Episode 50 - Chat log

Start date: Sun May 20, 2012. All times are UTC.

[9:12:36] <Arle Nadja> -looks down through the many layers of glass-

[9:12:42] <Arle Nadja> Jeez... this is ridiculous :I

[9:12:44] <Angol Mois> Hm...rather complex for an old temple, yes?

[9:12:53] <Angol Mois> So fascinating...

[9:13:07] <Lagnus> You can be fascinated with this later!

[9:13:13] <Lagnus> We've got a spirit to unseal

[9:13:33] <Harpy> I don't remember any of this being here...

[9:13:41] <Arle Nadja> Do you mean to say Ecolo built it?

[9:13:52] <Charyl> ...Damn they work fast :U

[9:14:21] <Angol Mois> Indeed.

[9:14:33] <Angol Mois> I'm starting to be annoyed by how slow we are in their wake.

[9:14:44] <Arle Nadja> If Omega were here, she'd just blast a tunnel right through to the altar.

[9:15:12] <Lagnus> Whose to say we couldn't do the same?

[9:15:15] <Lagnus> Somehow...

[9:15:45] <Keiji> /cue yt/G9H6ULM-Bwg

[9:15:51] <Keiji> /cue yt/G9H6ULM-Bwg


[9:16:26] <Arle Nadja> Surely if we did that, the whole thing would just cave in on us :S

[9:17:17] <Angol Mois> Then we must traverse it the normal way. *He begins to navigate the maze, peering through the walls to find his way*

[9:17:28] <Arle Nadja> This is gonna take forever...

[9:17:32] <Arle Nadja> -follows Angol-

[9:17:43] <Lagnus> *follows Arle*

[9:17:50] <Charyl> Great, more forever.

[9:18:22] <Keiji> I think this may be more fitting

[9:18:23] <Keiji> /cue fe/715

[9:19:10] <Arle Nadja> So, uhh...

[9:19:25] <Arle Nadja> Surely there's a better way to do this...

[9:19:40] <Arle Nadja> I bet Ecolo and that other me are up there laughing at us.

[9:19:52] <Angol Mois> Perhaps they are.

[9:20:14] <Angol Mois> But we must turn the tides against them. Ecolo is a "one", yes?

[9:20:37] <Arle Nadja> I uh... don't have a clue, for that matter.

[9:20:44] <Arle Nadja> Ecolo is just... weird.

[9:20:56] <Keiji> /cue fe/716

[9:21:03] <Charyl> Well, I'm a one.

[9:21:08] <Keiji> wat

[9:21:17] <Chao> she is

[9:21:20] <Chao> they all are

[9:21:22] <Chao> remember?

[9:21:24] <Keiji> No?

[9:21:29] <Chao> Spirits

[9:21:46] <Chao> We discussed the spirits were ones

[9:21:49] <Keiji> Okay

[9:22:08] <Angol Mois> Then allow me to borrow your power momentarily.

[9:22:35] <Charyl> SAY WHAT?! Ky--

[9:22:45] <Harpy> ...

[9:22:54] <Angol Mois> *He creates a Portal using Charyl's power*

[9:22:58] <Keiji> /cue fe/716

[9:23:09] <Angol Mois> In case you have forgotten, I am an anomoly of sorts

[9:23:23] <Arle Nadja> Well, that's just cheating.

[9:23:43] <Arle Nadja> But I guess it's totally okay~

[9:23:53] <Arle Nadja> given our situation.

[9:24:06] <Angol Mois> You wanted a quick way

[9:24:07] <Harpy> You made the portal go straight there?

[9:24:13] <Angol Mois> So I gave it to you.

[9:24:28] <Harpy> Nice one♪

[9:25:06] <Angol Mois> Now, please follow me to the altar

[9:25:12] <Angol Mois> *He steps inside the portal*

[9:26:41] <Arle Nadja> Alrighty...

[9:26:47] <Arle Nadja> -follows carefully-

[9:26:51] <Keiji> /cue yt/UrWbzdTHOoA

[9:26:54] <Keiji> /cue yt/UrWbzdTHOoA

[9:26:57] <Keiji> jees I'm bad at this

[9:27:56] <Chao> [Inside the Altar, it looks much like the Dragon Temple's Altar. Including a raised platform and a portrait with an energy field. Ecolo is up by the portrait, laughing his ass off]

[9:28:05] <Arle Nadja> Ecolo!!1

[9:28:07] <Arle Nadja> -1

[9:28:07] <Ecolo> 3

[9:28:14] <Ecolo> EYAHAHAAHA....AH!!

[9:28:23] <Ecolo> How did you get here so fast?!

[9:28:34] <Keiji> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[9:28:37] <Keiji> totally Ecolo's theme

[9:28:50] <Arle Nadja> You mean you didn't see?!

[9:29:02] <Arle Nadja> -thumb-points at the portal they just stepped out of-

[9:29:49] <Ecolo> I was too busy laughing

[9:29:50] <Ecolo> D:

[9:29:56] <Arle Nadja> Well yer an idiot]

[9:30:12] <Keiji> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[9:30:27] <Angol Mois> Indeed.

[9:30:43] <Angol Mois> Now, if you don't mind, we have business to conduct.

[9:31:05] <Ecolo> No you don't! D:<

[9:31:13] <Ecolo> You caught me off guard!

[9:31:37] <Ecolo> Now you must suffer some sort of consequences!

[9:31:45] <Arle Nadja> Such as?

[9:31:55] <Ecolo> Oh I don't know...

[9:32:05] <Ecolo> being beaten into a bloody pulp by moi?

[9:32:07] <Ecolo> :3c

[9:32:09] <Keiji> Your turn with the music.

[9:32:34] <Keiji> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[9:32:39] <Keiji> because it's better than silence

[9:32:56] <Arle Nadja> Yeah right...

[9:33:36] <Ecolo> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_22MPJahRqo

[9:33:38] <Arle Nadja> (If Omega can do it, I can too!!)

[9:33:53] <Ecolo> Prepare to meet your doom and gloom!

[9:33:54] <Arle Nadja> -bayoens the crap out of that mural-

[9:34:08] <Arle Nadja> [It's not very effective]

[9:34:13] <Ecolo> EYAHAHAhAHA!

[9:34:17] <Arle Nadja> [Mainly because Omega did a Perfect Bayoen III.]

[9:34:25] <Arle Nadja> :S

[9:34:32] <Arle Nadja> Kyuu...

[9:34:51] <Ecolo> Now die! *Shoots massive blobs of dark energy at everyone*

[9:35:06] <Arle Nadja> Iya~

[9:35:21] <Arle Nadja> -does a dodge dance-

[9:35:36] <Lagnus> *Guards them on his own* What, that's it??

[9:35:44] <Harpy> -is invulnerable to dark energy because she's Harpy-

[9:35:57] <Harpy> -But can't really do anything-

[9:36:00] <Ecolo> Oh right, screwing around is lame these days.

[9:37:09] <Ecolo> Lovely trick~ [He separates into 5 identical clones, all who are cackling, they each dive for an individual target, flying at them while thrashing about*

[9:37:23] <Arle Nadja> What!

[9:37:33] <Angol Mois> Oh.

[9:37:42] <Arle Nadja> (Who are the clones of?)

[9:37:49] <Chao> (Ecolo himself)

[9:38:00] <Arle Nadja> Ecolo clones?!

[9:38:24] <Arle Nadja> Eeee--

[9:38:33] <Lagnus> Oh god!! *he tries to guard, but is knocked down*

[9:38:42] <Camus> *ditto*

[9:38:54] <Arle Nadja> Omega... why'd you have to leave us D:

[9:39:23] <Ecolo> Which is the REAL me?? Do YOU idiots know?~☆

[9:40:22] <Angol Mois> *has chuck testa

[9:40:28] <Angol Mois> 'd his clone because he's Angol*

[9:40:51] <Arle Nadja> W-wait...

[9:41:21] <Angol Mois> Yes? We don't have much time for waiting.

[9:41:43] <Arle Nadja> -remembers she's in Lagnus outfit and grabs the sword by her side-

[9:41:59] <Lagnus> ...OH GOD MY REACTOR BLADE!


[9:42:26] <Charyl> Derp.

[9:42:30] <Arle Nadja> -infuses dat blade with Bayoen energy-

[9:42:46] <Arle Nadja> I might not be a one any more Ecolo, but I can still do this!!!

[9:43:01] <Arle Nadja> -Swing the almighty sword at the Ecolo clone in front of her, slicing it in two-

[9:43:38] <Arle Nadja> -The Bayoen Energy spreads through the two halves of the clone, obliterating it-

[9:43:48] <Arle Nadja> WHO'S NEXT?!

[9:44:06] <Ecolo> Me!

[9:44:24] <Arle Nadja> -readies her sword again as it glows blue!-

[9:44:30] <Ecolo> I love to get around the cutting room floor!

[9:44:38] <Arle Nadja> You sure? Not gonna sic another clone on me eh?

[9:45:09] <Keiji> /cue yt/_22MPJahRqo

[9:45:15] <Ecolo> How about all four of them at once?

[9:45:25] <Arle Nadja> Try me. That was nothing!

[9:45:29] <Ecolo> *They all charge at her, fists glowing black*

[9:45:37] <Arle Nadja> -does a dash jump and slices through all four-

[9:45:48] <Arle Nadja> -They all disintegrate just as the first one did-

[9:46:12] <Arle Nadja> -The sword is still glowing blue-

[9:46:37] <Ecolo> *Claps* Bravo Bravo!

[9:47:46] <Ecolo> *He generates a dark sword of his own* Let's clash blades! Light vs. Dark! Good versus evil! *Sword first lunge at Arle*

[9:47:55] <Arle Nadja> Hah!

[9:48:05] <Arle Nadja> -dodges it and swings her own against Ecolo's sword to block it-

[9:48:36] <Ecolo> Impressive!

[9:48:47] <Ecolo> Not that I'd expect anything less of you.

[9:49:20] <Ecolo> Unfortunately, I don't expect much more! *He does an elegant combo swing with his sword, trying to hit Arle in a weakspot*

[9:49:39] <Keiji> _22MPJahRqo

[9:49:47] <Keiji> /cue yt/_22MPJahRqo

[9:49:57] <Arle Nadja> Nope!

[9:50:03] <Arle Nadja> -does a backflip-

[9:50:12] <Harpy> -catches her just like Tails carring Sonic-

[9:50:20] <Ecolo> 8D??

[9:50:22] <Arle Nadja> Thanks, Harpy~

[9:50:30] <Arle Nadja> [Harpy recharges Arle's energy while they're connected!]

[9:50:57] <Angol Mois> *he rubs his chin thoughtfully at watching this*

[9:50:59] <Arle Nadja> -points her sword at Ecolo and energy surges towards him-

[9:51:38] <Arle Nadja> Wait, since I can do this now...

[9:51:40] <Ecolo> !! *he is hit by the energy* BLARGH! *SMASH! against the wall* Haha...my stomach...! Not bad, for a oldie.

[9:51:48] <Arle Nadja> -turns around and fires it at the mural!-

[9:52:09] <Angol Mois> *smirk*

[9:52:13] <Arle Nadja> Come on...

[9:52:18] <Arle Nadja> Any help here?

[9:52:27] <Chao> [The energy weakens the barrier]

[9:52:28] <Arle Nadja> -looks at Charyl-

[9:52:41] <Arle Nadja> You said you were a one, right?

[9:53:29] <Arle Nadja> Your Fire powers combined with my Bayoen beam ought to do it!

[9:53:37] <Charyl> Yeah, I guess we should weaken that barrier or something. You keep that crazy man distracted. [She begins to generate a huge stream of flaming lava at the wall]

[9:53:56] <Keiji> /cue yt/_22MPJahRqo

[9:54:31] <Ecolo> Ah no -- *is hit by Lagnus, who's pilfered Camus' staff*

[9:54:51] <Arle Nadja> Come on, break that seal!!

[9:54:52] <Lagnus> When your legendary weapon is stolen, you must steal another.

[9:55:19] <Chao> [The seal continues to weaken and finally shatters, releasing Serra]

[9:55:24] <Arle Nadja> Yes!

[9:55:38] <Ecolo> ...well fuck. Arley's gonna be mad. :'c

[9:55:38] <Arle Nadja> -finally calms down and jumps out of Harpy's hands-

[9:56:03] <Arle Nadja> -points the sword back at Ecolo- Now, are you gonna leave quietly?

[9:56:28] <Ecolo> Well, duh. I'm not gonna be screaming in pain if that's what you're thinking you silly sadist!

[9:56:46] <Arle Nadja> -fires a short blast at Ecolo just for good measure-

[9:57:09] <Ecolo> Eyahahahaha--ah! *Hit by the blast, but he portals away afterward*

[9:57:11] <Ecolo> 4

[9:57:30] <Arle Nadja> That'll teach him to underestimate the power of zeroes!

[9:57:30] <Serra> 5 n+'Serra' c+'10' s+''

[9:57:38] <Serra> 3

[9:57:40] <Arle Nadja> -puts her discharged sword away-

[9:57:46] <Angol Mois> Hm...

[9:58:08] <Angol Mois> At the very least, he can't insult your intelligence.

[9:58:17] <Keiji> /cue yt/Eg3EaFgLhr8

[9:58:33] <Arle Nadja> Thanks, Harpy.

[9:58:43] <Charyl> Serra!

[9:58:54] <Harpy> I'm glad I could finally help♪

[9:59:00] <Serra> Ufu....Charyl, is that you?...♪

[9:59:11] <Serra> 6 c-'10'+'11'

[9:59:18] <Serra> 6 c-'11'+'10'

[9:59:54] <Serra> Where am I?

[10:00:01] <Harpy> You're in the Light Temple.

[10:00:03] <Serra> And who are they?

[10:00:31] <Harpy> My name's Harpy♪

[10:00:32] <Angol Mois> I am Angol Mois, an agent of Eldora, so to speak.

[10:00:40] <Harpy> and my ancestors built this place♪

[10:00:45] <Lagnus> Lagnus the Brave!

[10:00:52] <Arle Nadja> And then Ecolo came along and retrofitted it with a giant glass maze

[10:01:04] <Arle Nadja> But my name's Arle Nadja.~

[10:01:15] <Charyl> AND THAT DOUCHEBAG OVER THERE SEALED YOUR ASS AWAY. *points at Camus&

[10:01:18] <Charyl> **

[10:02:12] <Serra> Temper, temper. We must forgive him.

[10:02:43] <Keiji> /cue yt/Eg3EaFgLhr8

[10:03:44] <Angol Mois> Now then, I assume the maze has vanished now that Ecolo has no purpose to use it and has fled.

