Episode 35 - Chat log

Start date: Tue Oct 25, 2011. All times are UTC.

[0:28:15] <Lam> Screw the binary business. THOSE WHO PICK ON GALVIR SHALL PAY!!!

[0:28:40] <Lam> But seeing Ekoro take a bad trip sounds nice, too.

[0:29:02] <Amitie> 3

[0:29:10] <Amitie> Huh? Who are you talking to?

[0:29:30] <Lam> Oh, Amitie!

[0:29:45] <Amitie> Hello!

[0:30:19] <Amitie> Where's Mikki? Is she doing something silly?

[0:32:02] <Lam> You know what a bored someone should do when absolutely nobody's paying attention to them.

[0:32:11] <Mikki> 3

[0:32:57] <Mikki> -appears holding a bowl of mushrooms- Here I am~

[0:33:17] <Amitie> Hi Mikki! What's with all the mushrooms?...

[0:33:24] <Amitie> They look totally icky!

[0:33:49] <Mikki> These mushrooms are the mana needed for teleportation.


[0:34:42] <Amitie> Maw...na?

[0:35:17] <Amitie> I'm hitting the books even harder, so I can be wonderful enough to help my friends beat Ekoro!

[0:35:23] <Keiji> bed.

[0:35:30] <Keiji> gnight

[0:35:38] <Akkie> Aww~

[0:35:40] <Akkie> Night, Keiji~

[0:35:58] <Lam> Since anything's possible, you'll be strong enough in time~

[0:36:30] <Amitie> I think so too! I wonder if the others are studying too...I haven't the foggiest idea of where they might be...

[0:36:05] <Keiji> 2

[0:37:14] <Mikki> Oh, boo.


[0:37:54] <Amitie> You sound really peeved about it!

[0:39:35] <Chao> [Someone appears to be approaching the gang through the trees]

[0:39:53] <Mikki> Y'see, it's the best I can do to not keep bored.

[0:40:01] <Mikki> (There's some other purpose, but who cares~)

[0:40:05] <Lemres> 3

[0:40:36] <Lam> -takes of HOOD, points at Lemres- Who approaches?

[0:40:37] <Lemres> Well well well, if it isn't Amitie~☆ Where are the other kiddies?

[0:40:49] <Lemres> It's only me, Lemres.

[0:40:54] <Mikki> Buh...

[0:41:00] <Lemres> Would you like some candy, ladies?

[0:41:00] <Mikki> They're all just doing cool things without us.

[0:42:20] <Lam> -snatches candy-

[0:42:45] <Amitie> Lemres! I dunno where the others are...wouldn't you know?

[0:42:51] <Akkie> BAH MOM'S GONNA TAKE THE PC

[0:43:01] <Akkie> Hope you still have long~

[0:43:10] <Akkie> -AFKs-

[0:43:17] <Chao> lol I have all fucking night if I want.

[1:16:30] <Lam> Groups split of for the umpteenth time.

[1:18:26] <Lemres> Hmm...

[1:18:49] <Lam> My sisters went off without me.

[1:18:57] <Lemres> That's unfortunate. Have any of you seen Feli? I've heard she finally came back from her studies....

[1:19:11] <Mikki> ... Feli?

[1:19:32] <Amitie> Nope! I haven't seen her, either...

[1:20:38] <Lemres> Perhaps we should find out where all these missing people have gone?

[1:21:03] <Mikki> And maybe I'll learn about Feli~

[1:21:13] <Lam> So, it's another group.

[1:21:33] <Amitie> I think we should look for them too! They could be in trouble!

[1:24:11] <Lemres> Anybody want to pitch an idea where to look first?

[1:25:35] <Lam> One group went off to Fos Canyon.

[1:25:54] <Lemres> Hm...

[1:28:45] <Lemres> Maybe we should check the desert?

[1:29:09] <Mikki> I wasn't really paying attention.

[1:29:13] <Lemres> Or maybe the barren wastelands

[1:29:59] <Mikki> As Lam said, we could check Fos Canyon.

[1:30:46] <Lemres> Well, we have to go through the desert to get to the mountains anyway...

[1:31:06] <Lam> Buh.

[1:31:13] <Lam> Desert -> Canyon it is, then~

[1:31:28] <Amitie> Let's go!!

[1:33:24] <Chao> [The gang traverses to the Pitt Dunes; an seemingly endless desert in the east of Primp. So far, nothing seems to be there but sand...sand dunes, sand storms, and of course, sand.]

[1:34:18] <Mikki> [Glacia-ing everywhere] Sand, sand, sand~

[1:34:28] <Lam> This'll be a long day...

