Episode 9 - Chat log

Start date: Fri Jul 17, 2009. All times are UTC.

[8:24:00] <Mikki> Guys? Is it OK if I say something?

[8:24:20] <Keiji> Also, Draco's gonna wait a little bit, she's not here atm.

[8:24:26] <Draco> 6 s-''+'Absent'

[8:24:52] <Arle Nadja> What is it, Mikki?

[8:24:53] <Mikki> Well, the importance of me playing Puyo.

[8:24:55] <Keiji> CHAO

[8:25:58] <Seriri> Is it about your Puyo Addiction?

[8:25:58] <Mikki> It gives me magic EXP that if I get enough, I can learn new spells and hexes and such.

[8:26:02] <Mikki> Epic battles also give me Magic EXP but at a slower rate.

[8:27:57] <Mikki> Also, I know a fair few Black Magic and Hexes but most of the Black Magic is offensive magic.

[8:27:57] <Mikki> Just think Final Fantasy universe Black Mage.

[8:28:03] <Arle Nadja> Makes sense, Mikki. Is that the reason of your Puyo addiction?

[8:29:43] <Akkie> Anyone?

[8:29:48] <Rider> ? B-b-b-black mage?

[8:29:49] <Mikki> Well... that's just one of the reasons. More reasons is that it's pretty fun. But that's just one of the more imporant reasons.

[8:29:49] <Sig> Yay, Black Mage.

[8:29:49] <Sig> Wait, why did I say that?

[8:30:50] <Draco> 6 s-'Absent'+''

[8:31:18] <Draco> *walks down the mountain with Rider back to where the hut was*

[8:31:22] <Mikki> Who knows?

[8:31:22] <Mikki> Anyway, should I summon Puyo...

[8:31:22] <Mikki> ...that Arle fought way back?

[8:31:23] <Arle Nadja> More Puyo Puyoing?

[8:31:26] <Keiji> (Rider was up on the mountain last I knew)

[8:31:37] <Keiji> (if not, ignore "with rider")

[8:31:45] <Amitie> I dunno. Maybe you felt like saying it.

[8:31:56] <Akkie> We were on the hut now.

[8:32:00] <Draco> o_o

[8:32:33] <Draco> *approaches the hut : ...Hey, why is this here, it was just blown up in an explosion!*

[8:32:34] <Mikki> Amitie. Should we have an epic battle together?

[8:32:48] <Keiji> Lolwut

[8:32:54] <Keiji> you can't arrange an epic battle

[8:32:56] <Keiji> XD

[8:33:15] <Keiji> epic battles just happen

[8:33:16] <Keiji> :P

[8:33:48] <Seriri> Yeah...even though I insisted she didn't, Mikki rebuilt your hut.

[8:33:48] <Sig> Hi Draco!

[8:33:49] <Akkie> LOL Get that dialog off.

[8:33:54] <Akkie> What about a challenge battle. Think Madou Monogatari.

[8:34:17] <Amitie> Huh?!

[8:34:22] <Draco> Hey Sig...

[8:34:49] <Draco> didn't you just blow up the hut like an hour ago? o_o

[8:34:54] <Mikki> Proof for the Black Magic.

[8:35:02] <Mikki> He did! I just wanna help you guys out with my summoning power!

[8:35:41] <Mikki> Well, not exactly build. Summon it.

[8:35:45] <Sig> I blew up the hut?

[8:35:57] <Sig> Right...(I guess that's how I hurt Rider...)

[8:35:57] <Draco> You summoned a new hut?

[8:36:18] <Mikki> Yes. I summoned a "new" hut.

[8:36:18] <Mikki> Well, it's actually the same hut from before, except with an indoor waterway.

[8:36:27] <Draco> *gives Mikuri a squeeze: O_O THANK YOU SO MUCH T____T*

[8:37:04] <Mikki> And this mysterious figure came here...

[8:37:04] <Ringo> Aha! You must be Draco! HiImRingo!

[8:37:15] <Draco> *is taken aback by Ringo: uwaaa! o_o*

[8:37:15] <Draco> Um, hi...

[8:37:15] <Ringo> I hear you know some suicidal maniac named Ms Accord?

[8:37:50] <Mikki> Ringo's words of Ms. Accord being suicidal had me thinking.

[8:37:50] <Mikki> I think this is a test from Ms. Accord and she's using brutality as a challenge.

[8:37:50] <Ringo> Yeah, I ran into her, and she totally like wanted to die...

[8:38:04] <Ringo> So sad...

[8:38:20] <Chao> (I have a feeling we'll need to rearrange the dialouge before posting this on Kawachan XP)

[8:38:24] <Draco> o_o

[8:38:27] <Keiji> lol [Future Keiji: I rearranged it. - 2015-10-04]

[8:38:38] <Mikki> That's because of Ms. Accord's desire of suicide and Ekoro's riddle called "Sometimes, what you see isn't true" or something like that.

[8:38:50] <Arle Nadja> Mikki, you said a mouthful as if you're pretty smart.

[8:39:10] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[8:39:11] <Akkie> I think we shoudl.

[8:39:41] <Mikki> Don't mention it! X3

[8:39:41] <Mikki> Anyway, can I tell you why we should Puyo?

[8:39:43] <Keiji> cross that bridge when we come to it :P but please try and stay on one subject at a time XD

[8:40:07] <Keiji> i.e. for now, forget ringo said anything about accord, and bring it up again later

[8:40:20] <Draco> Huh? You want to puyo?

[8:40:20] <Seriri> More importantly, some freak named "Ekoro" dropped by...

