Episode 22 - Chat log

Start date: Wed May 18, 2011. All times are UTC.

[8:09:53] <Ringo> -wakes up after a good night's rest; relieved that no one is there to cause dramatic lolz to her, rubbing her eyes, she looks to Eltia...- Morning~

[8:11:13] <Eltia> -sits up next to Ringo- Ah, you're awake~

[8:12:17] <Ringo> Yeah...I am. Oh! I forgot! Eltia, now that Marcus isn't such a pressing issue...how would you go about finding something that you don't know anything about, other than say, it's existance? Because I have an errand to run...

[8:14:42] <Ringo> Even if you don't have any tips, I'd like you to come along anyway...You don't know what's out there.

[8:14:43] <Eltia> ...Something we don't know anything about? I don't know... and you probably shouldn't let your guard down about Marcus...

[8:17:11] <Keiji> Chao, what is it you said had an effect on Theta's disappearance?

[8:17:32] <Chao> The fact that she was an Ekoro clone

[8:18:09] <Ringo> And you're probably right about Marcus...;; But for today's adventure, we'll be traveling in my world. So, let's go grab Arle and....either Mikki or Seriri, and work on this. I have to find out what Ekoro's "Secret Project" is...if just to satisfy my own curiosity.

[8:18:32] <Keiji> yeah obviously

[8:18:34] <Keiji> but more than that

[8:18:48] <Keiji> oh

[8:18:49] <Keiji> ...

[8:18:50] <Keiji> derp

[8:18:54] <Keiji> of course, the secret project

[8:19:19] <Chao> The main reason S. Klug has been absent lol

[8:20:33] <Akkie> Watching everyone run around like derp. I know somebody's doing that...

[8:20:47] <Chao> [so Ringo and Eltia head through the portal and pick up Arle and Mikki]

[8:20:49] <Eltia> As you wish, Ringo... I'll do everything I can to help you.

[8:20:54] <Keiji> lol fail

[8:22:39] <Ringo> So...if I were a secret project, where would I hide myself? I didn't see anything suspicious in the desert. Did you see anything strange or unusual in the forest Mikki?

[8:23:56] <Mikki> Same as usual back there.

[8:24:07] <Arle Nadja> /claim late

[8:25:20] <Ringo> Hm...Maybe we should look near the mountains. After all, Ekoro's main HQ were there, so naturally, I can't imagine his secret project would be far behind, no?

[8:26:56] <Arle Nadja> And where do you plan on going if you find nothing there?

[8:28:05] <Ringo> ....I dunno...it's the only lead we have. We shouldn't be thinking so far ahead yet. There are a couple of places around the mountains we could check. Let's just go there first and see if we can at least solve for the missing variables.

[8:30:13] <Chao> [So Ringo floats the gang over to Fos Canyon (see map). The panorama consists of some of the darkest, sinster areas of Primp...and yet the canyon itself feels peaceful. The sunlight penetrates the clouds here, creating a heavenly light of sorts.]

[8:30:28] <Keiji> She levitated everyone?

[8:30:41] <Chao> Pretty much lol

[8:30:46] <Keiji> Bit of a Deus Ex, no?

[8:31:23] <Chao> I just figured no one want to idly chat for five minutes while they /walked/ to the mountains :P

[8:31:31] <Keiji> indeed

[8:31:40] <Akkie> Nobody likes travel scenes...

[8:31:44] <Keiji> But you could have just had them walk to the mountains.

[8:31:50] <Keiji> :P

[8:31:52] <Chao> lol

[8:31:54] <Akkie> ... unless the show itself is a comedy.

[8:31:57] <Keiji> anyway.

[8:33:03] <Ringo> -looks around, ignoring the veiw and feeling calm- Geez...Ekoro was really out of his vector to build his lair next to this place...;;

[8:33:14] <Mitsuki> -seemingly appears and out of nowhere and runs up to the gang- Ah, it's you guys!

[8:33:34] <Ringo> Ah! Witch! How're you?

[8:33:42] <Arle Nadja> Howdy-do, Witch!

[8:34:19] <Mitsuki> ....Um... -holds out her hand, in her hand is another one, a severed hand...-

[8:34:50] <Ringo> O_O;;; Holy factoids?! Th-that's not YOUR hand...is it?!

[8:35:17] <Mitsuki> Well, you could say that...

[8:35:28] <Mitsuki> It's... all that's left of her... ;_;

[8:35:47] <Ringo> Oh no...not Beta...not her too?

[8:35:48] <Arle Nadja> ... you mean... Dark You?

[8:36:29] <Eltia> !!

[8:36:41] <Mikki> I remember somebody talking about somebody talking about curses and Ekoro and his family...

[8:36:42] <Eltia> ...Another one... like Theta...

[8:36:51] <Ringo> Hm?

[8:37:01] <Mitsuki> I tried to pull her out, but...

[8:37:18] <Mitsuki> The blackness just swallowed her up...

[8:37:49] <Ringo> Blackness.....;; Ekoro is more powerful than we thought...;;

[8:38:46] <Eltia> ...That's not the Ekoro you keep talking about...

[8:39:30] <Eltia> ...That was Marcus' work...

[8:39:33] <Ringo> Wait...Marcus!

[8:39:55] <Mitsuki> Huh, Marcus?

[8:40:36] <Ringo> Lord Marcus. He's a psychopath from another dimension that wants our heads on a platter because we might've killed Ekoro and called ourselfs the Anti Dark Magic alliance. :/

[8:41:28] <Mitsuki> Oh, goodness... Trouble never stops finding you, does it?

[8:41:44] <Ringo> Unfortunately not U_U;

[8:41:49] <Chao> [Nearby there is a tent, seemingly random, and a cage behind it. Someone appears to be in the cage, but they're turned away and not very visable. Either way, the tent seems a bit random in the place, and rather...uninhabited.]

[8:41:58] <Mitsuki> ...But still... what the heck do I do with this... -looks at the hand-

[8:41:58] <Arle Nadja> You'll get used to it...

[8:42:22] <Arle Nadja> OOC: Especially when you're a main character.

