Episode 8 - Chat log

Start date: Sun May 31, 2009. All times are UTC.

[12:30:00] <Rider> So...While Draco and Witch are away trying to find us a new base, what will we do?

[12:30:15] <Seriri> I dunno.

[12:30:30] <Mikki> Count on me to rebuild the base?

[12:30:45] <Sig> ...

[12:31:00] <Carbuncle> 3 *joined #rp 775e0943@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com (Widget)*

[12:31:15] <Sig> Maybe we should try to find something big enough for all of us.

[12:31:30] <Arle Nadja> Well, Mikki. You don't look like a carpenter that can build a huge base.

[12:31:45] <Carbuncle> Guh.

[12:32:00] <Edamame> 4 *quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client) 775e0943@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com*

[12:32:15] <Mikki> Yeah, right!

[12:32:30] <Amitie> Yeah...and what would we build it from anyway?

[12:32:45] <Seriri> Well, I can garuentee you won't be using my scales as Roof Shingles.

[12:33:00] <Mikki> Summoning?

[12:33:15] <Rider> ...Of course -_-;

[12:33:30] <Arle Nadja> Wait! Don't tell me you know a spell that can rebuild stuff!

[12:33:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:34:00] <Sig> Rider....

[12:34:15] <Mikki> Of course I do!

[12:34:30] <Sig> *hugs Rider*

[12:34:45] <Rider> Aw...

[12:35:00] <Akkie> Chao? Can you OP me?

[12:35:15] <Seriri> Someone's a little happy today =P

[12:35:30] <Chao> *has given op to ClefairyIsAwesome*

[12:35:45] <Akkie> Thanks.

[12:36:00] <Sig> Huh?

[12:36:15] <Mikki> Anyway, can I do that spell now?

[12:36:30] <Arle Nadja> I dunno. Let's see what the others say.

[12:36:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:37:00] <Sig> That hut was small

[12:37:15] <Seriri> Sig's right. We need a large base more suitable for our needs.

[12:37:30] <Arle Nadja> But tell me that it's going to be bigger on the inside too.

[12:37:45] <Mikki> Of course!

[12:38:00] <Seriri> Preferably, one with an indoor waterway

[12:38:15] <Mikki> Even though I have no idea what it is...

[12:38:30] <Rider> ...Who is that over there?

[12:38:45] <Mikki> Huh?

[12:39:00] <Ecolo> 6 s-''+'Mystery'

[12:39:00] <Ecolo> 3

[12:39:15] <Ecolo> ...

[12:39:30] <Ecolo> I welcome you only to leave you behind.

[12:39:45] <Mikki> *kept her eyes peeled on mystery.*

[12:40:00] <Seriri> Hm?

[12:40:15] <Ecolo> You stare at me with such curiousity.

[12:40:30] <Arle Nadja> What do you mean welcome us only to leave us behind!?

[12:40:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:41:00] <Ecolo> I am here now to say "Hello", but I shall soon leave, and say "goodbye".

[12:41:15] <Sig> You Look suspicious!

[12:41:30] <Arle Nadja> But hey! At least tell us who you are!

[12:41:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:42:00] <Ecolo> Suspicion is based on one's own crimes.

[12:42:15] <Mikki> Despite the fact that I didn't understand that...

[12:42:30] <Ecolo> Who am I to be asking who are you, of course. You may call me...

[12:42:45] <Ecolo> 6 s-'Mystery'+''

[12:43:00] <Mikki> *continues staring at mystery.*

[12:43:15] <Ecolo> Ekoro.

[12:43:30] <Akkie> OH GAWD

[12:43:45] <Ecolo> To lose is to find, and to find is to steal....

[12:44:00] <Mikki> Umm... what?

[12:44:15] <Ecolo> ...sometimes what you see isn't real...

[12:44:30] <Ecolo> ...I wish I could stay and rhyme.

[12:44:45] <Ecolo> But I havent got the time.

[12:45:00] <Ecolo> So now I say goodbye...

[12:45:15] <Arle Nadja> (It's already a rhyme.)

[12:45:30] <Ecolo> Tell your friend Draco I said hi....

[12:45:45] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE!