[10:03:59] <Arle Nadja> What's say we portal out of this place before Ms. Faker decides on a cliche self-destruct sequence?

[10:04:01] <Angol Mois> So we may return to the outside without hindrance.

[10:04:11] <Angol Mois> Indeed.

[10:04:39] <Chao> [As such, they portal outside the temple, back on the mountain where Omega abandoned them]

[10:05:08] <Chao> /cue td/llhq

[10:05:17] <Keiji> ...

[10:05:23] <Chao> oops

[10:05:28] <Chao> /cue td/llqh

[10:05:46] <Angol Mois> Now...this is where I part ways with you.

[10:05:53] <Arle Nadja> Eh

[10:05:54] <Arle Nadja> ?

[10:06:19] <Angol Mois> I did not intend to do so for a longer period, but Fake Arle has complicated this by involving Daichi.

[10:06:31] <Arle Nadja> What happened with Daichi?

[10:06:52] <Keiji> /cue td/llqh

[10:07:08] <Keiji> (You should've looped it lol)

[10:07:11] <Angol Mois> Of that I am uncertain. I can only hypothesize she wants his synthetic biology.

[10:07:17] <Arle Nadja> !

[10:07:29] <Keiji> (I! WANT! YOU!...R POWER!)

[10:07:46] <Angol Mois> Other than being a one, it is the only distinction between him and ordinary humans

[10:08:12] <Angol Mois> I must see to it she does not slander Mois or the Fifths any more than I already have with her filth.

[10:08:17] <Arle Nadja> So what, you're going to help her just because of Daichi?

[10:08:20] <Arle Nadja> /cue td/llqh

[10:08:24] <Angol Mois> No

[10:08:27] <Angol Mois> of course not.

[10:08:46] <Angol Mois> Helping her would accomplish exactly the opposite of what my goal is.

[10:08:55] <Arle Nadja> Then why can't you stay with us?

[10:09:04] <Harpy> ...:(

[10:09:22] <Angol Mois> Rather, I am going off to find where she has imprisoned Daichi alone. It is personal business and should not distract the lot of you from unsealing the spirits.

[10:09:38] <Arle Nadja> /cue td/llqh

[10:09:45] <Arle Nadja> But... Daichi...

[10:09:49] <Angol Mois> It would only play into her hand if we didn't split into groups.

[10:10:12] <Angol Mois> You should continue to unseal the spirits. I will find Daichi on my-- hm?

[10:10:23] <Arle Nadja> ...no, never mind.

[10:10:39] <Arle Nadja> If you insist on going, then go.

[10:10:44] <Arle Nadja> /cue td/llqh

[10:11:25] <Chao> [In the distance, some is flying overhead is someone. As she flies closer, her screaming of random phrases can be heard. It's WHITE FELI]

[10:11:39] <Chao> /cue td/uilw

[10:11:43] <Keiji> (Is Angol gonna leave before White Feli gets here?)

[10:11:49] <Feli> 3

[10:11:53] <Keiji> OH GOD

[10:11:55] <Chao> (No)


[10:12:11] <Feli> Angol sama!

[10:12:22] <Feli> I have located you at last!

[10:12:26] <Arle Nadja> ...-sama?!

[10:12:29] <Arle Nadja> Feli?!

[10:12:35] <Angol Mois> Eh?

[10:13:12] <Feli> I have deduced that a fake Arle is holding prisoners in Whitespace! You must travel with Lemres senpai and I to rescue them.

[10:13:18] <Arle Nadja> /cue td/uilw

[10:13:45] <Angol Mois> Well...isn't that convenient. As usual.

[10:13:47] <Arle Nadja> Whitespace is back..?

[10:14:14] <Angol Mois> Very well then. I shall travel to Whitespace with you.

[10:14:29] <Feli> Of course!

[10:14:32] <Arle Nadja> . . . . .

[10:14:50] <Arle Nadja> /cue td/uilw

[10:14:52] <Feli> We shall bring the prisoners back from beyond the snack bar!

[10:15:39] <Arle Nadja> ...snack bar..?

[10:15:53] <Feli> *Grabs Angol by his hair and flies off with him into a portal in the sky*

[10:16:02] <Feli> 4

[10:16:09] <Angol Mois> I shall return~

[10:16:11] <Angol Mois> 4

[10:16:12] <Arle Nadja> Well, this is bad...

[10:16:19] <Arle Nadja> /cue td/uilw

[10:16:41] <Lagnus> Somewhat.

[10:16:48] <Lagnus> We have two out of five Spirits...

[10:17:01] <Lagnus> But...we did just lose our almighty ally.

[10:17:16] <Keiji> Before we continue

[10:17:24] <Keiji> Can we get the lowdown on which groups of characters are where?

[10:17:39] <Chao> Sure.

[10:17:42] <Keiji> Obviously: here, Arle, Harpy, Lagnus, Camus, Charyl, Serra.

[10:17:50] <Keiji> And White Feli and Angol just left for Whitespace.

[10:17:57] <Keiji> Who's in Mikki's group?

[10:18:54] <Chao> Mikki's group, save for Witch, Theta, Klug, and Schezo, is at the Dinner Shrine. (Ringo, Mikki, Delta, Tech, and uh....that's it)

[10:19:06] <Keiji> So

[10:19:12] <Keiji> Ringo, Mikki, Delta and Tech are at the shrine

[10:19:17] <Keiji> Where are Witch, Theta, Klug and Schezo?

[10:19:24] <Chao> The others I listed are at Mikki's cottage.

[10:19:35] <Keiji> Any idea where Marcus is?

[10:19:49] <Keiji> Last I knew, they were in the Ekoro Dimension. What happened to that?

[10:19:54] <Keiji> *he was

[10:21:25] <Chao> Well, since Primp has blown up, both Marcus and Gypsum are MIA. I can tell you right now though they're in the same place...along with Eldora.

[10:21:59] <Keiji> Why would they be where Eldora is?

[10:22:11] <Chao> Fake Arle wants them too

[10:22:16] <Keiji> Oh shit

[10:22:19] <Keiji> So Fake Arle captured them?

[10:22:22] <Keiji> Are they in Whitespace

[10:22:23] <Keiji> ?

[10:23:04] <Chao> Well, they're in a very secluded area of Limboseum.

[10:23:36] <Keiji> Hm

[10:24:00] <Keiji> Nanako was last seen at the shrine. How come she didn't meet up with Ringo and co?

[10:24:13] <Chao> Because you weren't there

[10:24:21] <Keiji> Yes, but in universe what happened? :P

[10:24:38] <Chao> I assume she ran off and the others got there after she left.

[10:24:46] <Keiji> How about Satan?

[10:24:48] <Keiji> Where's he?

[10:25:16] <Chao> In his castle, I presume. He stormed off after Kanon and Liechi didn't take his brownie points for pointing fingers at Angol

[10:25:38] <Keiji> I assume Kanon and Liechi are still in the Gods' Realm, or did freakin' Fake Arle mess with them too?

[10:25:50] <Chao> Nah, they're still in the academy

[10:26:06] <Keiji> Okay.

[10:26:44] <Keiji> I wanted to have Satan, Marcus and Nanako form a group... but you've thrown that idea out the window lol

[10:26:50] <Keiji> since Marcus is held captive.

[10:27:07] <Chao> at least Satan and Nanako are still available

[10:27:08] <Chao> lol

[10:27:11] <Keiji> Yes indeed

[10:27:30] <Keiji> How's Satan's relationship with our current party now?

[10:27:52] <Chao> I think his only thing was being mad at Angol for SHAME

[10:28:00] <Chao> and now that Angol is gone.

[10:28:02] <Chao> llol

[10:28:14] <Keiji> Well, other than that?

[10:28:32] <Keiji> Would it be unreasonable for him and Nanako to join Arle's party?

[10:28:42] <Keiji> I guess there would be a fuck ton of Satan hitting on Arle...

[10:29:40] <Chao> No it wouldn't be unreasonable

[10:29:45] <Chao> other than Arle being a pimp

[10:29:45] <Chao> XD

[10:29:54] <Chao> (Lagnus Camus and Satan oh my)

[10:32:01] <Keiji> Okay then.

[10:32:08] <Keiji> Care to label the Map:Madou World for me?

[10:32:15] <Keiji> http://cw.nanako.cc/thumb/990.png

[10:32:19] <Keiji> I hardly know where anything is.

[10:32:24] <Chao> Oh yeah I should do that

[10:32:29] <Keiji> Just putting on the locations we've talked about just now would be fine.

[10:32:55] <Keiji> http://cw.nanako.cc/dl/29S50ZTBGQ23M0EBA13BJ3HTHJ.png even

[10:33:11] <Keiji> Where's the Holy Dinner Shrine on there anyway?

[10:33:30] <Keiji> I'll leave it to you to think of a suitable location.

[10:33:36] <Chao> I didn't know the dinner shrine would be there until after I drew it

[10:33:40] <Chao> lol

[10:33:58] <Keiji> mhm

[10:38:16] <Chao> http://cw.nanako.cc/wiki/:File/CV3M08G382Q6JDY1K7M02FVG4A Partially labeled

[10:39:08] <Chao> btw I'm glad you like my Prep theme remix

[10:39:09] <Chao> :3

[10:39:18] <Keiji> It's freaking brilliant

[10:39:21] <Keiji> It's not just a prep remix

[10:39:28] <Keiji> but it's also 100% fitting for White Feli

[10:39:42] <Keiji> Alright, thanks

[10:39:58] <Keiji> So the Volcano is the mountain Arle and co are on atm?

[10:40:10] <Chao> They're on Harpy Mountain

[10:40:15] <Keiji> Ah okay

[10:40:48] <Keiji> Are the other altars on the map at all?

[10:41:18] <Chao> No...I didn't know they would exist prior to drawing it either. :s

[10:41:21] <Keiji> Okay

[10:41:23] <Keiji> That's fine.

[10:41:27] <Keiji> Don't tell me where they all are anyway

[10:41:32] <Keiji> that would spoil it~

[10:41:37] <Chao> indeed

[10:42:07] <Keiji> Any idea when the last time anyone in the party saw Satan and/or Nanako was?

[10:42:13] <Keiji> -was

[10:42:16] <Keiji> ...

[10:42:17] <Keiji> +was

[10:42:17] <Keiji> lol

[10:42:30] <Keiji> (also brb, loo)

[10:42:51] <Chao> Nobody's seen Nanako since SHAME, which is a month or more. Satan was last seen by Arle's party a few episodes ago when he huffed off

[10:44:27] <Keiji> (back)

[10:44:39] <Chao> wb

[10:45:04] <Keiji> Episode 46?

[10:45:24] <Chao> Yeah..I think that was it

[10:46:28] <Keiji> Alright, I'll take it from here for a bit

[10:47:58] <Arle Nadja> [Arle clenches her fists in thought for a few moments, before addressing the group...]

[10:48:29] <Arle Nadja> So, Ms. Faker is taking prisoners in Whitespace...

[10:48:48] <Arle Nadja> We don't know who, but the mere mention of Whitespace...

[10:48:55] <Arle Nadja> I don't know very much about it, personally.

[10:49:05] <Arle Nadja> Normally, I'd say we have to find Nanako...

[10:49:12] <Arle Nadja> But we have no idea where she is.

[10:49:19] <Lagnus> Ah...I don't either.

[10:49:26] <Serra> Nanako?

[10:50:01] <Arle Nadja> However... if you remember, Marcus was the one who created Whitespace.

[10:50:12] <Arle Nadja> I'd say he would know as much about it as Nanako, if not more.

[10:50:22] <Arle Nadja> And we don't know where HE is either...

[10:50:24] <Arle Nadja> BUT

[10:50:28] <Arle Nadja> He works for Satan, right?

[10:50:33] <Arle Nadja> Satan's in his castle.

[10:50:41] <Arle Nadja> So I'd say our next move is to find Satan.

[10:50:47] <Charyl> Finally! Something we know for once!

[10:50:50] <Arle Nadja> As much as I'm gonna hate his company...

[10:51:06] <Serra> Satan...he who created this world..

[10:51:25] <Arle Nadja> now that both Angol and Omega are gone, he's the next ally we need to make.

[10:51:35] <Lagnus> Right.

[10:51:47] <Arle Nadja> /cue yt/tV1GK-s_S_o

[10:51:53] <Arle Nadja> Then, let's make a move for it!

[10:52:11] <Lagnus> Yeah, what she said!

[10:52:21] <Camus> That's wha-- okay nevermind.

[10:52:32] <Keiji> (Up to you if you want an encounter on the way.)

[10:53:05] <Keiji> (If not, I have a silly one.)

[10:53:11] <Chao> (Nah You go ahead)

[10:53:15] <Keiji> (Okay)

[10:53:34] <Arle Nadja> [And so, the group descend the Mountain and enter the Ruins]

[10:54:07] <Arle Nadja> [There's something twitching on the ground.]

[10:54:50] <Keiji> (...)

[10:54:59] <Lagnus> Eh?

[10:55:04] <Charyl> WHAT NOW?!

[10:55:18] <Serra> Ssh! It's moving! Quick grab a stick.

[10:55:33] <Serra> We must do the death-slash-seizure test~♪

[10:55:47] <Cirno> 5 n+'Cirno' c+'7' s+''

[10:55:51] <Cirno> 3

[10:55:56] <Chao> LOL

[10:56:00] <Cirno> Eee!

[10:56:10] <Cirno> Don't poke sticks at me!

[10:56:20] <Cirno> /cue yt/tV1GK-s_S_o

[10:56:37] <Cirno> It's already bad enough being knocked out of the sky by a meteor and melting in this place!

[10:56:43] <Arle Nadja> ...meteor?

[10:57:01] <Arle Nadja> Another one

[10:57:02] <Arle Nadja> ?

[10:57:04] <Camus> Oh, it's just a youkai.

[10:57:12] <Cirno> youSEI.

[10:57:32] <Lagnus> Or maybe just one meteor.

[10:57:43] <Arle Nadja> Say... how long have you been here?

[10:58:16] <Cirno> Iunno... About ⑨ hours, maybe?

[10:58:41] <Harpy> Arle... it was probably the same meteor.

[10:58:49] <Harpy> She got chronoported, like many others.

[10:59:01] <Lagnus> That wench!

[10:59:10] <Arle Nadja> Should we help her..?

[10:59:29] <Cirno> Help? Eye'm the strongest! Why would I need help?

[10:59:54] <Cirno> -tries to get up- Take my Icicle Fa--kyuu... -falls over again-

[11:00:47] <Lagnus> The strongest, eh? *raises an eyebrow*

[11:00:56] <Cirno> It's too hot out here...

