Episode 15 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Mar 26, 2010. All times are UTC.

[10:26:00] <Keiji> [The helicopter flies back towards the ADMA HQ.]

[10:26:25] <Ms. Accord> Not to derail the subject of the conversation, but Dark Draco, you mentioned something about being Ekoro's "Omega", right?

[10:26:50] <Omega> Well, Omega's my name.

[10:27:15] <Ms. Accord> It has me curious...if you were the last clone, then why is Dark Arle, or "Zeta" as you call her, the "Perfect clone"?

[10:27:41] <Ms. Accord> It would be fitting that Omega be the name of the ultimate you see,

[10:28:06] <Omega> Ekoro makes mistakes like everyone else, I guess. He thought I'd be the perfect clone, but then decided to outdo me.

[10:28:31] <Ms. Accord> Indeed.

[10:28:57] <Zeta> I honestly think Omega should have been the ultimate, she's more beautiful and powerful than me anyhow

[10:29:22] <Omega> --blush-- Awwwe.

[10:29:47] <Omega> Thank you! :3

[10:30:12] <Omega> -wraps an arm around Zeta-

[10:30:38] <Zeta> -smiles, then giggles-

[10:31:03] <Ringo> -staring out the window- -whistles- This is one big world, isn't it?

[10:31:28] <Draco> You know, when we get back to the HQ... you lot are gonna make the ADMA so much stronger!

[10:31:54] <Eta> We are?

[10:32:19] <Arle Nadja> You bet it is.

[10:32:44] <Arle Nadja> (That was to Ringo, if you were wondering.)

[10:33:10] <Sig> Yay, stronger!

[10:33:35] <Beta> But there's always the other side of the coin. Now we have this thing on our shoulders. -looks at the black sphere she is holding-

[10:34:00] <Ringo> Yep. We can't be walking around with a black hole and a dead psycho path all the time

[10:34:25] <Ringo> That's just batshit crazy

[10:34:51] <Beta> Well, we needn't worry about Ekoro, he's long gone. But the black hole's a different story.

[10:35:16] <Arle Nadja> Not as crazy as illusions of melting people, but yeah.

[10:35:41] <Arle Nadja> (*bangs head*)

[10:36:07] <Draco> I'm sure we'll find a way to keep that sphere under wraps.

[10:36:32] <Draco> So don't worry about it.

[10:36:57] <Keiji> (...)

[10:37:23] <Ringo> If my clone can make a black hole

[10:37:48] <Ringo> does that mean I can too>

[10:38:13] <Ringo> *?

[10:38:38] <Arle Nadja> Maybe that's just clone-exclusive.

[10:39:04] <Theta> I wouldn't try it if I were you.

[10:39:29] <Theta> I didn't even intend to make that black hole.

[10:39:54] <Zeta> Well it's a fact that we're all more powerful than you to some degree. But I agree with Theta.

[10:40:20] <Ringo> Don't worry. I asked because I wanted to avoid making a black hole accidently.

[10:40:45] <Mikki> Puyoing made fun at "Very Hard" mode.

[10:41:10] <Theta> Well, just don't cast any spells of implosion, and you'll be fine

[10:41:36] <Seriri> So Dracie~<3, what will we do when we get back?

[10:42:01] <Draco> Well, we'll obviously have to tell Nanako about what happened and get her to lock up that sphere...

[10:42:26] <Draco> And find some more rooms for the Clones to stay in, I guess...

[10:42:51] <Seriri> What about us?

[10:43:17] <Chao> ...fail html

[10:43:42] <Keiji> lol

[10:44:07] <Akkie> (test second

[10:44:33] <Draco> Well, that's up to you ^^

[10:44:58] <Seriri> -blushes- I'm thinking about a romantic dinner

[10:45:23] <Sig> I'm hungry, too.

[10:45:48] <Mikki> Curry.

[10:46:14] <Keiji> (Don't forget about Zeta )

[10:46:39] <Akkie> (What of Zeta?)

[10:47:04] <Ms. Accord> Romantic dinner? Why not a celebratory one for defeating our greatest foe yet?

[10:47:30] <Theta> Sounds like a great idea!

[10:47:55] <Mikki> Why not mix them both?

[10:48:20] <Zeta> With cake?

[10:48:46] <Arle Nadja> Cake also sounds nice.

[10:49:11] <Eta> I agree with Theta and Ms. Accord

[10:49:36] <Rider> It sounds excellent!

[10:50:01] <Keiji> (Have Ringo notice we're getting there already, damnit)

[10:50:27] <Ringo> Oh look! I can see the HQ now!

[10:50:52] <Draco> -looks out the window- Oh, you're right!

[10:51:17] <Draco> And there's Nanako waving at us!