[8:40:29] <Keiji> ^>_>

[8:41:03] <Akkie> OK... but I think Mikki isn't that type.

[8:41:06] <Seriri> He left some disturbing words behind...

[8:41:06] <Seriri> To lose is to find, and to find is to steal, sometimes what you see isn't real. I wish I could stay and rhyme, But I haven't got the time. So now I say goodbye, Tell your friend Draco I said hi...

[8:41:06] <Seriri> Do you know him Draco?

[8:41:23] <Mikki> Well, it's something about gaining Magic EXP for moar magic.

[8:41:25] <Keiji> fine I'll go with the flow XD

[8:41:50] <Seriri> Because he knows you...

[8:41:50] <Seriri> and that scares me, quite frankly.

[8:42:30] <Draco> That's some crazy speech...

[8:42:38] <Draco> And no, I've never heard of him.

[8:42:52] <Draco> Who is he?

[8:43:07] <Rider> I guess I can Puyo with you Mikki....or do we even have time for that?

[8:43:10] <Draco> Is he anything to do with Accord?

[8:43:11] <Mikki> Also, depending on how hard the Puyo match is and depending on how I do, I gain more MEXP. A win means more MEXP. A lose means little MEXP. But the gain of MEXP is sweet!

[8:44:21] <Mikki> And thank you, Rider.

[8:44:21] <Mikki> I think he's just too knowledgable or something like that. And OK!

[8:44:23] <Sig> Is he the question mark guy, Seriri?

[8:44:24] <Seriri> I don't know if he has anything to do with Accord, but he scares me. And yes, Sig, he IS the question mark guy.

[8:44:39] <Akkie> (Note: Mikki's Japanese quotes are the main attacks instead of added with stars. IE: English: Fueco Stella Japanese: Fueco)

[8:45:42] <Draco> Speaking of Accord, what's she doing right now?

[8:45:43] <Amitie> *scribbles down what vaugely resembles Ekoro*

[8:45:54] <Akkie> I'll be using the Japanese quotes.

[8:45:56] <Amitie> He looks kinda like this:

[8:46:00] <Draco> I feel like I've missed a lot while I was gone >_<

[8:46:16] <Keiji> 2 (Mibbit@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #rp

[8:46:25] <Mikki> I think--

[8:46:37] <Mikki> *is held back by Arle.*

[8:46:38] <Arle Nadja> Let Ringo do the explaining, Mikki!

[8:47:10] <Rider> S-s-s-suicide?

[8:47:10] <Ringo> Contemplating suicide I guess.

[8:47:37] <Draco> Wait, what?

[8:47:47] <Draco> Accord is... suicidal?

[8:47:56] <Draco> What happened to her plans to take over the world?

[8:47:59] <Sig> Yeah....

[8:49:28] <Mikki> Maybe it's because her students hate her now.

[8:49:38] <Seriri> I guess she's cutting her loses and ending it now.

[8:49:40] <Ringo> Dunno what ever happened to her plans.

[8:49:42] <Mikki> It was just a test... I think. If it is, she's going too challenging and brutal.

[8:50:58] <Seriri> So I say why not kill the [whine(r)]?

[8:51:04] <Keiji> colorfail

[8:51:07] <Sig> ...Kill....Ms....Accord?

[8:51:16] <Draco> I agree, Seriri!

[8:51:23] <Draco> We should take her out while we have the chance

[8:51:40] <Draco> Who knows if she'll go back to her plans later?

[8:51:56] <Draco> Or maybe her suicidal appearance is a trick?

[8:52:36] <Keiji> Chao btw, it would be nice if we could end this accord arc already, it's gone on too long.

[8:52:54] <Keiji> i.e. by actually killing her

[8:53:13] <Sig> Do we....have to?

[8:53:14] <Rider> Yes, Sig. We have to....murder her. Before she murders us.

[8:53:14] <Mikki> Just in case I'm wrong, let's take her down or kill her.

[8:54:07] <Draco> We must make our plans!

[8:54:16] <Draco> First of all, does anyone know where Accord is right now?

[8:54:17] <Mikki> Also, should I summon a hologram of myself to her and ask her for stuff?

[8:54:43] <Draco> What for? O_o

[8:55:13] <Mikki> Does Ringo know?

[8:55:16] <Arle Nadja> (How'd Mikki get smart like that? O_O)

[8:55:24] <Keiji> BY PLAYING PUYO LOL

[8:55:51] <Mikki> Ask her about her plans.

[8:56:04] <Chao> [There is a knock on the door]

[8:56:04] <Mikki> Or, if that's risky, summon a hidden camera near her and summon a TV to show what she's up to.

[8:56:44] <Draco> *turns around and opens the door*

[8:56:45] <Akkie> Mikki's intelligence? (If so, LOLRITE) or powerfulness?

[8:59:06] <Ms. Accord> 3 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #rp

[8:59:07] <Arle Nadja> Who's that?

[8:59:08] <Akkie> Is there a window on Draco's hut?

[8:59:08] <Akkie> The only extra Mikki put is the indoor waterway.

[8:59:29] <Keiji> of course there are windows

[8:59:30] <Keiji> XD

[8:59:56] <Ms. Accord> Hello.

[8:59:57] <Mikki> Next time, Draco, peek through the windows.

[9:00:01] <Draco> Ah! Accord!

[9:00:18] <Arle Nadja> Good point?

[9:00:22] <Keiji> lets say that the area by the front door isn't visible from windows

[9:00:22] <Keiji> ;)

[9:00:22] <Ms. Accord> Before you kill me, allow me to explain myself...

