Episode 6 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Apr 03, 2009. All times are UTC.

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[7:57:13] <Keiji> Hi

[7:57:21] <Chao> Hi

[7:57:47] <Akkie> Hiya.

[7:58:14] <Akkie> I was still laughing about the fact that Amy and Sonic had a date at the end of Sonic and the Black Knight. XD

[7:58:22] <Keiji> They did?

[7:58:24] <Keiji> fuck

[7:58:28] <Keiji> don't spoil any more for me

[7:58:30] <Chao> No they didn't

[7:58:34] <Keiji> I /really/ need to finish that game

[7:58:37] <Keiji> Oh

[7:58:39] <Keiji> well whatever

[7:58:42] <Keiji> still dont spoil it >_>

[7:58:51] <Chao> Ok

[7:59:02] <Akkie> OK.

[7:59:11] <Chao> The last story though is fucking hard.

[7:59:25] <Keiji> anyway this is rp

[7:59:43] <Keiji> We were here.

[7:59:44] <Keiji> Hmm... where's Amitie?

[7:59:44] <Keiji> Oh dear...

[7:59:44] <Keiji> Did we lose her?

[7:59:44] <Keiji> She hasn't been around for some time...

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[8:02:24] <Seriri> Oh deary...

[8:02:34] <Keiji> ArleKaakun >.>

[8:02:37] <Seriri> I hope Ms. Accord didn't get her...

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[8:04:32] <Rider> T-t-t-that would be terrible...

[8:04:54] <Mitsuki> Shouldn't we go look for her? she might like blueberry muffins!

[8:05:08] <Sig> Amitie's missing?

[8:05:20] <Seriri> Yes. . .

[8:05:57] <Seriri> Perhaps though, our efforts would be wasted...because it may already be...too late...*sniff*

[8:06:00] <Mikki> Why didn't you notice it yet?

[8:06:32] <Rider> Seriri! D-d-don' say things like t-that!

[8:07:28] <Arle Nadja> What!? We weren't even doing a thing yet!

[8:07:35] <Rider> And I-i-i /think/ Amitie likes blueberry muffins.

[8:07:54] <Mitsuki> ooh! then it's settled! we HAVE to look for her!

[8:08:24] <Seriri> But what if we're too late?

[8:09:06] <Sig> Too....late....?

[8:09:27] <Draco> Seriri, "what if"fing all the time won't get us very far...

[8:09:27] <Arle Nadja> I hope Amitie is OK...

[8:09:53] <Rider> I say we try to at least search for her.

[8:10:09] <Rider> If it is too late, th-then it's too late.

[8:10:17] <Draco> Where'd we last see her, anyway?

[8:10:45] <Seriri> Wasn't it in that forest after Accord's ambush?

[8:11:00] <Seriri> She sort of disappeared after that...

[8:12:30] <Rider> Did she g-g-get lost?

[8:12:45] <Sig> Yay, forest.

[8:12:46] <Keiji> I just looked in my logs, seems she went home

[8:13:18] <Chao> Well, home is where Accord is :P

[8:13:43] <Draco> Then, we've got no choice. We'll have to go to the Magic School and look for her there.

[8:13:45] <Akkie> CHAO!!!

[8:14:00] <Keiji> wut?

[8:14:27] <Rider> O-o....................................okay......................................

[8:14:29] <Akkie> Why is Accord popping everywhere that's supposedly safe!?

[8:14:59] <Mikki> Then we pick the first choice from last time's question, right?

[8:15:08] <Chao> Well off course it's not safe in the Magic School dorms, because Accord has easy access to them.

[8:15:40] <Seriri> It will be dangerous, but for a friend, I shall do it.

[8:15:48] <Sig> Yay, friends.

[8:16:42] <Keiji> by the way I have an infinite ping running right now so I'll know as soon as my server comes back. IF it comes back <_____<

[8:17:50] <Chao> cool.

[8:18:07] <Draco> *gets up, opens the door and walks outside: Well, no point sitting around in here.*

[8:18:49] <Rider> Well...lets.....go then.

[8:19:10] <Seriri> Right...

[8:19:18] <Mikki> Now, to beat the sense into that teacher!

[8:19:43] <Seriri> O_O....we're not going to confront her...are we?

[8:19:44] <Draco> Or to just find Amitie.

[8:19:56] <Seriri> *breathes a sigh of relief*

[8:20:35] <Draco> Actually...

