum> Oh my

[20:32:27] <Draco> Like this?

[20:32:30] <Draco> *push*

[20:32:32] <Draco> Wheeeeeee~!

[20:32:50] <Satan> OH honey, there's one for both of us~♥ *push*

[20:32:55] <Auriol> Indeed.

[20:33:16] <Steve> [Everyone arrives at a set of double doors]

[20:33:18] <Ringo> *Gets in her own cart and sets off*

[20:33:51] <Ringo> Geez, you guys are quite the worker bees when we're out aren't you?

[20:33:55] <Steve> Well, this is as far as I've been allowed to see... this button I've been told should present a surprise even to me!

[20:34:02] <Steve> *push, and the double doors open*

[20:34:24] <Steve> [Beyond the double doors is a balcony opening out onto a huge Arena]

[20:34:53] <Satan> ...Oh, sweetiekins!♥♥♥

[20:35:07] <Steve> [There's stairs to go down and many many seats for the audience... And of course, the battle stage itself in the middle of everything]

[20:35:12] <Ringo> A-an arena!

[20:35:29] <Feli> A fighting arena no less.

[20:35:38] <Steve> [On the opposite wall is another set of double doors.]

[20:35:57] <Auriol> Your opponents will be arriving shortly...

[20:36:11] <Gypsum> O-opponents?!

[20:36:26] <Ringo> Huh...I wonder who we'll be facing off against...

[20:36:27] <Auriol> You'd do well to spend this time strategizing. Good luck, Satan-sama!

[20:36:59] <Satan> Of course honey~♥ We'll mop the floor with them JUST for you...and me~

[20:38:36] <Steve> [By the way, there IS an audience. The spectators are probably in there somewhere, but it's full of extras too.]

[20:38:48] <Steve> [Just for that added pressure.]

[20:39:16] <Ringo> So...how do we strategize against opponents we don't know yet? I guess we gotta solve for our own variables and hope they're right, eh?

[20:39:43] <Marcus> Well, it's not like there's many possibilities, is it?

[20:39:47] <Marcus> We already enumerated the teams.

[20:39:58] <Gypsum> OOC: We must throw clipboards at them.

[20:40:04] <Marcus> (LOL)

[20:40:25] <Marcus> And the most likely opponent is... well, I'm sure you know.

[20:41:07] <Ringo> Hm...yeah, you're probably right.

[20:41:28] <Ringo> How to match up against Arle though...

[20:42:00] <Feli> Obviously, it would be wise to give them opponents of equal or greater power to cotend with, would it not?

[20:43:06] <Draco> Hey, let's not worry about it so much.

[20:43:38] <Satan> Worried? Why would I be worried about losing! I'm Satan dammit!

[20:43:48] <Draco> Exactly. Of course we'll win!

[20:44:02] <Draco> And then I'll kidnap that Arle, like, finally!

[20:44:13] <Satan> Like finally!

[20:44:33] <Ringo> *sigh*

[20:44:44] <Draco> What is it, Ringo?

[20:44:47] <Ringo> If you two insist. (They really ARE related...seesh)

[20:45:04] <Marcus> You know, we are down a member...

[20:45:23] <Ringo> We are?

[20:45:36] <Auriol> That's fine. There's no rule against bringing in more competitors during the battle.

[20:45:50] <Auriol> (*contestants, whatever.)

[20:46:10] <Marcus> You should know her the best of us, Ringo.

[20:46:22] <Ringo> Oh right. Eltia

[20:46:49] <Ringo> I'll do my best, for her sake.

[20:47:23] <Gypsum> So, when exactly will they arrive?

[20:47:34] <Nanako> 3

[20:47:49] <Nanako> *arrives through the opposite double doors as they open* Right now!

[20:47:51] <Nanako> :D

[20:47:51] <Ringo> !

[20:48:24] <Marin> 3

[20:48:30] <Lagnus> 3

[20:48:35] <Keiji> No u

[20:48:36] <Keiji> not yet

[20:48:44] <Lagnus> 4

[20:49:01] <Marin> *walks out onto the stage*

[20:49:10] <Draco> Oh? Just the one? o_O

[20:49:14] <Sho> 3

[20:49:20] <Satan> Bahahahahhaaaa---aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

[20:49:43] <Sho> *walks out as well* No you idiot! Have some patience!

[20:50:05] <Nanako> *jumps into the center of the stage* Now then.

[20:50:22] <Nanako> This'll be a 2v2 battle!

[20:51:13] <Nanako> Fall outside the stage *she spins and points to the box outlining it, it's rather big though so no worries about space SPAAAAAAAAAACE* and you're out!

[20:51:30] <Nanako> But when a member is knocked out, they can be replaced!

[20:51:45] <Nanako> So long as the member replacing them hasn't been knocked out yet.

[20:52:12] <Nanako> If you can knock both opponents out before they can replace the first one, you win!

[20:51:55] <Voltorus> 2

[20:53:15] <Draco> Well, I guess that explains the rules.

[20:53:26] <Draco> But wait, why aren't the rest of our opposing team here yet?

