Episode 41 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Jan 13, 2012. All times are UTC.

[12:14:11] <Amitie> So...

[12:14:56] <Amitie> Where are we?

[12:15:06] <Keiji> There's no support for retroactive episode numbering, I'm afraid.

[12:15:12] <Strigina> Just a familiar library...

[12:15:24] <Keiji> Is there any character I should play?

[12:15:27] <Lam> 6 s-':<'+''

[12:15:59] <Chao> Well, if you think Juicihi should be there

[12:16:20] <Chao> but other than that, you'd basically have to like wait and throw someone in

[12:16:37] <Amitie> Well, it isn't familiar to me!

[12:16:43] <Keiji> Hm

[12:16:46] <Keiji> Oh

[12:17:07] <Mikki> So much eeriness...

[12:17:27] <Lam> . . .

[12:17:51] <Amitie> So, when do we get to become WONDERFUL MAGIC USERS♥♥♥, Strigina?

[12:19:00] <Strigina> Becoming a great one takes patience, as you know.

[12:19:59] <Amitie> Hm, I guess you're right...

[12:19:59] <Panotty> 3

[12:19:59] <Panotty> *randomly shows up* --eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

[12:20:11] <Chao> LOL

[12:20:14] <Strigina> The main reason, out of the many out there, just why I decided to take you all in... you all are getting a bit rusty and incompetent...

[12:20:24] <Lam> It's a flute.

[12:20:30] <Panotty> Wow, that was the longest Wee ever.

[12:20:42] <Lam> Played by an elf, in fact.

[12:20:50] <Amitie> In Com Peh Tent?

[12:20:50] <Mikki> Hey, aren't you...

[12:21:12] <Amitie> I didn't know computers HAD tents...

[12:21:12] <Panotty> Where was I? I thought I was supposed to be fighting someone for Ms. Accord.

[12:21:13] <Strigina> -chuckles-

[12:21:27] <Panotty> ...-stomach rumble- Oh God I'm hungry.

[12:22:02] <Amitie> Maybe you should eat some stringy rice! *holds up a bowl of Ramen*

[12:22:09] <Keiji> xD

[12:22:12] <Mikki> Right! You're that supposed flute player that was thrown out of orbit by Nanako's projectiles!

[12:22:13] <Panotty> :O!

[12:22:26] <Strigina> Good you actually have enough wit for that.

[12:22:34] <Strigina> Anyway...

[12:22:36] <Panotty> *grabs the Ramen and digs in* Ah, food, glorious food!

[12:22:43] <Strigina> -taking a book from a shelf-

[12:22:55] <Panotty> Ah yes, the name Nanako rings a bell.

[12:22:59] <Amitie> You're welcome!~

[12:23:20] <Lam> -just gonna gawk at the architecture- Poor elf~

[12:24:26] <Strigina> I'm afraid Ms. Accord is currently pre-occupied by a possessing blob and his playful clutches.

[12:24:50] <Amitie> *notices Stringina taking a book* Huh? What are you doing with that? I thought WE were supposed to be hitting the books...;

[12:25:06] <Strigina> Precisely.

[12:25:12] <Panotty> A what now? Please don't use such big words.

[12:25:29] <Strigina> Though, this just seems rather useful for something...

[12:25:52] <Amitie> Yeah, lay back on the big words, would ya? We're not all English majors in here, ya know.

[12:25:58] <Keiji> http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/4/4e/Trainer_House_glitch_name.png Cirno Hentai is my opponent today?

[12:26:24] <Akkie> I count up to eleven.

[12:26:35] <Keiji> --but, they're nines

[12:26:41] <Keiji> who cares how many nines there are

[12:26:46] <Chao> nien

[12:26:49] <Akkie> It would be epic if there were nine nines.

[12:26:50] <Keiji> THEY'RE STILL NINES

[12:27:03] <Akkie> The ultimate ninth trillion.

[12:27:45] <Strigina> ... I'll do that, then~

[12:27:46] <Chao> Epic would be nine thousand and nine nines, which would be nine nines more than nine thousand.

[12:28:17] <Keiji> I think you mean

[12:28:21] <Keiji> nine nines over nine thousand

[12:28:22] <Akkie> Nine hundred nineties, which are one hundred tens more than nines.

[12:28:38] <Keiji> Which would actually be 0.009

[12:28:44] <Keiji> Or a millinine

[12:29:06] <Keiji> Cirno-millipede.

[12:29:15] <Chao> This RP is now Cirno

[12:29:20] <Keiji> no it isn't

[12:29:31] <Strigina> Ms. Amitie...

[12:29:36] <Keiji> It would totally be if it was brought up in character, though.

[12:29:38] <Amitie> Yeah?

[12:29:53] <Panotty> So, who are you guys anyway?

[12:30:02] <Panotty> *short attention span*

[12:30:06] <Amitie> The name's Amitie!

[12:30:12] <Amitie> Nice to meet you~

[12:30:36] <Strigina> What was the last topic you guys had before the long break?

[12:30:46] <Amitie> ....huh?

[12:31:01] <Strigina> Which consists of one string of crap hitting the fan after the other?

[12:31:27] <Panotty> *imagines a string of crap*

[12:31:31] <Panotty> *Also imagines Wee*

[12:31:43] <Amitie> *Nintendo Wee*

[12:31:44] <Lam> What about you? What are you doing here?

[12:31:54] <Panotty> Uh....

[12:32:00] <Panotty> I dunno. Is Accord around?

[12:32:11] <Strigina> As I said.

[12:32:19] <Amitie> Nope. And I have no idea what Strigina is talking about!

[12:32:37] <Amitie> OOC: So we should all just ignore her and play Puyo instead~

[12:33:15] <Strigina> A certain blobby abomination is holding her captive. And seeing how my current priority is stopping these little kiddies from failing too much to not be epic anymore...

[12:33:32] <Panotty> *gawks at the big words.*

[12:33:49] <Amitie> Ew I think he's drooling D:

[12:33:58] <Mikki> tl;dr: She's with Ekoro. -holds up tissue-

[12:34:20] <Mikki> :| ... was... it?

[12:34:29] <Panotty> ...:I

[12:34:38] <Amitie> :o

[12:35:07] <Amitie> So, do you actually do anything other than say lots of big words, Strigina?

[12:35:26] <Strigina> ...

[12:35:48] <Strigina> Panotty.

