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The Gathering, also known as Post-SHAME is the name given to the final segment of Compile Worlds. It takes place a month after the events of SHAME. It's main focus seems to be the collection of the Puyo Spirits (hence the title), but it also revolves around a set of mysterious flash backs pertaining to Eldora, Angol Mois, Ecolo and Fake Arle. It covers Episodes 44-52, and is the end of Compile Worlds 1.


So far, the characters present are similar to SHAME, but are once again shuffled around due to the plot. Additionally, Eldora, Kanon, Camus and Lala were set to make their debut in this arc, with Lala being the only one that hasn't yet appeared. Three new original characters, Charyl, Liechi and Tech, have appeared, along with the Puyo Spirits.

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Primp, the usual setting of the RP, is destroyed by Ecolo in the first episode, so the plot has moved settings to the Madou World, where new locations and adventures await the characters. Map:Madou World was created, but Chao was a frekkin' derp and forgot to label it. Moreover, Gaias and the Realm of the Gods were introduced as new settings.


A comeback not expected by you!

It's been weeks after the Tournament when Episode 44 begins, and not a single bit of evil has happened. Well, apart from Lagnus the Brave having the same nightmare for two weeks straight. He stumbles out of bed, waking up a sleepy Arle in the process. Lagnus tries to explain his dream, and gets a nasty hunch. Arle realizes it must be serious if Lagnus feels so strongly about it, so they fetch Draco and check on the Primp Magic School, where Ms. Accord is giving Amitie and Sig a boring lecture on stairs transitions. Just as nothing particularly suspicious is assumed to have been going on, the sun suddenly decides to go down. After that, other foreboding disturbances in the scenery begin to crop up, causing poor Rider to be dumped off in the class. At the very top of the Magic School is none other than Ecolo, who's revealed that being purged has only made him twice as evil. Then, he reveals the heart of the planet, which Ecolo strikes with a powerful spell. Primp is blown to smithereens, but everyone inhabiting it is saved by an unknown force, who sends them to the Madou World. Ecolo gloats regardless, and is merely satisfied Primp is destroyed.

We're not in Primp anymore...

The party that just witnessed the attack, gets up, seemingly unharmed, but still in shock. They lament over the destruction of their home planet, and deduce that Ecolo destroyed the planet's heart. They try and decide on a place to stay, but before they can do that, Nohoho appears, and brings along 5 other characters 5/5ContractorNondescript MinionThe LibrarianLiechiGypsum, offering to build them various kinds of lodgings, but thankfully Only God scares them away so that the plot can get back on track. Gypsum directs them to Rulue's Mansion, where they barge in and basically force Rulue to let them in. They explain to her their dilemma, but unfortunately, they cannot come up with a proper solution, so instead they eat delicious curry all night long.

Meanwhile, Satan, Ringo, Theta, Schezo Feli and Witch have ended up in an unnamed forest area, also distressed by the sudden change of scenery. However, unlike the other party, they experience easier real estate dealings when Mikki, Lam the Stelly and Klug arrive to magically summon a Draco's hut cottage for them! Huzzah! Anyway, Satan huffs off, irritated by the proposition of living in a forest cottage full of unattractive girls, and leaves for his castle, while Schezo and Witch build a tree house to dream about muffins in nearby. Eventually, another individual, Tech shows up, just as confused and hopeless as the gang already there, and huddles with them. While they talk about manly clothes and fail computer jargon, the discussion turns gloomy as they figure that they can't stop Ecolo from accidentally the worlds. Feli suggests the death of Angol Mois is to blame for their hopeless situation, while Tech recommends finding Lemres. Eventually, Ringo gets sick of the lolz and decides Omega is the only one who can truly say if Ecolo is stoppable. They too rest up for the night meanwhile though, to delicious fruit salad, rather than curry or ramen.

