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Feli is a secondary character in Puyo Puyo Fever 2 and a now-major character in Compile Worlds. She is a knowledgeable dark mage that also dabbles into astrology and divination. She was mentioned in the Pre-Meteor Arc segment frequently, but only debuted in the RP Episode 34 at the end of the Amalgamation. Here, she joins Angol Mois in an attempt to avoid dying in the great catastrophe she foresaw.


Feli's backstory is mysterious. What is known is that she lived in a town that neighbored the unimaginatively named Primp Town, attending a different magic school with her senpai Lemres. She became smitten with Lemres. During one of her dark magic rituals, she accidentally summoned Baldanders, whom she decided to tame and keep as a pet. Later, after the first Strange Klug incident, she went abroad to study dark magic else where, honing her abilities. Mysteriously, she returned to Primp during the Pre-Meteor Arc to stumble upon Ekoro's clones. After hexxing "Ekoro", she continued to study her magic, which lead her to see a great world calamity befall the future.

Feli is a mostly strange character. She speaks in vague or riddle-like terms, and constantly speaks as though she is talking about the future. She is also crazy in the regard that she believes all fate is set in stone other than hers, which is to be with Lemres at any cost. She has a strong disdain for Klug, whom rivals her affection for Lemres. She also hates Ekoro in a similar manner for cloning Lemres. She is very knowledgeable despite her questionable methods, though occasionally even her powers cannot reveal what she is seeking, causing a secret doubt in her mind. She is also harsh and mean to those who "deny their fate" and try to "escape it" in her presence, but she is also generally kept to herself anyway.

Feli's powers are assumed to be quite great. Draco attested to this during the entire Accord and Ekoro arcs, where she insisted that Feli was necessary to vanquish Accord. Furthermore, events in the Meteor Arc subtly imply that she was also able to hex Ekoro, despite Ekoro's power being a step up from hers at the time. In addition to hexing and typical divination, Feli can also use her dowsing rods to seek out persons or items of her interest, particularly when they radiate super natural energy or readings. Apparently, she can see into the past as well, though this can prove difficult when the subjects have multiple lives 3/3MarinShoPuyorin. She can also change her skin color on demand to make scary faces, apparently.


The origins of Feli's name are unknown, or at least uncertain. It doesn't appear to have any relationship to the character herself or her apparent interests and powers.


  • Very well then, I shall commit to kidnapping Arle. It is only her destiny to be abducted.Episode 37
  • This...was not what I saw...Perhaps...my divination was flawed...blurry...Episode 38
  • My strength returns...and the holy power of Dinner is with me once again!Episode 55
  • Even I could probably not divine the source of her stupidity. — Episode 55
  • It was fated for your search to be in vain, my senpai.Episode 56


  • Feli has gained quite a large fanbase. In response to this, the Feli Force were founded to protest her popularity. However, she disappeared somewhere to study black magic abroad before the FF could actually do any protesting.
  • When Feli goes deka, she turns into a maid. Likely, her redesign in 20th was influenced by that.
    • Similarly, when in chibi form, she has a teddy bear shaped like Akuma.
  • Feli and Popoi are the only dark mages who are not part Ekoronian, Abysian, or Angolian.
  • Feli's text color, purple, is shared with Nanako.
    • No it's not, it's shared with Chitose. Nanako's color is magenta, you dimwit.
    • Curiously, both are suspicious characters in the Amalgamation.
    • Purple is also the color that Feli changes her skin to.
  • Feli is the only Post-Fever character to be on Angol's team.
    • Technically, She and Ms. Accord are also the only two Fever characters on an antagonist team, if Ekoro and Ringo are considered Seven rather than Fever.
  • You know, Feli kind of looks like Anarchy Stocking, doesn't she??
    • I bet secretly they're related.
      • Oh god, how didn't I ever notice that before

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