[12:36:27] <Panotty> Huh?

[12:36:38] <Strigina> Want to save Ms. Accord?

[12:36:40] <Keiji> (She does Panotty? I hope not)

[12:36:55] <Panotty> She needs saving?!

[12:37:13] <Amitie> You betcha!

[12:37:19] <Amitie> And so does Rider

[12:37:25] <Panotty> Ooh

[12:37:34] <Lam> Ma needs less big words, yes.

[12:37:39] <Panotty> ...oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh!

[12:37:54] <Lam> OOC: DON'T STRETCH THE PAGE.


[12:38:15] <Panotty> OOC: Panotty. H-baring the chat since 2012


[12:38:42] <Strigina> Amitie.

[12:38:46] <Panotty> Ooh.

[12:38:58] <Strigina> The topic before all these things happened?

[12:39:08] <Panotty> Saving Accord.!

[12:39:11] <Amitie> What are you talking about?

[12:39:40] <Mikki> Still remember what your last class was about?

[12:39:47] <Amitie> Hm....

[12:39:52] <Amitie> Uh.......................

[12:39:55] <Amitie> um........................

[12:40:01] <Amitie> Nope! Not a clue...

[12:40:02] <Panotty> Poop

[12:40:04] <Strigina> ...

[12:40:09] <Strigina> Then...

[12:41:11] <Strigina> I guess we'll just focus on your protective spells, then.

[12:41:26] <Amitie> Okay!

[12:41:42] <Amitie> What's our first spell, Ms. Reuiss?

[12:41:49] <Panotty> Can't you tell me where Ms. Accord is first?

[12:42:13] <Strigina> ,,, feel lucky, for nobody cares about us right now.

[12:42:26] <Strigina> We're the intruders of this twisted lair!

[12:43:33] <Lam> Holding lessons in dangerous places.

[12:43:36] <Chao> [Suddenly, some audible plopping and squeaking noises are heard coming from outside the room]

[12:43:54] <Panotty> ...

[12:44:01] <Panotty> *goes to investigate*

[12:44:13] <Seriri> 3

[12:44:19] <Mikki> -guard spells Panotty, sprinting-

[12:44:23] <Mikki> ...

[12:44:23] <Seriri> *is flopping her way to the Library*

[12:44:35] <Panotty> :O!

[12:44:42] <Mikki> :O

[12:44:44] <Seriri> Oh my god really???

[12:44:49] <Mikki> SERIRI!!!

[12:44:53] <Panotty> *Flute Attack*

[12:44:54] <Seriri> MIKKI!!!

[12:45:08] <Strigina> -flute deflect-

[12:45:13] <Panotty> *Flute Attack Seriri*

[12:45:30] <Strigina> -flute-deflects away from Seriri-

[12:45:42] <Seriri> And...an annoying elf person. *is seemingly unfazed by his flute attack, and promptly smacks him with her tail*

[12:45:50] <Panotty> Hey, stop that! *knocks Stringy Rice on the head with his flute*

[12:46:03] <Panotty> *falls over from the tail smack* Oof! Hey!

[12:46:12] <Panotty> *gets up*

[12:46:21] <Strigina> -book-blocks the flute hits- You'll go nowhere like that...

[12:46:22] <Panotty> I had orders to attack you!

[12:46:33] <Panotty> Now tell me where Ms. Accord is already!

[12:46:59] <Seriri> I flop out of my lake to come looking for Draco and her UTAU Hair girlfriend, and neither of them are at the hut, so I flop all the way back to the magic school which is now possessed by Ekoro of all things, and now I flop here and get Mikki and her peanut gallery!

[12:47:04] <Strigina> ... I should really pick up the habit of less locquaciousness...

[12:47:35] <Strigina> It's nice to meet you, Seriri.

[12:47:53] <Seriri> I don't even know your name...

[12:48:00] <Strigina> The delays keep piling on themselves... poor mentor me... -fufufu-

[12:48:03] <Panotty> Peanut gallery?

[12:48:16] <Lam> I think Ma needs to be less rude.

[12:48:18] <Amitie> I don't see any peanuts around.

[12:48:27] <Fufufu> 3

[12:48:28] <Fufufu> Did someone say Fufufu?

[12:48:34] <Chao> afhjfak

[12:49:11] <Fufufu> Where is that Rulue person? I need revenge on her for chopping me up!

[12:49:23] <Amitie> Ah! We're being attacked by a fish army, Ms. Reuiss!!!

[12:49:27] <Strigina> -casually ignore- Strigina Reuiss, AKA: Stringy Rice~

[12:49:31] <Panotty> Oh, you are looking for someone too?

[12:49:36] <Amitie> Should I blast the smithereens out of them???

[12:49:46] <Panotty> No, take me to Accord already!

[12:49:50] <Strigina> Well, duh.

[12:50:08] <Seriri> *clears her throat*

[12:50:14] <Lam> When are we going to prepare for the rescue...?

[12:50:27] <Seriri> Rescue?...

[12:51:05] <Lam> Or whatever the hell Ma's motive is.

[12:51:23] <Fufufu> ...

[12:51:45] <Seriri> Also, no fish will come to harm under my eyes.

[12:51:57] <Seriri> *cuddle Fufufu*

[12:51:58] <Fufufu> Comrade!

[12:51:59] <Fufufu> :D

[12:52:20] <Strigina> Not that this fish is part of the very army.

[12:52:36] <Lam> Seriri, we haven't even had an introduction yet.

[12:52:43] <Amitie> Is it just me, or does anyone know what's even going on anymore?

[12:53:35] <Mikki> We came here to train to be WONDERFUL MAGIC USERS, but because of Ma being the usual, we keep getting delays.

[12:53:55] <Seriri> I assume Ma is this Stringy Rice person over here?

[12:54:11] <Mikki> In the form of the little elf here, and a reunion. (Not a heartwarming reunion, but a reunion's a reunion~)

[12:54:16] <Panotty> Will someone please show me where Accord is?

[12:54:49] <Seriri> ...I don't even know where she is, or else I would.

[12:54:51] <Seriri> :/

[12:54:53] <Strigina> -takes out a crystal ball from underneath her hat-

[12:55:14] <Amitie> Hey, how come you never used that before?

[12:55:38] <Strigina> There were not enough witnesses.

[12:55:38] <Keiji> http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Celebi_egg_glitch I love this glitch, it takes so many steps to perform.