[8:42:43] <Ringo> Maybe...maybe we should keep it. After all, you did manage to rebuild her when there was only her head, right?

[8:42:57] <Ringo> Also....did anyone see that tent there before?...

[8:43:18] <Mitsuki> But... a hand's not a head...

[8:43:26] <Mitsuki> Ahh!

[8:43:38] <Mitsuki> It's the blueberry muffin D:

[8:43:57] <Mitsuki> I'm not a pervert, he just makes me...

[8:44:10] <Mitsuki> -runs away and is chased by muffin, dropping the hand on the ground-

[8:45:02] <Ringo> Blue...what...--....-looks down at the hand, and picks it up, cringing at it's sight, but nevertheless, hangs onto it tightly-

[8:45:26] <Mikki> You can let me carry that hand, if you don't want to yourself.

[8:46:54] <Ringo> ...Just promise not to let it go. -gives it to Mikki, and starts walking over to the tent, still ignoring the boy in the cage behind it- Maybe we'll find some clues about all of this in the tent...

[8:48:44] <Arle Nadja> ... does that include that kid in that cage?

[8:49:20] <Ringo> Uh...sure... We'll interrogate him after we check out his tent. -walks into the tent-

[8:51:22] <Chao> [Inside the tent, there's nothing but a writing desk type bench with a laptop perched atop of it. The CD tray is open, and a CD lay on it, with "Play me!" and "The Truth about PL" scribbled on it crudely...with PL and Truth being slightly smudged. Another disc is beside the Laptop, labeled "PL DATA" in a simmilar manner]

[8:52:14] <Mikki> -reads the "Play me!", immediately reminded of that children's novel-

[8:52:18] <Keiji> Prolog? Playlist? Perl?

[8:52:30] <Chao> LOL

[8:52:37] <Keiji> Penis Lengthening?

[8:52:45] <Chao> LOLOL XD

[8:52:57] <Keiji> (yes I know that's not the right term, but I had to make it fit the acronym)

[8:53:10] <Akkie> Freud was right, indeed.

[8:53:16] <Keiji> LOLOLOL

[8:53:19] <Keiji> sure is tvtropes in here

[8:53:53] <Keiji> Plymouth?

[8:54:02] <Keiji> (Has postcode PL- ---)

[8:54:29] <Ringo> Interesting... The CD's our best bet...-pushes the tray, in, causing the laptop to load a crudely recorded AVI. The person in the video is blurry-

[8:54:58] <Eltia> OOC: AVI? Not an MKV? How pathetic...

[8:55:37] <Eltia> -watches the screen with interest-

[8:55:49] <Mikki> OOC: If I fall asleep watching this, will I be in Wonderland instead of somewhere normal?

[8:56:06] <Ringo> Hello there. If you found this CD, you probably accidently found out about my existence. By the time you watch this though, I will probably be destroyed by Ekoro.

[8:56:15] <Chao> ...nick fail D:

[8:56:28] <Phi> Hello there. If you found this CD, you probably accidently found out about my existence. By the time you watch this though, I will probably be destroyed by Ekoro.

[8:57:18] <Keiji> http://www.oneinchpunch.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/extreme-ironing-05.jpg

[8:57:33] <Keiji> Yo dawg, I put an ironing board on your bicycle so you can iron while you cycle

[8:58:08] <Akkie> Bike only playing woth you. THAT IRON BOARD NOT EVEN DROP.

[8:58:13] <Phi> I created a back up of my data, in case it should be necessary. It's on a disc right next to this computer. Anyhow, I should probably explain who I am and why I recorded this. I am Ekoro's Project "Perfect Light", a clone called Phi. I was created completely in secrecy.

[8:59:34] <Eltia> ...Phi..?

[8:59:44] <Phi> -the person becomes less blurry; it's a boy- Only Zeta and Ekoro know of my existance as far as I'm aware. I think Ekoro will destroy me after I record this. But I hid this and the back up to prevent him from completely destroying it as well.

[9:00:05] <Keiji> SWEET YOU GAVE ZETA A PART

[9:00:08] <Keiji> I LOVE YOU NOW CHAO


[9:00:23] <Chao> Zeta has even bigger role than this :D

[9:00:30] <Keiji> cant wait xD

[9:01:59] <Akkie> -eating-

[9:02:06] <Phi> The purpose of my creation was so Ekoro could control the light; my original form was the purest heart that existed in this land and had the most powerful light. -the image still gets more clear; he resembles Lagnus-

[9:03:21] <Keiji> ...i wish i had a character other than eltia here to be all GASP

[9:03:36] <Phi> Unlike all of his other clones, I was born with a free will; no program inside of me, nor any dark heart controling influence, could deter me. I also was equiped with a strong sense of justice, something Ekoro was never really fond of...

[9:04:28] <Eltia> ...Sounds a bit of a silly thing for Ekoro to create, then...

[9:05:06] <Phi> In a weird way though, that makes me the best clone of them all, because I was the only one that was a perfect clone of the original. Since he cannot control me, and I am feeling strongly against his evil ways, I'm going to be destroyed.

[9:06:37] <Phi> But Ekoro can't absorb my power into his own, at least. He is completely darkness; he cannot absorb my light power, even when broken down and nearly vaporized.

[9:08:03] <Phi> Maybe you can recreate me with the data, but I am happy knowing at least I was able to stop Ekoro from doing the horrible evil things he planned to do with me...He instead has condemned me to do more and more laborous chores.

[9:09:39] <Mikki> So... Ekoro tried another experiment (Just in case a foe might laugh at his dark attempts) and...

[9:09:39] <Phi> He's locked away a scientist he kidnaped to help him build the machernery. I visited him every day before now. Today is the last day I will visit him. He missess his friends....I feel sorry he was involved in my creation and has to hear me record this.

[9:11:27] <Phi> Hopefully by now, Ekoro and...my....brothers and sistsers, are all defeated. Best of luck to you, if he isn't. Keep me safe either way. Bye! -the video ends abruptly with a short second of static-

[9:11:36] <Ringo> ...;;

[9:12:36] <Arle Nadja> By scientist, does he mean...

