Episode 26 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Aug 20, 2011. All times are UTC.

[22:04:15] <Jupiter> *wanders about while "Aphrodisiac Called Eternity" plays*

[22:07:05] <Schezo Wegey> So, Witch, now that we're all alone in another world....wait....what's that sound...?

[22:08:03] <Mitsuki> -tries to identify the sound- ...It sounds kinda disturbing, doesn't it?

[22:08:14] <Mitsuki> I can't quite make it out, though.

[22:08:28] <Jupiter> *wanders in a bit closer*

[22:09:00] <Rider> I-I hear it too....;;

[22:09:12] <Phi> It's getting closer.

[22:09:39] <Jupiter> Thought I heard talking! Hi!

[22:10:00] <Mitsuki> -turns round to the voice- Ah! Where did you come from?

[22:10:15] <Rider> !!!

[22:10:21] <Jupiter> I was thinking with portals, can I say that?

[22:10:56] <Steve> Did someone say "portals"?

[22:10:56] <Schezo Wegey> Portals, eh?

[22:11:11] <Phi> Ah! More strangers!

[22:11:28] <Jupiter> Yes, I said portals. Blue and orange ones.

[22:11:30] <Steve> -produces an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device from... somewhere-

[22:11:40] <Jupiter> Yes, just like that!

[22:11:51] <Steve> Well, I just completed it!

[22:11:55] <Rider> A-amazing... :o

[22:12:13] <Steve> There's only one problem, though... light won't flow through them, yet.

[22:12:33] <Keiji> (Yes, this is a big fucking Minecraft reference. There's a portal mod, but you can't see through the portals :P)

[22:12:33] <Phi> Light wont flow through them?

[22:12:47] <Steve> Well, have a look...

[22:12:56] <Steve> -fires an Orange Portal on the ceiling-

[22:13:06] <Steve> -fires a Blue Portal underneath Schezo Wegey-

[22:13:17] <Schezo Wegey> !!

[22:13:24] <Mitsuki> Ah, Schezo!

[22:13:28] <Schezo Wegey> -falls through- Arrrgh!

[22:13:29] <Mitsuki> -watches Schezo fall infinitely-

[22:13:42] <Steve> -fires a new Orange Portal on the floor-

[22:14:03] <Schezo Wegey> AAAAAAA-flies up through the orange portal, and lands on his ass-

[22:14:05] <Steve> Mind your head!

[22:14:11] <Jupiter> *watches* This is extremely amusing.

[22:14:22] <Phi> -chuckles slightly-

[22:14:50] <Jupiter> *looks through the portal* And I see nothing...

[22:14:51] <Steve> So, what were you saying?

[22:15:38] <Jupiter> I tripped on my face and fell through a portal.

[22:16:03] <Rider> Oh my!

[22:16:06] <Mitsuki> ...Wait... If you got here through a portal...

[22:16:11] <Mitsuki> Where's the portal you came from?

[22:16:34] <Jupiter> Back in the ice lands.

[22:16:55] <Steve> You fired a portal from there to here? o_O

[22:17:14] <Jupiter> I didn't fire it! It was just...there!

[22:17:40] <Schezo Wegey> How unusual...portals appearing everywhere and suddenly vanishing

[22:18:00] <Jupiter> Oh, so this is normal?

[22:18:07] <Mitsuki> Sounds a lot like the portals of this world...

[22:18:33] <Phi> Without a portal, none of us can escape.

[22:19:26] <Phi> But I guess they have a tendency to appear and disappear when they like.... :C

[22:19:44] <Mitsuki> No, that's silly. Portals can't just be appearing and disappearing.

[22:19:50] <Mitsuki> Someone must be making the portals.

[22:19:54] <Mitsuki> And unmaking them.

[22:20:01] <Mitsuki> ....Erm... *destroying.

[22:20:15] <Jupiter> It's THEM.

[22:20:33] <Schezo Wegey> Them?!

[22:20:37] <Mitsuki> But if you came here through a portal... it probably means you were called here.

[22:20:41] <MagicalKecleon> *should be in OOC quotes

[22:20:51] <Schezo Wegey> OOC: Just don't unmake YOUR portal, Witch.

[22:21:02] <Keiji> oh god LOL

[22:21:04] <Jupiter> OOC: Get a room.

[22:21:23] <Jupiter> But whyyyyy, I wasn't doing anythiiiiiiing.

[22:21:54] <Mitsuki> Maybe you had a dream, and someone noticed it.

[22:22:13] <Rider> A dream?...

[22:23:05] <Mitsuki> A wish...

[22:23:23] <Mitsuki> Or, maybe Satan was just being retarded again, who knows.

[22:23:53] <Schezo Wegey> When is Satan NOT being an idiot?

[22:23:57] <Jupiter> A dream to share my music with someone, maybe.

[22:24:15] <Jupiter> OOC: He will stop being retarded on the twelfth of never.

[22:24:33] <Steve> -dances-

[22:25:00] <Jupiter> Why are you dancing? ._.

[22:25:55] <Steve> Huh? Minecrafters always tend to dance a lot.

[22:26:16] <Jupiter> And Pop'n fans tend to listen to Pop'n Music all the time.

[22:26:42] <Rider> -is confused-

[22:26:44] <Steve> So, I'm wondering too, where's this portal?

[22:27:01] <Jupiter> I've been walking forever, I don't know anymore.

[22:27:25] <Mitsuki> Oh... darn.

[22:27:29] <Schezo Wegey> Curses! Now we'll never escape!

[22:28:32] <Jupiter> *trying to sound hopeful* I don't think it'd be too hard to find.

[22:29:29] <Jupiter> We just need a Little Prayer! *starts playing "Little Prayer"*

[22:29:40] <Mitsuki> A little prayer..?

[22:29:57] <Phi> :o

[22:30:00] <Jupiter> I'm throwing out jokes here, that's the name of the song.

[22:30:02] <Steve> You have some strange tastes in music, my friend.

[22:30:17] <Phi> Indeed.

[22:30:44] <Phi> But the best way to remember what you've forgotten is to retrace your steps, right?

[22:31:06] <Jupiter> It's Pop'n Music, we got everything. And, I was about to do that~! *hops off*

[22:31:09] <Steve> If you can remember them, that is.

[22:31:33] <Steve> So many of my brothers got lost in the vast world out there...

[22:32:04] <Rider> ...I forgot my own steps sometimes....;;

[22:32:23] <Jupiter> OOC: That's because it's Minecraft, no one remembers where anything is. I know I don't.

[22:33:25] <Mitsuki> Like you did in that ridiculous road maze?

[22:33:36] <Mitsuki> Well, I don't blame you for that one.

[22:33:44] <Rider> Yes! Except that was even more confusing...

[22:35:13] <Keiji> (...tumbleweed?)

[22:35:27] <Jupiter> *leaves an icicle spear in the ground*

[22:35:49] <Steve> ...Maybe you should have done that on your way here?

[22:36:08] <Jupiter> I didn't think it would be important. ;A;

[22:36:09] <Phi> Perhaps she did?

[22:36:21] <Phi> Oh.

[22:36:21] <Mitsuki> Always the optimist, huh Phi.

[22:36:41] <Phi> Yep. :3

[22:37:03] <Jupiter> But now I'm making sure we won't go in a circle.

[22:37:25] <Schezo Wegey> I see....where exactly do you hail from again?

[22:37:30] <Schezo Wegey> OOC: -rimshot-

[22:37:47] <Balrog> -jumps down in front of everyone- Huzzah!

[22:37:57] <Rider> Aaah!!

[22:38:12] <Phi> H-Huzzah!...?

[22:38:22] <Jupiter> The ice la--who the Palpitoad is this.

[22:38:26] <Steve> Hey, is that a talking lunchbox?

[22:38:45] <Jupiter> OOC: Oh, yeah, I remember the name now.

[22:38:46] <Rider> It looks like a giant toaster to me....;;

[22:39:21] <Balrog> I'm no lunchbox or toaster, you sillies!

[22:39:25] <Jupiter> Hi Balrog, what are you doing? Chilling?

[22:39:58] <Phi> ...You know eachother? :o

[22:40:05] <Balrog> No?

[22:40:08] <Jupiter> I break the fourth wall. :|

[22:40:53] <Schezo Wegey> OOC: I've got it! The portal is behind the fourth wall! Do I get a delicious cake now?

[22:41:14] <Balrog> -suddenly breaks apart-

[22:41:17] <Jupiter> OOC: I need it for this character that I supposedly don't know right now, Schezo!

[22:41:39] <Rider> O_O

[22:41:48] <Satan> -steps out from inside the fake Balrog-

[22:41:58] <Jupiter> OK, can we stop being confused now, pl--WHAT!

[22:42:01] <Rider> -cowers behind Witch and Schezo

[22:42:09] <Mitsuki> Satan!

[22:42:12] <Jupiter> SWEET ARCEUS, NOW WHAT

[22:42:19] <Satan> You haven't forgotten about me, have you?

[22:42:33] <Jupiter> I'm new, so technically I have.

[22:42:35] <Phi> I don't even know you!

[22:42:46] <Auriol> -also steps out of the case and hugs Satan's leg-

[22:42:47] <Schezo Wegey> Ah, so he appears here too?

[22:42:56] <Schezo Wegey> ...ARLE?!

[22:43:21] <Jupiter> ...awkward.

[22:43:28] <Rider> A-A-Arle?....what are you doing with S-Satan in a giant toaster-case?....

[22:44:03] <Auriol> Didn't you hear? We just got married~

[22:44:24] <Phi> That's good to hear! C:

[22:44:42] <Mitsuki> -looks at Phi- o_O

[22:44:48] <Schezo Wegey> Married?! -looks to Witch, and then to Phi-

[22:45:20] <Satan> Oh, stop ignoring me, you lot!

[22:45:36] <Jupiter> Shut up, I'm trying to ignore you.

[22:46:22] <Rider> I-I'm sorry S-S-Satan...;

[22:47:09] <Mitsuki> So, what the hell do you want, Satan?

[22:47:31] <Jupiter> He's trying to rub his marriage in our faces, of course.

[22:47:34] <Schezo Wegey> Not Witch I hope :/

[22:47:41] <Satan> Why, if it was Hell I wanted, I'm already sorted!

[22:48:33] <Jupiter> He owns hell?

[22:48:52] <Satan> I am the Master of Puyo Hell, after all!

[22:49:09] <Schezo Wegey> Tell us something we don't know!

[22:49:28] <Jupiter> Should I go into Mr. Corner while everyone has this discussion?

[22:50:19] <Satan> I was about to do something ridiculous, but I just realized it's more fun to just go back to my Palace with Arle! So I shall spare you this time!

