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  • Quote: Verse 560
Dinner shrine to the fuck is because of light and Dan to slay, Love the temple of Lemres actually decided to hug or at the meteor, CAKE IS TOTALLY ROCKET!

The Menu, shorthand for The Book of DINNER, is a prophetic text that Nanako erroneously claims to predict epic plot twist spoilers in Compile Worlds. It was discovered in a crack roleplay when Keiji got bored of translating Camus' MadouCyc page. It even has its own holy shrine, which was somehow placed on top of the cordoned-off ADMA rubble in a ghost universe replica of Primp. Nanako promptly corrected that by teleporting it to the Madou World, which somehow made it canon and blew up a fake Angol Mois that talked in memes and fail grammar. It was named after something a famous monarch said in a far off universe. So far, the text in the book is comparable to the first season's Wild Mass Guessing page, though it is in-universe.

In Episode 49 Feli hastily reads its text, ascending by the divine powers of The King into the form of White Feli. Taking the text with her, she flies off to parts unknown to look for Lemres.