[1:35:34] <Amitie> Um, Mikki, why are you freezing the desert? It just keeps melting into water and making mud....

[1:36:31] <Mikki> At least it appeases the heat a bit~

[1:37:37] <Lemres> So, who are you two? I vaguely remember one of you, but not the other...

[1:38:46] <Mikki> I know I've met you, too. It's been so lo~ong~

[1:39:26] <Lam> -points at Mikki- Mikuri "Mikki" Tejina, aka Thil. -points at self- Lam the Stelly.

[1:40:04] <Lemres> Ah. Nice to meet you Lam. It's also nice to see you again Mikki.

[1:40:39] <Lemres> Who..who is that off in the distance? Or is that a mirage?... -squinting to see, no like you could tell that anyway-

[1:41:06] <Lam> Who~o? -looks as well-

[1:41:17] <Mikki> Will we meet that person later, I wonder...

[1:41:31] <Mikki> 'Cause mirage or no...

[1:41:42] <Chao> [In the distance, someone does, indeed, appear to be running towards them. They're mostly green. As they get closer, they can hear her screaming]

[1:42:41] <Amitie> Hey guys, it sounds like someone screaming!

[1:43:00] <Mikki> Yo~oo~ Something~ The ma~tter~?

[1:44:23] <Rider> 3

[1:44:55] <Mikki> Ri...

[1:44:57] <Rider> Help!! HELP!! Somebody please!! Ekoro! Sig! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! -tears are streaming off her face as she almost runs right past them-

[1:45:07] <Mikki> RIII~DEEER~

[1:45:49] <Amitie> Rider!! Wh-what about Sig and Ekoro??

[1:45:53] <Mikki> WAIT. "Ekoro" in a statement means trouble. What happened?

[1:46:55] <Rider> Ekoro! He..H-H-He ambushed us!! But Sig protected me, and now he's getting really hurt! Oh somebody please help!! -crying-

[1:48:01] <Mikki> Where's Sig, Rider?

[1:48:17] <Lemres> We must hasten to them if we want to rescue Sig.

[1:48:42] <Rider> They're at t-t-the oasis! It's not too far from here...I think...

[1:50:26] <Lemres> Amitie, cast Accelerate on us. We must be quick to reach them in time!

[1:50:56] <Amitie> Okay! -casts Accelerate on the party-

[1:51:23] <Mikki> Which way, Rider.

[1:52:29] <Chao> [Rider leads the gang to the Oasis, where Sig and Ekoro are fighting. Sig is losing, very badly. Ekoro appears to be in the midst of a rave party]

[1:52:35] <Sig> 3

[1:52:44] <Ecolo> 3

[1:53:00] <Lam> -Santa Vendette towards Ekoro-

[1:53:09] <Ecolo> EYAH HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE- BLAH!!

[1:53:50] <Mikki> -runs to Sig's side with that curing spell in mind-

[1:54:25] <Sig> -pant- -pant- -pant- Ri...Rider?? I...I wanted you to get away from Ekoro...

[1:55:36] <Ecolo> Well, it looks like your girlfriend brought a load of party poopers, that's no fun! But I insist the battle is already won!

[1:56:08] <Lam> I thought that more people in a party would mean more fun!

[1:56:32] <Ecolo> -tosses Swindle blobs at Lam- Boo to you I say!

[1:57:03] <Ecolo> Now Sig, let me take Rider quietly....I need her to make someone do my bidding for me...!!

[1:57:33] <Lam> -mushroom teleport to behind Ekoro with her HOOD pointing at hm-

[1:57:55] <Mikki> YOUR bidding doesn't sounds so great!

[1:58:20] <Ecolo> You think your so clever, Stelly. I'd like to see you TRY and stab my belly! -he teleports behind HER-

[1:58:42] <Lemres> -tosses out a lolipop-

[1:58:49] <Ecolo> OOH CANDY 8D

[1:58:54] <Lam> Bah--!

[1:59:16] <Lam> -stabs Ekoro-

[1:59:27] <Mikki> -cure spell Sig here-

[1:59:30] <Ecolo> Eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh~

[1:59:42] <Sig> I...I'll never let you take Rider!

[2:00:21] <Mikki> -Santa Vendette at Ekoro (Also, firecrackers)-

[2:00:44] <Ecolo> -black blobs begin to leak from Ekoro's stab wounds- M-My blobs! My beautiful beautiful blobs ;n;

[2:01:00] <Akkie> LOL Oops. (Ignore the firecrackers part)

[2:02:06] <Sig> -He begins to absorb the black blobs unintentionally, and they start to transform him...-

[2:02:36] <Amitie> H-huh?!