[22:50:39] <Satan> [Satan and D. Arle get back into the toaster-case and leave as suddenly as they appeared]

[22:50:54] <Jupiter> ...who votes to just keep walking?

[22:51:01] <Schezo Wegey> -fistshake at the air-

[22:51:04] <Mitsuki> I do.

[22:51:19] <Phi> And so we should keep walking...

[22:51:27] <Mitsuki> ...And that wasn't aimed at your as-yet-unspoken proposal, Schezo!

[22:51:43] <Schezo Wegey> Eh?

[22:51:55] <Mitsuki> Oh, never mind~

[22:51:58] <Jupiter> OOC: *adds that to her shipping wall*

[22:52:09] <Jupiter> *plants more icicles in the ground and hops off*

[22:53:22] <Phi> -continues to follow her, skipping along-

[22:54:31] <Jupiter> I don't think I actually was walking for too long.

[22:54:52] <Rider> By the way, what was your name? W-We never asked...

[22:54:57] <Jupiter> OOC: *already has that scrawled on the shipping wall with hearts all over it*

[22:55:15] <Jupiter> OH, right~! My name is Jupiter~♪

[22:55:41] <Phi> Nice to meet you, Ms. Jupiter~

[22:56:21] <Jupiter> From being nosy, I think I got all your guys' names.

[22:57:06] <Keiji> Probably not Rider's and definitely not Steve's

[22:57:26] <Chao> Nobody knows Steve's name :o

[22:57:40] <Keiji> Oh, that's true..

[22:57:59] <Steve> You know, it's pretty dark around here. I think I want to put some lava here.

[22:58:11] <Schezo Wegey> WHAT?!

[22:58:13] <Jupiter> Please don't. I'll melt.

[22:58:37] <Jupiter> OOC: (Freaking griefers.)

[22:58:49] <Keiji> FYI: 90% of Guude's Minecraft 404 series is him saying "It looks pretty dark here" or "I think I want to put some lava here"

[23:00:01] <Phi> Couldn't I just summon an orb of light instead? That would be much less melty...;

[23:00:46] <Keiji> Terraria references now?

[23:00:53] <Jupiter> Yeah, let's do that!

[23:01:19] <Keiji> There's an "Orb of Light" in Terraria, which Guude is kinda obsessed with.

[23:01:45] <Chao> I didn't even know lmao

[23:02:00] <Phi> -creates a ball of bright light that he levitates in his hand-

[23:02:15] <Steve> You know, I just realized something.

[23:02:22] <Steve> I shot both portals earlier, didn't I?

[23:02:35] <MagicalKecleon> You could just portal us to where we need to go?

[23:02:41] <Steve> So the ones where you came in are probably gone now.

[23:02:47] <MagicalKecleon> FINALLY NICKFAIL

[23:02:53] <Steve> Assuming they're Aperture Science portals, of course.

[23:03:23] <Jupiter> *singing softly* Aperture Science...we do what we must, because we can...~♪

[23:03:37] <Chell> OOC: lolwut

[23:03:55] <Jupiter> OOC: NO WAIT TAKE ME WITH YOU

[23:04:01] <Keiji> LOL

[23:04:02] <Schezo Wegey> Who's brilliant idea was that?

[23:04:23] <Jupiter> So, we're not doing anything?

[23:04:33] <Jupiter> We're just getting even more lost?

[23:04:48] <Keiji> /playing Still Alive now

[23:05:26] <Mitsuki> Well.

[23:05:35] <Mitsuki> This is pretty pathetic, isn't it?

[23:05:37] <Phi> :C

[23:05:40] <Mitsuki> We're still stuck here...

[23:05:48] <Mitsuki> In a useless world.

[23:06:03] <Jupiter> It'd be nice if we had a Palkia...use Spacial Rend...

[23:06:42] <Rider> -her ears turn downward in dismay- Now I'll n-never see my friends again...

[23:07:18] <Jupiter> *feeling totally bad now* C'mon, don't give up hope, we just need a Little Prayer.

[23:08:21] <Schezo Wegey> A little prayer isn't going to make a portal come flying out of nowhere!

[23:08:43] <Jupiter> It would've been awesome if a portal just shot out of nowhere when you said that.

[23:10:33] <Mitsuki> So, Schezo, now that we're all alone in another world...

[23:10:45] <Jupiter> OOC: GET A ROOM

[23:10:46] <Schezo Wegey> You had the same thoughts?....

[23:12:10] <Schezo Wegey> We really are perverts ;w;

[23:12:17] <Mitsuki> -slap-

[23:12:23] <Mitsuki> I was joking.

[23:12:23] <Jupiter> Yes, you are.

[23:12:33] <Schezo Wegey> Confound it :C

[23:12:41] <Mitsuki> But at least you admitted that you're a pervert.

[23:12:48] <Keiji> Voltorus o_o

[23:12:51] <Schezo Wegey> ....Damn you!

[23:12:54] <Voltorus> Ohai.

[23:12:56] <Voltorus> :P

[23:13:07] <Voltorus> Just go on with the RP, i'll watch

[23:13:15] <Keiji> Welcome to Kawachat v0.6!

[23:13:30] <Jupiter> So, guy with portals, do you think you can portal us out?

[23:13:35] <Keiji> And you better appreciate it, because we must have died at least a hundred times in total debugging it!

[23:13:43] <Voltorus> :L

[23:13:58] <Voltorus> *ahem* How can you die multiple times?

[23:14:02] <Voltorus> 1-UP mushrooms?

[23:14:06] <Voltorus> o_O

[23:14:11] <Keiji> Yeah, let's call it that.

[23:14:13] <Voltorus> ._.'

[23:14:26] <Phi> -looks at Steve-

[23:14:27] <Steve> You know as well as I do, Aperture Science Portals only work when shot.

[23:14:39] <Steve> I can't reach another world to shoot at, so I can't create a portal there.

[23:14:52] <Jupiter> There's no button that works on the outside?

[23:14:54] <Steve> If only we had one of the King's portals!

[23:14:59] <Phi> There has to be some other way out though, if we all came in...;

[23:15:07] <Jupiter> THEN GET THE KING'S PORTALS!

[23:15:30] <Steve> ...But he already disappeared with his wife.

[23:15:38] <Chao> [A girl with long, jagged blue hair approaches the group]

[23:15:49] <Keiji> (wut)

[23:16:09] <Chao> (I'm jumping on the OC bandwagon :P)

[23:16:14] <Keiji> (I see)

[23:16:34] <Gypsum> I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear you discussing portals.

[23:16:47] <Jupiter> Yes?

[23:16:54] <Steve> Oi, Rana!

[23:16:57] <Steve> Long time no see!

[23:17:10] <Steve> ...I see you dyed your hair...

[23:17:18] <Gypsum> Rana? I've told you to call me Gypsum.

[23:17:29] <Steve> ...No?

[23:17:37] <Steve> I've never heard that name. Were you dreaming?

[23:17:47] <Gypsum> Perhaps That was someone else.

[23:17:57] <Steve> Still, how's it been ever since Notch kicked you out?

[23:18:25] <Jupiter> Is this gonna be more Minecraft speak?


[23:19:04] <Keiji> http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/File:Rana.png This is Rana

[23:19:05] <Voltorus> Moar references = Moar fun

[23:19:10] <Chao> Actually she's just Rana atm because Steve insists on calling her that XD

[23:19:15] <MagicalKecleon> rana is how you say frog in spanish

[23:19:31] <Voltorus> ...thats not the classic Graphics of Minecraft

[23:19:40] <Keiji> Actually she was in MC

[23:19:42] <Voltorus> How can it be Minecraft then?

[23:19:44] <Keiji> A long time ago

[23:19:44] <Voltorus> o_O

[23:19:56] <Keiji> It was someone else other than Notch who made the models

[23:20:06] <Keiji> and he was kicked from the team and his models disappeared along with him

[23:20:15] <Keiji> That was fail.

[23:20:18] <Voltorus> :L

[23:20:30] <Voltorus> I'll add some RP Characters to my list

[23:20:47] <Voltorus> Just for the fun of it... FUN.(Or is it)?

[23:20:56] <Keiji> Check that nobody else has them already

[23:21:26] <Gypsum> I've since found better employment. In fact, it's almost like I have a new life.

[23:21:30] <Voltorus> :L

[23:21:45] <Voltorus> (Nobody has Taken M. Bison of now.)

[23:21:50] <Keiji> If Kawachat had music support right now

[23:21:50] <Voltorus> (Claimed.)

[23:21:52] <Keiji> This would be playing

[23:21:53] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

[23:22:02] <Keiji> And -raises fist- at the adverts on that video

[23:22:09] <Voltorus> (Oh, and Claimed my Wii being officially hacked.

[23:22:15] <Voltorus> With FW 4.3E.

[23:22:33] <Gypsum> But for future reference, I've changed my name to Gypsum. It's what my new employer refers to me as.

[23:22:36] <Voltorus> Bawww

[23:22:39] <Voltorus> GEMA fail

[23:22:54] <Schezo Wegey> -looks at Witch-

[23:23:06] <Steve> So, where did you come from, Ms. Gypsum?

[23:23:10] <Jupiter> Can you help us get out of here?

[23:23:13] <Steve> Or were you also here this entire time?

[23:23:25] <Mitsuki> And, do you know Ekoro..?

[23:23:42] <Jupiter> Stop mentioning people I don't know.

[23:23:59] <Gypsum> I've always lived here. My employer has not, though. He nor I know of no such Ekoro...

[23:24:09] <Jupiter> OOC: Even though I'm paired with this guy on my shipping wall.

[23:24:33] <Gypsum> We are currently trying to develop a technology that will allow us to migrate from this dull world via a portal.

[23:24:52] <Jupiter> Convenience strikes!

[23:25:01] <Chell> OOC: Are you working for Aperture Science?

[23:25:14] <Jupiter> OOC: CHELL TAKE ME WITH YOU

[23:26:06] <Phi> -looks at the others- Maybe we could help them and we could ALL escape!

[23:26:21] <Voltorus> And thus, Lulz has been created.

[23:26:40] <Jupiter> I agree with Phi!

[23:27:06] <Voltorus> Ahem

[23:27:12] <Voltorus> You broke your OWN combo

[23:27:50] <Voltorus> You could have expanded it and finished it off with a Ultra combo. (C whut i did thar?)

[23:28:20] <Voltorus> Anyways, Herobrine is not claimed, right?

[23:28:25] <Voltorus> Rofl

[23:28:36] <Keiji> Herobrine has been removed in every patch since 1.3

[23:28:48] <Voltorus> He got hacked into a patch file.