[20:53:37] <Auriol> As I said, there's no rule against bringing them in later.

[20:53:48] <Satan> Indeed. Obviously this fight is just BEGGING for us to win!!

[20:54:01] <Auriol> You didn't all have to come here at once if you didn't want to. It seems they chose to stay in hiding.

[20:54:20] <Draco> Hiding, yeah. Not like we don't know their team structure already.

[20:54:35] <Satan> Pesky, but not a problem. Who wants to beat up the little girl and her boyfriend first?

[20:55:17] <Sho> I'm not her boyfriend!

[20:55:56] <Draco> Yeah, we get it. You can't be, you don't swing that way.

[20:56:06] <Ringo> *laughs*

[20:56:12] <Sho> S-shut up! Why don't you get down here!

[20:56:34] <Sho> The both of you! *looking at Satan and Draco*

[20:56:52] <Nanako> Well, will these be the first challengers from Satan's team?

[20:56:59] <Nanako> *steps out of the arena and upto her commentary spot*

[20:57:18] <Satan> Hmph! Very well then. Come Draco, let us teach them what it means to be insolent to the almighty Satan-Sama!

[20:57:43] <Draco> Right on! *picks up Satan and jumps/flies into the arena with him*

[20:57:49] <Draco> *stage

[20:58:08] <Satan> *He grins deviously at his unassuming opponents*

[20:58:24] <Marin> Just don't underestimate us.

[20:58:40] <Sho> Yeah, you're gonna get it!

[20:58:47] <Sho> (more?)

[20:59:02] <Satan> (All you're going to get is Boulders!)

[20:59:37] <Nanako> And it seems our participants are ready!

[21:00:14] <Nanako> Then let the battle commence in 3, 2, 1... GO!

[21:01:00] <Keiji> (But first... Chao, do you wanna claim Marin?)

[21:01:11] <Keiji> (Just to even things up, and also because I have no idea what she's going to do.)

[21:01:38] <Chao> (Uh, sure I guess. Not like I have any idea what to have her do either, but sure)

[21:01:44] <Marin> 4

[21:01:53] <Keiji> I'm sure you can come up with something.

[21:01:53] <Marin> 3

[21:02:00] <Keiji> I'm thinking she should be pretty strong.

[21:02:06] <Keiji> Like, Ringo-strong.

[21:02:26] <Chao> mmk

[21:03:15] <Draco> Just so you know, I'm not just picking on you cause you're gay! -aims a flying kick at Sho-

[21:03:30] <Satan> *He charges towards Marin, cloaking himself in a storm of fireballs from a Juggernaut spell*

[21:03:57] <Sho> Goddamnit already I'm not g-- *gets knocked down by Draco as he's distracted and then aims an uppercut at her* You bitch!

[21:04:22] <Marin> Ah! *She leaps out of the way, and douses his flames with a large tidal wave* Silly devil! Water is my element~

[21:04:44] <Keiji> Wait, why are we both fighting ourselves

[21:04:51] <Chao> idfk

[21:04:53] <Keiji> let's swap characters

[21:04:55] <Sho> 4

[21:05:01] <Marin> 3

[21:05:01] <Marin> /claim

[21:05:10] <Sho> 3

[21:05:35] <Satan> Baaaah! My flames ;_;

[21:05:54] <Draco> *blocks the punch and stands up over him* Is that all you can do?

[21:06:43] <Sho> Is that all? Not quite. *He dives toward her again, except with a low kick*

[21:07:02] <Marin> I don't know anything about you, Satan... other than that you're a pretty LAME boss and should give up on Arle already!

[21:07:59] <Satan> And YOU should give up this tournament while you can! *He unleashes a small, firey meteor shower at her*

[21:08:57] <Draco> *gets kicked in the crotch, but luckily is a girl and just backflips back into position and blasts fire at him*

[21:09:45] <Marin> *does a meteor-dodging dance* Ha, yeah, right when I've only just started? Yeah, right!

[21:10:29] <Marin> *causes another water current above her, which turns the flaming meteors into not flaming rocks, but accelerates them a fuckload and sends them back to Santa*

[21:11:07] <Sho> Fire? *He cartwheels out of the way, with the fire burning a bit of his pant leg* Ah...my pants. *He somehow manages to stir up the wind and have it blow at Draco, pushing her toward the edge*

[21:12:12] <Draco> Eep! *she jumps and tries to fly, but the wind just catches her more then and pushes her out of the stage area* Must... keep... flying... can't... land... outside the box!

[21:12:22] <Satan> M-my meteors! *He swirls through most of them, but he gets knocked by one of them* Tch! Insolent child! *He fires a beam of darkness at her*

[21:13:04] <Marin> *directs the water round to the beam of darkness, turning the water to acid and sending it back at Satan*

[21:13:24] <Marin> Bad move, boss!

[21:14:54] <Draco> *is getting pushed higher and higher and looks up* Hey, does touching the ceiling count as landing?!

[21:15:23] <Auriol> Nope! Unless you have some kind of antigravity, does it sound like landing to you? :D

[21:15:39] <Satan> This girl's power is strong! But no matter...