[10:51:43] <Sig> -waves back through the window- Hi Nanako!

[10:52:08] <Ms. Accord> You may want to inform Nanako I'll be joining you before she shoots me

[10:52:33] <Ms. Accord> because as far as I know

[10:52:59] <Draco> Hmm, whoever wants some fun, grab my hand :3

[10:53:24] <Mikki> What fun?

[10:53:49] <Keiji> (Not you Mikki >_>)

[10:54:14] <Seriri> -grabs her hand-

[10:54:40] <Draco> -opens the door and jumps out with Seriri, and spreads her wings-

[10:55:05] <Draco> I knew it'd be you. :3

[10:55:30] <Seriri> Don't you know it :3

[10:55:56] <Theta> -closes the door quickly before it gets freezing in here-

[10:56:21] <Draco> -gives Seriri a kiss in mid air-

[10:56:46] <Rider> As much f-f-fun as that appears to be, I think I'll wait until the helicopter comes to a complete stop

[10:57:12] <Arle Nadja> I would tell Nanako.

[10:57:37] <Mikki> Helicopters are nicer, anyway.

[10:58:02] <Seriri> 8D

[10:58:27] <Seriri> -kisses Draco back-

[10:58:53] <Draco> -lands by the helipad next to Iji-

[10:59:18] <Nanako> You daredevils Welcome back!

[10:59:43] <Ringo> What an adventure that was.....I think I'll like it here!

[11:00:09] <Mikki> You will!

[11:00:34] <Keiji> [The helicopter is finally over the helipad and starts to descend]

[11:00:59] <Sig> Oh look, we're landing

[11:01:24] <Eta> Finally....a place I can call "home"

[11:01:50] <Draco> We have so much to tell you, Nanako @_@

[11:02:15] <Seriri> It's been quite a day

[11:02:40] <Keiji> [The helicopter lands and everyone gets out.]

[11:03:06] <Sig> Thanks, Juichi

[11:03:31] <Juichi> No problem, guys!#

[11:03:56] <Rider> Come, Sig. Nanako's waiting for us!

[11:04:22] <Nanako> So how did it go?

[11:04:47] <Seriri> It went great, imo. We found and destroyed Ekoro and his base in the mountains.

[11:05:12] <Theta> Well, we killed Ekoro...

[11:05:37] <Arle Nadja> Most of the enemies are on our side now.\

[11:06:03] <Beta> But we return with this... -looks at sphere-

[11:06:28] <Ms. Accord> And, Draco has given me permission to stay here

[11:06:53] <Zeta> That sphere may look harmless, but within it is a black hole

[11:07:19] <Draco> -sweatdrop- Ah, yeah. I forgot to mention that. -whispering to Iji- But put her on the trial floor for now, we can't take any risks.

[11:07:44] <Nanako> I see.

[11:08:09] <Nanako> So how many Clones are there?

[11:08:35] <Ringo> 5 of them are with us, but there are 3 that are still roaming around.

[11:09:00] <Nanako> Well, I guess I can put you [the clones] on the back of 4F...

[11:09:25] <Ringo> Ehehe....looks like we may need an even bigger HQ if we continue expanding at this rapid rate -sweatdrop-

[11:09:50] <Nanako> Don't worry, there's still plenty of room

[11:10:16] <Mikki> Bigger on the inside?

[11:10:41] <Nanako> Nah. Just big.

[11:11:06] <Ms. Accord> Bigger than this? Don't be silly. This is bigger than the Magic School, and the Magic School has to be able to house all of it's students if necessary

[11:11:32] <Nanako> In any case, we must take care of this... um,...

[11:11:57] <Beta> I'm Beta.

[11:12:22] <Zeta> I am Zeta, and that's Omega :3

[11:12:48] <Zeta> -grabs Omega and puts her arm around her

[11:13:13] <Omega> -blush-

[11:13:38] <Eta> Hi, I'm Eta, but you can call me "Red me"

[11:14:03] <Theta> -sweatdrop- And I'm Theta.

[11:14:29] <Nanako> Well, anyway, Beta, could you come this way please -leads Beta into and through the building-

[11:14:54] <Keiji> [The others follow...]

[11:15:19] <Rider> Everything here is how we left it right?

[11:15:45] <Sig> -staring blankly at the walls as they walk-

[11:16:10] <Draco> Pretty much, yeah.

[11:16:35] <Ringo> It should be how we left it...unless Mr. Pervert got into some sort of trouble

[11:17:00] <Draco> Schezo?

[11:17:26] <Draco> He can't do anything to our rooms, I wouldn't worry about that.

[11:17:51] <Seriri> What kind of trouble could he get into anyway? The one he desires is walking with us.