[23:28:50] <Voltorus> Nuff said

[23:28:53] <Voltorus> XD

[23:29:09] <Voltorus> A Short update lasting 2 hours

[23:29:17] <Voltorus> And then the killer patch.

[23:29:28] <Voltorus> ...Combo broken

[23:29:31] <Voltorus> Nuuuu

[23:29:41] <Jupiter> OOC: *puts that on her shipping wall for Keiji's sake*

[23:30:04] <Chao> back to RP?

[23:30:09] <Voltorus> Oh well, i will just claim Herobrine

[23:30:41] <Voltorus> Claimed

[23:30:56] <Voltorus> Could i use him?(Only when you say so)

[23:30:57] <Schezo Wegey> -looks to Witch and Steve- Do we take the child's suggestion?

[23:31:20] <Jupiter> It sounds like a plan! We can get out of here...right...? Right?!

[23:32:19] <Mitsuki> I sure hope so.

[23:32:44] <Steve> So long as this portal works on light as well!

[23:33:11] <Gypsum> I assume then I should take you to my employer. Follow me, then. -begins to walk towards their destination-

[23:34:16] <Rider> -follows Gypsum, but stays close to Witch and Schezo, just to be safe-

[23:34:17] <Steve> Your employer?

[23:34:26] <Steve> -follows, curiously-

[23:34:46] <Jupiter> *follows, playing "Never Gonna Give You Up"*

[23:35:41] <Gypsum> Yes. He is developing a technology to summon portals. It's design is complete, but he lacks someone who can turn the harvested minerals of this world into usable materials.

[23:36:15] <Jupiter> ...are we...are we going to play Minecraft?

[23:36:16] <Steve> Portals that don't have to be shot?

[23:36:47] <Gypsum> Not at all. The machine will generate a portal leading to any given destination you set it to.

[23:36:58] <Steve> The... machine?

[23:37:26] <Keiji> wait, this is OOC for him.

[23:37:31] <Keiji> Retcon that last line.

[23:38:16] <Marcus> -climbs up nearby overhearing the conversation- You... can't have a machine... summon portals...

[23:38:29] <Marcus> -is still panting in exhaustion from before-

[23:38:34] <Schezo Wegey> E-eh?!

[23:38:44] <Phi> It's the hurt man!

[23:38:49] <Jupiter> Who's this dou--dude?

[23:39:19] <Marcus> If... If only Lady Eltia were here...

[23:39:35] <Jupiter> ...more people I don't know.

[23:39:51] <Rider> L-Lady Eltia....?

[23:40:00] <Marcus> -collapses-

[23:40:11] <Jupiter> Oh, he's dead

[23:40:14] <Jupiter> !

[23:40:18] <Marcus> -breathes-

[23:40:19] <Jupiter> Great!

[23:40:29] <Mitsuki> Hey, he's not dead, you insensitive prick!

[23:40:45] <Jupiter> I was being sarcastic, I don't want him dead!

[23:40:54] <Mitsuki> You shouldn't say such things!

[23:40:56] <Phi> We should help him!

[23:41:32] <Steve> But how? I haven't found any mushrooms in weeks!

[23:41:51] <Phi> Mushrooms?...

[23:42:05] <Steve> For healing, of course!

[23:42:06] <Jupiter> You make mushroom soup, it restores health.

[23:42:50] <Phi> You mean healing magic wouldn't work on him? He looks pretty beat up...but maybe I could get him conscious again...

[23:43:10] <Marcus> (Marcus is a Dark Mage, Light Healing Magic will not affect him)

[23:43:44] <Gypsum> Lord Marcus is...or rather was, a Dark Mage. Healing magic has no effect on him.

[23:44:07] <Marcus> (Was? He still is. He's just weak right now.)

[23:44:21] <Jupiter> No, we can't lose him! We gotta find something.

[23:44:47] <Marcus> Find... Eltia...

[23:45:03] <Marcus> Just... don't use your machine...

[23:45:19] <Rider> Wasn't Eltia the name of that d-doll Ringo was carrying?...

[23:45:26] <Jupiter> How do we get out? Do you know?

[23:45:56] <Marcus> ...The King's Portals... he shut them all down...

[23:46:07] <Marcus> ...when he had no more use for them...

[23:46:25] <Schezo Wegey> Blasted idiot!

[23:46:48] <Phi> Are you saying Eltia can reopen them?

[23:46:53] <Mitsuki> And he was right here just now too!

[23:47:00] <Mitsuki> We could have gotten him to restore them!!

[23:47:17] <Marcus> ...Eltia... Eltia is...

[23:47:40] <Marcus> (Marcus can talk no longer, and lies only breathing.)

[23:47:48] <Gypsum> Why do we lament on the King's portals when he has closed them and shut out all contact? We must create our own.

[23:48:18] <Phi> -feels downright horrible just standing there looking at Marcus knowing he can't help him-

[23:48:38] <Steve> From what he said... it's probably dangerous.

[23:48:52] <Jupiter> Now we need to find a new way out.

[23:49:03] <Steve> But! A brother knows no fear!

[23:49:24] <Steve> OOC: I got stuck, had to make portal to get out -thejims

[23:50:11] <Jupiter> OOC: They told me if I turned this flashlight on, I would die. ...I have no idea how that's related.

[23:50:31] <Schezo Wegey> So we continue to follow this Gypsum then?

[23:50:39] <Mitsuki> I dont

[23:50:42] <Mitsuki> I don't know...

[23:50:46] <Mitsuki> (damn enter)]

[23:51:39] <Gypsum> Please examine your priorities quickly. My employer is waiting for me to return, we mustn't keep him waiting.

[23:52:07] <Jupiter> The machine's dangerous! We need to find a different way!

[23:52:39] <Steve> You know, I'd kind of like to meet your employer.

[23:52:40] <Gypsum> Silence, ethereal being.

[23:52:46] <Steve> OOC: And pour lava on him.

[23:53:06] <Gypsum> Very well then. -continues to lead them to their destination-

[23:53:42] <Phi> -follows, but looks back at Marcus and frowns...-

[23:53:42] <Jupiter> *grudgingly follows*

[23:53:48] <Mitsuki> Hey, don't oppress our newest friend!

[23:54:32] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56F8bEQ3PbA

[23:54:56] <Keiji> btw the Frozen Fruits soundtrack will probably be one of the first ports once I get music going :P

[23:55:07] <Schezo Wegey> -looks at Witch- :o

[23:55:22] <Mitsuki> What?

[23:55:40] <Schezo Wegey> OOC: Your boobies

[23:55:48] <Schezo Wegey> N-nothing!

[23:56:20] <Keiji> (Did noone follow the link?)

[23:56:29] <Chao> (I followed it)

[23:56:51] <Voltorus> I did follow it.

[23:58:27] <Jupiter> So, what's your employer like, if you don't mind me asking?

[23:58:34] <Chao> [Soon they finally approach a large house-like building.]

[23:58:34] <Keiji> (Oh, I'm used to Chao being like OMG EPIC whenever I post music in here. lol)

[23:58:42] <Chao> (XDDD)

[23:58:48] <Keiji> (House-like building, yet not a house?)

[23:59:10] <Keiji> Also. Soon they finally? xD Make your mind up.

[23:59:16] <Chao> LOL

[23:59:28] <Chao> Ahem

[23:59:38] <Chao> *[Soon they approach a large house]

[0:00:06] <Jupiter> ...guess that's gonna be answered right now.

[0:00:11] <Gypsum> -steps to the door, and opens it for them- Please, come in.

[0:00:23] <Steve> -walks in enthusiastically-

[0:00:36] <Mitsuki> -follows cautiously-

[0:00:38] <Jupiter> *hops inside*

[0:00:58] <Phi> -follows, close to Witch-

[0:02:01] <Chao> [Inside, the front room is massive, there is a large desk that blocks the back left corner, and many comfortable seating arrangements]

[0:02:21] <Mitsuki> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl5dl1kGXHU

[0:02:26] <Keiji> nickfail

[0:02:36] <Voltorus> Yay.

[0:02:48] <Gypsum> Allow me to get him for you.

[0:02:53] <Keiji> I hope there's no enormous staircases in this building?

[0:03:10] <Gypsum> -she quietly steps through a door in the back of the room, shutting it behind her-

[0:03:16] <MagicalKecleon> Ekoro didn't design the place, don't be silly.

[0:03:33] <Mitsuki> ...You realize she could have just led us into a trap, right?

[0:03:42] <Steve> There could be TNT surrounding us!

[0:03:44] <MagicalKecleon> although Mikki'd be all over this

[0:03:47] <Schezo Wegey> -looks at the couches-

[0:04:00] <Jupiter> TNT?! No! I'm afraid of explosions!

[0:04:13] <Schezo Wegey> How could something that looks so comfortable be so antagonizing?

[0:04:29] <Jupiter> That's what I think, I just...hate explosions.

[0:04:48] <Rider> OOC: Then you'll hate Sig.

[0:05:03] <Jupiter> OOC: He killed my ROM.

[0:05:13] <Keiji> LOL

[0:05:39] <Phi> I feel so bad for Marcus...

[0:06:09] <Jupiter> Me too...I hope he'll get better if we bring Eltia here.

[0:06:25] <Jupiter> That's what he wants, right?

[0:07:45] <Mitsuki> I'm not sure...

[0:07:56] <Gypsum> -the door opens, and she steps out from behind it again- Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my employer...

[0:07:57] <Mitsuki> In any case, where's this employer we were promised?

[0:08:02] <Mitsuki> (...LOL nice timing)

[0:08:07] <Gypsum> Angol Mois.

[0:08:12] <Keiji> :O

[0:08:15] <Keiji> vzsdnvfsdnkfsdgksngfsdgsgf

[0:08:19] <Keiji> I love you forever

[0:08:20] <Angol Mois> -steps out from behind the door-

[0:08:23] <Keiji> in the most non gay way possible

[0:08:32] <Chao> :#


[0:08:38] <Chao> *:3

[0:08:41] <Jupiter> OOC: You're from KG.

[0:09:10] <Angol Mois> Hm...what an interesting lot you've brought me. Hello to all of you.

[0:09:32] <Steve> Good to meet you.

[0:09:36] <Jupiter> *throws sleeve up once waving "hi"*

[0:09:49] <Mitsuki> H-hi.

[0:10:05] <Mitsuki> (That'll give Rider a challenge!)

[0:10:20] <Rider> H-h-h-h-h-h....h-i

[0:10:24] <Mitsuki> (LOL)

[0:10:33] <Keiji> http://i.imgur.com/QhcMi.png

[0:10:34] <Keiji> WHAT

[0:10:46] <Keiji> what is this

[0:10:50] <Keiji> Notch tweeted it

[0:11:29] <Angol Mois> So, Gypsum tells me you were discussing portals and attempting to find one out of this world. Is she correct?