Fateful Encounters of the Unknown Kind

Back at the mansion in Episode 45, everyone is derpingasusual after curry and some much needed rest. Arle puts a band-aid on it because band-aids make everything better, and the group continues to argue about Ecolo's shenanigans and the whereabouts of the goddess Eldora. Lagnus and Arle get sick of waiting around, so they ask Rulue where Daichi went, and follow him into Night City. When they get there, Daichi has gotten separated from Marin and Sho by getting distracted in a giant shopping mall. After they find Daichi, his knowledge turns out to be useless. Suddenly, Incubus strikes again, with more cheese and onion pasties than ever. Before any lolz can happen though, he's attacked by Lucifer, who then goes into a miniature exposition about a portal owned by Satan. However, Lucifer is ignored as Draco suddenly decides that she wants to hold a beauty contest again while all these villains are running amuck, prompting Arle, Lagnus and Daichi to leave her and the others to conduct that.

Meanwhile, they bump into Satan, who is huffing off from the previous episode. Satan reveals the existence of the Door to Gaias, and is promptly blackmailed into leading them to it. He leads them inside, not promising Eldora will be on the other side. They enter Gaias at a Color Change Spring, where they are ambushed by the Color Changer of 1000 and his cohort the Infomaniac! Arle, sick of all the lolz though, Bayoens the hell out of Infomaniac and his Lego bricks, thus causing him to Vamos. Daichi leads them away from the crazy bearded Puyo-man, apologizing for his eccentric personality. Before long, a blinding light, Kanon, appears before them and tells them Eldora has vanished. After Arle complains about not being able to see, Kanon transforms into a tiny loli with glowing eyes and hair, much to Satan's amusement. She expresses slight sadness in being unable to tell them of Eldora's whereabouts or how and why she disappeared. She soon transports the group to her office in the Angel Academy, where Liechi, a goddess in training, offers them tea while they conduct the faux council meeting. As this still reveals little, Omega is summoned by Liechi to play detective. Omega sniffs around and discovers that someone had abducted Eldora, and that they were also a two. This disturbing news disheartens the group even more as they realize the villainous powers at work in this arc are much greater than they originally thought...

Reprise for the King of Terror

Episode 46 begins with a flashback to the end of SHAME, as Eltia is preparing her final attack against Angol Mois. Suddenly, however, he is teleported before he is attack, effectively saving his life. Appearing what seems to be a prison cell, he discovers that his rescuer was none other than Eldora. Angol accuses her of "meddling in his affairs" and "damning him to the Abyss. Eldora calmly defends herself, explaining she was abducted from nowhere before she could finish what she started, and thus Angol was teleported elsewhere. Skeptical, Angol questions why Eldora rescued him from what would have been certain doom and erroneously claims that they are enemies. Eldora assures him there is no ill will between them, and then Angol ponders the goddess' unusual plight. Finally, Eldora and Angol strike a deal, with Angol agreeing to help Eldora if the worlds fall into crisis on the condition that he is - ahem - properly teleported home this time. And thus, he is transported to his homeworld...

The Fate of the Worlds

Just as Satan is about to attempt to get more brownie points with Leichi and her delicious tea, Angol Mois politely barges in somehow and declares the worlds are in danger. Of course, everyone gets up at once to point fingers at him, and Satan tries to start drama by accusing him of appearing to steal Kanon's office. Omega quiets his nonsense quickly while Angol explains Eldora's situation. Kanon dwells on how all of the recent events infringe upon the "normal pattern" of things, while Angol suddenly begins spewing out ancient Madou World legends about the Puyo Spirits. According to legend, it is said that gathering all five of them and combining their powers can grant wishes and even miracles. According to a mysterious tipstress though, Camus is sealing them away at the urging of an impostor Arle, over which the real Arle bursts into laughter. Arle claims he wouldn't go through the trouble, but Angol isn't so sure. After arguing about how and why Ecolo could be involved with the spirits, the gang decides to look for Camus. Liechi and Kanon refrain from going, adhering to their procedures, which causes Satan to storm off yet again. The remainder heads back down into the Madou World from the Realm of the Gods in order to locate Arle's childhood friend.