[12:55:59] <Seriri> ...not enough witnesses?

[12:56:54] <Strigina> Either the crystal ball works on me alone, or with many other people...

[12:57:03] <Strigina> Of precisely this number.

[12:57:21] <Seriri> ...how convenient.

[12:57:27] <Panotty> *stares at the crystal ball*

[12:58:09] <Akkie> [Crystal ball shows what's currently in the happen with Ekoro, Ms. Accord and Witch(?) at this time.]

[12:58:17] <Panotty> :O!

[12:58:24] <Panotty> What on earth is that?

[12:58:41] <Amitie> Ms. Accord!

[12:59:08] <Seriri> Oh my god, tentacles?! D:

[12:59:18] <Seriri> I knew Ekoro was psychotic..

[12:59:31] <Seriri> ...but even I wouldn't go that far

[12:59:50] <Fufufu> 4

[12:59:50] <Panotty> 4

[12:59:50] <Keiji> 2

[12:59:50] <Keiji> 1

[12:59:58] <Panotty> 3

[13:00:04] <Fufufu> 3

[13:00:07] <Lam> ...

[13:00:19] <Panotty> ...

[13:00:32] <Lam> When will we be able to kick the tar out of this blotch?

[13:00:39] <Panotty> *attempts to stick his flute into the crystal ball*

[13:01:04] <Seriri> ...obviously, the apple didn't fall very far from the tree. ._.;

[13:01:12] <Seriri> OOC: Cue Ringo

[13:01:23] <Strigina> ... if we keep delaying on the lessons, I'm afraid we won't be able to do anything significant on time.

[13:02:41] <Panotty> *the flute gets deflected by the solid crystal* Never mind lessons! I need to go inside this ball here!

[13:03:13] <Amitie> Uh...you kinda can't...

[13:03:24] <Strigina> You don't need to.

[13:03:37] <Strigina> All you need to do is look enough until you find the right room.

[13:04:07] <Lam> Sorry for getting you confused right there, Amitie.

[13:04:39] <Panotty> Look enough? What?

[13:04:50] <Strigina> ...

[13:05:02] <Strigina> If you want, I can send you to the room.

[13:05:45] <Panotty> Then why didn't you do that already?

[13:06:04] <Strigina> I just wanted to see how interested you are in lessons.

[13:06:24] <Seriri> ...you're a bad instructor, I hope you know that. :/

[13:06:46] <Panotty> *taps foot*

[13:07:05] <Strigina> Well, enough delays, and...

[13:07:43] <Mikki> -was whispering shield spells towards Panotty all this while, cause-

[13:09:06] <Strigina> Doprava a Rozptýliť.

[13:09:16] <Panotty> wat

[13:09:33] <Akkie> Panotty's cue to poof from that spot.

[13:10:06] <Seriri> OOC: oh no, a lulzy incantation in a forgien languag google can't detect!

[13:10:49] <Strigina> OOC: Oh, I'm so sorry Slovakian dictionaries are so hard to find, in general...

[13:11:57] <Panotty> *poofs into where Ekoro, Accord and Witch are*

[13:11:59] <Fufufu> 4

[13:12:25] <Chao> poofail?

[13:12:32] <Keiji> Also Jupiter, if Akkie wants to play her.

[13:12:45] <Keiji> ......was thinking we'd RP the bit where Panotty shoes up where Accord is.

[13:12:58] <Chao> oh okay

[13:13:15] <Chao> so do I just drop Seriri and Amitie then?

[13:13:25] <Keiji> suuuuuure

[13:13:29] <Amitie> 4

[13:13:30] <Seriri> 4

[13:13:31] <Akkie> orz

[13:13:33] <Keiji> And Akkie's characters/

[13:13:33] <Lam> 4

[13:13:34] <Ms. Accord> 3

[13:13:34] <Strigina> 4

[13:13:35] <Mikki> 4

[13:13:46] <Ecolo> 3

[13:13:48] <Lam> 6 n-'Lam the Stelly'+'Lam'

[13:13:53] <Keiji> ...lol human?

[13:14:12] <Mitsuki> 3

[13:14:18] <Strigina> 6 n-'Strigina Reuiss'+'Strigina'

[13:14:18] <Strigina> 6 s-''+'Being stringy rice.'

[13:14:24] <Keiji> We need Alpha and Jupiter.

[13:14:31] <Keiji> If Akkie is okay playing her, as I said~

[13:14:32] <Alpha> 3

[13:14:41] <Akkie> I don't think I can Jupiter..

[13:14:43] <Akkie> .

[13:15:08] <Ecolo> 6 s-'Human'+''

[13:15:41] <Alpha> Um...Ekoro...I don't believe I cloned anything that impish appearing?

[13:16:08] <Panotty> ...Ms. Accord! *rushes over to her*

[13:16:33] <Ms. Accord> Panotty? Well, you're the last thing I thought would be my saving grace but...

[13:17:21] <Ecolo> *swats Panotty away* NO! MIEN!!! D:<

[13:17:29] <Panotty> :u

[13:17:35] <Panotty> ...But Ms. Accord!

[13:17:41] <Ecolo> *hissssssssssssssssssssssssssss*

[13:17:44] <Panotty> I was at the Magic School!

[13:18:04] <Panotty> I was fighting Nanako, and then...

[13:18:24] <Alpha> Nanako? Hm...He could be useful.

[13:18:25] <Panotty> The next thing I knew, I was at a library with some crazy people in it and I was really hungry.

[13:18:30] <Keiji> He?


[13:18:53] <Chao> He = Pano

[13:18:56] <Keiji> Oh

[13:19:26] <Panotty> *turns to Ekoro* Would you let me go, I was trying to talk to Ms. Accord.

[13:20:05] <Panotty> *turns back to Accord* What should I do next, Ms. Accord?

[13:20:11] <Ecolo> No. Why would I let you go? If I let you go, you'd take my Accord, and that would be a no-no!

[13:20:39] <Ms. Accord> Well, you should start by releasing me from these tentacles..

[13:21:36] <Panotty> ...u_u

[13:21:42] <Panotty> I would if this person would let me go!

[13:22:27] <Ecolo> Alpha! It's time...

[13:22:32] <Alpha> To test it??!

