Episode 38 - Chat log

Start date: Wed Nov 02, 2011. All times are UTC.

[12:54:36] <Zeta> So, we've gathered where light itself gathers...

[12:54:39] <Zeta> The irony.

[12:55:31] <Beta> How's that ironic?

[12:56:27] <Zeta> Because, with the exception of that angel, all of us have dark origins in Ekoro.

[12:56:41] <Beta> But we were freed!

[12:56:50] <Beta> I'm not so sure about you, but...

[12:59:07] <Phi> Just because we weren't born in the light, doesn't mean it's warmth can't affect us. Right, Miss Angel?

[13:00:01] <Harpy> Precisely♪

[13:00:18] <Zeta> Hm...

[13:00:25] <Zeta> So, what do we do now?

[13:01:23] <Zeta> Of us clones, only we are gathered here. Omega, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon are nowhere to be found, and Eta met an unfortunate end...

[13:01:31] <Harpy> *looks skyward*

[13:02:18] <Harpy> The tournament, huh...

[13:02:47] <Harpy> I wonder why we were called upon.

[13:03:22] <Phi> Well, I guess we'll find out eventually.

[13:03:30] <Zeta> Tournament?....

[13:03:54] <Zeta> What exactly are we competing?

[13:04:00] <Zeta> Our strength?

[13:04:06] <Beta> That's a good question.

[13:04:32] <Beta> It's a tournament...

[13:04:40] <Beta> But nobody seems to be running it.

[13:04:49] <Beta> And who first said it was a tournament, anyway?

[13:05:11] <Zeta> All questions I'd like to have answers to.

[13:05:47] <Beta> Zeta... Do you have a goal?

[13:07:03] <Zeta> Do I have a goal...I have many goals...

[13:07:11] <Zeta> I can never seem to focus on just one.

[13:07:28] <Beta> Do you want to follow Ekoro? Or do you want to get back at him?

[13:07:44] <Beta> Or is it that you just want to protect your fellow clones?

[13:08:39] <Zeta> ...Any of those, really. I want to get back at Ekoro for making Eta so miserable and daring to even destroy any of you...but I find it hard to resist the person who brought me into existence.

[13:09:16] <Zeta> I can never be sure when he is truthfully attacking you and when it is only a ruse to play with the other's minds.

[13:09:37] <Beta> Oh, there's no question about that.

[13:09:49] <Beta> He doesn't see any value in us since we are neutralized.

[13:09:58] <Beta> I don't know about you, though.

[13:10:15] <Beta> But whenever he attacks us, it's real.

[13:10:20] <Phi> He definitely doesn't like me any more.

[13:12:21] <Zeta> I did my best to protect poor Eta, but it seems my efforts were in vain.

[13:14:20] <Phi> -looks at Harpy, concerned-

[13:14:32] <Harpy> Is something bothering you, Phi-kun?

[13:14:47] <Phi> I feel bad for Zeta. She's so lost in herself.

[13:15:23] <Phi> What if she does the wrong thing and gets absorbed by Ekoro, too?

[13:15:35] <Harpy> "too"?

[13:15:52] <Theta> You mean, if she gets taken into Whitespace?

[13:16:06] <Phi> Whitespace?...

[13:16:15] <Theta> The place Beta and I were taken.

[13:17:28] <Zeta> Eta isn't there. Ekoro completely absorbed him...at least that's what I've been informed...

[13:18:45] <Theta> Oh... absorbed by Ekoro...

[13:19:03] <Keiji> what episode did that happen in again?

[13:19:59] <Chao> Ekoro absorbed Eta in Episode 31. The gang probably told this info to Zeta and co. off screen between 32 and 33

[13:23:46] <Keiji> Oh my

[13:25:25] <Theta> Indeed... I remember about that now. He did it without warning...

[13:25:54] <Phi> ...Poor Eta. :c

[13:26:09] <Theta> We must be vigilant, then.

[13:27:36] <Theta> In any case... Beta and I should be safe.

[13:27:48] <Theta> as we have already been re-bodied.

[13:28:10] <Phi> What about me?...and Zeta...?

[13:28:16] <Beta> But Zeta... is probably the closest to Ekoro of us all.

[13:29:59] <Harpy> Please don't worry so much, everyone♪

[13:30:29] <Phi> Y-yeah! We'll be alright in the end, right?

[13:31:27] <Harpy> We need to fight.

[13:31:34] <Harpy> But the question is who to fight.

[13:31:56] <Phi> Yeah...there are so many bad people

[13:32:26] <Phi> Angol...Ekoro....

[13:33:08] <Beta> ...Nanako.

[13:33:17] <Theta> Nanako?!

[13:33:28] <Zeta> Wh-what?! Why Nanako?!

[13:33:50] <Beta> S-she made me into a cat!!

[13:34:00] <Phi> ...that's all?

[13:34:23] <Beta> Also, she's been acting really weird. And Juichi certainly didn't seem pleased with it.

[13:34:46] <Beta> I get that she saved us, but we were all talking about attacking Ekoro even though he created us.

[13:35:19] <Beta> Has she even done anything else useful?

[13:35:35] <Theta> Beta...

[13:36:17] <Zeta> Other than resurrect you from Whitespace and providing us with that old HQ building?....

[13:36:45] <Theta> I know you're a bit peeved at her, Beta.

[13:36:48] <Theta> But we can't attack Nanako.

[13:37:29] <Theta> Besides, she's not even in the tournament.

[13:37:34] <Theta> So it wouldn't get us anywhere.

[13:38:29] <Harpy> We can worry about Nanako once the tournament is over, right?♪

[13:39:17] <Zeta> Beta raised an interesting point, but I suppose you're right, Theta.

[13:40:09] <Phi> So, if we're not gonna attack either Nanako or Ekoro...then who DO we fight?

[13:41:06] <Beta> Who said we weren't going to attack Ekoro?

[13:41:42] <Phi> I...welll....I just thought that maybe Zeta wouldn't want to....;;

[13:44:49] <Harpy> Don't worry, Zeta.