[2:02:48] <Lam> G-gah!

[2:03:23] <Sig> Hmph!

[2:03:51] <Sig> -his eyes begin glowing-

[2:04:07] <Ecolo> Wh-wha??

[2:04:13] <Ecolo> WHAT IS THIS MADNESS???

[2:04:45] <Mikki> -prepares WAND- ISN'T THIS THE PITT DUNES!?

[2:05:22] <Sig> -He begins shaking violently, enough to tremor the Earth below him-

[2:05:55] <Lemres> Oh my...

[2:06:12] <Amitie> You o-okay Sig??

[2:06:22] <Ecolo> NO! DON'T DO THAT!!

[2:06:29] <Mikki> S-Sig!


[2:07:58] <Chao> [And then there is a GIANT EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Sig's biggest explosion yet! A huge mushroom cloud can be seen where it's gone off. As the dust clears, everyone is now inside a huge fucking crater. Sig is probably the only one still standing]

[2:08:31] <Amitie> @_@;;

[2:09:06] <MagicalKecleon> 1

[2:09:16] <Akkie> KE~KKO~NEE~


[2:10:01] <MagicalKecleon> awkward place to enter.


[2:10:27] <Lam> X_X -too late to shield oops-

[2:10:49] <Lemres> S-So...So much red....uguuh

[2:11:16] <Sig> *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* This...This power....

[2:11:30] <Sig> It's brimming....What's wrong with me??

[2:11:38] <Mikki> S-Sig...

[2:11:52] <Lam> Hey...

[2:12:11] <Jupiter> 3

[2:12:24] <Jupiter> *burrows up from the ground* I am a Potato Mine!

[2:12:36] <Ecolo> J-Jupity! You have come to my aid!! :'D

[2:12:54] <Mikki> -the sight of Jupiter lightens her up, if even for a bit-

[2:13:17] <Jupiter> I have no idea how I got underground! 8D

[2:14:28] <Ecolo> See that horned girl over there? We need her for our plan of epic sauce

[2:14:42] <Jupiter> Is she space dog?

[2:14:52] <Ecolo> So be a dear and help me get her, so we can flee across the double rainbows together

[2:15:25] <Mikki> -cure-spam all-

[2:15:33] <Rider> S..Sig...

[2:15:46] <Jupiter> Hi, Rider.

[2:15:59] <Rider> Mm?

[2:16:15] <Jupiter> I'm sorry, but I got to catch you. *grabs her sleeve with her tail*

[2:16:17] <Mikki> -stealth-cuddle Jupiter-

[2:16:23] <Rider> !!

[2:16:30] <Rider> Oh please no!

[2:16:37] <Jupiter> I'm sorry! ;A;

[2:16:44] <Jupiter> SOBBU

[2:16:48] <Sig> -turns to Jupiter, as if by instinct, claws barred-

[2:16:59] <Jupiter> OH GOD JESUS CHRIST

[2:17:02] <Ecolo> Quickly Quickly! We must flee!!!

[2:17:06] <Mikki> -without letting go-

[2:17:21] <Lam> -watches the spectacle unfold-

[2:17:26] <Jupiter> *takes off as fast as her little legs can take her into the dark*

[2:17:37] <Ecolo> FLY ACROSS THE BLUEBERRY SKY WITH ME! -grabs Jupiter and flies into the air with the three of them--

[2:17:42] <Jupiter> *come on come on, something something on your maaaaark*

[2:18:36] <Mikki> -fine ;_; casts that fire star spell at the fleeing gang-

[2:18:46] <Jupiter> I just referenced Trick and Treat in my actions!

[2:19:10] <Ecolo> YEAAAH YEAAH, SO INTENSE

[2:19:14] <Ecolo> OH MY GOD

[2:19:48] <Mikki> Get Rider BACK~ -carefree fire star spam-

[2:19:50] <Jupiter> We're like referencing two completely different things, Ekoro.

[2:20:01] <Sig> EKORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -He shoots big ass laser at Jupiter and Ekoro-

[2:20:54] <Jupiter> *suddenly pulls out a hat and absorbs the laser in it*

[2:21:00] <Jupiter> It's the hat from the AMV.

[2:21:20] <Mikki> -the fire star spam does not stop-

[2:21:37] <Ecolo> Oh, and here, I made it out of Papyrus leaves and stainless steel! Use it wisely to make them heel! -gives Jupiter a scythe-


[2:23:15] <Mikki> -sky teleport -> fire spam at Ekoro- AT LEAST GET RIDER DOWN.