[13:22:38] <Ecolo> YES! NOW BRING IT HERE

[13:23:00] <Alpha> *Brings in a giant cannon shaped like a duck head*

[13:23:22] <Panotty> ...

[13:23:26] <Panotty> Errr...


[13:23:39] <Mitsuki> I haven't said anything yet this episode. That's very silly of me.

[13:23:50] <Ecolo> *he proceeds to stuff Panotty into the cannon with a plunger*

[13:23:57] <Mitsuki> *watches Ekoro's shenanigans*

[13:24:04] <Panotty> Aaah!

[13:24:05] <Panotty> :(

[13:24:15] <Ecolo> In the name of science, you shall become ammo!


[13:24:39] <Panotty> Wah!

[13:24:42] <Panotty> Lemme outta here!

[13:24:44] <Panotty> *squirms*

[13:24:50] <Alpha> *lights a fuse that's about a meter long*

[13:24:56] <Chao> *sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss*

[13:25:01] <Panotty> ...


[13:26:00] <Akkie> And something poof him away from space, just to piss Space Orb off.

[13:26:06] <Akkie> *poofs

[13:26:07] <Panotty> ...


[13:26:46] <Ms. Accord> ;_;

[13:26:54] <Keiji> Goddamnit, that didn't stretch ;_;

[13:27:00] <Ecolo> Yay!!!

[13:27:06] <Keiji> It's literally two O's away from stretching the damn screen.

[13:27:16] <Panotty> 4

[13:27:21] <Mitsuki> Well that was bizarer.

[13:27:25] <Lam> 3

[13:27:26] <Mitsuki> ...*bizarre

[13:27:30] <Mitsuki> 4

[13:27:34] <Alpha> 4

[13:27:34] <Keiji> OK back to the library

[13:27:36] <Ecolo> 4

[13:27:38] <Ms. Accord> 4

[13:27:42] <Fufufu> 3

[13:27:42] <Seriri> 3

[13:27:48] <Strigina> 3

[13:27:49] <Amitie> 3

[13:27:52] <Mikki> 3

[13:28:03] <Strigina> -poofing the poor elf back to this place-

[13:29:05] <Seriri> So...how long have you all been held hostage in this "class" for?

[13:30:51] <Strigina> There was more of those shenanigans with the elf than with the lessons.

[13:31:11] <Strigina> The delays keep piling up...

[13:31:38] <Akkie> There's no turning back with this. I still banged my head on the wall, though.

[13:35:01] <Amitie> Um, not to be impatient, but can you start teaching us something already?

[13:35:35] <Strigina> I apologize for the multiple delays.

[13:35:48] <Nohoho> 3

[13:35:48] <Nohoho> I sell you fine course for $50

[13:35:57] <Nohoho> Forget this bad teacher

[13:36:13] <Akkie> More like forget this bad RPer. Blargh.

[13:36:21] <Seriri> ...I'm almost tempted.

[13:36:23] <Nohoho> She delay I sell instant 1 day course

[13:36:34] <Amitie> Get real! Really?!?

[13:36:56] <Nohoho> Everything you need know for magic just 1 day

[13:37:01] <Nohoho> $50

[13:37:15] <Strigina> -doll sic-

[13:37:20] <Amitie> *pulls out her wallet, conveniently, she has just $50*

[13:37:25] <Nohoho> :o

[13:37:29] <Nohoho> You fine girl

[13:37:36] <Amitie> Here you go!

[13:37:37] <Nohoho> This my first sale

[13:37:40] <Nohoho> :D

[13:37:40] <Seriri> :O

[13:37:53] <Akkie> Hey...

[13:37:59] <Nohoho> *happily accepts the $50 and hands a piece of paper with a number and a code on it*

[13:38:10] <Nohoho> Call number here and give code

[13:38:17] <Nohoho> They arrange

[13:38:21] <Nohoho> I no arrange I just sell

[13:38:35] <Amitie> ...Huh? Okay...*she pulls out a Cell Phone and dials the number*

[13:38:50] <Nohoho> And you *looks at Stringy Rice* I sell course to be good teacher Just $300

[13:38:57] <Seriri> Am...Am I really watching this? *looks at the Mikki family*

[13:39:01] <Chao> LOL

[13:39:09] <Strigina> I knew you'd be here.

[13:39:11] <Nohoho> 5 days

[13:40:30] <Strigina> I do apologize for the dolls and delay, Nohoho.

[13:41:44] <Nohoho> So you buy or not

[13:42:26] <Mikki> -at Lam- You know what? Let's just look for these while they're all busy... -holding the list she decided to swipe from her own Ma-

[13:42:58] <Strigina> I'm sorry, but that's not MY act here.

[13:43:06] <Amitie> Yeah...uh-huh! *starts reciting the code given on the paper to the phone*

[13:43:37] <Seriri> *watching, to see if Nohoho's sale was legit...*

[13:43:43] <Lam> 6 s-''+'Search quest'

[13:43:48] <Mikki> 6 s-''+'Search quest'

[13:43:55] <Nohoho> (He was asking Rice if she was going to buy. Not Amitie)

[13:44:13] <Chao> (I know)

[13:44:26] <Strigina> All that was needed was this course.

[13:44:53] <Strigina> I hope you're happy with your first sale since the last RPG game.

[13:45:38] <Nohoho> You maybe follow your student

[13:45:41] <Nohoho> She fine girl

[13:45:53] <Nohoho> You no make smart choice

[13:45:56] <Nohoho> *leaves*

[13:45:57] <Nohoho> 4

[13:46:13] <Strigina> -poofs to Nohoho's direction-

[13:46:25] <Seriri> Well, we'll see how that goes..

[13:46:53] <Seriri> But some part of me really hopes this turns out better for Amitie than Stringy Rice. @_@

[13:47:14] <Strigina> 6 s-'Being stringy rice.'+'Being stringy rice with Nohoho'

[13:47:22] <Keiji> lmao @ status

[13:48:03] <Akkie> -if you look this direction, you'll find a blackboard with "I am incompetent" repeatedly scrawled all over it-

[13:48:24] <Omega> 3

[13:48:25] <Omega> *walks in dancing*

[13:48:27] <Omega> Give me a herp!

[13:48:31] <Omega> Give me a derp!

[13:48:31] <Omega> Give me a-- oh, wait, there are people here...

[13:48:39] <Seriri> DRACO?!?!

