Episode 47 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Mar 24, 2012. All times are UTC.

[11:02:20] <Strigina> 6 s-'Being stringy rice, hidden from sight, fondly regarding the epic battle~'+''

[11:02:30] <Arle> 3

[11:02:38] <Strigina> So Primp was destroyed...

[11:03:05] <Strigina> What a pitiful tragedy that turned out to be...

[11:03:17] <Arle> *walking to wherever Strigina happens to be* Ah, yep. Pretty sorry indeed.

[11:03:28] <Arle> Howdy, Strigina!

[11:03:46] <Strigina> Good day, Arle.

[11:04:11] <Arle> You know, it's only a matter of time before Ecolo blows up another world.

[11:04:13] <Strigina> What causes you to happen by here?

[11:05:10] <Arle> I was hoping I'd run into you actually!

[11:05:21] <Strigina> Hmm?

[11:05:47] <Strigina> What service do you wish from me?

[11:06:00] <Arle> You see, I found this strange frog - No, Not Nohoho - And he's sort of a "countdown" if you will, until Ecolo blows up another planet. Do you mind taking him to Mikki for me?

[11:06:24] <Arle> And while you're at it, I have another favor to ask of you.

[11:07:27] <Strigina> I'll be sure to give her the favor to bring the frog, then.

[11:07:35] <Strigina> What other favor is this you want?

[11:07:56] <Arle> You see, there are these five Puyo spirits, right?

[11:08:24] <Arle> If you gather them and use their powers combined, they can make people's wishes come true.

[11:08:37] <Arle> Ecolo's after them, and that's NO good!

[11:09:04] <Arle> I already sent a friend of mine to seal them away so he can't get to them, but he's having trouble pinning one down.

[11:09:06] <Strigina> So, you're asking me to get them before he does?

[11:09:20] <Strigina> Locate them, more like.

[11:10:20] <Arle> Can you tell Mikki and her acquaintances to rendezvous with Camus at the Dragon Temple in the northwest and help him seal the spirit away? It'd really slow Ecolo down.

[11:11:29] <Strigina> Well, that, I'd gladly do.

[11:12:10] <Strigina> -orb out to see where Mikki's place is-

[11:12:38] <Arle> *she pulls out Clocger from her panties hammerspace*

[11:12:45] <Arle> And here's the frog.

[11:12:59] <Strigina> -yoinks the frog from Arle's hands-

[11:13:03] <Clocger> 3

[11:13:42] <Clocger> H-hey! What are you...!

[11:14:07] <Strigina> -stores the frog in her own hammerspace immediately; the poor froggy-

[11:14:14] <Clocger> 6 s-''+'Hammerspace\'d'

[11:14:32] <Arle> Sure is helpful of you to do this for me!

[11:14:48] <Strigina> As for you, Arle. After my leave, what do you plan to do next?

[11:15:58] <Arle> Well...I'm keeping busy! I'm trying my hardest to keep tabs on that crazy weirdo and figure out what he's plotting next. Of course, I can't tell you how I'm doing that, because then my awesomeness would be spoiled.

[11:16:37] <Strigina> Hmm~ Typical of those who acknowledge the awe they inspire... ~

[11:16:55] <Strigina> Well, then... -takes out orb to see where Mikki is-

[11:17:18] <Arle> Just what all can you do with that orb?

[11:17:34] <Strigina> A lot of things~

[11:17:58] <Strigina> So much that if I were to say them all, I might not have enough time left once I actually leave for that place.

[11:18:29] <Arle> Gee, sure is a nice macguffin you have there. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it... :D

[11:18:35] <Strigina> -orb shows where Homu-Mikki is, plus coordinates-

[11:18:48] <Strigina> Are you tempting some great being?

[11:19:29] <Arle> What, you mean like that Benedict guy?

[11:20:00] <Strigina> No particular great being! After all, there are more than just that man~

[11:20:27] <Arle> I'm sure if someone from Primp wanted your stuff, they would've taken it 4 episodes ago.

[11:20:56] <Strigina> -shade doll summon- It~ Depends~ Who they are...

[11:20:58] <Strigina> Well, I'd love to talk and chat, but the two of us are definitely busy...

[11:21:09] <Strigina> Well, tata~

[11:21:12] <Arle> Ahahahaha...right!

[11:21:19] <Arle> It was nice to see you again.

[11:21:24] <Strigina> -tele-poof-

[11:21:55] <Arle> ...tch. What a scapegoat. *causally walks away from the scene*

Start date: Thu Apr 05, 2012. All times are UTC.

[5:57:25] <Chao> [The setting is the Mountain Base of Ekoro, way back when]

[5:58:16] <Alpha> *is walking with Lam in a long hallway* Aren't you excited??

[5:58:28] <Alpha> The last of your sisters is about to be born!!

[5:58:41] <Lam> -big grin- Oh, I am is excited~

[5:59:01] <Alpha> ...I could've sworn I didn't program such odd grammar into you.

