Episode 54 - Chat log

Start date: Sat Dec 01, 2012. All times are UTC.

[8:51:40] <Nohoho> Nohohooooo! I can't sell curry! Muffin too popular! Curry lose interest! I lose money! Nohoho good!

[8:52:18] <Akkie> Wait setting?

[8:53:01] <Chao> I guess wherever Mikki and Strigina have made lodgings long after the Gathering (Madou Homu-Mikki I assume)

[8:53:50] <Mikki> Curry? Sorry, but I don't think we're interested in that food right now.

[8:54:08] <Nohoho> See! It exactly as I say!

[8:54:21] <Nohoho> Nohoho! I will go bankrupt!

[8:55:13] <Mikki> 4

[8:55:13] <Strigina> 4

[8:55:13] <Akkie> 2

[8:55:55] <Akkie> 1

[8:56:07] <Mikki> 3

[8:56:27] <Mikki> Well, if you don't even have any muffins to begin with, you're out of luck.

[8:57:08] <Mikki> Besides, the only curry I'd like to take is Arle's! Other curries give me headaches.

[8:57:21] <Mikki> Err... is "curries" even the right plural?

[8:57:28] <Strigina> 3

[8:57:36] <Nohoho> Nohoho doesn't know-hoho.

[8:57:39] <Nohoho> ;_;

[8:57:41] <Strigina> -poofs in. flying on a broomstick-

[8:57:52] <Nohoho> Nohoho?!

[8:58:13] <Strigina> Perhaps if you weren't so physically averse to curry, then people would be more motivated to buy them?

[8:58:34] <Nohoho> ...How you know about curry allergy?!

[8:58:46] <Strigina> Huhuhu...

[8:59:02] <Mikki> Ma! What're you even doing here!?

[8:59:28] <Nohoho> I must leave. I must take a second mortgage against my casino to make meet's end...

[8:59:32] <Strigina> Oh, the usual business. Playing around with people's shapes and shadows and fortunes...

[8:59:39] <Nohoho> *wheels his curry cart away*

[8:59:39] <Strigina> As for you, frog.

[9:00:00] <Nohoho> Nohoho?...

[9:01:15] <Mikki> 4

[9:01:15] <Strigina> 4

[9:01:15] <Akkie> 7

[9:01:26] <Mikki> 3

[9:01:29] <Strigina> 3

[9:02:42] <Strigina> I'll throw you a bone. If you sell things other than curry, that is.

[9:02:55] <Nohoho> Oh! But I do! What I interest you in?

[9:04:15] <Strigina> Toxic chemicals. I am rather short on ingredients, as of late.

[9:05:05] <Nohoho> I sell fine poison yes! Cyanide, Chlorophorm, Bleach, Asbestos, you name it!

[9:05:23] <Nohoho> $1 per liter!

[9:05:27] <Mikki> What happened to your main source of toxins!? You rarely ever run out! Unless...

[9:06:02] <Strigina> Why I went as far as to come here is not related to that. Don't fret, Thilde.

[9:07:34] <Strigina> -hands Nohoho a list; can't make up a whole list, so only detail is that it'd cost Stringy $50-

[9:08:10] <Mikki> -backs off somewhat-

[9:08:11] <Nohoho> Nohoho! You have deal! *He rummages through his cart, and picks out several bottles of the substances on her list* $50 is total.

[9:08:57] <Strigina> -hands over $50- Now. Off your merry way. SHE'S not interested in your curry.

[9:09:37] <Nohoho> You are very gracious customer! Good luck come your way! *he wheels his cart away for real this time*

[9:09:41] <Nohoho> 4

[9:09:58] <Mikki> I feel so sorry for that frog.

[9:10:14] <Mikki> So, ma! What's up in the sky, anyway?

[9:10:18] <Lagnus> 3

[9:10:29] <Strigina> More like prison than sky.

[9:10:39] <Strigina> Arle has- oh, hello.

[9:10:47] <Lagnus> * approaches the house*

[9:10:55] <Lagnus> Oh, hello Mikki...

[9:11:07] <Mikki> You heard what's up?

[9:11:15] <Lagnus> And another much taller person that I'm unfamiliar with.