Of Vessels and Scapegoats

Meanwhile, in Episode 47, we see Stringy Rice doing what she does best in parts of Madou World unknown. Suddenly, she is greeted by Arle, and despite what she has to tell Stringy, she seems almost happy. She claims that she has found a frog who can count down when Ecolo will blow up another planet. She wants Stringy to give this to Mikki of all people. She also asks Stringy to inform Mikki of Camus' presence in the Dragon Temple, where he is trying to seal away the last of five the Puyo Spirits, and that she should rendezvous with him and help him complete the task. Stringy agrees to all of this and slinks away to carry her duties, with Fake Arle calling her a scapegoat.

We are then treated to another flashback, this time to the Ekoro Arc, where Alpha and Delta are preparing for Omega's birth. Even "Ekoro" (who is actually Ecolo) is giddy and excited for the birth of his ultimate clone, caressing her incubation chamber like a baby. It isn't long before their celebration is spoiled however, as Fake Arle appears, and claims that there is an error in Omega's design, one which will ultimately lead to the collapse of his plan. She becomes angry with Ecolo for losing the clone Zeta to a serious defect as well, and then the blame of both mistakes goes immediately to Alpha. Despite Alpha's claims of innocence, he gets a fist to the gut and an insulting alliteration anyway. Fake Arle, still unamused, tells Ecolo to make her a new "vessel" in compensation for losing Dark Amitie to Alpha's errors. She suggests using the real Arle Nadja as a model, and vanishes, counting on Ekoro to personally ensure the model lives for her purposes. Once the coast is clear, Ekoro takes Alpha to a Computer Room and uses Sho's memories to temporarily override his memories, as part of his punishment. Ecolo sends Delta off to fetch Beta, Gamma and Epsilon, and then cackles maniacally to the thought of eating hallucinogenic mushroom soup as the final ground work of his plans for Primp is laid.

Spiritual Mishappenings Across the Compile Worlds!

Mysteriously, in Episode 48, Nanako wakes up in a ghost universe molded after Primp, having survived her apparent death in SHAME (or being revived from such). She gloats about this to a Fake Angol, who has conveniently appeared to keep her company. Nanako then begins to ramble on about a prophetic text only known as The Book of DINNER, which she decides to shorten to The Menu. Soon she begins reading from the text and starts a Wild Mass Guessing session, which prompts Fake Angol to speak in l33t speak. Suddenly, he begins cursing one of the almighty for bestowing him with fail grammar. She then realizes this ghost universe shouldn't exist, so she teleports the Holy Dinner Shrine to the Madou World, conveniently blowing up the Fake Angol and making the crack conversation non-existent.

Meanwhile, back in the Madou World, everyone emerges from the Angel Academy looking for Camus, but they haven't a clue where to look. Daichi suggests they explore the temple near them, which happens to be the Dragon Temple. They muse about the markings in the temple, which all resemble Dragons and Abysians. Soon they begin to hear strange moaning from within. As they delve deeper, it gets more and more clear until it climaxes in a scream. They rush to the Dragon's Altar room, where they witness Camus sealing away Charyl. He then glomps Arle to celebrate his victory, but Arle tries to tell him she's not the one giving him the orders. After deciding the spirits should be left sealed for the moment, Camus is broken free of his possession and injured by Fake Arle, who has appeared out of nowhere. She reveals she is a two and was responsible for teleporting and chronoporting everyone out of the ADMA HQ during the meteor arc with Time control. Omega nonchalantly unseals the spirit. Fake Arle doesn't seem to care, and even berates Omega before kidnapping Daichi as another "vessel" and vanishing. Meanwhile, a revived Charyl thanks the gang and introduces herself, insisting Camus is a douchebag. Soon enough Harpy also appears, and she gives Camus some medical attention. She then points out the location of the next spirit, Serra. The gang resolves to unseal the spirits in order to rescue the worlds after Omega and Charyl briefly banter about the gender of the others.