[9:00:23] <Mikki> GAH MS ACCORD

[9:00:45] <Draco> NO U

[9:00:52] <Draco> *shoots an enormous fireball at Ms_Accord*

[9:01:06] <Ms. Accord> Please now.

[9:01:10] <Mikki> Tell us. Tell us! TELL US! Sorry.

[9:01:17] <Draco> *watches Ms_Accord sizzle*

[9:02:06] <Mikki> Let her explain first, Draco?

[9:02:25] <Draco> Hmm...

[9:02:31] <Draco> Well, only while on fire.

[9:02:45] <Sig> *angry* LET HER EXPLAIN HERSELF!!!

[9:02:46] <Ms. Accord> Ara....I never wanted to do this....

[9:02:48] <Draco> *looks ready to shoot another fireball if it goes out*

[9:03:07] <Ms. Accord> I never had intended for it to go this far either....

[9:03:18] <Mikki> What about tied up?

[9:03:49] <Mikki> *holds a rope.*


[9:04:01] <Ms. Accord> Popoi....he....

[9:04:13] <Draco> Nah, on fire is far more fun :D

[9:04:32] <Arle Nadja> Ms. Accord? Tell already.

[9:04:36] <Arle Nadja> Speaking of Popoi? Where is he?

[9:04:45] <Ms. Accord> He made me do it....

[9:04:45] <Ms. Accord> All of it....

[9:04:51] <Carbuncle> Guh?

[9:04:51] <Mikki> Is controlling you or forcing you to do this?

[9:04:51] <Ms. Accord> I had to....to protect you....

[9:05:35] <Draco> mm? Is that all you have to say?

[9:05:36] <Mikki> By unwillingly following him?

[9:05:41] <Arle Nadja> Mikki, you know too much.

[9:05:50] <Ms. Accord> I /knew/ you would all be able to defeat me....

[9:05:50] <Ms. Accord> You have done so many times....

[9:06:43] <Draco> *watches as Ms_Accord continues to burn*

[9:06:48] <Ms. Accord> If I had resisted, Seriri and Sig wouldn't be alive right now...

[9:06:56] <Keiji> *hadn't?

[9:06:57] <Ms. Accord> ....but I thought my defeat would come sooner than this...

[9:06:57] <Ms. Accord> ...I didn't think I would have to surrender....

[9:07:19] <Ms. Accord> ....but some how....I survived...

[9:07:20] <Arle Nadja> Draco, burn Popoi instead.

[9:07:57] <Draco> Ah, to hell with it. I'm sick of this whiny [whine(r)]

[9:08:15] <Draco> *shoots more fire at Ms_Accord as she burns up*

[9:08:23] <Keiji> LOL whiny [whine(r)]

[9:08:27] <Mikki> (I hope this isn't a trick.)

[9:08:42] <Ms. Accord> I believe that Popoi enhanced my powers....

[9:08:43] <Mikki> So you're the puppet instead of Popoi?

[9:08:45] <Ms. Accord> ....Amitie....Rider....Sig....

[9:09:00] <Ms. Accord> You were all such wonderfull students

[9:09:56] <Ms. Accord> Especially you Sig...

[9:10:40] <Keiji> [30 seconds til accord collapses]

[9:10:42] <Ms. Accord> ....I will miss you all greatly....

[9:10:42] <Ms. Accord> ...Take care of them, Draco....

[9:10:56] <Ms. Accord> *collapses, still burning*

[9:10:56] <Ms. Accord> ....ara....

[9:10:56] <Keiji> [lul i'm a sadistic bastard arent i]

[9:11:11] <Mikki> Summon! Apportez-moi la pluie!

[9:11:11] <Mikki> *summons rain... inside the hut.*

[9:11:23] <Mikki> 4 has kicked Tejina_Mikuri from #rp (no u)

[9:11:25] <Ms. Accord> ....

[9:11:39] <Akkie> Meanie!

[9:11:40] <Keiji> i'm voiding that

[9:12:04] <Keiji> there's a thin line between magic and god moding

[9:12:06] <Ms. Accord> And one more confession: I killed Klug...

[9:12:06] <Ms. Accord> ...I'm sorry....

[9:12:06] <Ms. Accord> ...............................................................................IIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~

[9:12:43] <Ms. Accord> 4 has kicked Ms_Accord from #rp (RETURN TO ASHES)

[9:12:51] <Chao> The flames grow larger

[9:12:53] <Keiji> Mikki can rejoin, btw.

[9:14:00] <Arle Nadja> RIP: Ms. Accord...

[9:14:00] <Arle Nadja> And you're something that I wanna call that b-word.

[9:14:02] <Chao> [The fire dies down and leaves Ms. Accord's charred remains]

[9:14:44] <Draco> *takes a step back and stares at Accord's body*

[9:14:46] <Rider> ...

[9:14:46] <Rider> How....horrific....

[9:14:47] <Seriri> Good [not-so-good] riddens.

[9:14:48] <Mikki> 3 (Mibbit@1BE56BE6.3024DDD4.6E958B1.IP) has joined #rp

[9:15:44] <Akkie> Give me a chance. I dunno whether I'm godmodding or not. And Arle was talking to Draco.

[9:15:45] <Chao> (Okay wtf Seriri's color isn't working right)

[9:15:47] <Sig> ....Ms Accord?