[0:11:37] <Steve> Indeed!

[0:12:18] <Jupiter> ... Are you going to help us, or...?

[0:12:30] <Angol Mois> This puts us all in a similar predicament. Trapped in this world with no way out. However, I have been developing the solution, as I'm sure my secretary has told you.

[0:12:54] <Jupiter> (Same deal, should've known.)

[0:13:10] <Steve> So... what's your solution?

[0:13:57] <Angol Mois> Combining Dark Magic with the perfect crafting elements of this world, I shall create a machine capable of generating a portal that will lead us all to an outside world.

[0:14:17] <Mitsuki> ...(That does sound dangerous...)

[0:15:03] <Jupiter> *bow droops a little* (He's gonna get us killed, isn't he?)

[0:15:08] <Schezo Wegey> (How could he manage that?!...)

[0:16:22] <Jupiter> Mr. Angol Mois, is there another way to do this?

[0:16:40] <Angol Mois> However, the elements of this world are foreign to me. I cannot forge them into materials that I can build with myself. Gypsum is also incapable of this task, despite being able to harvest them.

[0:16:53] <Keiji> god

[0:16:58] <Keiji> every time you mention Gypsum

[0:17:02] <Keiji> I think of Dwarf Fortress

[0:17:08] <Keiji> in which "gypsum" is a material

[0:17:15] <Chao> Oh god XD

[0:17:22] <Keiji> Use her to build the portal! :O

[0:17:29] <Chao> LOL

[0:17:42] <Keiji> Just like Guude's female jack-o-lanterns

[0:18:16] <Angol Mois> Recently however, I have discovered there was a person who could craft weapons in this world. Is he standing among us, before I continue?

[0:18:35] <Jupiter> *crosses arms*

[0:18:42] <Mitsuki> -looks at Steve-

[0:18:49] <Schezo Wegey> -also looks at Steve-

[0:19:50] <Steve> ...What? I'm not particularly special. I have over three million brothers who can craft just as well...

[0:20:11] <Mitsuki> But you're the only one here, right?

[0:20:20] <Steve> ...I suppose.

[0:20:42] <Angol Mois> Perhaps then, you could craft the material to build my device yes?

[0:21:00] <Jupiter> Mr. Mois, is there any other way...?

[0:21:11] <Steve> What material would that be?

[0:21:53] <Keiji> (Angolium? XD)

[0:22:11] <Chao> (Sure XD)

[0:22:57] <Angol Mois> A synthetic alloy I have created the recipe for: Angolium. It is resistant, but flexible. At least it should be.

[0:23:46] <Mitsuki> Original name, huh?

[0:23:47] <Jupiter> (Narssicistic much?)

[0:25:36] <Jupiter> (Also sounds like Registeel metal up in here.)

[0:26:04] <Phi> So, what you're saying is that if this craftsman makes this Angolium for you, you could build a machine that creates portals?...but if it's with Dark Magic...would someone like me be able to enter the portal it creates?...

[0:26:16] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNbwvYzcQog&feature=related What the hell is this

[0:26:22] <Keiji> Shitty Sonic fangame

[0:26:29] <Keiji> But the music and sound effects, man!

[0:27:20] <Keiji> Especially the ones at 0:48 and 0:54

[0:27:26] <Keiji> God I want those sound effects so bad

[0:27:40] <Keiji> ...anyway

[0:29:34] <Keiji> (Do continue, Angol. :P)

[0:30:11] <Angol Mois> That is correct. I cannot be certain about you though, because you are uncertain about yourself. I met someone like that once.

[0:30:51] <Mitsuki> -ponders about Angol's cryptic words-

[0:31:17] <Phi> (Uncertain about myself?....what could he mean by that?)

[0:31:42] <Steve> Well, people. Should I take up this challenge?

[0:32:28] <Schezo Wegey> Well, we don't have anything much better to do with our time. Not that I can think of....(UNLESS she wants to....)

[0:33:36] <Jupiter> I really don't know about this...you know what Marcus said...

[0:34:04] <Steve> Should we have a vote?

[0:34:17] <Steve> Those in favor, raise your hand! -raises hand-

[0:34:27] <Schezo Wegey> -raise hand-

[0:34:33] <Mitsuki> -stays still...-

[0:34:46] <Rider> -hesitantly raises her hand-

[0:35:31] <Jupiter> (It's true, so far this is the only lead, but...)

[0:36:20] <Keiji> I lost the game again.

[0:36:37] <Chao> derp

[0:37:15] <Keiji> (How about the other votes?)

[0:37:24] <Angol Mois> -his eyes shift in Jupiter's direction, but he doesn't turn his head-

[0:37:30] <Keiji> (Well, I guess there's just Phi left)

[0:37:54] <Phi> -....keeps his hand down-

[0:38:16] <Jupiter> ...it's a tie.

[0:38:51] <Angol Mois> You are quite an indecisive bunch.

[0:39:07] <Gypsum> How irritating.

[0:39:13] <Steve> Then, in that case, is anyone opposed to it?

[0:39:32] <Steve> There are three supporters, and three who have not declared their support!

[0:39:34] <Jupiter> I don't know, it's the only thing we got, but Marcus said we shouldn't.

[0:39:53] <Steve> So unless all three remaining are opposed, the majority is in support!

[0:40:08] <Phi> !..;;

[0:40:37] <Jupiter> *groans*

[0:41:00] <Schezo Wegey> -looks at Witch- I think it's given she...-looks to Jupiter- and she...are both oppossed.

[0:41:12] <Schezo Wegey> *opposed

[0:42:00] <Mitsuki> -nods slowly-

[0:42:38] <Phi> I...well...-looks to Witch, worried of disappointing her-...but....-looks to Rider, Schezo and Steve-....I...

[0:43:16] <Jupiter> ...we don't have much of a choice, do we?

[0:44:43] <Angol Mois> It appears one of you is uncertain. He has not voted support nor opposition regardless.

[0:45:08] <Steve> Then I suppose I should begin!

[0:45:21] <Jupiter> *bow droops*

[0:46:35] <Angol Mois> Excellent. We begin at once. Come with me to my work station below us. -slips through the door behind him, only moving his arm to gesture Steve to follow-

[0:46:49] <Steve> -follows-

[0:47:46] <Gypsum> -sits at the desk in the back left corner, and she stares at Witch, attempting to hid this by placing a stack of papers infront of her-

[0:48:13] <Mitsuki> -stares back at Gypsum- What is it, /Rana/>

[0:48:14] <Mitsuki> ?

[0:48:41] <Gypsum> Your skepticism is remarkably amusing, Wench.

[0:48:58] <Mitsuki> Hey, it's well-founded!

[0:49:14] <Mitsuki> Dark magic shouldn't be taken lightly!

[0:49:25] <Jupiter> So much for new friend, huh Witch? *plays "Jo"*

[0:49:57] <Mitsuki> (The new friend was Jupiter...)

[0:50:05] <Gypsum> Hmph.

[0:51:08] <Mitsuki> Well, you sure seem antisocial. Maybe that's why you were booted from Minecraft.

[0:52:02] <Gypsum> OOC: And you were booted from Puyo Puyo because SEGA didn't like you anyway.

[0:52:18] <Mitsuki> Hey!!!

[0:52:27] <Mitsuki> I came back in 20th!!

[0:53:02] <MagicalKecleon> OOC: And made a cameo in 7.

[0:53:17] <MagicalKecleon> OK nickfail, but it doesn't matter. xD

[0:53:53] <Gypsum> Well, you have yet to see what the future holds.

[0:54:18] <Jupiter> If we blow up, I swear to god. *twirls around*

[0:55:09] <Steve> -crafting crafting crafting-

[0:56:03] <Phi> ...I wonder if the others who went after Satan are okay...;;

[0:56:25] <Jupiter> I'm totally lost on what you're talking about.

[0:56:59] <Schezo Wegey> There used to be a hole in this place, and some others who were following us flew into it.

[0:57:26] <Jupiter> And they took on Mr. Screw-the-rules-I-have-green-hair?

[0:57:55] <Rider> OOC: But I don't want to screw the rules, I want to screw Sig!

[0:58:18] <Schezo Wegey> That's the idea.

[0:58:30] <Jupiter> They're probably somewhere else.

[1:02:02] <Keiji> so when are Steve and Angol going to finish :P

[1:02:10] <Chao> Any time you want

[1:02:26] <Keiji> xD;; it's just that Witch has nothing to say really

[1:02:27] <Chao> But it sounds like now is a good time lol

[1:02:40] <Keiji> I like the Witch-Gypsum dynamic, though

[1:03:14] <Angol Mois> -steps through the door again- We have finished. -he slides back into the door-

[1:03:38] <Jupiter> *prepares to be blown up*

[1:03:46] <Gypsum> -gets up- Follow me. -glares at Witch, then leads everyone through the door into Angol's workstation-

[1:04:15] <Mitsuki> -follows, reluctantly-

[1:04:28] <Phi> -follows, keeping close to Witch-

[1:04:28] <Jupiter> *follows as slowly as possible to piss everyone off*

[1:04:35] <Keiji> LOL

[1:04:46] <Schezo Wegey> -He and Rider also follow-

[1:05:53] <Jupiter> *after what seems like 5 fucking hours Jupiter gets to the door*

[1:06:07] <Chao> [Inside the workspace it is quite organized, with shelves and cases for materials, and tables and tools for working. Angol is standing next to a large circular platform, with an arc and small terminal attached to it]

[1:06:44] <Keiji> I think you mean Bookcases, Chests, Workbenches and Furnaces respectively

[1:06:58] <Jupiter> *like in Trolls 2* Oh my gooooooooooooooooood.

[1:06:58] <Chao> whatever lol

[1:07:06] <Chao> Oh god

[1:08:11] <Keiji> i can't tell if that is better than NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO or not

[1:08:48] <Keiji> But do continue

[1:09:22] <Angol Mois> Here we have it. Our way to worlds abroad. A way to finally escape our fate in this desolate wasteland. Freedom. We may set the destination to any world you like. Being our first test, I will leave you the honors of deciding where we go.

[1:09:36] <Mitsuki> Question,

[1:09:49] <Angol Mois> Yes?

[1:09:56] <Mitsuki> How can we set the destination to whatever we like when we clearly can't know about everything that could be out there?

[1:10:30] <Jupiter> Plot holes!

[1:11:22] <Angol Mois> That's the beauty. If you want to travel to an uncharted world, you simply only specify that. A portal with no set destination could lead anywhere; back to this very room, or some place that is new to all of us.

