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This page is about the Ekoro clone. For the version label, see release cycle. For the Comet Summoner character, see Dark Witch.

Beta, also known as Dark Witch or Perfect Witch, is a character in Compile Worlds. She is a clone of Witch, though she has an independent personality of her original counterpart. She was created an unknown amount of time before Episode 11, where she debuted as an antagonistic character. However, she was quickly neutralized into a protagonist character. Beta is the second of Ekoro's clones, and the first to be born in the UT Base.

Character Concept

Beta was created on the spot by Chao in Episode 11, where she appeared as the first of Ekoro's clones. She was one of several planned to test Zeta's parts, and was based on Dark Witch from the Madou Monogatari spin-off Comet Summoner. Beta, her code name, was bestowed upon her by Keiji, who had given code names to most of the clones before documenting them on the site.


Though the exact time Beta was put into development is unknown, she was probably conceived during Episode 9 or Episode 10, in order to make her debut in 11. While Witch was chosen as the model as early as these dates, it is still unknown how he obtained her DNA. Beta's ultimate purpose was to test parts that were going to be used on Zeta, the "perfect clone". It was specifically revealed that her head was the very part she was testing, as it was the only part that didn't melt when she was hit by a Fire spell. This is also fitting given she is a mage. Since Beta was created before the neutralization process was invented by Witch herself, Ekoro exerted no further control, programmed or otherwise, to ensure her loyalty.

Beta's personality is in stark contrast to her counterpart, as she is in fact a very sensible person and, for a zero, is quite knowledgeable and understanding of the ongoing events. She had been caught and imprisoned in Whitespace, though did not manage to see who her captor was. Like Theta, she was rescued by Nanako and rematerialized in Episode 32. She now has cat ears and tail, which caused her great embarrassment after she insisted to Zeta that such a thing would just be silly.


Beta is named after the second letter of the Greek alphabet. It has a value of 2 in Greek numerals. Dark Witch is an obvious throwback to Dark Witch.


  • Beta makes an appearance in both Compile Worlds prose written by Chao.