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Gypsum, or Rana as she is called by some, is a character in Compile Worlds. She is a quiet Abysian girl that appeared in Episode 26. While she originally served as a member of Team Angol 4/4Angol MoisDaichiDracoFeli during the Amalgamation, she was taken in by Satan's team after his defeat. In the Gathering, she was revealed to have been a vessel for Fake Arle's Neo Angol Project, and was successfully infused, granting her a new form known as the Angolian Dragon.

Character concept

Gypsum was created by Chao some time before Episode 26, after realizing he had no original characters in the RP apart from Ekoro's clones. He decided he wanted a character from the Abyss to introduce, and later connected her to a plot twist to reveal later in that very episode. Her jagged hair design and simple clothing is inspired by the blocky graphics of Minecraft, on which the world of the Abyss was based. Her hair also takes inspiration from some other characters in other games. Her second name was given to her by Keiji, while playing as Steve.

Gypsum's Neo Angolian form, the Angolian Dragon, was based on a Dragon due to her origins in the Abyss, a world that was once populated by mainly draconian people. Her being a Neo Angol vessel at all was inspired when Keiji mentioned wanting to have a (female) character undergo a transformation into an epic monster.


Very little is known about Gypsum's backstory at the moment. The only thing that is certain is that she has lived in the Abyss all her life that she can remember. At some point she met Angol Mois, who hired her as an assistant, acting as his secretary and mining minerals to make Angolium for him. In exchange for this she had supposedly been rescued from an otherwise pitiful standard of living.

As a character, Gypsum is a very business-like person. She does not like to be slowed down or hindered when there is work to do. She is somewhat anti-social, mostly impersonal to emotional matters and never seems to talk about herself. Generally, Gypsum remains calm, but sometimes she can become angry. Her temper has had to be controlled by Angol several times because she would lash out at Mitsuki continuously. Gypsum had a grudge against Mitsuki, but she is shown profusely apologizing to others later after her betrayal of Angol. She once respected Angol for taking her in and spoiling her with a rather nice house within the Abyss. Her loyalty to Angol has finally dissolved, thanks to the encouragement of other characters. She now shows a fearful, pessimistic side as she tries to rebel against Angol. Incidentally, she still feels awkward around Daichi and Beta despite no longer being their enemies.

Gypsum, in her normal form, is capable of very little defensive maneuvers. However, her talents apparently include being able to extract minerals and ores from the Abyss' land, and also filing paperwork and other legal matters. Implicitly, she also seems to be quite an accountant, as she worries about Angol's finances when they are about to leave the Abyss. After being revealed she was one of Fake Arle's vessels, Gypsum was infused with synthetic biology, obtaining a Neo Angol form known as the Abysian Dragon Form. In this form, Gypsum is capable of pretty much devastating anyone's health if they don't have a shield up to protect themselves. In Dragon form, her element is Earth and she has a weakness to Ice.

While normally very powerless and pretty harmless without the Neo Angolian infusions, she was given command of an Angolian Air Fleet Battleship in Compile Worlds 2, where she was seen attacking the Suzuri Shrine with its large missile cannons. However, it was destroyed by Unda and Mikki before she could use the vehicle's full arsenal to do any serious damage.


Gypsum is named after the mineral of the same name, which is the second softest material on Moh's scale of hardness. Being named after a mineral substance is a reference to Minecraft, though Keiji sees it as a reference to Dwarf Fortress instead.

Her second name, Rana, is a more direct reference to Minecraft, being named after one of four characters that got the chopping block after Notch kicked her modeller off the team. Steve calls her this before her actual name is revealed. As for exactly why Steve calls her that, when they've never met before and she looks nothing like the Minecraft character, well, who knows. However, he's managed to get quite a bit of the cast calling her Rana for laughs, which has become her biggest pet peeve and irritates her greatly.


[12:44:53] <Gypsum> -proceeds to throw her clipboard at Arle-
[12:45:04] <Arle Nadja> -picks up the clipboard and reads it-
[12:45:13] <Gypsum> !! -she immediately runs to Arle and BITCHSLAPS! her-
[12:45:55] <Arle Nadja> "Research on Ekoro's team... Harpy's team... Marin's team..."
[12:46:11] <Gypsum> How dare you read that!
[12:46:16] <Arle Nadja> -is unfazed by the slap- Don't slap me, I'm reading.


  • In Episode 26, Witch calls Gypsum a frog, because Rana means frog in Spanish.
    • Humorously, Angol also shares his name with frog-related media.
  • Gypsum is one of two characters other than Seriri to use Seriri's text color, thus making her text illegible on the Normal color scheme.
  • Though Gypsum is an Abysian, there are no physical features that would otherwise distinct her from a normal human being, unlike Satan, Rider and Draco.
    • Then again, Eltia and Marcus don't (normally) have any distinguishing non-human physical features either.
  • Gypsum is the first original character to have a character item in the RP.
    • Subsequently, she is also the first character to lose her item, having her clipboard get incinerated by Arle in SHAME.