Episode 12 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Aug 01, 2009. All times are UTC.

[13:03:32] <Mikki> /me goes back to the room.

[13:03:45] <Keiji> Mikki, you need to put the color after the /me and a space

[13:03:49] <Chao> Type /me before the color code

[13:04:22] <Ringo> *wanders out into the lobby and yawns*

[13:04:40] <Mikki> Thank you.

[13:04:51] <Ringo> What a day. Time to get some breakfast!

[13:04:55] <Rika Delgado> 13hiya Ringo nyan!

[13:05:07] <Keiji> Rika you're forgetting your control-c

[13:05:19] <Sig> Good morning everybody!

[13:05:38] <Rika Delgado> morning everybody!

[13:05:40] <Rider> Hello Rika, Mikki, Ringo!

[13:05:51] <Mikki> Morning, Rider!

[13:06:08] <Ringo> Wow, you two are early risers!

[13:06:09] <Arle Nadja> Good morning, everyone!

[13:06:24] <Rider> Good morning, Arle!

[13:06:46] <Draco> 6 s-''+'still in bed with Seriri'

[13:06:47] <Sig> Hi, Arle!

[13:07:04] <Arle Nadja> Morning, Sig!

[13:07:05] <Seriri> 6 s-''+''still in bed with Draco'

[13:07:12] <Rika Delgado> hiya Arle!

[13:07:13] <Arle Nadja> Carbuncle: Guh!

[13:07:21] <Rika Delgado> Nyan!

[13:07:23] <Arle Nadja> Morning, Rika!

[13:07:30] <Lagnus> *wanders out into the lobby*

[13:07:43] <Mikki> noticed Draco and Seriri and looked away shortly after.

[13:07:52] <Lagnus> Good morning everyone.


[13:08:09] <Chao> YA SRSLY!

[13:08:21] <Rika Delgado> Langus! *hugs Langus* sorry I threatened ya yesterday nyan!

[13:08:26] <Keiji> give em some privacy o_O

[13:08:26] <Akkie> Failure at knowing where to go.

[13:08:47] <Akkie> Blame my forgetfulness/Alzhiemer's Disease.

[13:08:55] <Keiji> lol.

[13:08:56] <Lagnus> o_o....er......I forgive you...

[13:09:01] <Akkie> So that's uncounted/

[13:09:04] <Keiji> ya

[13:09:25] <Ringo> So, what's for breakfast?

[13:09:42] <Rider> Well....

[13:09:43] <Arle Nadja> Carbuncle: Guh Guh!

[13:09:46] <Rika Delgado> thanks Lan! yeah I hope fish is on the menu

[13:10:00] <Arle Nadja> Huh? You want curry?

[13:10:09] <Rider> I was just scrambling some Eggs and toast for Sig and I....

[13:10:11] <Akkie> That was to Carby/

[13:10:34] <Rider> But if you want any eggs or toast, I'd be glad to make them for y-y-you too.

[13:10:45] <Mikki> 'Is vegetable salad tolerated?

[13:10:51] <Ringo> Can you make an omlet?

[13:10:58] <Rika Delgado> *purrs* yes please Rider!

[13:11:22] <Rider> I c-c-could make you an omlet, Ringo.

[13:11:30] <Nanako> 3 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp

[13:11:35] <Rider> and I'll get right on yours, Rika!

[13:11:48] <Nanako> *sighs to herself: nobody noticed the cafeteria? T_T*

[13:11:49] <Rika Delgado> maye I have scrambled please nyan

[13:12:07] <Ringo> Cafeteria?!

[13:12:31] <Mikki> Is there vegetable salad in there? :3

[13:12:34] <Ringo> Sorry Rider, but I think I'm gonna head down to the Cafeteria!

[13:12:51] <Ringo> *runs straight to the cafeteria*

[13:13:08] <Lagnus> *follows Ringo*

[13:13:25] <Rika Delgado> nyan? why are ya guys going?

[13:13:28] <Rider> I didn't know there was a cafeteria....^^;

[13:13:47] <Arle Nadja> Cafeteria?

[13:13:48] <Rider> I'll still make your eggs, Rika.

[13:14:16] <Arle Nadja> Carby: *thinks that curry is available there*

[13:14:19] <Rika Delgado> *turns to cat form* thanks Rider!

[13:14:26] <Rider> but I think for future meals, we should show Nanako some curtosiy and gratuity by using the resources she built us.

[13:14:52] <Rika Delgado> *purrs* ok then >3

[13:14:59] <Sig> Okay.

[13:15:03] <Keiji> since when did cats eat eggs o_O

[13:15:24] <Akkie> I think cats like birds too.

[13:15:32] <Rider> *begins to prepare the eggs for Rika*

[13:15:32] <Rika Delgado> when our cats had operations we fed them scrambled eggs

[13:15:53] <Keiji> I see...

[13:16:12] <Mikki> *goes to the cafeteria.*

[13:16:42] <Rika Delgado> *stretches and looks around

[13:17:09] <Nanako> 4 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #rp (my work here is done)

[13:17:41] <Akkie> Where can Arle cook the curry?

[13:17:42] <Rider> Are y-y-you going down to the cafeteria, Sig?

[13:17:55] <Sig> Are you?

[13:18:03] <Draco> 6 s-'still in bed with Seriri'+''

[13:18:13] <Rider> Well....when I finish making Rika's eggs.

[13:18:14] <Draco> Ah, I think it's about time we got up now...

[13:18:21] <Arle Nadja> *noticed Draco. About time, Draco.*

[13:18:26] <Seriri> 6 s-'still in bed with Draco'+''

[13:18:44] <Seriri> *stumbles out of bed and into the lobby area.*

[13:18:45] <Draco> Minna-san ohayo~

[13:19:08] <Seriri> ...gude morning guys..

[13:19:16] <Rika Delgado> hiya Draco *leaps towards Draco and Seriri* hiya Seriri!

[13:19:33] <Arle Nadja> Ohayo gozaemasu~

[13:19:43] <Keiji> *gozaimasu

[13:20:08] <Seriri> Hi, Arle. Where's everyone?

[13:20:26] <Rider> They're in the cafeteria or in their rooms.

[13:20:53] <Rider> I started making breakfast this morning, as it never o-o-occured to me we hd a c-c-cafeteria.

[13:21:13] <Sig> Hi Draco! Hi Seriri!

[13:21:21] <Arle Nadja> Never noticed a cafeteria too.

[13:21:37] <Arle Nadja> Carbuncle: Guh guh!

[13:21:51] <Rika Delgado> We are gonna go down there after Rider makes my eggs nyan!

[13:21:51] <Arle Nadja> Oh? You want curry, Kaa-kun?

[13:21:58] <Arle Nadja> Carbuncle: Guh!

[13:22:01] <Rider> *serves Rika her eggs.*

[13:22:22] <Rider> Here you go! I hope you l-l-like them.

[13:22:32] <Rika Delgado> YAY!!!!!!!*turns into catgirl form* thanks Rider *eats*

[13:22:57] <Rider> *blushes*Your welcome...^^;

[13:23:22] <Rika Delgado> *puts ketchup and eats* mmmmmmm Rider this is soooo goood *purrs*

[13:23:24] <Seriri> I thik we should head to the cafeteria too, Draco

[13:23:25] <Arle Nadja> I wonder... is there a room for making curry?