[9:11:23] <Lagnus> And, if by "what's up"

[9:11:44] <Strigina> Arle has been taken captive by Satan, and no womanly charm would save her.

[9:11:45] <Strigina> Is that it?

[9:11:50] <Lagnus> you mean Arle being kidnapped by Satan and obtaining a muffin thieving reputation, yes, I'm well aware of it.

[9:12:09] <Mikki> Muffins.

[9:12:19] <Lagnus> Unfortunately, I can't do much about it in this god damn 10-year-old body.

[9:13:42] <Mikki> 4

[9:13:42] <Strigina> 4

[9:13:42] <Akkie> 7

[9:14:05] <Strigina> 3

[9:14:05] <Mikki> 3

[9:14:30] <Akkie> Level Lagnus up later, or now?

[9:14:53] <Chao> Let's go with later for now just to keep things interesting and comical

[9:15:42] <Strigina> I would love to help, but there is more for me to do than go with you in yet another adventure.

[9:15:56] <Mikki> >:T

[9:16:44] <Lagnus> It's quite alright ma'am. The circumstances of this are very unusual, since Arle is usually the one cleaning up after Satan.

[9:17:01] <Lagnus> How could she have been taken captive by him so easily...

[9:17:14] <Strigina> Besides, if I helped you, it would've been less interesting!

[9:17:46] <Lagnus> So you're one of those "sit and watch people suffer" kind of gals, hm?

[9:18:49] <Strigina> Hihihihihihihihihihihihi...

[9:19:19] <Strigina> As I said, there is more for me to do than join you. See you again, then~

[9:19:31] <Strigina> -disappears in a dark puff of smoke-

[9:19:33] <Strigina> 4

[9:19:47] <Lagnus> sigh...

[9:19:53] <Mikki> Being half-mage with witch mom is suffering.

[9:20:25] <Mikki> So!

[9:20:27] <Mikki> ...

[9:20:40] <Lagnus> Yeah...?

[9:20:47] <Mikki> ... yeah, how was Satan able to get Arle. Indeed.

[9:21:53] <Mikki> What's even more baffling is. Just. Why did she get a nasty reputation for muffin taking? How!? Who!? Whe-

[9:22:04] <Akkie> By the way.

[9:22:06] <Akkie> DAT POPOIT

[9:22:15] <Lagnus> I don't even know myself!!

[9:22:27] <Chao> Popoit?

[9:22:42] <Akkie> Sounds like Prospoit.

[9:22:57] <Akkie> A light-based kingdom with Popoi here, Popoi there.

[9:22:58] <Akkie> Lolnope

[9:23:24] <Mikki> Well, I guess this means we go to a good lead? That usually works!

[9:23:47] <Lagnus> But Witch,...or Mitsuki...or whatever I should call her...and everyone at Magic Jail for that matter, is convinced she's a no good thief of some kind!

[9:23:59] <Lagnus> But if they could be any more wrong then color me pink!

[9:24:13] <Color Changer of 1000> 3

[9:24:21] <Color Changer of 1000> Did some one say Color?

[9:24:32] <Mikki> Can you color boys pink?

[9:24:45] <Color Changer of 1000> Why, I most certainly can~

[9:24:52] <Lagnus> 6 c-'3'+'11'

[9:24:56] <Mikki> I always thought CCs can't.

[9:24:57] <Lagnus> W-What the?!

[9:24:59] <Mikki> ...

[9:25:00] <Mikki> ...

[9:25:01] <Mikki> ...

[9:25:17] <Color Changer of 1000> Hmhmhmhmhmmm~


[9:25:26] <Color Changer of 1000> Oh, it's so much fun, jishooo

[9:25:40] <Mikki> Are you a special sort of CC?

[9:25:51] <Color Changer of 1000> No, I don't believe so.

[9:26:20] <Color Changer of 1000> Although now that I think of it, Childeren cannot change color at the color change springs, so I should not be changing the colors of childeren and being a hypocrite.

[9:26:26] <Mikki> Usually, you guys can't change the color of boys. I read that from a reliable source.

[9:26:29] <Lagnus> I'm not a child!

[9:26:32] <Mikki> Yes. Yes.