[11:01:02] <Cirno> /cue yt/tV1GK-s_S_o

[11:01:15] <Charyl> If you weren't a total joke I'd melt you right here right now.

[11:01:29] <Arle Nadja> Come on, Lagnus. What do you think?

[11:01:47] <Harpy> We could probably do with another Ice user...

[11:02:31] <Arle Nadja> ...

[11:02:36] <Lagnus> Well...

[11:03:17] <Lagnus> Ice is a useful element.

[11:03:30] <Lagnus> Maybe she's not the strongest, but she'll do.

[11:03:44] <Charyl> Are you serious?

[11:03:52] <Serra> I'll give her a chance.

[11:04:00] <Arle Nadja> My Ice Storm's not exactly my strongest attack.

[11:04:09] <Arle Nadja> I'm sure if we train her, she'll get stronger~

[11:04:47] <Arle Nadja> Come on. -helps Cirno up- What's your name?

[11:04:54] <Cirno> Ci... Cirno... -sniff-

[11:05:29] <Lagnus> Cheer-no? Fair enough. I'm Lagnus the Brave, though she's wearing my clothes. ^^;

[11:05:43] <Keiji> I pronounce it "Sir-no"

[11:05:51] <Keiji> but w/e

[11:05:53] <Keiji> /cue yt/tV1GK-s_S_o

[11:06:17] <Arle Nadja> My name's Arle. Come on, let's get you out of here.

[11:06:36] <Arle Nadja> [And so they make their way to Satan's Castle.]

[11:07:02] <Satan> 3

[11:07:06] <Satan> 6 c-'2'+'6'

[11:07:14] <Satan> So, come to steal my castle have you?

[11:07:26] <Akkie> 1

[11:07:28] <Arle Nadja> No, silly.

[11:07:33] <Akkie> HUHHA

[11:07:34] <Lagnus> Satan, we don't have time for this.

[11:07:37] <Akkie> THE FUN HAS BEEN DOUBLED

[11:07:43] <Akkie> What happened, and why did I miss it.

[11:07:44] <Arle Nadja> I came to marry you. -deadpan sarcasm-

[11:07:44] <Akkie> AGAIN.

[11:07:55] <Satan> W-w-w-w-w-w-w---

[11:08:01] <Arle Nadja> Just kidding.

[11:08:12] <Satan> DON'T TEASE ME LIKE THAT!

[11:08:26] <Camus> Don't tease me either...;

[11:08:35] <Camus> Shut up douchebag.

[11:08:38] <Keiji> Akkie, now that you'll do that we'll have a Mikki section a little later

[11:08:49] <Charyl> Shut up douchebag.

[11:08:51] <Keiji> We were waiting for you for that

[11:08:55] <Akkie> So, what's happening right now.

[11:09:06] <Keiji> The logs'll fill you in later

[11:09:16] <Chao> yeah. There's been a lot

[11:09:19] <Akkie> Just give me a basic idea.

[11:09:21] <Arle Nadja> The real reason we came here was to ask for your help, Satan.

[11:09:24] <Chao> including some Epic White Feli lols

[11:09:35] <Satan> Oh? You're in need of this Satan's help?

[11:09:45] <Akkie> No dinner served, though? :<

[11:09:47] <Akkie> /watches

[11:09:52] <Lagnus> As much as we regret it, we're kind of without someone almighty to help us...

[11:10:09] <Arle Nadja> Omega and Angol, both extremely powerful, have disappeared on their own paths.

[11:10:18] <Arle Nadja> And THEN we heard some VERY interesting news.

[11:10:35] <Satan> Okay... but first, why the heck are you two cosplaying each other?

[11:10:44] <Arle Nadja> /cue yt/tV1GK-s_S_o

[11:10:48] <Arle Nadja> ...It was... necessary

[11:10:55] <Arle Nadja> to beat Ecolo.

[11:11:02] <Lagnus> WE can switch back if you want, Arle.

[11:11:04] <Arle Nadja> He got away as usual, though.

[11:11:11] <Arle Nadja> No, I like your sword <3

[11:11:16] <Lagnus> ;_;

[11:11:34] <Arle Nadja> Anyway.

[11:11:54] <Arle Nadja> Apparently Whitespace has returned and Fake Arle's holding captives there!

[11:11:59] <Arle Nadja> We don't know who, though.

[11:12:13] <Arle Nadja> But since Marcus created Whitespace under your command...

[11:12:22] <Arle Nadja> We figured we'd see if you knew anything about it.

[11:12:39] <Serra> Indeed.

[11:13:03] <Satan> Marcus, hm..?

[11:13:04] <Serra> By the way, it's a pleasure to meet you, Satan. I am Serra, Keiji's ex

[11:13:31] <Satan> You too, it's always good to see new beautiful girls around~

[11:13:41] <Akkie> -is now listening to a song that is not cued-

[11:13:46] <Satan> Speaking of which, I see another in front of me!

[11:13:54] <Keiji> speaking of cued

[11:13:56] <Keiji> I kinda forgot

[11:14:00] <Charyl> Don't you even fucking think about it.

[11:14:11] <Charyl> Unless you want a toasty ass.

[11:14:17] <Keiji> /cue yt/jIJ2IB9K6Gs

[11:14:22] <Keiji> It's no battle but who cares

[11:14:24] <Keiji> it's Satan.

[11:14:31] <Chao> indeed

[11:14:34] <Akkie> So it's totally OK.

[11:14:50] <Satan> I was talking about the fairy, are you blind?

[11:14:56] <Cirno> Eh? M-me?

[11:14:57] <Charyl> ...:T

[11:15:05] <Cirno> -blush-...

[11:15:24] <Arle Nadja> Satan, will you stop talking about beautiful girls and get back to important matters?

[11:15:44] <Satan> Oh, of course! I oughtn't be talking about other girls in front of my dear Arley~

[11:15:49] <Arle Nadja> ~_~

[11:15:55] <Satan> -ahem-

[11:16:06] <Lagnus> ...*cringe at "Arley"*

[11:16:17] <Satan> Yes, I haven't seen Marcus since I departed our previous Base, unfortunately...

[11:17:07] <Arle Nadja> Darn...

[11:17:12] <Arle Nadja> ...NOW what do we do?

[11:17:34] <Lagnus> Well...

[11:17:40] <Lagnus> That's a good question.

[11:18:10] <Serra> Is there anyone else who knows of Whitespace?

[11:18:23] <Serra> Or for that matter where our other brethren are sealed?

[11:18:56] <Keiji> And now, for something totally different

[11:18:59] <Keiji> /cue yt/hESP_C6n0Eg

[11:19:07] <Nanako> 3

[11:19:09] <Chao> omg

[11:19:12] <Chao> this song <333

[11:19:15] <Akkie> nice timing

[11:19:24] <Nanako> -arrives at Satan's Castle panting0-

[11:19:25] <Nanako> -0

[11:19:44] <Lagnus> !!

[11:19:56] <Nanako> Thank goodness, I knew you guys'd be here!

[11:20:04] <Charyl> ...I thought persocoms only existed in Manga... :V

[11:20:32] <Nanako> Satan! Lord Marcus, he's...

[11:20:38] <Satan> -?!

[11:20:42] <Lagnus> Yes??

[11:20:55] <Nanako> He's been taken to Whitespace!

[11:21:06] <Lagnus> ...oh god

[11:21:31] <Nanako> It was right there in the Menu! I should have deciphered it faster, but...

[11:21:46] <Nanako> I even confirmed it for myself!

[11:21:54] <Lagnus> !!

[11:22:07] <Serra> Well..that's interesting. And unfortunate.

[11:22:34] <Arle Nadja> ...So... any reason you didn't just rescue him like you did Beta and Theta?

[11:22:41] <Nanako> Well, duh... he's not a clone.

[11:22:57] <Lagnus> Yeah.

[11:23:06] <Lagnus> Nor did he die upon entering.

[11:23:14] <Lagnus> So.

[11:23:25] <Lagnus> This presents an interesting dilemma.

[11:23:40] <Charyl> *rubs her temples* So. much. annoying.

[11:23:41] <Keiji> /cue td/uilw

[11:24:09] <Nanako> However...

[11:24:12] <Nanako> -looks around-

[11:24:16] <Nanako> With this many people...

[11:24:30] <Nanako> We should be able to travel to Whitespace and save them the good old fashioned way.

[11:24:55] <Lagnus> ...you mean by directly confronting the Fake Arle?!

[11:25:07] <Nanako> /cue td/uilw

[11:25:14] <Nanako> No, we'll have to try to avoid her if possible.

[11:25:30] <Nanako> I meant as opposed to my cloning the clones.

[11:25:32] <Charyl> Damn straight. That bitch wants us good as dead.

[11:25:46] <Arle Nadja> ...So, what'd you say, Satan?

[11:26:04] <Serra> Please Satan, your world depends on it.

[11:26:14] <Satan> ...Very well.

[11:26:29] <Satan> Follow me.

[11:26:35] <Satan> /cue td/uilw

[11:26:48] <Satan> [Satan leads everyone inside the Castle, down a very long set of spiral stairs]

[11:27:10] <Lagnus> (Stairs, man)

[11:27:21] <Satan> [And everyone appears in a room with 12 chambers arranged in a circle.]

[11:27:52] <Satan> Marcus prepared this aeons ago, but we never used it.

[11:27:56] <Satan> /cue td/uilw

[11:28:01] <Camus> Holy moly...

[11:28:11] <Satan> Luckily, we don't need to use all of them at once.

[11:28:38] <Lagnus> Luckily enough.

[11:28:53] <Satan> However... once we go to Whitespace, the only way back is to tear it up from the inside.

[11:29:04] <Satan> You have the power to do that, right, Nanako?

[11:29:29] <Nanako> ...Not by myself. I'll need Lord Marcus' help.

[11:29:34] <Nanako> /cue td/uilw

[11:29:44] <Arle Nadja> So if we go...

[11:29:49] <Arle Nadja> our lives depend on us finding Marcus.

[11:29:59] <Akkie> Keiji can program a loop for cued music?

[11:30:02] <Serra> Indeed. It's a risky gamble.

[11:30:09] <Keiji> That's something I want to do, Akkie

[11:30:19] <Arle Nadja> What does everyone think?

[11:30:24] <Akkie> You can, or can't?

[11:30:33] <Keiji> I don't know yet

[11:31:00] <Lagnus> Well...I'm in, if you are, Arle. I want to rescue those spirits, but Fake Arle can't be up to any good if she's imprisoned Lord Marcus.

[11:31:13] <Nanako> /cue fe/743

[11:31:26] <Charyl> You're kidding me...

[11:31:40] <Camus> I have to make it up to them somehow for my blunder.

[11:31:41] <Nanako> I'm in. I couldn't do anything else after reading what I read in the Menu.

[11:32:16] <Harpy> I don't mind, whatever you decide Arle♪

[11:32:30] <Serra> I shall go too. After all, this Marcus fellow sounds integral in preserving the planet, which is my job.~♥

[11:32:35] <Satan> I'll go. I want my right hand man back!

[11:32:44] <Charyl> Ok fien I'll go. >:T

[11:32:50] <Cirno> Eye'm the strongest, nothing can stop me!

[11:33:02] <Arle Nadja> /cue fe/743

[11:33:13] <Arle Nadja> Well, since everyone's doing this...

[11:33:18] <Arle Nadja> Let's go for it, Satan.

[11:33:23] <Akkie> If Cirno uses "eye", shouldn't Komachi, too?

[11:33:43] <Keiji> Why? I didn't know Komachi was a baka too

[11:33:57] <Akkie> She and Cirno use "atai".

[11:34:00] <Satan> Then, everyone take their positions in the chambers!

[11:34:03] <Chao> Daichi no baka

[11:34:07] <Satan> /cue fe/743

[11:34:16] <Lagnus> *Does as commanded*

[11:34:32] <Serra> *Float into chamber. Et. Al*

[11:34:35] <Cirno> -somehow knows how to stand -- or, float -- in a chamber-

[11:34:45] <Harpy> -Also hovers in a chamber-

[11:34:59] <Arle Nadja> -she and Nanako walk nonchalently into chambers-

[11:35:20] <Charyl> *gets in a chamber and pouts*

[11:35:24] <Satan> -glare at Charyl-

[11:35:41] <Satan> -after Camus enters his chamber, Satan is the last one in-

[11:35:58] <Keiji> [Suddenly, everyone disappears in a flash of light]

[11:36:07] <Keiji> And, we'll continue with those after a diversion to Mikki's group

[11:36:09] <Nanako> 4

[11:36:10] <Arle Nadja> 4

[11:36:11] <Harpy> 4

[11:36:12] <Satan> 4

[11:36:12] <Cirno> 4

[11:36:13] <Camus> 4

[11:36:15] <Lagnus> 4

[11:36:16] <Charyl> 4

[11:36:17] <Serra> 4

[11:36:22] <Keiji> So, epic?

[11:36:28] <Chao> Indeed

[11:36:31] <Keiji> I really wanted to use that music.

[11:36:33] <Akkie> With all the music...

[11:36:37] <Akkie> The epic has been doubled.

[11:36:40] <Keiji> Hehe

[11:36:59] <Akkie> (If ponies made more sense, "the [x] has been doubled" would be a meme here.)

[11:37:03] <Chao> I still haven't cued my other PW remix I made for this episode yet

[11:37:12] <Chao> Anyway

[11:37:21] <Tech> 3

[11:37:23] <Keiji> So, as mentioned before, Ringo, Mikki, Delta and Tech are at the shrine.

[11:37:28] <Keiji> Where's my character in this?!

[11:37:30] <Ringo> 3

[11:37:38] <Mikki> 3

[11:37:42] <Lam> 3

[11:37:51] <Chao> Maybe Theta and Witch could catch up with them or something

[11:38:27] <Keiji> I'll brb to get lunch

[11:38:29] <Keiji> you guys can start

[11:38:34] <Keiji> I might join in with someone later

[11:38:54] <Chao> /cue yt/iwyr31B0d1Y

[11:39:17] <Mikki> Anyone has any idea which direction to take?

[11:39:20] <Mikki> Or suggestions?

[11:39:29] <Ringo> Not a clue...

[11:39:59] <Lam> Maybe if we got the Menu, we'd know where.

[11:40:05] <Lam> Or guess, I GUESS.

[11:40:10] <Tech> We could always go south, I guess. That's usually a good direction to take.

[11:40:30] <Tech> It always works when I'm playing JRPGs. *shrug*

[11:40:47] <Mikki> ... yes... we could try that.

[11:41:02] <Ringo> Well..it's better than nothing.

[11:41:16] <Ringo> Southward ho!