[13:24:04] <Rider> You can use this stove now if you want, but we're all going to be in the cafeteria.

[13:24:09] <Draco> *heads down to the cafe with Seriri.*

[13:24:21] <Rider> *heads down to the cafeteria.*

[13:24:27] <Sig> *follows Rider*

[13:24:57] <Rika Delgado> *finishes breakfast then goes to the cafeteria*

[13:25:40] <Arle Nadja> Thanks, Rider.

[13:25:48] <Arle Nadja> *makes curry on the stove for Carbuncle.*

[13:25:52] <Ringo> Hi guys!What took you so long? I've almost finished this humongoid omlet!

[13:25:57] <Akkie> Carby loves nothing but curry.

[13:26:20] <Mikki> *changes her mind and goes back to the room.*

[13:26:40] <Seriri> We we're in bed still...=3*leans her head on Draco's shoulder*

[13:26:47] <Keiji> ...

[13:26:50] <Keiji> err what?

[13:26:57] <Keiji> they got up a while ago

[13:27:56] <Rika Delgado> they must be tired nya

[13:27:57] <Chao> Seriri: a winner is NOT you.

[13:28:04] <Keiji> loooooooooool

[13:29:28] <Ringo> Anyway, today should be exciting, since it's gonna be a first day in a new HQ, and our first ever ADMA mission!

[13:29:34] <Akkie> LOL

[13:29:48] <Ringo> Unles you wanna count that Klug thing as a mission...

[13:30:00] <Draco> You say mission... but do we actually have one at the moment?

[13:30:08] <Mikki> I think I'll skip vegetable salad for now.

[13:30:14] <Draco> Unless we just want to go track down Popoi or Ekoro...

[13:30:37] <Sig> Ekoro said something scary yesterday....

[13:30:37] <Rika Delgado> first mission NYAN!!!! I can't wait

[13:30:44] <Arle Nadja> Draco's right, Ringo. But I don't think it's smart to do that.

[13:31:02] <Seriri> Did he? I wasn't awake, if I recall correctly.

[13:31:13] <Mikki> *came back. So,,, where do I Puyo?*

[13:31:26] <Ringo> Hm...

[13:31:32] <Akkie> Nanabot?

[13:31:36] <Keiji> Oh, sorry

[13:31:53] <[Nanabot]> 1 (nanako-bot@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp

[13:31:53] <[ChanServ]> *gives channel operator status to Nanabot*

[13:31:59] <Akkie> Well, only if anyone can Puyo.

[13:32:11] <Keiji> !flip

[13:32:12] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[13:32:15] <Keiji> it works

[13:32:21] <Rika Delgado> who is gonna be your opponent Mikki?

[13:32:38] <Rika Delgado> nya?

[13:32:50] <Ringo> Tracking down Ekoro WOULD be dangerous, but then again,any mission could be as dangerous as walking through a room full of glass shards barefoot.

[13:32:58] <Mikki> ... you got me.

[13:33:05] <Draco> Ouch...

[13:33:21] <Lagnus> A dark mage is more dangerous, but maybe perhaps not so painful XP

[13:33:21] <Mikki> Draco?

[13:33:48] <Draco> Walking through a room full of glass shards barefoot sounds painful.

[13:33:57] <Arle Nadja> Indeed it is.

[13:33:58] <Rider> What did Ekoro say...I'm trying to remember...

[13:34:02] <Arle Nadja> *is done with the curry.*

[13:34:10] <Arle Nadja> Carbuncle: Guh!

[13:34:24] <Sig> Arle, have you walked through a room full of glass shards barefoot?

[13:34:25] <Draco> Wasn't it something like "when the time comes there will be two? £or something

[13:34:31] <Mikki> A great experiment of his.

[13:34:49] <Rider> I remember!

[13:35:13] <Arle Nadja> *gives curry to Carby when she heard what Sig said. What!? I did go through perilious adventures before but not something like that.*

[13:36:08] <Rider> He said "It is far from over, it's just begun, wait until you see the wonderful thing I've done, A remarkable experiment, that's what I'll tell you, and when the hour draws near there shall be two."

[13:36:27] <Draco> Wow, you have an amazing memory.

[13:36:48] <Rider> ^^;

[13:36:57] <Sig> *shivers from fear*

[13:37:13] <Arle Nadja> Really, Rider. But what will be two?

[13:37:20] <Rika Delgado> nyan I remember now...

[13:37:49] <Seriri> We don't know. He didn't say what. He worded that very carefully so he wouldn't have to.

[13:38:55] <Rika Delgado> he really makes it hard doesn't he but boy nya he never shuts up that Ekoro

[13:39:07] <Arle Nadja> *helps herself with her curry.*

[13:39:28] <Lagnus> He does have a way with words though, from what little I've herd even.

[13:39:44] <Draco> I wonder what his experiment is about...

[13:40:35] <Mikki> Same here...

[13:41:19] <Draco> Anyway, has anyone decided on what to do yet? We shouldn't sit here and let him take the first move.

[13:42:10] <Mikki> You could... help me with that Puyo Puyo?

[13:42:12] <Ringo> I think.....we should try to find out some more on this "experiment"

[13:42:34] <Rika Delgado> nyan how are we gonna do that?

[13:42:47] <Ringo> Chances are, it probably wont be real good news to us, but it may be too late if we wait until the big reveal.

[13:43:10] <Rider> Yes, Ringo, but like Rika asked, how can we find out more?

[13:43:30] <Rider> Especially without confronting him m-m-more and makeing matters w-w-worse...

[13:44:01] <Rika Delgado> can't we use that nifty invetion known as the computer nya?

[13:44:21] <Arle Nadja> I don't think Ekoro used it in his life.

[13:44:33] <Seriri> Who said Ekoro was using computers to track everything about this experiment?

[13:45:26] <Rika Delgado> nyan I was only making an assumption Seriri

[13:46:29] <Rika Delgado> I mean don't baddies have fancy technology or are some just primitive? nyan

[13:47:08] <Draco> Even if he did, he wouldn't exactly let his data go out on the net.

[13:47:24] <Ringo> Well, Ekoro looks like the kind of guy to make it so everyone knows only what he wants them too.

[13:47:53] <Draco> Exactly.

[13:48:03] <Mikki> I don't think he's ever using it. I think he knows that no matter how hard to find, it can still be found.

[13:48:56] <Ringo> So He probably doesn't have a computer, or even if he did, like Draco said, he would exactly make it like "0MG H3R3S MAI STUFF L0Z L00K @ IT!!!111"

[13:49:54] <Seriri> Okay enough about the computer.

[13:50:21] <Mikki> Seriri?

[13:50:24] <Rider> Somethings can be kept secret forever, if you k-k-know how to do it.

[13:50:39] <Sig> Ekoro is really good at keeping secrets.

[13:50:53] <Rika Delgado> but the question is stil unanswered how are we gonna proceed with this?nyanya

[13:51:02] <Seriri> Yes, Mikki?

[13:51:20] <Ringo> We're still trying to figure that out, Rika/

[13:51:39] <Mikki> Are Puyo requests tolerated now?

[13:51:49] <Keiji> puyo requests are never tolerated

[13:51:57] <Keiji> this is #rp , not #puyobattle

[13:52:13] <Chao> Lol

[13:53:10] <Akkie> ktnx I get it now.