[8:21:14] <Draco> We should stop all walking around together. Some of us should stay behind just in case someone shows up.

[8:21:24] <Rider> Okay.

[8:21:30] <Keiji> I mean really, there are 7 people here =p

[8:21:38] <Rider> I'll stay behind with Sig, to keep him company.

[8:21:42] <Keiji> not quite so obvious in an online rp =p

[8:22:00] <Sig> Yay, company.

[8:22:12] <Draco> Seriri, do you want to stay put too? You don't sound too happy about this whole ordeal.

[8:22:24] <Draco> Besides, you uh... can't... walk. ^^

[8:22:29] <Seriri> No. I want to come.

[8:22:48] <Seriri> I want to rescue Amitie as well.


[8:23:07] <Keiji> (wow thats so going on the wiki when it can)

[8:23:16] <Chao> XDXDXD

[8:24:01] <Akkie> I have a better idea! Why don't we get Seriri a walking bath tub or a bath tub with wheels?

[8:24:10] <Keiji> o____o

[8:24:16] <Chao> ...No.

[8:24:28] <Chao> A wheel chair should suffice.

[8:24:37] <Draco> Well, okay then...

[8:24:53] <Draco> Arle can carry you today, I'm tired of doing that =\

[8:25:16] <Seriri> *looks at Arle*

[8:26:13] <Rider> Is Witch going or s-s-staying?

[8:26:21] <Arle Nadja> What!? Me!?

[8:26:25] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[8:26:45] <Mitsuki> hey, I'm goin! I can't pass up a chance to have fun with blueberry muffins!

[8:26:49] <Arle Nadja> Hmm... maybe if your bath tub was with us...

[8:27:06] <Mikki> Hey! Maybe we can eat blueberry muffins for later!

[8:27:18] <Rider> ?

[8:27:19] <Mitsuki> eat them? what? you don't eat them!!


[8:27:39] <Keiji> U

[8:27:44] <Akkie> You should've mentioned that earlier!

[8:27:59] <Mikki> You should've mentioned that earlier!

[8:28:00] <Mitsuki> what, did anyone already eat them? T_T

[8:28:22] <Chao> "eat blueberry muffins for later!" ...I know your 11, but grammar is very important.

[8:28:31] <Keiji> *you're

[8:28:34] <Keiji> /irony

[8:28:46] <Chao> LOL

[8:28:50] <Akkie> Sorry for the confusion.

[8:29:06] <Chao> That;s just me making a stupid typo.

[8:29:08] <Akkie> She also have some so there's no "the"

[8:29:37] <Draco> So are we gonna sit and talk all day or are we gonna go find Amitie?

[8:30:14] <Rider> As soon as we know if Mikki's going and who's going to carry Seriri.

[8:30:22] <Mikki> Let's go find Amitie!

[8:30:27] <Mikki> *runs off.*

[8:30:30] <Seriri> Arle...please?

[8:30:43] <Arle Nadja> Whoa!

[8:30:55] <Arle Nadja> *drags Mikki by the scarf, stopping her.*

[8:31:03] <Arle Nadja> And... OK, Seriri...

[8:31:08] <Arle Nadja> *carries Seriri.*

[8:31:16] <Seriri> :)

[8:31:45] <Keiji> Rider/Sig: /nick ~|absent plz

[8:31:45] <Rider> Alright, Sig! We need to bid our friends a safe journey.

[8:31:59] <Rider> .....g-g-good bye,

[8:32:06] <Rider> and good luck

[8:32:17] <Rider> 6 s-''+'Absent'

[8:32:17] <Keiji> why doesn't irc let ops/owners change others' nicks -.-

[8:32:25] <Draco> Thank you, Rider!

[8:32:34] <Draco> *leads the others*

[8:32:35] <Sig> 6 s-''+'Absent'

[8:32:42] <Draco> ...Wait

[8:32:57] <Draco> How can I be leading when I don't know where that school is?!

[8:33:05] <Keiji> stupid fragile 4th wall

[8:33:28] <Seriri> Arle knows where it is.

[8:33:42] <Draco> Then, she can lead.

[8:33:48] <Draco> *waits for Arle*

[8:33:52] <Arle Nadja> OK...

[8:34:18] <Arle Nadja> But I hope Seriri won't weigh a lot more while I carry her... >.<

[8:34:25] <Keiji> anyone mind if i make a map of this area? could come in handy for mmf.

[8:34:26] <Mikki> (Fourth Wall?)

