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Harpy is a secondary character in the classic Puyo series, and a major reoccurring character in Compile Worlds. She is an angel-like deity who uses her singing voice to help people. Though she debuted in Episode 2 as a rather minor character, she gradually become more important, earning herself an important role in the upcoming SHAME segment. She is known for being removed from Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary due to, ironically enough, voice actor issues.


Harpy's life, as she knows it, began in the Madou World. In Episode 52, however, it was revealed Harpy was actually a former student of the Angel Academy, not actually remembering the time she spent there. She tried to impress Arle Nadja with her singing, though it was not fine-tuned yet. As a result, the poor angel was shunned, and most people found her annoying once she started her vocalizing. She finally fine tuned her voice, however, and it gained magical properties. Like most of the other Madou characters, she mysteriously teleported to Primp by playing Puyo.

Overall, Harpy is a very kind and caring character. As her character quirk, she is almost always singing or speaking in a sing-song like manner. She cares very much about others, to the point where she withheld important information and let a parasite sit on her head for the sake of everyone else. Though Harpy is knowledgeable, she is kind of naive and cryptic when revealing her information. She is a mother-like figure to Phi, whom she helped re-created.

Being an Angel, Harpy has an extent of super natural power. Much like Phi, however, her strengths lie in her supporting skills. She is able to shine light on others with a halo and heal wounds with her songs. She has also demonstrated the ability to stop a falling elevator and allow those inside to safely escape from it. Harpy also has the ability to screen others for dark essences, including Ekoronian particles, within other people, as revealed when she uncovered Alpha's identity in Episode 33. Of course, she is able to fly with her wings.


Harpy is named after harpies, mythological creatures that are half bird, half human. However, she is only a true Harpy in the Madou Monogatari games; a more appropriate creature for Harpy's base would be a Siren or an Angel.

Appearances outside of Compile Worlds

Puyo Puyo TSU
In Puyo Puyo TSU, Harpy is fought on the 3rd floor of Satan's ridiculously huge tower. She actually sings well here, but she doesn't stop singing and and pay attention to Arle, annoying her. Harpy was promptly beaten to a bloody pulp. Poor Harpy.
Puyo Puyo SUN
In Puyo Puyo SUN, Harpy is the second stage in Draco's story. When Draco finds Harpy, she had been unconscious from heat stroke. However, when Draco gave her a sip of some magic water, she rose from the near dead to sing again, only her singing sounded terrible, so Draco torched her again, probably giving her another heat stroke. She fled for the Floating Island afterwords.
Puyo Puyo~n
In Puyo Puyo~n, Harpy played a minimal role. She appeared on the floating island to annoy Draco, Arle, and Seriri. And that's about it.
Minna de Puyo Puyo
Harpy made several appearances in Minna. In the first encounter, Harpy sang for Arle, but Arle was disgusted by it. Later on, Harpy appeared again, singing a "new song", but Arle was convinced it was still awful. They duked it out again. Finally, Carbuncle conjured a magical clone of Harpy to fight in some dark, damp, deep, creepy dungeon.
Puyo Puyo 7?
SEGA being the bastards they are, teased us by waving both Witch and Harpy in our faces in a post-story cutscene in Puyo Puyo 7, and then had them promptly replaced by Draco, whom had been sucking on some super helium or something.
Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary
Harpy was planned to appear in this game, but SEGA's negotiations with her prospective voice actor fell apart, meaning she had to be removed and replaced with Dongurigaeru, who now looks very odd in the middle of a whole bunch of classic Madou characters. Oh well. Next game, maybe?


  • Harpy's text color has been the same since her debut.
    • She shares both the color and this trait with Amitie.
  • Harpy was one of only two characters to know Alpha's true identity before Episode 33, the other being Ekoro.
  • Harpy said she knew the one person who could defeat Popoi, but she has never said who.
    • She may have even forgotten, due to the significant decrease in Popoi's role since the Meteor Arc.
  • Harpy was the only member of the Clone's team not to be a clone herself.
  • Harpy is the only character who attended Angel Academy that wasn't introduced in Puyo Wars or created specifically for the role.
    • Ironically, she is also the only character who doesn't remember her studies there. Isn't it sad, Harpy?