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Ms. Accord is a raving madman (madwoman?) who works as a teacher in Primp Magic School in Puyo Puyo Fever, and is a nominally reoccuring character in Compile Worlds. Despite her innocent look and apparent interest in music, she is a powerful dark magic user, on par with characters like Feli and Ecolo. While she was the original antagonist of Subete Puyo Puyo, she has since changed her ways and moved on to helping the heroes passively between teaching her students magic peacefully.


Not much of Accord's history is known. She presumably earned both her own magic degree and a teaching license early in life, and also somehow captured the demon Popoi to use as a magical puppet to aid in teaching her classes. However, during the events of Puyo Puyo Fever, she seemed to be the mastermind behind the events, pretending to lose her cane and luring her students into a clash with Popoi, whose power exceeded their own. While one of her students, Raffine, found her out and almost exposed her evil(?) plans to murder(?) them, she silenced Raffine and left the others blissfully unaware of her wrong doing. Later, she taught classes and hosted a fun Puyo tournament in Primp, acting like nothing had even happened, even when interrogated by Zoh Daimaoh and Akuma, who themselves were evil demons. However, it was soon apparent that there was more to Accord's secrets than anybody had ever thought...

Accord, at a glance, is a kind, if ever-so-slightly oblivious school teacher. She values education and loves teaching to her students, making them groan when she places priorities on their schoolwork. She has a tendency to act outrageous and silly, causing her pupils distress even when it is not harmful. She also takes enjoyment in watching chaos unfold onto others, a nasty habit that most of the antagonists of the RP have developed themselves. Accord has been described as suspicious and as hiding something many times, and she has also proven to be untrustworthy at other times. Another side of Accords personality shows her silliness as a torturous method of victimizing her prey, having malicious intent. In yet another face, she cares deeply for her students and only took up the persona of a madwoman to keep them safe from Popoi. When playing any of her personas or true face, Accord is fond of making cheeky comments and talking through back-handed compliments or shades of condescending tones, causing those around her to be annoyed or suspicious of her.

Accord, being one of the first antagonists of the RP and also a primary boss character of the series, is extremely powerful. She has well earned her license to teach magic, throwing powerful spells around. She also has powerful techniques involving throwing Popoi and other silly things at her targets, causing them much pain. On the flipside, she is also capable of casting a variety of hexes and curses, ailing her opponents in battle with their effects. Her main weakness seems to be her non-serious attitude and her caring of the students. Despite her vast power, she was unable to resist attacks from Popoi, Ecolo, and Fake Arle in various arcs. It is implied that her power and Popoi's can be connected when they are in-sync with eachother, explaining her near-invulnerability during Subete.


Ms. Accord's name has a few possible origins. Firstly, Accord sounds like "a chord", as in a musical chord. It also could be from Accordion, a musical instrument. An accord may also be a peace agreement between two countries, possibly symbolizing the middle man relationship Accord has between Popoi and Primp in Puyo Puyo Fever.



  • It is interesting to note Accord mentions wanting to find herself a "Perfect Accord" in the climatic Ecolo battle. Even if there was an Accord clone somewhere within the base, however, the base and Ecolo were destroyed before it could be awakened from incubation.
  • Accord was briefly a member of the ADMA in Subete, which is extremely ironic, given that their former moniker was the Anti-Accord Association and that they all had wanted to kill her at some point.
  • Accord is one of the first Chaotic characters to switch sides during the RP, going from evil to good in just one arc.
  • Accord was also the first antagonist to die on screen, though like others to follow, she didn't stay dead for long.
    • Unlike Ecolo, who was actually perma-killed later on, Accord has survived, though she has not returned to a prominent role since the Pre-Meteor Arc episodes.
  • Accord was one of the first Puyo character pages to receive a "Perfect" rating on the Compile Worlds quality scale.
    • However, as the quality standards changed and her page format became outdated, she lost this status, relinquishing the honor of the first perfect page to Arle Nadja instead.
    • She also did not meet the "over 9000!" five-bar quantity level, as mentioned above in the quotes, which is one of the requirements to earn a perfect page.
    • The latest rewrite did bring the page up from "great" to "excellent" though.
  • Though Accord was depicted as a raving madwoman, her most heinous "crime" was torturing Seriri, though Draco begs to differ in her diary, as the age regression of Sig into a baby was clearly where the line was actually drawn. Most of her antics, however, were primarily curses and cartoon-esque mischief.
    • Since Accord apparently also did this to Schezo Wegey in Episode 1, it's pretty easy to see why Draco carried a grudge against her for several arcs.

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