[13:48:41] <Omega> :I

[13:48:44] <Strigina> 4

[13:48:52] <Omega> Do I look like Draco to you?

[13:48:59] <Seriri> ...yes?

[13:49:17] <Lam> 6 s-'Search quest'+'Rage-quitted search quest, now poofing in.'

[13:49:19] <Seriri> I'm delusional. I've been MIA this entire arc and I flopped into the worst episode ever.

[13:49:28] <Omega> Do these wings look red to you? [Omega's wings = Purple]

[13:49:41] <Seriri> ...oh

[13:49:55] <Lam> 6 s-'Rage-quitted search quest, now poofing in.'+''

[13:50:14] <Seriri> You're just Omega...*shifty eyes* D-don't eat me, please.

[13:50:19] <Omega> Just?

[13:50:24] <Omega> Just?!

[13:50:27] <Omega> I'll give you just!

[13:50:44] <Omega> That Draco is useless, she has no magic at all!

[13:50:48] <Omega> On the other hand...

[13:50:50] <Lam> Absolutely none.

[13:51:00] <Lam> (OK, not really.)

[13:51:22] <Omega> ...*spins around and looks at Fufufu*

[13:51:36] <Omega> Ah, a perfect example for you.

[13:51:46] <Seriri> :o!

[13:51:52] <Fufufu> *suddenly splits into bloody pieces for no apparent reason*

[13:51:58] <Fufufu> :x

[13:52:01] <Fufufu> 4

[13:52:05] <Seriri> OoO!!!

[13:52:14] <Seriri> *flops behind Amitie and hides*

[13:52:24] <Omega> *spins back to Seriri* I hope you don't want the same yourself!

[13:52:36] <Seriri> No please don't!

[13:52:54] <Lam> Where have you been?

[13:52:56] <Amitie> Wow, that was amazing, Omega~☆

[13:52:57] <Omega> Then you must tell me

[13:52:57] <Lam> All this time?

[13:53:08] <Lam> Omega?

[13:53:23] <Omega> What is the secret to having the extra 24 episodes of screen time I missed out on?!

[13:53:56] <Seriri> I'm...not sure anymore.

[13:54:02] <Omega> No, just kidding.

[13:54:03] <Lam> A tournament we all missed out on.

[13:54:09] <Omega> I knew you weren't able to answer that.

[13:54:18] <Omega> Which is why I asked. I was going to kill you anyway.

[13:54:23] <Omega> *quickly slices Seriri up too*

[13:54:33] <Seriri> AAAIEEEE

[13:54:38] <Lam> -gathers up the remains-

[13:54:44] <Seriri> 4

[13:54:49] <Amitie> :o!!!

[13:55:09] <Amitie> Get real! You just like, sliced her up for no good reason!

[13:55:13] <Lam> You're acting awfully bloody today.

[13:55:16] <Omega> *Throws a fireball at Lam*

[13:55:32] <Omega> [Draco can breathe fire, but Omega has much more refined and powerful fire magic.]

[13:56:01] <Lam> -water-ball counter-

[13:56:18] <Omega> Hm, so you have some skill.

[13:56:38] <Omega> *throws fireballs around in various directions and the Library catches on fire* (HEY WHAT DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF)

[13:56:50] <Omega> (Number of incinerated libraries = 2)

[13:57:06] <Omega> *Gets the hell outta that library*

[13:57:07] <Lam> -hugs her mushroom bowl- I love my mushrooms~♥

[13:57:13] <Amitie> What you doing?! You're gonna get us all toasted!

[13:57:20] <Lam> -pelts Omega-

[13:57:21] <Omega> *Teleports Amitie out of the library*

[13:57:35] <Amitie> *is teleported*

[13:57:35] <Lam> -pelts Omega with eyes before she teleports-

[13:57:51] <Omega> It would be a shame if you went with it. I wouldn't get to fight your powered up form in the tourney if you went now.

[13:57:55] <Lam> *ice

[13:57:59] <Amitie> OOC: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[13:58:13] <Keiji> wat

[13:58:18] <Keiji> why would Amitie wee now xd

[13:58:27] <Amitie> Powered up?

[13:58:34] <Omega> As for you *looks at Lam*

[13:58:39] <Lam> -decides to teleport away to Mikki's place, leaving rain clouds in the library-

[13:58:55] <Akkie> Never mind teleporting away to Mikki's place.

[13:58:56] <Omega> You are useless so just die already *fires a lightning bolt at Lam just for her to teleport away too soon*

[13:58:57] <Omega> :I

[13:59:06] <Omega> OK FIEN

[13:59:10] <Akkie> OK, never mind that.

[13:59:10] <Omega> I'll be back for you!

[13:59:19] <Omega> Maybe in the tourney too.

[13:59:38] <Chao> Poor Seriri :c

[14:00:01] <Akkie> Her remains held by a girl whose logic sometimes runs on nonsense.

[14:00:14] <Akkie> (Wait, sometimes, What am I talking about?)

[14:00:33] <Amitie> So, how am I gonna power up and get in the tourney?

[14:01:12] <Omega> *takes an Orb out of her pocket*

[14:01:19] <Omega> *hands Amitie the Orb*

[14:01:37] <Amitie> *Takes the Orb...*

[14:01:54] <Omega> You know how to use simple magic already, yes?

[14:02:02] <Amitie> You betcha!

[14:02:17] <Strigina> 6 s-'Being stringy rice with Nohoho'+'Being stringy rice somewhere else, smirking at her keikaku.'

[14:02:25] <Lam> 4

[14:02:26] <Omega> Then, when you're alone and ready...

[14:02:27] <Mikki> 4

[14:02:33] <Omega> Use your magic to crush the Orb.

[14:02:38] <Omega> Then all will become clear.

[14:02:42] <Omega> :D

[14:02:51] <Amitie> Oh, okay!

[14:02:59] <Amitie> Sounds pretty easy!

[14:03:19] <Omega> Don't rush. You must calm your mind before you are ready, otherwise you will not be able to crush the Orb.

[14:03:21] <Omega> Now then.

[14:03:43] <Omega> I have a girlfriend to find and go yell at for her extra screentime.

[14:04:06] <Omega> Keep the Faith~♪

[14:04:08] <Omega> 4

[14:04:32] <Amitie> ...I guess it's just me and the orb now. I gotta focus...calm my mind...

[14:04:41] <Keiji> Not right now.