[21:15:50] <Nanako> It's certainly looking one sided right now!

[21:15:55] <Satan> *He onces again dodges his reflected attacks and takes flight*

[21:16:05] <Keiji> Satan can fly?

[21:16:11] <Chao> He has wings

[21:16:12] <Chao> :P

[21:16:20] <Keiji> derp

[21:17:01] <Draco> Hmmm.... *flies up and scales the ceiling*

[21:17:59] <Sho> Clever. *stirs up a tornado and sends at her* But not clever enough!

[21:18:02] <Draco> *gets back to the center of the stage* You know, if you hadn't kept firing that wind at me, clinging to a ceiling like that'd be impossible!

[21:18:21] <Draco> *sits in the middle of the tornado where nothing happens*

[21:18:29] <Draco> Eye of the storm, mate!

[21:18:36] <Sho> Derp.

[21:19:17] <Marin> You think flight will help you two? *makes it rain acid on Satan and Draco*

[21:19:17] <Satan> *pulls out the Shadow Cannon (TM)* Bwahahaha! Let's see you eat this, little girl! *fires the beam at Marin*

[21:20:17] <Draco> *jumps the hell out of there and lands on Sho*

[21:21:08] <Marin> *gets knocked square on by the Shadow Cannon beam and her acid rain spell gets canceled*

[21:21:40] <Sho> Marin! Ah! *is landed on by Draco*

[21:22:15] <Marin> *is blown clean out of the arena by the beam* Noooo!

[21:22:40] <Satan> Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

[21:22:59] <Arle> 3

[21:22:59] <Satan> Quickly Draco! Toss the other out!

[21:23:04] <Satan> ...Or not.

[21:23:13] <Arle> *runs onto the stage* Satan!

[21:23:46] <Satan> Ah, we meet again Arle. This time, we're fighting once again.

[21:24:13] <Arle> I'd expected you to save your turn for later! But I'm not missing this chance to show you who's boss, so I guess I just can't stick with our original order.

[21:24:40] <Satan> Well, whatever!

[21:24:49] <Arle> Ice Storm! *Double targets Draco and Satan*

[21:24:49] <Satan> I'll knock you out and claim you for my own!

[21:24:54] <Satan> E-Eh?>!

[21:25:12] <Draco> Ah! *knocked off of Sho* Damnit, that's my weakness too!

[21:25:17] <Satan> *Frozen and plummets straight to the arena, shattering and bouncing back as he lands*

[21:25:30] <Sho> It is? Well then!

[21:26:21] <Auriol> #Pst. Nanako. You've been forgetting to commentate.

[21:26:31] <Chao> LOL

[21:26:36] <Nanako> Oop, so I have!

[21:26:51] <Nanako> Well, Marin might have taken a beating, but it looks like her team still has the upper hand!

[21:27:05] <Sho> *he tossess whirlwinds at both Satan and Draco while they're down*

[21:27:35] <Draco> Eep! *thrown into the air with Satan, frozen and dangerously about to get knocked out*

[21:27:51] <Arle> Yeah, let's just end this quickly, Sho!

[21:27:57] <Satan> Baaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! *also tossed in the air*


[21:28:25] <Arle> Brain Damudo!

[21:29:08] <Arle> [Sho's whirlwind is more effective now]

[21:29:30] <Sho> Well look who's "boss" now, Satan!

[21:29:32] <Draco> Satan, we're gonna fall!!

[21:29:48] <Eltia> 3

[21:30:02] <Satan> Someone avenge meeeeeee!!!

[21:30:24] <Eltia> [suddenly opens and appears from a portal in the ceiling and lands in the middle of the stage]

[21:30:58] <Ringo> *joins Eltia on the stage* Sorry Arle. This is just business. You understand, right?

[21:31:22] <Nanako> And now Draco and Satan are out too!

[21:31:36] <Nanako> I told you Arle's team had it going!

[21:31:50] <Auriol> Heh. As if. You'll struggle against these two.

[21:32:10] <Arle> We'll see about that!

[21:32:33] <Ringo> *She begins by sweeping her book to create an Integral shockwave aimed at both of them, and follows it up with some Cosine shots for good measure*

[21:32:51] <Chao> omg Arle vs. Ringo how much more epic could it be XD

[21:33:26] <Arle> Jugemu! *she attempts to counter the various mathematical attacks*

[21:34:43] <Ringo> *Ringo levitates out of the way of the Jugem*

[21:35:01] <Sho> Hm! *He goes for an uppercut aimed at Eltia*

[21:36:02] <Eltia> *turns into Chuck Testa and gets winded* Nope, it's Chuck Testa! *disappears*

[21:36:07] <Eltia> *Eltia appears behind Sho*

[21:36:15] <Sho> !!

[21:36:59] <Eltia> You're weak. *grabs Sho's shoulder with one hand and flings him out of the stage as if he was a frisbee*

[21:37:32] <Ringo> *Takes the opportunity to fire a Tangent laser at Arle*

[21:37:39] <Ringo> Nyehahahaha!