[9:14:00] <Ringo> Wow. We learn something new every day. -takes both the video disc and the data disc, hiding them away in her jacket. She turns to Arle- Maybe he means the guy in the cage?...

[9:14:36] <Arle Nadja> Well, let's try asking him what he knows.

[9:15:06] <Mitsuki> -pant, pant-

[9:15:11] <Mitsuki> Ah, I hope I'll be safe in here...

[9:15:25] <Mitsuki> Oh, hi, it's you guys again!

[9:15:39] <Ringo> ..Yeah, you'll be safe in here. We found Ekoro's biggest secret yet!

[9:15:44] <Mitsuki> Oh?

[9:16:50] <Ringo> It turns out, there was a clone he hid from us and blew up called Phi. Phi was smart enough to back himself up onto a disc though and hide it.

[9:16:51] <Mikki> Some project he may never like because of... elemental reasons.

[9:17:12] <Keiji> You mean affinity reasons.

[9:17:24] <Ringo> Sounds like he might have had more going for him than maybe Omega at that point.

[9:17:28] <Keiji> wait, ignore me

[9:17:59] <Ringo> Anyway, there's a guy he mentioned locked in a cage behind the tent, so we should probably talk to him.

[9:18:19] <Mitsuki> Or at least free him!

[9:18:31] <Ringo> Yeah...that too...

[9:19:00] <Chao> [They walk outside and confront the cage, noticing the guy is tall, well dressed and in blue hair]

[9:19:03] <Eltia> ...You don't want to free him, Ringo?

[9:19:32] <Arle Nadja> Who knows. He MAY be the scientist Phi was talking about.

[9:19:37] <Eltia> OOC: I never knew you were such a sadist...

[9:19:54] <Ringo> It's not that I don't want to, but we might want to talk to him before he frolics off to the land of rainbows.

[9:20:06] <Ringo> OOC: Oh baby don't you know it~<3

[9:20:48] <Eltia> ...I suppose you do have a point there...

[9:21:03] <Alpha> -turns around and notices the crowd gathered around him- OH THANK GOD! I thought NO ONE would come to rescue me from that insane blob of dark matter!!

[9:21:13] <Keiji> SHOOOOOOOOOO

[9:21:25] <Keiji> MINAMIMOTO

[9:21:34] <Keiji> WIN

[9:21:35] <Keiji> WIN

[9:21:35] <Keiji> WIN


[9:21:53] <Keiji> i've lost count of how many EPIC WINS you've made in this one chao

[9:21:54] <Chao> not that Sho lol XDDD

[9:21:57] <Keiji> awww

[9:21:58] <Keiji> really

[9:22:01] <Keiji> why not

[9:22:01] <Akkie> I know.

[9:22:14] <Chao> Sorry

[9:22:16] <Akkie> But, why?

[9:22:19] <Keiji> OC, then?

[9:22:21] <Chao> but at least I know I'm epic win.

[9:22:43] <Chao> Actually he's a Puyo Wars character. Digging into the really obscure shit now :P

[9:22:46] <Keiji> Ohl ol

[9:22:49] <Keiji> Fair enough

[9:23:11] <Keiji> I guess it's no worse than Okazaki's appearance in Touhou Mother.

[9:23:26] <Keiji> anyway back to the RP

[9:23:30] <Ringo> So, Ekoro DID lock you up in here....

[9:23:49] <Keiji> Does Witch know him?

[9:24:26] <Chao> Uuuuh.....idk. That's your decision. Arle may have some connection to him though, so...

[9:24:37] <Keiji> It's not my decision lol

[9:24:45] <Keiji> since he's from an actual game

[9:24:49] <Akkie> Neither is mine.

[9:25:06] <Akkie> He's from the future, where space cafes for fancy people exist.

[9:25:19] <Chao> Oh. We can assume Witch and Arle know of them, since Compile decided to make a connection, however vauge or ridiculous :P

[9:25:28] <Chao> Arle IS in the game

[9:25:39] <Akkie> I never played the game, though.

[9:26:22] <Keiji> alright then

[9:26:26] <Alpha> Yes! Not to mention he kidnapped me in plain daylight RIGHT OFF THE GOD FORSAKEN STREET!! Oh, and then he bossed me around to construct half his laboratory in that palace of his! And I didn't even get to live there! >:U

[9:26:28] <Mitsuki> Oh, Sho! Long time no see!

[9:26:35] <Keiji> lateness...

[9:26:45] <Alpha> Ah, Witch...Arle...it figures it'd be you two.

[9:26:57] <Arle Nadja> It's been a long time... I didn't recognize you for a second there!

[9:27:32] <Eltia> ...So... why didn't you just refuse..?

[9:27:52] <Keiji> (And how is Sho gonna react to a talking doll? XD)

[9:28:13] <Alpha> You don't ju-...OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! -backs into the corner of the cage-

[9:28:43] <Mikki> She's Eltia, a friend of ours, especially Ringo's!

[9:28:58] <Ringo> She doesn't bite...unless I tell her to.

[9:29:11] <Ringo> OOC: Because I'm THAT badass B)

[9:29:12] <Eltia> -jumps out of Ringo's arms and walks over to Sho-

[9:29:38] <Eltia> ...Are you scared of me...?

[9:30:13] <Alpha> Ahem..erm....slightly. Dolls dont normally talk! I was afraid you were another one of Ekoro's contraptions sent to torture me.

[9:30:24] <Arle Nadja> Well, he's only seen a witch and mage last time something happened, so...

[9:30:52] <Eltia> ...And what if I was?

[9:32:08] <Alpha> Well...look at me!? I'm practically a sitting duck! I'm a single lightshow spectacle away from death! If you were one of Ekoro's minions...welll I'd have probably killed myself with a heart attack before you could actually do anything to me...;;

[9:32:24] <Mikki> In a magic world where fish have manly muscles and ghosts hold daily dajare, living dolls aren't unusual at all.