[13:44:59] <Harpy> As long as I'm here, Ekoro won't be able to absorb you or Phi.

[13:45:21] <Zeta> Do we have another choice, though? Angol is too powerful for us to stop alone. Besides...we have unfinished business with him, am I right?

[13:46:26] <Keiji> Unfinished business?

[13:46:32] <Keiji> Remind me, once again my memory sucks XD

[13:47:04] <Chao> Well, they DID try to kill him way back in the Pre-Meteor Arc lol.

[13:47:14] <Chao> But they failed at that somehow

[13:47:36] <Chao> I guess really it's just any personal beef Zeta and Phi have with him :X

[13:47:43] <Chao> derp

[13:48:33] <Keiji> Angol was around in Pre-Meteor? O_o

[13:48:45] <Chao> No, unfinished business with Ekoro

[13:48:59] <Keiji> ...oh

[13:49:04] <Keiji> hrrm

[13:49:15] <Keiji> so why is zeta asking if they have another choice?

[13:49:37] <Chao> Because she's not sure if Ekoro is the only reasonable option or not.

[13:49:58] <Keiji> OHH

[13:50:04] <Keiji> Really having a derp moment right now...

[13:50:08] <Chao> I mean, they could attack Arle, but lawl

[13:51:07] <Beta> Indeed, we should probably focus on Ekoro first. Unless...

[13:51:23] <Zeta> Unless?

[13:51:31] <Beta> Unless someone else wants our help.

[13:51:52] <Zeta> :o

[13:52:31] <Beta> Angol is certainly powerful, but wouldn't there be another team who wants to stop him?

[13:53:01] <Phi> Yeah, I bet there is! No way everyone's just gonna let Angol have his way!

[13:53:17] <Chao> (Poor uneducated Phi.)

[13:53:28] <Theta> And then there is Satan, too. And he's got Marcus... -raises her fist at the thought of Marcus-

[13:53:58] <Zeta> That bastard that enveloped you two in Whitespace?..

[13:54:16] <Theta> Well, he was responsible for my ordeal

[13:54:35] <Theta> Beta's, however, was Ekoro copying Marcus's attack.

[13:54:49] <Zeta> !

[13:56:09] <Theta> But then Ringo-neesan and Eltia are on their team too.

[13:56:26] <Phi> ....Yeah.

[13:56:35] <Phi> I don't want to hurt Ringo. :C

[13:56:42] <Theta> From what I've heard, they'll be fighting Angol.

[13:57:05] <Theta> ...But I don't want to ally with either of them.

[13:57:17] <Theta> So perhaps we should just let them duke it out while we do something about Ekoro.

[13:57:46] <Zeta> I suppose so.

[13:58:40] <Phi> So...we should get to it then?

[13:58:41] <Beta> Are you sure you're okay with it, Zeta?

[13:59:00] <Beta> Even if Harpy can make sure he won't absorb you, what if he possesses you again?

[14:00:02] <Zeta> ...I'm not sure....our problem is that we don't have any other choice: Angol is too powerful to fight ourselves, but Satan, who is also opposed to Angol, is also our enemy.

[14:00:12] <Zeta> And we don't want to attack poor Arle, do we?

[14:01:05] <Harpy> Would there even be a point in that♪...?

[14:01:20] <Zeta> No.

[14:01:56] <Harpy> Then Ekoro it is...

[14:02:04] <Theta> At least he's easy to find.

[14:02:13] <Phi> Yup!

[14:02:21] <Theta> Although, totally in the opposite direction from where we've been travelling thus far.

[14:03:58] <Phi> Yup...

[14:05:24] <Beta> Well, no use in delaying it.

[14:05:31] <Beta> We might as well head back already.

[14:05:41] <Zeta> Agreed...

[14:06:59] <Keiji> I guess we should wait for Kekko before doing any Ekoro fighting.

[14:07:11] <Chao> lol

[14:07:23] <Keiji> In which case, should we switch to Satan/Angol?

[14:07:33] <Beta> 4

[14:07:35] <Theta> 4

[14:07:35] <Harpy> 4

[14:07:36] <Chao> If we want to

[14:07:39] <Zeta> 4

[14:07:41] <Phi> 4

[14:08:08] <Chao> Depends on if you want to RP an epic battle with a semi-predictable result

[14:08:09] <Chao> XD

[14:08:41] <Keiji> Semi-predictable?

[14:09:06] <Chao> Well, obviously Angol is pretty much invincible to them

[14:09:26] <Keiji> You just wait.

[14:09:40] <Chao> Well now you've made me curious

[14:10:11] <Keiji> Let's begin with Satan getting back from recon.

[14:10:11] <Chao> SO let's do it

[14:10:18] <Marcus> 3

[14:10:21] <Steve> 3

[14:10:26] <Eltia> 3

[14:10:36] <Ringo> 3

[14:10:40] <Satan> 3

[14:11:13] <Satan> -walks through the door, still angered by his encounter earlier- Hmph!

[14:11:27] <Marcus> Oh, please don't slam the door like that.

[14:11:46] <Eltia> What has you so agitated, Satan-sama?

[14:12:09] <Satan> Angol is smug. Annoyingly so. And the brats he's commanding aren't much better!

[14:12:29] <Marcus> Brats?

[14:13:07] <Satan> "Daichi", some occultist girl, Draco, and a cute little servant.

[14:13:24] <Ringo> Daichi!...Great.

[14:13:38] <Ringo> Angol's got his own one now...

[14:14:09] <Keiji> They knew Daichi was a one?

[14:14:19] <Chao> Eltia told Ringo

[14:14:33] <Keiji> That sentence looks wrong

[14:14:40] <Keiji> It looks like it wants to say, "You forgot Ringo"

[14:14:52] <Chao> lolol

[14:15:59] <Marcus> Draco will certainly get on my nerves.

[14:16:08] <Marcus> What about those other two?

[14:16:55] <Satan> Daichi is as insolent as ever, defending that stupid man in whatever argument he wants to start.

