Tarutaru (EntityTopic, 7)

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Tarutaru (Sometimes spelled as TaruTaru, not to be confused with Final Fantasy's Taru species) is an obese student at Primp Magic School. He's so dreadfully boring that even his brilliant creators had to give him a name that reflected that (Tarutaru means "ordinary"). He has a stalker like crush on Raffine, which is typical of his stereotype, but Raffine doesn't reciprocate. Ironically, he finds his own life too boring for his tastes, and usually spends time chasing after his desire than doing well in Accord's class.

Appearance in Compile Worlds

Tarutaru was the last of the six magic school students to appear in Compile Worlds. He appeared to have gotten over Raffine, as he was completely obsessed with Rider now, much to her chagrin. Tarutaru also seemed to be slow and well meaning, wanting to hug Draco and raid her fridge more than carry out his evil duties. He also was shown to be aggressive and violent, traits which his enormous girth could provide for.

Tarutaru only appeared in Episode 7, where he found his way to Draco's Hut one day, secretly leading Popoi and Accord directly to the base of the newly formed ADMA. He insisted on being let in, only to be incinerated by Draco (as usual). However, after manipulating Rider, he eventually found his way in. Soon however, he found himself in chaos when Accord and Popoi appeared and started a verbal conflict with the gang. Taru himself was eventually caged up by his own employers for the sake of their amusement, as he was no longer useful. Despite this, he remained loyal to Accord in the conflict, though he repeatedly begged (or rather, screamed) to be let out of his cage. Ultimately, he vanished along with Accord and Popoi after Sig went berserk and exploded. He hasn't appeared since.

In Tarutaru's only appearance, he was played by Son-X. He also is one of the characters with the fewest appearances in Compile Worlds, tied with Panotty, Zoh Daimaoh, Ocean Prince, and Maguro, all at one appearance each. Coincidentally Ocean Prince was also played by Son-X, and all of them, save Maguro, appeared in the Accord arc as well.