Stuck in Limbo...seum

Episode 49 opens when Alpha awakens in a mysterious world. Soon, he is joined by Phi, Epsilon and Gamma, the latter of which have not been seen or mentioned for many episodes. After a brief exchange of words, none of them are really sure where they are, other than that it isn't Whitespace. Ecolo then appears, taunting them and claiming that Fake Arle built this world to imprison their souls for all eternity. He then does a Strange Klug, revealing that Limboseum, the world they're in, is a heartless planet, and that Ecolo plans to create other heartless planets as well. He goes on to explain that Life Energy is pumped through the Planetary Hearts, sustaining both the planet itself and the life that dwells upon it. He then reveals it is found naturally in Puyo. Soon, he explains that the Life Energy from Primp is being used to create heartless worlds that do not require Life Energy to thrive, which he would then populate with clones. Ecolo then declares he is "late" to blow up another planet, so he promptly poofs away. The clone's spirits are left to contemplate their situation in Limboseum....

Stringy Rice pulls some stringy strings of stringiness~

Meanwhile, Ringo announces that someone is approaching the new cottage Mikki summoned from thin air, causing quite a ruckus in the house. It is only Strigina Reuiss, who is returning from her encounter with Fake Arle. She greets Mikki with a package and Klug with a smack to the face. Then, as quickly as she came, Stringy flies away on her broom yet again, attending to "other precious matters". Mikki meanwhile, opens the package as a crowd gathers 'round her. Inside the box is a note, written by Stringy. Adressing Mikki by her real name of "Thilde Reuiss" (/cue laughtrack.wav), explains that Clocger is inside the box, serving as a countdown for when Ecolo next blows up a planet. The next sentence reveals that Stringy was aware that the Arle she met was fake, raising some questions when Lam reminiscents about her. The note then, in typical Stringy fashion, begins to ramble in phrases not exactly coherent to anyone but Mikki or Lam. The note then explains Clocger is beaten to a pulp to prevent anyone from tracking it in hammerspace (if such things are even possible, anyway). A quick glance at Clocger reveals it's near the time of doomsday for another planet. Meanwhile Mikki continues reading the note, briefly explaining the Puyo Spirits' dilemma to the party, and informing them where Serra has been imprisoned. After taking nearly three fourths of the episode to read a damn piece of paper, the party, minus Klug and Theta set off to the Light Temple to free Keiji's ex Serra.

Unfortunately, it doesn't go quite as planned, as they get lost along the way and stumble across the Holy Dinner Shrine instead. After complaining about urges to say "Mah boi" over a conversation about dinner, Feli sooshes them and herds them inside. She discovers The Menu is inside, to which Tech makes fun of her for. However, soon a series of seemingly random events happen, a booming voice laughs, and a brilliant flash. Feli has evolved into White Feli, like, finally! Feli has been driven slightly mad by the holy text though, screaming verses in peoples faces and shooting laser beams at anyone who tries to take the book away from her. Delirious from her new power level, she flies off to parts unknown to show Lemres "true colors". The others are left alone to figure out where the Light Temple is on their own.

Beauty Contests and Stolen Helicopters

Back in the Dragon Temple's Altar, Angol ends the party's bickering by resolving their next target is the Light Temple where Serra is imprisoned. Harpy agrees to lead the way, but soon discovers she is lost and cannot lead them out of the temple. After going around in circles for hours, they are suddenly brought up to a stage. It's none other than Draco, who simply insists she must have another beauty contest, much to Angol and Charyl's chagrin. She quickly pushes Arle and Lagnus off stage to make them swap outfits (Except Lagnus is wearing shorts instead of a skirt). Lagnus decides Arle's outfit is delightfully comfy, but Arle and the others insist they have no time for Draco's contest. Draco reluctantly leads them to a shortcut exit, and they finally escape the Dragon Temple.