[1:12:00] <Mitsuki> There... /has/ to be a catch to this...

[1:12:18] <Jupiter> The catch is it rips apart all of our atoms during transportation.

[1:12:27] <Gypsum> Why must you deny my master's generosity?

[1:12:50] <Mitsuki> OOC: Because our relationship >;o

[1:13:05] <Mitsuki> OOC: I love you really <3

[1:13:22] <Jupiter> OOC: *sets this down on her shipping wall as a "maybe"*

[1:13:30] <Mitsuki> (LOL)

[1:14:02] <Jupiter> OOC: This is black romance.

[1:14:10] <Schezo Wegey> OOC: Y U NO LOVE ME

[1:14:27] <Keiji> ............

[1:14:28] <Rider> C-Could it be set to Primp?....

[1:15:50] <MagicalKecleon> black romance is a troll love quadrant in Homestuck where the two individuals involved hate each other so much it might be possible to view as love

[1:16:06] <Keiji> Well, that's kind of what I was thinking.

[1:16:10] <Keiji> But I wanted to check

[1:16:14] <MagicalKecleon> red romance is where it's mutual love

[1:16:34] <Angol Mois> Yes?...-hovers his hand over the terminal keyboard, as if about to type something-

[1:16:36] <MagicalKecleon> pale romance is where one is dangerous and the other kinda balances them out, being their chill pill, I guess

[1:16:53] <MagicalKecleon> I forgot what ashen is

[1:16:58] <Keiji> I find the concept of love from hate intriguing

[1:17:09] <Mitsuki> ...Maybe...

[1:17:13] <MagicalKecleon> I think ashen is a love triangle

[1:17:14] <Mitsuki> if we're going to use this thing

[1:17:24] <Mitsuki> it would be wiser to try and follow Ekoro?

[1:17:43] <Jupiter> *slowly becoming more and more interested in this Ekoro fellow*

[1:17:57] <Angol Mois> Ekoro, hm? Where perhaps would they be?

[1:18:01] <Jupiter> OOC: *afterall, he's all over the shipping wall*

[1:18:08] <Mitsuki> ...It can't just follow a person?

[1:18:14] <Phi> -is suddenly nervous-

[1:18:41] <Rider> Well...wasn't Ekoro inside his orb?...

[1:18:57] <Jupiter> ..... *is suddenly becoming more and more lost*

[1:18:58] <Mitsuki> Ekoro's Orb...

[1:19:04] <Mitsuki> Contains a whole world.

[1:19:14] <Mitsuki> A bleak world, but a world nonetheless.

[1:19:26] <Jupiter> And...you want to go into this dreary world...why?

[1:19:51] <Mitsuki> -raises fist- We had... unfinished business.

[1:20:16] <Angol Mois> -types onto the terminal, pushes a button, and just like that, a portal appears between the arc and the platform, like it was a door being opened- Then, we shall follow Ekoro into the world inside of his orb.

[1:20:26] <Mitsuki> Just like that..?

[1:20:42] <Angol Mois> Isn't technology amazing?

[1:20:44] <Jupiter> (oh, jegus)

[1:21:15] <Jupiter> If it contains a whole world, how will we...find this guy?

[1:21:26] <Mitsuki> ...It's a small world.

[1:21:45] <Jupiter> So, no more getting lost?

[1:21:46] <Keiji> (god Warheads SE music 3 is so appropriate here)

[1:21:56] <Keiji> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr_gqhagJrk&feature=related if you want it again

[1:22:36] <Schezo Wegey> Well, what are we waiting for? -steps into the portal boldly-

[1:22:53] <Mitsuki> ....

[1:23:01] <Steve> -steps through the portal0

[1:23:02] <Steve> -

[1:23:23] <Jupiter> I'm gonna regret this later, aren't I?

[1:23:34] <Rider> !! D-D-Don't leave me!! -runs through the portal after them-

[1:24:08] <Mitsuki> -looks at Gypsum once Jupiter and Rider have gone through- ...You're coming, right?

[1:24:52] <Gypsum> I will stay here. Someone must keep track of paperwork and expenses while my master is away...

[1:25:14] <Mitsuki> ...:I

[1:25:27] <Jupiter> OOC: You're a horrible lady.

[1:25:37] <Mitsuki> (Jupiter's already gone)

[1:25:45] <Angol Mois> You think I would leave you here alone? Remarkable, Gypsum. You are coming with me.

[1:25:47] <MagicalKecleon> exactly

[1:26:00] <Mitsuki> -tries to hide a smile-

[1:26:17] <Gypsum> B-But Master-

[1:26:25] <Mitsuki> Then, it's settled! -grabs Gypsum's arm and drags her to the portal-

[1:27:20] <Angol Mois> Hm. -looks to Phi- Come child.

[1:27:31] <Phi> ...;;; -reluctantly steps in-

[1:28:05] <Angol Mois> -After grabing something, he finally follows them in, the portal closing behind him-

[1:28:56] <Keiji> (So... where is everyone?)

[1:29:00] <Chao> [On the other side, the Portal places them in front of Ekoro's Base, which is floating endlessly through an unusual dimension on a floating island.]

[1:29:35] <Jupiter> Wow, I got such a headrush! @w@

[1:29:35] <Mitsuki> ...It's really here...

[1:29:50] <Phi> Oh my god....;;

[1:30:00] <Mitsuki> ...-hides behind Gypsum-

[1:30:41] <Gypsum> Hm...? -shoots Witch a nasty glare behind her-

[1:30:57] <Jupiter> *looks over the edge* (Temporal Tower-like.)

[1:31:15] <Angol Mois> What a remarkably huge palace he's built here.

[1:31:32] <Steve> Truly incredible. I wonder if he did it legit?

[1:32:20] <Phi> He had a little help....but it was mostly all by himself....I don't believe it's still here....

[1:33:13] <Schezo Wegey> Do we enter?....

[1:34:33] <Steve> -walks boldly up to the entrance- Come on, let's go!

[1:34:37] <Jupiter> Yeah, man. Boss hideouts are cool. *is actually terrified*

[1:34:50] <Keiji> (Also, where are the other characters?)

[1:34:54] <Keiji> (The ones that were already here)

[1:35:04] <Chao> (Inside the Base I assume)

[1:35:09] <Keiji> (Whereabouts?)

[1:35:18] <Jupiter> *hops off after Steve*

[1:35:28] <Chao> (Only just inside the Foyer)

[1:35:29] <Keiji> (Also - did you have that portal work without any negative side-effects?)

[1:35:44] <Chao> (Yes)

[1:35:50] <Keiji> (Okay, then I'll introduce one.)

[1:36:47] <Angol Mois> -quietly follows Steve-

[1:36:57] <Keiji> (The other charas can be further inside than the first room, right?)

[1:37:04] <Gypsum> -follows Angol, still sneering at Witch-

[1:37:09] <Chao> (Sure)

[1:37:11] <Keiji> (Good)

[1:38:29] <Eltia> -is on the ground in much the same state as Marcus was earlier in doll form-

[1:38:36] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9Uo5S2DP6c

[1:39:00] <Schezo Wegey> Hm?....

[1:39:26] <Rider> -comes closer to Eltia-....;;

[1:39:38] <Eltia> Nnnngg....

[1:39:46] <Jupiter> *sifts through her music as rapidly as she can* I don't think I have any good music downloaded right now...

[1:39:54] <Rider> !! E-Eltia?...

[1:40:08] <Jupiter> Wait, that's her?!

[1:40:12] <Keiji> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHYdVT6dUAs&feature=related

[1:40:14] <Phi> Eltia?! -rushes over to Eltia

[1:40:20] <Keiji> xD

[1:40:35] <Keiji> (Phi knows Eltia?)

[1:40:42] <Gypsum> ...-remains still-

[1:41:11] <Chao> (From idle conversation. Ringo was around when he was awakened too)

[1:41:20] <Keiji> (Oh okay)

[1:41:57] <Eltia> ....-silently, her eyes scan around the people entering the room-

[1:42:08] <Eltia> -they focus on Angol-

[1:42:57] <Eltia> ...

[1:43:01] <Angol Mois> ?...

[1:43:08] <Eltia> ...

[1:43:20] <Phi> Eltia?....

[1:44:25] <Angol Mois> -he steps closer to Eltia. His eyes shift in her direction, but his head doesn't tilt, nor does any part of his body move to indicate it-

[1:44:38] <Eltia> -manages to speak in a very quiet voice- Look... what you've done...

[1:45:21] <Angol Mois> -in a very soft voice, directed mainly to Eltia- I've done much worse.

[1:46:08] <Eltia> Such a machine... will kill us...

[1:46:39] <Phi> Wh-what?!

[1:46:46] <Jupiter> Oh god, what did it do?

[1:47:17] <Schezo Wegey> -looks to Witch, now embarrassed he voted to go through with this.-

[1:47:44] <Angol Mois> How so?...

[1:47:53] <Eltia> -her eyes turn red, she jumps at Phi-

[1:48:21] <Phi> A-AAH! -he leaps back, half in surprise, half in terror-

[1:49:22] <Eltia> -sprouting fangs, she bites deep like a vampire and transforms into full size in the process, sucking all the energy out of the Light Clone-

[1:49:26] <Rider> !!; -also leaps back in the opposite direction, and then cowers behind the others standing farther away from Eltia-

[1:49:51] <Phi> Aaaaaaaaaaagh! N-NgH! H....he....help..!....

[1:50:10] <Angol Mois> -is taken aback, but hardly reacts to show this-

[1:50:21] <Jupiter> *jumps at Eltia and tries to bite her*

[1:50:37] <Eltia> -swipes her arm at Jupiter, knocking her away-

[1:50:50] <Jupiter> kfdsjklgjdsfgk

[1:51:21] <Gypsum> -stands closer to Angol, but not in fear. She takes this opportunity to flash Witch another dirty look before focusing on Eltia again-

[1:51:41] <Phi> Eltia.....why......agh....-his energy is nearly all depleted-

[1:51:43] <Eltia> -finishes draining Phi, leaving him unconscious, her eyes still red she portals away-

[1:52:40] <Schezo Wegey> What the hell was that....?!

[1:53:22] <Mitsuki> ...That... was probably our karma.

[1:53:36] <Angol Mois> How fascinating....

[1:53:47] <Jupiter> *slowly gets up* I...hate you. So much.

[1:54:52] <Gypsum> -rolls her eyes at Jupiter-

[1:55:05] <Jupiter> OOC: DON'T BACK SASS ME

[1:56:03] <Angol Mois> Shall we proceed into the base further?

