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Kumizone is designed for parody. As such, as a rule of thumb, you should not:

  • take anything on this website seriously, apart from pages in the Guide namespace
  • cite anything from this website (or you'll just look like an idiot)
  • add references to articles.

Privacy policy

We will not use or expose private information such as your email, password hash, watchlist or preferences. However, we cannot take responsibility if the database or server is compromised and someone steals this information.

On the flip side, any data you post in publicly-accessible places is left at your own risk. Once you have submitted any personal information to a page, do not expect us to remove it from the edit histories on your request.


  • The MediaWiki engine that this website is based on is copyright 2001-2008 Wikimedia Foundation.
  • All other design and coding are copyright 2008-2011 Team Ikaria.
  • All text submitted to Kawachan is released under the GNU FDL, as noted in the sidebar and the edit page.
  • Any conceptual items of intellectual property used in the content of this site, such as characters and games, remain copyrighted to their original owners.
  • Any embedded images or videos in pages may not necessarily be released under a free license. Check the source of the file for license information.


Not all pages on this website are PG-13. We try to mark any textually explicit content with the {{NSFW}} tag, but this may not always appear (e.g. if an editor forgot it by accident). Pictorially explicit inline content is strictly forbidden. Links to external content, however, may be explicit, whether textual or pictorial, provided they are clearly marked as such wherever they are linked.

Starting May 20, 2010, content on Kumizone will no longer include explicit subjects or overly explicit jokes. While swearing is still allowed, please do not be put off if your swears are removed by another editor and, should they be, do not restore them.

However, as before, we cannot take any responsibility for any explicit content which you may happen to see before it has a chance to be removed.

We do not take responsibility for the content of any page not hosted somewhere on the domain. We also cannot take responsibility for anything that may happen to you as a result of using this website.