[11:42:30] <Draco> 3

[11:42:37] <Draco> -appears before they can make any progress-

[11:42:52] <Tech> Aw what.

[11:42:59] <Lam> Bah.

[11:43:01] <Ringo> Draco?? o_O

[11:43:11] <Mikki> Which direction, Draco?

[11:43:25] <Ringo> Like she would know, Mikki.

[11:43:28] <Draco> /cue yt/QFphw8okPhM

[11:43:37] <Draco> I knew you'd be here!

[11:43:46] <Draco> (to Riongo)

[11:43:48] <Draco> *Ringo

[11:43:55] <Draco> (So much red in chat...)

[11:43:59] <Lam> -latches to Draco-

[11:44:02] <Draco> :I

[11:44:04] <Tech> *grin* Is she your stalker, Ringo?

[11:44:06] <Draco> 6 c-'2'+'6'

[11:44:11] <Ringo> N-No!

[11:44:20] <Lam> Don't leave us stranded like a while ago again!

[11:44:21] <Ringo> She's just a friend.

[11:44:24] <Draco> Sure?

[11:44:28] <Ringo> ...with creepy resources.

[11:44:32] <Mikki> Err...

[11:44:39] <Mikki> Well... long story.

[11:44:43] <Mikki> Both the Draco and the latching.

[11:44:46] <Draco> You know my plans fell through.

[11:44:47] <Ringo> I don't know how the factor you found us.

[11:44:54] <Ringo> But here we are.

[11:44:55] <Draco> And so did yours, it looks like!

[11:45:10] <Tech> Yeah, I guess so.

[11:45:31] <Draco> So what's say you come back, Ringo-chan?

[11:45:32] <Draco> :3

[11:45:44] <Ringo> Come back where?

[11:45:47] <Lam> Nooo! Don't leave us stranded and fewer~!!!

[11:45:48] <Ringo> :o

[11:45:48] <Draco> To meee~

[11:45:54] <Ringo> ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

[11:45:59] <Lam> -keeps latching-

[11:46:04] <Draco> ...

[11:46:12] <Draco> -pushes Lam off of her, like, fianlly-

[11:46:22] <Mikki> -shoosh-pap Lam-

[11:46:23] <Draco> /cue yt/QFphw8okPhM

[11:46:26] <Tech> *snickers at this*

[11:46:40] <Draco> Come on Ringo. I'll give you a skyride again, you know you can't resist that~!

[11:46:57] <Mikki> Draco~

[11:47:15] <Ringo> Flying with you is fun, yeah, but what are you like trying to say you plus me equals a relationship? I don't swing that way you know...;;

[11:47:26] <Ringo> Or maybe you don't and I've been giving you the wrong numbers.

[11:47:31] <Draco> You totally did~

[11:47:39] <Draco> Or are you amnesiac or something now?

[11:47:59] <Ringo> Well shoot me and call me swiss cheese.

[11:48:18] <Draco> I'd have to be a yandere to do that

[11:48:19] <Tech> ...she's totally hot, but she wants the girl. ;_;

[11:48:38] <Mikki> Well, sorry~

[11:48:43] <Ringo> Yeah, don't be yandere Draco.

[11:49:00] <Lam> You know how many tragedies come out of that, right?

[11:49:17] <Draco> /cue yt/QFphw8okPhM

[11:49:20] <Ringo> But seriously. Even if I did...well...you know. I just don't know how you and I would solve the equation. You know?

[11:49:21] <Draco> /cue yt/QFphw8okPhM

[11:50:09] <Ringo> Really, I'm trying to be polite about this...and not embarrass myself in front of the only guy for miles.

[11:50:22] <Draco> There are guys here?

[11:50:28] <Draco> -looks at Tech-

[11:50:29] <Draco> Oh.

[11:50:34] <Tech> *spitake*

[11:50:38] <Tech> Hello?!

[11:50:43] <Mikki> Draco... Draco... DracoDracoDraco...

[11:51:07] <Draco> You have a crush on me, don't you.

[11:51:14] <Mikki> no.

[11:51:21] <Draco> @tech

[11:51:24] <Mikki> Just what drove you here?

[11:51:33] <Tech> Me? I sure do. But Who wouldn't? You're totally friggen hot.

[11:51:42] <Draco> --

[11:51:44] <Draco> -blush-

[11:51:48] <Draco> Well, thanks for the compliment!

[11:52:16] <Draco> /cue yt/QFphw8okPhM

[11:52:20] <Ringo> She DOES win most of the beauty pageants around these parts...

[11:52:23] <Lam> With your moxie, you'd have good negotiations with the ladies and the gentlemen, yeah, yeah...

[11:52:58] <Draco> I guess I'll just travel with you guys for a while again, then~

[11:53:11] <Draco> No need to decide on the pairings right off the bat~

[11:53:18] <Mikki> -gives up asking-

[11:53:22] <Tech> Good. We were just on our way to god knows where.

[11:53:24] <Tech> Right guys?

[11:53:32] <Ringo> More or less.

[11:53:50] <Mikki> Pretty much, before Draco-nee-nee showed up.

[11:53:53] <Keiji> What altars are left?

[11:54:12] <Chao> Electricity, Water, and Wind

[11:54:23] <Keiji> After Draco and Harpy, I think the other three should also be associated with a "race", and a member of that race should be present.

[11:54:41] <Chao> Unda and Seririrrrrrrrrr lololol

[11:54:43] <Chao> *bricked*

[11:54:47] <Keiji> yesplz

[11:54:54] <Mikki> Who's Unda?

[11:54:55] <Keiji> It gives her screentime doesn't it ? :P

[11:55:02] <Akkie> sdfasfsadasdfas

[11:55:03] <Keiji> I hope that was nickfail

[11:55:04] <Chao> Indeed.

[11:55:04] <Akkie> Oops/

[11:55:11] <Keiji> /cue yt/QFphw8okPhM

[11:55:19] <Akkie> Thank yeh gods, then.

[11:55:19] <Keiji> For Electricity I was thinking Witch.

[11:55:23] <Akkie> No need to pray to him.

[11:55:23] <Keiji> Which leaves Wind.

[11:55:31] <Chao> Sho

[11:55:33] <Akkie> What are Sirens associated with?

[11:55:40] <Chao> Uh...

[11:55:48] <Chao> Wind is hard...

[11:55:54] <Akkie> Rider's not from Madou.

[11:55:58] <Akkie> That's a pickle.

[11:55:58] <Keiji> Wind is often associated with intelligence or psychics.

[11:56:21] <Keiji> Do we have anyone from Madou that would fit that.

[11:56:24] <Keiji> ...

[11:56:39] <Akkie> -check list-

[11:56:45] <Chao> um

[11:57:09] <Chao> ...Chico?

[11:57:36] <Chao> She has a magic staff, and she's of a human hybrid species that isn't clear.

[11:57:56] <Chao> Not really sure if that counts as psychic, but she can control Dragon as a pet.

[11:58:02] <Keiji> Oh god yes

[11:58:03] <Chao> *shrug*

[11:58:18] <Chao> Also, Witch, Draco, Seriri and Chico are the yon Party Members

[11:58:25] <Chao> so we have a perfect period five

[11:58:26] <Chao> lmao

[11:58:39] <Akkie> Not Harpy, though.

[11:58:51] <Akkie> (I typed that as Herpy first.)

[11:58:58] <Akkie> (And thought of Derpy Hooves.)

[11:59:07] <Chao> I thought of something nastier

[11:59:11] <Chao> anyway

[11:59:21] <Keiji> http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/Soap-Bubble/Puyo%20Puyo%20YON/ChicoStory1.png Yes?

[11:59:31] <Chao> That'd be her

[11:59:45] <Keiji> Sounds good

[11:59:50] <Keiji> That means you need to draw her then

[11:59:57] <Chao> lol

[12:00:09] <Chao> Should be interesting.

[12:00:38] <Keiji> So in any case, they need to meet up with either Witch, Seriri or Chico.

[12:00:53] <Akkie> Witch is on that tree.

[12:00:57] <Keiji> With Draco around, Seriri's a nono at the moment.

[12:01:06] <Chao> lmao

[12:01:08] <Akkie> With the cottage.

[12:01:22] <Akkie> Baking muffins with Schezo.

[12:01:27] <Chao> ahfjashfa

[12:01:28] <Keiji> Maybe they should just randomly meet Chico?

[12:01:38] <Chao> Perhaps so.

[12:01:45] <Akkie> Yes.

[12:01:54] <Keiji> In that case

[12:01:57] <Keiji> /cue fe/713

[12:02:03] <Keiji> Let's go.

[12:02:26] <Tech> So...southward ho! Again...does anyone even use "ho" like that anymore?

[12:02:36] <Draco> Pirates?

[12:02:51] <Lam> Southwards, away!

[12:02:53] <Ringo> I guess so.

[12:03:07] <Tech> Well, I'm already a Pirate because I have utorrent...

[12:03:10] <Tech> *shrug*

[12:03:12] <Draco> Hush.

[12:03:24] <Draco> I guess I'm following you guys then, this time~

[12:03:34] <Mikki> Great!

[12:03:40] <Chao> [Thus they proceed in that general direction until they stumble upon Rulue's Mansion. It's looking a bit trashier than usual though...as if it's been ransacked or something.]

[12:03:54] <Mikki> That sure is a nice mansion.

[12:04:01] <Mikki> It's too bad something bad happened to it.

[12:04:14] <Draco> Hey, it's Rulue's Mansion...

[12:04:22] <Draco> Someone must've gotten really mad I guess.

[12:04:26] <Ringo> Wonder what happened.

[12:04:32] <Lam> Rulue?

[12:04:36] <Rider> 3

[12:04:41] <Rider> *comes out screaming*


[12:04:51] <Draco> 6 c-'6'+'2'

[12:04:57] <Ringo> 6 c-'2'+'12'

[12:05:02] <Ringo> 6 c-'12'+'4'

[12:05:03] <Ringo> 6 c-'4'+'11'

[12:05:03] <Mikki> Rider!

[12:05:07] <Ringo> 6 c-'11'+'4'

[12:05:10] <Keiji> There we go

[12:05:22] <Ringo> What the...

[12:05:28] <Draco> Rider!

[12:05:38] <Draco> -hugs Rider just like all those episodes ago back in Subete-

[12:05:41] <Rider> *cling to Draco* I-It's horrible! Just h-horrible awful!

[12:05:51] <Draco> Calm down, Rider... what happened?

[12:06:36] <Rider> *sob* A fake Arle ambushed u-us and she k-kidnapped that G-Gypsum girl and S-Sig and Ms. A-Accord and R-Rulue...oh my god they're all so hurt.

[12:06:54] <Draco> Fake Arle?!

[12:06:55] <Rider> So very hurt! I hid b-but she hurt the others...

[12:06:59] <Draco> She gets everywhere, doesn't she?

[12:07:11] <Lam> Fake Arley?

[12:07:26] <Mikki> It's OK, Rider. She would've taken you as well...

[12:07:26] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:07:26] <Ringo> What the factor? I thought she was helping the real Arle out back a couple months ago in the Tournament...

[12:07:34] <Mikki> And not be able to inform us.

[12:07:37] <Ringo> Should've known she'd be a bitch.

[12:07:52] <Lam> Well, she commissioned Ekoro for Zeta.

[12:08:01] <Tech> Well, ransacking people's expensive houses is not cool.

[12:08:18] <Ringo> Wait...What?!

[12:08:18] <Draco> Indeed... That's NO good.

[12:08:22] <Lam> She seems to be a windbag.

[12:08:25] <Lam> She won't care~

[12:08:37] <Draco> At least you're safe, Rider.

[12:08:45] <Mikki> ... I've only heard of that today.

[12:08:51] <Rider> I know...b-but the others...

[12:09:01] <Draco> We'll save them.

[12:09:05] <Draco> Won't we, Ringo?

[12:09:06] <Rider> Sig e-even transformed...but he was still no match for her.

[12:09:25] <Ringo> It sounds like the others just got hurt and that Gypsum was the only one captured.

[12:09:30] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:09:50] <Ringo> But regardless, of course we'll help!

[12:10:06] <Mikki> Is the fake Arle still in there?

[12:10:18] <Draco> Better hope not, she's a force to be reckoned with!

[12:10:37] <Tech> If she was, that'd be kinda dumb, except not really because it'd sound like she'd beat the shit out of us.

[12:10:50] <Rider> No...S-She's gone.

[12:10:50] <Draco> Come on, let's go in.

[12:10:59] <Lam> Tha's good! -scoots inside-

[12:11:06] <Draco> -starts to search the site for Sig, Accord and Rulue-

[12:11:11] <Sig> 3

[12:11:26] <Mikki> Sig!

[12:11:32] <Sig> *on the ground, all beat up, cut and bleeding. He's just reverted from Black Sig form* nngh...

[12:11:37] <Draco> Sig!!!

[12:11:43] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:11:59] <Sig> Draco...? Is that you....? Everything hurts....

[12:12:03] <Lam> -looking for the others-

[12:12:05] <Sig> augh!

[12:12:11] <Mikki> -healing spell Sig-

[12:12:19] <Draco> Oh no... Where's a medic when you need them!-- Oh, thanks Mikki~

[12:12:32] <Tech> That's usefull. :U

[12:12:54] <Ms. Accord> 3

[12:12:59] <Mikki> This kind of wound's not much at all~

[12:12:59] <Ms. Accord> iyaa.....

[12:13:10] <Lam> This is...

[12:13:21] <Sig> Thanks, Mikki. *he hugs Rider to comfort her*

[12:13:50] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:13:52] <Ms. Accord> What a rude little not-clone...

[12:14:08] <Ms. Accord> *She stumbles to her feet* Hello everyone.

[12:14:16] <Lam> Hello?

[12:14:33] <Ringo> Damn. She's got a lot of guts.

[12:14:39] <Draco> Just Rulue left to find now.

[12:14:52] <Ms. Accord> My injuries aren't as bad as Sig's or Rulue's.

[12:15:04] <Rulue> 3

[12:15:12] <Rulue> kyuuuuuuuUUUUUU!!

[12:15:19] <Rulue> I can't believe it!

[12:15:29] <Rulue> That Arle...

[12:15:35] <Mikki> Rulue!

[12:15:38] <Draco> Calm down, Ms. Rulue. Mikki can heal you.

[12:15:44] <Draco> And that wasn't Arle. It was an impostor.

[12:15:57] <Rulue> Well...if it isn't the last people I expected to help me.

[12:15:57] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:16:00] <Lam> -runs to blue-haired lady whose name she knows not-

[12:16:16] <Lam> -to heal-

[12:16:16] <Tech> Hey, take what you can get.