[12:46:00] <Ecolo> *disappears...*

[12:46:15] <Ecolo> 4 *quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client) 1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com*

[12:46:30] <Arle Nadja> Just, who is that guy?

[12:46:45] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[12:47:00] <Seriri> To lose is to find.....to find is to...steal?

[12:47:15] <Mikki> Anyway, I need more Puyo.

[12:47:30] <Rider> Some of that didn't make /any/ sense.

[12:47:45] <Sig> Sometimes what you see /isn't/ real?

[12:48:00] <Sig> But....

[12:48:15] <Seriri> More importantly, how did he know Draco was acquainted with us?

[12:48:30] <Seriri> ...

[12:48:45] <Amitie> Huh?

[12:49:00] <Amitie> Just what did he mean by all of that, anyway?

[12:49:15] <Arle Nadja> Who knows...

[12:49:30] <Carbuncle> Guh.

[12:49:45] <Rider> I'm scared...

[12:50:00] <Mikki> Still too bad that I didn't get to Puyo with him, though.

[12:50:15] <Sig> Don't be scared, Rider.

[12:50:30] <Sig> I'm right here

[12:50:45] <Seriri> (Yup, he's horny)

[12:51:00] <Mikki> (Lulright Horny?

[12:51:15] <Rider> So uh-Mikki, What about that spell?

[12:51:30] <Mikki> Can I use it now?

[12:51:45] <Seriri> What are you waiting for? Just cast the fucking spell already so we can eat some curry and actually discuss this over the table!

[12:52:00] <Mikki> Rebuild! Draco la cabane! Navigable intérieure extra!

[12:52:15] <Mikki> *uses a spell that completely rebuilds Draco's hut with an indoor waterway extra for Seriri.*

[12:52:30] <Amitie> Oh my god! You're amazing, Mikki!

[12:52:45] <Mikki> Thanks!

[12:53:00] <Seriri> You're amazing, Amitie... :3

[12:53:15] <Arle Nadja> Umm... Mikki? Are you sure that it's still huge on the inside?

[12:53:30] <Mikki> Thank, Seriri! And yes, Arle.

[12:53:45] <Amitie> Huh?

[12:54:00] <Amitie> Oh well, uh...gee thanks, Seriri

[12:54:15] <Mikki> Except for the fact that there's an indoor waterway for Seriri.

[12:54:30] <Satan> 3 *joined #rp 1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com (Widget)*

[12:54:45] <Mikki> If you want, I can remove it and replace it with a big aquarium /with a door/.

[12:55:00] <Satan> BWAH HA HA HA HAA!

[12:55:15] <Satan> Somehow, I KNEW I would find you here, Arle.

[12:55:30] <Arle Nadja> What are YOU doing here, Satan!?

[12:55:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:56:00] <Mikki> Hey! Who's the green-haired guy?

[12:56:15] <Satan> Oh, Arle...so naive...

[12:56:30] <Sig> It's Stan!

[12:56:45] <Sig> Hi Uncle Stan!

[12:57:00] <Mikki> Santa?

[12:57:15] <Satan> BAH!

[12:57:30] <Satan> I am /NOT/ Stan!

[12:57:45] <Satan> I am SATAN!

[12:58:00] <Arle Nadja> Enough with the joke, Mikki.

[12:58:15] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[12:58:30] <Mikki> Masukudo?

[12:58:45] <Satan> And Arle, will be my wife under the starry sky.

[12:59:00] <Arle Nadja> No way! I'm too young for you!

[12:59:15] <Satan> And of course, Carbuncle can come with us =3

[12:59:30] <Arle Nadja> Lul no.

[12:59:45] <Carbuncle> Guh.

[13:00:00] <Seriri> Satan, give up.

[13:00:15] <Seriri> Even Draco has a better chance of scoring with Arle than you.

[13:00:30] <Mikki> Excuse me, Mister Santa but... what makes you love Arle that much?

[13:00:45] <Satan> No! I will Never give up! Never surrender!

[13:01:00] <Mikki> Santa? Can you please tell me?

[13:01:15] <Satan> But can't you see it, Mikki? She is beautiful, a deity; perfection!

[13:01:30] <Mikki> And a freaking cute and bad!@# pet.