[14:17:12] <Marcus> I wasn't referring to Daichi.

[14:17:30] <Satan> Oh, the occultist didn't speak much.

[14:17:55] <Satan> And neither did the other girl, now that I think about it. They were nice, quiet, good little servants.

[14:18:16] <Satan> And best of all, they've taken my old tower!

[14:18:54] <Eltia> !

[14:19:08] <Ringo> What is it, Eltia?

[14:19:32] <Eltia> We can't have that can we?

[14:19:57] <Satan> Certainly not!

[14:20:12] <Eltia> *stifles a giggle*

[14:20:35] <Eltia> In any case, they do not sound very tough.

[14:21:05] <Ringo> Draco's probably softened up from all these months without fighting...

[14:21:32] <Eltia> Perhaps we should just take out Angol, reclaim the tower, and have the cute servants work for us.

[14:21:47] <Satan> Yes, yes, YES!

[14:21:53] <Satan> This is a wonderful idea~

[14:22:05] <Ringo> ...;;

[14:22:23] <Eltia> Is there a problem, Ringo-sama?

[14:22:41] <Ringo> N-No...

[14:22:53] <Ringo> Other than

[14:22:57] <Eltia> Are you sure? You seem rather concerned.

[14:23:00] <Ringo> How the factor do we take out Angol.

[14:23:48] <Eltia> ...Well.

[14:23:52] <Eltia> I do not know, yet.

[14:24:13] <Eltia> But sitting here will not reveal that.

[14:24:31] <Satan> Besides, that fool has my tower and my abysian ;_;

[14:24:55] <Eltia> We have nothing better to do right now, so why should we delay?

[14:25:10] <Ringo> ...I suppose you're right.

[14:25:44] <Eltia> Then, I shall open the portal.

[14:26:08] <Eltia> [She opens a portal which leads straight into one of the rooms in Satan's Old Tower.]

[14:26:33] <Eltia> -steps through- It's clear.

[14:26:53] <Satan> -immediately runs in-

[14:27:08] <Marcus> There is no need for us to reveal ourself. Just don't forget Ringo and Sa--oh, well he's gone already.

[14:27:08] <Ringo> -follows cautiously-

[14:27:23] <Eltia> [The portal closes when the three are through]

[14:27:25] <Marcus> 4

[14:27:26] <Steve> 4

[14:27:50] <Draco> 3

[14:27:56] <Draco> Oh, more guests!

[14:28:05] <Ringo> D-Draco!

[14:28:19] <Draco> But couldn't you use the entrance like everyone else?

[14:28:36] <Eltia> ...This is the entrance, is it not?

[14:28:42] <Eltia> After all, it is how we entered.

[14:29:05] <Satan> Besides, who want's to be spied on by your little door maid?

[14:29:24] <Feli> 3

[14:29:34] <Feli> I sensed a presence down here...

[14:29:46] <Draco> Oh, you came to help?

[14:30:00] <Eltia> ...Regardless. Why are you even here, Draco?

[14:30:22] <Eltia> You're one of us. You don't belong in a place like this..

[14:30:28] <Draco> Ha?

[14:30:29] <Ringo> Yeah, Draco. Just what made you stoop this low?

[14:30:35] <Draco> ...:|

[14:30:49] <Draco> Hey!

[14:30:55] <Draco> I don't get you guys anyway!

[14:31:00] <Draco> What's Angol ever done wrong?

[14:31:12] <Ringo> What's he done wrong?!

[14:31:24] <Draco> Yeah!


[14:31:34] <Keiji> LOL

[14:32:32] <Draco> He got us out of that horrible world, he introduced me to his super cute assistant, and he's working on helping me get together with Arley~

[14:32:37] <Draco> What more could I ask for?

[14:32:47] <Ringo> ...

[14:33:13] <Eltia> Draco...

[14:33:16] <Eltia> You are an idiot.

[14:33:22] <Ringo> And you don't care that he nearly factored the lives of several people, including Daichi, to get that for you?

[14:33:29] <Ringo> You selfish bitch!

[14:33:31] <Eltia> OOC: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! *million IE6 popups*

[14:33:47] <Chao> LOL wha

[14:34:03] <Keiji> have you never seen youareanidiot.org?

[14:34:21] <Chao> ...probably not.

[14:34:33] <Keiji> It pretty much doesn't work any more, but if you open it in IE6, you'll get millions of popups and it'll just about break your computer unless you End Process iexplore.exe

[14:34:52] <Keiji> And it loops something saying "You are an idiot, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

[14:35:00] <Chao> Oh god lmao

[14:36:08] <Feli> You too are fated to end in the great cataclysm.

[14:36:23] <Feli> All against Angol shall perish. Such is their fate.

[14:36:32] <Draco> ...Yeah, what she said!

[14:37:59] <Satan> Just as foolish as the others. I had faith that such a cute girl wouldn't be so batshit insane...

[14:38:09] <Eltia> ...Hold it.

[14:38:09] <Satan> But alas

[14:38:21] <Eltia> She is simply mislead.

[14:38:26] <Eltia> They both are.

[14:38:53] <Eltia> They aren't particularly strong, anyway. We should quietly ignore them and move on, to take care of Angol himself.

[14:39:03] <Draco> Hey!

[14:39:18] <Feli> How dare you suggest such things!

[14:39:32] <Eltia> I have no reason to fight either of you, Draco, Feli.

[14:40:07] <Ringo> Yeah, sorry. We've got other business to attend to. OOC: If you let us pass, I'll let you touch my drills~

[14:40:14] <Eltia> An Abysian and a pure dark mage, you should both be my comrades.

[14:40:31] <Draco> OOC: OMG UTAU HAIR <3 -bows-

[14:41:26] <Satan> Fear not Eltia. Soon, they shall see it our way.

[14:41:51] <Draco> ...what should we do, Feli?

[14:42:28] <Feli> ...Let them pass. Angol and Daichi will make short work of them.