[12:16:16] <Draco> Last people you expected..?

[12:16:32] <Tech> You're lucky we even went this way at all.

[12:17:00] <Rulue> Anyhow...

[12:17:19] <Rulue> Whatever she was, she wrecked my house and made off with my house guest!

[12:17:37] <Draco> Guest? You had business with Gypsum-san?

[12:17:55] <Rulue> She was Darling Satan's secretary once, yes?

[12:18:00] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:18:05] <Ringo> And Angol Mois'

[12:18:09] <Draco> Indeed.

[12:18:40] <Sig> She said something about a vessel...but I don't think she meant the ones in our bodies.

[12:18:57] <Lam> ... which "she"?

[12:19:06] <Sig> Not-Arle.

[12:19:16] <Lam> Ah, yes.

[12:19:30] <Lam> She had been clamoring about a vessel since before Omega happened.

[12:19:37] <Ringo> ...whaaaaat

[12:19:42] <Lam> As in, came out of her test tube.

[12:19:55] <Draco> Statis Capsule, Lam.

[12:20:00] <Ms. Accord> Oh dear...this is quite a set up she has then, isn't it?

[12:20:02] <Draco> *Stasis

[12:20:07] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:20:13] <Lam> Yes, that.

[12:20:39] <Tech> Don't you just hate it when the bad guys've got their shit figured out?

[12:20:44] <Lam> Anyway, she had business with Ekoro about some vessel.

[12:21:02] <Mikki> I hate it even more when the bad guys have too much cool swag.

[12:21:24] <Draco> Yeah, like, whatever happened to Nanako and the FGF Research Co.? And before that, our lovely ADMA HQ?

[12:21:36] <Ringo> They blew up. All of them.

[12:21:41] <Lam> Also, you all remember Zeta, right?

[12:21:44] <Draco> Now we've got next to nothing, and Not-Arle's got everything!

[12:21:45] <Lam> Aru-Zeta?

[12:22:03] <Draco> What about her?

[12:22:08] <Sig> I do.

[12:22:10] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:22:15] <Lam> She's not the only Zeta.

[12:22:20] <Draco> :o?!

[12:22:27] <Ms. Accord> Oooh??

[12:22:31] <Lam> But... the first one was a failure.

[12:22:33] <Tech> The plot thickens.

[12:23:11] <Draco> Come on, we've got to do something rather than just standing here talking.

[12:23:20] <Tech> I know right?

[12:23:25] <Lam> Like taking everyone to a safer place?

[12:23:37] <Draco> Fake Arle got what she wanted - Gypsum.

[12:23:37] <Tech> I'd be mashing the A button right now if I could

[12:23:42] <Draco> So I doubt she'd come back here again.

[12:23:44] <Mikki> There's more than enough for that...

[12:23:51] <Draco> just to hurt Rulue and co again.

[12:24:08] <Lam> Well, whatever her agenda, she was a windbag.

[12:24:19] <Lam> Calling Omega a piece of junk or whatever?

[12:24:19] <Draco> Lam, could you fix Rulue's house? We need every outpost we can get.

[12:24:20] <Draco> /cue fe/732

[12:24:21] <Rulue> If she tries she'll get a Jou Ranbuo in the face.

[12:24:38] <Lam> And that ended up how?

[12:25:02] <Ringo> Uh...Lam, can you fix Rulue's Mansion up?

[12:25:39] <Ringo> You fixed the holes Daichi put in your roof

[12:26:23] <Lam> ... that'd mean having to inhabit this mansion for a while.

[12:26:37] <Keiji> /cue yt/-1NIAdwL7lk

[12:26:44] <Tech> I'm sort of kinda think that's our plan?

[12:26:52] <Keiji> Because I couldn't think of anything better and was getting a bit bored of 732.

[12:27:02] <Chao> lol

[12:27:11] <Draco> Would that be okay with you, Lam?

[12:27:25] <Lam> Well...

[12:27:27] <Draco> Mikki, Tech, Rider and Sig can come with Ringo and I.

[12:27:43] <Tech> Hell yeah~

[12:27:49] <Lam> -shrugs- There are always mushrooms to come by and say hi...

[12:28:14] <Ms. Accord> It's okay Lam. You'll have plenty of company to ramble to while you fix things up.

[12:28:28] <Draco> Yeah, you're okay keeping Lam company, right, Sensei?

[12:28:33] <Mikki> Yes, PLENTY!

[12:28:39] <Ms. Accord> Of course~♪

[12:29:36] <Lam> :T -vrooms off to a random, spot in the mansion that took quite a lot of damage-

[12:29:48] <Draco> Okay, then it's decided. Let's go!

[12:29:54] <Sig> Yay

[12:30:02] <Ringo> Alright then

[12:30:06] <Lam> If I'm not here, I'm at the cottage~!

[12:30:12] <Draco> See you later, Lam.

[12:30:16] <Mikki> Sure, sure!

[12:30:30] <Mikki> See you all later~

[12:30:53] <Akkie> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGwL97BRAOE

[12:31:01] <Akkie> When should we cue this music?

[12:31:07] <Ms. Accord> 4

[12:31:09] <Rulue> 4

[12:31:44] <Lam> 4

[12:32:00] <Keiji> Not sure, but it's good, so I'll make a note of it

[12:32:44] <Keiji> /cue yt/cHmKYbiMYUQ

[12:33:02] <Tech> So, which direction should we go this time?

[12:33:29] <Mikki> Well, you said southwards.

[12:33:35] <Chico> 5 n+'Chico' c+'3' s+''

[12:33:40] <Chico> 3

[12:33:48] <Chico> -appears before anyone can decide where to go-

[12:33:52] <Sig> :o

[12:33:59] <Rider> Iya!

[12:34:01] <Mikki> It's a pattern! >:T

[12:34:14] <Mikki> So, hi!

[12:34:17] <Chico> Um... hi?

[12:34:24] <Ringo> Hello.

[12:34:46] <Tech> We don't bite or anything.

[12:34:47] <Keiji> (I think we're chronologically after Yon now)

[12:34:58] <Chico> --Draco, right? Long time no see...

[12:35:02] <Draco> !

[12:35:11] <Draco> Hey, hey, if it isn't Chico!

[12:35:14] <Ringo> Wait, you two know each other?

[12:35:23] <Mikki> Since when?

[12:35:25] <Draco> We met at some silly carnival a while ago.

[12:35:39] <Tech> Carnivals are weird like that.

[12:35:58] <Mikki> At some sillier-than-silly carnival?

[12:36:06] <Draco> Yes, sillier-than-silly.

[12:36:09] <Draco> So, what brings you here?

[12:36:23] <Chico> Nothing really, I was just wandering...

[12:36:36] <Ringo> That was anticlimatic...

[12:36:37] <Chico> But I found this weird... place...

[12:36:46] <Ringo> ...or not!

[12:36:55] <Sig> What kind of place?

[12:37:05] <Draco> 4

[12:37:05] <Chico> 4

[12:37:05] <Keiji> 7

[12:37:08] <Keiji> 7

[12:37:12] <Keiji> wat

[12:37:20] <Keiji> /cue yt/cHmKYbiMYUQ

[12:37:42] <Chico> 3

[12:37:46] <Draco> 3

[12:38:47] <Keiji> (Before I do anything else, where are we on the map right now?)

[12:39:04] <Keiji> Oh, Rulue's Mansion. Derp.

[12:39:06] <Chao> http://cw.nanako.cc/dl/CV3M08G382Q6JDY1K7M02FVG4A.png Rulue's Mansion

[12:39:07] <Chao> lol

[12:39:29] <Chico> It was a... lighthouse, I guess? Quite a way south of here...

[12:39:41] <Draco> Did you say south? Look at that, you were right Tech!

[12:39:58] <Mikki> :D

[12:40:04] <Tech> Well, whaddya know? I'm pretty cool.

[12:40:15] <Draco> Sounds like it might contain another Altar...

[12:40:24] <Draco> Would you take us there?

[12:40:30] <Chico> Sure, I don't see why not~

[12:40:39] <Ringo> Great!

[12:40:43] <Mikki> Then let's go, then~

[12:40:49] <Keiji> [And so everyone heads off to the South edge of the map]

[12:40:54] <Keiji> To the sea!

[12:41:09] <Keiji> Well, actually... to a cliff.

[12:41:24] <Chao> [Another fucking mountain, to be precise]

[12:41:35] <Keiji> No, it's not a mountain

[12:41:38] <Keiji> Just a cliff on the sea

[12:41:40] <Keiji> Witha lighthouse.

[12:41:54] <Akkie> Ponyo on the cliff by the sea.

[12:41:58] <Akkie> Or what was it again?

[12:41:59] <Keiji> Ponyo?

[12:42:18] <Akkie> Just a Ghibli show.

[12:42:21] <Akkie> Er... movie.

[12:42:35] <Keiji> /cue yt/Q2Gdske6FPk

[12:42:42] <Draco> Look, there it is!

[12:43:16] <Tech> It looks more like a creepy tower than a Lighthouse to me. But whatever it is we're going in.

[12:43:32] <Keiji> How'd you like the music?

[12:43:43] <Chao> It's awesome

[12:43:46] <Mikki> It'd be cool...

[12:43:52] <Chao> but then again it's Motoi Sakuraba.

[12:43:55] <Chao> xD

[12:43:58] <Akkie> ... if it was not loading too much.

[12:44:08] <Akkie> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nickfail

[12:44:20] <Keiji> This is actually for the Venus Lighthouse, which would be Earth

[12:44:25] <Ringo> So, what are we waiting for then? Let's get inside!

[12:44:26] <Keiji> The Jupiter Lighthouse would be Wind...

[12:44:39] <Keiji> but we only have ONE lighthouse, for Wind, and apparently the Venus Lighthouse had the best music.

[12:44:42] <Keiji> So whocare.

[12:45:00] <Sig> Just like old times...right Rider?

[12:45:02] <Mikki> Onwards, then!

[12:45:10] <Rider> I guess so...

[12:45:35] <Keiji> [Everyone enters the Lighthouse to find Ghosts in here...]

[12:45:51] <Chico> ...This is as far as I got... they just threw me back.

[12:46:08] <Tech> Hm...

[12:46:33] <Tech> Oddly familiar.

[12:46:49] <Tech> Except...we can't turn invisible to avoid their detection.

[12:47:19] <Ghost> 6 c-'4'+'9'

[12:48:36] <Draco> So... I wonder what we should do to beat them..?

[12:48:40] <Mikki> Well, they don't possess, do they?

[12:48:58] <Chico> No, I think they are just here to get in your way.

[12:49:11] <Ringo> Sounds like all of our old enemies

[12:49:35] <Mikki> I was hoping we won't need a flute~

[12:49:47] <Ghost> 3

[12:50:15] <Sig> Maybe if I threw a magic spell at the wall they'd all pay attention to it?...

[12:50:51] <Mikki> ... I wonder...

[12:51:51] <Tech> Yeah?

[12:52:16] <Tech> I guess whatever you two've got is worth a shot. I don't see any better options opening up soon.

[12:52:31] <Mikki> That magic spell will drive them to find a source, though...

[12:53:33] <Draco> Well, we haven't got all day.

[12:53:43] <Draco> It'd be faster to find freakin Panotty...

[12:53:58] <Mikki> Where is the poor thing?

[12:54:39] <Panotty> 3

[12:54:41] <Panotty> You called?

[12:54:47] <Sig> Ah?

[12:54:49] <Draco> What'd I tell you.

[12:55:06] <Mikki> How convenient!

[12:55:11] <Tech> ...So Santa's Helper is here to help?

[12:55:13] <Panotty> *fluty fluty fluty~*

[12:55:30] <Panotty> [All the Ghosts turn into sheets of paper and fall to the ground motionless]

[12:55:38] <Draco> Well, that was easy..

[12:55:39] <Tech> ...O_O

[12:55:47] <Sig> Yay!

[12:55:47] <Draco> Come on, let's not waste time.

[12:55:49] <Ghost> 4

[12:55:56] <Ringo> Yeah, let's go

[12:56:01] <Draco> *walks through the hall and up the stairs*

[12:56:03] <Ringo> Before they come back or something

[12:56:07] <Panotty> 4

[12:56:09] <Ringo> *follows hastily*

[12:56:20] <Tech> *Also following*

[12:56:25] <Tech> *et. al.*

[12:56:26] <Draco> ...

[12:56:27] <Draco> really?

[12:56:29] <Draco> Was that it?

[12:56:36] <Draco> [They arrive in the Altar room.]

[12:56:37] <Mikki> -starts going in further-

[12:57:25] <Ecolo> 3

[12:57:31] <Ecolo> Uh...

[12:57:33] <Mikki> 4

[12:57:33] <Akkie> 7

[12:57:35] <Draco> You again?

[12:57:42] <Ecolo> Me? Of course~

[12:57:45] <Mikki> 3

[12:57:50] <Ecolo> /cue yt/qh9IRMwYU8A

[12:58:00] <Keiji> THAT'S NOT HIS THEME

[12:58:02] <Ecolo> Yay unfitting music!

[12:58:08] <Keiji> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[12:58:09] <Mikki> What's your deal?

[12:58:14] <Ecolo> Anyway.

[12:58:35] <The Infomaniac> 3

[12:58:38] <The Infomaniac> FINALLY FOUND YOU!

[12:58:40] <Ecolo> I wasn't expecting you lot at all. But the fact that you're all a bunch of losers will make this a ball!

[12:58:45] <The Infomaniac> You who steals my music!

[12:58:53] <The Infomaniac> 6 s-'Bald'+''

[12:59:21] <Mikki> "Losers"?

[12:59:24] <Ecolo> Oh be quiet you brick man. Your "theme" is in the first game when DirectX 5 crashes.

[12:59:39] <The Infomaniac> Ah, now I didn't say it was my theme did I?

[12:59:40] <Mikki> Coming from he who was beaten up, once.

[12:59:51] <The Infomaniac> I had to put up with this music for HOURS in LI2!

[12:59:55] <The Infomaniac> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[12:59:59] <The Infomaniac> So how is it not mine?

[13:00:17] <Mikki> And uses falty software.

[13:00:20] <The Infomaniac> And stop blaming me for Microsoft's rubbish coding skills.

[13:00:21] <Ecolo> Um...because I stole it that's why. Isn't that good enough reason?

[13:00:29] <The Infomaniac> :u

[13:00:32] <Ecolo> Anyway.

[13:00:36] <Mikki> -shield magic self-

[13:00:49] <Ecolo> Behind me is something important you see, but you'll never get to it without getting past me.