[13:01:45] <Mikki> Right?

[13:02:00] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[13:02:15] <Sig> Arle is very pretty...

[13:02:30] <Mikki> And love for curry?

[13:02:45] <Rider> 7_7

[13:03:00] <Arle Nadja> What! I thought you like Rider, Sig!

[13:03:15] <Rider> Yeah, Sig.

[13:03:30] <Sig> I do.

[13:03:45] <Sig> Does that mean I can't tell other people they look pretty?

[13:04:00] <Mikki> Summon! Apportez-moi une armée de milliards de Puyo!

[13:04:15] <Amitie> Gee... I don't know.

[13:04:30] <Mikki> *summons millions of Puyo.*

[13:04:45] <Satan> Look Arle! A wedding present!

[13:05:00] <Arle Nadja> Mikki! Why'd you do that!

[13:05:15] <Satan> Aren't they gorgeous?

[13:05:30] <Arle Nadja> *is partially ignoring Satan*

[13:05:45] <Mikki> Mister!

[13:06:00] <Mikki> I have a little something for you!

[13:06:15] <Satan> And wait until you see the gran estate I've set up for us!

[13:06:30] <Satan> It's beautiful!

[13:06:45] <Mikki> (A billion of Puyo!)

[13:07:00] <Arle Nadja> *is still ignoring Satan's speech partially.*

[13:07:15] <Satan> With 10 floors of the loveliest marble, the silkiest fabrics, and only the finest of granite, and

[13:07:30] <Satan> DIAMONDS!

[13:07:45] <Mikki> SATAN!!!

[13:08:00] <Satan> It will be the best home you have ever seen!

[13:08:15] <Mikki> I have Puyo for you!

[13:08:30] <Satan> (I still owe $56,897,009 on those Diamonds though...)

[13:08:45] <Arle Nadja> *finally noticed Satan.*

[13:09:00] <Arle Nadja> No thanks, Satan. Carby and curry are already enough for me.

[13:09:15] <Satan> Wha?

[13:09:30] <Satan> But!

[13:09:45] <Satan> The Diamonds!

[13:10:00] <Sig> Diamonds are a girls best friend, right?

[13:10:15] <Arle Nadja> Not interested.

[13:10:30] <Mikki> LUL NO!!!

[13:10:45] <Sig> Can I borrow some for Rider?

[13:11:00] <Rider> *blushes*

[13:11:15] <Arle Nadja> Satan?

[13:11:30] <Satan> No.

[13:11:45] <Satan> Those Diamonds are for ARLE.

[13:12:00] <Arle Nadja> Lulz I don't really mind.

[13:12:15] <Satan> Yes, my darling?

[13:12:30] <Arle Nadja> Just do it.

[13:12:45] <Arle Nadja> 2 things.

[13:13:00] <Arle Nadja> Give Sig some diamonds and...

[13:13:15] <Arle Nadja> Mikki has billions of Puyo for you.

[13:13:30] <Mikki> Yes! That's right, Satan! These Puyo are for you!

[13:13:45] <Satan> 1. No and 2. All the more perfect for the wedding

[13:14:00] <Seriri> ...

[13:14:15] <Mikki> Dammit!

[13:14:30] <Mikki> CHAAAAAAAAAAARGE (etc)

[13:14:45] <Seriri> Geez, I liked that Ekoro guy better than you, Satan

[13:15:00] <Mikki> *lets the Puyo do a Stampede*

[13:15:15] <Satan> eh?

[13:15:30] <Akkie> The Stampede's ignored?

[13:15:45] <Satan> *sees the stampede*

[13:16:00] <Satan> BAAAAH!!!! NOOO!!

[13:16:15] <Mikki> GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH (etc)

[13:16:30] <Satan> *is chased by the Puyo Stampede*

[13:16:45] <Satan> I"LL BE BACK FOR YOU, ARLE!

[13:17:00] <Satan> YOU JUST WAIT!

[13:17:15] <Mikki> *lets the Puyo chase Satan without her.*


[13:17:45] <Arle Nadja> Lulz. Thanks for driving the perv off, Mikki.