[9:26:41] <Color Changer of 1000> Oh...

[9:26:49] <Color Changer of 1000> Well, you're a very bright young mage.

[9:26:57] <Color Changer of 1000> Here's a free color ticket~!

[9:27:08] <Color Changer of 1000> Use it to CHANGE colors of anything you might need!

[9:27:21] <Lagnus> 6 c-'11'+'3'

[9:27:30] <Mikki> -changes Lagnus back-

[9:27:31] <Color Changer of 1000> Now I must VAMOS

[9:27:37] <Color Changer of 1000> *vamoses*

[9:27:39] <Color Changer of 1000> 4

[9:27:50] <Lagnus> A-Anyway...

[9:27:54] <Mikki> That was irrelevant. LET'S VAMOSE!

[9:28:17] <Lagnus> I suppose we should..

[9:28:18] <Mikki> ...

[9:28:19] <Mikki> ...

[9:28:19] <Mikki> ...

[9:29:09] <Mikki> Either that old coot also believes in the Arle-Muffin thing, or he's really just an old coot, which is a shame.

[9:29:24] <Mikki> ... do we even know where to vamos to?

[9:29:33] <Lagnus> I was JUST about to ask you that

[9:29:56] <Lagnus> Well, let's see...there probably isn't anyone in the nearby towns who could help us...

[9:30:21] <Mikki> I guess our best bet is actually storming to the castle.

[9:30:37] <Mikki> Praying to some sort of god out there that something will try to kill us, only to end up killed.

[9:30:39] <Lagnus> No, it isn't. I already tried that.

[9:30:46] <Mikki> ... oh.

[9:31:00] <Mikki> What happened.

[9:31:18] <Lagnus> I got Juggernauted into smithereens. x_x

[9:31:37] <Lagnus> And I couldn't touch him with my sword either

[9:31:44] <Mikki> Oh, yeah. Satan is Satan.

[9:33:24] <Mikki> But.

[9:33:39] <Mikki> I don't feel like waiting for yet another deus ex machina to help us.

[9:33:56] <Lagnus> I suppose the most logical place would be to start at the lake that I passed on the way here...

[9:34:15] <Mikki> Good plan.

[9:34:25] <Lagnus> Come then!

[9:34:34] <Lagnus> *He dashes off towards the lake*

[9:34:43] <Mikki> -dashes along-

[9:35:02] <Seriri> 3

[9:35:24] <Seriri> *is in the pondlake, singing a melancholy tune to herself*

[9:36:20] <Seriri> Ooooooh~♪

[9:36:37] <Seriri> Why can't I have any friendssss~♪

[9:36:56] <Seriri> My first love was taken away by the UTAU hair~♪

[9:37:23] <Mikki> I always thought love interest =/= best friend. WHAT GIVES!?

[9:37:51] <Seriri> Why must-- Huh?? O-Oh...it's you.

[9:37:57] <Seriri> *slumps*

[9:38:11] <Lagnus> Oh, it's that mermaid...

[9:38:17] <Mikki> Do you consider Arle a friend, Ser?

[9:39:34] <Seriri> Sometimes...but you know, I always manage to get left out somehow while she's off having fun. I hear she's stealing coconuts and making bras out of them these days. Maybe she'll end up in Magic Jail where we can all laugh at her when we become main characters without her...

[9:39:48] <Lagnus> ...

[9:39:48] <Mikki> Well, you're in luck!

[9:39:56] <Lagnus> What are you even babbling about?!

[9:39:56] <Mikki> She's in Magic Jail!

[9:40:07] <Seriri> :O

[9:40:07] <Mikki> Not for coconutty reasons, though. More of things about muffins.

[9:40:27] <Seriri> Oh yeah, I've heard she's stealing those too.

[9:40:34] <Seriri> That's an especially heinous crime.

[9:40:46] <Lagnus> But why though?!

[9:40:51] <Mikki> Pfft. Muffin stealing. I've heard worse.

[9:40:56] <Lagnus> They're just...ugh, nevermind!

[9:41:01] <Mikki> Like trying to eat a village of gingerbread!

[9:41:16] <Lagnus> Arle's in more of a pickle than muffin-related incarceration though.