[21:37:51] <Sho> Well sh-shit,

[21:38:13] <Arle> *quickly dodges and attempts to catch Sho, but fails and he topples outside of the stage*

[21:38:33] <Auriol> You see? There goes the other one.

[21:38:49] <Lagnus> 3

[21:38:57] <Keiji> (Use Rin.)

[21:39:08] <Keiji> (He'll be wanting to avenge Sho.)

[21:39:18] <Lagnus> 4

[21:39:20] <Keiji> (Lagnus can be after Rin.)

[21:39:28] <Chao> (OR Daichi?)

[21:39:36] <Keiji> (Hmm...)

[21:39:53] <Keiji> (No, Rin.)

[21:40:01] <Rin> 3

[21:40:13] <Rin> Haa!

[21:40:29] <Nanako> Looks like this team has more where that came from!

[21:40:40] <Auriol> Che. You should know more of the same doesn't work.

[21:40:52] <Ringo> Huh...I don't recall that guy before.

[21:41:03] <Eltia> You took the words right out of my mouth. *runs at Rin*

[21:41:38] <Ringo> Either way...Calculus!! *This new spell fires streams of energy from her book that follow Arle and Rin*

[21:41:43] <Arle> *casts Bayoen at Eltia*

[21:42:31] <Arle> *while running from the homing missile...* Ah, it's coming after us!

[21:42:45] <Rin> Waa! *he runs away from the energy. He generates balls of green goop to toss at Eltia and Ringo* I..I know!!

[21:43:06] <Eltia> *jumps backwards out of the way of the green stuff* Ew. Who uses an attack like that anyway?

[21:43:13] <Ringo> Like my new tricks? *tosses an apple like in her win pose*

[21:43:32] <Arle> *runs in circles* You know, I got an A in math too!

[21:43:32] <Ringo> *Also dodges the green goop* What, is that like Puyo guts? Ew.

[21:43:50] <Arle> I hope you're familiar with the right hand rule!

[21:44:12] <Ringo> Heheh!

[21:44:33] <Arle> [The homing missiles become a pillar of energty aimed straight at Eltia]

[21:44:34] <Arle> -t

[21:44:42] <Eltia> !

[21:44:46] <Ringo> Eltia look out!!

[21:44:58] <Eltia> *quickly sets up a shield to reflect the pillar at Rin*

[21:45:15] <Eltia> Don't worry... that one wouldn't hit me in a million years.

[21:45:24] <Eltia> But did Arle really get an A in math..?

[21:45:33] <Rin> Waa!! *He summons a giant Rock Puyo to take the attack for him* Th-That was close...;;

[21:45:59] <Arle> I sure did!

[21:46:17] <Arle> Now then... Bayoen! *at Ringo this time*

[21:46:17] <Ringo> We'll see if you can pass my test, then Arle!

[21:46:50] <Arle> Maybe if you can still set it while dodging!

[21:46:51] <Ringo> E-eh!! *She quickly throws up a hexagonal barrier to block it, but it's eaten away easily* Itaaaiii!

[21:47:15] <Eltia> *covers Ringo's barrier quickly* You should be more careful, Ringo-sama.

[21:47:35] <Rin> *Summons an avalanche of Nusiance Puyo to fall on Eltia* Take that!!

[21:48:31] <Eltia> Hm. *summons portals above and below her effectively phasing through the puyo entirely*

[21:48:50] <Ringo> We're not as pre-algebra as you think!

[21:49:54] <Nanako> I'm surprised someone hasn't destroyed the stage floor yet...

[21:50:02] <Rin> Yuusha sama! They're strong! What should we do??

[21:50:08] <Auriol> Hey, it's not DBZ in here, you know.

[21:50:25] <Arle> ...:|

[21:50:42] <Arle> It looks like repeating our attacks over and over isn't going to help...

[21:51:27] <Ringo> Okay, I'm done screwing around. Permutation!!!! *She floats in the air and does a happy pose. Suddenly huge columns of energy are bursting through the floor everywhere*

[21:51:39] <Eltia> Perhaps you should have learned that before you even started...

[21:51:48] <Rin> Uh-oh;;

[21:51:52] <Nanako> Eep! Looks like I spoke too soon!

[21:51:57] <Auriol> My poor stage floor...

[21:52:10] <Satan> MY POOR STAGE ;_;

[21:52:29] <Arle> *dodges from place to place but eventually gets hit and knocked away*

[21:52:32] <Arle> Batankyu~

[21:52:53] <Rin> *also gets hit and is subsequently flung out of the stage* UWaaaaaa!!

[21:53:03] <Rin> I'm sorry, Sho, Marin, Daichi. @_@;

[21:53:04] <Keiji> Go Lagnus Go

[21:53:15] <Keiji> And Daichi, while you're at it

[21:53:21] <Lagnus> 3

[21:53:21] <Keiji> So long as one is fast enough, it's not over yet1

[21:53:28] <Lagnus> Hiya!!

[21:53:47] <Nanako> Well, it looks like this match isn't quite over!

[21:53:48] <Chao> Wait both of them?

