Kanon (EntityTopic, 25)

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Kanon is the leader of the Planetary Gods of Gaias. She speaks using very archaic Japanese words like seimei instead of inochi for life, and sonata instead of anta/omae for you, so it may be the case that Kanon is many thousands of years older than the other gods. Despite being the leader, it seems there may be someone higher up than her, never mentioned in-game, as during the ending she sympathises with Eldora's issues and speaks as if she would like to save Eldora from her expulsion.

Despite only ever appearing as a glowing ball of light in Puyo Wars, she transforms into a loli in Compile Worlds 2, though she retains the glowy in her eyes and hair. And not just your average loli either, she appears several years younger than any of the other CW girls. Despite her appearance, though, she's still at least seven thousand years old, and just doing her job as a teacher, ignoring (or perhaps oblivious to) the various "compliments" to her looks offered by such people as Satan.