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Puyorin is a main protagonist in Puyo Wars, and also a protagonist in Compile Worlds. He is a green puyo, so his gender is indeterminate (if puyo even have genders at all), though he is referred to as a male here. Debuting in Episode 28, he was abducted from his home by Ekoro and brought to Primp.


Puyorin seemingly knew of the great terror Angol Mois would soon spread across the world, possibly being a reincarnated soul sent by Eldora to stop him. He appeared, possibly from another world, to warn someone of this impending doom. This someone happened to be Daichi, who decided to rebel against Angol's evil ways. Puyorin, getting his own special Protector, joined Daichi in the great Puyo war between Angol and himself. Eventually attracting the attention of the Planetary Gods of Gaias, Puyorin and Daichi, through thick and thin, managed to stop Angol's plans, resulting in him apparently returning to his home world. After that, Puyorin enjoyed a comfortable new life in Daichi's care, until Ekoro mysteriously appeared and "kidnapped" their friend "Sho", leaving them without communication for months. Puyorin decides they must investigate this...

Puyorin is to Daichi as Carbuncle is to Arle, that is, they compliment each other and are literally inseparable. Being a highly intelligent Puyo, he is capable of logical reasoning and thought, a sharp contrast to Daichi's rashness and street-wits. Puyorin is also sensitive to loud noises, and usually doesn't like it when people are yelling or screaming. Puyorin is also easily alarmed, due to being a pretty small creature in comparison to the humans he hangs out with.

Puyorin is allergic to water, which is why he can't change colors at the Color Change Springs in Puyo Wars. He was killed somewhere in the events of the Amalgamation in Compile Worlds, though like Marin and Sho before him, he too reincarnated in a human form with super-natural abilities.


Puyorin is obviously derived from Puyo itself. In Japanese, it is common for -rin to be appear at the end of nicknames, though it is not an honorific like -san and -chan are.


  • Puyorin's text color is currently a bright, lime green, which it has exclusively.
  • Puyorin is the only character in Puyo Wars to have a green mugshot.
    • However, it is not the only green Puyo in the game, if the green Fifth and the green Puyo in Daichi's Protector are counted.
  • Puyorin and its Protector are part of the Puyo Wars logo itself.
    • This further cements Puyorin's parallel to Carbuncle.
  • Daichi and Puyorin are the only characters in the Puyo series that can be renamed by the player.
    • However, Puyorin is the name entered in the text box by default.
  • Despite Puyorin's major role, Puyorin has no known profiles on any Japanese resources.