[9:41:19] <Mikki> When said gingerbread happened to be SENTIENT.

[9:41:44] <Lagnus> And um...we'd like if you'd come help us?

[9:41:44] <Mikki> So Satan took her captive.

[9:42:00] <Seriri> ..Oh.

[9:42:06] <Seriri> Well, that's interesting I guess.

[9:42:11] <Mikki> And from what I've once read, Stan's got a fanclub full of Dracos.

[9:42:20] <Seriri> ...............................................

[9:42:30] <Mikki> Maybe if we beat him up in front of them with so much style, they'll be fawning over us.

[9:42:38] <Mikki> But you know fanclubs. :I

[9:42:40] <Seriri> Nope.

[9:42:44] <Seriri> I'm done with Draco.

[9:42:46] <Seriri> So.

[9:42:49] <Seriri> Fucking.

[9:42:50] <Seriri> DOne,

[9:43:12] <Mikki> ... oh. Right. You were just singing about that.

[9:43:13] <Mikki> Eh.

[9:43:30] <Lagnus> Still

[9:43:48] <Lagnus> I'd at least like some help fending off Satan long enough to help Arle escape...

[9:44:03] <Mikki> Just two heads isn't enough, ya know!

[9:44:29] <Seriri> But...why should I though? So she can get back to hogging the spotlight as usual?

[9:44:51] <Seriri> I want to have a million friends and be popular, too...

[9:45:38] <Mikki> Weeeeeell...

[9:45:46] <Lagnus> Well...maybe if you rescue Arle, you'll go down in history as the one that saved her, and then perhaps you'll be recognized for your valiant efforts and be rewarded with any fame that comes from such?

[9:46:10] <Seriri> Hm....

[9:46:26] <Mikki> Bonus points if you were the one to beat up Satan!

[9:47:11] <Mikki> That is, beat him to an inch of his life!

[9:47:15] <Seriri> Well....I have been practicing some secret techniques the Puyo Spirit Unda taught me...it'd be a shame if I let them go to waste.

[9:47:37] <Seriri> *forming a bubble around herself, she levi-swims out of the lake and accompanies them*

[9:47:39] <Mikki> -brightens up-

[9:48:02] <Lagnus> Great!

[9:48:43] <Lagnus> But now the question of how I get out of kid form lingers....

[9:49:00] <Mikki> You know what? Fine.

[9:49:23] <Mikki> I'll actually keep hoping some god sends out a monster out for our blood.

[9:49:29] <Mikki> Only to be beat up in the end.

[9:49:55] <Seriri> She's catching on.

[9:50:06] <Seriri> I'm so proud :')

[9:50:06] <Mikki> What she.

[9:50:22] <Lagnus> Enough, you two pessimists!

[9:50:31] <Mikki> Hey, I was being optimistic!

[9:50:33] <Lagnus> If a target doesn't find us, then we'll find it!

[9:50:47] <Mikki> Oh. Right.

[9:51:05] <Seriri> ....Oh.

[9:51:30] <Lagnus> Now...where are we liable to find some monster to slay 'round these parts...

[9:52:00] <Mikki> On the way to Satan's castle, I'd wager.

[9:52:15] <Mikki> I have a feeling that the place is teeming with monsters.

[9:53:56] <Pedestrian> 3

[9:55:25] <Pedestrian> H-Help! Help! It's just horrible! There's a Dragon attacking Kickback Town!!!

[9:55:37] <Mikki> Right on cue,


[9:56:15] <Pedestrian> *runs away screaming*

[9:56:17] <Pedestrian> 4

[9:56:22] <Mikki> Wow rude.

[9:56:31] <Mikki> -chases Pedestrian-

[9:56:45] <Lagnus> What are you doing! Kickback Town is that way!

[9:56:52] <Lagnus> We have to slay the dragon!

[9:57:07] <Seriri> Easier said than done, I

[9:57:10] <Seriri> 'd say...

[9:57:32] <Mikki> -goes to direction Lagnus pointed- You know I haven't made a good enough map for this place, right?

[9:58:12] <Dragon> 3

[9:58:17] <Dragon> 6 c-'3'+'4'

[9:58:24] <Dragon> Gaaaaooooooo!!

