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Mois Praline is a chocolate manufacturing company in Compile ♥ Worlds. It's based in Lastation, and suddenly appeared when other strange things started happening in Gamindustri. Its CEO, Praline, hosts a daily TV show that advertises and announces the company's new chocolates, as well as keeping customers in the loop about the details of old ones that come in and out of circulation. Apparently, by the events of C♥W Segment 2, Mois Praline has sent all but a few Lastation people into a frenzy over their chocolate, to the point of Noire being exalted from her own Basilicom under the radar... again!


Mois Praline is derived from "Praline" and "Angol Mois". However, "Mois" sounds like "Moi" in French, creating a play on the phrase "My Praline".

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