[8:34:34] <Chao> *Hyrule Castle music*

[8:34:39] <Chao> I don't care.

[8:34:41] <Keiji> well, a sketchy map anyway.

[8:34:46] <Akkie> Madou Monogatari Fever?

[8:34:48] <Chao> Go nuts :p

[8:34:49] <Keiji> ya

[8:35:04] <Keiji> hayate@nanako:~$ ping

[8:35:04] <Keiji> PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

[8:35:04] <Keiji> --- ping statistics ---

[8:35:04] <Keiji> 1075 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 1074321ms

[8:35:05] <Keiji> :(

[8:35:25] <Chao> And that means?

[8:35:38] <Keiji> Basically, it's still not up

[8:35:39] <Keiji> :p

[8:35:45] <Keiji> damn, this is worrying

[8:35:45] <Akkie> ???

[8:35:50] <Keiji> it shouldn't go down like that >_>

[8:35:57] <Keiji> Anyway

[8:36:05] <Keiji> [Skip to School, I guess]

[8:36:14] <Chao> (No wait

[8:36:17] <Keiji> k

[8:36:28] <Chao> I want another event or to to play out on the way there.

[8:36:41] <Keiji> Involving Accord?

[8:36:47] <Chao> No.

[8:36:52] <Keiji> A minion?

[8:36:58] <Chao> No.

[8:37:00] <Keiji> oh

[8:37:02] <Keiji> =/

[8:37:08] <Keiji> Arle x Draco fluff? :3

[8:37:20] <Chao> You'll see. >:3

[8:37:22] <Keiji> lawl

[8:37:50] <Chao> [srange floating Island over 9000 feet above the ground]

[8:37:55] <Akkie> Involving random crossovers?

[8:38:13] <Akkie> *coughcoughAngelIslandcoughcough*

[8:38:31] <Chao> *coughcoughNocoughcough*

[8:38:52] <Seriri> . . .I remember this place...

[8:38:53] <Draco> I think I hear someone coughing...

[8:39:14] <Keiji> :p

[8:39:37] <Dragon> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[8:39:46] <Dragon> *is sleeping*

[8:39:55] <Seriri> !!!

[8:40:09] <Seriri> That-that dragon....!!!

[8:40:26] <Draco> Huh? A Dragon?

[8:41:00] <Arle Nadja> I hope Witch doesn't giggle too much again...

[8:41:11] <Mitsuki> *giggles*

[8:41:19] <Mitsuki> sorry, what were you saying about giggling?

[8:41:26] <Seriri> Oh...no it's blocking the stairs down...

[8:41:38] <Dragon> *wakes up...*

[8:41:42] <Dragon> T_T

[8:41:46] <Arle Nadja> Oh no! Not again!

[8:41:50] <Draco> ...stairs? Like we can't just go past it?

[8:41:56] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[8:41:59] <Dragon> *sees the gang*

[8:42:03] <Mikki> What's wrong?

[8:42:11] <Dragon> >_<

[8:42:16] <Draco> Stupid insurmountable three inch fence!


[8:42:47] <Dragon> *attempts to bite at Witch*

[8:42:56] <Arle Nadja> Waah!

[8:42:57] <Mitsuki> uwaa!

[8:43:03] <Carbuncle> Guh guh guh!

[8:43:06] <Dragon> ...

[8:43:09] <Mitsuki> *clings to Arle in shock*

[8:43:24] <Arle Nadja> W-Witch! What are you doing!



[8:43:47] <Mikki> >.<

[8:43:48] <Mitsuki> you're going to pay for this!

[8:43:48] <Dragon> MUST...........................HAVE.............................MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[8:43:51] <Mitsuki> THUNDER!

[8:44:13] <Dragon> *attempts to eat Witch whole, but is zapped by the thunder.*

[8:44:24] <Keiji> Why do people mix thunder/lightning anywa

[8:44:25] <Keiji> y


[8:44:42] <Dragon> ;_;

[8:45:18] <Draco> *throws a fireball at the paralysed Dragon*

[8:45:24] <Draco> ...a BIG one

[8:45:33] <Dragon> AGA!!!

[8:45:45] <Dragon> *almost topples over*

[8:45:54] <Dragon> >=(

[8:45:58] <Mikki> Err...


[8:46:05] <Arle Nadja> Ack!

[8:46:11] <Arle Nadja> *uses Thunder.*

[8:46:20] <Mitsuki> wah, copycat.