[13:00:50] <The Infomaniac> I won't forget this!

[13:00:52] <The Infomaniac> 4

[13:01:12] <Ecolo> And if you think you could beat me...well...EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE~☆

[13:01:35] <Draco> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[13:01:35] <Tech> Yawn. All you do is talk.

[13:01:56] <Mikki> Before you start being a rant...

[13:01:59] <Ecolo> Talking is better than walking.

[13:02:01] <Mikki> What're doing here?

[13:02:20] <Ecolo> Protecting what is important to Arley...before she whips me again.

[13:02:22] <Ecolo> ;w;

[13:03:05] <Mikki> ... then I guess your version of me was right.

[13:03:20] <Ecolo> Or maybe she's left?

[13:03:20] <Draco> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[13:03:29] <Ecolo> Anyway.

[13:03:33] <Mikki> Well, depending on which "Arley".

[13:03:45] <Mikki> She called one a windbag~

[13:04:05] <Ecolo> Are you gonna die trying to kill me? Or are you gonna run away and scream like little japanese school children on the day a new movie comes out?

[13:04:30] <Draco> -looks at Rider-

[13:04:35] <Rider> !!

[13:04:50] <Mikki> ... suddenly, you guys are so quiet...

[13:04:53] <Rider> W-Why are you looking at me, Draco?

[13:05:07] <Draco> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0


[13:05:22] <Ecolo> That's spoilerific.

[13:05:57] <Mikki> ... is this a boss fight, or...

[13:06:02] <Ecolo> *hurls a black blob at Mikki* Now stop putting words in other people's mouths

[13:06:07] <Draco> /cue yt/p8QHZBD3itM

[13:06:22] <Ecolo> YAY MORE UNFITTING MUSIC :D

[13:06:23] <Draco> Say, I've been thinking.

[13:06:33] <Draco> It's about time you woke up, isn't it?

[13:06:40] <Draco> (At Rider)

[13:06:45] <Mikki> -shield softens but doesn't erase-

[13:06:48] <Rider> O-Oh...me??

[13:06:58] <Draco> You can use lightning magic.

[13:07:02] <Mikki> B-bah...

[13:07:03] <Draco> Why does everyone think you're weak?

[13:07:12] <Rider> B-because I am?

[13:07:20] <Sig> No!

[13:07:22] <Draco> Because you say you are...

[13:07:29] <Draco> Maybe if you stopped thinking like that

[13:07:32] <Mikki> Exactly, Ringo.

[13:07:35] <Draco> you could achieve greatness!

[13:07:46] <Mikki> ...

[13:07:49] <Draco> (Also, this music is totally fitting.)

[13:07:52] <Mikki> An impediment to deal with...

[13:07:54] <Tech> Yeah man, low self esteem isn't healthy.

[13:08:20] <Rider> Well...here I go then...

[13:08:25] <Ecolo> Eh?...

[13:08:33] <Rider> T-Tempest!!

[13:09:06] <Rider> *A huge storm cloud appears over Ecolo and lightning starts to electrocute him*

[13:09:15] <Ecolo> Blargh!!

[13:09:26] <Keiji> What are Chico's powers?

[13:09:40] <Mikki> See? If you were weak, you wouldn't faze him that much!

[13:09:45] <Mikki> Draco, do I have permission?

[13:09:51] <Draco> Permission?

[13:10:01] <Chao> Uh...I can't seem to remember any specific spells, other than Gaia Cube. (Her Super)

[13:10:02] <Mikki> To magic his ass~

[13:10:06] <Draco> Go ahead.

[13:10:22] <Draco> Meanwhile, let's see if we can get this seal opened!

[13:10:39] <Mikki> Santa Vendette!

[13:10:58] <Draco> *Firebreaths the altar.*

[13:11:00] <Mikki> -star shaped projectiles, really bright, rush at Ekoro-

[13:11:07] <Draco> Rider, Sig, Ringo... a little help here?

[13:11:15] <Mikki> -David's-star-shape-

[13:11:15] <Draco> /cue yt/QXigTfx5YW0

[13:11:18] <Draco> oops

[13:11:24] <Draco> /cue yt/p8QHZBD3itM

[13:11:28] <Mikki> Tech, what's your poison?

[13:11:33] <Tech> Ah yeah! I've been meaning to test this out! *He loads a CD into the mechanism on his arm* Go, Techno Buster! *He fires a beam from the very mechanism at the Altar*

[13:11:48] <Keiji> wait

[13:11:49] <Akkie> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAKkw71ff3U&feature=related

[13:11:52] <Keiji> can you make that at ekoro

[13:11:58] <Keiji> Mikki and Tech on Ecolo.

[13:12:04] <Chao> I guess shure

[13:12:31] <Rider> R-Right! *She starts helping out with lightning spells*

[13:13:02] <Ringo> We'll see how tough this barrier is! *Starts firing Cosines*

[13:13:40] <Mikki> -shield spell Tech-

[13:13:40] <Sig> *Jumps right into overkill territory with his Hydrangea spheres*

[13:13:48] <Tech> Thanks!

[13:13:55] <Mikki> -and everyone else, sans Ecola-

[13:14:18] <Ecolo> Argh...this is what happened at the last altar... *He splits into 5 again* Not so fast fools!

[13:14:27] <Mikki> With a psychotic blob like this...

[13:14:36] <Draco> Come on, it's only got to take a little more...

[13:14:44] <Draco> ...Chico?

[13:14:55] <Chico> Well, I dunno what this does, but... Gaia Cube~

[13:14:57] <Mikki> -star projectiles, spread type-

[13:15:12] <Mikki> -at the Ecolos-

[13:15:18] <Chico> -attacks the altar...-

[13:15:29] <Ecolo> *Each Ecolo brandishes a dark sword and leaps for either Tech or Mikki*...*only to be hit by Techno Buster and Star projectiles*

[13:15:38] <Draco> Come on...!

[13:15:45] <Ecolo> STUPID ZEROES!

[13:15:59] <Mikki> I know we are!

[13:15:59] <Draco> Stealing Ringo's quotes now, are we?


[13:16:13] <Mikki> But what are you~!

[13:16:23] <Tech> You're just outnumbered, you sore loser.

[13:16:31] <Mikki> -Santa Vendette again-

[13:16:51] <Chao> [This seal too breaks, releasing Aeris from her prison]

[13:17:10] <Draco> /cue yt/6-zPSN3hmbk

[13:17:20] <Mikki> -mood brightens at the seal breaking-

[13:17:21] <Ecolo> fsjal

[13:17:28] <Draco> Yes!

[13:17:42] <Draco> We did it... without the help of the higher metalevels this time!!

[13:17:58] <Ecolo> These spirits are being unsealed rather rapidly...not so good for Arley....but her plan is almost complete! To top her would be quite a feat!

[13:18:14] <Ecolo> I'm late to go blow up Ringie's planet anyway.

[13:18:19] <Ecolo> Smell you later, losers!

[13:18:21] <Draco> You're going nowhere!

[13:18:23] <Mikki> -swords Ecolo-

[13:18:25] <Ecolo> *Le poof*

[13:18:27] <Ecolo> 4

[13:18:31] <Draco> Ffff....

[13:18:31] <Mikki> -by throwing it-

[13:18:42] <Mikki> -sword passes through Ecolo-

[13:18:43] <Mikki> ... bah.

[13:18:45] <Draco> We let him get away!

[13:18:49] <Mikki> *Ecolo poof

[13:18:53] <Ringo> ...did he just say he was going to blow up my planet?!

[13:18:55] <Draco> And now he's going to blow up Ringo's planet?!!

[13:19:05] <Ringo> Oh my holy factoids

[13:19:11] <Draco> We can't let him do that!

[13:19:18] <Mikki> Was that what that frog was talking about...

[13:19:29] <Tech> Uh...he's really late according to our clock frog thing.

[13:19:43] <Tech> We should've been delaying him hours ago.

[13:19:52] <Draco> Still... two Spirits... three if Arle was successful with the Light Temple...

[13:19:55] <Aeris> 5 n+'Aeris' c+'5' s+''

[13:20:03] <Draco> But, never mind that

[13:20:04] <Mikki> They better be.

[13:20:09] <Draco> We should be saying hello to this one!

[13:20:09] <Mikki> Anyway!

[13:20:12] <Aeris> 3

[13:20:16] <Mikki> -greet Aeris-

[13:20:31] <Aeris> Uwa....what...?

[13:20:39] <Aeris> Have I been unsealed?

[13:20:44] <Draco> What's your name?

[13:20:54] <Aeris> I am Aeris, the Puyo Spirit of the winds.

[13:20:59] <Draco> Aeris, huh... you look kinda like Eltia...

[13:21:13] <Mikki> ... by the way, what happened to Eltia?

[13:21:22] <Ringo> Yeah...kinda.

[13:21:31] <Draco> She... was absorbed.

[13:21:36] <Sig> She's inside Amitie now.

[13:21:53] <Draco> Wait, where is Amitie anyway?

[13:21:54] <Mikki> ... can she still hear from in there?

[13:21:57] <Tech> I'm Tech. We kinda bailed you out.

[13:22:04] <Draco> Don't tell me Fake Arle took her too?!

[13:22:11] <Sig> I hope not.

[13:22:17] <Sig> I'd be really mad if she did.

[13:22:21] <Mikki> She better have not!

[13:22:29] <Draco> She became really powerful...

[13:22:38] <Draco> Surely she could beat Fake Arle... maybe?

[13:22:51] <Aeris> Maybe...

[13:23:01] <Mikki> Well, you guys kept clamoring about some binary system, right?

[13:23:10] <Draco> /cue yt/QCZU9J8iraU

[13:23:21] <Akkie> Music, load faster, plz.

[13:23:26] <Akkie> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuRRe1moVhY&feature=related

[13:23:29] <Aeris> I know naught who neither party is, but their strength must be comparable.

[13:23:59] <Draco> Ne... Aeris.

[13:24:07] <Draco> Any idea how we can stop Ecolo blowing up Ringo's planet?

[13:24:21] <Mikki> Please?

[13:24:53] <Aeris> We can't...Normally that'd be our job, but we were separated from our homeworlds and cornered here. Each of us was assigned to a different planet.

[13:25:15] <Draco> Damnit...

[13:25:28] <Aeris> We can restore the planets if we can defeat him though.

[13:25:43] <Aeris> But as long as he is around destroying planets

[13:25:49] <Draco> That's... not good enough!

[13:26:03] <Aeris> it would do us no good to replenish his Life Energy sources

[13:26:06] <Draco> Nothing's as good as the original.

[13:26:20] <Mikki> ...?

[13:26:21] <Tech> Can't beat an original.

[13:26:37] <Draco> I won't let you recreate the planets.

[13:26:41] <Draco> We've got to save what we can.

[13:26:52] <Ringo> ...@_@;

[13:26:57] <Mikki> ...

[13:27:41] <Sig> Somehow we'll do it...I wonder what Not-Arle is up to, anyway?

[13:27:47] <Keiji> /cue fe/749

[13:27:50] <Keiji> Dunno how appropriate this is.

[13:27:55] <Mikki> Well, even if originality doesn't matter.

[13:28:11] <Mikki> Can't let Ecolo succeed at getting this part of the menu...

[13:28:46] <Draco> Would it be... to much to ask... just to gather everyone we can and defeat Ecolo once and for all?

[13:29:04] <Aeris> Not at all, actually.

[13:29:14] <Aeris> I can sense Charyl and Serra's power.

[13:29:23] <Draco> Serra's been freed?

[13:29:31] <Draco> Do you know where they are?

[13:29:36] <Mikki> Then Arle's succeeded! :D

[13:29:58] <Aeris> If we unseal Unda, Ralie, and find the Goddess Eldora, we could surely defeat Ecolo united as a planet.

[13:30:06] <Draco> Right!

[13:30:15] <Tech> Yeah!

[13:30:46] <Ringo> So...any ideas about the goddess? We know the other spirits are just in altars that Ecolo is hanging out in.

[13:30:52] <Mikki> Give him hell!

[13:31:15] <Draco> /cue fe/743

[13:31:18] <Aeris> *She shakes her head.* I'm afraid I cannot locate her. She has been taken somewhere beyond here.

[13:31:18] <Keiji> BECAUSE I LOVE IT.

[13:31:37] <Akkie> Keiji.

[13:31:42] <Sig> Uh oh...

[13:31:44] <Keiji> yes?

[13:32:00] <Akkie> I know I might not have much permission to cue.

[13:32:08] <Keiji> You can /cue

[13:32:10] <Akkie> But is there permission to link to something that seems cueable?

[13:32:12] <Keiji> anyone can

[13:32:20] <Keiji> But it better be appropriate :3

[13:32:21] <Akkie> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjIAEW7lBgM 'kay~

[13:32:52] <Draco> Somewhere beyond here..?

[13:32:58] <Akkie> The above is far too epic for what's currently transpiring, though.

[13:33:34] <Mikki> By "beyond here"...

[13:33:55] <Aeris> Her space in the energy field has not been replaced....it still exists...but outside this dimension...it's as if she exists here and there simultaneously.

[13:34:06] <Draco> Hm...

[13:34:19] <Tech> Stumped me. *shrug*

[13:35:13] <Draco> Might as well look for the remaining two altars then, right?

[13:35:22] <Tech> Yeah

[13:35:46] <Ringo> Yep. Maybe we can meet up with the others too and figure out how to rescue Eldora from there.

[13:35:47] <Mikki> -cough- ... any idea where to start?

[13:35:56] <Keiji> ...meanwhile

[13:35:58] <Draco> 4

[13:35:59] <Chico> 4

[13:36:00] <Sig> 4

[13:36:01] <Rider> 4

[13:36:02] <Tech> 4

[13:36:04] <Ringo> 4

[13:36:06] <Aeris> 4

[13:36:13] <Mikki> 4

[13:36:34] <Serra> 3

[13:36:41] <Charyl> 3

[13:36:44] <Akkie> A rainbow happened.

[13:36:45] <Camus> 3

[13:36:49] <Akkie> That's the meanwhile.

[13:36:54] <Lagnus> 3

[13:37:00] <Keiji> WAIT

[13:37:08] <Chao> ?

[13:37:10] <Keiji> That's not the meanwhile I wanted.

[13:37:13] <Lagnus> 4

[13:37:15] <Charyl> 4

[13:37:16] <Camus> 4

[13:37:18] <Serra> 4

[13:37:19] <Keiji> /cue yt/3wY-rGSLnes

[13:37:32] <Seriri> 3

[13:37:41] <Seriri> [Poor Seriri, all alone.]

[13:37:46] <Chao> omg

[13:37:57] <Akkie> Poor Seriri...