[5:59:09] <Alpha> Oh well.

[5:59:26] <Lam> Must be something you overlooked?

[5:59:30] <Alpha> The pinnacle of our work is abut to come into frutation!

[5:59:47] <Alpha> ....don't mention overlooking details...that's happened to me enough in the past week.

[6:00:00] <Alpha> I still have yet to report that Phi is basically a failur

[6:00:01] <Alpha> e

[6:00:47] <Lam> So~

[6:01:03] <Lam> How are those sisters coming along, so far~?

[6:01:15] <Alpha> This should be the last one!

[6:01:32] <Alpha> The ultimate clone! Omega; Perfect Draco!

[6:02:10] <Chao> [they finally enter a room containing Omega's incubation chamber. Ekoro is slumped around it gleefully]


[6:02:58] <Lam> Yup, nobody's not going to be excited~

[6:04:09] <Ecolo> She will be the ringleader of them all! Taking her down, they'll have a ball! And then a fall. And we shall dance as we become tall!

[6:05:41] <Lam> I wonder... when will the day finally come?

[6:05:51] <Alpha> Huh?

[6:06:05] <Ecolo> It depends on which day you're waiting for

[6:06:38] <Lam> ... oh, well. It's not like many things will not happen before then~

[6:06:43] <Akkie> OH GRAGH

[6:07:32] <Akkie> I'm... gonna have to poof away for a bit in a few moments...

[6:07:35] <Akkie> Not now, though.

[6:07:43] <Chao> oh

[6:07:54] <Chao> well I'll try to make this quick then :Y

[6:08:32] <Chao> [Suddenly a female voice starts to echo through the room: "Uh, I hate to break it to you, but there's a tiny problem with that"]

[6:08:49] <Arle> 3

[6:09:02] <Arle> *portals in, sitting on Omega's incubation chamber*

[6:09:06] <Lam> Who's this windbag?

[6:09:18] <Ecolo> Oh, it's Not-Arley.

[6:09:25] <Ecolo> Nor Charley.

[6:09:57] <Arle> *ahem* Yeaaaaah....I hate to be rude, but this thing is busted. It's a piece of garbage in a giant test tube.

[6:10:12] <Alpha> WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?

[6:10:33] <Lam> ... elaborate.

[6:11:13] <Arle> You see, reviewing these blueprints here, I see a serious flaw in her design. Tsk Tsk!

[6:11:45] <Arle> I also reviewed the blueprints for a certain other clone.

[6:12:11] <Arle> If she died before birth, it's because someone made a stupid error on her design too.

[6:12:42] <Alpha> How d-dare you?!

[6:13:06] <Lam> Well, is the flaw serious enough for this one to not work as well?

[6:13:30] <Ecolo> Yes, Zeta was a failure of leopards, at best. But what are you here for, besides my patience to test?

[6:14:08] <Arle> Oh no, she'll come out of the capsule. She just'll be the key to bringing your downfall rather than your upbringing.

[6:15:14] <Lam> . . . !?

[6:15:29] <Arle> But you promised me a vessel Ekoro. I gave you power you never could've imagined to have obtained in your wimpy human form! So where is my "Dark Amitie"?? Or my compensation for the lack of?

[6:15:53] <Arle> SOMEONE had to have messed up that design before it went to shop, you know.

[6:16:14] <Ecolo> *slowly turns to Alpha*

[6:16:59] <Keiji> WHAT THE CRAP

[6:17:18] <Akkie> Wham.

[6:17:25] <Keiji> I spend 20 minutes packing stuff and return to see insane plot twists

[6:17:27] <Alpha> Oh for god's sake you don't REALLY think I had reason to sabotage "Zeta" do you?!

[6:17:51] <Keiji> Not that I'm objecting, though. This is amazing. <3

[6:18:23] <Ecolo> *punches Alpha in the chest* YOU INCOMPETENT INGRATE!! NOTHING I TOLD YOU SHOULD BE LEFT TO FATE!!

[6:18:34] <Arle> *yawn*

[6:20:29] <Lam> Just what happened to Zeta that caused it...? -stare-

[6:20:35] <Ecolo> I-I do apologize for the lack of a vessel! I hadn't realized it'd be such a hassle! A compensation is in order, yes indeed, a brand new vessel is what you'll need!

[6:20:58] <Arle> Might I suggest the model for your new "Ultimate Clone"?

[6:21:20] <Lam> ...

[6:21:32] <Arle> I believe it should be of, well, Arle. Not me, but the "real" one.

[6:21:38] <Keiji> I'm off now~

[6:21:39] <Keiji> Cya.

[6:21:46] <Chao> later!

[6:21:51] <Akkie> See you~

[6:22:26] <Chao> back to RP

[6:22:16] <Keiji> 2

[6:22:55] <Ecolo> Ooooh?

[6:23:38] <Ecolo> I believe since you originally wanted a "Zeta", and since of course there's a gap in my numbering system now, this new clone shall be "Zeta".