[8:46:28] <Dragon> *tries to trample Draco, but is zapped by the thunder again.*

[8:46:34] <Dragon> GAAAAUU!!

[8:46:46] <Dragon> ;_;

[8:46:47] <Mikki> Hmm... maybe...

[8:47:32] <Seriri> *blows into a conch pendant she had been carrying*

[8:47:37] <Arle Nadja> What can I say? I learned the spell when I got transported to this world.

[8:47:51] <Seriri> *plays a familiar tune.*

[8:48:08] <Seriri> Arle, take me over there away from the stairs.

[8:48:28] <Dragon> OOOOOOOOOOHHHH! MUSIC! =D

[8:48:44] <Mitsuki> ha?

[8:49:14] <Seriri> Arle! Hurry!

[8:50:00] <Arle Nadja> O-OK!

[8:51:27] <Dragon> *follows Arle and Seriri away from the stairs.*

[8:51:53] <Seriri> *starts playing a lullaby.*

[8:52:13] <Mikki> Eheh... do you know that Dragon?

[8:52:34] <Seriri> Ssh...

[8:52:51] <Dragon> *eventually falls asleep...*

[8:52:58] <Dragon> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[8:53:25] <Seriri> *whispering* Okay guys, we can go on now!

[8:54:16] <Mikki> Sure! *softly*

[8:56:09] <Chao> *As they walk down the stairs, they can see the Magic School beyond a small forested area*

[8:57:36] <Mikki> Let's go!

[8:57:44] <Mikki> *rushes off like before.*

[8:58:01] <Arle Nadja> *drags Mikki by the scarf... again.*

[8:58:07] <Mitsuki> *follows*

[8:58:23] <Draco> *follows, too*

[8:58:45] <Arle Nadja> OK.. let's not rush too fast.

[8:58:59] <Arle Nadja> *walks to the school.*

[8:59:04] <Mikki> Ugh...

[8:59:07] <Baby Max> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[8:59:09] <Mikki> *follows.*

[8:59:28] <Baby Max> *is seen in the wooded area hanging out with some friends.*

[8:59:46] <Draco> oshi

[8:59:53] <Keiji> nickfail

[9:00:00] <Chao> (Please feel free to chime in as his friends.)

[9:00:20] <Keiji> he has friends?

[9:00:22] <Mikki> Maybe we could Puyo POP now?

[9:00:30] <Mikki> >=(

[9:00:31] <Chao> Nick fail should be added to the Wiki if it isn't dead

[9:00:46] <Seriri> *rolls her eyes.*

[9:00:52] <Seriri> Here we go again.

[9:00:53] <Akkie> She doesn't care.

[9:01:07] <Draco> it's not dead, just down

[9:01:11] <Draco> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:01:20] <Draco> 3 (5220a91c@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[9:01:25] <Keiji> nickfail AGAIN

[9:01:31] <Chao> And Yes he has friends. No, I don't feel like portraying them.

[9:01:47] <Keiji> You mean PPFR charas?

[9:01:54] <Chao> No.

[9:02:02] <Chao> Outside of PPFR.

[9:02:17] <Keiji> o

[9:02:25] <Chao> I haven't made them yet because I'm lazy and PPFR doesn't have a sequel yet.

[9:02:42] <Chao> So thats why you can feel free to play as them :p

[9:02:53] <Akkie> Not me.

[9:03:11] <Keiji> meh

[9:03:28] <Chao> ...I guess Max will be alone then :p

[9:03:31] <Chao> lol

[9:03:49] <Baby Max> *notices the others...*

[9:04:05] <Baby Max> Uh....; fancy seeing you guys again...uh...

[9:04:26] <Baby Max> Who's that hot Chick with the red wings?!

[9:04:46] <Draco> My name is Draco!

[9:04:57] <Mikki> Let me tell you something.

[9:05:24] <Mikki> He's a pervert.

[9:05:50] <Draco> T_T

[9:07:34] <Baby Max> Hey! Quit being a jerk!

[9:08:16] <Seriri> Oh dear...

[9:08:28] <Baby Max> I'm NOT a pervert!

[9:08:38] <Baby Max> I'm just freakin desperate!

[9:08:44] <Draco> Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not into guys. And I'm not into diapers. And I'm definitely not into farting.

[9:09:14] <Baby Max> ....Okay. Well, you're off my list of hot babes, then..