They hike all the way to the other side of the land on foot and scale a fucking mountain and finally the Floating Island is in their sight. Suddenly, a helicopter appears. Closer inspection reveals that it is the FGF Helicopter that disappeared during the Amalgamation, now being heavily armed with giant cannons and armor. Omega makes short work of the new amenities with her Bayoen, however. The helicopter's pilot is Ecolo, who reveals that Fake Arle chronoported the helicopter for him to use. Cackling with glee, he flies straight to the Light Temple in order to further get in the way of our heroes. Omega, as Ekoro, then laments about Ecolo's immense power and seeming immortality. Ekoro explains that (s)he and Ecolo have shared the same body for 600 years, and that the past year of torment that Ecolo has brought to Eldora's solar system only scratches the surface of the destruction he's caused. Ekoro then theorizes that Fake Arle will eventually kill off Ecolo when she runs out of use for him. Arle, Harpy and Lagnus are not deterred by either Fake Arle or Ecolo's almighty power, and vow to rescue the remaining spirits and fight for the Compile Worlds. Omega leaves them, not wanting to "die in vain". The remaining party ventures across to the Floating Island and into the Light Temple, where a multileveled maze awaits them...

Angol is invited to DINNER

Episode 50 picks up where the last episode left off with everyone staring at the glass maze before them. After deducing that breaking the glass would just cave the place in, they reason to solve the maze normally. Arle grumbled about it taking forever though, so Angol, being the badass that he is, (ab)used Charyl's connection to the one's magic to make a portal straight to the altar room, because it's totally okay given their situation. On the other side, they startle a cackling Ecolo, who was expecting them to have gone through the maze the long way. Ecolo declares that they must suffer the consequences for catching him off guard and attacks them, splitting into five copies of himself. Suddenly, Arle remembers that she's stolen borrowed Lagnus' legendary clothes, his Reactor Blade included, so she decides to have an epic sword duel with the real Ecolo while everyone else derps around for a moment. Finally, Charyl obliterates the seal on Serra, causing Ecolo distress. He flees the scene, not wanting to be beat up.

The gang portals outside, where Angol reveals it was intention to follow Fake Arle on his own to rescue Daichi, knowing whatever plans she may have with him are dangerous. Arle insists that he shouldn't go alone, but before Angol has a chance to leave anyway, White Feli flies onto the scene cued by an epic Puyo Wars remix. She declares that Fake Arle has imprisoned someone in Whitespace and that Angol should follow her and Lemres there to conduct a rescue mission. Angol agrees to go with them. The party contemplates the situation. They decide that with Nanako and Lord Marcus - the most knowledgeable people of Whitespace - missing in action, that they should instead harass Satan yet again into helping them. Meanwhile, they find Cirno, another victim of Fake Arle's dastardly deeds, and decide to bring her along because she's a cute ice elemental.

When they arrive at the castle, Satan is ready to greet them, but is welcomed to deadpan sarcasm by Arle. After Satan is dazed by Serra and Cirno (and not Charyl), he is brought up to date on the matters concerning Marcus, Fake Arle and Whitespace. Just as he reveals he can't locate Marcus though, Nanako shows up out of nowhere, having deciphered enough of The Menu to know they'd be there. She also divulges that Marcus is one of Fake Arle's captives, being held in Whitespace for her plans. She wasn't able to bring him back because he's not a clone, and Fake Arle is Fake Arle. In light of this though Nanako suggests that the nine of them leave for Whitespace to try and rescue Marcus themselves, acknowledging the risk that if they fail to save him that Arle's demented twin would surely end their games. They portal off, not knowing what lies in store for them...

Just like old times!

Meanwhile, we take a quick glance over to Mikki's group, who is still lost in the Holy Dinner Shrine. While Lam has a total hissy fit about Feli stealing The Menu, Tech suggests going south, because that always works in the JRPGs he plays. Before they can get anywhere though, Draco suddenly poofs out of nowhere to impede their not-progress. Draco then reveals the point of this is to flirt with Ringo, tempting her to "come back to her" while the rest of the group gets impatient and just wants to get a move on...except Tech, who insists that she's friggen hot. Draco finally decides that traveling around is more important then deciding ships and pairings, and they get going, like finally.