[13:53:38] <Ringo> ....any ideas, Draco?

[13:54:01] <Draco> I haven't got a clue. =/

[13:54:24] <Rika Delgado> hm is there anyone in this team who Ekoro doesn't know very well?

[13:54:29] <Ringo> Looks like a direct assult on Ekoro may be the only way to go. =/

[13:54:51] <Seriri> He doesn't know any of us well....but somehow he does, too.

[13:55:00] <Seriri> It's kinda scary.

[13:55:44] <Rika Delgado> do you think we could somehow sneak in his base nya?

[13:55:45] <Seriri> Example: Draco wasn't with us when he first "met" us, and he said "Tell Draco I said hi" or something...

[13:55:50] <Mikki> Good question, Rika. But if he doesn know all of us, that's a real problem.

[13:56:07] <Draco> Wait...

[13:56:13] <Draco> He can't /possibly/ know Rika.

[13:56:33] <Seriri> And why is that?

[13:56:47] <Draco> She didn't even come from here.

[13:57:02] <Sig> (Seriri, stop using my color. Your color is 10)

[13:57:03] <Draco> How could he know about someone he's never seen?

[13:57:16] <Seriri> Well...he never saw you either.

[13:57:32] <Chao> Opps I did it again~

[13:57:55] <Arle Nadja> That I don't know, Draco.

[13:58:13] <Seriri> And he somehow knew who you were, and that you were affiliated with us.

[13:58:25] <Draco> Well, I am from the area, aren't I?

[13:58:32] <Rika Delgado> maybe I could turn into my cat form and sneak around his base.

[13:58:54] <Mikki> (Then it's weird how Ekoro knows me.)

[13:59:06] <Rika Delgado> he doesn't know I'm a catgirl...I hope nyan

[13:59:17] <Ringo> Being intellegent, Ekoro might actually overlook a stray cat running around....

[13:59:18] <Akkie> Because I kinda thought about where Mikki is from.

[13:59:19] <Draco> Mikki, it's weird how you even got here.

[13:59:56] <Rika Delgado> hm do any of you have disguising abillities?

[14:00:03] <Draco> No =\

[14:00:06] <Mikki> Indeed it is. Don't remember how I got here but I do remember having that adventurous streak.

[14:00:15] <Ringo> ......Unless that stray cat is poking around at his experiment.

[14:00:53] <Mikki> And no I don't.

[14:01:45] <Ringo> I don't know any disguising magic...sorry.

[14:02:20] <Arle Nadja> Never learned disguising magic. Sorry.

[14:02:48] <Rika Delgado> even so if we can find out a little about his experiment through undercover spying and stuff that might be better then direct confrontation nya

[14:03:47] <Draco> Are you offering to go and scout on your own, then?

[14:04:59] <Ringo> Then again, we may not find out anything if he's taken good precaution meassures, and then we're no better off than we were before......

[14:05:17] <Rika Delgado> nya I am just trying to help my team

[14:05:30] <Ringo> But it may be worht the shot if you can do it without getting caught!

[14:05:36] <Ringo> worth

[14:06:32] <Draco> Yes, exactly

[14:06:49] <Draco> It will surely be dangerous, though =\

[14:06:51] <Ringo> So..whadda say, Rika...Wanna give it a try!

[14:06:58] <Keiji> It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

[14:07:07] <Rika Delgado> YEAH!!!!!!!!NYA!

[14:07:17] <Chao> nickfail, Keiji?

[14:07:22] <Keiji> no, not nickfail :P

[14:07:33] <Chao> A joke I see.

[14:07:36] <Keiji> mhm

[14:07:56] <Lagnus> Take this then

[14:08:05] <Lagnus> *hnads Rika a pedant*

[14:08:31] <Lagnus> Casts a weak light magic spell in case things get out of hand.

[14:08:40] <Rika Delgado> oooh I have a collar thanks Lagnus *hugs*

[14:08:56] <Rika Delgado> what kind of spell?

[14:09:14] <Mikki> Ekoro is weak to Light Magic.

[14:09:18] <Rider> And please! If it g-g-get's too dangerous, hurry and come back here, where it's s-s-safe!

[14:10:01] <Lagnus> Like I said it's weak, so it wont damage him much, but it will probably stun him long enough for you to escape.

[14:10:09] <Rika Delgado> but where do I find his base

[14:10:30] <Ringo> Well....we don't exactly know that...

[14:10:43] <Ringo> A guy like him could be anywhere...

[14:10:47] <Draco> Now, that's a problem...

[14:11:08] <Rika Delgado> is there a teleportation spell?

[14:11:11] <Rika Delgado> nya

[14:11:23] <Rika Delgado> nya oops

[14:11:28] <Seriri> 1Hell he could be everywhere too! Add on to the creepiness, why don't ya.

[14:12:03] <Ringo> Nobody can be /everywhere/.

[14:12:46] <Mikki> Good point, Seriri. He can be anywhere randomly. Like Draco's hut.

[14:13:18] <Draco> I wonder what became of that hut, anyway...

[14:13:37] <Sig> ...

[14:14:34] <Seriri> I didn't know Draco's hut could teleport....O_O

[14:14:35] <Arle Nadja> Just hope no dark mage finds it and uses it as a base.

[14:14:37] <Rika Delgado> hey Lagnus do ya wanna come with me on this mission nyan?

[14:15:13] <Mikki> I was just giiving an example of where that hut can be.

[14:15:14] <Lagnus> I don't have a proper disguise! It would be to risky, even if I did!

[14:15:30] <Rika Delgado> what about ya baby form nya?

[14:15:46] <Arle Nadja> I think Ekoro knows about it now.

[14:15:55] <Draco> Yeah, he does.

[14:15:59] <Lagnus> NO! NOT IN 1,000,000,000,000 years!

[14:16:08] <Rika Delgado> I would look after ya *shows claws and teeth*

[14:16:34] <Keiji> *faints*

[14:16:47] <Ringo> Again though, it's useless because Ekoro would still recognize him.

[14:16:58] <Arle Nadja> These two are great together.

[14:17:02] <Draco> Yeah.

[14:17:03] <Ringo> If you're going to do it, you have to do it alone.

[14:17:13] <Draco> (@ ringo)

[14:18:17] <Rika Delgado> nya ok then but how will I get there?

[14:19:18] <Rider> ....did Nanako build anything for quick, easy transportation?

[14:19:31] <Rika Delgado> where ever it is

[14:19:42] <Draco> Like what, a car?

[14:19:46] <Draco> Cats can't drive...

[14:19:49] <Arle Nadja> I think we should ask her.

[14:19:50] <Seriri> Well Rider, even if she did, we still have to locate the base.

[14:20:26] <Rider> Anything Draco, be it a c-c-car or a train or even a t-t-tellportation device.

[14:20:47] <Draco> The only teleporter is the one to the Madou world.

[14:21:00] <Rika Delgado> nya I don't drive ;^^

[14:21:01] <Sig> Tell - a - poor - tay - shion device?

[14:22:15] <Rika Delgado> yeah we will go with that nyaa!

[14:22:31] <Ringo> Dom't worry about it, Sig. It won't work anyway =/

[14:23:18] <Arle Nadja> Ringo has a point.