[9:09:27] <Arle Nadja> But aren't you into beauty contests?

[9:09:32] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[9:10:10] <Draco> So, I'm not a hot babe purely cause I don't like anything about you?

[9:10:43] <Draco> I know everyone around me would be /very/ willing to testify my looks...

[9:10:45] <Baby Max> No.

[9:11:07] <Baby Max> You're just not my type, so I'm not going to bother with you.

[9:11:33] <Seriri> I don't want to sound pessimistic, but there aren't very many people of your type...

[9:11:59] <Seriri> Perhaps I should suggest a gay relationship? :D

[9:12:49] <Keiji> >_>

[9:13:04] <Baby Max> ?!

[9:13:21] <Mikki> ";

[9:13:22] <Seriri> Sounds like your friends are the only ones of your type...

[9:13:37] <Seriri> So why not go out with them?

[9:13:45] <Baby Max> . . .

[9:13:58] <Baby Max> *runs away*

[9:14:06] <Baby Max> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:14:45] <Seriri> . . .

[9:14:55] <Seriri> Fine >=(

[9:15:05] <Seriri> Don't take my advice then.

[9:16:48] <Mikki> Err... the school?

[9:16:49] <Draco> Anyway, let's get back to finding Amitie!

[9:16:53] <Keiji> ..lo

[9:16:53] <Keiji> l

[9:17:35] <Seriri> Right...

[9:17:55] <Amitie> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[9:18:24] <Amitie> *is unconscious on the ground in front of the school*

[9:18:39] <Arle Nadja> Amitie! What happened!?

[9:18:55] <Seriri> She's unconscious!

[9:19:18] <Seriri> *examines her body and finds bruises, cuts, and other signs of torture*

[9:19:24] <Seriri> O_O

[9:19:27] <Mitsuki> o______o

[9:20:11] <Seriri> We have to take her back!

[9:20:16] <Ms. Accord> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[9:20:18] <Draco> Yes, we do!

[9:20:25] <Ms. Accord> Oh no you don't!

[9:20:34] <Ms. Accord> Amitie's been a bad girl...

[9:20:44] <Ms. Accord> and I haven't finished punishing her yet!

[9:21:05] <Nanako> 3 (5220a91c@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[9:21:15] <Nanako> Oh yes I do!

[9:21:16] <Ms. Accord> *pulls out the Golden Axe*

[9:21:22] <Nanako> *fires giant lazer at Accord*

[9:21:32] <Ms. Accord> Oh!

[9:21:43] <Ms. Accord> Who are you?!

[9:22:06] <Seriri> . . .who is she?

[9:22:10] <Seriri> or he?

[9:22:11] <Mikki> Who's that?

[9:22:15] <Seriri> it?

[9:22:36] <Nanako> 6 s-'Mystery'+''

[9:22:43] <Akkie> Who's Nanako!?

[9:23:15] <Nanako> Nothing can stand up to the CFIS!

[9:23:24] <Nanako> And you broke the golden rule!

[9:23:28] <Nanako> Glass is forbidden!

[9:23:44] <Nanako> What do you think you're wearing?!

[9:23:48] <Mikki> What?

[9:24:05] <Ms. Accord> You can't fool me with your fake orginizations!

[9:24:12] <Nanako> Fake organizations?

[9:24:21] <Nanako> I've got more where that came from, you know!

[9:24:30] <Ms. Accord> Minion! Get them!

[9:24:32] <Nanako> *fires another shot of the CFIS, sending Accord reeling back into a brick wall*

[9:24:38] <Panotty> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[9:24:46] <Nanako> Minion? You don't even call your underhands by name?

[9:24:47] <Panotty> Weee!

[9:24:53] <Nanako> Wow, you stoop so low.

[9:25:01] <Nanako> *kills Panotty with a mere rocket*

[9:25:17] <Nanako> Che! That's nothing!

[9:25:18] <Panotty> Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

[9:25:22] <Panotty> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:25:38] <Arle Nadja> What's happening here...

[9:25:42] <Carbuncle> Guh...

[9:25:43] <Ms. Accord> T_O

[9:25:52] <Ms. Accord> . . .

[9:25:57] <Ms. Accord> OTHER MINION!

[9:26:18] <Zoh Diamaoh> 3 (1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com) has joined #rp

[9:26:27] <Nanako> Ya know, whatever you bring out, I'm just gonna kill.

[9:26:27] <Zoh Diamaoh> ZOh!