They arrive at Rulue's Mansion, which is all beat up. They are informed by a traumatized Rider that it was raided by Fake Arle, who severely injured Sig, Accord and Rulue, along with kidnapping Gypsum. Mikki and the gang quickly rush inside, and Mikki heals everyone's wounds. Rulue is completely upset by all of this, swearing vengeance in her name. Sig reveals that Gypsum is yet another one of Fake Arle's "vessels" needed for a still unknown purpose. Rulue, Accord and Lam stay behind to fix the mansion up while the others run into Chico. The tribal girl directs them to the beach to rescue another one of the captive Puyo Spirits.

When they arrive at the South Coast Lighthouse though, they discover it's haunted by ghosts who throw anybody they detect out. The gang bickers about how to solve the puzzle, causing Panotty to appear and play his magic flute, turning the ghosts into paper. They don't question the bizzariamite and go straight to the altar room, catching an arrogant Ecolo off guard yet again, causing him to cue completely unfitting music. Mikki distracts Ecolo by getting in an argument with him while the others encourage Rider to attack Ecolo. Finally, Rider works up the courage to strike him, causing his temper to flare yet again. The party works quickly to unseal the spirit, and Ecolo takes his leave to blow up Suzuri, not interested in being gang-raped a second time. The spirit Aeris introduces herself and resolves that Ecolo can only be stopped if the Puyo Spirits and all the inhabitants of the planets band against him...

The rejected brother and the lonely mermaid

Meanwhile, Seriri has returned to her home at the depths of Mermaid's Lake, once again living a lonely life of rejection. At the bottom of the lake though, she notices an unusual glass dome. Within the dome is yet another altar room, containing of course, another Puyo Spirit. There's nothing Seriri can do though, nor does she know what it's significance is. She floats back to the surface, depressed. Juichi is also there, fishing. Seriri and Juichi greet each other and the moe mermaid shows him the altar. Juichi reckons that breaking the glass would also destroy the seal. Thus, the boy carries Seriri to his car and drives her to his base, where he grabs a bazooka and drives back. He blasts the glass to smithereens, freeing the Puyo Spirit Unda. She introduces herself, explaining the situation and resolving to take them to Aeris and find the others. She then uses her epic magic to make Seriri uncrippled and they swim towards the lighthouse...

Bitches, Witches, and Snitches, oh my!

In Whitespace, Daichi wakes up from being knocked out two episodes ago, and discovers he's been separated from the party. He also finds the comatose bodies of Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon, and Phi. He tries in vain to wake them up, much to Fake Arle's amusement. After taunting Daichi, she proclaims that he is the most important of her vessels due to his Angolian structure. She explains that this allows him to naturally utilize the Life Energy found in Puyo and planets to "spread terror across the universe". She plucks a hair from his head, taunting him even more for refusing her plans. Daichi decides he's had enough, takes a level in badass, and attacks her, only to have his attack chronoported back unto him. The evil Arle then goes on to explain how she stole Angol, Gypsum and Nanako's research data for her plans. Her torture of Daichi is suddenly stopped by the timely arrival of White Feli and Angol, who ambush Fake Arle while Lemres takes Daichi back to the Madou World. Fake Arle escapes, declaring Angol is too late. Regardless, they give chase, turning up the heat on everyone...

Back at Mikki's cottage, Witch is finally done toying with her blueberry muffins, and she, Schezo, Klug and Theta decide to take a walk, after resolving stealing Mikki's house wouldn't be a very good idea. Soon, they stumble across the Solar Star Powerhouse, a building Witch and Schezo can confirm didn't exist prior to Primp exploding. Carbuncle leaps out of it and starts a firing it's lazors everywhere. Theta dispatches it easily, making it explode Sonic 3 style and drop a Chaos Drive. They go inside, seeing the Electric fences inside the building are more threatening than the Carbuncle Badnik. Then Amitie appears and Deus Ex Machinas the fuck out of them. After a moment of thought, Theta hypothesizes someone could knock the fences over into the altar, breaking the seal. Klug easily does so with his cosmic magic, and Ralie is freed, like, finally. Ralie, like Unda before "him", suggests they should go to the beach and meet up with Aeris and Unda...