[14:42:49] <Feli> They are determined. Our attempts could prove futile.

[14:43:05] <Feli> Aside from that, you've lacked any proper training yet.

[14:43:44] <Draco> Well then, I guess it's your lucky day. OOC: Now let me touch your drills, Ringo-chan~

[14:44:31] <Satan> Moving right along then~ -walks past the two girls, pushing them with either hand as he walks by-

[14:45:11] <Draco> -backs away from Satan's hand- Hey, don't be so rude!

[14:46:19] <Ringo> -Silently follows Satan, without pushing Draco of course-

[14:47:15] <Feli> -returns to whatever it was she was doing before-

[14:47:25] <Feli> 4

[14:47:34] <Draco> -follows Ringo and Eltia unnoticed-...

[14:47:36] <Draco> 4

[14:48:27] <Keiji> ...claim angol?

[14:48:47] <Chao> [Soon, they approach a large empty chamber where Angol is. There are scorch marks and claw marks on the walls]

[14:48:53] <Angol Mois> 3

[14:49:22] <Satan> M-My walls!! ;_;

[14:49:33] <Eltia> What on earth happened here?

[14:50:02] <Angol Mois> -turns to greet them- Daichi was training here. You see, he lacks control of his true power.

[14:51:13] <Eltia> ...Daichi...

[14:51:18] <Ringo> So...you mutated that poor kid again, huh?

[14:51:55] <Eltia> ...Angol!

[14:51:56] <Angol Mois> Mutated? Hardly. I told you once, girl, he was already like that.

[14:51:59] <Eltia> What's your secret?

[14:52:18] <Angol Mois> My secret?...

[14:52:27] <Eltia> You don't make sense!

[14:52:43] <Eltia> You shouldn't be able to interfere with the Ones' field!

[14:53:04] <Angol Mois> -smiles- So, it is MY power you cannot comprehend?

[14:53:24] <Eltia> ...Indeed.

[14:53:31] <Eltia> I did not come here to enquire about Daichi.

[14:54:17] <Angol Mois> Daichi is personable enough to ask yourself about anything you think of him.

[14:54:22] <Angol Mois> As for myself.

[14:56:05] <Keiji> Actually, I already wrote down in my notes the explanation for Angol's ability.

[14:56:08] <Keiji> Want to hear it?

[14:56:18] <Chao> Yes

[14:56:22] <Chao> :o

[14:56:38] <Keiji> * Daichi was also born as a One. Angol stole a small piece of his field connection before he was awakened by the Professor.

[14:56:58] <Keiji> * He has trained this ability so that he is able to take power from anywhere in the field... even though Ones can only take power from their vicinity! So he is in some respects more powerful than a One.

[14:57:06] <Keiji> wait

[14:57:09] <Keiji> * Daichi was born as the biological weapon, similarly to Angol. * Daichi was also born as a One. Angol stole a small piece of his field connection before he was awakened by the Professor. * This lets Angol mess with the Ones' field even though he is not himself a One. * He has trained this ability so that he is able to take power from anywhere in the field... even though Ones can only take power from their vicinity! So he is in some respects more powerful than a One.

[14:57:12] <Keiji> There, the whole thing :P

[14:58:00] <Keiji> Also unlike Ones, Angol does not need to draw from the field, so does not depend on it.

[15:00:17] <Angol Mois> You see, not only am I a biological weapon, but Daichi has connections to a mysterious energy field. When Daichi was born, I observed this special connection, and he was too young to forbid me from sharing this connection. Over time, particularly as I studied dark magic within the Abyss, I fine-tuned this connection, so that I am able to draw power from any one particular location in the field.

[15:01:15] <Angol Mois> Only recently did I learn Daichi was not the only one connected to it.

[15:01:52] <Angol Mois> I found it fascinating how you reacted to my taking energy from your connection to this field.

[15:02:16] <Eltia> Fascinating?

[15:02:21] <Eltia> That's disgusting.

[15:02:45] <Eltia> Would you find it "fascinating" to supply people with heavily mind altering drugs and watch them go crazy?

[15:03:45] <Angol Mois> Quite so, actually. Human personalities are the weak link of their brains; it is curious to watch how they panic when they do not behave normally.

[15:04:23] <Eltia> ...You monster.

[15:05:05] <Ringo> People aren't your little play things!

[15:05:45] <Satan> And you've no business conducting such gruesomeness in my tower!

[15:06:00] <Satan> With my Abyisans!

[15:06:35] <Eltia> ((Telepathically) Ringo. We are going to need backup... Arle is nearby in the Woods of Nahe. Could you fetch her? It would be fastest if you flew across.)

[15:07:09] <Ringo> -nods to Eltia, and flies out a nearby window-

[15:07:24] <Ringo> 4

[15:07:29] <Eltia> ...Angol.

[15:07:41] <Eltia> You may be strong.

[15:07:45] <Eltia> But I cannot let this go on.

[15:08:17] <Angol Mois> And so you have come with the idea that you can rebel against me?

[15:08:40] <Eltia> -she holds her hands to one side and wisps of energy begins to form around them- Rebel? It is not like I was working for you in the first place.

[15:10:04] <Keiji> Also, the cue for Ringo getting back is me claiming Arle. Just so ya know.

[15:10:14] <Satan> -Also holds his hands out, they fill with dark magic- Nor would she ever work for the likes of you.

[15:10:17] <Chao> k

[15:10:34] <Keiji> lol what the hell is Satan doing

[15:10:47] <Chao> ...idfk

[15:11:12] <Keiji> use a regular attack of his, don't copy Eltia's much stronger One-based powers :P

[15:12:42] <Eltia> -The energy begins to form into the shape of a sword- Well, Angol? Aren't you going to prepare yourself?

[15:13:23] <Angol Mois> -merely folds his cape back- Hm. I am prepared to fight you.