[9:16:08] <Keiji> Chao just have Seriri quit and rejoin

[9:16:14] <Keiji> Also, yes, that was god-moding

[9:16:18] <Keiji> if it wasn't i wouldn't have kickde

[9:16:20] <Keiji> *kicked

[9:16:21] <Sig> *walks over to her body and kneels beside it...*

[9:16:50] <Draco> *looks over at Arle: I'm so sorry I had to do this...*

[9:17:21] <Sig> Is...she finally......done?

[9:17:22] <Ringo> I'm sorry I had to see this...o_o

[9:17:31] <Draco> But please understand my reasons.

[9:17:56] <Draco> I just needed some closure, after everything that happened.

[9:18:25] <Sig> ....I hope she's happy....

[9:18:34] <Keiji> (draco?)

[9:18:48] <Keiji> (or accord?)

[9:19:03] <Ghost> 3 (Mibbit@1BE56BE6.3024DDD4.6E958B1.IP) has joined #rp

[9:19:04] <Mikki> *just decided to shut up instead of helping.*

[9:19:05] <Chao> (Accord)

[9:19:14] <Ghost> 4 has kicked Ghost from #rp (out of scope)

[9:19:27] <Keiji> please don't summon random characters at times like this

[9:19:30] <Sig> A tear rolls down Sig's cheek

[9:20:26] <Rider> S-s-sig?

[9:22:25] <Draco> *sits down and stares at the ceiling in recollection*

[9:22:27] <Amitie> Huh?! Are you okay Sig?

[9:22:54] <Mikki> (The part of it being a lie is true but the test... no.)

[9:22:55] <Ringo> (Wow, he must be taking it hard....)

[9:24:15] <Keiji> (it? lie? test? what? i didn't understand any of that mikki)

[9:24:16] <Seriri> *is staring at Accord with an almost pleased expression...not noticing Sig*

[9:24:47] <Carbuncle> *gives Draco a bad look after what she did at Ms. Accord.*

[9:25:34] <Sig> *grabs Carbuncle and hugs him tightly...*

[9:26:32] <Draco> If... If any of you want to leave because of what I did... go ahead... I won't stop you.

[9:26:33] <Akkie> Well, the lie thing is that this was partially not because of the sake of killing them but for other reasons. But she believed it was a test.

[9:26:36] <Carbuncle> Guh...

[9:26:51] <Arle Nadja> Yeah, Carby. Sad, isn't it?

[9:28:09] <Sig> *begins crying uncontrolablly*

[9:28:11] <Rider> ...Sig...Don't cry....

[9:28:12] <Mikki> I don't care. You should've just done that to Popoi.

[9:28:12] <Mikki> And if you don't want to bear with my help anymore, I can't help you anymore even if you need me to.

[9:28:38] <Arle Nadja> And Draco? Where's Witch?

[9:28:40] <Rider> *begins to tear up after seeing Sig's face...*

[9:28:53] <Akkie> Mikki was talking to Draco.

[9:29:03] <Draco> Witch? She's probably in the forest, where she always is.

[9:29:27] <Draco> What do you mean, you can't help any more?

[9:30:53] <Ringo> Yeah, whaddya mean by that?

[9:31:14] <Mikki> Only if you don't want to bear with my help.

[9:31:16] <Akkie> I got too deep with avoiding godmodding.

[9:31:39] <Keiji> oh, that was a bit OOC then

[9:31:58] <Draco> Mikki...

[9:31:59] <Seriri> Sig....why are you crying?

[9:32:08] <Draco> You're powerful. That I'll admit.

[9:32:10] <Akkie> Sorry, Keiji.

[9:32:25] <Draco> You can be a bit annoying...

[9:32:35] <Draco> But there's no reason I don't want someone's help.

[9:32:40] <Draco> That goes for everyone.

[9:32:46] <Mikki> Heheh... thanks.

[9:32:57] <Mikki> Well, attacking, I'll help. Information, no.

[9:33:25] <Draco> *feels a tear fall from her eye in reflection of what she did*

[9:33:27] <Amitie> My head is spinning...

[9:33:48] <Mikki> Thanks, Draco.

[9:33:50] <Seriri> There's no reason to cry.....

[9:34:44] <Mikki> I know how much regret you feel after what you did to Ms. Accord. Next time, don't regret it if it's Popoi.

[9:36:10] <Rider> Oh, not you too, Draco!

[9:36:11] <Ringo> *feels her eyes watering up due to the intense remorse and guilt flowing through the room...*

[9:36:42] <Rider> *begins crying as well*

[9:36:43] <Arle Nadja> Don't worry, Draco. Don't regret this. Popoi was just causing her psycho activity.

[9:37:04] <Draco> Thanks, Arle...

[9:37:22] <Arle Nadja> Especially since he forced her to kill someone.

[9:39:09] <Rider> *sniff* I think though that Popoi's plans *sniff* are done for good...

[9:39:09] <Mikki> So... we change the "AAA" to "Accord-Avenging Association"?

[9:39:51] <Mikki> Or "Anti-Popoi Association?

[9:39:51] <Mikki> And if any of you are surprised of my Puyo addiction totally turned off, it was the roulette and this wasn't the time for it.

[9:39:52] <Draco> *smiles: You know, that's a brilliant idea.*

[9:39:53] <Arle Nadja> Amitie, is Popoi a very powerful foe?

[9:40:23] <Amitie> How would I know?

[9:40:27] <Draco> A great way to keep our acronym.

[9:41:14] <Seriri> What, now we're going to avenge that woman?

[9:41:22] <Mikki> So, is it Accord-Avenging Association, then?

[9:41:44] <Mikki> An association that strives to avenge those who's death is because of Popoi?

[9:41:46] <Mikki> Besides, I think Popoi forced her to kill Klug. Otherwise, It's APA.