[9:33:23] <Alpha> Anyway...you can see why I couldn't refuse Ekoro. Away from home, my friends, and my battle machines, I was defenseless. I had no choice. The least he could have done was given me a room. T_T

[9:33:49] <Eltia> -hops back to Ringo-

[9:34:25] <Mitsuki> Still, you did all that for nothing, didn't you?

[9:36:51] <Alpha> Well...not completely. There was Phi. I was allowed to help him refine Phi. Phi was worth it...but now Phi is even gone. So I suppose my work was for naught, yes. A bummer.

[9:37:25] <Ringo> Maybe Strange Klug is giving Ekoro less credit than he thought...anyway, we're going to let you out of here. Hopefully you can find your friends again.

[9:37:36] <Eltia> ...Gone?

[9:37:45] <Eltia> ...Didn't he say he backed up his data...?

[9:38:22] <Alpha> He backed up his data?...Well then, maybe it wasn't for waste after all!

[9:39:23] <Alpha> Anyway, I'd love to get out of here! I'm forever grateful!

[9:39:36] <Mitsuki> Are you going to let him free, Ringo?

[9:40:06] <Ringo> I'm working on it! -picks the lock on the cage, easily opening the door and letting Sho free-

[9:41:18] <Alpha> -leaps out of the cage and dances around in a circle, being happy to be free-

[9:41:23] <Alpha> OOC: You Saved me!

[9:41:34] <Mikki> You know anything about back-up data?

[9:42:40] <Alpha> Of course! I practially made it! You can use that to study him, or maybe even rebuild him if you have the know how! Now, I'd like to get off this canyon and back to civilization...;;

[9:43:27] <Mitsuki> I thought you wanted to rebuild him..?

[9:43:37] <Mitsuki> Plus, there are already at least two others gone...

[9:43:56] <Mitsuki> well... 1.99 maybe...

[9:44:41] <Mikki> -still holding that hand-

[9:45:11] <Alpha> Oh...well, I can rebuild him if you let me have the data, if you want. -smiles-

[9:45:44] <Arle Nadja> What do you think, Ringo?

[9:45:47] <Ringo> We can do that, but first, we need to take the video to someone else, before another clone gets killed.

[9:46:09] <Ringo> We can't garuentee Eta's saftey under Stange Klug's care

[9:47:18] <Keiji> *guarantee

[9:47:21] <Alpha> ....Eh?

[9:47:47] <Ringo> It's time to pay another visit to the Temple of the Waste Lands!

[9:48:00] <Keiji> Also, Strange Klug has nothing to do with Marcus, so...

[9:48:10] <Ringo> Coming, Witch? Sho?

[9:48:24] <Mitsuki> Sure, if it'll get me away from that darn muffin...

[9:48:50] <Ringo> ...I'm almost positive it will.

[9:49:18] <Alpha> I suppose I'll tag along. After all, you DO have the data...and my way off this desolate cliffside...;;

[9:50:10] <Akkie> Does Sho come from a far away land here? Or...

[9:50:47] <Chao> Sho is from the Madou World at least, so the territory of Primp is obviously unfamiliar to him lol

[9:50:54] <Chao> Anyway

[9:51:30] <Chao> [Ringo levitates the gang off the canyon, and they walk over to the Temple...because they can walk there and leviation is unecessary lolol-

[9:52:24] <Mitsuki> Creepy looking place.

[9:52:53] <Ringo> Yeah. Fitting for an equally creepy guy.

[9:53:33] <Mikki> Well, what matters is that we're somewhere needed to be~

[9:54:27] <Strange Klug> So...you held your end of the bargin then? I'm surprised, Ringo. Unless you came to tell me the deal was off and I could keep my collectors items.

[9:54:57] <Keiji> wait, what was the bargain again

[9:55:23] <Chao> Ringo (or Draco) had to bring Klug the remains of Ekoro's secret project in exchange for Eta and Ekoro's Orb

[9:55:45] <Keiji> ohh

[9:55:56] <Arle Nadja> We have what we want here.

[9:56:11] <Keiji> but all S.Klug has is Eta

[9:56:12] <Keiji> right?

[9:56:16] <Keiji> they already got the orb back

[9:56:29] <Chao> They did?

[9:56:34] <Keiji> they didn't?

[9:56:43] <Chao> Not that I remember :P

[9:56:49] <Keiji> oh ok

[9:57:05] <Mikki> (If it's yet another fake deal... I mean, the guy in front IS a DEMON...)

[9:57:19] <Mitsuki> What's this whole "bargain" about?

[9:57:30] <Ringo> Haha, right. Like we'd let you keep Ekoro. -holds out the Video disc- This is all that's left of "Project Perfect Light".

[9:57:31] <Keiji> (Yeah, I know, I should have just asked that in character in the first place)

[9:57:49] <Eltia> Wait, Ringo.

[9:57:56] <Eltia> Are you sure you want to give him that..?

[9:58:39] <Eltia> ...After what happened to Theta?

[9:58:48] <Mikki> Also... it's a DEMON we're bargaining with...

[9:59:07] <Strange Klug> Oh, if it isn't Witch. Allow me to elaborate. It is much easier to find things in groups. Ekoro's secret project is of equal value to me as his inferior clones of me and Ekoro himself. We're just exchanging goods we want.

[9:59:42] <Mitsuki> Hey, people aren't goods!

[9:59:57] <Ringo> Well....but Theta was purposely destroyed. If Eta has lived this long under Stange Klug, I assume he's not going to blow up the disc...

[10:01:19] <Strange Klug> But technically, Eta isn't people, and for that matter, neither is this orb. -holds out Ekoro's Orb-. Therefore, in this context, they're goods. Anyhow. Eta is also safe. I was actually going to let him go anyway; he is worthless to me after all.

[10:01:35] <Eltia> ...I don't really care myself, but maybe you should think about what he might do to Phi?

[10:02:25] <Ringo> -whisper to Eltia- I'm not giving him the data disc. That's out of my vector! I'm only giving him the video.

[10:03:21] <Eltia> Well, if that's what you want to do, don't let me stop you..

[10:03:32] <Mitsuki> ...You can't be serious, you guys!

[10:03:35] <Strange Klug> Now...the disc?