[1:56:21] <Keiji> (...Has anyone actually addressed Gypsum as Gypsum yet? :P)

[1:56:47] <Chao> (Angol)

[1:57:01] <Keiji> (Other than him.)

[1:57:08] <Chao> (No.)

[1:58:13] <Mitsuki> ...What's with all the glares, Rana?

[1:58:44] <Gypsum> -mockingly- what's with all the questions, Wench?

[1:59:03] <Jupiter> *shakes it off and hops away*

[1:59:07] <Mitsuki> Oh, you're joining in, huh?

[1:59:12] <Angol Mois> -smacks Gypsum- Enough! We must carry on.

[2:00:15] <Mitsuki> -grins from seeing Gypsum get smacked-

[2:00:56] <Gypsum> -pouty face, silently follows Angol further into the base-

[2:01:28] <Schezo Wegey> -carries Phi up on his back-

[2:03:13] <Rider> -follows Angol and Gypsum...-

[2:03:29] <Mitsuki> -walking into the next room with the others, where Ringo is-

[2:03:40] <Keiji> ...wait

[2:03:45] <Keiji> Ringo's not my character derp

[2:03:47] <Keiji> *Draco

[2:04:22] <Jupiter> *humming Lady Mamiya's theme...*

[2:04:26] <Draco> [hearing the door open, she looks over to see Witch standing there.]

[2:04:58] <Draco> Oh, Witch! How did you get here? And... - as the others come in-... Who are all these people?

[2:05:17] <Schezo Wegey> Draco, you know me?

[2:05:18] <Jupiter> We thought with portals.

[2:05:27] <Draco> Of course I know you, Mr. Pervert.

[2:05:29] <Rider> S-Sister! -runs to hug Draco-

[2:05:54] <Draco> Aww, Rider! -hugs her close- Long time no see!

[2:06:20] <Angol Mois> Ah, another interesting person. With horns too. I am Angol Mois. This is my assistant, Gypsum.

[2:06:22] <Jupiter> That's so cute.

[2:06:53] <Draco> (Angol can be Steve's Blue now)

[2:07:07] <Draco> (Thanks)

[2:07:35] <Gypsum> We arrived here with my master's amazing technology.

[2:08:04] <Phi> ...-still unconscious and limp on Schezo's shoulder.-

[2:08:25] <Draco> Well, it's nice to meet you, Sir Mois. And you too, Miss Gypsum.

[2:08:44] <Draco> How would you like to participate in a beauty contest with me? <3

[2:09:12] <Gypsum> I'd love too~♪ -does a cute little curtsy-

[2:09:19] <Jupiter> They have beauty contests here...?

[2:09:26] <Draco> (Squeee~)

[2:09:40] <Mitsuki> Now, now, let's not get ahead of ourselves...

[2:09:55] <Angol Mois> Indeed.

[2:11:12] <Draco> In that case... how did you get here, again? Other than thinking with portals.

[2:11:26] <Draco> (...)

[2:11:29] <Draco> (retcon that)

[2:11:31] <Draco> (I can't read)

[2:11:48] <Draco> (Or maybe Seriri blue is too fucking light)

[2:12:00] <Draco> (lol)

[2:12:15] <Draco> So... you say you came here through a portal?

[2:12:30] <Jupiter> *points at Angol Mois* He did it.

[2:12:39] <Angol Mois> Generated by my technology.

[2:12:59] <Draco> Heyy.... What's with the eerie atmosphere between you guys..?

[2:13:32] <Jupiter> I'm eerie?

[2:13:46] <Draco> Not you specifically¬

[2:13:47] <Draco> !

[2:14:33] <Angol Mois> Eerie?...I have been called many things, but eerie has never been one of them.

[2:14:46] <Draco> ...As I said... not you specifically!

[2:14:49] <Draco> Just... between you.

[2:15:24] <Gypsum> Ask the Wench. Perhaps she'd be able to explain. <_<

[2:15:36] <Draco> The Wench?

[2:15:41] <Mitsuki> She means me...

[2:15:42] <Jupiter> Witch.

[2:15:49] <Mitsuki> -sighs-

[2:15:58] <Angol Mois> Pardon her manners. Lately she has been misbehaving.

[2:16:00] <Mitsuki> I don't really wanna talk about it...

[2:16:07] <Jupiter> OOC: *consults shipping wall again*

[2:16:48] <Keiji> dude we just need a character relationship graph like this one http://cw.nanako.cc/dl/9F45ME3SGSB844N01RRYGFAAJW.jpg

[2:17:36] <Akkie> Then let's make one.

[2:17:52] <Akkie> OHI EVERYONE WHAT AM I MISSING /sob

[2:17:55] <Keiji> LOL

[2:17:57] <Keiji> AKKIE

[2:17:58] <Chao> (I could make one with Wars mugshots)

[2:18:01] <Chao> OHI AKKIE


[2:18:12] <Chao> Other than Angols

[2:18:22] <Keiji> no fuck that

[2:18:28] <Keiji> angol's got nothing on akkie

[2:18:46] <Akkie> What's been happening in the RP?

[2:19:01] <Chao> ....A lot.

[2:19:11] <Keiji> Well, I'd totally say "I love you forever" to her, but then I'd have to say it was in a non-heterosexual way, which would be weird.

[2:19:13] <Keiji> :P

[2:19:24] <Chao> Indeed!

[2:19:49] <Keiji> Anyway

[2:19:51] <Akkie> Well, we all love each other...

[2:19:53] <Keiji> Akkie, you got here just in time

[2:20:00] <Keiji> So you can play Arle

[2:20:07] <Keiji> And I guess Angol will have to change color again

[2:20:08] <Arle Nadja> /claim!?

[2:20:25] <Keiji> And sure go claim Ringo as well

[2:20:27] <Angol Mois> OOC: Bitch please. my color is darker

[2:20:39] <Angol Mois> OOC:....oh fuck

[2:20:51] <Arle Nadja> OOC: LOL What?

[2:20:53] <Angol Mois> (Thar)

[2:20:55] <Harpy> /claim

[2:21:03] <Jupiter> OOC: Bitch please.

[2:21:21] <Keiji> Sure is not enough colors to go round

[2:21:24] <Keiji> Oh you know what

[2:21:27] <Keiji> Make him red again

[2:21:35] <Akkie> There should be a color maker.

[2:21:39] <Keiji> It'll have to do

[2:21:46] <Keiji> Anyway.

[2:21:49] <Akkie> But then, that'd be a lot of programming huh?

[2:21:54] <Keiji> actually

[2:21:56] <Akkie> Oh, yeah. Draco-colored.

[2:22:03] <Keiji> I could easily put a color picker in

[2:22:11] <Chao> :D

[2:22:19] <Keiji> but my reason for limiting the colors was not one of implementation

[2:22:32] <Keiji> too many colors confuses things

[2:22:42] <Keiji> heck, we shouldn't really have so many characters in the same place

[2:22:45] <Keiji> rooms would fix it

[2:22:46] <Keiji> anyway

[2:22:48] <Keiji> back to the RP

[2:22:50] <Akkie> And that's what the ARGB is for, right?

[2:23:11] <Keiji> Draco had just met up with Witch, Rider, Schezo, an unconscious Phi, and our new characters Jupiter, Angol and Gypsum

[2:23:17] <Keiji> They're in Ekoro's Base

[2:23:23] <Keiji> Eltia has disappeared

[2:23:37] <Chao> (Unclaim Phi, since he's basically not getting up anytime soon anyway)

[2:23:41] <Keiji> And let's just say Arle and Harpy showu p

[2:24:03] <Keiji> Let's continue?

[2:24:04] <Jupiter> More people...

[2:24:16] <Keiji> Yes, 10 characters if you count Phi

[2:24:17] <Arle Nadja> Hey!

[2:24:23] <Jupiter> Hi there!

[2:24:31] <Harpy> We finally caught up~

[2:25:07] <Arle Nadja> Speaking of which, who're all the other people?

[2:25:22] <Gypsum> So many people...

[2:25:28] <Keiji> Uhm, let's just have them introduce themselves in character, I guess?

[2:25:37] <Harpy> New faces, new faces~!

[2:26:03] <Harpy> -notices Phi- Ah! What happened to you my baby?

[2:26:03] <Jupiter> I'm Jupiter. :3

[2:26:13] <Angol Mois> I am Angol Mois. This is my assistant, Gypsum. She has been temperamental today.

[2:26:34] <Arle Nadja> Well, howdy-do, everyone. I'm Arle Nadja!

[2:26:38] <Draco> Hey, you don't need to rub it in~

[2:26:52] <Draco> (totally defending Gypsum cause she's cute~)

[2:26:54] <Rider> Eltia...she l-l-leaped out at Phi....and....

[2:27:06] <Keiji> Chao you forgot to claim Ringo

[2:27:16] <Keiji> cause she's here and is /gonna/ react to that lol

[2:27:21] <Arle Nadja> Eltia... leaped out at Phi...?

[2:27:33] <Akkie> Ringo, Draco and Angol Mois, oh my!

[2:27:35] <Ringo> -runs to meet them- Hey hey hey! What about Eltia?

[2:27:51] <Jupiter> *kinda gets freaked out and hides behind Arle*

[2:27:54] <Draco> Yeah... I didn't find out yet. What about her?

[2:28:14] <Keiji> (Jupiter's hiding behind someone she knows least?)

[2:28:34] <MagicalKecleon> I dunno, she found her to be friendly.

[2:28:40] <Keiji> (Fair enough)

[2:28:41] <Angol Mois> This doll you call Eltia...she leaped at the child at drained him of his energy. She teleported away.

[2:29:02] <Harpy> How terrible~!

[2:29:19] <Keiji> (Akkie, is your connection ok?)

[2:29:19] <Ringo> The factor....that can't be right?! I know Eltia better than that! What do YOU know about Eltia?

[2:29:23] <Arle Nadja> OOC: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I've had it with these goshdarned disconnections in this goshdarned chat!

[2:29:33] <Keiji> 1. Clear your cache

[2:29:43] <Keiji> 2. restart browser

[2:30:01] <Keiji> 3. try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox and I'm pretty sure IE9 too will work)

[2:30:04] <Akkie> LOL How do I clear cache again?

[2:30:07] <Keiji> uh

[2:30:22] <Keiji> in firefox, ctrl-shift-delete, untick everything except "Cache", and select time range = Everything

[2:30:23] <Jupiter> control shift delete

[2:30:31] <MagicalKecleon> nickfail

[2:30:45] <Akkie> I Google atomic number 24.