[14:04:50] <Strigina> 6 s-'Being stringy rice somewhere else, smirking at her keikaku.'+'Being stringy rice, hidden from plain sight, smirking at her keikaku and fondly regarding the moments.'

[14:04:50] <Amitie> 4

[14:05:04] <Keiji> Omega told her not to rush.

Start date: Sat Jan 21, 2012. All times are UTC.

[10:15:03] <Akkie> (Yay, rust oiling. -terrible at playing the trickster mentor types, which is supposedly one part of Stringy Rice's character-

[10:15:05] <Akkie> )

[10:15:37] <Chao> I guess we can look at where Delta ran off to with Seriri's remains.

[10:16:34] <Lam> 3

[10:16:38] <Lam> c:

[10:17:22] <Chao> [So Lam, fleeing from Omega, has ended up who knows where with Seriri's chopped up pieces...]

[10:18:08] <Lemres> 3

[10:18:14] <Lam> What's gotten into that girl...?

[10:18:37] <Lemres> *just happens to be walking around the area* Hm?...what girl?

[10:18:49] <Lam> Huh... well, get poor Seriri and myself far away from her and... Gamma?

[10:19:38] <Lemres> Gamma? Who is Gamma? And who is "her"? You kiddies talk so confusingly these days...;

[10:20:10] <Lam> ... oh. Just you.

[10:20:45] <Lemres> Yes. I'm Lemres~ Remember? Back in the desert?

[10:20:57] <Lam> Draco's clone started hacking and slashing nearby fish all of a sudden after appearing before Amitie.

[10:21:17] <Lemres> Amitie, hm? Indeed that does sound rather bizzare...

[10:21:35] <Lam> Sorry for mistaking you for Gamma. There was much excitement with Omega, and she tried to shock me to death...

[10:21:56] <Lemres> Oh my. It sounds like this Omega is a nasty piece of work.

[10:22:13] <Lemres> Perhaps some candy will make it better? *offers her a sucker*

[10:22:38] <Lam> Imagine Draco, 'cept with martial arts skills enhanced and magic... -takes candy- ... expertise that rivals other good mages.

[10:22:44] <Lam> And purple wings.

[10:22:53] <Lemres> ...Oh.

[10:22:55] <Lemres> Well then.

[10:23:09] <Lemres> It seems like you've got your work cut out for you.

[10:23:10] <Lam> (I don't really care whether she had any spare clothing or none, though.)

[10:23:28] <Lam> ... what brings you here now?

[10:23:46] <Lemres> Well, I've been traveling around, looking for everyone...

[10:23:56] <Lemres> and I can't find anyone no matter where I look.

[10:24:02] <Lemres> It's barren and quiet.

[10:24:19] <Lemres> Almost foreboding and gloomy even in some places.

[10:24:22] <Lam> Part of that everyone, who happen to be like me, decided to disregard my existence and went to far off parts.

[10:24:38] <Lemres> I can't help but feel that something incredibly fearsome is about to take place.

[10:24:48] <Lam> Went to a canyon while I was spacing out. >:T

[10:25:13] <Lemres> That's unfortunate. -n-

[10:25:26] <Lam> Ma would leave her child(ren) fending for themselves for fun if such a thing won't happen.

[10:25:58] <Lemres> Gracious.

[10:26:05] <Lemres> What a terrible mother.

[10:26:39] <Lam> An indirect person... but she's still concerned enough to not leave us getting fat and "incompetent"...

[10:26:42] <Lemres> But yes. I cannot find your brethren, nor Amitie, nor anybody else I know for that matter...it's as if they've all vanished.

[10:27:39] <Lam> ... must be the fun things that attract too much excitement, I guess...

[10:27:43] <Lam> Enough musings!

[10:28:06] <Lemres> I wonder if that book demon knows what's going on...

[10:28:14] <Lam> What must I do with these!? -shows remains in her hood-

[10:28:29] <Lemres> Oh dear...;; Is that a chopped up fish?!

[10:28:41] <Lam> Chopped up fish GIRL.

[10:28:53] <Lam> I heard eating these grant immortality.

[10:29:12] <Lemres> O-Oh good gracious!! You didn't intend to eat the poor dear did you?!

[10:29:49] <Lam> ... I'm not testing these even if someone were to offer me a million hydrogen mushrooms and a lifetime supply of oranges.

[10:30:24] <Lemres> ...well then.

[10:30:38] <Lemres> What DO you want to do with them then?

[10:31:20] <Lam> Stuff them in a safe waterway passage in a safe building after putting them all back together again.

[10:31:52] <Lemres> Putting them all back together? So, you want to revive her...that could be a little tricky.

[10:32:29] <Lam> No biggie. I put a kinsman of HD back together again better than the others.

[10:32:40] <Lam> The problem is,,,

[10:32:58] <Lam> Where will I go after this? -holding note with her-

[10:35:00] <Lemres> Hm?

[10:35:09] <Lemres> May I see that note?...

[10:36:38] <Akkie> [The note is just akin to a shopping list, just with some strange things listed like a spellbook and hydrogen-ish spores, among others]

[10:37:00] <Lemres> Hm...

[10:37:11] <Lemres> Quite an odd grocery list you have there.

[10:37:18] <Lemres> Is that what you need to revive her?

[10:37:36] <Lam> ... such a mother would do anything to keep her children from rusting away to nothing in such crucial matters.

[10:38:20] <Lemres> ...

[10:38:36] <Lam> OOC: ... -looks up- it's an orange-themed rave party!

[10:40:21] <Lam> ... so, looking at some of the items, sort of.

[10:41:57] <Lemres> I have entirely no idea what you're talking about any more.

[10:42:13] <Lam> ... oops.

[10:42:29] <Lam> ... you see, mom was talking about incompetencies a while ago.

[10:43:21] <Lemres> Th-That's very nice and all...but aren't we trying to revive those fish pieces? W-What on earth does your mother have to do with it??

[10:43:27] <Lemres> OOC: YOUR MOM

[10:44:36] <Lam> ... you know what, forget ma and let's just find a place for these MERMAID pieces first.

[10:44:56] <Lemres> Indeed...;

[10:46:57] <Lam> ... waterways in infested schools are a no, no matter how twistedly enchanting the architecture.

[10:47:00] <Akkie> /eat

[10:47:35] <Lemres> Eeeeeeeeh??