[14:23:20] <Ringo> Well, it looks like you might have to walk or run or whatever you cats do to get there....whever "there" is.

[14:23:39] <Mikki> ...where's Nanako?

[14:23:56] <Draco> In the office, where else?

[14:24:40] <Draco> In any case, we have no idea where Ekoro's base is.

[14:24:50] <Mikki> I'll be asking her something.

[14:24:59] <Draco> It could be on a different planet, for all we know.

[14:25:06] <Lagnus> I'm going to head back into my room. If you need me, knock on my door.

[14:25:30] <Rika Delgado> nya cya later Lagnus and thanks for the gift

[14:25:33] <Lagnus> 4 has quit (Knock his door if you need him)

[14:25:51] <Chao> ...Lol that sounds bad. "Knock his door" XD

[14:26:24] <Mikki> *goes out the room to look for Nanako and stairs to get there.*

[14:26:42] <Nanako> 3 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp

[14:27:37] <Nanako> Hi, Mikki.

[14:27:45] <Nanako> What is it?

[14:28:46] <Mikki> Is there a room where a battle with some random monsters is tolerated?

[14:29:07] <Nanako> Eh?

[14:29:31] <Ringo> *comes into Nanako's office.*

[14:30:03] <Ringo> Do you have any equipment good for locatating places?

[14:30:34] <Draco> Locating places? What are you looking for?

[14:30:39] <Nanako> nickfail

[14:30:59] <Ringo> We're looking to see if we can track down where Ekoro is hiding his experiment.

[14:31:07] <Nanako> Ah...

[14:31:12] <Nanako> Well, that would be problematic...

[14:31:27] <Nanako> Nobody knows where Ekoro is.

[14:31:53] <Ringo> Ah. Thanks for the help though.

[14:32:10] <Nanako> I guess you could use a radar that detects dark magic...

[14:32:17] <Nanako> But that wouldn't specifically find Ekoro.

[14:32:49] <Ringo> Yeah.

[14:33:03] <Ringo> Okay. Well thanks anyway.

[14:33:15] <Ringo> *heads back down to the others*

[14:33:34] <Keiji> Nanako could have given her a radar...

[14:33:43] <Akkie> 2 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[14:33:45] <Arle Nadja> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[14:33:55] <Keiji> o.O

[14:33:59] <Chao> O_O!!!

[14:34:03] <Mikki> OOC: Close faillol

[14:34:10] <Keiji> lol.

[14:34:20] <Arle Nadja> 3 (Mibbit@88593FDE.A34EE08B.6E958B1.IP) has joined #rp

[14:34:22] <Keiji> does ringo want the radar or not XD

[14:34:34] <Ringo> *runs back into the office*

[14:34:47] <Ringo> The radar might help a litlle though XD

[14:35:06] <Nanako> *hands Ringo a radar.*

[14:35:07] <Akkie> 1 (Mibbit@88593FDE.A34EE08B.6E958B1.IP) has joined #rp

[14:35:07] <[ChanServ]> *gives channel operator status to ArleKaakun*

[14:35:47] <Mikki> But who knows where or when Ekoro can appear and attack...

[14:36:17] <Ringo> *runs back to the others*

[14:36:31] <Nanako> 4 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #rp

[14:36:45] <Ringo> Okay, so we don't have anything that can track Ekoro specifically, but we do have this.

[14:36:59] <Ringo> It might help, since it can track down Dark Mages...

[14:37:25] <Ringo> But we also might find other dark mages and get in more trouble.

[14:38:05] <Rika Delgado> ok the nya!

[14:38:43] <Akkie> 2 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[14:38:43] <Arle Nadja> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[14:39:12] <Chao> ....o.o;!

[14:40:53] <Seriri> So we're going to use this radar to somehow find Ekoro?

[14:41:04] <Draco> I guess it's better than nothing

[14:41:45] <Rider> Anything is better than nothing unless we want to wait, which we definitely do n-n-not want to do.

[14:42:10] <Rika Delgado> so what is the plan nya?

[14:43:16] <Ringo> Okay....*gives the radar to Rika* So I guess you get to use this thing to track down Ekoro.

[14:43:31] <Draco> Are you sure you're okay to go on your own?

[14:43:42] <Ringo> And then you can sneak in, using the pendant to make a quick escape if you get caught.

[14:45:19] <Rika Delgado> ok I got it I'll be fine to go on my own I'm a brave warrior

[14:45:31] <Sig> Okay.

[14:45:54] <Draco> *gives Rika a hug and wishes her good luck.*

[14:46:05] <Rika Delgado> nya thanks *hugs back*

[14:46:31] <Rika Delgado> *changes into cat form*

[14:47:27] <Rika Delgado> nya bai bai Draco could ya say bao to Lagnus for me please

[14:47:41] <Rika Delgado> *Bai

[14:47:55] <Rika Delgado> I mean

[14:48:31] <Rika Delgado> *sets off*

[14:48:59] <Draco> Hmm, I hope she does alright...

[14:49:39] <Rider> M-m-me too.

[14:49:58] <Chao> [the radar begins pulsing]

[14:50:22] <Keiji> err, rika left

[14:50:24] <Keiji> with the radar

[14:50:25] <Keiji> o.o

[14:50:35] <Chao> I know

[14:50:52] <Rika Delgado> nya he must be nearby

[14:51:21] <Rika Delgado> looks around and the at the radar again

[14:52:24] <Chao> [radar is still pulsing. A small, pulsing red dot starts coming into view on the little LCD screen]

[14:52:27] <Arle Nadja> 3 (Mibbit@88593FDE.A34EE08B.6E958B1.IP) has joined #rp

[14:52:49] <Arle Nadja> Test

[14:52:56] <Akkie> 1 (Mibbit@88593FDE.A34EE08B.6E958B1.IP) has joined #rp

[14:53:10] <Akkie> Don't you guys just hate sudden resets?

[14:54:17] <[ChanServ]> *gives channel operator status to ArleKaakun*

[14:54:39] <Rika Delgado> nya I must be getting close

[14:54:41] <Mikki> 4 has kicked Tejina_Mikuri from #rp (Get the clone outta here! It fails!)

[14:55:12] <Chao> ....???

[14:56:25] <Chao> [The Radar begins pulsing faster.]

[14:56:30] <Rika Delgado> *runs in the direction of the red dot*

[14:57:00] <Mikki> 3 (Mibbit@88593FDE.A34EE08B.6E958B1.IP) has joined #rp

[14:57:15] <Mikki> test

[14:57:15] <Rika Delgado> I am nearly there nyan! *runs at cheetah speed*

[14:57:20] <Chao> [The radar continues to pulse faster and faster as she makes her way toward the dot,]

[14:58:00] <Chao> [When she reaches the location, the pulsing suddenly stops.]

[14:58:30] <Rika Delgado> WHAT!? but it was pulsing a minute ago nyan...

[14:58:41] <Chao> [Rika then sees someone

[14:58:51] <Ms. Accord> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp

[14:59:01] <Ms. Accord> ....Ara....

[14:59:14] <Rika Delgado> huh nya?

[14:59:38] <Ms. Accord> Oh!

[14:59:46] <Ms. Accord> You startled me!

[15:00:18] <Ms. Accord> I was just revived by this pervert who was waving my cane around like an idiot.