[13:38:08] <Seriri> [Swimming deep in the Mermaid Lake, which seems bigger than ever before...]

[13:38:09] <Akkie> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U209xHIvW8 This was appropriate for a while ago.)

[13:38:12] <Akkie> (Oh, well...)

[13:38:38] <Seriri> [Suddenly she bumps into something she's never seen before.]

[13:39:01] <Chao> dun dun dun

[13:39:23] <Seriri> [A giant glass dome at the bottom of the lake, covering an Altar.]

[13:39:32] <Seriri> !

[13:39:50] <Seriri> [She can't do anything by herself though.]

[13:40:05] <Seriri> [Draco and the others have shunned her...]

[13:40:25] <Seriri> (...What can I do?)

[13:43:04] <Seriri> [Seriri rises to the surface, where Juichi is fishing.]

[13:43:22] <Juichi> 3

[13:43:48] <Juichi> [Juichi isn't much happier, it seems Nanako still hasn't made up with him yet.]

[13:43:52] <Juichi> (You can claim Seriri.)

[13:44:00] <Chao> (Ah)

[13:44:07] <Seriri> 3

[13:44:08] <Juichi> [Juichi tends to fish a bit when he's lonely.]

[13:44:39] <Seriri> Um...excuse me.

[13:44:45] <Juichi> "Yes?"

[13:44:56] <Juichi> Are you that Seriri I've heard Nanako talk about a few times?

[13:45:38] <Seriri> ! Why...yes I am...and you are?...I don't remember if we met.

[13:45:46] <Juichi> My name's Juichi.

[13:45:58] <Juichi> We've not met before.

[13:46:08] <Juichi> How's the waters?

[13:46:47] <Seriri> They're alright. Just the right temperature. I noticed something unusual at the bottom of the lake though...

[13:47:00] <Juichi> Oh? Something unusual?

[13:47:32] <Seriri> Yes...it was a strange glass dome...inside was something that looked like an Altar room...and this odd energy field.

[13:47:45] <Seriri> It sounds crazy, but it's true.

[13:48:02] <Juichi> An altar room, huh..?

[13:48:19] <Seriri> *She nods*

[13:48:43] <Juichi> -puts his fishing pole away and dives in to take a look-

[13:49:07] <Juichi> -floats back to the surface-

[13:49:13] <Juichi> There's no water inside that dome, just air.

[13:49:26] <Seriri> :o

[13:49:33] <Juichi> I reckon if we break the dome, the force will be enough to unseal the altar.

[13:49:51] <Seriri> But...how do we do that?...

[13:50:29] <Juichi> Seriri... how much do you know about me?

[13:50:57] <Seriri> Very little...other than you seem to be connected to Nanako in some way...

[13:51:17] <Juichi> When Primp blew up, I came here too.

[13:51:22] <Juichi> I haven't seen Nanako since.

[13:51:27] <Juichi> I made a little base, though.

[13:51:35] <Juichi> Would you like to see it?

[13:51:44] <Seriri> I...would love to!

[13:51:53] <Juichi> -offers a hand to her- Come on.

[13:51:58] <Seriri> I don't really have anywhere better to be than this lake anyway...;

[13:52:04] <Seriri> *She takes his hand*

[13:52:26] <Juichi> -gets out of the lake and carries Seriri to his car-

[13:52:41] <Juichi> It's not very good, but it'll do. I built it at the base.

[13:52:51] <Seriri> Oooh

[13:53:03] <Juichi> -drives back to the base.-

[13:53:04] <Seriri> I couldn't build my own car, so that' good enough for me.

[13:53:33] <Juichi> There's a couple things I've been working on.

[13:53:36] <Juichi> -shows her round-

[13:53:54] <Juichi> But here's what I'm thinking we could do with.

[13:54:00] <Juichi> -holds up what looks like a Bazooka-

[13:54:33] <Seriri> *She just sort of gawks at it for a moment* Yes...yes that would probably do very nicely. (Where was that back in the Meteor Arc)

[13:54:53] <Juichi> This is actually designed for underwater use.

[13:55:02] <Juichi> We take this back to the lake, dive in, fire.

[13:55:10] <Juichi> Bye bye glass dome.

[13:55:18] <Juichi> OOC: GLASS IS FORBIDDEN!

[13:55:39] <Seriri> Yes! That's a good way to go about it. Let's do it then!

[13:55:50] <Seriri> all night long, just like this RP

[13:56:21] <Juichi> [Back at the lake...]

[13:56:42] <Juichi> -dives in with Seriri again.-

[13:56:47] <Juichi> You watching?

[13:56:54] <Seriri> Yes I am.

[13:57:45] <Juichi> /cue yt/29njjEQhohc

[13:57:56] <Juichi> -FIRE!!-

[13:58:13] <Juichi> [The missile travels down towards the glass, a stream of bubbles behind it.]

[13:58:22] <Seriri> *oooooooh*

[13:58:30] <Juichi> It may look like it's travelling slowly...

[13:58:44] <Juichi> but you have far more momentum in water, for the same speed.

[13:59:08] <Seriri> Mhmm!...

[13:59:10] <Juichi> [10 seconds later, the glass shatters]

[13:59:20] <Juichi> [Glass shards cover the lake floor, and bubbles go everywhere.]

[13:59:31] <Juichi> [The Altar EXPLODES.]

[13:59:32] <Seriri> :o

[13:59:42] <Seriri> It's like Sig was there...

[13:59:43] <Juichi> Tiem for Unda.

[13:59:53] <Unda> 5 n+'Unda' c+'9' s+''

[13:59:56] <Keiji> nickfail

[14:00:01] <Keiji> he doesn't know her name lol

[14:00:05] <Unda> 3

[14:00:29] <Unda> *She feverishly swims out to Juichi and Seriri*

[14:00:33] <Juichi> ...:o

[14:00:44] <Unda> Iyaaa! There's glass shards everywhere and um uh um um um who are you??

[14:00:57] <Juichi> My name's Juichi, this is Seriri.

[14:01:06] <Juichi> Did you just come out of that altar?

[14:01:06] <Seriri> And you're a mermaid :D

[14:01:12] <Akkie> 7

[14:01:16] <Keiji> Seriri Proximity to Mermaid

[14:01:27] <Keiji> Is always zero, since Seriri is a mermaid

[14:01:34] <Akkie> Seriri Proximity to Not!Seriri Mermaid.

[14:01:40] <Unda> I...maybe...I think I was sealed away...

[14:01:43] <Keiji> /cue yt/29njjEQhohc

[14:01:47] <Keiji> For Akkie, in case it stopped.

[14:01:59] <Akkie> It did.

[14:02:05] <Juichi> Come on, let's go to the surface.

[14:02:13] <Unda> I uh....I'm Unda. I'm a Puyo Spirit...and uh...okay

[14:02:43] <Seriri> IM NOT ALONE ANYMOREEE *is practically dragging Unda and Juichi to the surface*

[14:02:50] <Juichi> :3

[14:03:03] <Unda> :o

[14:03:12] <Akkie> Do I have permission to mention Serra being Keiji's ex?

[14:03:23] <Keiji> lol why not

[14:03:23] <Keiji> :P

[14:03:31] <Akkie> And take it to the memes.

[14:03:56] <Chao> [At the surface]

[14:03:57] <Juichi> So, Puyo Spirits, huh...

[14:04:24] <Unda> Yes...there are five of us...um...one for each color...and we um uh protect planets or something.

[14:04:45] <Juichi> Sounds like a job you take real seriously...

[14:04:48] <Unda> But we haven't been doing a very good job of that...

[14:04:56] <Unda> because we um...got sealed away

[14:05:00] <Unda> and we dont know what

[14:05:04] <Unda> *why

[14:05:23] <Juichi> Any idea where the other spirits are, thje

[14:05:25] <Juichi> *then?

[14:05:49] <Unda> Uhm...well I can only feel one is sealed away...and that's um...Ralie...

[14:06:05] <Unda> He's a he she she he she he she he he...um

[14:06:05] <Juichi> /cue yt/29njjEQhohc

[14:06:16] <Seriri> o_o

[14:06:17] <Juichi> I get it, it's a trap.

[14:06:28] <Seriri> A trap?

[14:06:42] <Keiji> Unda needs to correct him and say it's a reverse trap. XD

[14:07:13] <Unda> No it's not a trap um it's...um uh um whatever the opposite of um trap is.

[14:07:26] <Juichi> Oh, my favorite <3

[14:07:33] <Seriri> :o

[14:07:48] <Juichi> How about the others

[14:07:50] <Juichi> ?

[14:08:06] <Akkie> poor ralie

[14:08:11] <Unda> Um...I think they've been um unsealed already...I think I can um feel their presence

[14:08:29] <Juichi> Perhaps we should meet up with them, then?

[14:08:37] <Juichi> Would you know how to take us to them?

[14:08:48] <Unda> Uh...I think so?

[14:08:59] <Keiji> Can I give Unda a special power?

[14:09:08] <Chao> Myes?

[14:09:25] <Chao> Also when we get done with this scene, can I pull a self RP meanwhile for a moment?

[14:09:37] <Akkie> Where was Aeris' seal again?

[14:09:48] <Keiji> Creates a floating bubble of water around her so that she and Seriri can fly around in the air i.e. CAN ACTUALLY MOVE AROUND OUTSIDE OF WATER.

[14:09:58] <Chao> SURE

[14:09:59] <Chao> :D

[14:10:01] <Keiji> :D

[14:10:08] <Keiji> Okay, then play her like she knows she can do that

[14:10:13] <Akkie> ... :|

[14:10:54] <Unda> We can um meet in dire situations. So uh, I'll take you to them. *She uses her magic to create a bubble of water around herself and Seriri*

[14:11:05] <Seriri> :O

[14:11:12] <Juichi> /cue yt/kT-K4EuBHqM

[14:11:34] <Juichi> ...Well, I guess I can just walk alongside you two.

[14:12:03] <Keiji> I assume they're heading for Aeris, since the other two are in Whitespace.

[14:12:10] <Unda> Um...I think I can feel Aeris this way, so we'll go this way. *She starts floating off in the direction of where Aeris is*

[14:12:23] <Juichi> *follows*~

[14:12:33] <Seriri> *follows as well* Omg wheee


[14:13:05] <Keiji> The way that power ACTUALLY works is they swim through the water, and the water follows them so they don't run out of it.

[14:13:16] <Keiji> Not just that they randomly levitate around, that would be boring.

[14:13:32] <Chao> Yeah that's how I understood it

[14:13:37] <Keiji> Okay good

[14:14:24] <Keiji> [They meet up with Aeris etc?]

[14:14:36] <Chao> [Sure I guess?]

[14:14:43] <Lam> 3

[14:14:43] <Aeris> 3

[14:14:45] <Keiji> We can leave it here though

[14:14:46] <Juichi> 4

[14:14:48] <Mikki> 3

[14:14:48] <Aeris> 4

[14:14:52] <Mikki> 4

[14:14:54] <Unda> 4

[14:14:55] <Lam> 4

[14:14:56] <Seriri> 4

[14:14:57] <Keiji> And you can do your self RP

[14:15:10] <Keiji> then we can do Witch and co going off to unseal Ralie./

[14:15:12] <Chao> /cue yt/SONfQStB7uE

[14:15:19] <Keiji> omg

[14:15:20] <Daichi> 3

[14:15:37] <Daichi> *wakes up in an unknown place...probably white space* Ungh...

[14:15:45] <Akkie> The first part makes me think Harlequin.

[14:15:50] <Daichi> What?! Where am I?? Angol?? Arle?? Lagnus?!

[14:15:53] <Daichi> Shit...

[14:16:21] <Daichi> [He notices the comatose bodies of ALpha, Phi, Gamma and Epsilon]

[14:16:26] <Daichi> !!

[14:16:50] <Daichi> Sho?! No...Alpha! Alpha wake up!!

[14:16:58] <Arle> 3

[14:17:03] <Arle> Oh, how cute.

[14:17:13] <Arle> They're not waking up though.

[14:17:18] <Daichi> ...you!!

[14:17:26] <Daichi> What did you do to them!!

[14:17:48] <Arle> Well, I did what should've been done with them a long time ago; I removed their souls.

[14:18:09] <Arle> They're much better as lifeless dummies, don't you think?

[14:18:21] <Arle> Not as noisy or annoying or getting in the way-y

[14:18:33] <Daichi> Why you...

[14:18:46] <Arle> But they're not important.

[14:18:53] <Arle> What's important is YOU, my vessel.

[14:19:02] <Keiji> /cue yt/SONfQStB7uE

[14:19:03] <Arle> You're the most important of my vessels.

[14:19:28] <Daichi> Your vessel? You think I'm just gonna let you use me like some tool?!

[14:19:55] <Arle> Uh, duh. What other choice do you have? Besides, do you want to know why you?

[14:20:05] <Daichi> ...

[14:20:30] <Arle> Synthetic Biology. You are ultimate proof that Angol Mois created the ultimate biological weapon.

[14:21:01] <Arle> You're the only naturally organic being that can utilize all that Life Energy that's so abundant in Puyo...

[14:21:12] <Arle> You'll suck em dry.

[14:21:27] <Arle> And use that power to spread fear and terror across the worlds!

[14:21:41] <Daichi> The Power of Puyo...spreading terror and fear...

[14:21:43] <Daichi> Never!

[14:22:14] <Arle> ...*She plucks a single hair from his head* We'll see about that.

[14:22:27] <Arle> Now then...you, Gypsum and Marcus...

[14:22:45] <Keiji> /cue yt/SONfQStB7uE

[14:22:54] <Arle> I've had to modify my plans a lot due to those stupid annoying bitches you call friends.

[14:23:09] <Arle> And I don't plan on modifying them any more.

[14:23:49] <Arle> Now, then. Be a good little boy and do exactly like mommy tells you to.

[14:25:07] <Daichi> You...You shut your whore mouth! I'm not doing ANYTHING for you! You sealed away Puyo Spirits...you kidnapped Eldora and ruined Angol's life! And above all else you want to use ME to further all that! NO! WAY! *He hurls BOULDERS at her telepathically*

[14:25:35] <Arle> *The boulders vanish just before they hit her.*

[14:25:42] <Daichi> !!

[14:26:06] <Arle> *The boulders appear from behind him, flying faster than before, and hit him dead on*

[14:26:12] <Arle> Idiot.

[14:26:23] <Daichi> Ngh...

[14:26:38] <Keiji> /cue yt/SONfQStB7uE

[14:26:43] <Arle> I have more ways to convince you...

[14:26:52] <Daichi> Like what?!

[14:26:57] <Keiji> Unless you want to change the music by now?