In Whitespace, where no one can hear you get off to a blueberry muffin

In Episode 51, we, like finally, get back to the party that traveled to Whitespace. Of course, they arrive and are completely clueless as to where to go, since everything looks the same. Eventually, Nanako gets half a brain and uses Cirno as a Baka Compass to find Marcus and Gypsum by sensing their heat. Along the way, they run into Feli and Angol, who have lost Fake Arle after pursuing her in the previous episode. They join the party and they continue on. Eventually, they discover two stasis capsules pumping Puyo guts and Life Energy into Gypsum and Marcus. Fake Arle appears to inform them that they have been infused with Synthetic Biology technology, and thus may be volatile upon release from the capsules. She then announces to prepare for her finale at Satan's Castle, summoning Ecolo to take care of business. Even though he splits into four fake versions of himself, he is ultimately outnumbered and cornered. To echo the ending of Subete, he cries "LET FATE FUCK YOU ALL" and seemingly dies for good, like finally. After that is taken care of though, the released Gypsum and Marcus immediately transform into their Angolian forms, going into yet another battle. It gets off to a poor start, with Cirno KOing herself and jesus Gypsum unleashing really powerful shield draining techniques. However, Arle and Lagnus pull together their strength and manage to defeat each creature in nearly one blow each.

The Grande Finale

After taming the beasts, each reverts to normal and wakes up, unable to believe that they let Fake Arle tool them so easily. They escape from Whitespace, with Marcus completely destroying it in the process. Serra, Charyl, Camus, and Harpy are sent to go meet with the rest of the Puyo Spirits gathering at the South Coast Lighthouse. Meanwhile, Satan is determined to get his castle back, so he forces the others to follow him despite advisories against confronting Fake Arle so quickly. As they ascend the castle, they see that the faker has wasted no time in laying waste to Satan's minions, fueling his resolve even more. At the top is Fake Arle herself, complete with a set of ornate robes and a giant stasis capsule. Fake Arle then turns to great them. Satan hastily attacks, but it doesn't even so much as graze her.

Fake Arle then reveals the entirety of both her plans and her motives. Sickened by Eldora's inability to care for her worlds as a proper Goddess should and frustrated by the real Arle getting more attention than she ever did, she had set out to recraft the solar system with her as the goddess, with her new advances in technology and biology serving to rectify all of Eldora's mistakes. She merely tooled Ecolo for his power; he was to be eliminated anyway due to his inability to appreciate what Fake Arle's true plans were. She also reveals that she even intends to replace Angol Mois' role in Eldora's governing schematics, replacing him with a Neo Angol designed for each world she creates. The real Arle is so overwhelmed by sorrow and guilt she hugs her clone and pleads for it not to come to this. Flattered, the faker decides to take it less harshly on the Madou world, but still remains firm in her resolve. Arle transforms into a ball of light and lets Fake absorb her, causing the protagonists some distress.

She releases the Ultimate Neo Angol, and Marcus and Gypsum willingly side with Fake Arle as well, and an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny begins! The newly transformed beasts easily begin KOing the opposing party with their stupidly powerful techniques and regenerative abilities, easily decimating three of them in a single turn. But then Omega arrives and buffs the party, causing Fake Arle to become extremely irate and refuel her angry vengeance. The battle rages on with Fake Arle as a new contender, with Feli losing her Holy DINNER powers in the process. Omega eventually outright disintegrates the Ultimate Neo Angol, causing Fake Arle distress and intense anger. However, she wisely retreats with her other two living vessels. Lagnus contemplates Arle's odd sacrifice and the others discuss how they will approach Fake Arle and her synthetic biologies now...