[15:15:02] <Eltia> Very well then. -She attempts to strike him---

[15:15:04] <Draco> 3

[15:15:09] <Draco> -jumps on Eltia from behind-

[15:15:14] <Eltia> -falls

[15:15:15] <Eltia> -

[15:15:26] <Draco> PILE ON

[15:15:29] <Satan> Draco you treacherous snake!

[15:15:44] <Eltia> Draco!!!

[15:16:11] <Draco> Well, I wasn't just going to stand there and watch while you attacked Sir Mois, was I?

[15:16:21] <Draco> -She attempts to grab the sword but her hands go right through it-

[15:16:45] <Eltia> Get... off... me..../

[15:17:11] <Satan> Juggernaut!! -launches three large Fire Balls at Draco-

[15:17:24] <Satan> I'll teach you to betray your king!

[15:17:27] <Eltia> -She rotates her arm with difficulty from Draco pinning her down-

[15:17:34] <Eltia> -But the sword goes through Draco's wing-


[15:18:06] <Eltia> -stands up and throws Draco off of her-

[15:18:18] <Draco> Ugh.... my wing....

[15:18:53] <Angol Mois> Now then. -raises his hand up- Dead Impact. -a large portal opens in front of him, and several large meteors fly out of it towards Eltia and Satan before it closes again-

[15:19:29] <Eltia> S-shit!!

[15:19:48] <Eltia> -She reforms the sword into a barrier, attempting to block the meteors-

[15:19:52] <Satan> Oh damn!!

[15:20:01] <Eltia> -She can feel her power being sapped by Angol again though...-

[15:20:11] <Satan> -He also attempts to block the meteors again, with little avail-

[15:20:48] <Angol Mois> How pathetic.

[15:21:13] <Eltia> -The meteors push on the barrier until Eltia has to give up...-

[15:21:58] <Satan> -Satan of course, also has been flung into the wall already by the meteors aimed at him. -

[15:22:17] <Satan> Such power...

[15:23:15] <Eltia> -she falls back to the ground, burning from the meteor-

[15:23:20] <Eltia> Haa...

[15:23:28] <Eltia> How could... such power...

[15:24:29] <Angol Mois> You have never witnessed such power before, much less by someone with an assuming appearance like that I assume. But now that I've shattered your delusion, you panic.

[15:25:20] <Eltia> ...Panic?

[15:25:25] <Eltia> I'm not panicking.

[15:27:32] <Keiji> 2

[15:27:32] <Keiji> 1

[15:27:45] <Eltia> 3

[15:28:03] <Angol Mois> Hm. Well then. -He raises his hand yet again, and rather large stalagmites of rock and the broken meteor fragments form to pierce Eltia and Satan-

[15:28:30] <Eltia> -Eltia manages to put up a better barrier this time.-

[15:28:56] <Satan> !! -Satan quickly dodges, being only stabbed in the wing, similar to Draco- Ushaaaaaa~

[15:29:17] <Eltia> -Eltia's barrier absorbs the matter.-

[15:29:34] <Arle Nadja> 3

[15:29:44] <Arle Nadja> -flies in through the window- Yoo-hoo~

[15:29:45] <Ringo> 3

[15:29:58] <Ringo> -flies in with Arle- Just in the nick of time, I see!

[15:30:18] <Angol Mois> Arle? I thought we agreed you wouldn't interfere with me.

[15:30:50] <Arle Nadja> -sees Satan- Ah, Satan! What happened to you! ... -turns to Draco- and you too... Poor Draco...

[15:31:04] <Draco> 3

[15:31:07] <Draco> Arle...

[15:31:11] <Draco> Oh, Arle...

[15:31:13] <Ringo> It looks like Angol tried to kill them!

[15:31:31] <Satan> That bastard...

[15:32:06] <Arle Nadja> -Ice Storms the meteors, ceasing the burning-

[15:32:37] <Angol Mois> It appears however, this pact is no more. Very well, I'll vanquish you as well.

[15:32:46] <Arle Nadja> Angol!!

[15:33:22] <Arle Nadja> -She casts Jugem I on Angol before he can do anything. Whatever that spell does happens.-

[15:34:34] <Angol Mois> -He barely flinches to the large explosion caused by the Jugem- Pest. Your words and actions mean nothing to me now.

[15:35:16] <Arle Nadja> ...what? That did, like, nothing!

[15:35:17] <Angol Mois> Perish with the others. -he fires a Hell's Laser from his hand at Arle-- -

[15:35:46] <Ringo> Arle! -quickly swoops in and creates a hexagonal barrier-

[15:36:11] <Eltia> -uses her magic too to make Ringo's barrier a reflective one-

[15:36:59] <Angol Mois> -barely reacts to his laser being reflected back at him, but it does make him flinch more than usual- Oh!...

[15:37:38] <Draco> -gets up, limping a little in pain from her wing- Angol... You aren't supposed to hurt Arle...

[15:38:09] <Angol Mois> It wasn't my intention to do so. Plans have changed, and now she must be eliminated.

[15:38:12] <Draco> I... need... her......


[15:39:37] <Arle Nadja> Draco...

[15:39:46] <Angol Mois> You "need" her? Such a physical dependency is a bit crippling no? Destroying her would only serve you better...

[15:40:02] <Draco> Angol!

[15:40:15] <Draco> Our plan was to kidnap her!

[15:40:19] <Draco> Not to kill her!

[15:40:53] <Angol Mois> And then she escaped due to your incompetence, escaping with so much information I had to stalemate with her. And now look where we are.

[15:41:02] <Draco> ...Shit...

[15:41:56] <Eltia> -she weakly holds up a hand, and Draco's wound begins to heal-

[15:42:08] <Draco> ...huh? Eltia?

[15:42:18] <Angol Mois> !!

[15:42:33] <Eltia> Draco... I'm sorry I had to hurt you earlier... please come back to us... if you want to save Arle...

[15:43:18] <Ringo> Let's fight with each other, Draco. Not against each other.

[15:43:25] <Draco> but... won't that ruin the tournament? The Period 5?

[15:43:47] <Eltia> Of course it would... if it were done in any other way...

