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Seriri, also known as (the) Uroko Sakana Bito, was a secondary character in the classic Puyo series 4/4Puyo Puyo TSUPuyo Puyo SUNPuyo Puyo~nMinna de Puyo Puyo, and a major character in Compile Worlds. She is a mermaid who peacefully resided in the Lake of Alicubi, debuting in Episode 2. She was a key member of the Anti Dark Magic Alliance until a meteor blew up their headquarters in Episode 17, which saw a decrease in her significance due to the cast being split up.


Like many of the other Madou characters, Seriri lived a relatively busy life in the Madou World. She grew up lonely in the seas of that world. She was attracted to the shore to make friends with the game of Puyo Puyo, though her fear of being eaten only made her more distant than ever. Eventually, she started living life on land instead, lugging herself around in a giant wooden tub, when necessary. Like the other characters, Seriri mysteriously vanished from the Madou World and was teleported to Primp, where she now currently resides.

Seriri was once a shy, quiet character. Over the course of the Pre-Meteor Arc, however, Seriri eventually became brave enough to express her thoughts and ideas in words that you never would have imagined her saying. This bravery was developed by the acquisition of various friendships, which she still holds dearly. Despite being able to carry a grudge and being rather opinionated at times, Seriri tries her best to be a voice of reason within the party, especially when Arle Nadja can't make a point by herself. Often she encourages the group to use logical thinking and common sense. Seriri has a huge lesbian crush on Draco Centauros, though the latter has only taken advantage of this crush. Seriri has also been revealed to have a nasty temper at times, though this only seems to be when her anger reaches a boiling point or when someone she hates is around. Seriri has a bad tendency to become overly paranoid at times, especially when threatened to be eaten.

Seriri's flesh can supposedly grant you immortality, but her fear of being eaten has proved this impossible to test. Seriri's Tears also have magical properties, being able to heal characters. Unfortunately, the only time this was tested also left the subject with a bitter taste in their mouth, which may have woken them from their unconscious state rather than the healing magic. When Seriri is angry, she is not afraid to smack the enemy with her rather massive fish tail.


The name "Seriri" has an unknown origin. "Uroko Sakana Bito" literally translates into "Fish person" or "Mermaid".



  • Seriri is one of the few characters to keep her text color throughout the entire series.
    • The color has become known as Seriri Blue, infamous for being nearly illegible on white backgrounds.
      • It's not a problem at all now though, thanks to Kawachat's new rave party dark color scheme.
      • Chao caused some controversy by misnaming it "Seriri Color".
    • She shares her text color with Gypsum and Alpha, though since Gypsum and Alpha are much more recent additions to the roster, this hasn't affected the colloquial color name.
  • Since Seriri is a fish, transportation of her is an issue. During the Pre-Meteor Arc segment, she was primarily lugged around by Draco, though she was eventually granted a wheelchair and an indoor waterway.
    • During the Meteor Arc, however, she resumed having to be lugged around again, due to the absence of her wheelchair.
    • One of the reasons Draco abandoned her was because of this inability to walk anywhere. Isn't it sad, Seriri?
    • Mikki also attempted to summon a walking bath tub for Seriri, though she dismissed it, since at the time she was in the waterway Mikki also summoned.
  • With the exception of Episode 1, Seriri appeared in the entire Pre-Meteor Arc segment.
    • However, she only made two appearances in the entire Meteor Arc, none in the Amalgamation, and has been declared MIA as of SHAME's beginning.
  • Seriri is the only character who has died on screen and then been revived in the following episode.
    • She is not the only character to be revived after death, though.

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