[10:03:47] <Ringo> First, the Orb and Eta!

[10:04:32] <Strange Klug> Fine. As you wish. -gladly hands Ringo the orb, and summons Eta, pushing him along over to to where the group is standing-

[10:05:24] <Ringo> NOW your disc. -hands him the video disc, which he grabs gently to avoid damaging it-

[10:07:24] <Strange Klug> Well done. I'm glad you could take my test and make this peaceful bargin with me. I had another client who wasn't so nice about it. When we meet again, perhaps I will be able to see your abilities truely shine before my eyes...but untill then...-vanishes in a puff of red smoke-

[10:08:51] <Mikki> Why... so affable?

[10:09:08] <Alpha> Pardon?....

[10:10:01] <Eta> What's affable?

[10:10:24] <Mikki> Never mind little old me~

[10:11:16] <Ringo> Anyway...I'm glad your alright Eta..

[10:11:37] <Eta> Yeah. I'm fine...but what about Beta?...or Zeta?....

[10:12:04] <Keiji> brb food

[10:12:25] <Arle Nadja> We don't really know about Zeta, but...

[10:12:29] <Chao> k

[10:13:36] <Keiji> back

[10:13:58] <Mitsuki> Beta's...

[10:14:04] <Akkie> That took less than two minutes.

[10:14:12] <Mitsuki> -looks down-

[10:14:21] <Keiji> Yeah, I brought it with me

[10:16:16] <Eta> She's dead, isn't she? ;_;

[10:17:15] <Mikki> ... I'm sorry about Beta...

[10:17:25] <Keiji> I don't know, but she's gone... I tried to save her, but all I got back was...

[10:17:35] <Mikki> -holds hand up

[10:18:06] <Eta> -tears roll down his cheeks- Why...? Why...why.....-falls to his knees-

[10:19:14] <Eltia> ...We don't quite know yet...

[10:19:44] <Eta> Why did she...-hiccup- Why did Zeta have to hurt her so badly?.....-sniff sniff- That's why she died, right?

[10:19:55] <Eltia> Zeta..?

[10:19:56] <Ringo> Zeta?!...

[10:20:04] <Akkie> BRB, bath.

[10:20:05] <Ringo> Zeta attacked you?!

[10:20:17] <Eltia> That's not Zeta...

[10:20:57] <Eta> No...but she hurt Beta. Then I got kidnapped by that red guy. Why did Beta die then?...

[10:22:07] <Eltia> A certain aetherous space...

[10:23:10] <Eta> Space...? -hic-

[10:23:46] <Alpha> Aetherous Space? It must have been a reaction to a stimuli Ekoro and I hadn't counted on...

[10:24:42] <Eltia> Yes, you could put it that way...

[10:25:52] <Alpha> Or perhaps it was the stimulus that reacted to the clone. Synthetic materials and dark matter are probably very unstable in certain invironments without proper protection.

[10:26:15] <Eta> -sob- Oh, Beta...

[10:26:32] <Mitsuki> ...Still, you mentioned Zeta attacked her.

[10:26:36] <Mitsuki> Why would she do that?

[10:27:42] <Eta> She said something about orders or tray-ters...I don't remember...-sniffle, hiccup-

[10:27:56] <Ringo> Orders? From what? Or who?

[10:30:24] <Eta> "A set of instructions that would activate upon his defeat"...I...-hiccup-...I think she said Ekoro....

[10:31:12] <Mitsuki> .....Zeta was the only one that neutralized by herself, wasn't she?

[10:32:12] <Alpha> If I'm interpreting this correctly, Zeta was programmed to carry out a series of actions for Ekoro after his defeat, which most likely included eliminating any defective clones. He had a horrible tendency to do that. :/

[10:33:44] <Ringo> It doesn't make sense though; Witch is right. Zeta neutralized herself. Why would she carry out these orders, programmed or not?

[10:34:00] <Mitsuki> No, it makes perfect sense...

[10:34:13] <Ringo> Huh?

[10:34:16] <Mitsuki> Since she neutralized herself, she'd also be the most likely one to respond to such a thing.

[10:34:29] <Mitsuki> We probably just need to neutralize her properly.

[10:35:30] <Akkie> Back, but can't think of what to say.

[10:35:59] <Eta> But...if Zeta had to kill the "bad" clones.....she said she didn't want to hurt me. She wanted me to join her...I almost did...-hic-

[10:37:20] <Mitsuki> Join her and do what?

[10:37:25] <Ringo> I wont let Zeta hurt you, Eta...

[10:38:11] <Eta> "Together we will finish what Ekoro set out to do."...

[10:38:57] <Arle Nadja> I don't think the neutralization lasts very long for her...

[10:39:24] <Mitsuki> That's why we need to do it properly, Arle.

[10:39:32] <Mitsuki> Or... you do.

[10:40:58] <Alpha> So...a clone is "neutralized" by it's original self?

[10:41:45] <Mitsuki> All the others were.

[10:41:51] <Mitsuki> Well, those that we met, anyway.

[10:42:13] <Ringo> Epsilon defected to Marcus.

[10:42:18] <Arle Nadja> Zeta notwithstanding, of course.

[10:42:50] <Mikki> And a couple more we haven't met yet.

[10:43:47] <Alpha> So Zeta was not affected by the tradtional process. It could mean Zeta is resistant to only external neutralization...or completely resistant all together.

[10:45:35] <Arle Nadja> She claimed to "neutralized herself" after... something Ekoro did in front of her...

[10:46:27] <Mitsuki> No, no!

[10:46:39] <Mitsuki> It's not that she wasn't affected by it - we never DID neutralize her properly!

[10:47:25] <Alpha> So what you are theorizing is the neutralization process failed and left her "half neutralized"?

[10:47:54] <Alpha> Thus, susceptable to innate programming as demonstrated by her attack on Beta?

[10:48:01] <Arle Nadja> Pretty much.

[10:49:20] <Alpha> Eta...did she try to convince Beta to join her as well?

[10:49:34] <Eta> ...no. They just fought.