[10:48:20] <Lemres> I would think the best place for a mermaid, in pieces or not, would be a body of water, right? I think the lake is pretty safe. I've seen not hide nor hair of anyone there.

[10:48:50] <Lemres> I wouldn't put her in an infested waterway of an enchanting school...;

[10:50:17] <Lam> ... you heard me refuse, right?

[10:50:34] <Lemres> refuse what?

[10:50:46] <Lam> Refuse waterways in infested schools.

[10:50:51] <Lemres> I JUST SAID THAT

[10:51:34] <Lam> I'll just fulfill the self-given directive after this one...

[10:51:43] <Lam> ... we go?

[10:52:00] <Lemres> J-Just stop repeating yourself and changing the subject dear! It'll be easier that way...; I insist we just go revive her at the lake.

[10:52:30] <Lemres> *Waves his hands and his trusty broom appears*

[10:52:34] <Lemres> Coming?

[10:52:46] <Lam> -sees broom-

[10:52:51] <Lam> -discards thoughts of teleportation-

[10:53:04] <Lam> GAME AS I'LL EVER BE~♥

[10:53:15] <Lemres> Well hop on~♪

[10:53:19] <Lemres> *mounts broom*

[10:53:26] <Lam> -mounts as well-

[10:53:36] <Lemres> To the Lake of Alicubi~

[10:54:04] <Chao> [Then they flew all the way across the sky to the Lake]


[10:54:28] <Lemres> O_O

[10:54:40] <Akkie> Most definitely not a call to SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.

[10:54:44] <Lemres> *a-ahem*

[10:54:51] <Lemres> Shall we?

[10:55:00] <Nohoho> 3

[10:55:04] <Lam> Fly already!

[10:55:10] <Nohoho> *Suddenly appears and tramples Lemres*

[10:55:23] <Nohoho> I SELL YOU FINE MAGIC GLUE YES?!

[10:55:53] <Nohoho> $10 for bottle! Magic fixes anything!

[10:56:07] <Lam> >:V

[10:56:47] <Nohoho> Not convinced?

[10:56:50] <Nohoho> Nohoho!

[10:57:07] <Nohoho> Let Nohoho demonstrate his fine wares

[10:57:20] <Lam> Nothing about conviction.

[10:57:24] <Lam> We have a lake to go to.

[10:57:31] <Nohoho> *He glues Fufufu back together, having taken his remains from the previous encounter*

[10:57:37] <Chao> (Uh...)

[10:57:47] <Chao> ([02:54:04] [Then they flew all the way across the sky to the Lake])

[10:57:53] <Chao> (>They flew)

[10:58:03] <Fufufu> 3


[10:58:13] <Akkie> Never mind the lake to go to, then.

[10:58:16] <Fufufu> BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[10:58:20] <Fufufu> OHOHOHOHOHOHO

[10:58:22] <Fufufu> FUFUFUFUFUFUFUF

[10:58:30] <Fufufu> FUFUFU--OH GOD MY SPLIEEEEN

[10:58:32] <Fufufu> THE PAIN


[10:58:40] <Lam> -throws the head parts of Seriri to the lake-

[10:58:58] <Nohoho> What you doing?!

[10:59:22] <Lemres> Heeeeeeeeelp~ @_@

[10:59:25] <Akkie> 'cuse me as I get a spell...

[10:59:55] <Fufufu> THERE'S A CREASE IN MY SPLIEN

[11:00:07] <Fufufu> TRAGEDY!!!!

[11:00:13] <Lam> Obnoviť.

[11:00:37] <Akkie> Obnovit' = Restore

[11:00:40] <Nohoho> *Stuffs Fufufu into a tote bag to shut him up* Still no want bottle?

[11:00:42] <Fufufu> 4

[11:00:54] <Akkie> So...

[11:01:17] <Akkie> Feel like seeing Tako-Luka-ish Seriri head?

[11:01:29] <Chao> ...what

[11:03:25] <Akkie> ... let's retcon "head parts" to "remains", then.

[11:03:37] <Akkie> Yay, Seriri.

[11:03:44] <Seriri> 3

[11:04:18] <Seriri> *Reemerges from the water. Sparkle, Sparkle. She's just as beautiful and healthy as ever*

[11:04:32] <Nohoho> I hate you. You ruin everything.

[11:04:41] <Lam> About the Magic Glue...

[11:04:44] <Nohoho> My business go under cause of you.

[11:04:45] <Lam> ... how much do you have in stock?

[11:04:56] <Nohoho> ...As much as you need!

[11:05:07] <Nohoho> How many bottle do you buy?

[11:05:09] <Lam> 'sides, it's such an important occasion, recently. Why not a sale?

[11:05:36] <Lemres> Cut the small talk and buy it already so he can get off meeee~

[11:05:50] <Seriri> ...I get revived from the dead to witness this.

[11:06:12] <Seriri> I know I've been reduced to a minor character when that happens.

[11:06:47] <Lam> ...

[11:07:15] <Lam> -uses Scimitar handle to push Nohoho away from Lemres.

[11:07:24] <Nohoho> Nohoho!!

[11:07:37] <Lemres> *Gets up*

[11:08:45] <Nohoho> You delay purchase and then you push me??

[11:08:50] <Nohoho> Bad costumer!

[11:08:52] <Lam> So, OK, forget the sale.

[11:09:09] <Nohoho> Fine! I take my fine merchandise elsewhere!

[11:09:14] <Lam> -hands him 50$-

[11:09:24] <Nohoho> Nohoho?!?!

[11:10:13] <Nohoho> You are bad costumer, but good charity. Nohoho will never forget this!!

[11:10:18] <Lam> Hand over the five, and you can run off, celebrating 100$ in a day after months.

[11:10:56] <Lam> Time and time again of harassment. (I have a feeling it won't be the last, though. Kukuku...)

[11:10:57] <Nohoho> *Hands Lam 5 bottles of his magic glue, and then he frolics of with his goods and $50 into the yonder*

[11:11:09] <Nohoho> 4

[11:12:10] <Seriri> I suppose I owe you two for reviving me?

[11:12:40] <Lam> ... feel like walking on two legs?

[11:13:00] <Seriri> ...wh-what?

[11:13:17] <Lemres> Don't ask. She'll just confuse you even more.

[11:13:23] <Lemres> :c

[11:13:38] <Lam> ... screw that. Welcome back~

[11:14:43] <Seriri> Well whatever. Nice to see you, too...I guess. And your wizard friend.