[15:00:34] <Ms. Accord> *lifts her foot to reveal Incubus' face*

[15:00:38] <Rika Delgado> nya have we met?

[15:00:55] <Ms. Accord> I don't believe we have. I am Ms. Accord.

[15:01:28] <Mikki> Anyway, should I verify that question I asked, Nanako?

[15:01:39] <Rika Delgado> I am Rika Delgado Neko warrior form the Nyan village up North

[15:01:58] <Ms. Accord> Oh! You must have been sent on your quest!

[15:02:13] <Rika Delgado> pleased to meet you Ms Accord and thing on your shoe nya

[15:02:28] <Rika Delgado> yes I was sent to join ADMA

[15:02:33] <Ms. Accord> ...*stomps Incubus into the ground again*

[15:02:41] <Ms. Accord> ADMA...?

[15:03:04] <Rika Delgado> um I'm new to the group

[15:03:08] <Ms. Accord> Who are they?

[15:03:26] <Ms. Accord> (Perhaps they can help me find the kiddies...)

[15:04:20] <Rika Delgado> Draco, Ringo, Arle, Mikki, Sig, Rider and that Lagnus

[15:04:29] <Ms. Accord> !!

[15:04:40] <Ms. Accord> Can you take me to them?!

[15:04:46] <Ms. Accord> Please!

[15:04:50] <Rika Delgado> nya ya know em?

[15:04:57] <Ms. Accord> Yes!

[15:05:06] <Ms. Accord> It is urgent!

[15:05:16] <Rika Delgado> I'm looking for Ekoro at the moment nya

[15:05:38] <Rika Delgado> but ok then *turns back and uses pendant*

[15:05:53] <Ms. Accord> ...Hm?

[15:06:10] <Chao> [the pendant casts a weak light spell]

[15:06:10] <Rika Delgado> oh Lagnus gave it to me

[15:06:40] <Ms. Accord> It looks like it's used for casting magic, not teleportation^^;

[15:07:17] <Ms. Accord> We'll have to walk to the hut.

[15:07:24] <Rika Delgado> nyan

[15:07:44] <Keiji> hut?

[15:07:54] <Rika Delgado> wait I can take ya to the base

[15:07:57] <Chao> Accord doesn't know about the ADMA HQ

[15:08:08] <Chao> How could she? She died before they migrated

[15:08:14] <Keiji> oh

[15:08:24] <Ms. Accord> Please do!

[15:08:37] <Rika Delgado> *turns to a bigger cat* hop on!nya

[15:08:46] <Ms. Accord> Oh my!

[15:08:54] <Ms. Accord> *gets on Rika*

[15:09:08] <Nanako> 3 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp

[15:09:11] <Ms. Accord> Now let's get started!

[15:09:23] <Rika Delgado> *speeds back to ADMA HQ*

[15:09:49] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear! What a massive building!

[15:10:10] <Rika Delgado> nya you'll get used to it

[15:11:03] <Rika Delgado> guys I am back

[15:11:23] <Draco> w-w-w-w-what

[15:11:27] <Ringo> Already?!

[15:11:31] <Draco> sis that accord?!

[15:11:40] <Draco> *is

[15:11:53] <Arle Nadja> Who revived HER now?

[15:11:54] <Ms. Accord> It is

[15:12:08] <Sig> .....Ms. Accord?!?

[15:12:19] <Draco> Get out.

[15:12:20] <Sig> *rubs his eyes almost not believing them*

[15:12:27] <Rika Delgado> the radar started goin off then it stopped after a bit then I run into Ms Accord nya!

[15:12:30] <Rider> Ms. Accord?!

[15:12:41] <Draco> I'm warning you.

[15:12:42] <Seriri> WHAT!?!

[15:13:03] <Draco> You can leave of your own "accord" or I can have Nanako's army forcefully remove you.

[15:13:05] <Ms. Accord> No, no, no! You don't understand! I'm not working for Popoi!

[15:13:37] <Ms. Accord> As long as he believes me to be dead, I am free!

[15:13:43] <Rika Delgado> nya she wanted me to take her to this base she says its urgent!

[15:13:45] <Draco> I don't care who you're working for, we don't trust you.

[15:13:55] <Ms. Accord> You must please let me make everything up by helping you!

[15:13:59] <Draco> Also, if Popoi has any kind of alliance with Ekoro, word will soon get around

[15:14:35] <Ms. Accord> Popoi has no clue about Ekoro...

[15:14:50] <Draco> How do you know?

[15:14:55] <Draco> One may well be using the other.

[15:15:19] <Ms. Accord> Well, I never knew about it when I was "in on it"

[15:15:40] <Draco> So? Popoi would have had no reason to tell you about it.

[15:16:03] <Seriri> *quietly gets a frying pan and hides it behind her back*

[15:16:47] <Sig> *runs into Accord, hugging her tightly*

[15:17:08] <Ms. Accord> Oh! Hello Sig!

[15:17:27] <Sig> I thought I'd never see you again~!

[15:17:36] <Arle Nadja> Oh... Ms. Accord...

[15:17:38] <Seriri> Me neither T_T

[15:18:01] <Ringo> Woah, how did suicide lady come back to life?

[15:18:19] <Ringo> And why is Sig all over her?! O_O

[15:19:27] <Ms. Accord> I thought I'd never see you either, Sig.

[15:19:33] <Ms. Accord> And Rider!

[15:19:57] <Rider> ...Ms. Accord.....can we....trust you this time?

[15:20:01] <Arle Nadja> Sig must've missed her a lot.

[15:20:19] <Sig> Of course we can Rider! She came back....for us!

[15:20:32] <Akkie> Mikki asked Nanako about a room where attacking monsters is tolerated. What now?

[15:20:45] <Sig> *A tear rolls down his cheek*

[15:20:59] <Akkie> Well, random monsters will appear from there.

[15:21:01] <Draco> ...

[15:21:32] <Arle Nadja> Ms. Accord, are you REALLY not siding with Popoi this time?

[15:21:44] <Ringo> Well, irregardless, Draco looks like she disapproves.

[15:22:06] <Ms. Accord> Yes, Arle. I have no ties to him.

[15:22:16] <Nanako> *walks in with full armor and aims her gun: Alright, that's quite enough of this. Leave this building immediately or I will take action.*

[15:22:41] <Sig> *stands in front of Accord*

[15:22:54] <Rider> SIG!!!

[15:22:59] <Mikki> Oh... what are you doing now, Ms. Accord?

[15:23:04] <Nanako> *frowns*

[15:23:09] <Seriri> Oh for the love of god

[15:23:32] <Ms. Accord> It's sad none of you believe me.

[15:23:46] <Rika Delgado> I don't even know ya

[15:23:58] <Ms. Accord> I want to make things right.

[15:24:08] <Mikki> It would be easier to trust you if you didn't fall into Popoi's trap...

[15:24:19] <Draco> If you want to make things right, then gtfo.

[15:24:37] <Ms. Accord> I know I've lied and done terrible things to you...

[15:24:55] <Draco> *pulls Sig out of the way.*

[15:25:01] <Sig> Hey!

[15:25:14] <Draco> *holds Sig firmly: No.l*

[15:25:16] <Draco> -l

[15:25:24] <Mikki> (Popoi's fault... Popoi's fault...)

[15:26:03] <Ringo> This cannot end well...