[15:44:20] <Satan> Obviously, Angol has no regard for you anyway.

[15:44:36] <Eltia> This is how it is meant to go, teams are meant to fight...

[15:45:16] <Eltia> You've already lost your fight, so you can join us now.

[15:45:41] <Draco> But... what about Gypsum? And Feli..?

[15:45:53] <Eltia> Then just make sure we win, and we will have all of them...

[15:45:58] <Ringo> We're going to save them too! All of them!

[15:46:25] <Arle Nadja> Angol.

[15:46:41] <Arle Nadja> I don't know what's going on with all these people who apparently want me or something.

[15:46:56] <Arle Nadja> All I know is we have to take you down!

[15:47:26] <Arle Nadja> -She fires a Bayoen I at Angol!-

[15:48:01] <Angol Mois> Hm?! -the Bayoen hits him, actually doing some damage for once-

[15:48:09] <Angol Mois> Ugh!

[15:48:23] <Arle Nadja> Hehe, spacing out? Not good for you~

[15:49:07] <Eltia> Draco, Arle, Ringo...

[15:49:31] <Eltia> Just keep him busy... I need to work out a way to beat him...

[15:49:47] <Ringo> Right.

[15:51:04] <Angol Mois> Silence! -Dead Impact II-

[15:51:54] <Ringo> -throws up her strongest barrier to hold the Meteors back-

[15:53:12] <Arle Nadja> -casts Ice Storm on the meteors as before-

[15:55:29] <Angol Mois> After all these years, opponents finally worthy of my challenge.

[15:59:21] <Angol Mois> Alas, you shall not win. You will end in anguish. -he throws his arms out to either side of him.- Blitzkrieg! -a bonanza of dark-infused missiles fall out of nowhere in particular-

[15:59:47] <Draco> Hey., you'll destroy the tower!

[16:00:05] <Angol Mois> As if I care about this silly tower.

[16:00:27] <Eltia> Can't ... let... you...

[16:00:43] <Eltia> -She brings up a big portal in the floor. Everyone, and Angol's attack, fall into it.

[16:00:53] <Satan> No! I wont allow you to do this! Not to MY tower!...BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

[16:01:11] <Ringo> Uwah!

[16:01:20] <Eltia> -They fall out of the ceiling in the crystal caves-

[16:01:39] <Ringo> -lands on her feet-

[16:01:57] <Eltia> -lands in Ringo in doll form-

[16:02:02] <Satan> -crashes into the ground, but quickly gets back up-

[16:02:05] <Eltia> *in Ringo's arms

[16:02:54] <Angol Mois> -begins levitating about half way to the ground- Hmph. So a tower matters as much as your very existence?

[16:03:07] <Draco> -uses her wings to land nicely-

[16:03:17] <Arle Nadja> -levitates, to land just as nicely-


[16:03:45] <Chao> -shot-

[16:03:55] <Eltia> ...It is... apparently... precious, to Satan-sama...

[16:05:07] <Angol Mois> An utterly worthless gesture to save something equally worthless. Touching.

[16:05:45] <Arle Nadja> [Oh, and the missiles fall all around them, but they manage to dodge them]

[16:07:24] <Draco> -skilfully catches one of the missiles and hurls it back at Angol-

[16:08:49] <Keiji> ...

[16:08:50] <Angol Mois> -allows the missle to hit him, once again reacting little to the damage he's taken- Impressive. Shame you couldn't have trained with me.

[16:08:56] <Keiji> nice timin

[16:08:58] <Keiji> g

[16:09:35] <Angol Mois> OOC: Because you can't spell SHAME without "A".

[16:10:02] <Keiji> Fire, Ice Storm, Diacute, Brain Dumbed, Jugem, Bayoen

[16:10:05] <Keiji> What's the other one?

[16:10:45] <Chao> There is no other one, unless you mean her fever spells, Heavenly/Heaven('s) Ray and Thunder

[16:11:03] <Keiji> huh why did I think she had 7

[16:11:22] <Keiji> shrug

[16:11:42] <Chao> because classic voice pattern has 7 clips even though only 6 are spells/attacks

[16:12:01] <Keiji> Oh yeah. The first is "Ei"

[16:12:02] <Keiji> XD

[16:12:45] <Arle Nadja> -Regardless, casts Heaven's Ray I-

[16:13:21] <Ringo> -Swipes her book for an Integral shockwave at the same time-

[16:14:10] <Angol Mois> -Hit by both- Gyaaaaagh! What...what?! Pain...physical pain....

[16:14:13] <Draco> ......-doesn't know what to do, cause she has no leet magic spells like the others-

[16:14:33] <Eltia> ...Arle...

[16:14:43] <Eltia> You won't kill him at this rate...

[16:14:54] <Eltia> But I have an idea... I need your power...

[16:14:59] <Angol Mois> That girl's pathetic beams shouldn't cause me pain...

[16:15:17] <Arle Nadja> 4

[16:15:25] <Keiji> Can you claim Arle for a bit?

[16:15:34] <Arle Nadja> 3

[16:15:36] <Keiji> So I don't have to talk to myself lol

[16:16:01] <Arle Nadja> Okay!

[16:16:21] <Eltia> ...do you even know what I mean, Arle?

[16:16:53] <Arle Nadja> I....think I do...

[16:17:22] <Eltia> ...I'm going to drain you, so you'll faint...

[16:18:02] <Arle Nadja> A-Alright...

[16:19:00] <Eltia> [Her eyes turn red, and her fangs appear for the second time]

[16:19:08] <Angol Mois> -his hands become more claw like- This problem, must be eliminated....

[16:19:34] <Draco> No you don't! -jumps Angol to stall for time-

[16:19:52] <Eltia> [...She sinks her teeth into Arle's neck.-

[16:19:56] <Eltia> Err, *fangs.]

[16:19:57] <Satan> -Also jumps Angol to impede him even further-

[16:20:28] <Angol Mois> Fools! -begins trying to fight them off with his claws-

[16:20:39] <Draco> Ringo, help us out here!