[9:58:32] <Dragon> *is breathing fire everywhere*

[9:59:25] <Seriri> Oh god.

[9:59:30] <Mikki> Well, Lagnus, that's your cue. -casts that shield spell against fire and physical attacks-

[9:59:52] <Lagnus> Well...let's try it! Hiya!!

[10:00:16] <Lagnus> *he jumps at Dragon, but is easily brushed away by it's arm*

[10:00:20] <Lagnus> Dammit!

[10:01:17] <Seriri> Well, I suppose I should try this...

[10:01:38] <Seriri> *A small stream of water sprays out from her bubble at Dragon*

[10:01:52] <Dragon> Eke--GAOO

[10:02:21] <Dragon> *Hardly hurt much, he goes after the trio*

[10:03:35] <Mikki> -casts Holy Star spell-

[10:03:58] <Dragon> Uga? *is hit by the holy star* USHAAAAA

[10:04:05] <Keiji> 1

[10:04:11] <Chao> ohi

[10:04:14] <Keiji> Oh my

[10:04:17] <Akkie> Hey Kei.

[10:04:22] <Chao> Oh my indeed

[10:04:23] <Keiji> I see you saw our RP

[10:04:27] <Akkie> Yes.

[10:04:33] <Keiji> Approve?


[10:04:44] <Chao> I decided I might as well RP with her since she was here.


[10:05:06] <Akkie> So yeah, yes, I did see the RP.

[10:05:58] <Akkie> Also, Fefetasprite, but that's irrelevant.

[10:06:10] <Chao> So far, Nohoho sold toxins to Stringy Rice, Lagnus recruited Mikki and Seriri, and now he's trying to fight off Dragon with their aid, to little avail so far.

[10:07:14] <Keiji> Bahahahha

[10:07:14] <Keiji> lol

[10:07:23] <Keiji> Nice

[10:07:26] <Keiji> Do carry on

[10:07:35] <Keiji> Also http://cw.nanako.cc/w/index.php?title=Character_list&action=historysubmit&diff=13424&oldid=13423

[10:07:57] <Mikki> -summons a random cottage on fire on top the dragon-

[10:08:23] <Dragon> Uu? *he looks up and the cottage falls onto him*

[10:08:33] <Dragon> Isshyaaaa

[10:08:33] <Akkie> Poor Pache.

[10:08:53] <Seriri> Well, at least he can't just bat the poor kid away now..

[10:09:35] <Mikki> Fire shield should be of good use. I hope.

[10:10:11] <Lagnus> I suppose now is as good of time as any to strike! Hiyaaa! *he leaps for Dragon--*

[10:10:25] <Dragon> Wait! Stop it, ja~n!

[10:10:32] <Dragon> I just wanted caaaake~

[10:10:46] <Mikki> Cake!?

[10:10:49] <Lagnus> *he topples over mid-leap into a wall*

[10:10:56] <Seriri> Cake?

[10:11:08] <Dragon> *poof*

[10:11:13] <Mikki> -sees that cottage was actually the bakery type- Sorry about your cake.

[10:11:16] <Jan> 3

[10:11:18] <Dragon> 4

[10:11:44] <Jan> Jan-Sama needed a good cake to satisfy her sweets craving.

[10:12:06] <Seriri> So you disguised yourself as a dragon and set a town on fire?

[10:12:10] <Mikki> Hi, Jan! Did you use Arle for your muffiny escapades?

[10:12:48] <Jan> ...ah? Wha? Whaaaaa>!

[10:13:08] <Jan> Are you a muffin thief, too?

[10:13:45] <Mikki> Well, if I weren't busy with salad right now, I'd be out for muffins instead!

[10:13:48] <Jan> Jan-Sama is a good girl! Only bakas steal muffins.

[10:13:51] <Mikki> Are you a gingerbread thief?

[10:14:08] <Lagnus> A-Are you saying you think Arle is an idiot?!

[10:14:22] <Seriri> Well...

[10:14:59] <Pedestrian> 3

[10:15:10] <Pedestrian> Oh thank goodness the Dragon is gone!