[13:18:00] <Satan> *is chased into the horizen*

[13:18:15] <Satan> 4 *quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client) 1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com*

[13:18:30] <Mikki> You're welcome.

[13:18:45] <Chao> brb, I need to get some Tylonol -_-

[13:19:00] <Akkie> I need to eat.

[13:19:15] <Akkie> Lunch is BEYOND delicious! XP

[13:19:30] <Chao> back

[13:19:45] <Akkie> I was still eating!

[13:20:00] <Akkie> On the meantime, let's let the people eat too.

[13:20:15] <Arle Nadja> Anyway, that hiatus made me hungry. What about you, guys?

[13:20:30] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:20:45] <Sig> Uh...

[13:21:00] <Seriri> I'm starved

[13:21:15] <Mikki> Yup!

[13:21:30] <Amitie> Now that you mention it.

[13:21:45] <Arle Nadja> OK! Let's go back in the hut.

[13:22:00] <Arle Nadja> *and Carbuncle goes to the hut with the others for curry.*

[13:22:15] <Rider> Mm... Delicious as usual.

[13:22:30] <Mikki> *summons a bath tub with wheels and puts Seriri on it and pulls it with ease as if nothing is in there.*

[13:22:45] <Mikki> Wait for us!

[13:23:00] <Sig> ....To be quite honest, I don't feel like eating Curry...

[13:23:15] <Mikki> Toast and Milk again?

[13:23:30] <Seriri> Wait, I wanted the waterway so I wouldn't need this tub =\

[13:23:45] <Sig> Nah.

[13:24:00] <Sig> Toast is for breakfast!

[13:24:15] <Amitie> I eat toast for dinner sometimes...

[13:24:30] <Sig> I want....a cheeseburger.

[13:24:45] <Seriri> O_O

[13:25:00] <Seriri> a CHEESEBURGER?!?!


[13:25:30] <Sig> Do you mind?

[13:25:45] <Seriri> ARE! YOU! NUTS?!?!

[13:26:00] <Mikki> Cheeseburgers are nice too. But Arle's curry tastes better, says me and others.


[13:26:30] <Sig> ...Yes.

[13:26:45] <Sig> I just don't feel like eating curry, even if it is the most delicious thing on the whole F-ing planet.

[13:27:00] <Sig> I don't see what the big deal is, Seriri

[13:27:15] <Amitie> Yeah, Seriri. He's fine.

[13:27:30] <Arle Nadja> I don't really mind.

[13:27:45] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:28:00] <Seriri> ...Right.

[13:28:15] <Mikki> Oh! Another thing!

[13:28:30] <Seriri> Okay Seriri...just calm down...

[13:28:45] <Seriri> *cools off.*

[13:29:00] <Mikki> Summon! Apportez-moi Reiyu et Nyako!

[13:29:15] <Mikki> *teleports Reiyu and Nyako in the field.*

[13:29:30] <Amitie> Huh?

[13:29:45] <Rider> Oh...dear...

[13:30:00] <Wraith> 3 *joined #rp 775e0943@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com (Widget)*

[13:30:15] <Edamame> 3 *joined #rp 775e0943@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com (Widget)*

[13:30:30] <Seriri> Um, I don't think Draco will let you keep those, Mikki

[13:30:45] <Edamame> Hiya!

[13:31:00] <Wraith> Huh? I DEMAND knowledge of where we are now!

[13:31:15] <Sig> ...

[13:31:30] <Akkie> The two are actually a Ghost and a Mum Mew gijinka'd.

[13:31:45] <Edamame> Heya! Mind if I tell you who I am?

[13:32:00] <Wraith> Hey! How'd you know these guys, Reiyu!

[13:32:15] <Edamame> And orange-hared girl with violet eyes teleported me here as a Ghost.

[13:32:30] <Mikki> Heheh! Remember me, eh?

[13:32:45] <Seriri> Oh yes. Draco will DEFINITELY want these guys outa here.

[13:33:00] <Wraith> Just tell us where we are right now!

[13:33:15] <Seriri> You're in a beach hut.

[13:33:30] <Seriri> You won't be here when the owner get's back. Kapiesh?

[13:33:45] <Sig> That Nyako thing sounds...demanding.

[13:34:00] <Rider> I know...I don't like it one bit.