[2:30:47] <Keiji> in chrome... also ctrl-shift-delete, untick everything except "Empty the cache", and select from "the beginning of time"

[2:31:33] <Keiji> Now, back to the RP hopefully?

[2:31:43] <Akkie> Broswer restart in 3... 2... 1...

[2:32:21] <Arle Nadja> OOC: You can never be too sure. Now... BACK TO ADVENTURE!!

[2:33:30] <Rider> But Ringo....what he says is t-t-true....

[2:33:58] <Jupiter> I also tried to stop her, and she swatted me back. Like a fly.

[2:34:18] <Arle Nadja> ... that can't be... why'd Eltia do something like that all of a sudden...?

[2:34:43] <Ringo> That's variable I want to solve for...

[2:35:24] <Arle Nadja> ... variable?

[2:35:49] <Mitsuki> ....I'll tell you why, Ringo.

[2:35:59] <Ringo> Oh yeah?

[2:36:30] <Arle Nadja> So, why, Witch?

[2:36:34] <Mitsuki> This freakin frog over here, not to be confused with Nohoho and Dongurigaeru, tapped into her power!

[2:36:56] <Jupiter> *claps* :D

[2:37:08] <Keiji> (And that line is TOTALLY going in Witch's quotes!)

[2:37:35] <Keiji> (Not that she has any yet.)

[2:37:36] <Gypsum> Nobody asked your opinion, Wench. My Master isn't some "freakin frog"!

[2:37:44] <Arle Nadja> You mean... *looks at Angol Mois*

[2:37:44] <Mitsuki> You're the frog!

[2:37:55] <Mitsuki> After all, what's /Rana/ Spanish for?

[2:37:58] <Chao> (Well when her page gets rewritten, you can add some)

[2:38:06] <Keiji> (I'll add it now)

[2:38:46] <Angol Mois> How could she tap into Eltia's power if she didn't even operate the machine, much less build it or know of Eltia's existence?

[2:39:44] <Arle Nadja> And why would you do something like that?

[2:39:58] <Mitsuki> You know there's no such thing as a free lunch, rihgt?

[2:40:19] <Mitsuki> I found it a bit odd that you could summon a portal without a mage.

[2:40:30] <Angol Mois> ...

[2:40:46] <Jupiter> With what Marcus said, obviously it has ties to that machine. *crosses arms and swishes tail in thought*

[2:40:57] <Mitsuki> I also found it a bit odd that all the existing portals just vanished when Satan was satisfied.

[2:41:23] <Mitsuki> And Eltia is just about the embodiment of "odd", for that matter.

[2:41:45] <Arle Nadja> ... machine, you say...?

[2:41:55] <Mitsuki> I bet Satan was using her power for the portals.

[2:41:59] <Mitsuki> And so were you.

[2:42:10] <Draco> Gosh, what got into you?

[2:42:22] <Jupiter> We used a machine that creates portals to get here, Arle. And HE made it.

[2:42:31] <Ringo> -turns a cold stare in Angol and Gypsum's direction-

[2:42:33] <Draco> Don't be so harsh on them.

[2:42:42] <Draco> [to Witch]

[2:42:52] <Arle Nadja> So, you were the one that caused that portal glitch?

[2:43:04] <Jupiter> Portal glitch?

[2:43:23] <Angol Mois> Portal glitch? There was no glitch in my portal.

[2:43:45] <Arle Nadja> According to these guys, I was "with them in Satan's Palace" when I was transported here.

[2:44:02] <Akkie> Or Satan's boss stage.

[2:44:09] <Angol Mois> If anything, from Witch's theory, you have Eltia to blame for any portal glitches caused before the advent of my machine.

[2:44:25] <Mitsuki> ...

[2:44:28] <Mitsuki> :I

[2:44:37] <Ringo> ...maybe that's why Eltia was always dormant....

[2:44:41] <Keiji> BTW GUIZ

[2:44:41] <Keiji> http://i.imgur.com/EAQnh.png

[2:44:55] <Arle Nadja> That's hot.

[2:44:59] <Akkie> NICKFAIL.

[2:45:02] <Chao> :O

[2:45:19] <Jupiter> yaaaaaaas.

[2:45:26] <MagicalKecleon> nickfail.

[2:45:31] <MagicalKecleon> half on purpose.

[2:45:39] <Chao> (Is PPC coming back?!)

[2:45:43] <Keiji> Yes.


[2:46:04] <Chao> (Looks like I better make a Lagnus and Angol for it then)

[2:46:10] <Chao> (-shot-)

[2:46:36] <Keiji> Chrono drew that picture and will apparently be doing all the character art

[2:46:51] <Chao> I see :O

[2:47:03] <Akkie> Long time no here, Chrono...

[2:47:09] <Chao> Looks easier to immitate than Fever style

[2:47:26] <Keiji> ...And now, back to our regularly scheduled (lol hardly) RP

[2:47:57] <Ringo> -looks to Angol and Gypsum again- How could you even FATHOM doing something like this?!

[2:48:09] <Harpy> -floats around Phi nervously-

[2:48:34] <Ringo> Satan was bad...Ekoro was worse...and now you guys!

[2:49:07] <Jupiter> *mutters* Again with Ekoro...

[2:49:16] <Angol Mois> Control your contempt. We don't want any more accidents to happen.

[2:49:34] <Arle Nadja> What do you guys plan to do...?

[2:51:12] <Gypsum> What does who plan to do?

[2:51:16] <Gypsum> Be more specific.

[2:51:25] <Jupiter> You people!

[2:51:33] <Harpy> -shines The Light on Phi, hoping it'll do something...-

[2:51:49] <Arle Nadja> I'm talking to you guys, right? Who else?

[2:52:13] <Phi> ....-blinks his eyes open, but he still can't much talk-

[2:52:51] <Arle Nadja> ... *looks at Harpy instead* ... I hope Phi's really going to be OK...

[2:53:16] <Harpy> -continues to shine-

[2:53:31] <Angol Mois> Plan? My only plan at that point was to erect a portal to another world. To escape that abysmal Abyss. This dimension, apart from interesting people, doesn't seem much better.

[2:54:17] <Arle Nadja> Then what do you plan to do once you escape?

[2:54:23] <Phi> -manages to lift his head up- M-Ms Angel....?

[2:55:07] <Angol Mois> Start anew. Would you do anything but after migrating to a new home?

[2:55:09] <Harpy> Phi-kun!

[2:55:26] <Keiji> also

[2:55:29] <Keiji> "abysmal abyss"?

[2:55:33] <Phi> Ms. Angel....what happened to me? To Eltia...?

[2:55:44] <Keiji> Sure is Department of Redundancy Department in here

[2:55:54] <Akkie> Sorta.

[2:55:58] <Chao> Hey, Angol is Serious set business.

[2:56:03] <Keiji> LOL

[2:56:26] <Harpy> Oh, you're alright...

[2:56:32] <Harpy> I don't know...

[2:56:51] <Harpy> -looks at the bitemarks- That looks pretty bad though...

[2:56:52] <Phi> Is Sho okay?....

[2:57:00] <Harpy> I... don't know...

[2:57:06] <Angol Mois> -suddenly turns his attention to Phi-

[2:57:07] <Arle Nadja> These guys did something to Eltia, probably. -pointing at Angol + Gypsum-

[2:57:35] <Keiji> I wonder if we're ever gonna get back to Ekoro, at this rate.

[2:57:35] <Angol Mois> -in an extremely quiet voice- ...That name....

[2:57:46] <Keiji> It sounds like it's gonna either be Meteor Arc #2 or Puyo Wars Arc.

[2:57:58] <Akkie> Meteor Wars Arc.

[2:58:02] <Keiji> LOL

[2:58:07] <Ecolo> My my my! What a Party in here!

[2:58:18] <Chao> (Make that MetEkoro Wars arc :P)

[2:58:19] <Arle Nadja> Ekoro!?

[2:58:23] <Draco> Ekoro!

[2:58:24] <Jupiter> OH GOD! *hides behind Witch*

[2:58:32] <Mitsuki> Wuh..?

[2:58:36] <Gypsum> EW A FAT GUY!

[2:58:47] <Jupiter> Wait, THAT'S the famous Ekoro no one's shutting up about?!

[2:59:03] <Mitsuki> :I

[2:59:14] <Harpy> Mr. Blobby~!

[2:59:19] <Ecolo> So many guests! So many quests! But they all converge here for me~ How lovely!

[2:59:21] <Jupiter> ............... *goes over and pokes him*

[3:00:09] <Ecolo> Huh?...-turns to Jupiter- Why are you touching me? That's NO good!

[3:00:15] <Keiji> LOL

[3:00:29] <Jupiter> OOC: But I'm not touching you inappropriately!

[3:00:31] <Arle Nadja> OOC: If anyone touches you somewhere you're not comfortable, that's NO good!

[3:00:51] <Ringo> OOC: SURE IS SONIC SEZ IN HERE

[3:01:11] <Jupiter> OOC: *dies laughing*

[3:01:23] <Ecolo> -ahem- Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

[3:01:35] <Arle Nadja> Congratulations, Ekoro. You have a fan.

[3:01:46] <Mitsuki> ...Yuh...huh?

[3:01:54] <Jupiter> OOC: THE BIGGEST, CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

[3:01:58] <Mitsuki> But ... I thought you were our friend, Jupiter!

[3:02:13] <Keiji> (Also that line probably would have worked IC)

[3:02:23] <Ecolo> I want friends too! You all have too many! Mine!

[3:02:34] <Mitsuki> :I...

[3:02:38] <Jupiter> Huh? .w.

[3:02:39] <Mitsuki> Ekoro!

[3:02:53] <Ecolo> Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees?

[3:03:00] <Mitsuki> Don't go stealing our friends!

[3:03:24] <Arle Nadja> Hopefully, Jupi being your fan doesn't mess with her alignment...

[3:03:29] <Ecolo> But why not? It's to hard to make friends, both literally and figuratively!

[3:03:34] <Jupiter> *looks over everywhere* Kuchibiru nare nai beni sashite anata ga matsu nihonbashi e~? ♪

[3:04:17] <Keiji> The fuck lol

[3:04:19] <Arle Nadja> Ju-Jupiter, speak in the language everyone's using. Some people might not understand you.

[3:04:43] <Draco> /claim

[3:04:44] <Jupiter> That's Sumidagawa Karenka...

[3:04:58] <Mitsuki> /claim

[3:05:05] <Harpy> /claim

[3:05:55] <Angol Mois> ...-completely ignoring Ekoro, staring only at Phi-

[3:06:06] <Harpy> +

[3:06:13] <Harpy> -hovering around Phi, confused-

[3:06:45] <Ecolo> Oooh! Look's like some one is admiring Sho's perfect failure!