[10:52:20] <Mitsuki> ...Well, don't you think we should at least look for her..?

[10:53:36] <Ringo> Yeah, I think we ought to. See what the factor this is really all about.

[10:55:11] <Mitsuki> Then... any idea where she could be hiding?

[10:56:34] <Ringo> ....not a clue. You Eta?

[10:57:12] <Eta> She kinda seems to like creepy places....maybe she's looking for me....someplace scary....?

[10:59:18] <Mikki> People seem to find the temple creepy... not me, though.

[11:00:17] <Ringo> ...Satan said he was going to kidnap Arle up this morning...but I assume he didnt, because Arle is here....What if he took Zeta by mistake?

[11:00:20] <Keiji> (Aren't we at the temple already?)

[11:00:34] <Mitsuki> Heh, if he took Zeta, he'd be dead by now...

[11:00:37] <Chao> (Mikki's making pointless comments as usual)

[11:01:43] <Alpha> Good point. If I may, I'd like to return to civilization, so I can reconstruct Phi while you search for Zeta.

[11:02:10] <Alpha> I'd just be a hinderance anyway until I constructed a battle machine proper.

[11:02:47] <Mitsuki> Sure, you might as well. Ringo?

[11:03:19] <Ringo> Alright. Let's get Sho and Eta out of harm's way. Then we'll go look for Zeta.

[11:04:48] <Keiji> (Take them back to teh city?)

[11:04:52] <Arle Nadja> Back to the city, then?

[11:06:48] <Chao> [Ringo and gang escort Sho and Eta back to the city, allowing them to use the underground chambers of the old HQ as a temporary lab. Ringo and the gang, after checking a map, head towards the "Edge of Despair", suspecting Zeta might be there]

[11:08:15] <Keiji> ...lol, I forgot the underground still existed

[11:08:16] <Keiji> derp

[11:09:17] <Ringo> Well, this place is omnious. A perfect veiw of the black clouds and that really tall gravestone.

[11:11:37] <Chao> Wait...there's someone up by that gravestone!

[11:11:42] <Chao> ...

[11:11:48] <Chao> nickfail 2

[11:12:01] <Ringo> Wait...there's someone up by that gravestone!

[11:12:09] <Mikki> Don't forget that, too!

[11:12:26] <Akkie> Oh, yeah. Food. Again. Not allowed to eat near the PC.

[11:14:51] <Zeta> So...Theta and Beta are both gone now...that leaves Omega and Epsilon....-looks over to see Ringo, Witch et al.- Oh my...;;

[11:15:50] <Keiji> ...

[11:15:54] <Keiji> how does Zeta know about Theta

[11:16:00] <Keiji> or Beta for that matter

[11:16:15] <Chao> She can sense the others. When they die, she can no longer sense them.

[11:16:39] <Keiji> ...fine lol

[11:16:44] <Chao> lol

[11:16:51] <Mitsuki> Zeta!

[11:17:23] <Zeta> Ah, Witch. Long time no see, long time no see...

[11:18:00] <Ringo> Zeta...are you out of your vector?!

[11:20:37] <Zeta> Maybe~ Or maybe I'm more "in my vector" than ever before.

[11:21:05] <Keiji> great time for arle's player to afk

[11:21:18] <Chao> lol ikr

[11:21:59] <Arle Nadja> What are you talking about, Zeta!?

[11:23:01] <Zeta> What do you mean? I'm talking about myself. I've never felt better! (Other than snuggling up to Omega, but that's a different better)

[11:24:42] <Mitsuki> Do you remember when you defeated Ekoro, Zeta?

[11:24:50] <Zeta> Precisely.

[11:25:04] <Arle Nadja> So... you're saying that you're willing to side with that psycho again?

[11:25:06] <Zeta> I remember it very clearly. Do you?

[11:26:05] <Mitsuki> Why go out of your way to do that, yet remain following his orders?

[11:26:26] <Zeta> Heeheehee~ Did it ever cross your mind maybe I was acting?

[11:27:13] <Ringo> Acting...? But why?

[11:27:27] <Mitsuki> Heh, figured.

[11:27:58] <Mikki> (For a bit, anyway.)

[11:27:58] <Mitsuki> There's no point waiting any longer, Arle.

[11:28:30] <Zeta> What?...

[11:29:14] <Akkie> I'm a ditz, so... what does Witch mean again?

[11:29:38] <Keiji> she means go neutralize her

[11:31:03] <Zeta> Oh...OH! Heheh! I wouldn't try neutralizing me if I were you. I remember Ekoro told you I'm /resistant/ to neutralization. There's a reason he called me "Perfect Arle".

[11:31:55] <Eltia> -mumbles- ...if there's one thing Ekoro's good at, it's lying...

[11:32:03] <Arle Nadja> Well, then again, you can't go down without a fight.

[11:32:11] <Ringo> OOC: INORITE ELTIA?!

[11:32:21] <Mitsuki> Don't listen to her, Arle. Just go for it.

[11:32:31] <Zeta> I'm warning you~

[11:33:09] <Arle Nadja> Yes, I'm aware.

[11:33:57] <Zeta> So, are you still going to touch me or not? Because if you're not, then I have a girlfriend to go dump.

[11:35:08] <Arle Nadja> Though, knowing you...

[11:35:34] <Arle Nadja> I don't think you're going down without a fight.

[11:36:08] <Ringo> ...-facepalm- son of a digit Arle just attempt to neutralize her already!

[11:37:00] <Zeta> It looks like Arle would rather fight me down, to put it lightly.

[11:37:01] <Arle Nadja> OK... here I go!

[11:37:18] <Zeta> ...

[11:37:42] <Akkie> Arle's now neutralizing her...

[11:37:54] <Zeta> Arle...

[11:38:05] <Zeta> You....

[11:38:08] <Akkie> But I don't really know how to really narrate how.

[11:38:51] <Chao> " Arle's now neutralizing her..." ...wasn't that just you narrating Arle neutralizing Zeta? lol

[11:39:30] <Akkie> In a faily way, yes.