[2:23:31] <Ecolo> Never, lever!

[2:23:47] <Ecolo> -fires his own black blobs to counter Mikki's fire spam-

[2:23:49] <Jupiter> *just sits there gawking at her scythe*

[2:24:32] <Chao> [Eventually, Jupiter and Ekoro elude their pursuers, escaping into the sky with Rider and Scythe in tow, cackling along the way]

[2:24:39] <Rider> 4

[2:24:46] <Jupiter> 4

[2:24:46] <Mikki> ... bah.

[2:24:51] <Ecolo> 4

[2:25:32] <Sig> Rider!!! Gyrragh! -slams his black fists into the ground- I couldn't stop him...I feel...I feel weird...

[2:27:34] <Lam> -wants to apologize properly-

[2:27:34] <Lemres> I'm sorry we couldn't save her...

[2:29:54] <Amitie> Why does Ekoro want Rider anyway?...

[2:31:03] <Sig> ...

[2:31:17] <Lam> Ekoro's one hostage away from the silly extent. -wasn't present when Ekoro was having motives-

[2:32:14] <Strange Klug> 3

[2:32:18] <Strange Klug> Fwahahaha

[2:32:35] <Jupiter> 3

[2:32:42] <Mikki> Oh, noooooooo.

[2:32:48] <Jupiter> *suddenly comes in and smacks Strange Klug with the scythe*

[2:32:51] <Jupiter> 4

[2:33:01] <Strange Klug> A shame you displayed that power a little too late to be worked into this little setup.

[2:33:35] <Strange Klug> Regardless, you could change my mind and become more interesting as time goes on.

[2:33:58] <Sig> Klug!!!

[2:34:20] <Lemres> That's not Klug. It's the book demon. He's using Klug's body as a vessel.

[2:36:08] <Strange Klug> It must be disappointing, Lam.

[2:36:45] <Strange Klug> You're all so clueless and ignorant.

[2:36:50] <Lam> ... quite.

[2:37:58] <Strange Klug> I'll warn you now though

[2:38:16] <Strange Klug> If you attempt to interfere with this lovely, fated setup again

[2:38:33] <Strange Klug> You WILL be punished. Your game will end before it even starts.

[2:38:38] <Strange Klug> Are we clear on that?

[2:39:03] <Lemres> S-Setup??? What set up??

[2:39:06] <Lam> ... what's with this setup, though.

[2:39:20] <Strange Klug> Oh, wouldn't you all like to know?

[2:40:02] <Lam> If we don't, this "endgame" will definitely come too soon.

[2:40:53] <Strange Klug> Here's something else to toy with instead: If Accord would do anything to keep Rider safe, and Ekoro has Rider...

[2:40:57] <Strange Klug> Well, you do the math.

[2:41:15] <Strange Klug> -vanishes in a puff of red smoke- Fufufufufu~

[2:41:18] <Strange Klug> 4

[2:41:34] <Lam> ... bluh.

[2:42:10] <Amitie> What was he talking about anyway?

[2:42:16] <Amitie> If Ekoro has Rider....

[2:42:41] <Sig> -He transforms from black to normal-

[2:43:02] <Sig> Rider...

[2:43:29] <Mikki> Adding to that, Ms. Accord is another hostage of Ekoro.

[2:43:46] <Lemres> Perhaps what he was trying to tell us...

[2:43:56] <Lemres> ...is that he's going manipulate Ms. Accord using Rider.

[2:44:14] <Lemres> That, of course, is no good.

[2:44:42] <Amitie> Uh! Get Real! Ms. Accord wouldn't work for a creep like Ekoro, right guys??

[2:45:27] <Lemres> I'm not so sure...

[2:45:45] <Lam> Priorities, Amitie.

[2:46:12] <Akkie> http://mspaintadventures.com/ STARING AT THAT FLASHY GAUGE

[2:46:32] <Sig> ...Ms..Accord...

[2:46:49] <Sig> We have to save them.

[2:48:24] <Akkie> ...

[2:49:09] <Lam> ((OOC: LOL Oops)) What he said about interfering with the "setup", though...

[2:51:12] <Lemres> Hmm...

[2:51:24] <Lam> Eh, screw that old man in a geek's library book. We'll get around that as we save the hostages.

[2:51:39] <Lemres> Well, I must leave you unfortunately. I have to find Feli.

[2:51:48] <Mikki> ... I wonder if Popoi relocated.

[2:52:05] <Lemres> Tata, Kiddies. Good luck with whatever you may decide to do.