[14:27:19] <Keiji> 7

[14:27:21] <Keiji> 7

[14:27:28] <Arle> That Marin? Yeah, she'd make a really cute Fifth, wouldn't she?

[14:27:47] <Daichi> !! How...how do you know about that?

[14:28:10] <Arle> It's all here in these REEMS of data I solicited from Gypsum and all the FGF Computers.

[14:28:14] <Keiji> /cue td/yjvj

[14:28:20] <Keiji> Is that not appropriate?

[14:28:43] <Keiji> Also it's *REAMS.

[14:28:44] <Arle> Angol Mois...the Fifths...Synthetic Biology....it's all here.

[14:29:09] <Arle> *Smirks confidently* And there's nothing you can do about it.

[14:29:21] <Chao> [A portal rips open nearby though]

[14:29:28] <Arle> The fuck?!

[14:29:37] <Feli> 3

[14:29:46] <Lemres> 3

[14:29:52] <Angol Mois> 3

[14:29:59] <Feli> FIEND!!

[14:30:01] <Akkie> -big, face-chopping smile-

[14:30:28] <Feli> /cue td/wncx

[14:30:36] <Angol Mois> Enough.

[14:30:43] <Daichi> Angol!!

[14:30:52] <Arle> Oh, bitch tits.

[14:31:00] <Arle> More annoying people to deal with.

[14:31:29] <Lemres> Daichi! Come with me! We'll leave the fighting to the professionals.

[14:31:49] <Daichi> B-But Angol! *is dragged through the portal by Lemres*

[14:31:51] <Daichi> 4

[14:31:53] <Lemres> 4

[14:32:18] <Feli> *She fires a Holy Dinner Laser at Fake Arle*

[14:32:38] <Angol Mois> *At the same time, he uses Dead Impact, his meteors combining with her laser*

[14:33:00] <Keiji> /cue td/wncx

[14:33:00] <Arle> *She blocks it, but barely*

[14:33:05] <Arle> Pests!

[14:33:23] <Keiji> Can the others arrive any time soon? :P

[14:33:24] <Arle> You're too damn late anyway! I've got other vessels to prepare for the upcoming finale!

[14:33:31] <Arle> 4

[14:33:45] <Angol Mois> Quickly! After her!

[14:33:53] <Feli> Dinner must be served!

[14:33:55] <Feli> 4

[14:33:56] <Angol Mois> 4

[14:34:05] <Keiji> lol feli

[14:34:13] <Akkie> Is Arle dinner

[14:34:20] <Akkie> Can you eat Fake Arles?

[14:34:29] <Akkie> Speaking of Fake Arles, what do Doppelgangers taste like?

[14:34:31] <Keiji> lololololol

[14:34:37] <Chao> It'd be a bit crunchy but sure?

[14:34:47] <Akkie> ...

[14:34:47] <Keiji> So, that was epic

[14:34:51] <Chao> :D

[14:34:52] <Akkie> VERY.

[14:34:53] <Keiji> What are we doing now, though?

[14:34:59] <Chao> Witch?

[14:35:02] <Keiji> Okay

[14:35:07] <Chao> Isn't that what you mentioned before

[14:35:09] <Chao> lol

[14:35:16] <Akkie> I have a question.

[14:35:24] <Akkie> Where was Aeris sealed again?

[14:35:30] <Keiji> Who's in Witch's group again?

[14:35:37] <Akkie> Klug, Schezo...

[14:35:38] <Chao> Theta, Schezo and Klug

[14:35:40] <Keiji> Aeris was in a lighthouse on the south edge of the map

[14:35:49] <Mitsuki> 3

[14:35:51] <Akkie> A lighthouse of no name?

[14:35:56] <Theta> 3

[14:35:57] <Klug> 3

[14:36:03] <Keiji> We'll name it later I guess

[14:36:08] <Keiji> Schezo?

[14:36:14] <Keiji> Claim Schezo, Chao?

[14:36:20] <Keiji> /cue yt/661cz8faYU4

[14:36:26] <Schezo Wegey> 3

[14:36:42] <Schezo Wegey> 6 c-'0'+'7'

[14:37:08] <Klug> Aaaah...why did they ditch me to do cool things while I have to sit here and endure the antics of a muffin fanatic? ~_~

[14:37:15] <Klug> It's not fair. ;_;

[14:37:27] <Mitsuki> *finished eating her muffins.*

[14:37:43] <Schezo Wegey> Are you quite finished, my desire?

[14:37:56] <Mitsuki> nom

[14:38:00] <Mitsuki> I mean yes~

[14:38:09] <Akkie> OH DESIRE

[14:38:09] <Schezo Wegey> Good.

[14:38:24] <Schezo Wegey> Now we can plot to steal the cottage from that Star Mage while she's not here.

[14:38:43] <Strigina> 3

[14:38:46] <Klug> *facepalm*

[14:39:06] <Theta> 6 c-'3'+'4'

[14:39:09] <Strigina> I'm sorry, but it just so happened that I can take my precious time from those precious matters...

[14:39:10] <Theta> 6 c-'4'+'3'

[14:39:15] <Keiji> oops

[14:39:19] <Mitsuki> 6 c-'1'+'4'

[14:39:28] <Strigina> I'm afraid you can't do that, my dear.'

[14:39:44] <Schezo Wegey> Confound it.

[14:39:53] <Schezo Wegey> *fist shake*

[14:40:05] <Strigina> I am aware what kind of mother I am.

[14:40:06] <Theta> Yeah, that'd be a bit rude, would it not?

[14:40:11] <Strigina> But a mother is still a mother...

[14:40:22] <Keiji> /cue yt/661cz8faYU4

[14:40:25] <Klug> You're still a bitch

[14:40:32] <Theta> Shut up, Klug

[14:40:47] <Theta> I feel like stretching my legs. Anyone coming with?

[14:41:01] <Schezo Wegey> Why not.

[14:41:10] <Klug> Take me with you...?

[14:41:26] <Theta> ONLY if you behave.

[14:41:42] <Klug> I'll behave alright.

[14:41:46] <Strigina> -explores the large cottage-

[14:42:02] <Strigina> My, that girl's outdone herself...

[14:42:10] <Theta> [And so the four set out for some place not on the map again]

[14:42:46] <Strigina> -poofs away after collecting things (eg: that piece of paper with gibberish with the letters of "STAR") and leaving a note-

[14:42:47] <Strigina> 4

[14:42:53] <Theta> [Suddenly they come across a building COVERED in Solar Panels.]

[14:43:09] <Mitsuki> What... I don't recall this ever being in our world!

[14:43:19] <Schezo Wegey> Neither do I!

[14:43:30] <Schezo Wegey> It must be destroyed!

[14:43:36] <Mitsuki> Calm down there.

[14:43:49] <Klug> *smacks Schezo* Idiot. What if that building is importnat.

[14:44:03] <Carbuncle> 3

[14:44:16] <Carbuncle> -is prancing around in front of the building- Guh!

[14:44:21] <Mitsuki> 6 c-'4'+'1'

[14:45:16] <Klug> Oh god

[14:45:33] <Schezo Wegey> That infernal creature that ate the demonic muffin...

[14:45:45] <Schezo Wegey> ...and then spat it back out.

[14:45:55] <Carbuncle> /cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOZWij__GPA

[14:46:21] <Carbuncle> Guh guh~

[14:46:27] <Carbuncle> *fires LAZORS at the party.*

[14:46:36] <Schezo Wegey> !!

[14:46:38] <Mitsuki> Kya! -dodge-

[14:46:55] <Klug> *dodges* That thing is trying to kill us?!

[14:46:55] <Akkie> Speaking of Fake Arle and Carby...

[14:47:00] <Akkie> Wasn't there a Fake Carbuncle?

[14:47:27] <Theta> -dodges and fires Crystal Tangents at Carbuncle-

[14:47:50] <Schezo Wegey> *wildly swings his sword at Carbuncle*

[14:47:52] <Carbuncle> -explodes Sonic 3K style and drops a Chaos Drive for some reason-

[14:48:02] <Klug> ...O_O

[14:48:05] <Carbuncle> [It was actually a Robot Carbuncle]

[14:48:06] <Carbuncle> 4

[14:48:18] <Schezo Wegey> What the...?

[14:48:19] <Mitsuki> -picks up the Chaos Drive- The crap is this?

[14:48:33] <Theta> Keep it, we'll ask Nanako about it later I guess.

[14:48:47] <Klug> *Searches his book...no results* Uh...y-yeah. (Dammit)

[14:48:53] <Theta> Now how about going inside?

[14:48:58] <Theta> Now that he's out the way.

[14:49:12] <Klug> Sure, I guess. Not like I have anything better to do.

[14:49:20] <Keiji> /cue yt/661cz8faYU4

[14:49:26] <Schezo Wegey> Leaping into danger are we?

[14:50:06] <Keiji> /cue yt/LQaE6x1-h_0

[14:50:42] <Keiji> [Inside the building, The Altar is right in the center! But it's surrounded by dozens of Poles between which lightning is sparking.]

[14:50:57] <Keiji> [There's no way our party can get through without doing something about that.]

[14:51:11] <Keiji> [Also, our characters probably aren't strong enough to unseal the Altar anyway.]

[14:51:21] <Schezo Wegey> Force fields...surrounding force fields...

[14:51:29] <Schezo Wegey> this ridiculous!

[14:52:18] <Klug> Obviously, there's no way to get to that bizarre looking altar without disabling those lightning fences.

[14:52:30] <Akkie> SEARCH THE BINS

[14:52:39] <Theta> Hmm...

[14:52:58] <Amitie> 3

[14:53:03] <Amitie> Never fear!

[14:53:07] <Amitie> 3

[14:53:07] <Amitie> no

[14:53:07] <Amitie> 3

[14:53:07] <Amitie> Amitie is here!

[14:53:08] <Amitie> 3

[14:53:08] <Amitie> no

[14:53:12] <Amitie> 4

[14:53:16] <Chao> derp

[14:53:20] <Keiji> That's just Deus Exing it.

[14:53:26] <Keiji> Didn't I say she was stupidly powerful?

[14:53:33] <Chao> yes?

[14:53:48] <Keiji> No more characters. These four have to figure it out :3

[14:54:06] <Keiji> Putting Amitie in just breaks the game.

[14:54:06] <Akkie> ... so, they're really going to have to search the bins?

[14:54:54] <Klug> *He studies the situation carefully* Hm...

[14:54:56] <Theta> Maybe, instead of disabling the fences...

[14:55:45] <Theta> ...Klug, what powers do you have? Both Witch and I are electric-powered anyway, so that wouldn't really do any good.

[14:55:59] <Theta> And I don't think Schezo would want to get close with his sword...

[14:56:50] <Klug> Hrm...well I am a proficient mage in cosmic magic. Are you suggesting I make the fences safe to walk through somehow?

[14:56:59] <Theta> Not exactly...

[14:57:18] <Theta> My plan was to knock the pillars over somehow, towards the Altar.

[14:57:30] <Klug> Ah...

[14:57:39] <Theta> Then all that freakin lightning and the Altar's shield SHOULD cancel each other out.

[14:57:57] <Theta> But the question is how to do that.

[14:58:16] <Klug> Definitely not with that pervert's sword

[14:58:47] <Schezo Wegey> *fist shake at Klug*

[14:59:22] <Keiji> Jesus someone needs to get the full 15th & 20th OSTs on Youtube

[14:59:58] <Klug> Perhaps I could attempt to use my magic to knock them over.

[15:00:04] <Theta> Go for it!

[15:00:36] <Keiji> /cue yt/LQaE6x1-h_0

[15:01:22] <Klug> Ahem. *He does a dramatic point at one of the pillars* Ursa Major! *A swirly cloud what what appears to be SPAAAAAAAAAAACE debris and other things is hurled at the pillar at a high velocity*

[15:01:43] <Keiji> [The pillar falls over!]

[15:01:52] <Theta> Ooh, good job!

[15:01:58] <Theta> Now just gotta do it for the others.

[15:01:58] <Klug> Uhyheheh~

[15:02:04] <Klug> Not a problem

[15:03:21] <Keiji> [Finally all the pillars are knocked over!]

[15:03:29] <Keiji> [The electric field, as well as the seal, disappears.]

[15:03:32] <Keiji> [Cue Ralie.

[15:03:33] <Keiji> ]

[15:03:43] <Ralie> 5 n+'Ralie' c+'4' s+''

[15:03:44] <Akkie> /cue Ralie

[15:03:49] <Ralie> 3

[15:03:54] <Ralie> JESUS FUCK

[15:04:01] <Ralie> I'm alive!

[15:04:19] <Schezo Wegey> !!

[15:04:45] <Ralie> Uh...yo! Did you like, bust me out?

[15:05:03] <Keiji> I like this one...

[15:05:05] <Keiji> /cue yt/bOSWZTKrAqc

[15:05:16] <Klug> Duh

[15:05:32] <Mitsuki> Yup, it was all his doing~

[15:05:42] <Mitsuki> I knew that bookworm'd come in useful for something eventually~

[15:05:56] <Klug> *ego boost*

[15:06:01] <Mitsuki> So, what's your name?

[15:06:29] <Ralie> Ralie. Rah-lie. And who are you guys?

[15:06:40] <Mitsuki> I'm just called Witch~

[15:06:47] <Theta> My name's Theta!¬

[15:06:52] <Schezo Wegey> I am the dark wizard Schezo

[15:07:10] <Klug> And I'm Klug. One day I'll be famous for rescuing you.

[15:07:34] <Theta> We should probably go find where Mikki got to, I guess...

[15:07:35] <Ralie> That's cool and stuff. *nods* Yep...

[15:08:15] <Ralie> Hey, I think that's some of my sisters I can sense. They're heading towards the south...to the beach.

[15:08:17] <Ralie> Fuck yeah.

[15:08:52] <Schezo Wegey> I suppose it's only logical we all meet there then?

[15:09:47] <Klug> I suppose so.


Character text lines: 1225
User text lines: 440
Action lines: 129

By character

Draco: 163
Arle Nadja: 156
Mikki: 105
Ecolo: 63
Juichi: 62
Ringo: 53
Tech: 52
Lagnus: 45
Lam: 40
Seriri: 39
Arle: 32
Satan: 28
Klug: 25
Theta: 23
Charyl: 23
Sig: 21
Daichi: 20
Nanako: 19
Serra: 18
Unda: 17
Rider: 17
Harpy: 17
Cirno: 15
Aeris: 14
Mitsuki: 11
Chico: 11
Feli: 10
Rulue: 8
Ralie: 7
Camus: 7
Amitie: 4
Panotty: 3
Lemres: 1