Episode 25 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Jul 23, 2011. All times are UTC.

[11:24:12] <Chao> [The gang steps out of the portal and into Ekoro's Base...]

[11:24:28] <Draco> So... where the hell are we now? -looks around at the bleak environment-

[11:24:42] <Ringo> ...I....I don't know...

[11:25:00] <Arle Nadja> /trololkolkol

[11:25:01] <Eltia> Well, this definitely isn't your world, Draco. Or mine...

[11:25:10] <Keiji> /kick Arle_Nadja

[11:25:12] <Keiji> :P

[11:25:31] <Ringo> Well, it doesn't look like mine either!....or Primp, for that matter.

[11:25:47] <Keiji> Err, whoops

[11:25:50] <Keiji> Let me redo that

[11:25:56] <Eltia> Well, this definitely isn't your world, *Ringo. Or mine...

[11:26:04] <Keiji> Eltia thinks Primp /is/ Ringo's world

[11:26:46] <Ringo> ...It doesn't look like Primp, either. Definitely not my world...but where else could it be?

[11:27:25] <Draco> Augh, you noob, Eltia! You were supposed to get us back home!

[11:28:22] <Eltia> ...Nope. I just got us out of Satan's throne room.

[11:28:27] <Arle Nadja> Oh, you guys got here too?

[11:28:32] <Keiji> sdfjhdhfdfdf

[11:28:34] <Keiji> ARLE IS NOT HERE

[11:28:37] <Keiji> lol

[11:28:48] <Keiji> unclaim her for now and wait til they find her

[11:29:09] <Keiji> I'll leave it to Chao to decide where the hell Arle got teleported to

[11:29:24] <Keiji> And hopefully the party will coincidentally head in that direction

[11:29:25] <Keiji> :P

[11:29:33] <Ringo> So...you don't even know where in the equation this room is?

[11:30:16] <Akkie> Ahem. Sorry.

[11:31:20] <Eltia> ...Well, I just made the portal link to the easiest place I could connect to...

[11:31:49] <Eltia> ...I'm surprised that's not Primp...

[11:32:19] <Ringo> ....Well, time to move forward and find out where we are! We're never gonna know if we sit here and look at these depressing walls!

[11:32:40] <Harpy> -hovers, her halo illuminating the room-

[11:33:38] <Harpy> Well, it looks like the only door's this way~

[11:33:45] <Chao> [There is a large set of double doors in front of them. They look as if something had been pulling on them from the inside...]

[11:34:04] <Ringo> Yup...Let's go.

[11:34:23] <Keiji> wait I thought they were already indoors

[11:34:40] <Chao> they are

[11:34:45] <Keiji> Then...?

[11:35:00] <Keiji> Why are they on the outside of those doors?

[11:35:13] <Chao> because they lead to another room?

[11:36:11] <Keiji> :x

[11:36:17] <Keiji> Are they in a hallway or something then?

[11:36:27] <Chao> Yeah

[11:36:32] <Keiji> Oh, okay.

[11:36:37] <Keiji> Forget what Harpy said then.

[11:36:52] <Keiji> I thought they'd have teleported into a dead-end room.

[11:37:26] <Keiji> Do carry on :P

[11:38:37] <Chao> [Ringo leads the gang through the doors. On the other is a huge octagonal room. It has multiple floor balconies, but no stairwells leading up to them. On each wall there is a door. There is also a stained glass window on each wall, depicting various antagonistic characters]

[11:39:04] <Draco> Wait... I remember this room!

[11:39:14] <Draco> Isn't this Ekoro's Mountain Base?

[11:39:15] <Ringo> I...I do too.

[11:39:28] <Ringo> It...can't be! But...it has to be!

[11:39:29] <Harpy> Ekoro?

[11:40:32] <Ringo> So...if we're in Ekoro's Base.......then...are we inside the orb?...

[11:40:48] <Draco> I guess we must be...

[11:42:32] <Chao> [A voice echoes through the room: Oh how ironic fate must be... To see you here trapped with me!]

[11:42:41] <Draco> Ekoro!!

[11:42:58] <Ringo> He's alive?!

[11:43:10] <Draco> Well.. we never did kill him, did we?