[11:39:52] <Zeta> You fail. -grabs Arle and throws her into the gravestone- Heeheehee~

[11:40:38] <Mitsuki> Heh, I guess you were telling the truth after all.

[11:40:59] <Zeta> So I am.

[11:41:15] <Ringo> So that means...

[11:41:18] <Mitsuki> I'm sure you can take care of her, Ringo.

[11:42:16] <Mikki> It really is a fight, Ringo?

[11:42:18] <Zeta> -smiles- Oh! Now, /this/ will be fun! I finally get to rain Perfect Bayoen on your silly parade of justice.

[11:42:40] <Keiji> The heck does Bayoen do, anyway?

[11:43:23] <Chao> Well, in Madou Monogatari (SS), it's a super attack that makes the Sun from PPSUN fall down on the enemy and do stupidly massive amounts of damage.

[11:43:32] <Keiji> I see.

[11:43:40] <Akkie> Brain Dumbed?

[11:43:49] <Chao> but in Perfect Bayoen's case, it's less silly than that, but still massively damaging

[11:44:21] <Ringo> Not if I can help it! -she levitates around Dark Arle, firing a cosine straight into her back-

[11:45:20] <Zeta> ?! -she is startled by Ringo's levitation and therefore hurt by the sucker punch Cosine, but she quickly retaliates with an ice storm-

[11:46:05] <Akkie> Just gonna get that log...

[11:46:43] <Ringo> Ah! -levitates above the snowflakes, and lauching a tanget laser at Zeta-

[11:47:35] <Mikki> Sauvegarder Protect! -at all the allies-

[11:47:44] <Mitsuki> -casts Thunder at Zeta, while she's busy being bombarded already-

[11:48:11] <Arle Nadja> -casts Brain Dumbed at Zeta, alongside Witch's Thunder-

[11:48:27] <Zeta> Ngh! -she is thrown back by that as well, but ready for more- I see you got stronger. !! -is grazed by the Thunder, but dodges the Brain Dumbed-

[11:50:01] <Zeta> Heehee! Dodge this; Judgem! -a large sphere comprised of smaller magical spheres surrounds Zeta, and then fly towards Ringo and co like a Danmaku attack-

[11:50:50] <Keiji> *Jugem, lol

[11:50:59] <Mikki> -casts Meteo Shower at Zeta-

[11:51:11] <Ringo> Holy factoids!? -She tries her best to dodge the unexpected attack, but the bullets still graze her here and there-

[11:51:55] <Mikki> Isn't this like dodging rain!?

[11:52:18] <Mitsuki> -dodges as much as she can, but also gets hit a bit-

[11:52:31] <Zeta> -Is hit by a couple of the meteors- Uuf!

[11:53:16] <Arle Nadja> -... of course there were a few graze points-

[11:53:28] <Keiji> lol, touhou

[11:54:00] <Ringo> -takes advantage of the meteor strike and flies to Zeta's side, swinging her book for an Intergal shockwave-

[11:54:33] <Keiji> What other spells does Witch have?

[11:55:18] <Chao> I believe she has Meteor, Glacier/Ice Freeze, and Black Hole.

[11:55:27] <Chao> I dont remember the others off the top of my head

[11:55:53] <Mitsuki> /reclaim

[11:56:02] <Eltia> /reclaim

[11:56:50] <Keiji> well, someone already used meteor i think and we all know what black holes did, so....

[11:56:58] <Eltia> -casts Glacier-

[11:57:07] <Mitsuki> FUCKING NICKFAIL LOL

[11:57:09] <Chao> lol

[11:58:10] <Zeta> -of course, too busy dodging meteors, is hit by the Intergal and Glacier- Aack! -actually falls to her knee for a breif moment, but leaps up in the air and fires off a slew of Fire balls-

[11:58:51] <Mikki> -casts Saint-Etoiles (Holy-element projectiles) at Zeta-

[11:59:31] <Ringo> -easily dodges the fire balls, countering with Cosine spells of course-

[11:59:40] <Arle Nadja> -casts Ice Storm as she dodges-

[12:00:45] <Mitsuki> -also dodges the fireballs fine- Heh, you're not so strong.

[12:01:20] <Zeta> Hee hee! -weaves through the cosine spells, but subsequently gets slashed by the Ice Storm- Uuwa~! -holds her side where she was slashed- This can't be possible!...I'll show you...PERFECT BAYOEN!

[12:02:31] <Chao> [a big fucking beam emerges from the sky and engulfs Ringo, Witch, Mikki, and Arle. The sheer force of it's impact destroys the cliff and sends Zeta sliding backwards-

[12:03:18] <Mikki> -apathetically casts that shield spell, thinking it might reduce damage, even a bit-

[12:04:07] <Eltia> -quickly puts up a barrier of sorts, it does not block the entire thing, but gives us each a safe spot-

[12:04:31] <Ringo> Nice thinking, guys!

[12:04:48] <Chao> [The beam finally dissipates]

[12:05:20] <Eltia> Ringo... just so you know, I can kill her the same way Marcus killed Theta... if it comes down to that...

[12:05:43] <Zeta> Hee hee hee...-sees all four of them standing there non chalantly- W-what?! Impossible! How did...?! No!!

[12:06:04] <Mitsuki> See, you underestimate us.

[12:06:51] <Zeta> So...that means Beta...and I...and all of us...are inferior beings?

[12:06:53] <Mitsuki> You don't have to die, though. Just surrender and give in to the neutralization.

[12:07:33] <Mikki> (Then again... there's something to be said about the originals~)

[12:08:07] <Zeta> Surrender? Maybe. Neutralize? Not a chance. I already act on my own. I've already acted against those orders by sparing Eta's life.

[12:08:47] <Mitsuki> You don't understand what neutralization is, do you?

[12:09:03] <Mitsuki> It's nothing to do with breaking ties with Ekoro.

[12:09:22] <Zeta> ...Huh...?

[12:10:13] <Ringo> Maybe your fellow clones didn't give you enough variables to solve the equation.

[12:10:40] <Zeta> So...what does it mean then? To be neutralized?

[12:12:21] <Mitsuki> It lets you see the light, shall I say.