[11:18:16] <Omega> How many sets of stairs are we going to descend anyway?

[11:18:42] <Arle Nadja> Ermm... I'd prefer not to talk about.

[11:19:07] <Nanako> Ah, this is the last one. We're in the basement now.

[11:19:32] <Nanako> -comes to a large door with a keypad and enters a rather long access code-

[11:19:58] <Sig> I've never been in here before...

[11:20:23] <Draco> Hey, none of us have been in here before.

[11:20:48] <Ms. Accord> Isn't it exciting?

[11:21:13] <Rider> A l-l-litlle

[11:21:39] <Beta> It's more scary than exciting...

[11:22:04] <Keiji> [The door opens and cold mist pours out.]

[11:22:29] <Zeta> -inches closer to Omega-

[11:22:55] <Keiji> [When the fog clears, the group see they're in a narrow corridor, both walls lined with doors to compartments, labeled with various ominous looking signs. Anyone'd think it was Ekoro's new base if this wasn't the ADMA HQ.]

[11:23:20] <Ringo> eeeeeeh~ :U

[11:23:45] <Nanako> You don't want to know what's in here.

[11:24:11] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear...I suppose not.

[11:24:36] <Keiji> -walks along the corridor until the doors are no longer labelled-

[11:25:01] <Sig> Why do those doors look so scary?

[11:25:26] <Nanako> -taps another access code into a pad, and one of the doors opens, revealing an empty compartment-

[11:25:52] <Eta> ....-is reminded of Ekoro thanks to both the omnious basment and long flight of stairs, he shudders his thoughts off-

[11:26:17] <Zeta> So this is where the sphere will be held?

[11:26:42] <Nanako> Yep. Top security.

[11:27:08] <Ms. Accord> And this door will also be marked with a symbol for future refrence?

[11:27:33] <Nanako> Yeah.

[11:27:58] <Seriri> Brrr....I don't know who'd want to come in here and steal something...it's freaking cold :I

[11:28:24] <Beta> -carefully places the sphere in the compartment, which is designed with a sloping bottom to ensure round objects can't roll out-

[11:28:49] <Nanako> The temperature is kept low to minimize any heat-activated artefacts.

[11:29:14] <Nanako> -shuts and locks the door, and labels it appropriately-

[11:29:39] <Mikki> Nice "Danger" sign.

[11:30:05] <Ringo> Makes sense. We wouldn't want any ancient heat powered super weapons going off.

[11:30:30] <Nanako> Well, that's that...

[11:30:55] <Nanako> -leads everyone out of the cold corridor again-

[11:31:21] <Keiji> (...)

[11:31:46] <Zeta> Now that that's taken care of...

[11:32:11] <Zeta> May we be escorted to our rooms?

[11:32:36] <Zeta> I'd like to relax and freshen up before our big dinner tonight :3

[11:33:02] <Nanako> Certainly!

[11:33:27] <Nanako> -leads the Clones up the stairs-

[11:33:52] <Keiji> (the others just go their own way

[11:34:18] <Keiji> )

[11:34:43] <Sig> -heads to the cafeteria to grab a snack-

[11:35:08] <Nanako> Hmm, any of you want double rooms?

[11:35:34] <Zeta> Do you want one, Omega? :3

[11:35:59] <Arle Nadja> -goes to make some curry for Carbuncle-

[11:36:24] <Omega> I'm sure you know the answer to that...

[11:36:49] <Zeta> <33333

[11:37:15] <Nanako> Then, here's your room -opens a door and Omega and Zeta go inside-

[11:37:40] <Nanako> -leads the other 3 Clones to their own rooms-

[11:38:05] <Keiji> (someone say something lol)

[11:38:31] <Chao> [Ringo and Rider follow Arle, wanting to hang out with her in the lounge area]

[11:38:56] <Eta> Thanks, Nanako.

[11:39:21] <Nanako> No problem!

[11:39:47] <Nanako> Now, I must be on my way...#

[11:40:12] <Chao> [Ringo and Rider find Amitie, with her face covered in Fire Extuinguisher fluid]

[11:40:37] <Keiji> ...lolwut?

[11:41:02] <Amitie> Oh hey, you're back. Lagnus set the toaster on fire.

[11:41:28] <Ringo> -sweatdrop-....so he sprayed the fire extiungisher on you?

[11:41:53] <Amitie> Yup. It actually feels kinda good if you let it sit on your face. I wonder if we discovered a new facial technique?

[11:42:18] <Keiji> ........LOL

[11:42:44] <Ringo> >8U.....

[11:43:09] <Keiji> Annoying how you control all those characters though >.>

[11:43:34] <Chao> I know

[11:44:00] <Seriri> -is following Draco back to their room meanwhile-


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