[11:43:43] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE!! -black orbs appear from everywhere and form him, though he's now looking much like his 20th anniversary self-

[11:44:14] <Keiji> Oh fuck, don't use Seriri color, that's illegible lol

[11:44:32] <Ecolo> derp

[11:44:39] <Keiji> Arle blue is probably also a bad idea

[11:44:39] <Keiji> -.-;;

[11:44:52] <Chao> Well there's no black

[11:44:54] <Chao> lol

[11:44:58] <Keiji> Brown?

[11:45:42] <Chao> It'll do

[11:46:33] <Keiji> ....

[11:46:55] <Harpy> Who's this then? Mr. Blobby?

[11:47:58] <Ecolo> ....you don't know me? How silly! Then again, these miserable months I've spent sealed away...

[11:48:19] <Harpy> Well, I've never seen you before~ do you expect to know me~?

[11:48:27] <Harpy> *do you expect me to know you~?

[11:49:20] <Ecolo> I am most famous in Primp now for my exploits. My genius. My truths and lies. My fun and games. Everything!

[11:51:38] <Harpy> That's nice, but I still haven't heard of you, Mr. Blobby~

[11:51:38] <Ecolo> But you forced me into this orb. I'm slowly waiting for the seal to be broken so I...no....WE may cause chaos again in Primp! It will be disasterous!

[11:53:09] <Ecolo> Wont it be, Draco? Ringie?

[11:53:55] <Draco> Ringie? o_O

[11:54:13] <Ringo> I was about to ask that myself....

[11:54:26] <Eltia> ...You don't sound particularly disastrous to me...

[11:55:04] <Ecolo> Suspicion is based on one's own crimes, but it appears you have yet to commit any!

[11:57:46] <Draco> You're even sillier than Satan.

[11:58:11] <Ringo> You created a clone you knew you would ultimately destroy!

[11:59:51] <Ecolo> ....How did you come to know of Phi?! I destroyed Phi because he wouldn't let me enter his heart! Not a single bit of my essence would live within him! He became rebellious and began refusing to do chores, much less any REAL work...

[12:01:22] <Ecolo> He could have been greater than Zeta!...speaking of Arley....I've seen her running around lately. Have you?

[12:01:40] <Draco> Running around? Where?

[12:02:47] <Ecolo> Now, if I told you that, that'd be spoiling! But I suppose if I don't leak a hint your blood will be boiling... Of 7 doors, only 3 are right...or should I say, only the right doors are left? Eyah hee hee hee!!

[12:04:45] <Eltia> Or more simply put, that way. -she points somewhat diagonally and oval-shaped segments of wall disintegrate forming a tunnel with Arle sitting at the end of it-

[12:05:03] <Keiji> (I love having a mage with unspecified powers. x3)

[12:05:29] <Ecolo> ...Oh, fiddlesticks! -pouty face-

[12:05:42] <Ringo> Arle!!

[12:06:19] <Harpy> Hahaha~ Looks like your maze is no more, Mr. Blobby~

[12:09:17] <Ecolo> You'll have yours coming. I'll let you have Arle, just this once, but next time, she'll be mine!

[12:10:07] <Eltia> -follows Ringo over to Arle-

[12:11:38] <Chao> -poke Akkie-

[12:11:56] <Arle Nadja> Oh, howdy-do, everyone!

[12:12:15] <Draco> You're unusually cheery, sat there all alone...

[12:12:42] <Ringo> Tell me you're not in love with Satan, Arle!

[12:13:32] <Arle Nadja> Well, of course I'd be this cheery! It's a dark and lonely place, and a friend finds you!

[12:14:08] <Arle Nadja> And why would I love Satan, Ringo?

[12:14:36] <Draco> Huh... But what about just before when you were...

[12:14:58] <Draco> Hey, Ringo, how've you been walking with your leg like that, anyway?

[12:15:12] <Ringo> It's...painful.

[12:15:55] <Arle Nadja> More importantly, did something happen, Ringo?

[12:16:50] <Draco> Well, we got pierced by spikes trying to save you from Satan.

[12:16:57] <Draco> But apparently you don't remember anything?

[12:17:19] <Ringo> Really Arle! You don't remember ANY of that?

