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Sonic the Hedgehog is a debatably cool blue anthropomorphic hedgehog. Though he came from Mobius, he has travelled to several other planets to save them from the nefarious Dr. Eggman and his army of retarded robots. He often also ends up saving the world from other villains as well, such as Metal Sonic, Mephiles, Dark Gaia, Eggman Nega, Erazor Djinn and King Arthur/Merlina. His favorite food is the chilidog, and he can quite often be found eating them. His range of abilities never seems to stop growing, and includes the popular Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Homing Attack and many others. He has a multitude of various friends that help him defeat the villains.


Sonic is generally carefree and fun loving most of the time, but sometimes he's quite stubborn. Sonic however, does not favor injustice, and usually can't help but try to save the world. He's generally pretty friendly in his own Sonic-y way though, but usually assumes the worst if someone acts unfriendly toward him. His feet are faster than his head though. He is usually slow to respond to something, and usually can't understand what his friend Tails says to him most of the time. Sonic has hydrophobia, and cannot swim. However, he can hold his breath for an amazing 30 whole seconds before he drowns. His sense of humor is particularly corny, although sometimes you can't help but find his puke-inducing gut busters to be absolutely hysterical. Sonic also seems to be pretty tough to wear on, both mentally and physically. His hope never seems to dwindle, and he always says "There has to be a way!" Sonic however, has other flaws besides his hydrophobia. He is extremely shy and embarrassed about his relationship with Amy Rose, so he constantly denies it, to avoid immature jokes made by Tails and Knuckles.

Alternate forms

Sonic has a variety of alternate forms, often induced by shiny sets of gems with power levels over 9000. Sometimes his transformations are induced by the means of him harnessing his Light or his Darkness, or by the means of a simple ray gun. All of these transformations seem to be invoked by a desperate last attempt to snatch defeat from the villain in a not-so-epic battle. On rare occasions, Sonic has been able to maintain these uber transformations outside of the retarded final battle/zone.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic

The most commonly abused alternate form, Super Sonic is simply induced by using the positive energy 7 Chaos Emeralds. He can maintain the transformation as long as he has one ring for every second he spends in least in the games, he does. This form can be similar to Goku's Super Saiyan form, in that it shoots his power level waay over nine thousand. In addition to the increase in physical power, Sonic also can now run even faster, fly, and is even invincible! An extension of this form, called Hyper Sonic can also be invoked, when an additional 7 Super Emeralds are added to the mix of jewels. In this version he becomes still yet faster and more powerful, as well as flashes completely rainbow, as opposed to Super Sonic's yellow flash. Sonic usually uses this form to attack large beasties at the end of a game.

Excalibur Sonic

When Caliburn reveals himself to be Excalibur, Sonic gains golden Armour and transforms into a great knight. In this form, Sonic does not need rings to maintain the transformation, but nor is he invincible. He takes on the Dark Queen in this form in order to save Camelot from becoming eternal (wtf, o_O). His armour is probably to protect him somewhat from the Dark Queen's deadly attacks and dark magic. Most of the power increase this time comes from Caliburn. Sonic's soul gauge also increases more quickly when under this form. Sonic has so far, only used this transformation once.

Dark Super Sonic/Darkspine Sonic

Darkspine Sonic

Dark Super Sonic and/or Darkspine Sonic are two versions of Sonic harnessing his inner darkness to become more powerful. Sometimes, Sonic also goes insane in these forms, becoming filled with vengeance and hatred, or becoming vulgar and threatening. It is almost like Super Sonic, except he also gains control over various dark magic spells usually as well. In addition, in the games, Sonic does not need rings to maintain this transformation. Sonic transforms into these forms by harnessing the negative energies of a set of precious objects, or just out of the emotions themselves.

Werehog Sonic

Sonic the Werehog

Werehog Sonic is on alternate form that Sonic transforms into under simple, but special circumstances. He must be exposed to the moon light, and he must have enough darkness within him to maintain it (around 40%-60%, which is normal levels in Sonic's case). On Halloween, Sonic must stay in the transformation for the full 24 hours. In this form, Sonic loses his speed, but he gains extremely wonderful mobility and combat skills. His arms become large and stretchy, as wells as his hands becoming gloves. He also gains more fur, fangs and larger snout. However, his personality remains relatively intact. This is blamed on the light within him. Sonic is NOT invincible in this form, and still cannot swim.

Relationships with other characters

Being the main character of the Sonic series, Sonic shares quite a few different relationships with different characters. All of them are more diverse than the others.


Tails is Sonic's closest friend. So close infact, that Sonic treats him like a kid brother, even going so far as to actually call him 'brother'. The two are often thought of as inseparable, and are often never seen without one or the other. Sonic however, has had to let Tails have a little wiggle room to develop his own personality. Sonic will do anything for Tails... well... almost anything.


Sonic sees Kunckles as a friend more than anything else, and as far as he's concerned, besides their obvious differences in strength, what rivalry existed between them has ceased. Sonic and Knuckles often tease each other, and they also seem to hangout alot. Knuckles also bought Sonic a wedding and ring to give to Amy, showing the his first support for Sonic's interests.


As noted above, Sonic is actually in love with Amy. However, he was too bashful to admit it in front of nearly anybody, for fear of the teasing that would come afterwords. He also fears that a non-seclusive relationship would make Sonic a more vulnerable target for Eggman, since he could simply use Amy to make Sonic do as he wishes. Nevertheless, Sonic and Amy secretly married with finances provided by Knuckles (although Sonic genuinely likes Amy, he simply didn't want the money to be wasted).


Sonic really doesn't pay attention to much to Cream the Rabbit or her extended family's shenanigans. Occasionally though, Sonic will feel bad about not doing anything for Cream, but usually he compares what he must do for her what she has done for him, which probably exceeds what he can do for her, and thus, he cannot bring himself to do anything for the poor rabbit.

Blaze the Cat

Sonic has worked with Blaze to save her kingdom of Sytria in Another World numerous times. Blaze has flirted with Sonic several times, but this usually gets Sonic in trouble with Amy, so he tries to not to react to it. But then again, Blaze is attractive, and it is normal for anyone this age to do so...


Sonic and Chip are actually pretty good pals, and seem to share the second closest relationship together, being second only to Tails. They are often seen eating together, such as before the epic battle with Nalakh, an ancient Babylonian god. Sonic is extremely fond of Chip, although this scares the latter sometimes.

Dr. Eggman

Sonic is not on particularly good terms with Eggy, seeing as how he is Sonic's nemesis, in a sense. Sonic loathes Eggman, although Sonic will actually work with the doctor for some greater purpose, such as saving the world in Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic generally doesn't like Eggman being around during his personal free time, especially when he is trying to fake disliking Amy.





The Cream Spree

Storybook series

I have no clue where these belong.

Sonic games never really created


Sonic is arguably the most popular character in his series. As such Sonic has had shitloads of stuff made after his likeness, including but not limited to the following:

As you can see, Sonic has more stuff than anybody, but surprisingly, he still has less merchandise accumulated than Mario.


  • Tails, we're being caged up like animals!
  • Where'd the hell did you get these?
  • Oh yes we are! — Sonic Heroes
  • I found you, faker! — Sonic Adventure 2
  • I'm wai~ting... — Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Juice and Jam time! — SatAM
  • Ready to roll, champ? Let's go! — SA/Talking Resaurus action figure