[9:42:00] <Draco> hmm...

[9:42:13] <Draco> Perhaps this will take some more thinking.

[9:42:20] <Akkie> LOL Nice pun for the Tagalog word for "cone". Ice cream cone.

[9:44:01] <Seriri> Am I the only one that's /glad/ Accord is dead?

[9:44:25] <Draco> Well, I'm half glad.

[9:44:40] <Draco> But to avoid controversy, I think we should come up with a completely new acronym. And I have an idea for that...

[9:45:51] <Keiji> (thinking XD)

[9:46:01] <Arle Nadja> I'd be /much/ gladder if it was Popoi.

[9:48:05] <Sig> *sob* Ms Accord....

[9:48:05] <Sig> *crawls and lays down next Accord's body, still crying his eyes out.*

[9:48:07] <Mikki> Popoi-Hating Group?

[9:48:07] <Mikki> PHG?

[9:48:58] <Draco> How about AADMU: Alliance Against Dark Magic Users?

[9:49:37] <Draco> Or maybe LADMU: League Against Dark Magic Users, just for a nicer acronym.

[9:49:37] <Ringo> That sounds great!

[9:49:37] <Amitie> Wow, that's a good one, Draco1

[9:49:58] <Draco> I wanted to avoid names like "Accord" or "Popoi".

[9:50:13] <Mikki> But... I'm capable of learning Dark Magic too!

[9:50:13] <Mikki> But I rarely use them now because of the lack of battling.

[9:50:14] <Rider> I think AADMU works fine.

[9:50:26] <Draco> Nobody here needs use Dark Magic.

[9:50:28] <Rider> M-m-maybe the accronym could be A2DMU?

[9:50:37] <Draco> Even if you're capable of it.

[9:51:15] <Draco> And no... you can say LADMU easily, right?

[9:52:00] <Arle Nadja> So... that means only against those BAD dark magic users?

[9:52:01] <Rider> I don't know.... I guess I prefer A-a-a-alliance over League

[9:52:24] <Ringo> Alliance League whatever.

[9:52:30] <Draco> No, it doesn't. All Dark Magic is bad.

[9:52:31] <Mikki> Draco? Can I have a moment of myself and a Puyo outside with at least one person watching me cast Dark Magic against a Puyo?

[9:52:31] <Ringo> I'm game

[9:52:39] <Draco> I can't allow any of you to use Dark Magic.

[9:53:49] <Mikki> OK... then I would just avoid Dark Magic for a long time.

[9:53:54] <Draco> Forever.

[9:54:01] <Seriri> *quietly slips away*

[9:54:02] <Draco> Anyway.

[9:54:10] <Seriri> 6 s-''+'Absent'

[9:54:15] <Draco> oi

[9:54:17] <Draco> I saw that.

[9:54:25] <Draco> You're not getting away that easily.

[9:54:30] <Draco> *pulls Seriri back*

[9:54:48] <Draco> Anyway, does anyone else have any opinion on LADMU/AADMU?

[9:54:48] <Seriri> 6 s-'Absent'+''

[9:55:29] <Seriri> Eh?

[9:55:38] <Ringo> Not unless Arle and Mikki count

[9:55:44] <Draco> Where do you think you were going, Seriri?

[9:56:31] <Mikki> So... since this isn't a "big" group... AADMU?

[9:56:34] <Arle Nadja> Don't get too scared, Seriri.

[9:56:36] <Seriri> ....out

[9:56:52] <Draco> But,

[9:56:55] <Draco> It's dangerous to go alone.

[9:58:17] <Seriri> I'm definitely /NOT/ scared...I just want some time alone to think about all of this...

[9:58:48] <Carbuncle> Guh? :)

[9:58:48] <Carbuncle> *nods.*

[9:58:49] <Arle Nadja> You want curry, Carby?

[9:59:03] <Draco> I thought you were the one who wasn't at all moved by Accord's death?

[9:59:14] <Draco> You're being weird, Seriri, and I'm not that stupid :P

[10:00:14] <Mikki> *heard what Arle said.*

[10:00:14] <Mikki> Draco? Is it OK to eat?

[10:00:44] <Draco> Also, perhaps we should move the Alliance to the end: Against Dark Magic Users Alliance. Then we get ADMUA.

[10:00:49] <Sig> I'm not hungry...

[10:01:27] <Draco> Or Anti-Dark Magic Users Alliance.

[10:01:33] <Mikki> Well... I dunno.

[10:01:50] <Draco> I have a thing for acronyms that sound nice. ^^

[10:02:38] <Draco> ...

[10:02:52] <Mikki> Anti-Dark Magicians Alliance?

[10:02:52] <Mikki> ADMA?

[10:03:02] <Draco> That sounds good!

[10:03:08] <Arle Nadja> Just wait, Carby. I'll cook curry for you soon.

[10:03:16] <Draco> Or rather, Anti Dark Mages Alliance.

[10:04:52] <Sig> I hate this Draco...*sniff*

[10:04:52] <Sig> I feel like killing myself...

[10:04:53] <Draco> Does everyone agree on that name?

[10:05:00] <Draco> o_o

[10:05:03] <Draco> Don't do that!

[10:05:03] <Mikki> That's good.

[10:05:03] <Mikki> But is Offensive or Elemental Magic allowed?

[10:05:19] <Akkie> Remember: spells like Fire are considered Black Magic(k). Or Black Magic is merely how you call offensive magic exceot Holy.

[10:05:23] <Draco> Types and elements have nothing to do with the color of magic.