[10:15:24] <Mikki> No she isn't! She's right over there! -points at Jan-

[10:15:44] <Jan> Yep! The great Jan-Sama did it all by her self! Those guys are a bunch of muffin thieving bakas, ja~n!

[10:16:14] <Pedestrian> Oh No! More muffin thieves! QUICK CALL THE MAGIC POLICE THEY SHOULD BE THROWN IN MAGICAL JAIL!!!

[10:16:29] <Mikki> -throws some salad at Jan- HOW COULD YOU.

[10:16:35] <Lagnus> Wait?! No!! That's not it at all!

[10:16:41] <Mikki> HOW COULD YOU ACCUSE US OF SUCH (relatively) GRAVE CRIMES!

[10:17:04] <Mikki> But you are seriously sending people to Magical Jail for muffin thievery?

[10:17:15] <Mikki> And not destroying your village?

[10:17:19] <Mikki> All for some cake?

[10:17:23] <Mikki> Isn't cake thievery worse/

[10:17:25] <Jan> Because you said it yourself! *mimicing Mikki* I'd be out for muffins if I didn't eat salad~

[10:18:01] <Mikki> She wanted cake! Cake has more ingredients than muffins!

[10:18:06] <Seriri> *snigger*

[10:18:33] <The Infomaniac> 3

[10:18:42] <The Infomaniac> *is riding on a Lego Motorcycle*

[10:18:51] <Mikki> Besides. I don't steal salad ingredients, so neither would I still muffins and their ingredie- ohi.

[10:19:02] <The Infomaniac> Great Green and Red bricks, it's a whole gang of them!

[10:19:35] <The Infomaniac> We must put them in the computer! Erm... I mean cell immediately!

[10:19:43] <Mikki> Still. Steal. >:T

[10:19:47] <Pedestrian> 4

[10:19:59] <Jan> Poof! Poof! Smo~key poof!

[10:20:06] <Jan> *poofs away again*

[10:20:07] <Mikki> Sorry 'bout that guys. -throws mushroom at Jan-

[10:20:08] <Jan> 4

[10:20:48] <The Infomaniac> You muffin thieves are more slippery than the Brickster, and I /built/ him!

[10:21:08] <Mikki> Your grand jury is messed up.

[10:21:14] <The Infomaniac> This time though, I wont let Pepper accidentally release you.

[10:21:50] <The Infomaniac> *he pulls out Magic Lego-Handcuffs (TM) and handcuffs Lagnus, Seriri and Mikki, escorting them to his Motorcycle*

[10:22:10] <Lagnus> This is ridiculous!

[10:22:33] <Seriri> I didn't know I had to go to magic jail before I got my infamy ;_;

[10:22:57] <Mikki> Who knows. Maybe Magic Jail is the same place they kept Arle.

[10:23:21] <The Infomaniac> For your safety, please keep your hands, arms, feet, legs, and spare bricks inside the motorcycle at all times, and always remember to wear the safety belt. *drives off to Magic Jail*

[10:24:03] <Lagnus> It shouldn't be too difficult, considering the current situation of our hands...

[10:24:25] <Mikki> -whispering- They didn't cuff our legs, though!

[10:24:53] <Seriri> *whisper* I don't even have legs...

[10:25:03] <Lagnus> *whisper* Why are we whispering?

[10:25:16] <Mikki> Tail Whip is an effective way to lower people's guards. /whisper

[10:25:49] <The Infomaniac> And noooooooooo whispering! If you whisper when you need advice, I wont hear it.

[10:26:18] <The Infomaniac> *Arriving at Magic Jail, he places them inside Arle's old cell*

[10:26:35] <Mikki> -kicks Infomaniac away-

[10:26:42] <The Infomaniac> 4

[10:27:24] <Lagnus> So...now we're wanted criminals in Magic Jail and we have absolutely nothing that "Jan-Sama" has claimed we've stolen.

[10:27:38] <Mikki> Assuming these cuffs don't strip you off of magic...


[10:27:50] <Mikki> -tries to summon some gingerbread-

[10:28:02] <Akkie> It's Infomaniac's motorcycle.

[10:28:03] <Chao> I have no idea :D

[10:28:06] <Akkie> It carries ANYTHING.