[13:34:15] <Edamame> This beach hut looks as sweet as before.

[13:34:30] <Seriri> Ekoro's words still haunt me...

[13:34:45] <Edamame> And can the guy with blue hair and girl with green hair tell me what their names are?

[13:35:00] <Seriri> To lose is to find, and to find is to steal...sometimes what you see isn't real...

[13:35:15] <Arle Nadja> Mikki? How'd you think about getting these two here?

[13:35:30] <Seriri> What do they mean?

[13:35:45] <Mikki> Randomness.

[13:36:00] <Rider> I'm R-r-rider

[13:36:15] <Sig> I'm Sig

[13:36:30] <Edamame> Rider...

[13:36:45] <Edamame> (She's as cute as before.).

[13:37:00] <Edamame> Well, I might as well tell you that this Nyako is incredibly spoiled.

[13:37:15] <Seriri> "Wish I could stay and rhyme...but I haven't got the time..." What was he doing?

[13:37:30] <Wraith> Hmph!

[13:37:45] <Arle Nadja> Who knows...

[13:38:00] <Arle Nadja> *starts cooking curry.*

[13:38:15] <Seriri> ...Tell your friend Draco I said hi...

[13:38:30] <Seriri> That part of his little "poem" scared me.

[13:38:45] <Seriri> How does he know Draco?

[13:39:00] <Arle Nadja> Yeah...

[13:39:15] <Arle Nadja> *finishes the curry.*

[13:39:30] <Ringo> 3 *joined #rp 1814e87b@dev-1572FE8F.mibbit.com (Widget)*

[13:39:45] <Ringo> Knockty Knock Knock Knock!

[13:40:00] <Ringo> *knocks on the door to the hut.*

[13:40:15] <Mikki> Who's the one on the door?

[13:40:30] <Arle Nadja> I'll look at the window.

[13:40:45] <Akkie> Is this after the events of PP7?

[13:41:00] <Chao> Dunno. I supose it could be =P

[13:41:15] <Chao> I just don't know.

[13:41:30] <Arle Nadja> *looks at the window.*

[13:41:45] <Akkie> But did Ringo and Arle meet prior to the RP.

[13:42:00] <Chao> Probably not, since otherwise, Arle and Amitie would have recognized Ekoro.

[13:42:15] <Arle Nadja> Oh. Hello. Who are you?

[13:42:30] <Ringo> Hi I'm Ringo!

[13:42:45] <Ringo> Andou Ringo

[13:43:00] <Ringo> I have no clue how I got here.

[13:43:15] <Ringo> Mind helping me out?

[13:43:30] <Arle Nadja> Anyway, do you know anyone called Ms. Accord or Popoi?

[13:43:45] <Ringo> ...I /DID/ meet someone by the name of Accord on the way over here.

[13:44:00] <Ringo> She was all suicidal though.

[13:44:15] <Arle Nadja> DON'T ASSOCIATE WITH HER!!!

[13:44:30] <Ringo> She was like crying and telling me to kill her.

[13:44:45] <Edamame> *listens to the conversation.*

[13:45:00] <Ringo> I just walked by her.

[13:45:15] <Arle Nadja> Yup. She's really THAT psychotic.

[13:45:30] <Sig> Ms. Accord.....want's to....die?

[13:45:45] <Arle Nadja> Anyway, does she have a cat doll with her?

[13:46:00] <Amitie> What?

[13:46:15] <Wraith> What's going on!?

[13:46:30] <Amitie> That's not the Miss Accord I know!

[13:46:45] <Seriri> Well, neither is the one that we've been attacked by over 9000 times.

[13:47:00] <Ringo> Anyway, I'm kinda looking for a place to stay. Can you help out?

[13:47:15] <Mikki> Hmm... I think it's more than 5 in fact.

[13:47:30] <Seriri> I think i would be safe to let you in. Draco wouldn't mind you that much.

[13:47:45] <Arle Nadja> Well... do you know someone called Popoi?

[13:48:00] <Ringo> So this isn't your hut?

[13:48:15] <Sig> It's Draco's.

[13:48:30] <Ringo> ...Who is Draco?

[13:48:45] <Mikki> It's the hut of a dragon-human person who lusts for Arle.