[21:54:02] <Keiji> You said Rin was flung out of the stage

[21:54:05] <Keiji> So was Arle

[21:54:05] <Chao> oh

[21:54:12] <Daichi> 3

[21:54:16] <Auriol> It sure was close though!

[21:54:29] <Nanako> But the real fight starts now... it's One On One!

[21:54:37] <Lagnus> Daichi! Be wary! They're tough foes!

[21:54:50] <Daichi> I'm a one though! I can handle it!

[21:54:57] <Auriol> You know, we really should have picked better words for that. Calling them Ones is just confusing.

[21:55:30] <Daichi> *He materializes his giant wrench from the fight previous, and stabs it into the stage to create an earthquake*

[21:55:38] <Daichi> 3

[21:55:38] <Daichi> /claim for evening out's sake

[21:55:48] <Satan> MY STAGEEEEEE ;_;

[21:56:15] <Eltia> Nice try, but did you not realize we were both already airborne?

[21:56:34] <Ringo> And I thought you were a one!

[21:56:50] <Lagnus> *Leaps into the air and slashes at Eltia*

[21:57:19] <Eltia> *blocks with her forearms* You're going to have to do better than that.

[21:57:32] <Daichi> Oop... Well, I am new to it all...

[21:58:09] <Lagnus> Hm! A foe who can halt my reactor blade! *He lands and aims a barrage of Light Arrows toward her instead*

[21:58:25] <Daichi> But whatever! Spell-cant-remember-the-name-of-blatantly-stolen-from-Golden-Sun! *Yellow hot pieces of rock fly up from the ground and smash into Eltia and Ringo*

[21:58:58] <Eltia> *gets knocked away by the rocks, thus also avoiding the arrows*

[21:59:15] <Ringo> Uwaa! *also gets knocked away by the rocks*

[21:59:51] <Eltia> *catches Ringo and floats above the stands*

[22:00:06] <Eltia> Say, Ringo... aren't you getting bored of this stage?

[22:00:16] <Eltia> That knock-out rule is distracting.

[22:00:28] <Ringo> Yeah...it kind of is.

[22:00:46] <Daichi> Hey! Are you saying you're not going to play by the rules?

[22:00:59] <Daichi> *telepathically throws a bunch of rocks at them*

[22:01:10] <Lagnus> I wouldn't expect anything less of Satan's masterminding!

[22:01:39] <Ringo> *Tries to fend off the rocks* Gah!

[22:01:44] <Eltia> Oh, it's within the rules. *Ringo and Eltia get knocked by the rocks but Eltia creates a Whitespace world for them all just in time*

[22:02:03] <Eltia> *Ringo and Eltia land on the floor, but they're technically not outside the stage, so...*

[22:02:15] <Nanako> Well, would you look at that! They just disappeared!

[22:02:26] <Lagnus> Curses!! Cheating and gaining the upper hand!

[22:02:44] <Auriol> Come on, you know they didn't disappear. You can see them just as well as I can.

[22:03:06] <Nanako> Yeah, but the zeroes can't, and trying to explain that wouldn't bake for interesting commentary now would it?

[22:03:27] <Nanako> ...*make. Commentary cookery.

[22:04:23] <Daichi> *looks around*

[22:04:32] <Daichi> Hey, there's no earth here! How am I supposed to attack now?!

[22:04:51] <Lagnus> Don't you have "the power of Puyo" or something?!

[22:05:20] <Daichi> Well, Rin already did that, and it didn't work very well...

[22:06:08] <Lagnus> Think through your other options then! I haven't exhausted all my battle techniques yet, but Arle and Rin already proved it'll take more than strength to overcome this pair.

[22:06:20] <Auriol> *sweeps up the debree and gets Steve to build her a new stage floor while they're all out being disappeared*

[22:06:47] <Steve> Talkin bout Minecraft...♪

[22:06:57] <Ringo> What the factor, guys! Just shut up and solve the equation already! *swings her book and makes more shockwaves for them to dodge*

[22:07:22] <Daichi> ...!

[22:08:08] <Daichi> *doesn't dodge the shockwaves.*

[22:08:35] <Lagnus> *He dodges the first couple, but then gets distracted by Daichi getting hit and gets hit himself* Oof!!

[22:08:52] <Daichi> [He didn't get hit either. The shockwaves just disappear a foot from his body.]

[22:09:11] <Lagnus> !!

[22:09:16] <Daichi> ...Heh.

[22:09:22] <Daichi> You got any more where that came from?

[22:11:31] <Ringo> Now THERE's the guy that beat Angol Mois!

[22:11:31] <Eltia> ...

[22:12:31] <Daichi> Well?!

[22:12:34] <Daichi> Come at me!

[22:12:43] <Lagnus> *He closes in on Ringo and slashes at her with a hyper speed sword combo*

[22:14:10] <Ringo> *IS slashed up* Aa-aah!

[22:14:14] <Eltia> Ringo!

[22:14:50] <Lagnus> That should quiet her for a moment. Now to deal with you! *turns to Eltia*

[22:14:54] <Eltia> *fires some energy beams at Lagnus*

[22:15:22] <Lagnus> *He attempts to block them with his sword* Not so tough without your partner are you??