[12:18:20] <Ecolo> Why, It's as if there's more than two Arles!

[12:18:49] <Draco> More than two..?

[12:19:05] <Ecolo> Arle...Perfect Arle...and some other Arle! But who cares about some other Arle?

[12:21:41] <Ecolo> But...I am confused as to how you all ended up within here in the first place. Has Beta tried to avenge me?...

[12:21:42] <Arle Nadja> ... well, then apparently, it really was another Arle the time.

[12:22:12] <Arle Nadja> Huh? Beta? Avenge you? What are you talking about?

[12:22:20] <Ecolo> Or perhaps the seal on this wretched orb is weakening?!

[12:22:35] <Draco> Beta's... not even alive anymore :|

[12:24:28] <Ecolo> Well, how unfortunate. For you anyways. But perhaps her death will mean significance for us stuck inside here? Who knows with magic~

[12:24:57] <Draco> And sorry to burst your bubble, but nothing happened to the seal on the orb.

[12:25:06] <Draco> We came in an entirely different way.

[12:25:23] <Arle Nadja> [Enough stuff happened that made her forget until just now] ... (Was that what the arm was about?)

[12:25:53] <Ringo> Yeah. Don't get too excited about using us as a one way ticket out of here, Ekoro.

[12:26:09] <Keiji> (arm?)

[12:26:14] <Arle Nadja> A portal failure got me here. Maybe...

[12:26:26] <Akkie> Oops. *hand

[12:27:06] <Ecolo> I but I still have reason to excite! Because ultimately, one of your stupid friends will try to extract you from this orb. It's only inevitable I too shall eventually escape!

[12:27:09] <Keiji> (hand..?)

[12:27:14] <Keiji> (oh, Witch's hand?)

[12:27:18] <Chao> (Beta's hand)

[12:27:20] <Keiji> ...

[12:27:21] <Keiji> sdfosfnsdf

[12:27:23] <Keiji> that's what I meant

[12:27:31] <Keiji> I'm so tired ;_;

[12:27:46] <Draco> Nobody even knows we're in this orb, anyway.

[12:28:12] <Ecolo> How sad! No one will ever find Draco! Boo hoo!

[12:28:39] <Arle Nadja> Neither will they find you, too, then.

[12:28:51] <Draco> Well, that doesn't bother me. Ringo's here, after all. -puts an arm around her-

[12:29:20] <Ringo> ...You mean to tell me you don't mind being trapped in an orb for all eternity with a psychopath just because I'm here?!

[12:30:27] <Ringo> That makes me feel kinda special I guess. :3

[12:30:58] <Arle Nadja> So, it's you two this time?

[12:31:51] <Draco> Well, I mind the psychopath bit, but it's better than being in Primp with you stuck in here.

[12:32:50] <Ecolo> All they need is love~♪

[12:33:58] <Arle Nadja> Guys... if you do mind the psychopath, then why not take care of him before having some fluff?

[12:34:50] <Ecolo> Take...care...of...ME? EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE!! You couldn't even take care of me the first time in greater numbers! What makes you think you can rid of me now?!

[12:35:05] <Draco> OOC: because that would completely undermine the point of Ekoro Arc #2

[12:36:14] <Arle Nadja> Well, it's not that we're going to get rid of you immediately.

[12:37:44] <Arle Nadja> But... you getting involved with something just doesn't sit well with me... then again, it never does.

[12:38:27] <Ecolo> Can it stand well with you? Or perhaps it prefers lying down!

[12:41:50] <Akkie> BRB, Ekoro just gave me some Metaphorgotten dazes there LOL

[12:43:36] <Ringo> Uhm...right. So, I guess you're going to toy with us while we're stuck here right

[12:46:21] <Ecolo> It's not like you can go anywhere any time soon~★ Besides! What fun would it be if we all just sat around and did nothing while everyone outside laughed at our despicable fate?!

[12:48:00] <Arle Nadja> How can one laugh at something they don't even know about?

[12:49:07] <Draco> Indeed... the others might think we're taking our time, but they won't know we're in here.

[12:50:08] <Ecolo> But, perhaps as time passes and as you don't return, they will cease to care.


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