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Nanako is an original character created by Keiji who is the main character of the aptly titled Project Nanako. She is also the mascot of Compile Worlds, and her emblem has been "borrowed" for use as the Kawachan icon.


Nanako is an artificial life form. She was created by "Kei-sama" as a robot in a virtual world. Her loyal and carefree personality developed mainly from having nothing better to do with the vast majority of her time, and thanks to Juichi's efforts (though their means were somewhat controversial), she became able to travel between the digital and real worlds at will. She and Juichi can also shapeshift into the forms of other people they meet, except that they always have persocom ears while in the real world.

Nanako's abilities are grouped into three types, and she is well adapted to all of them. The first type is melee, where she can fight pretty darn well with either her bare hands or a sword. The second type is beam weapons (blatantly stolen from Megaman except they can go in all directions, not just horizontally... okay, they were really stolen from Metroid, but that's besides the point). The third type is a rather unique form of magic: Nanako can collect crystals of various types and assemble them in certain geometric patterns to form sophisticated spells.


Nanako was actually created as a complete coincidence. It so happened that Keiji bought a server in 2008, and the normal naming scheme for his computers could not be used. So, the server was eventually named after Nanako Dojima from Persona 4 during some otherwise inconsequential AIM chat. In fact, the only reason the character Nanako exists at all was because the computer ended up with this name. These facts were conveniently forgotten later on, and the name was back-derived to be related to the number 7, one lower than the logical number to use as far as the series of computers she was in is concerned.


Project Nanako

She's the protagonist of her title game, what did you expect?!

Spoiler warning: the information below may contain detailed descriptions of major plot events. Feel free to skip past this section if you wish.

Nanako was originally a computer program, written by someone she only knows as "Kei-sama". She was given a virtual world to live in and interact with, and over time gained the ability to reason and later, a personality. This life continued for about two years, when her brother Juichi was created through the same process.

Unlike Nanako, who lived passively, Juichi went out to explore the world… or at least, as much as he could from the Internet. He wanted to be able to live in the real world, and wanted to bring Nanako with him. So he posed as a scientific researcher - and was hailed as a great one. Eventually, he convinced people in the real world to build the machines necessary to materialize AI forms in the real world.

Unfortunately, when people realized the truth about him, they didn't like it. At all. What started as a little science project turned into an all out war. While Juichi was the one with the "brains", he lacked any kind of physical strength or agility, not to mention people skills. Therefore, Nanako was sent to clean up after him. Many bystanders would be in awe at her acrobatics as she fought.

For reference, if Nanako were ever to die, she could not simply be revived as a clone. It takes a lot of space to emulate a human, so her data had to be distributed and could not be backed up. If you were a competent hacker, you could probably attempt to make a clone from parts of her data left littering the Internet, but you'd get an extremely traumatized one, which would only kill itself within a matter of weeks.

Spoilers end here.


In Mazeworld, Nanako's story is much the same as that of Project Nanako's, with one important difference - she dies, because of course, you can't enter the mazes without doing that. Until that point however, Nanako had been stupidly lucky, and many lulz have ensued, mainly the duplicate scope incident. Keiji has decided to not play her in Mazeworld any more however, due to the lack of continuity between sessions.

Compile Worlds

In Compile Worlds, Nanako is rather a mysterious character. She seems to lead some sort of organization with an awful lot of manpower and intelligence behind it. Quite how this happened, though, is unknown. She has provided our heroes with various near-godmode advantages on numerous occasions, but denied them on others. In SHAME, she appeared to team up with Daichi, declaring Ecolo, Angol and Satan as criminals who "must pay", although judging from later events, it seems this was not actually the case, as she has revealed a mysterious relationship with Strange Klug and brought some to think about her real purpose here. Eventually it was revealed that her real reasons for teaming up with Strange Klug and Auriol were to get closer to the metalevels and study them. However, she was shamed by CFW Judge for starting a planet wide war to do so and ended up being killed in the battle prior to this. She was revived, however, and in a later episode she woke up in a ghost version of Primp with The Book of DINNER...

Puyo Puyo Fever Redux

Nanako also makes an appearence in Puyo Puyo Fever Redux, namely because she just happened to be lying around as Keiji's convenient OC at the time. Or, I should probably say, she would have made an appearence, if PPFR was anything more than vaporware. Still, some Fever-style art was drawn for her, as you can see in the gallery and this should be proof enough for you skeptics!


  • Don't "Ms." me. You should know I am a fine maiden! :DEpisode 39
  • Good luck, young Sig. Work hard for me♥Episode 39
  • Hey! I thought the FGF Arcade was destroyed! I haven't seen this since Primp was destroyed! ...It has new glass everywhere. I... I'll resist the urge to cartwheel into it, just this once.Episode 60
  • We'll have our rematch one day. Right now is not the appropriate time or place, and I'm certainly not allowing you to destroy my beautiful FGF Arcade — Episode 60
  • I'm Nanako. A wanderer. Perhaps a truth seeker. But definitely a dangerous fool.Mazeworld, Session 1-3
  • Quote: Mazeworld, session 2-1
  • <Nanako> > Fire a single shot from the Remington at the IMPOSTOR DEMON.
  • <Nanako> !mdice 2 6
  • <Hebizuka> [ _Nanako ] < You rolled a: 2 d 6 > < Rolls: 3 1 > < Total Score: 4 >
  • <Hebizuka> *You fail to hit the incubus, and the slug goes to hit a glass jar in the back of the room, shattering it to pieces.*
  • <SU_Tempest> Incb: I'll make you pay for that!
  • <Nanako> "Oh, did I break your favorite jar? I'm sorry"