[6:24:27] <Lam> What will happen to Omega, though...?

[6:25:11] <Ecolo> She'll be born. I'll just absorb her when she's torn. If that happens sooner that's too bad. But all these failures have made me mad!

[6:25:22] <Akkie> -poof away for a bit; brb-

[6:25:28] <Chao> k

[6:28:53] <Arle> Fufufufu~

[6:29:17] <Lam> By failures, you mean...

[6:29:42] <Arle> I should have you know that I'm tired of waiting around. This time there should be NO mistakes in Zeta's design~♥ I want that vessel to be ready for when the time comes, you know.

[6:30:09] <Alpha> I'll start drafting the plans then...

[6:30:13] <Ecolo> No!

[6:31:08] <Ecolo> I will work alone to personally ensure Zeta is the best and not a flop like the rest. I have special plans for you, Alpha, oh yes... something quite evil I must confess.

[6:31:36] <Alpha> ...;

[6:31:59] <Arle> I'm counting on you, Ekoro. Don't disappoint me~♥

[6:32:06] <Arle> *poofs away*

[6:32:08] <Arle> 4

[6:32:53] <Lam> Ekoro-sama... by failures, you mean...?

[6:33:25] <Ecolo> Flaws! Flaws everywhere! Even in your Omega...FLAW! FLAW! FLAW!

[6:33:37] <Ecolo> Zeta 1, Phi, Omega!

[6:33:39] <Ecolo> ALL RUINED

[6:33:42] <Ecolo> DED

[6:33:45] <Ecolo> TRAGEDY

[6:34:04] <Alpha> ...;;;

[6:35:31] <Ecolo> Alpha...you have been my wonderful assistant for such a long time...my punishment will not be so harsh...but I must make clear the consequences your actions, intentional or accidental, have had on our most ingenious brilliant plan

[6:36:27] <Lam> 6 s-''+'Delta'

[6:36:53] <Ecolo> Come with me

[6:37:05] <Ecolo> *floats down the hallway into a different room*

[6:37:32] <Lam> -looks at Alpha-

[6:38:12] <Alpha> *looks at Delta, then hesitantly follows Ekoro*

[6:38:32] <Lam> -follows the two-

[6:39:22] <Chao> [The next room they're in has a huge computer on the wall. In the corner of the room, there's a small, cylindrical chamber that is connected to the computer]

[6:40:50] <Ecolo> *floats to the computer and starts hacking away at it. Scenes from Sho's memories start playing on the computer* As your punishment, you will momentarily forgot who you were.

[6:41:12] <Ecolo> Your memories will be replaced by your contemporaries, until a timer I set goes off

[6:41:23] <Ecolo> You will be allowed to rejoin my forces then

[6:41:37] <Ecolo> But until then, you must live in exile as "Sho", and not Alpha.

[6:41:56] <Ecolo> Do you understand? It's much easier to comprehend than a flying can~

[6:43:23] <Alpha> Yes. I'm deeply sorry for all of this trouble I've caused you. *steps into the chamber*

[6:44:08] <Ecolo> *pushes a SPECIAL YELLOW BUTTON on the computer keyboard, and the memory transfer is initiated*

[6:45:05] <Lam> Hey...

[6:45:18] <Ecolo> Hey...?

[6:46:29] <Lam> Will he remember his time as another person once the "timer" goes off?

[6:47:02] <Ecolo> ...that is what I just said, Delta! Don't be such a nine ball baka! D:

[6:49:11] <Lam> Let him live a moment of humiliation. That's it? That's the plan? Then again, he did some other i~ncredible things! ... even though some might've turned out i~cky...

[6:50:03] <Ecolo> He must be reprimanded for the bad he has done. But in the best of times we had fun! On a bun, with a pun that weighed a ton!

[6:50:57] <Chao> [The Computer screen flashes the text "Temporary Memory Override complete. Timer set. Releasing "Alpha""]

[6:51:07] <Lam> ...

[6:51:07] <Lam> ...

[6:51:08] <Lam> ...

[6:51:51] <Lam> As for us others?

[6:52:15] <Ecolo> ...what timing you have, for about the others I was going to ask of you~☆

[6:53:07] <Ecolo> It's been too long since Beta, Gamma or Epsilon have reported back to me. Find them and bring them back to me at once! I need to prepare for my resistance, to rectify some major mistakes in this instance...

[6:53:35] <Lam> Anything else~?

[6:54:12] <Ecolo> Oh, and could you get some more hallucinogenic mushrooms to make me some of that color cycling soup that makes you barf rainbows?? :D

[6:54:24] <Lam> :D

[6:54:44] <Lam> That's not biggy at all~♥

[6:54:59] <Ecolo> YAY~♥

[6:55:02] <Lam> I'm poofing off now~ Any last instructions~


[6:55:50] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE~☆

[6:56:06] <Lam> Fuweeeee~♪

[6:57:05] <Lam> -poofs off to parts unknown, but still within a 15-mile-radius near the base-


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