[13:49:00] <Ringo> And who is Popoi?

[13:49:15] <Wraith> *listens in with Reiyu.*

[13:49:30] <Chao> brb again, I have to pee =P

[13:49:45] <Arle Nadja> Popoi is a black cat-like puppet that can talk. He's creepy, too.

[13:50:00] <Arle Nadja> Draco is a dragon-human hybrid who thinks she's the prettiest girl in the world.

[13:50:15] <Arle Nadja> But she's really competetive and can get jealous of girls prettier than her (Why me?) and fiercly challenges them with beauty contests.

[13:50:30] <Wraith> (I'm prettier!)

[13:50:45] <Ringo> ...Yeah.

[13:51:00] <Ringo> I'm getting the vibe that /everyone around here is creepy...

[13:51:15] <Ringo> ...which is pretty awesome!

[13:51:30] <Ringo> What's your guys' names?

[13:51:45] <Arle Nadja> My name's Arle.

[13:52:00] <Sig> Hi Ringo! I'm Sig!

[13:52:15] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[13:52:30] <Arle Nadja> This is Carbuncle, my pet.

[13:52:45] <Rider> Hello...I-i-i'm Rider...

[13:53:00] <Mikki> The name

[13:53:15] <Mikki> *The name's Mikki!

[13:53:30] <Seriri> I am Seriri. Pleasure to meet you Ringo. Nice hair.

[13:53:45] <Amitie> The name's Amitie! Nice to meet you!

[13:54:00] <Edamame> I'm Reiyu. This is Nyako.

[13:54:15] <Edamame> (I've got to admit that she's cute.)

[13:54:30] <Ringo> Oh wow, thanks ^^;

[13:54:45] <Chao> btw, I'm gathering this so I can log it on Kawachan so Keiji isn't totally lost when he(and Draco get back)

[13:55:00] <Akkie> OK.

[13:55:15] <Ringo> So...Are you all like friends or something?

[13:55:30] <Mikki> Not just friends. We're also against a madwoman that tortures people.

[13:55:45] <Seriri> We're all gathered here because that woman Ms. Accord is a lunatic that tortures and kills people.

[13:56:00] <Ringo> Really? I never would've guessed it.

[13:56:15] <Rider> Neither would we.

[13:56:30] <Ringo> She really seemed like she wanted to die...

[13:56:45] <Seriri> It could be a trap...

[13:57:00] <Mikki> I think that's a different Accord.

[13:57:15] <Sig> But what if she really wants to die?

[13:57:30] <Sig> But....why?

[13:57:45] <Mikki> Tell us what that Ms. Accord looks like.

[13:58:00] <Ringo> Uh...

[13:58:15] <Ringo> She had a Blue hat with feathers on it...

[13:58:30] <Ringo> Long Purple hair...

[13:58:45] <Ringo> Squinty eyes

[13:59:00] <Ringo> ...A white and blue dress...

[13:59:15] <Ringo> and a Cane.

[13:59:30] <Amitie> A flying Cane.

[13:59:45] <Arle Nadja> Did she ask you to trick us into going inside and then kill us?

[14:00:00] <Rider> That sounds a l-lot like Ms. Accord.

[14:00:15] <Ringo> Wha?

[14:00:30] <Ringo> She just wanted me to kill her.

[14:00:45] <Ringo> Not you guys...

[14:01:00] <Seriri> ...

[14:01:15] <Arle Nadja> SHE's the one who wants to kill or torture.

[14:01:30] <Seriri> Why is she suddenly so suicidal?

[14:01:45] <Ringo> That Popoi thing you kept talking about wasn't there...

[14:02:00] <Arle Nadja> Yeah...

[14:02:15] <Sig> ....It's Popoi!

[14:02:30] <Seriri> What?

[14:02:45] <Sig> Popoi is making Ms. Accord try to kill us because he hates us!

[14:03:00] <Seriri> Sig...

[14:03:15] <Rider> But Sig...Accord is raving mad.

[14:03:30] <Rider> Even if it was Popoi, she's still going along with it.

[14:03:45] <Mikki> Well... can anyone Puyo Puyo with me?