[15:27:23] <Rider> ...I'm sorry. But...I can't bring myself to trust you, Ms. Accord. Please, leave. Before Nanako shoots you.

[15:28:20] <Ms. Accord> ...I understand that you all hate me now and don't want my help/

[15:28:35] <Ms. Accord> I'll leave quietly now, as you wish...

[15:28:51] <Arle Nadja> Gladly...

[15:28:53] <Ms. Accord> *leaves*

[15:29:00] <Rika Delgado> but wait why did ya wanna come here ya said it was urgent...

[15:29:09] <Rika Delgado> nyan

[15:29:11] <Ms. Accord> 4 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has left #rp

[15:29:32] <Nanako> *lowers her gun*

[15:29:34] <Sig> ....Ms. Accord!

[15:29:43] <Rika Delgado> I'm sorry guys I didn't know

[15:29:49] <Nanako> 4 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #rp (whew.)

[15:30:22] <Mikki> *noticed Nanako leave. No one answered my question there.*

[15:30:45] <Sig> *tears start rolling down his cheeks*

[15:31:03] <Sig> ....Why did you do that?

[15:31:06] <Rika Delgado> but before I saw Ms Accord the radar was pulsing like crazy and then it stopped

[15:32:01] <Draco> Sig, we can't trust her.

[15:32:07] <Draco> And about the radar, that's pretty odd.

[15:32:18] <Sig> WHY NOT?!?

[15:32:33] <Rika Delgado> listen nyan I am so sorry...

[15:33:20] <Rider> You knew what she did, Sig...

[15:33:34] <Seriri> *puts the frying pan away*

[15:33:40] <Seriri> Thank god she's gone.

[15:34:12] <Mikki> It's just a real shame that she was used by Popoi so this happened.

[15:34:23] <Draco> Rika, you don't need to be sorry.

[15:34:32] <Draco> This place is protected, as you can see.

[15:34:40] <Sig> But It Didn't need to happen Mikki!

[15:34:44] <Rika Delgado> nya *bows head* ok

[15:34:58] <Rika Delgado> *cries a little*

[15:35:49] <Mikki> I do know that.

[15:36:15] <Sig> So why did it then?!

[15:38:30] <Rika Delgado> please don't argue *tears start rolling down*

[15:39:41] <Rider> Sig, please do understand! We can't trust her anymore! She's no longer our enemy, but that doesn't automatically make her our friend!

[15:40:59] <Arle Nadja> After all that happened when Ms. Accord was being used by Popoi... I don't think we can trust her anymore.

[15:41:33] <Sig> *starts sobbing*

[15:41:40] <Sig> But that isn

[15:41:55] <Sig> But it isn't fair!

[15:42:04] <Sig> You didn't even give her a chance!

[15:43:00] <Draco> We can't afford to give her a chance.

[15:43:25] <Sig> *grabs some stuff.*

[15:43:38] <Ringo> Huh?

[15:43:56] <Ringo> What's going on now...

[15:44:15] <Sig> *begins running to the exit*

[15:44:30] <Rider> SIG! What are you doing?!

[15:44:34] <Rika Delgado> Sig don't go nyan!!!!!!

[15:44:44] <Sig> If you wont help her, I will.

[15:44:58] <Sig> 4 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has left #rp (Farewell)

[15:45:09] <Draco> Leave him be, Rika

[15:45:10] <Rider> Noo!

[15:45:29] <Draco> Nobody is forced to stay here if they don't want to.

[15:45:30] <Seriri> ....Just great.

[15:45:37] <Rika Delgado> this is my fault if I had not have brought that woman here we would still be a team *cries*

[15:45:50] <Ringo> We still are a team!

[15:46:01] <Ringo> Just with one less member...that's all.

[15:46:20] <Rika Delgado> yeah but...*breaks down and sobs*

[15:46:35] <Ringo> Woah! Rika!!

[15:46:50] <Arle Nadja> Sig really can't take his trust away from Ms. Accord, can he?

[15:47:25] <Rika Delgado> I am so sorry for all of this

[15:47:35] <Rider> ....Sig......

[15:48:07] <Ringo> I dunno. Maybe Sig was onto something? We'll never know now, of course.

[15:48:59] <Mikki> No matter what anyone says, Popoi is to blame.

[15:49:44] <Seriri> Not if that bitch is lying again, of course.

[15:50:34] <Chao> That isn't colorfail btw, I typed Ctrl+C correctly.

[15:51:00] <Ringo> Again, Seriri, we don't know that she was lying.

[15:51:27] <Ringo> And we never will know.

[15:52:43] <Mikki> That reminds me... I haven't been earning any MEXP for a while...

[15:54:24] <Ringo> ...and how did this semi-tender moment remindyou of something COMPLETLY random and off topic?

[15:54:46] <Draco> So... what should we do about this newly revived Accord, then?


[15:55:19] <Seriri> >=D

[15:55:32] <Mikki> Not so brutal, Seriri.

[15:55:50] <Ringo> No way! I already Killed her once! I don't think I can do it again!

[15:56:04] <Draco> Actually it was me that killed her, not you o.o

[15:56:09] <Arle Nadja> (Well, that was Draco that killed her.)

[15:56:40] <Ringo> Well since I'm associated with you, I associate the murder to myself as well. Weird I know, but we a team.

[15:57:06] <Seriri> Any~how......

[15:57:55] <Ringo> Well, we can't really consider her an enemy, since Sig is going to be with her now, but we can't consider her a friend either, since nobody around her trusts her enough.

[15:58:21] <Draco> I think we should just forget about her, and go back to finding Ekoro.

[15:58:33] <Draco> In fact, that was exactly what Rika went out to do... o_O

[15:58:39] <Ringo> Agreed.

[15:58:45] <Rika Delgado> sorry nya

[15:59:09] <Seriri> Oh god, what a waste of time!

[15:59:33] <Rika Delgado> the radar went crazy and then it stopped you were right!

[15:59:47] <Rika Delgado> Ekoro can go anywhere

[16:00:12] <Ringo> What if it wasn't Ekoro?

[16:00:28] <Ringo> The radar doesn't specifically hunt him down.

[16:00:42] <Rika Delgado> I dunno...

[16:00:49] <Ringo> It just tracks any dark magic or dark mages nearby.

[16:01:20] <Ringo> Which is probably why you found Suicide chick instead of the psychopath.

[16:01:36] <Seriri> And Accord isn't a psychopath?

[16:02:07] <Ringo> Well I don't know! ALl I know is as the suicide chick, okay?

[16:02:11] <Rika Delgado> but the radar stopped before I found her

[16:02:35] <Ringo> Was there anyone else there, too?

[16:02:35] <Rika Delgado> and it did not go off around her either

[16:02:53] <Rika Delgado> some thing on her shoe...

[16:03:02] <Mikki> I think Ekoro or another Dark Mage is the one sneaking up on us.

[16:03:23] <Rika Delgado> Incu summat like that nya

[16:03:30] <Draco> Incu?

[16:03:35] <Seriri> Incubus?

[16:03:37] <Draco> ...Incubus?

[16:03:49] <Rider> Oh dear!

[16:03:49] <Rika Delgado> yeah that's him!

[16:03:59] <Rika Delgado> what?

[16:04:06] <Draco> Hmm...

[16:04:11] <Draco> Can you take us back there?