[11:14:52] <Lemres> OOC: IM A WIZARD, HARRY

[11:16:09] <Lemres> Thank you.

[11:16:17] <Lam> ... was I able to mention being abandoned by my sisters to the canyon?

[11:16:44] <Lemres> And...if you or your mother don't mind, I'm going to continue my search for civilization in Primp. Tata~

[11:16:55] <Lemres> *flies off on his broom*

[11:16:58] <Lemres> 4

[11:17:17] <Seriri> ...

[11:17:53] <Lam> ... I'd search for another part of civilization myself, if I knew where to go.

[11:18:56] <Seriri> Well, that's just great. I get to be stuck with you...in this lake, where I can barely move anywhere...again...where I'll go missing for another 20 episodes....and then get killed again...and be revived by you...and then nobody will care anymore.

[11:19:31] <Lam> ... let me think of the choices...

[11:19:31] <Seriri> Why do such terrible things happen to me? ;_;

[11:19:56] <Keiji> 1

[11:20:05] <Draco> 3

[11:20:05] <Chao> wb

[11:20:07] <Akkie> Hi.

[11:20:08] <Draco> because you have no legs

[11:20:10] <Draco> obviously

[11:20:13] <Chao> LOL

[11:20:24] <Lam> ... where can we find a way to give her legs?

[11:20:39] <Draco> :o!

[11:20:48] <Draco> *imagines Seriri with legs*

[11:20:48] <Lam> I'd chop her to pieces then regenerate her, this time with legs, if only I know how.

[11:20:56] <Seriri> D:

[11:21:12] <Lam> 'sides, even she disapproves.

[11:22:04] <Keiji> Now, thanks to Lam, I have "Give me sunshine" playing in my head

[11:22:05] <Seriri> What I disapprove of is being chopped into bits

[11:22:05] <Lam> ... -throws self to Draco- WHAT DID I MISS!

[11:22:13] <Keiji> I wonder if I can find such an old song in youtube

[11:22:19] <Keiji> Oh wait

[11:22:23] <Keiji> It's bring me sunshine isn't it

[11:22:34] <Chao> hell if I know

[11:22:50] <Akkie> "Give Me Some Sunshine" came to my brain.

[11:22:51] <Chao> also epic battle soon? :O

[11:23:42] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgFd9SKgwEA&feature=related

[11:23:53] <Seriri> Draco, you wont let these crazy people kill me again...will you?

[11:23:58] <Lam> I ended up dragging myself around with Thil, getting stuck with Ma, and now, it's a dilemma of leg quest or plot!


[11:24:37] <Keiji> Theme for Epic Battle is now 1960's swing

[11:25:10] <Keiji> "Compile Worlds characters duke it out while I play unfitting music"

[11:25:30] <Chao> omg

[11:25:37] <Akkie>

[11:25:42] <Akkie> YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

[11:25:44] <Chao> "Strange Klug is a Mr. Exposition to unfitting music"

[11:26:26] <Akkie> Ranting to unfitting music.

[11:26:36] <Keiji> > mfw Linkin Park did a cover of Little Boxes

[11:26:49] <Keiji> the irony

[11:27:59] <Lam> ... -takes another look at Draco-

[11:28:03] <Lam> -shield spells self-

[11:28:04] <Keiji> these seem to have like a million versions, shame i mar u don't remember who sung the ones I'm remembering

[11:28:37] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElLpKewnxp4

[11:28:41] <Keiji> Oh yes <3

[11:29:31] <Lam> -throws self back to Draco- The me of you... your Eclone... bah. Your clone hacked and slashed fish like her to death.

[11:29:53] <Keiji> hold on a sec lol

[11:30:05] <Keiji> after all I only just got here and then I started fucking around on youtube

[11:30:51] <Akkie> I'm listening to Chao's N remixes.

[11:31:00] <Akkie> Drawing Mikki in my noodly-limbs style.

[11:31:06] <Chao> because there's only about 9000 of them

[11:31:07] <Chao> lol

[11:31:07] <Akkie> *

[11:31:10] <Akkie> Lam

[11:32:44] <Keiji> man I love that song so much it's just so silly xD

[11:32:47] <Keiji> now then

[11:32:51] <Keiji> let me put on some FITTING music

[11:32:54] <Keiji> Like Adventure Boss

[11:33:03] <Keiji> ...do I hvae a vgm player on this comp

[11:33:20] <Akkie> Might as well start up the Homestuck BGM...

[11:33:26] <Keiji> I do not.

[11:33:31] <Keiji> Then Souley

[11:33:31] <Keiji> e

[11:33:55] <Chao> lol. I'm the only one that listens to actual Puyo music during these RPs

[11:34:17] <Draco> ...If Seriri was hacked to death, how is she still here?

[11:34:44] <Seriri> Ask lolz incarnate over there.

[11:34:49] <Lam> ... remember Mikki's healing magic? (Which, by the way, is not really white magic?)

[11:35:16] <Draco> ...Not really.

[11:35:42] <Draco> I remember she summoned a building, though.

[11:35:46] <Lam> ... she's been so barren these years. No wonder.

[11:36:45] <Lam> Anyway, being her clone made by Blobby Derp (did he have a partner?)

[11:37:12] <Lam> (I think he did), my spells are an enhanced version of hers.

[11:38:08] <Draco> So, basically, you can revive, and rebuild one's body.

[11:38:20] <Draco> Then why didn't you give her legs while you were at it D:

[11:38:29] <Seriri> She asked.

[11:38:33] <Draco> Then she might be suitable for my harem :3

[11:38:37] <Seriri> But then she was suddenly like

[11:38:40] <Lam> I can only restore to original forms right now!


[11:39:06] <Seriri> >:T

[11:40:13] <Lam> 'sides, if I would, she'd have to find herself hacked and slashed again

[11:40:14] <Lam> !

[11:40:57] <Akkie> As I wait for responses, I find reasons to gush over Daroach's reappearance.

[11:41:00] <Draco> Well, whatever. I should get back to Satan-sama/

[11:41:02] <Draco> .

[11:41:06] <Draco> 4


Character text lines: 558
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Action lines: 63

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Lam: 105
Panotty: 70
Strigina: 59
Seriri: 58
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Amitie: 57
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Draco: 12
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