[14:04:00] <Rider> If she r-really wanted t-to do the right thing, she should have r-rejected Popoi's requests s-spot on.

[14:04:15] <Ringo> *pulls out an apple and starts tossing it ala the PP7 trailers*

[14:04:30] <Seriri> Rider's right.

[14:04:45] <Amitie> Yeah, I guess she is.

[14:05:00] <Ringo> Sounds like whatever the case is, you guys need to take care of her one way or another.

[14:05:15] <Seriri> However the rest of you feel, I will always believe Accord to be a raving lunatic.

[14:05:30] <Ringo> It also sounds like you guys will need all the help you can get.

[14:05:45] <Rider> Yes...

[14:06:00] <Sig> Hm?

[14:06:15] <Ringo> Well, I'm here to lend a helping hand, if you guys wish.

[14:06:30] <Seriri> That...would be excellent!

[14:06:45] <Arle Nadja> Sure!

[14:07:00] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[14:07:15] <Arle Nadja> Anyway, have you eaten yet.

[14:07:30] <Ringo> Great!

[14:07:45] <Ringo> Sure have!

[14:08:00] <Ringo> *pulls out a sack of dried Apples*

[14:08:15] <Arle Nadja> Where'd you get that many apples?

[14:08:30] <Ringo> To be honest with you, I've never known myself...it's just like...like

[14:08:45] <Ringo> Magic.

[14:09:00] <Sig> Maybe Ringo is magic.

[14:09:15] <Amitie> Sig's got a point there, Apples just don't appear out of nowhere, you know!

[14:09:30] <Rider> Now if only Ms. Accord wasn't the teacher of the only magic school in Primp

[14:09:45] <Mikki> The number of apples is still creepy, though.

[14:10:00] <Ringo> Wow...a magician that never knew it.

[14:10:15] <Ringo> (imitating a Brit) Look Harry, I'm a witch!

[14:10:30] <Mikki> Or a magician.

[14:10:45] <Seriri> o_o...Oh god, you aren't random too, are you?

[14:11:00] <Mikki> Anyway, where's Witch?

[14:11:15] <Ringo> Huh, must not have read "Harry Potter"..

[14:11:30] <Ringo> But I have some even stranger powers than just conjuring Apples...

[14:11:45] <Akkie> Should I say something about the other two?

[14:12:00] <Rider> Oh r-r-really?

[14:12:15] <Arle Nadja> Can you tell us about those powers?

[14:12:30] <Ringo> Well...

[14:12:45] <Ringo> I can temporarily change peoples age...

[14:13:00] <Ringo> It's creepy...

[14:13:15] <Seriri> I'll say.

[14:13:30] <Mikki> When does that only happen?

[14:13:45] <Ringo> I dunno. It's freaky. Sometimes, I turn them into grown ups...and sometimes I-

[14:14:00] <Seriri> Ahahahah...DOn't GO there, Sister.

[14:14:15] <Arle Nadja> You don't know how that happens?

[14:14:30] <Ringo> ..Not really =\

[14:14:45] <Sig> Can you try to induce these powers?

[14:15:00] <Sig> Maybe we could learn how to use them too...

[14:15:15] <Mikki> Can you show us?

[14:15:30] <Seriri> Oh please. Try it on Mikki!

[14:15:45] <Ringo> Um...Okay.

[14:16:00] <Mikki> Please?

[14:16:15] <Ringo> I guess I could

[14:16:30] <Ringo> *rolls up her selves.*

[14:16:45] <Ringo> Ahem. Arba KADABRA!!

[14:17:00] <Akkie> She'll turn into a Nendoroid version if that happens.

[14:17:15] <Ringo> *waves around*

[14:17:30] <Chao> Nothing happens...

[14:17:45] <Ringo> Um...

[14:18:00] <Ringo> HOCUS POCUS!

[14:18:15] <Ringo> *waves around again*

[14:18:30] <Chao> Nothing still happens...

[14:18:45] <Ringo> Grrr!

[14:19:00] <Akkie> Nothing happens until I say so?

[14:19:15] <Ringo> *stomps the ground*

[14:19:30] <Akkie> Or until you say so?

[14:19:45] <Akkie> Chao?