[9:26:39] <Nanako> *fires MPFB at Zoh*

[9:26:40] <Zoh Diamaoh> Wha?!

[9:26:51] <Zoh Diamaoh> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:27:00] <Nanako> * Zoh reels back OVER the brick wall Accord just bashed into and dies

[9:27:35] <Ms. Accord> Oh...

[9:27:35] <Nanako> *walks towards Accord*

[9:27:45] <Nanako> So! What've you got left, eh?

[9:27:46] <Ms. Accord> This will be fun...T_T

[9:27:57] <Nanako> *kicks Accord in the face, knocking her down*

[9:28:05] <Nanako> I didn't think so!

[9:28:08] <Ms. Accord> *evaporates into a blue gas*

[9:28:14] <Nanako> ...

[9:28:25] <Ms. Accord> *'s blue gas flies away...*

[9:28:27] <Nanako> Che!

[9:28:28] <Nanako> *teleports away*

[9:28:28] <Nanako> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:28:31] <Ms. Accord> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:28:46] <Seriri> . . .

[9:29:01] <Draco> What was that all about?

[9:29:12] <Seriri> Who was that?

[9:29:19] <Mikki> That was the best randomness I've seen...

[9:29:22] <Seriri> And why did Accord evaporate?

[9:29:27] <Mitsuki> some girl with powerful weapons, i guess.

[9:29:54] <Mikki> Sorry. I dunno a Nanako.

[9:30:00] <Amitie> ............................................uugu.....................

[9:30:11] <Draco> *looks at Amitie*

[9:30:22] <Draco> *pats Amitie on the head*

[9:30:32] <Draco> Don't worry, you're safe now...

[9:30:32] <Amitie> .............huh?

[9:30:36] <Mikki> Transformez!

[9:30:37] <Draco> We'll take you home.

[9:30:42] <Keiji> wut

[9:30:47] <Amitie> Wh-what happened?

[9:30:52] <Akkie> White Mage.

[9:30:59] <Draco> I don't know, to be honest.

[9:31:11] <Mikki> 6 s-''+'WhiteMage'

[9:31:13] <Draco> Anyway, get on.

[9:31:19] <Draco> *offers to carry Amitie*

[9:31:34] <Amitie> *takes her up on her offer*

[9:31:39] <Arle Nadja> Are you OK, Amitie?

[9:31:43] <Draco> Good girl.

[9:31:51] <Amitie> ....I dunno.....

[9:32:26] <Keiji> so can we skip to home this time, or does Chao want moar random encounters

[9:32:26] <Keiji> :p

[9:32:39] <Chao> ...skip

[9:32:45] <Keiji> [skip to home]

[9:33:01] <Sig> 6 s-'Absent'+''

[9:33:07] <Draco> *places Amitie on the bed*

[9:33:22] <Draco> ...next to Sig... not on top of him

[9:33:27] <Amitie> ooohh.....

[9:33:34] <Amitie> My back hurts...

[9:33:42] <Mikki> Cure!

[9:33:54] <Keiji> Okay that was a game breaker

[9:33:55] <Keiji> >.<

[9:34:45] <Draco> Feel free to lie down, Amitie...

[9:34:54] <Amitie> ....

[9:34:59] <Amitie> *lays down*

[9:35:00] <Keiji> Rider: /nick ~

[9:35:07] <Sig> Hi guys.

[9:35:15] <Sig> Rider's out for a walk

[9:35:25] <Draco> Oh, okay.

[9:35:31] <Draco> Well, we found Amitie, as you can see.

[9:35:39] <Sig> Yay, Amitie.

[9:36:16] <Keiji> http://kawachan.org/wiki/Main_Page

[9:36:18] <Keiji> IT'S BACK

[9:36:18] <Keiji> :D

[9:36:21] <Keiji> :D :D


[9:36:34] <Keiji> I actually gave up my infinite ping like 10 minutes ago but it magically returned lolz

[9:36:47] <Draco> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:36:48] <Mitsuki> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

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[9:36:55] <Seriri> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[9:37:05] <Arle Nadja> 4 has kicked ArleNadja from #rp (RP ending.)

[9:37:11] <Carbuncle> 4 has kicked Carbuncle|Carby from #rp (RP ending.)

[9:37:24] <Mikki> 4 has kicked Mikki|WhiteMage from #rp (RP ending.)


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Mikki: 30
Nanako: 23
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Mitsuki: 17
Rider: 16
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