[22:15:41] <Eltia> Partner... huh...

[22:16:00] <Eltia> I'm sorry, Ringo. *portals her out of the Whitespace, back into the arena, where she lands outside the stage*

[22:16:11] <Ringo> Wha-- Eltia!!


[22:16:33] <Nanako> Looks like someone's giving up!

[22:16:40] <Gypsum> Shall I fill in for her?

[22:16:42] <Auriol> Be quiet. I'm sure she's not done yet.

[22:17:00] <Satan> What??? What can you do to replace her?! ARGH!

[22:17:01] <Eltia> *And from the portal, she summons...*

[22:17:08] <Oashi Tomoko> 3

[22:17:13] <Lagnus> ?!?!

[22:17:49] <Eltia> But tough with a partner, you would imagine?

[22:18:16] <Lagnus> Who the...

[22:18:16] <Oashi Tomoko> I'm all healed up, if you need to use my weapon...

[22:18:44] <Lagnus> *shakes it off* Nevermind that. I'll make sure to sweep you both if I have to!

[22:19:06] <Eltia> Yes, that would happen to be the plan. *she retrives Oashi's spear and points it at Lagnus*

[22:19:23] <Eltia> *charging it with her energy*

[22:19:38] <Lagnus> I best prepare to dodge it seems...;

[22:19:49] <Daichi> Lagnus-sama!

[22:20:04] <Lagnus> *Gets ready to move, until he hears Daichi's voice*

[22:20:23] <Lagnus> Daichi???

[22:20:54] <Daichi> I have a plan!

[22:21:06] <Daichi> Just get her to discharge that thing!

[22:21:51] <Lagnus> Well, if you insist. *He resumes standing there, anticipating when Eltia will throw it*

[22:22:14] <Eltia> You know, javelins are for throwing.

[22:22:22] <Eltia> Lances are for... precision... stabbing!

[22:22:34] <Eltia> *and stab him she does*

[22:22:41] <Lagnus> Kyuuugh!!

[22:23:01] <Lagnus> (Just as that Marcus fellow...she's penetrated my armor!)

[22:23:14] <Lagnus> (Daichi this better work!)

[22:23:47] <Eltia> And now, this! [The energy discharges much like how she killed Angol]

[22:24:06] <Lagnus> Rrrrrrrghhh! Th...The energy!

[22:24:07] <Daichi> It'll work!

[22:24:20] <Daichi> *He gets behind Lagnus and somehow attracts the energy to himself*

[22:24:35] <Daichi> *where it disappears like the earlier shockwaves*

[22:24:40] <Eltia> ...!

[22:24:49] <Eltia> What...

[22:24:55] <Lagnus> ?!

[22:25:28] <Eltia> *withdraws her spear and cuts off the attack... but not soon enough it seems, as the space begins to disintegrate and they find themselves back in the arena*

[22:25:42] <Lagnus> Haha! Daichi you genius!

[22:25:44] <Eltia> [Eltia and Lagnus fall inside the stage, Oashi and Daichi outside]

[22:25:59] <Satan> WHAT?! NOOOO! NOT MY /OTHER/ ONE!

[22:26:17] <Keiji> since when is Daichi Satan's

[22:26:25] <Chao> No Oashi

[22:26:31] <Daichi> ...Dangit! And just when I thought I'd get the chance to manipulate the earth again!

[22:26:39] <Keiji> Oashi isn't a one.

[22:26:47] <Chao> derp

[22:27:05] <Oashi Tomoko> ...Gomennasai, Eltia-sama!

[22:27:17] <Oashi Tomoko> [The spear disappears since she landed out]

[22:27:24] <Satan> Well whatever. We still have numbers. *throws Gypsum into the arena* Do something useful for a change!

[22:27:42] <Eltia> ...So now it's just you... no-one left.

[22:27:46] <Eltia> This'll be easy!

[22:27:47] <Gypsum> *is flung onto the stage* B-But Master!!

[22:28:16] <Arle Nadja> 3

[22:28:21] <Arle Nadja> No-one left you say?

[22:28:33] <Lagnus> Arle!!

[22:28:35] <Arle Nadja> I'm surprised you of all people didn't notice.

[22:28:43] <Arle Nadja> I never got an A grade in math!

[22:29:04] <Arle Nadja> And, I have a surname!

[22:29:12] <Eltia> Heh.

[22:29:13] <Lagnus> Yes, the advantage has returned to us!

[22:29:19] <Eltia> I noticed.

[22:29:27] <Eltia> You clearly didn't notice me noticing.

[22:29:49] <Eltia> Then, let's clear away the unnecessary.

[22:30:13] <Eltia> *fires a supercharged energy beam at Lagnus, knocking him out*

[22:30:30] <Lagnus> Kyaaaa! Arle!!

[22:30:39] <Lagnus> ....curses!

[22:31:14] <Gypsum> *glares at Arle* Now, I'll finally have revenge for that time you humiliated me!

[22:31:14] <Arle Nadja> Same to you!

[22:31:26] <Arle Nadja> Fire...