[14:20:00] <Ringo> Shazamabrakadabrahocuspocusalakozumsomething ANYTHING

[14:20:15] <Chao> Something actually happens this time...

[14:20:30] <Mikki> *turns into Mik.*

[14:20:45] <Mikki> 6 s-''+'Chibi'

[14:21:00] <Seriri> *claps*

[14:21:15] <Rider> Oh...my

[14:21:30] <Mikki> Works!

[14:21:45] <Sig> Mikki's a little kid!

[14:22:00] <Amitie> Wow, Ringo!

[14:22:15] <Mikki> It just affected my form but that's just me.

[14:22:30] <Mikki> My age changing or turning into a chibi... it's random.

[14:22:45] <Mikki> But it still works.

[14:23:00] <Mikki> It's successful.

[14:23:15] <Ringo> So are you saying that could have been a random coincidence>

[14:23:30] <Ringo> *?

[14:23:45] <Mikki> Actually, whenever someone tries to change my age into that of a little kid...

[14:24:00] <Mikki> It's a random process whether I turn into my chibi form or my age goes back in time.

[14:24:15] <Ringo> Hm...I should try to try it on someone else, just to be sure.

[14:24:30] <Arle Nadja> So you turned into a chibi instead of a little kid now?

[14:24:45] <Mikki> It's a lot more common for me to be a chibi than to be a little kid.

[14:25:00] <Akkie> Chao? You know about Nendoroids?

[14:25:15] <Seriri> Sigh...who's next? T_T

[14:25:30] <Arle Nadja> Anyway, why are these two still here?

[14:25:45] <Sig> You can try it on me. I wont mind...

[14:26:00] <Edamame> Too interested to walk away. I don't wanna talk much to distort events, though.

[14:26:15] <Ringo> Alright...here goes nothing....

[14:26:30] <Wraith> Well... I'm not too interested but I need to be with company. I don't wanna be alone.

[14:26:45] <Sig> 6 s-''+'Mini'

[14:27:00] <Rider> *faints*

[14:27:15] <Rider> 6 s-''+'Fainted'

[14:27:30] <Mikki> Oh... this again?

[14:27:45] <Seriri> *faints*

[14:28:00] <Seriri> 6 s-''+'Fainted'

[14:28:15] <Sig> Did it work?

[14:28:30] <Ringo> Oh yes it did!

[14:28:45] <Arle Nadja> It worked again.

[14:29:00] <Sig> Yay, I'm younger.

[14:29:15] <Wraith> And a lot cuter too! :3

[14:29:30] <Akkie> Gotta take a bath any time soon.

[14:29:45] <Amitie> Well, I dunno if it's anything to be too excited about.

[14:30:00] <Mikki> Situation Normal.

[14:30:15] <Mikki> *is Mikki again.*

[14:30:30] <Mikki> 6 s-'Chibi'+''

[14:30:45] <Ringo> ♪ Gimmie an R. Gimmie an I. Gimmie an N-G-O whadda ya got? Go~ RINGO!~ ♫

[14:31:00] <Akkie> Gonna take a bath now.

[14:31:15] <Ringo> *turns Sig back*

[14:31:30] <Sig> 6 s-'Mini'+''

[14:31:45] <Rider> 6 s-'Fainted'+''

[14:32:00] <Seriri> 6 s-'Fainted'+''

[14:32:15] <Seriri> Is it over?

[14:32:30] <Ringo> Yes.

[14:32:45] <Akkie> 6 s-''+'BathTime'

[14:33:00] <Akkie> Later.

[14:33:15] <Chao> Okay. I'll go add this to RP Log 8

[14:33:30] <Chao> and...

[14:33:45] <Wraith> 4 *was kicked by Chao (Chao)*

[14:34:00] <Edamame> 4 *was kicked by Chao (Chao)*

[14:34:15] <Akkie> Mikuri will get them back.

[14:34:30] <Chao> Not when Draco get's back ;)


Character text lines: 442
User text lines: 36
Action lines: 22

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Mikki: 82
Ringo: 69
Seriri: 57
Sig: 45
Satan: 33
Rider: 25
Amitie: 19
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Carbuncle: 15
Edamame: 12
Wraith: 9