[16:04:25] <Arle Nadja> So, that radar was actually pointing at that perverted demon, eh?

[16:04:43] <Rika Delgado> yeah *changes to her big cat form* hop on nyan!

[16:05:02] <Draco> All of us? O_o

[16:05:16] <Rika Delgado> yup!

[16:05:16] <Arle Nadja> Are you sure?

[16:05:27] <Rika Delgado> yeah!

[16:05:45] <Draco> Well, okay...

[16:05:59] <Arle Nadja> *hopped on. Hope there's enough room for all.*

[16:07:01] <Draco> *and the others get on*

[16:07:15] <Rika Delgado> *speeds off*

[16:07:25] <Incubus> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp

[16:07:39] <Incubus> Oh.....my.....gawd......

[16:07:40] <Draco> Well, look what we have here...

[16:07:51] <Rika Delgado> that is him!

[16:07:51] <Incubus> That woman can FIGHT >=3

[16:08:02] <Draco> What?

[16:08:07] <Incubus> Beautiful!

[16:08:11] <Draco> ...

[16:08:22] <Incubus> *notices Arle*

[16:08:25] <Mikki> A pervert like before. Right, Draco?

[16:08:31] <Incubus> OH SHIIIIIIIIT~!

[16:08:34] <Arle Nadja> who's that guy?

[16:08:35] <Draco> Yeah...

[16:08:36] <Rika Delgado> who is he talking about grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[16:08:53] <Akkie> Elephant trumpet as a censor is much better lol


[16:09:04] <Akkie> Beautiful nickfail.

[16:09:33] <Incubus> ....did you Honey?

[16:09:55] <Draco> Who are you even talking to?

[16:10:17] <Seriri> Himself. The only one he CAN talk to.

[16:10:25] <Draco> Right...

[16:10:38] <Ringo> Who's honey?

[16:10:49] <Incubus> *runs to Arle*

[16:11:00] <Incubus> It's okay baby, I still love you!

[16:11:12] <Arle Nadja> Incubus! Didn't I tell you that you're not my type!

[16:11:16] <Draco>

[16:11:20] <Ringo> *hols back laughter*

[16:11:20] <Rika Delgado> *pounces on Incubus* grrrrrrrrrrr!

[16:11:21] <Draco> *sweatdrops*

[16:11:26] <Arle Nadja> Especially after that barrage of swearing you did once.

[16:11:42] <Ringo> You're Honey, Arle?

[16:11:57] <Incubus> Aah!

[16:12:08] <Mikki> What's that guy's problem?

[16:12:14] <Rika Delgado> take a step back or else *bares teeth and claws at Incubus*

[16:12:47] <Rider> Enough! Incu-cu-cu-....-Something! What do you know about a woman who was revived her?

[16:13:34] <Arle Nadja> She's pretty. That's pretty clear, seeing what a womanizing demon this guy is.

[16:13:49] <Incubus> This frog sold me this Flying Cane. He told me it was a "Love Wand", so I practice my awesome seducing skillz and then all of a sudden

[16:14:26] <Rika Delgado> keep talking...

[16:15:01] <Incubus> This woman appears out of nowhear and starts screaming "IM ALAIVE" and [drat]. So I tried to, you know, talk to her.

[16:15:49] <Rika Delgado> and...

[16:15:59] <Incubus> But then she did like Arle does, so I tried my awesome dark magic and seducing skillz, but it failed...and she curbstomped me ;_;

[16:16:24] <Rika Delgado> that set off the radar!

[16:16:33] <Mikki> That must've explained the radar.

[16:16:37] <Draco> I see.

[16:17:00] <Chao> [The radar begins pulsing frantically

[16:17:07] <Draco> o__o

[16:17:10] <Beta> 3 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has joined #rp

[16:17:10] <Draco> What is it now?

[16:17:17] <Rika Delgado> I dunno

[16:17:31] <Beta> Tee hee hee hee hee hee!

[16:18:27] <Akkie> If this is a comet summoner spin-off reference, I love you.

[16:19:07] <Beta> Star Meteor!

[16:19:18] <Beta> *giggles maniacly*

[16:19:29] <Arle Nadja> !flip

[16:19:34] <Draco> Isn't that one of Mikki's attacks?

[16:19:40] <Chao> [black starts begin to rain]

[16:19:55] <Draco> Arle, you have to type !flip without any colors for it to work

[16:20:00] <Keiji> nickfail

[16:20:13] <Akkie> !flip

[16:20:14] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:20:26] <Akkie> !flip

[16:20:27] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:20:32] <Keiji> lol

[16:20:42] <Draco> !flip

[16:20:43] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:20:45] <Keiji> ...

[16:20:52] <Beta> I was created with data from some of you! Of course I know your spells! Tee hee hee hee hee hee!

[16:21:08] <Rider> !flip

[16:21:09] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[16:21:14] <Mikki> *was hit by a meteor.*

[16:21:20] <Rika Delgado> Neko claws! *leaps at Dark Witch*

[16:21:21] <Ringo> !flip

[16:21:22] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:21:31] <Ringo> OW!

[16:21:37] <Draco> *burns up the meteor.*

[16:22:03] <Incubus> 4 (rp@dev-1D2F307B.com) has left #rp (Oh shiiiiit! she'll kill us all!)

[16:22:03] <Arle Nadja> *also got hit by the meteor. Waaa~!*

[16:22:29] <Mikki> Ekoro's experiment...?

[16:22:30] <Beta> Hee hee hee hee hee hee!

[16:22:43] <Draco> o__o

[16:22:56] <Beta> No. I am merely a test, to see if the true experiment can function properly

[16:23:19] <Rika Delgado> NYAN!!!!!!!!!!!

[16:23:22] <Beta> And as you can see, the part I was created to test works flawlessly!

[16:23:29] <Mikki> But the fact that you're linked to the experiment...

[16:23:35] <Beta> *gets on her broom*

[16:23:45] <Akkie> !flip

[16:23:46] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:23:47] <Draco> Wait!!

[16:23:48] <Akkie> !flip

[16:23:49] <Rika Delgado> uses her pendant

[16:23:49] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:23:52] <Akkie> !flip

[16:23:52] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[16:23:59] <Beta> Yes?

[16:24:02] <Akkie> Baka.

[16:24:05] <Keiji> kaakun don't just flip till you get heads

[16:24:07] <Keiji> flip once

[16:24:11] <Keiji> if its tails, suck it up

[16:24:21] <Akkie> Well...

[16:24:30] <Akkie> 2 heads = 3 dice rolls

[16:24:37] <Akkie> 1 head = 2

[16:24:41] <Akkie> 0 = 1

[16:24:53] <Keiji> o_O

[16:24:56] <Akkie> That's why I said "Baka".

[16:25:25] <Keiji> uhm okay then

[16:25:28] <Akkie> So... what's the dice code again?

[16:25:28] <Beta> I'm waiting Draco....Tee hee hee hee hee!

[16:25:31] <Draco> Dark Witch

[16:25:38] <Draco> Can you take us to where Ekoro is?

[16:25:54] <Beta> TEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!

[16:26:11] <Beta> Now WHY would I do such a silly thing like that?!

[16:26:22] <Mikki> (That would be unnecessarily dangerous... until it's a battle.)