[16:21:10] <Ringo> Right! -she fires Cosines at Angol's face, stunning/blinding him each time they hit-

[16:22:18] <Arle Nadja> A-ah... -feels her energy being drained.-

[16:22:43] <Eltia> [...once the transfer is complete, Arle falls to her knees, and Eltia brushes her aside, blood dripping from her fangs.]

[16:22:58] <Eltia> [Energy starts wisping around her hands again, like it did earlier.]

[16:23:10] <Eltia> No... this won't be enough...

[16:23:20] <Eltia> I need to do... one more thing...

[16:24:02] <Angol Mois> -slowly breaking out of Draco and Satan's grip, being impeded and set back every now and then by Ringo's cosines-

[16:24:03] <Eltia> [She dons a glove that she had in her pocket.]

[16:24:24] <Eltia> [Meanwhile, she opens a portal...]

[16:25:01] <Oashi Tomoko> 3

[16:25:08] <Satan> Grrr! I'll never let you hurt my love!

[16:25:17] <Oashi Tomoko> [Tomoko can be seen gazing through the portal from the other side.]

[16:26:11] <Ringo> Not to pressure you Eltia, but could you hurry the factor up?? This guy's gonna break our checksum pretty soon...;;

[16:26:32] <Eltia> [Eltia pulls the spear from Tomoko's chest. The energy can be seen running down it]

[16:26:46] <Eltia> Move... out of the way... guys...

[16:27:00] <Satan> -does as commanded-

[16:27:10] <Ringo> -also moves away-

[16:27:32] <Eltia> -charges at Angol, spear in hand. It goes straight through his heart. Or where his biomechanical one would be, anyway.-

[16:27:48] <Angol Mois> !!...

[16:28:05] <Angol Mois> What...what...what is this....

[16:28:08] <Eltia> -The energy running down attacks his body too-

[16:28:21] <Eltia> This is... your... death.

[16:28:24] <Angol Mois> My body...is paralyzed in pain....

[16:28:37] <Angol Mois> And in pain, I panic

[16:28:43] <Angol Mois> And die in anguish

[16:28:48] <Angol Mois> just as a lowly human!

[16:28:50] <Eltia> There will be no panicking.

[16:28:57] <Eltia> You are already...

[16:29:23] <Angol Mois> I refuse to die this way....-collapses to his knees-

[16:29:50] <Eltia> -She pulls the spear out. Angol can say no more-

[16:29:59] <Eltia> [DEAD /homestuck]

[16:30:47] <Ringo> So much for the almighty Angol Mois

[16:31:09] <Eltia> [the energy dissipates]

[16:31:13] <Satan> That should teach you to stay out of my tower.

[16:31:20] <Eltia> No, I would say he was almighty.

[16:31:37] <Eltia> It took the power of two ones and an otherworldly being to kill him.

[16:31:58] <Eltia> ...You can come out now, Oashi-san.

[16:32:10] <Ringo> Heheh...Somehow, it doesn't surprise me Arle was a one...;;

[16:32:11] <Oashi Tomoko> -steps out of the portal bewildered. The spear disappears-

[16:32:37] <Oashi Tomoko> I... I... what...

[16:34:28] <Draco> ...-looks at the unconscious Arle...-

[16:36:27] <Eltia> I'm sorry, it must be awfully confusing for you.

[16:36:37] <Satan> -also looks at Arle-

[16:37:26] <Oashi Tomoko> How did you... use it... without even a vow...

[16:38:08] <Oashi Tomoko> [She collapses in confusion, but Eltia catches her.]

[16:38:32] <Draco> ...We need to clean up.

[16:38:56] <Ringo> We should probably tell the others "their master" is no more.

[16:40:14] <Satan> And tell them all they have a new master~

[16:40:40] <Eltia> [closes the portal Oashi came from and makes a couple new ones. One to the Tower and one to Arle's camp site]

[16:40:51] <Eltia> Ringo, take Arle back to Lagnus. He will be able to restore her power.

[16:41:17] <Ringo> -nods, picks up Arle, and takes her into the portal-

[16:41:22] <Ringo> 4

[16:41:24] <Arle Nadja> 4

[16:41:30] <Angol Mois> 4

[16:41:51] <Eltia> -takes Oashi and walks through the other portal with the others-

[16:42:36] <Keiji> (claim Feli and Gypsum?)

[16:42:42] <Keiji> (And Daichi, I guess)

[16:42:44] <Feli> 3

[16:42:51] <Gypsum> 3

[16:43:02] <Daichi> 3

[16:43:21] <Gypsum> Wh-where is the master??

[16:43:40] <Eltia> Look through the portal.

[16:43:46] <Eltia> [Angol's body is visible]

[16:44:00] <Gypsum> !! -clasps her mouth in shock-

[16:44:13] <Chao> 2

[16:44:13] <Chao> 1

[16:44:16] <Chao> Derp

[16:44:19] <Keiji> lol

[16:44:24] <Gypsum> 3

[16:44:29] <Feli> 3

[16:44:39] <Daichi> 3

[16:44:44] <Satan> 3

[16:44:53] <Feli> What is this??

[16:45:03] <Feli> This...was not what I saw...

[16:45:23] <Daichi> Angol!!...is he...dead?

[16:45:38] <Eltia> Your prophecies are false.

[16:45:44] <Eltia> Will you accept that now?

[16:45:54] <Eltia> And yes.

[16:45:58] <Eltia> He is no more.

[16:46:08] <Feli> Perhaps...my divination was flawed...blurry...

[16:46:16] <Eltia> Your posession should be gone too, Daichi.

[16:46:52] <Daichi> Possession? So that's what happened...;; I don't really remember...

[16:47:09] <Draco> In any case~

[16:47:19] <Draco> Gyspum, Feli~

[16:47:31] <Gypsum> -sort of tearing, still aghast, not sure what to make of it- What...what will I do now?...

[16:47:37] <Draco> You won't be out of a job!

