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Amitie is an innocent young girl who stole Arle's role as the heroine of the Puyo series; that is, until Andou Ringo decided to show up on July 30, 2009. As well as being the main protagonist of the Fever 3/3Puyo Puyo FeverPuyo Puyo Fever 2Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary series, she's a recurring character in Compile Worlds. She is a student of Primp Magic School who's hitting the books hard to become a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER! Though introduced as a somewhat minor character in Episode 2 of Compile Worlds, a new purpose was breathed into her in the SHAME arc, where she was presented with a mysterious orb that holds the key to unlocking her power.

In Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, Amitie has an alternate form, Red Amitie. In this form, Amitie's hat takes an on an even more bizarre form, and she is dressed in a strange robe and wields a staff akin to the Sun Bookmark from Fever 2, as well as resembling Arle's staff from Compile's later games 3/3Puyo WarsMadou Monogatari: The Final TestRestaurant King. Perhaps this is what Amitie might be like when she finally becomes a wonderful magic user...?


Not much is known about Amitie's past. There are outdated Puyo Puyo Fever biographies that suggest she is the reincarnation of a goddess, but this has never been shown to be true (nor false), and was subsequently retconned and forgotten about, like the rest of the early Fever promo. Not long after she enrolled in Primp Magic School did her teacher, Ms. Accord, lose her Flying Cane, so Amitie was sent to retrieve it; in reality a test by Accord and Popoi. Later she unwittingly sealed the book demon back into it's book. Aside from these shenanigans, however, Amitie spent most of her time learning how to play Puyo and cast magic at school. She briefly joined the ADMA, but when it was disbanded by the Satanic meteor strike, Amitie went back to school...until now.

Amitie is a very optimistic and bubbly person. She is also determined; when she sets her mind to something, she will find a way to accomplish it. Her well-meaning nature, however, is usually succumbing to her klutzy and slightly uneducated ways. Typical of most people with her hair color, Amitie is a bit on the slow side mentally, and has a hard time understanding simple jokes, complex situations, or large words. Despite her short comings, she does her best to work hard and is modest and humble. She is also very friendly, provided you don't get on her intolerant side, much like Arle Nadja and Ringo Andou, her peers and counterparts. Her ultimate goal is to one day become a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER. According to Sig, Amitie is very forgetful and bad at spelling things. She has a habit of saying things such as "Get real!" "Fiddlesticks" and "Wicked!".

Amitie, like Arle, is an all around mage, adept at spells of many elements, notably light, and it's implied by Schezo Wegey that her power comes from her Red Puyo Cap. She proved herself to be a one in SHAME, conquering the tournament and standing up to Omega with her awesome Red Amitie power. In that respect, she has achieved her dream of becoming a WONDERFUL MAGIC USER. However, outside of the transformation, she is also not as powerful as her peers Sig and Klug normally. Perhaps due more to her dimwitted nature, Amitie has been kidnapped a few times throughout the story.


Amitie's name comes from an alternate spelling or corruption of "Amity", which means friendship, relating to her rather bubbly and cheerful personality.


  • Rider's hands morphed into jets and she went WOOOOSH!Episode 2
  • Yup. It actually feels kinda good if you let it sit on your face. I wonder if we discovered a new facial technique?Episode 15, talking about the fire extinguisher
  • I...can hear the voices of my friends...they're telling me not to give up.Episode 43
  • Mongol Mwah? Oh yeah, wasn't he a bad guy a long time ago?Episode 63
  • I'm Amitie. I'm a wonderful magic user from Primp Magic School, and we're gonna place you under arrest for taking over Lastation! You better believe we're serious!Episode 64
  • I'm JUST THAT WONDERFUL! — Episode 64
  • Amitie voraciously adds another quoteKeiji

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