[10:05:31] <Keiji> ...

[10:05:34] <Keiji> that's a load of bull

[10:05:39] <Keiji> fire is gray magic

[10:05:43] <Keiji> white/gray/black

[10:05:58] <Keiji> White and gray magic are both fine.

[10:06:24] <Keiji> Black magic fucks with the psyche.

[10:06:29] <Keiji> ...why didn't that censor

[10:07:01] <Akkie> Thanks for the info. I'll avoid spells like Poison, then.

[10:07:02] <Akkie> Because it wasn't enabled here...

[10:08:35] <Keiji> fucks <- test

[10:08:37] <Rider> I'm sorry Sig...

[10:08:38] <Keiji> That's better.

[10:08:40] <Chao> Mmm Strawberry cupcakes =3

[10:08:40] <Chao> brb, I need more cupcakes

[10:09:38] <Akkie> Later, Chao.

[10:09:41] <Draco> Anyway, does everyone agree with Anti Dark Mages Alliance?

[10:10:31] <Keiji> ...

[10:10:44] <Akkie> I do!

[10:10:45] <Chao> I'm back

[10:10:46] <Rider> I agree

[10:10:46] <Ringo> I'm Game

[10:10:47] <Amitie> YOU Betcha!

[10:11:10] <Keiji> I lost the game

[10:11:12] <Akkie> Darnit! Nickfail.

[10:11:12] <Mikki> OK!

[10:11:16] <Arle Nadja> I'm in!

[10:11:26] <Draco> Great, I'm glad we all agree!

[10:11:32] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[10:12:11] <Draco> *pulls Seriri aside for a side chat.*

[10:12:28] <Draco> 6 s+'Aside'-''

[10:12:28] <Arle Nadja> What about Sig?

[10:13:29] <Sig> I...dont care what we call it...

[10:15:30] <Keiji> Chao?

[10:16:07] <Chao> hi

[10:16:08] <Chao> I got it.

[10:16:30] <Akkie> Strawberry Cupcakes.

[10:17:36] <Keiji> (Draco and Seriri are talking to each other unnoticable from the rest of the group)

[10:26:33] <Sig> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[10:26:34] <Ringo> 4 has quit (http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[10:27:07] <Arle Nadja> *turns to Draco to tell her that everyone really agrees... until she noticed her gone.*

[10:27:18] <Keiji> Lol where did sig and ringo go?

[10:27:27] <Akkie> Later, Chao.

[10:27:28] <Chao> I dunno o_O

[10:27:59] <Chao> I'm not leaving!!

[10:28:28] <Akkie> Should we continue?

[10:28:47] <Mitsuki> 3 (Mibbit@dev-9309F248.cable.ubr02.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #rp

[10:29:08] <Mitsuki> *knocks on the door*

[10:29:13] <Akkie> Sorry. Sig and Ringo tabs were out.

[10:30:58] <Mitsuki> anybody home~~?

[10:30:59] <Rider> *answers the door*

[10:31:00] <Rider> Hi Witch....

[10:31:00] <Rider> *rubs any remaining tears off of her face*

[10:31:02] <Sig> 3 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #rp

[10:32:17] <Mitsuki> o_o

[10:32:17] <Mitsuki> is Arle here~?

[10:32:36] <Mikki> Hi, Witch!

[10:32:40] <Arle Nadja> Witch! What were you doing back at the forest?

[10:33:07] <Ringo> 3 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #rp

[10:35:08] <Mitsuki> ohoho, awesome things~ :D

[10:36:55] <Sig> Look what Draco did to Ms. Accord!

[10:36:55] <Sig> *points at Accords body*

[10:37:22] <Arle Nadja> Anyway, you missed a whole LOT, Witch!

[10:37:23] <Mitsuki> eh~? serves her right~!

[10:37:24] <Mikki> Draco? Can I explain the details?

[10:37:59] <Keiji> (Mikki sees Draco and Seriri making out in the other room when she goes to look for her)

[10:38:25] <Draco> 6 s-'Aside'+''

[10:38:37] <Mikki> Eh? What are Draco and Seriri doing there?

[10:38:38] <Seriri> Oh yeeees~♥

[10:38:44] <Akkie> She also didn't notice Draco's disapearance.

[10:40:04] <Keiji> IRC is very laggy today...

[10:40:05] <Draco> Uwaaa! Mikki, what are you doing here?

[10:40:05] <Seriri>

[10:41:00] <Draco> y-y-y-y-y-you don't mind us being seen, Seriri?

[10:41:02] <Seriri> ◌_◌ Eek!

[10:41:52] <Keiji> LAG

[10:41:54] <Draco> oh okay, you do...

[10:41:54] <Mitsuki> *wonders what the commotion is about and follows Mikki*

[10:41:56] <Seriri> Mikki what are you dong here?!

[10:42:48] <Keiji> LAG

[10:42:49] <Mitsuki> well hello... can i join in~?

[10:42:50] <Rider> *follows Witch*

[10:42:56] <Akkie> Yeah.. laggy...

[10:42:56] <Mikki> What are you two guys discussing here?

[10:42:57] <Amitie> *follows Rider*

[10:43:21] <Draco> uh...

[10:43:21] <Draco> nothing...

[10:43:32] <Mikki> Wow. A lot of people really got interested, didn't they?

[10:43:33] <Draco> *is amazed Mikki didn't notice what we were doing*

[10:43:33] <Rider> ._.;....

[10:43:52] <Mikki> Sorry, Draco and Seriri.