[22:31:27] <Gypsum> *EPIC CLIPBOARD TOSS*

[22:31:36] <Arle Nadja> *burns up the clipboard into ashes*

[22:31:41] <Arle Nadja> ...storm...

[22:31:51] <Gypsum> ...D:

[22:31:59] <Arle Nadja> *Great fire surges towards Gypsum*

[22:32:08] <Arle Nadja> ...Bayoen...

[22:32:13] <Gypsum> *runs off the stage crying in shame and trying to avoid being burned*

[22:32:41] <Arle Nadja> *the Bayoen particles aim at Gypsum, who's already running away like a coward*

[22:32:44] <Arle Nadja> ...I!

[22:32:52] <Arle Nadja> *then they turn towards Eltia*

[22:33:06] <Satan> *looks behind him* Well, I still have Marcus, Steve, and Feli...there's no way she can knock out all four of them!


[22:33:35] <Eltia> *sets up a barrier as usual, though the particles can be seen trying their hardest to get through*

[22:34:06] <Eltia> I'm sorry, Arle. You've awakened too late.

[22:34:17] <Eltia> You're not experienced enough to win yet.

[22:34:21] <Eltia> Besides...

[22:34:25] <Eltia> You let me drain you.

[22:34:37] <Feli> Shall I back her up? *looks to her teamates*

[22:34:47] <Eltia> It's already over.

[22:35:26] <Satan> *in a cheerleader costume dancing and cheering for Eltia*

[22:35:42] <Eltia> Orbit!

[22:36:07] <Satan> Eltia Eltia She's our One~♪ If she can't do it then we're done!~♪

[22:36:17] <Eltia> *the Bayoen particles clump together and...*

[22:36:45] <Eltia> ...Stop your nonsense, I can't concentrate like that. *fires an energy beam at Satan*

[22:36:54] <Satan> ;_;

[22:36:55] <Arle Nadja> Ha, an opening! Jugem I!

[22:37:22] <Ringo> Satan you twit!

[22:37:29] <Eltia> No you don't! *the Orbit Bayoen I is shot at Arle*

[22:37:35] <Arle Nadja> A-ah!

[22:38:10] <Arle Nadja> ...*she crosses her arms but realizes she has no blocking spells and no way to escape this one*

[22:39:00] <Eltia> *the Jugem I approaches Eltia at the same time*

[22:39:13] <Eltia> [The two get knocked out of the stage simultaneously]

[22:39:23] <Auriol> ...

[22:39:26] <Auriol> Uh...

[22:39:36] <Nanako> This better not be a draw goddamnit!

[22:39:41] <Nanako> That happens too often!

[22:39:42] <Feli> *jumps on the stage*

[22:39:48] <Keiji> retcon that

[22:39:53] <Chao> oh okay

[22:39:54] <Auriol> Don't be silly.

[22:39:56] <Auriol> It's not a draw.

[22:40:01] <Auriol> After all, who's standing right there?

[22:40:05] <Steve> ...

[22:40:32] <Steve> Yeah, I was just finishing fixing the stage floor like you told me...

[22:40:42] <Satan> MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

[22:40:46] <Nanako> ...*sweatdrop*


[22:40:59] <Nanako> Well nuts to the technicalities.

[22:41:05] <Lagnus> D:

[22:41:10] <Nanako> It looks like this battle is over!

[22:41:18] <Auriol> And the winner is none other than Team Satan!

[22:41:25] <Auriol> ... Let me fix that.

[22:41:33] <Auriol> OOC: And the winter is none other than Team Santa!

[22:41:37] <Auriol> :P

[22:42:50] <Keiji> ...

[22:43:07] <Lagnus> Curses!

[22:43:15] <Satan> Mwahahahaha!

[22:43:21] <Satan> Now, to claim our prizes!

[22:43:56] <Auriol> Indeed.

[22:43:58] <Auriol> Help yourself!

[22:44:22] <Chao> (can we give each other our normal characters back now? lol)

[22:44:36] <Keiji> sure, who?

[22:44:47] <Chao> Daichi for Sho/Rin?

[22:44:51] <Daichi> 4

[22:44:54] <Sho> 3

[22:44:54] <Sho> /claim

[22:44:57] <Rin> 3

[22:44:57] <Rin> /claim

[22:45:04] <Daichi> 3

[22:45:19] <Arle> But first!

[22:45:26] <Arle> I have a special prize for you, Satan!

[22:45:35] <Satan> Oooh?

[22:46:05] <Arle> *A giant cake rocket somehow descends crashing through the ceiling and lands in the middle of the stage, on which (Fake) Arle promptly sits*

[22:46:10] <Arle> Won't you please come with me?

[22:46:17] <Auriol> ...

[22:46:20] <Auriol> MY ARENA!!

[22:46:31] <Satan> Wh--

[22:46:33] <Satan> But

[22:46:41] <Satan> But I have a tournament to participate in!

[22:46:58] <Satan> And I'm already married! YOU must come with ME or begone!

[22:47:06] <Arle> x_x

[22:47:08] <Satan> You're ruining our arena!

[22:47:10] <Arle> FIEN!