[16:47:51] <Draco> Because Satan wants his tower back, and he's gonna take you as his servants!

[16:48:47] <Gypsum> ...-hugs Draco-

[16:49:04] <Gypsum> Is he kinder than Angol was to me?

[16:49:09] <Draco> -hugs Gypsum back- Aww, it's been a while, hasn't it?

[16:49:20] <Draco> And yeah, he's a cool guy~

[16:49:36] <Draco> I dunno about Daichi, though. Satan wouldn't want a male servant!

[16:49:37] <Feli> ...If I may go where I please, then I must go with Lemres Senpai, wherever he may be...

[16:49:53] <Satan> Bah! Daichi is too impudent to be my servant

[16:49:55] <Eltia> ..Daichi can rejoin his old friend Marin, if he wants.

[16:50:04] <Eltia> Arle contributed to the fight, so that is within the rule.s

[16:50:06] <Daichi> M-Marin?!

[16:50:27] <Eltia> But there is no Lemres in this tournament.

[16:50:30] <Daichi> Can you take me to her?

[16:50:56] <Eltia> Even if there was, Angol's team members belong to us now. Satan wants Feli as his servant, so that she shall be.

[16:51:09] <Feli> ...

[16:51:14] <Feli> Cursed fate.

[16:51:17] <Eltia> ...Daichi.

[16:51:41] <Satan> Bahahaha! Beautiful women for me~♥

[16:51:42] <Eltia> Step through the portal. I have left another portal open next to its exit. That will take you to Arle, and to Marin.

[16:52:23] <Daichi> Right! T-thanks, I guess~ -scratches his head awkwardly, and then runs into the portal, eager to reunite with his old friend-

[16:52:36] <Daichi> 4

[16:53:34] <Eltia> -closes the portal behind him- I shall leave Daichi and co. to decide what to do about Angol's body. He was more their enemy than ours, after all.

[16:54:22] <Satan> Now, first, let's get rid of all these ugly, mechanical renovations. -he conjures away the renovations, restoring the tower to it's original, if slightly pathetic state-

[16:55:31] <Eltia> -lays Oashi on a bed in one of the rooms of the tower-

[16:55:50] <Eltia> -turns back to Satan-

[16:56:02] <Satan> Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, the memories~

[16:56:11] <Eltia> So... are we going to live here now? Or return to Marcus and Steve?

[16:56:33] <Satan> That...is a good question.

[16:56:40] <Oashi Tomoko> 4

[16:56:43] <Satan> What would our newest servants like?

[16:57:28] <Draco> I'll go with whatever the others decide~ You can't separate Gypsum and me now! :33

[16:57:29] <Feli> Certainly "Marcus and Steve" must have a more comfortable home than this?

[16:57:48] <Gypsum> I concur with both of them~

[16:59:33] <Satan> Well then, it seems we are returning home. No worries, this tower is back in my possession. Angol's body should be plenty of proof that if you steal my damn tower, I WILL get it back.

[17:00:05] <Draco> Hehe. Yes, yes you will, Satan-sama~!

[17:00:16] <Draco> ...Now, can we plot to kidnap Arle already? >;o

[17:00:41] <Satan> ...I love you already ;w; Paycheck raises for everyone!

[17:01:04] <Draco> Angol didn't even pay us a penny.

[17:01:24] <Satan> I could pay you in

[17:01:26] <Satan> DIAMONDS

[17:01:29] <Satan> if you desired

[17:01:38] <Draco> That's alright.

[17:02:05] <Draco> All I want is food, shelter and Gypsum. And Arle.

[17:02:21] <Satan> Fair enough.

[17:02:30] <Satan> That's actually pretty easy pay.

[17:03:10] <Eltia> I shall stay here with Oashi-san.

[17:03:34] <Satan> As you wish, Lady Eltia.

[17:03:35] <Eltia> [She opens yet another portal, back to Ekoro's Old Base]

[17:03:51] <Eltia> I shall keep this portal opened permanently, so that we can travel between our bases at will.

[17:04:35] <Gypsum> Thank you, miss Eltia. -does a cute curtsy and bow before stepping into the portal-

[17:05:52] <Draco> Hey, don't expect her to respond to your seduction. You should be looking at me instead~ -gives Gypsum a squeeze-

[17:06:23] <Gypsum> M-Miss Draco~;;

[17:06:42] <Draco> You too, Feli. It's threesome time tonight.

[17:06:53] <Feli> Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

[17:07:13] <Draco> You know you want it~

[17:07:34] <Draco> -puts her arms round Gypsum and Feli and leads them through the portal-

[17:07:34] <Feli> I-I know of no such things!

[17:07:42] <Eltia> 4

[17:07:55] <Draco> You're in denial, in denial~

[17:08:11] <Draco> [The three go off, apparently to bed]

[17:08:14] <Draco> 4

[17:08:17] <Feli> 4

[17:08:19] <Gypsum> 4

[17:08:24] <Marcus> 3

[17:08:31] <Marcus> Well then. Shall I take that as good news?

[17:08:42] <Steve> 3

[17:09:19] <Satan> Indeed! Angol Mois is no more, and we've recaptured my tower to use as a secondary, as well as claimed 3 new additions to our team.

[17:09:50] <Satan> I can only imagine we're going to come out on top in the tournament!

[17:10:21] <Satan> And then all of the Arles. All of them! Shall be mine!....and Draco's I guess...

[17:10:30] <Marcus> Oh? That is excellent indeed. I take it the new additions were the crazy gigglers who just went past?

[17:10:45] <Keiji> lol, gigglers

[17:10:46] <Satan> You would be correct, Marcus

[17:11:04] <Marcus> It looks like you have quite the harem now, then.

[17:11:10] <Marcus> Don't forget about your wife, though.

[17:11:23] <Satan> Of course not~♥

[17:11:33] <Satan> My lovely, lovely, lovely wife~♥

[17:11:39] <Satan> Who is also an Arle


Character text lines: 520
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Draco: 62
Ringo: 38
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Gypsum: 8
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