[10:44:52] <Akkie> Major LAG! XP

[10:45:00] <Keiji> indeed

[10:46:27] <Draco> So uh, are you lot all going to stand there and stare at us for eternity?

[10:46:31] <Ecolo> 3 (Mibbit@dev-A256EECE.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #rp

[10:47:00] <Mikki> Anyway, Witch just got here. Can we explain what she missed?

[10:47:02] <Ecolo> I've come again to ryhme!

[10:47:05] <Mikki> Also, it depends! *imhappyplz*

[10:47:05] <Ecolo> Oops, or have I come at a bad time?

[10:48:29] <Seriri> Ekoro!

[10:48:40] <Arle Nadja> *notices Ekoro.*

[10:48:42] <Arle Nadja> Ekoro... what are you doing here?

[10:49:00] <Draco> *is still a bit taken aback: Uh, sure, we can explain to her...*

[10:49:01] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE HE!

[10:49:02] <Ecolo> So you remember my name?

[10:49:04] <Ecolo> Looks like I've won a place in your hall of fame!

[10:50:02] <Draco> Is this the weird person you were talking about, Ringo?

[10:50:03] <Ecolo> No need to explain, I'll do it all.

[10:50:05] <Ecolo> Eyes all around, hear my call

[10:50:45] <Akkie> What's a purge?

[10:50:54] <Keiji> doesn't matter

[10:51:01] <Keiji> I used the wrong word anyway

[10:51:03] <Ringo> ah yup. That sounds like the weirdo.

[10:52:04] <Draco> *faces Ekoro boldly*

[10:52:04] <Draco> So, you're talking to the leader. what exactly do you want?

[10:52:06] <Ecolo> Accord is dead, but that's not it,

[10:52:06] <Ecolo> because Popoi all along was the real culprit.

[10:52:53] <Ecolo> What I want, is what you don't need,

[10:53:01] <Mikki> Try to listen, Witch.

[10:54:42] <Mitsuki> me~? What am I listening for~?

[10:56:10] <Akkie> OK... I admit being lost.

[10:56:20] <Mikki> Ekoro?

[10:56:55] <Ecolo> Simply put, you've passed the test...

[10:56:57] <Ecolo> but this is not the time for what you call rest!

[10:57:41] <Mikki> Yeah... defeat Popoi and stuff...

[10:58:11] <Ecolo> I encore your modesty, but Popoi is not alone...

[10:59:29] <Mikki> Who's with him?

[11:01:03] <Ecolo> Nobody is allied with him. You've killed his only accomplice...

[11:01:03] <Ecolo> but there are many other Dark Mages for you to kill..

[11:01:48] <Draco> well, we know all that.

[11:01:52] <Ecolo> So now you are the ADMA, oh I insist...

[11:01:53] <Ecolo> I simply must see you wiggle your way out of this!

[11:02:22] <Arle Nadja> ... This is going to be challenging, then.

[11:02:32] <Arle Nadja> You want us to GIVE UP?

[11:02:47] <Ecolo> ךּﬨﬤשּׂﬡﬧאַטּﭏⱵהּﭒסּ

[11:03:02] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE HE!

[11:03:21] <Keiji> oh well

[11:03:23] <Chao> [A mysterious portal opens]

[11:04:12] <Chao> [the portal begins growing larger]

[11:04:12] <Draco> o_o

[11:04:12] <Draco> DON'T YOU BLOW UP MY HOUSE AGAIN!

[11:04:12] <Draco> It was only just rebuilt!!

[11:04:12] <Draco> :(

[11:04:46] <Draco> *looks around*

[11:04:46] <Draco> Mikki, can you do anything?

[11:04:47] <Ecolo> Oh don't worry, your house will be unharmed!

[11:05:32] <Rider> *begins to feel the portal pulling her in*

[11:05:34] <Rider> Eek! Draco! Help! It's pulling me in!

[11:06:04] <Draco> Ah!!

[11:06:04] <Draco> *grabs Rider and pulls her back*

[11:06:05] <Ringo> Me too!

[11:06:15] <Amitie> Get Real!~ Me three!

[11:06:29] <Seriri> It's pulling everything in!

[11:06:55] <Draco> Noooooooo!

[11:07:02] <Draco> *grabs hold of Seriri as she keeps falling into the portal*

[11:07:05] <Mikki> Sure.

[11:07:24] <Mikki> I'll help with teleportation... if it

[11:07:24] <Mikki> 's OK.

[11:07:55] <Draco> Teleportation??

[11:07:55] <Draco> I wanted you to get rid of the portal, not help it!

[11:07:55] <Draco> It's too late now... T_T

[11:08:14] <Ecolo> √∞!

[11:08:22] <Mikki> OK.

[11:08:22] <Akkie> Should Mikki help them?

[11:08:25] <Keiji> ohai minamimoto

[11:08:35] <Keiji> It's too late now... T_T

[11:08:37] <Keiji> so no

[11:08:37] <Keiji> XD

[11:09:04] <Amitie> *is sucked in*

[11:09:04] <Draco> *feels herself and Seriri get sucked in*

[11:09:05] <Ringo> Amitie!

[11:09:06] <Ringo> Uwaa~!

[11:09:15] <Ringo> *is sucked in!*

[11:09:17] <Akkie> What now?

[11:09:20] <Arle Nadja> Mikki! Why didn't you do something!?

[11:09:22] <Sig> Rider!

[11:09:33] <Sig> *grabs Rider*

[11:09:36] <Mikki> I was lost!

[11:09:59] <Rider> Don't let me go, Sig!