[12:13:06] <Zeta> See...the light? But...the light is why Phi was destroyed.

[12:13:35] <Mikki> ... not exactly...

[12:15:03] <Ringo> You have to understand. Ekoro couldn't tell Phi what to do. Ekoro just blew Phi up because Phi wouldnt do what he told them to do. He WAS light. He saw it, but he was it.

[12:16:28] <Zeta> And Eta? We all saw him try to destroy Eta....I will admit I was angry at him for doing that unecessarily.

[12:17:19] <Keiji> (wait, when was that?)

[12:17:44] <Akkie> He absorbed Eta once... right?

[12:17:54] <Chao> (Remember? He absorbed Eta in the climax, and then Omega rescued him)

[12:18:59] <Keiji> I don't really remember, but ok

[12:21:45] <Zeta> ...Even if I tried to strike down all of the others, I couldn't strike down Eta. He's too naive...too innocent.....even if Ekoro were to deem ME a failure and attempt to destroy me....I wouldn't destroy Eta myself....

[12:21:45] <Mitsuki> You don't need to worry about being "inferior", Zeta...

[12:22:48] <Zeta> ....;;

[12:24:47] <Mitsuki> What?

[12:25:54] <Zeta> ...-sits on her knees-...I...I don't know what to do....I dont want to die, and I dont want to kill anything...

[12:26:25] <Mitsuki> See? You can just come with us.

[12:26:38] <Keiji> also ringo isn't saying enough lol

[12:26:52] <Keiji> almost feels like Witch is taking over this party

[12:26:52] <Keiji> XD

[12:26:55] <Akkie> Then again... me either.

[12:27:34] <Akkie> It usually takes too many processes to grasp the true form of stuff... even conversations.

[12:27:35] <Ringo> Zeta. Come with us. You dont have to kill any one or any thing. We wont kill you either. Eta's safe with us; I think he's worried about you -holds out her hand to Zeta-

[12:28:39] <Zeta> -grabs Ringos hand and gently lets her pull her up- ....Is this world always this confusing?

[12:29:13] <Ringo> I'm afraid it is. And every day it just gets even more so. But now, we should let you see Eta. And Phi too.

[12:30:26] <Zeta> Mkay. :)

[12:31:33] <Chao> [and so, Ringo leads the party back into Puyopolis, where Eta is pacing the halls of the remaining HQ building]

[12:32:11] <Ringo> Hey, Eta. Someone wants to see you....

[12:33:03] <Mikki> And she's a better person~

[12:33:15] <Eta> -turns around-...! Z-Zeta! -runs into Zeta and hugs her- You're okay!

[12:33:59] <Keiji> sure is self RP in here

[12:34:00] <Keiji> lol

[12:34:02] <Zeta> I'm sorry for attacking Beta in front of you...I really had no good reason to do that.

[12:34:07] <Chao> lololol

[12:34:37] <Mitsuki> ...So, Zeta, you know about Phi?

[12:35:09] <Akkie> Sorry.

[12:35:19] <Zeta> Ekoro spoke to me about him while I was in incubation. He ranted about how he was a failure and how project "Perfect Light" fell underbelly.

[12:36:05] <Mitsuki> Oh, I see...

[12:36:16] <Mitsuki> I was hoping you might know of some way to bring the others back...

[12:36:57] <Zeta> Hm....Maybe I might.

[12:37:33] <Mikki> Even without a part? -STILL holding that hand-

[12:37:37] <Zeta> There's a possibility Ekoro programmed into me how to create the clones if I was left alone.

[12:38:12] <Zeta> Did you find the kid he kidnaped to work on Phi with?

[12:38:31] <Arle Nadja> You mean Sho?

[12:38:57] <Zeta> With his help, and both our knowledge of Ekoro's processes and methods, we could recreate Theta and Beta.

[12:39:44] <Mitsuki> Ah!

[12:40:14] <Mitsuki> You really can?

[12:40:27] <Ringo> Well, something is finally going right for once since this meteor strike...-u-;;

[12:40:52] <Zeta> I'm pretty sure.

[12:40:56] <Zeta> -smiling-

[12:43:18] <Ringo> How's Phi coming along, Eta?

[12:43:27] <Mitsuki> ...So... what do we do now?

[12:43:53] <Eta> Huh...? Sho says Phi is going to come back, but he wont be finished until tommorrow.

[12:44:23] <Ringo> Hm....I guess that means we have to split up for the day again. I'm pretty beat.

[12:45:37] <Zeta> Split?

[12:46:03] <Arle Nadja> We decided to live separately after the meteor crash... and other events.

[12:46:05] <Ringo> We decided staying in seperate places would help us avoid the problem we had with the giant meteor.

[12:47:08] <Mitsuki> I guess I'll go back to the mountains, then...

[12:47:49] <Ringo> I suppose you guys could stay here with Sho...it's relatively safe....-looks at Witch- You okay with that?

[12:48:04] <Ringo> ...other than the Blueberry Muffin? >o>

[12:48:45] <Mikki> I'll be going back to the forest too, if you need me.

[12:49:43] <Mitsuki> I'll find some way to keep it away, I'm sure...

[12:50:10] <Ringo> Alright. Mikki, give Zeta Beta's hand. She might need that to recalculate Beta.

[12:51:01] <Ringo> If you insist Witch. I suppose you could always hide in Phi's tent...>w>;;

[12:51:10] <Mikki> -give Beta's Hand to Zeta- ...

[12:52:27] <Zeta> I'll see what I can do. -walks with Eta down the hallway-

[12:52:51] <Ringo> I suppose I ought to get back to our house, right Eltia?

[12:54:29] <Eltia> ...Yeah... I'm surprised that the clones can be brought back, though...

[12:56:11] <Ringo> We learn something new every day.

[12:57:35] <Ringo> We'll need all the help we can get...Marcus isn't kidding around.

[12:59:52] <Eltia> Well, he hasn't done anything to us today... so he's probably planning something.

[13:00:08] <Ringo> That's what I was thinking.

[13:00:17] <Ringo> But tommorrow is a new day....


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