The Spirits united

Episode 52 gets back to the party at the South Coast Lighthouse like, finally, who are still waiting for the other 3 Puyo Spirits to show up and complete their period 5. Aeris senses Fake Arle's shenanigans at Satan's Castle, but they are helpless to pursue them until the other spirits arrive. Just as Mikki gets fed up with waiting, Seriri, Unda and Juichi arrive, complete with floating water bubbles made by Unda's powerful magic. It isn't long before Seriri starts making snide remarks at anyone who even so much as mention's Draco's name. Sure enough, Draco and Mikki's impatience once again summons another party to the scene, this time Ralie and his motley crew 4/4Witch (Madou Monogatari)KlugSchezo WegeyTheta. Klug and Schezo add to the tension while Witch and Tech discuss Chaos Drives made by "a third party video game company hobbling on one leg". Without even needing someone to complain, the final party led by Keiji's ex Serra and Charyl drops in, thus completing the period 5. It doesn't take the bizarre 21 character orgy long to begin discussing Fake Arle and her unknown plans, as well as the situation brewing in the north east. Just before they can come to a decision, however, the Puyo Spirits, Theta and Harpy vanish. This causes the slightly smaller orgy much distress until Lemres and Daichi return from the now-expired Whitespace to assure them that people who just got whisked away are in good hands. They contemplate their insignificance in the situation as we switch scenes...

In a small white room, the 7 characters that were removed from the previous party appear. They were summoned by Eldora, who requests them to free her from her prison that she's spent pretty much the entirety of the RP in. After one derp attempt, the Spirits finally destroy the cage containing Eldora, revealing that she was trapped right in front of the Angel Academy all along. Kanon and Liechi appear to greet Eldora and welcome her safe return. Meanwhile, Theta questions why she and Harpy are even there in the first place. Kanon explains that Harpy is an old student of the Academy, suffering some slight amnesia. Theta was used as an "outside witness", though it is yet unclear why she would need one. Eldora declares "Arle" must be cleansed of her destructive powers and summons her to the Academy immediately. While Fake Arle acknowledges she is powerless due to the nature of this meeting, she still makes witty remarks about her summoning. Eldora and "Arle" go back and forth for a number of minutes, with Eldora even offering "Arle" a scholarship at the academy. Eldora reveals that the entire conflict was caused because some time ago, the "real" Arle Nadja actually split into two halves; one perfect half with all of the positive features, and one undesirable half that grew bitter when no one wanted her. At the castle, the two halves joined together, with the "real" Arle being almost ready to take the reigns again. Knowing all this, and taking Eldora's kind words, Arle peacefully withdraws from her sinister plots, freeing Gypsum and Marcus. The Spirits and Eldora prepare to restore and revitalize all of the Compile Worlds after all of their torment under Arle and Ecolo, and everything seems to be a fairy tale ending...

  • This marks the end of the Gathering, and Compile Worlds 1. Fake Arle and Arle are reunited as one, and all will be well again, with Eldora and the spirits working to create the worlds again. But wait! The epic RPing isn't over just yet! Compile Worlds 2 has just begun, and many amusing and exciting things are waiting to happen to Arle and co...!


  • This is the first plot arc to be made by Chao since Subete PuyoPuyo; The Meteor Arc, The Amalgamation and SHAME were all spear-headed mainly by Keiji.
    • As such, it was also the first one named by Chao.
    • By sheer coincidence, it is also the first arc to use a manual battle system run by chat command RNGs since Subete; Meteor-SHAME used primarily "do what seems fit" battle scenes.
    • Ecolo also dies by its end, mirroring Subete and Ekoro's death.
  • This arc introduced the most original characters in the entire RP, at 7 completely new characters.
    • All of them, save one, were designed by Chao specifically for this arc as well.
  • This arc is also the first arc to introduce characters that exclusively belonged to Madou Monogatari.
    • It also introduced locations that appeared in Madou games and Puyo Wars.