[2:52:14] <Lemres> -flys away on his broomstick-

[2:52:17] <Lemres> 4

[2:52:39] <MagicalKecleon> FLY AWAY, LEMRES, FLY AWAY~~~~

[2:53:06] <Amitie> So...what now?

[2:54:00] <Lam> Oh, leads...

[2:54:35] <Mikki> The setup that guy was talking about's probably about the other guys.

[2:55:07] <Mikki> What's the less confusing explanation, kana, kana....

[2:55:28] <Sig> ...

[2:55:39] <Amitie> I think

[2:55:47] <Amitie> we should all hit the books hard!

[2:55:54] <Amitie> If we want to beat Ekoro

[2:55:56] <Strigina> 3

[2:56:00] <Amitie> we have to become

[2:56:19] <Amitie> WONDERFUL MAGIC USERS~♥♥♥

[2:56:38] <Sig> Yay, magic~

[2:56:42] <Strigina> -WOAH a witch Stealth Hi Bye's her way behind the kiddies- My, I wonder what fun you kids want to get into.

[2:56:51] <Mikki> -STARE STARE-

[2:56:58] <Akkie> Chao~

[2:57:04] <Chao> ?

[2:57:13] <Akkie> Do clones know about the relations of the originals?

[2:57:34] <Chao> Depends. Eta and Alpha have memories embedded from their original selves

[2:57:38] <Chao> So

[2:57:54] <Chao> I guess Lam could have some of Mikki's memories too?

[2:58:14] <Lam> You... you...

[3:00:38] <Amitie> H-huh??

[3:00:50] <Strigina> -looks at Lam-

[3:01:26] <Strigina> Oh, Thil. Look at the shenanigans you've gone into. You even have a look-alike of yourself~

[3:01:51] <Amitie> Who's Thil?

[3:02:08] <Sig> All these strange people...

[3:02:16] <Mikki> Aheheh...

[3:02:53] <Mikki> But an introduction's an introduction, whoever may it be to give one!

[3:04:01] <Strigina> Ah, of course.

[3:04:58] <Amitie> No, really. Who are you?

[3:05:25] <Strigina> Strigina Reuiss, kiddies. I'm glad you and Thil got through them problems OK.

[3:05:51] <Sig> Hi Strigina. I'm Sig.

[3:06:41] <Strigina> Thil's still attached to that nickname, isn't she?

[3:07:45] <Amitie> ...

[3:07:56] <Sig> Uh...

[3:08:00] <Sig> I dunno. Is she?

[3:08:02] <Mikki> You could say that again, meh.

[3:08:10] <Mikki> *Ma.

[3:08:52] <Amitie> Ma?

[3:09:08] <Amitie> Strigina's...YOUR MOM????

[3:09:22] <Amitie> OOC: My face

[3:09:39] <Lam> OOC: Moe face ♥

[3:09:51] <Lam> You could say that again.

[3:10:31] <Amitie> Uh....

[3:10:42] <Amitie> Hi!

[3:10:50] <Amitie> Um...

[3:10:55] <Amitie> We're all going to be

[3:11:06] <Amitie> WONDERFUL MAGIC USERS~♥♥♥

[3:11:15] <Amitie> right, guys?

[3:11:36] <Strigina> If that is so, then why would I not be here?

[3:12:02] <Amitie> ...huh?! What's that mean?

[3:12:15] <Strigina> Apparently, your teacher is too... pre-occupied to help you with that.

[3:12:24] <Sig> ...Oh.

[3:12:31] <Mikki> What a considerate person, Ma~

[3:12:44] <Amitie> You can be our teacher though, right?

[3:13:12] <Lam> Fufufu...

[3:13:49] <Lam> Ma (No, screw Ekoro ♥) wouldb't be here if she's not gonna do so.

[3:14:09] <Amitie> Wicked!

[3:14:19] <Amitie> I'm so PSYCHED

[3:14:28] <Sig> Yay, psych....?

[3:14:45] <Mikki> -stare stare stare, thinking about the mushroom mechanic-

[3:15:15] <Strigina> And apparently, these two kiddies still need them mushrooms for the cool stuff.

[3:15:29] <Strigina> I'm not having any of that.

[3:16:21] <Lam> :D

[3:17:01] <Strigina> So, then~♪

[3:18:30] <Akkie> And they all teleport off somewhere.


Character text lines: 264
User text lines: 29
Action lines: 19

By character

Mikki: 52
Amitie: 46
Lam: 41
Lemres: 30
Sig: 26
Ecolo: 21
Jupiter: 17
Strigina: 11
Rider: 7