[16:26:36] <Rika Delgado> *uses pendant to cast a weak light spell on the Dark Witch*

[16:26:41] <Draco> Then, we can just follow you!"

[16:26:41] <Akkie> !roll 1ds6

[16:26:42] <[Nanabot]> Caught invalid literal for int() with base 10: 's6': invalid literal for int() with base 10: 's6'.

[16:26:42] <[Nanabot]> Expected syntax was: !roll udv, where u is the number of dice and v the number of sides on each.

[16:26:56] <Rika Delgado> do I need to flip?

[16:27:05] <Akkie> !roll 1d6

[16:27:06] <[Nanabot]> 1d6 = 3

[16:27:18] <Beta> Too bad I won't be retuning to Ekoro!

[16:27:35] <Draco> Huh? You'll never be going back to him?

[16:27:47] <Draco> 4Then what are you doing now?

[16:27:48] <Beta> Why do I need to? He can gather all the data he needs without silly things like "progress reports"

[16:28:10] <Beta> I'm here test the brain, to make sure it works properly....

[16:28:17] <Mikki> Exactly how much data?

[16:28:25] <Beta> By disposing of you with your own spells, of course!

[16:28:34] <Beta> Tee hee hee hee hee~!

[16:28:46] <Draco> No!

[16:29:05] <Beta> *'s fist lights on fire. The fire is black-ish*

[16:29:20] <Beta> Draco Burning! Tee hee hee hee~!

[16:29:38] <Beta> *uses the firery fist to uppercut Seriri*

[16:29:39] <Mikki> *tries to use Fueko. (Fueco Stella)*

[16:29:40] <Rika Delgado> DRACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[16:29:56] <Seriri> BUKU~!

[16:30:07] <Draco> Rika, do something!

[16:30:12] <Mikki> (That was directed at Dark Witch)

[16:30:14] <Beta> Tee hee hee hee~!

[16:30:34] <Ringo> TANGENT!

[16:30:39] <Ringo> !flip

[16:30:40] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:30:55] <Ringo> *'s spell misses....*

[16:31:04] <Keiji> uh, the defender should flip

[16:31:07] <Keiji> not the attacker

[16:31:22] <Chao> Sorry. I'll remember that next time XD

[16:31:40] <Beta> Tee hee hee hee hee hee hee~!

[16:31:49] <Draco> Rika?

[16:31:50] <Akkie> Well, Mikki attacked.

[16:31:58] <Beta> !flip

[16:31:59] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:32:13] <Beta> Tee hee hee-Eek~!

[16:32:24] <Beta> *is knocked off her broom by Mikki's attack*

[16:32:26] <Rika Delgado> *casts the light spell from pendantZ*

[16:32:37] <Akkie> !flip

[16:32:38] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:32:39] <Beta> !flip

[16:32:40] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[16:32:41] <Akkie> !flip

[16:32:42] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:32:51] <Akkie> !roll 2d6

[16:32:51] <[Nanabot]> 2d6 = 4

[16:32:56] <Beta> *dodges the pendant*

[16:33:14] <Beta> Tee hee hee hee~!

[16:33:29] <Arle Nadja> Ice Storm!

[16:33:33] <Beta> Cosine!(Aimed at Draco, now)

[16:33:37] <Beta> !flip

[16:33:38] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:33:42] <Draco> !flip

[16:33:43] <[Nanabot]> Heads!

[16:33:47] <Beta> *is hit by ice storm*

[16:33:53] <Draco> *evades Dark_Witch's attack*

[16:33:54] <Beta> Eeek~!

[16:34:10] <Mikki> How much more?

[16:34:15] <Akkie> !flip

[16:34:16] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:34:19] <Akkie> !flip

[16:34:20] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:34:30] <Akkie> !roll 1d6

[16:34:31] <[Nanabot]> 1d6 = 1

[16:34:32] <Draco> *feels powerless...*

[16:34:58] <Arle Nadja> Carbuncle: Guh! *uses Fire*

[16:35:04] <Beta> Now you leave me no choice!

[16:35:06] <Beta> !flip

[16:35:07] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:35:13] <Beta> *is set on fire*

[16:35:21] <Beta> AAAAH~!

[16:35:35] <Arle Nadja> Nice, Carby!



[16:35:54] <Mitsuki> 3 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp

[16:36:09] <Mitsuki> *runs up to the burning Dark Witch from behind*

[16:36:10] <Beta> *'s body starts melting*

[16:36:23] <Mitsuki> did i hear "hot"?




[16:37:14] <Mitsuki> come with me my red twin

[16:37:29] <Arle Nadja> Wait, Witch!

[16:37:38] <Beta> *'s body melts, and leave behind nothing but her head*

[16:37:42] <Mitsuki> ...

[16:37:57] <Mitsuki> T_T

[16:38:03] <Rika Delgado> is she gone?

[16:38:09] <Mitsuki> !flip

[16:38:10] <[Nanabot]> Tails!

[16:38:18] <Mikki> Hope she is.

[16:38:21] <Beta> .....all this for a buleberry muffin ;_;

[16:38:25] <Mitsuki> Dark_Witch?!?

[16:38:32] <Mitsuki> T_T

[16:38:51] <Mitsuki> don't worry, I'll save you somehow!

[16:38:57] <Beta> DAMN YOU ALL!

[16:39:18] <Rika Delgado> why she's a bad guy I mean girl nyan

[16:39:19] <Beta> Now, I rot. My purpose is done.

[16:39:21] <Mitsuki> *takes Dark_Witch's head, the only remaining part of her body, and runs off to find a way to help her*

[16:39:59] <Ringo> First Sig with Accord and now Witch with Dark Witch's rotting head. What's next?

[16:40:06] <Mitsuki> 4 (hayate@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #rp (bye)

[16:40:31] <Draco> Well, that was rather... weird...

[16:40:38] <Beta> 4 has kicked Dark_Witch from #rp (bye)

[16:41:39] <Rider> Oh dear.

[16:41:49] <Rika Delgado> what now?

[16:41:55] <Mikki> What is this world getting into?

[16:42:11] <Rider> Since she was only testing...one part.....you don't suppose there are others like her, do you?

[16:42:32] <Rider> Testing all the other pieces of Ekoro's experiment

[16:42:44] <Seriri> God I hope not T_T

[16:43:04] <Ringo> Rider may be onto something, here!

[16:43:10] <Arle Nadja> Seconded, Seriri.

[16:43:12] <Draco> Is Ekoro going to...

[16:43:19] <Draco> going to make copies of all of us

[16:43:19] <Draco> ?

[16:43:53] <Rika Delgado> I hope not nyan!

[16:43:54] <Ringo> I think Draco and Rider are onto something here!

[16:44:03] <Mikki> You know? Ekoro should just quit it. One copy is enough for me.

[16:44:41] <Ringo> If he copies Mikki, and the Mikki Copy isn't some "test", we'll be in for a long fightQ

[16:44:44] <Draco> Still, saying that isn't exactly going to make Ekoro stop

[16:44:47] <Ringo> -Q

[16:45:05] <Mikki> True that.

[16:45:36] <Akkie> Well, let's hope that Doppelganger Arle doesn't appear when (Ekoro's) Dark Arle does.

[16:46:18] <Rider> We need to get back to the H-H-HQ and figure out what we're going to d-d-do!


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