[22:47:15] <Arle> I'll get you next time, Satan!

[22:47:20] <Arle> *gets inside her cake rocket and takes off*

[22:47:22] <Arle> 4

[22:47:30] <Satan> Anyway I CLAIM DIBS ON ARLE

[22:47:32] <Auriol> Uh, Steve...

[22:47:43] <Steve> Yeah, I'll get right to it.

[22:47:51] <Steve> *goes off to fix this enormous mess*

[22:47:52] <Steve> 4

[22:48:02] <Daichi> ...*looks at Marin and Sho hesitantly, doesn't want to be separated from them again*

[22:48:06] <Auriol> Now then, back to what we were doing!

[22:48:39] <Auriol> And I hope you didn't want that Fake Arle, because it's going to be a bitch to locate her if you did...

[22:49:04] <Draco> So, Stan... what's the plan?

[22:49:12] <Keiji> Totally deliberate rhyme

[22:49:40] <Marcus> We should just take all of them.

[22:49:49] <Marcus> After all, we won them fair and square.

[22:49:53] <Daichi> Wh-what!

[22:50:04] <Sho> Yeah, like YOU even participated in that battle!

[22:50:07] <Lagnus> How dare you suggest that!

[22:50:50] <Draco> In any case, Arle~♥ *she jumps down and takes Arle's hands*

[22:50:52] <Arle Nadja> 4

[22:50:58] <Keiji> oh yeah, you can play Arle I guess

[22:50:58] <Keiji> :P

[22:51:11] <Arle Nadja> 3

[22:51:12] <Draco> I'm 100% entitled to take you now! ♥

[22:51:14] <Arle Nadja> Err....

[22:51:33] <Arle Nadja> I guess I don't have a choice. :/

[22:51:41] <Draco> I'm sure you'll learn to love me~

[22:52:10] <Arle Nadja> You know, for being the sexiest lady in Primp, you are surprisingly date repellent.

[22:52:51] <Draco> Am I really? *looks around thinking of all the girls she won previously* No, I think you're just being difficult.

[22:53:16] <Draco> Playing hard-to-get, perhaps? ♥

[22:54:10] <Arle Nadja> No way!

[22:54:15] <Arle Nadja> You wish I was!

[22:54:26] <Nanako> *tosses Draco a pair of handcuffs* I think these might come in useful~

[22:54:57] <Daichi> Satan! I have a request of you. If you're gonna take us, then take all of us! I'm not gonna be separated from my friends again! Otherwise, we're through!

[22:55:17] <Satan> And who are these friends?

[22:55:27] <Daichi> *gestures to Sho, Marin and Rin*

[22:55:29] <Daichi> They are.

[22:55:31] <Draco> *puts them on Arle* Yes, I think they will~

[22:55:45] <Arle Nadja> Oh dear god someone help me

[22:56:09] <Draco> Come on, now. We have important matters to discuss! *picks up Arle and flies away with her*

[22:56:11] <Draco> 4

[22:56:17] <Arle Nadja> 4

[22:56:22] <Satan> Hm...

[22:56:38] <Satan> *looks at the others* Is it worth having all these extra brats around?

[22:56:39] <Marcus> Well, it's exactly as I said. The smart kid is agreeing with me!

[22:57:08] <Nanako> You can always lock them up if you don't want to bother with them. I have plenty more supplies where that came from.

[22:57:33] <Rin> ...Well, that would be a bit mean...;

[22:57:59] <Satan> Hm...tempting, tempting...;

[22:58:51] <Sho> *paces back and forth impatiently*

[22:59:21] <Ringo> Satan, don't take them in because you want to mistreat them.

[22:59:31] <Ringo> Besides, if you recall, Daichi is a one.

[23:00:00] <Ringo> If you want him to do your bidding, then you better damn well make sure he's comfortable like Eltia and Arle!

[23:00:30] <Keiji> Eltia's comfortable, Arle's not. what? XD

[23:01:35] <Satan> ...Bah whatever. I'll just take them! Except the light warrior. He can go rot in Primp while we win the tournament without him!

[23:01:54] <Marin> Hey, that's a bit harsh.

[23:02:16] <Rin> ...Poor Lagnus...

[23:02:57] <Lagnus> Like I'd ever work for you anyway! Perhaps the clones or that Sig fellow will have pity on me.

[23:03:36] <Nanako> Heh. Now Lagnus getting along with Black Sig's a sight I'd like to see.

[23:06:01] <Keiji> ...?

[23:06:19] <Daichi> *hugs Marin* I know it's harsh. But I think Lagnus will get along fine without Satan. I wanted us to stay together more than anything,

[23:07:12] <Marin> *blushes a little from the sudden hug* O--okay.


Character text lines: 489
User text lines: 46
Action lines: 33

By character

Satan: 62
Eltia: 57
Ringo: 47
Draco: 41
Auriol: 39
Nanako: 34
Lagnus: 34
Daichi: 30
Arle: 30
Sho: 21
Steve: 17
Marin: 14
Gypsum: 12
Rin: 11
Marcus: 10
Feli: 5