[11:09:59] <Rider> *slips from Sig's grip though*

[11:10:06] <Mikki> *holds herself at the door.*


[11:10:19] <Rider> *is sucked in*

[11:10:46] <Sig> RIDER!!!

[11:10:46] <Sig> *turns to face Ekoro*

[11:10:47] <Sig> Grrr!

[11:11:06] <Akkie> Is stopping time except herself necessary so Mikki can concentrate on what to do?

[11:11:16] <Keiji> stopping time is godmoding

[11:11:18] <Akkie> The time stop is necessary so don't worry.

[11:11:30] <Sig> *digs his claw into the ground to anchor himself, but it proves to be useless.*

[11:11:38] <Akkie> Well... I'm totally lost, then.

[11:11:39] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE!

[11:12:07] <Keiji> You could say that opening a portal is also godmoding but it's giving us a new story arc (i hope)

[11:12:08] <Ecolo> You are a fool to oppose me, boy

[11:12:09] <Ecolo> Here! Run along and play with your toys!

[11:12:10] <Ecolo> *makes the portal suck harder on Sig*

[11:12:25] <Keiji> also that sounded LOL

[11:12:27] <Mikki> Fueco Stella!

[11:12:43] <Mikki> *fires a firey blast at Ekoro while still holding on the doorknob.*

[11:12:44] <Sig> Iya~!


[11:12:44] <Sig> *is sucked in..*

[11:13:45] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE~!

[11:13:46] <Ecolo> You are so funny, Mikki

[11:13:46] <Ecolo> I love your antics...

[11:13:47] <Ecolo> but now the time has come! Into the portal with you!

[11:14:17] <Ecolo> *makes the portal suck harder on Mikki and anyone else who hasn't been sucked in*

[11:14:22] <Mikki> No way!

[11:14:41] <Akkie> Can she pull Ekoro with her?

[11:14:52] <Keiji> sure

[11:15:23] <Ecolo> EYAH HE HE HE HE~!

[11:15:24] <Carbuncle> *was also sucked in.*

[11:15:26] <Mikki> *was also sucked in, puilling Ekoro with her.*

[11:15:46] <Arle Nadja> Arle was sucked in.

[11:15:48] <Ecolo> What? Nua~!

[11:16:30] <Chao> [the portal finally closes, and we see that half of Primp has been sucked into it]

[11:16:47] <Mikki> You should come too, Ekoro!

[11:16:48] <Chao> [On the other side of the portal, the ADMA falls from the sky into a forest...]

[11:17:06] <Akkie> Where does it lead?

[11:18:01] <Chao> [Draco and Arle recognize the forest and realize they are...]

[11:18:30] <Chao> ...IN THE MADOU WORLD!!!

[11:18:30] <Draco> The forest?

[11:18:30] <Draco> That was a bit of an anticlimax...

[11:18:31] <Chao> DUN DUN DUN~!

[11:18:35] <Keiji> XD

[11:18:36] <Draco> oh

[11:19:14] <Seriri> *gasp* Draco! We're home!

[11:19:14] <Seriri> *has an orgasm*

[11:19:45] <Sig> Where are we?

[11:19:58] <Draco> :O

[11:19:58] <Draco> You're right, Seriri!

[11:20:13] <Rider> ...I.............don't know?

[11:20:14] <Draco> We're home!

[11:20:44] <Ecolo> 50 points to ADMA, for their bright observation skills!

[11:20:54] <Arle Nadja> We're back, Carby!

[11:20:58] <Carbuncle> Guh!

[11:20:59] <Mikki> What is this place?

[11:21:38] <Ringo> Wow, I guess I got me a vacation tour or something!! ^^;

[11:21:38] <Draco> This place... is home!

[11:22:08] <Seriri> Home sweet home!

[11:22:23] <Mikki> Wait... you guys aren't from that world?

[11:22:38] <Arle Nadja> Of course we weren't.

[11:23:11] <Amitie> Yeah Mikki!

[11:23:12] <Amitie> Didn't you know?

[11:23:41] <Sig> Look in the distance!

[11:23:57] <Chao> [Music cue: Brave of Puyo Puyo]

[11:24:43] <Draco> What is it, Sig?

[11:24:44] <Chao> [A large castle can be seen in the distance, and atop of it, a giant Carbuncle stature

[11:24:45] <Mikki> Never knew...

[11:24:51] <Keiji> okay, that was weird

[11:25:40] <Mikki> *said softly: Especially because I never went to this place or world...*

[11:25:41] <Ecolo> Who what where and how?

[11:25:41] <Ecolo> As you can see, this is /MY/ game now!

[11:25:58] <Ecolo> Your objective is to reach that castle!

[11:26:00] <Ecolo> But to take your time is such a hassle!

[11:26:11] <Mikki> Erm... nothing.

[11:26:13] <Arle Nadja> Huh? What is it, Mikki?

[11:26:27] <Akkie> LAG Get on with it!

[11:26:28] <Ecolo> So I have revived your friend Klug, but not for long...

[11:26:28] <Draco> Why should we follow YOUR orders?

[11:26:43] <Ecolo> Make it to the top floor, before I ring the gong...

[11:26:57] <Draco> once again

[11:26:57] <Draco> why should we do what you say?

[11:26:58] <Ecolo> If you dont make it in time, he will be truely dead...

[11:27:11] <Ecolo> and then next, I'll have your heads

[11:27:15] <Arle Nadja> Well, there better be no Satan in there...

[11:27:17] <Draco> oh, I know what this is...

[11:28:02] <Draco> Klug was never killed and you never revived him. This is a big trap.


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