[3:06:50] <Jupiter> Where am I going, where am I going...~♪

[3:07:12] <Harpy> ?!

[3:07:13] <Arle Nadja> Don't call Phi a failure!

[3:07:19] <Harpy> -looks at Ekoro...-

[3:07:35] <Keiji> brb

[3:07:40] <Angol Mois> -turns to Ekoro as well- How do you know that name? -cold, impersonal stare at Ekoro-

[3:07:42] <Akkie> Wait, what's Phi's tolerance to light again?

[3:07:45] <Jupiter> *waves sleeve* Failure over...here. Please.

[3:08:31] <Arle Nadja> Ekoro took Sho with him and forced him to invent a lot of stuff.

[3:09:10] <Akkie> BRB.

[3:09:16] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE! You've heard me right! Phi is a failure at giving me the light! He was mostly created by Sho, who I decided to keep out of my tow. He made my clones susceptible, you see? They were neutralized to no longer obey me!

[3:09:24] <Keiji> back

[3:10:07] <Angol Mois> ....So he is no longer here.

[3:10:45] <Draco> Wasn't he back at the lab?

[3:10:53] <Keiji> (I'm assuming Draco was there for that)

[3:11:17] <Ringo> Yeah...he went back to the left overs of our HQ.

[3:11:43] <Arle Nadja> If that was on purpose, then they should never have been failures in the first place.

[3:11:56] <Akkie> Let me rephrase that.

[3:12:09] <Akkie> If that was on purpose, then they were never failures in the first place.

[3:12:17] <Akkie> *cough*

[3:12:26] <Arle Nadja> If that was on purpose, then they were never failures in the first place.

[3:13:17] <Harpy> Oh, such words of wisdom~

[3:13:19] <Ecolo> Did you forget Arley? They weren't mean't to disobey me!

[3:13:41] <Arle Nadja> Unless...

[3:13:42] <Mitsuki> Why would anyone want to obey /you/, Ekoro?

[3:13:42] <Jupiter> *sits*

[3:13:54] <Jupiter> ... *sits even more*

[3:14:07] <Arle Nadja> You'll get it too, Jupiter.

[3:14:19] <Jupiter> My brain stopped working.

[3:14:27] <Ecolo> Because~☆

[3:14:36] <Jupiter> Because why? owo

[3:15:27] <Ecolo> Because because because~♪ Because of the wonderful things I do~

[3:15:40] <Jupiter> What's the wonderful things you do?

[3:16:22] <Ecolo> Ask, them, they blew them up :C

[3:16:24] <Draco> Well, this is all just retarded.

[3:16:33] <Arle Nadja> Wonderful....? YMMV, so very much.

[3:16:41] <Jupiter> *anime fall*

[3:16:47] <Angol Mois> ...Where are these underground headquarters?

[3:16:50] <Jupiter> *WHILE SITTING DOWN*

[3:17:13] <Akkie> Wait, is this stil Eko-Base?

[3:17:14] <Draco> ...Wait, you're not supposed to know about them!

[3:17:17] <Keiji> Yup

[3:17:34] <Angol Mois> Then why did you speak of them in front of me? Such curious people you are!

[3:18:29] <Keiji> ...Uh... crap.

[3:18:34] <Draco> nickfail

[3:18:53] <Draco> actually

[3:18:57] <Keiji> actually

[3:18:58] <Keiji> you know

[3:19:02] <Arle Nadja> (... I have a running feeling that telling you where would not be a grand idea...)

[3:19:03] <Keiji> just retcon tha

[3:19:04] <Keiji> t

[3:19:15] <Chao> retcon what?

[3:19:17] <Keiji> Draco's pretty much allied with Angol

[3:19:22] <Chao> Oh I see.

[3:19:23] <Keiji> From " ...Wait, you're not supposed to know about them!"

[3:19:44] <MagicalKecleon> everyone is allied with someone else

[3:19:53] <Draco> Back in Primp, I guess.

[3:20:09] <Akkie> ... so Angol are allies? /lost the flow, too

[3:20:46] <Angol Mois> I see. Very well then. -to himself- Perhaps a portal to Primp should be arranged soon....

[3:21:18] <Jupiter> (Should I be concerned?)

[3:21:22] <Mitsuki> [heard that] Just don't make the same mistake twice.

[3:21:25] <Mitsuki> err

[3:21:28] <Draco> NICKFAIL

[3:22:09] <Akkie> Everyone's pretty tired, apparently.

[3:22:26] <Ecolo> Primp you say? How I'd love to escape back into that world and cause chaos with you all! It would be SO much fun!

[3:22:42] <Jupiter> *smacks Ekoro* No. Bad blob.

[3:22:45] <Arle Nadja> NO FREAKING WAY, YOU FREAK!

[3:23:06] <Ecolo> You hitted me! I thought you liked me ;m;

[3:23:38] <Jupiter> I dunno whose side I'm on anymore! *sits in the corner* FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!

[3:24:11] <Ecolo> I've no one on my side any more :C We can be sideless friends?

[3:24:21] <Draco> Hey, hey"

[3:24:22] <Draco> !

[3:24:36] <Draco> Don't we all want to go back to Primp..?

[3:24:38] <Jupiter> But Witch said and then you said and then Arle said and then Bill Cosby said and then--

[3:24:56] <Akkie> LOL Bill Cosby

[3:25:03] <Draco> Instead of this dull place?

[3:25:11] <Gypsum> -whisper to Angol- I like this Draco. She's so much nicer to me than that bitchy witchy :3

[3:25:36] <Akkie> THE MEMORIES. /back to adventure

[3:25:46] <Angol Mois> Why, I believe we do! Do we not?

[3:26:04] <Jupiter> I dunno where I'm going, my brain asplode.

[3:26:06] <Arle Nadja> -gets ready to restrain Witch-

[3:26:14] <Mitsuki> ...Arle?!

[3:26:19] <Mitsuki> Hey, what'd I do?

[3:26:31] <Angol Mois> -holds out a small device, it looks like a remote control- Then why don't we do that?

[3:26:40] <Mitsuki> No, don't use the portal--!

[3:26:51] <Arle Nadja> What? I'm just getting ready.


[3:27:02] <Mitsuki> But you shouldn't need to restrain me!

[3:27:15] <Mitsuki> Whatchu think I'm gonna do?

[3:27:35] <Arle Nadja> ... let's just leave the matter unsaid, and focus on that button!

[3:27:45] <Mitsuki> No!

[3:27:49] <Gypsum> Well, you seem so desperate to stop us from using our machine.

[3:27:57] <Jupiter> Like this? *yoinks it with her tail*

[3:28:14] <Angol Mois> -nonchalantly pushes the button opening another portal-

[3:28:15] <Eltia> -flies out of nowhere and grabs the remote-

[3:28:23] <Keiji> ...

[3:28:28] <Arle Nadja> E-ELTIA!

[3:28:29] <Keiji> can we please just say Angol was too late

[3:28:37] <Chao> Sure

[3:28:39] <Keiji> yay

[3:28:53] <Ringo> Eltia!

[3:28:54] <Keiji> I was leaving Eltia's appearance as late as I could, but I was just 1 second too late lol

[3:29:13] <Eltia> -fries and crushes the remote-

[3:29:36] <Angol Mois> ....how irritating.

[3:30:01] <Gypsum> Uh! No!

[3:30:03] <Jupiter> Way to break it, hero.

[3:30:20] <Eltia> [She's in full size form, her eyes are still red, but she grabs Ringo and sobs]

[3:30:35] <Ringo> E-Eltia!

[3:30:50] <Arle Nadja> Eltia...

[3:30:59] <Ecolo> ;n; And I thought I was going to escape too!

[3:30:59] <Jupiter> *stays in the corner just in case* At least she isn't draining everyone...

[3:31:20] <Ecolo> But you horrible people!

[3:31:48] <Jupiter> How about I tell you to grab my sleeve and we escape on a rainbow?

[3:32:06] <Arle Nadja> You can really do that?

[3:32:06] <Eltia> -talking over Ringo's shoulder- You... You lot want a portal so bad?!

[3:32:26] <Jupiter> No, I just wanna see what he says.

[3:32:34] <Phi> ....Eltia....

[3:32:42] <Eltia> -holds out her hand at a wall and a portal appears where she pointed-

[3:32:47] <Eltia> There... There!

[3:32:49] <Arle Nadja> Thought so...

[3:33:05] <Ecolo> -flies through it, holding onto Jupiter- ADVENTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE

[3:33:10] <Arle Nadja> Eltia... is there something wrong?

[3:33:15] <Eltia> You can all go back to Primp!!


[3:33:41] <Eltia> I don't care if Ekoro destroys it!

[3:33:50] <Ringo> Eltia!!

[3:34:00] <Eltia> Just... just leave our family out of this!

[3:34:09] <Angol Mois> -silently follows Ekoro into the portal with Gypsum-

[3:34:25] <Phi> ....Marcus is your family?

[3:34:56] <Schezo Wegey> -looks at Witch-

[3:35:40] <Eltia> Yes he's my family!

[3:35:52] <Eltia> Now go away!

[3:36:05] <Ringo> That's why you were reluctant to attack him....I'm...I'm sorry Eltia.

[3:36:17] <Arle Nadja> ...

[3:36:39] <Rider> -silently walks into the portal-

[3:36:56] <Draco> -goes through the portal with Angol and Gypsum-

[3:37:31] <Jupiter> *faceplants again* *muffled* ADVENTURE!

[3:37:48] <Schezo Wegey> -enters the portal-

[3:37:51] <Eltia> [She's still holding on to Ringo, it's pretty obvious she wants Ringo to stay.]

[3:38:17] <Ringo> ....Eltia....;;

[3:38:34] <Arle Nadja> Eltia...

[3:38:39] <Phi> -looks at the pair-

[3:38:46] <Jupiter> OOC: *considers consulting the shipping wall again*

[3:38:48] <Mitsuki> ...We out to go...

[3:38:54] <Mitsuki> *ought

[3:39:06] <Mitsuki> [aimed at Arle and Phi]

[3:39:33] <Phi> I'm sorry, Eltia. -he walks into the portal, still looking back at the two-

[3:40:07] <Arle Nadja> ... Eltia... is there still some business you want to attend to...?

[3:40:38] <Harpy> Let's not bother them, Arle~

[3:41:46] <Arle Nadja> ... I hope things go well for her... -walks to the portal-

[3:42:08] <Harpy> -follows Arle and Phi through the portal-

[3:42:13] <Mitsuki> -also follows-

[3:42:31] <Mitsuki> [And nobody is left in the area apart from Eltia and Ringo. And Steve.]


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