[10:28:09] <Keiji> 0k

[10:28:32] <Keiji> ...if I was five minutes earlier I couldve had Mitsuki zoomstick the fuck over there and rescue them.

[10:28:43] <Chao> Indeed

[10:28:49] <Akkie> Where is she though.

[10:28:56] <Keiji> But I guess that would make her an enemy to police so maybe it's for the best :U

[10:29:11] <Mikki> Well, guys. Are these cuffs magic-proof?

[10:29:26] <Seriri> How would we know?

[10:29:40] <Mikki> -tries to summon gingerbread-

[10:30:01] <Lagnus> Ah, there are cookies in the corner of the room...

[10:30:16] <Akkie> ... well?

[10:30:47] <Lagnus> *making his way over to them, he tastes them* ...gingerbread...

[10:30:53] <Mikki> :)

[10:31:13] <Mikki> This sure is a terrible prison.

[10:31:32] <Seriri> Indeed.

[10:32:00] <Mikki> I don't have my scarf, though.

[10:32:33] <Mikki> It would have been easy to poof away, but I don't even have my scarf with me.

[10:33:02] <Mikki> ... -checks for wand-

[10:33:43] <Lagnus> ...your magic power is dependent on a scarf you didn't bother to bring with you on an adventure?!

[10:33:51] <Seriri> Typical Mikki.

[10:34:24] <Mikki> It's just the poofy magic that's dependent on mushrooms. Don't be mad!

[10:34:50] <Mikki> ... though, as much as I'd love to burn the whole place to the ground, bury it and drink the red from its pretty construction.

[10:34:54] <Mikki> That would be suspicious.

[10:34:56] <Mikki> Unless.

[10:35:02] <Mikki> You guys would vote for that.

[10:35:12] <Seriri> Do you know the muffin jail?~♪ The muffin jail?~♪ The muffin jail?~♪ Do you know the muffin jail?~♪ Where Seriri rotted to death~♪

[10:35:32] <Mikki> -summons more gingerbread-

[10:35:40] <Mikki> I think you mean gingerbread.

[10:35:48] <Seriri> It's gonna be on my hit single album releasing December 21st.

[10:36:26] <Mikki> Lagnus, did they confiscate your sword?

[10:36:26] <Lagnus> We just need you to blow a hole in the wall and get these cuffs of our hands. Not burn the place down and bury it and uh...drink the red.

[10:37:09] <Lagnus> Um...well, it's not like I could reach it even if they didn't.

[10:37:42] <Lagnus> Ugh...

[10:37:53] <Mikki> I wish I had Lam's explosion expertise... -tries casting Thunder Star-

[10:38:34] <Seriri> I should've stayed in the pond...nothing bad ever happens there.

[10:39:14] <Mikki> But then, you'll be crying about your lack of friends by this time.'

[10:39:25] <Mikki> -casts Thunder Star on wall-

[10:40:00] <Lagnus> Wait, Lam...the wall...that's it!

[10:40:29] <Lagnus> Mikki, they might release you if you tell them that you're here to fix the wall and were locked in the cell by mistake.

[10:40:42] <Lagnus> Then maybe you can break us out from the outside.

[10:40:50] <Lagnus> Or get someone who CAN break us out.

[10:41:18] <Lagnus> Provided if Patchouli ever checks the cells U_U;;

[10:41:28] <Mikki> More like offer to be their personal carpenter.

[10:41:38] <Mikki> Patchouli? Pache?

[10:41:46] <Mikki> They've already heard about the muffins, though.

[10:42:29] <Mikki> -starts charging for Falling Star-

[10:43:35] <Akkie> So I was holding out in case you guys had other ideas.

[10:43:42] <Chao> *The Falling star puts yet another huge gaping star-shaped hole in the prison*

[10:44:12] <Mikki> ... this really is a poorly-maintained prison cell.

[10:44:14] <Lagnus> Well...there's a way out now at least...now to find someone to get us out of these cuffs.

[10:44:28] <Lagnus> *he hops through the hole Mikki has just created.*

[10:44:39] <Seriri> *levi-swimming behind him in her bubble*

[10:44:45] <Mikki> -follows Lagnus and Seriri-


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